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    Launched at K Dock early for a sit in the woods and brought along some fishing gear for a mid day try at some walleye. Nothing moving but the crows this morning. The wind picked up and started blowing good around 10 am so I climbed down out of the stand and hit some flats. Tried crawler harnesses at a bunch of different speeds and then the wind started getting too strong to troll against it. Switched over to 3 ounce bottom bouncers with Flickershad and ran with the wind trying to stay at about 2 mph. Finally crossed out into the 27-28 foot of water range and started spotting fish on the fish finder. Was not long and one rod went down. Got it about 1/2 way in and it came off. Felt pretty good on the 9 foot rod. Deployed B.B. again, got the proper bounce going and 2 rods went down. A 23 and a 24 in walleye. Before I could get either rod back out, the 3rd rod went down and it was a 16 inch stinking green bass. Tossed it back in while yelling at it to never come back. Got all 3 rods out again and headed back down wind where I was marking fish. One rod went down bringing in another 24 inch walleye. Second rod goes down with a short stinking bass. Pulled everything in to circle around and make another pass with the wind. At the very end of the marked area one of the rods went down getting a 25 incher. Best 1 1/2 hour of walleye fishing I’ve had. Evening sit in the woods, had 3 does within 17 yards. Was hoping for the big guy to be in tow. Not this time.
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    Upgrade for new boat

    Pretty proud of these. They have to be earned.
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    NOT a fishing report.

    You could also title this topic "I suck at fishing". @Chief Grey Bear and I decided to do a little float on the James. We brought another friend along and hoped to put some fish in our hands. NOPE. Besides the nice crappie I swung across the bow before the quick release we saw nada. I don't think I have ever been skunked on the James. Humbling. But man you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. Thoroughly enjoyed just kicking back, having some laughs, emptying some cans, and catching up with long time friends that don't spend enough time together. And I took a few pics.
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    It was a pretty good one to boot! It was going to be a quick hunt this morning. Grand children here for a visit. Mrs. BilletHead was making a big breakfast. So I go out. It's youth firearms season so the blaze orange was worn. Great morning light wind out of the West. Pretty good wind for my chosen stand. I see three slick head deer with a forky horn dogging them. Bucks are beginning to get frisky. He abandons the chase fading one way and the does the opposite direction. Wood ducks and white front geese flying. Another Fork horn shows up and eats acorns beneath me. 300 yards to the South out of the big timber shows four turkeys. into the field they come and I get a text from Mrs. BilletHead. "I am starting breakfast." . They work sort of my way to within 100 yards but begin to turn East into a slot of open ground between the timber and a cedar thicket. Crud I thought. The four birds, all adult long beards were out of my sight for ten minutes and then appearing at my side of the cedar thicket 50 yards away. Picking at weed and grass seeds they messed around. Another text, "Hey biscuits are done and frying bacon" I was afraid to move. Shot a text back "I am in turkeys see you soon". Closer they came I popped off the safety. One stepped over the 30 yard marker while the one behind it finally seen the blob of orange in the tree. It started the put, put, put alarm call standing erect. By this time I had the bow up and turkey in my sights I pulled the trigger. Contact the bird took off half flying half running feathers flying all the way to the pile up a mere eight yards from thick timber. After forty years this is my first archery turkey. A couple of shots and near misses in the past. I text home "hey guess what I got me a turkey" Text back "well breakfast is ready bring dinner home". 18 lbs.3oz. 9.5 inch bushy beard, Breakfast eaten and good by to grandkids the bird was cleaned. .This afternoon A half breast was sliced and coated with a spicy batter. Fried up it was and I grabbed and plated me a few pieces. Some chunky blue cheese dressing plus some franks red hot sauce. Salad from the garden. A great meal to eat while watching the football game, The BilletHead had a good day.
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    Dan the fisherman

    Oct 24-25 striper

    Striper continue to cooperate this week. I’ve been finding them on points mostly . I’ve looked on channel swings but haven’t seen much action on them. They’re definitely schooling up now. I went threw a huge school of them yesterday, had all four lines go down at once. Two popped off before I could get to them and one got cut off when it rubbed against another line. I only managed to boat one. Wednesday I got a couple also. Those weren’t schooling fish, they were lone wolf stripers. Fish are still deep though. 30 to 40 FOW. Still waiting on surface action though. Water temps were 65-64. Here’s a pic from yesterday. I took him home the ones from the day before were released.
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    Big M area 10/18

    Got on the lake at first light - I motored over to a chunk rock bank that had held some fish last time I was on the Rock a couple of weeks ago. Caught 4 bass on my first 10 casts, one of them was a keeper smallie. It got tougher after that. Didn't help that about into an hour of fishing the little spring that pushes up the button you press with your foot to activate the trolling motor broke in half. TM was now in continuous mode unless I shut it off. Not used to fishing that way, made boat control a bit difficult for me, almost packed it in, but since I was there I decided to stay and fish. Ended up with a dozen bass, all shorts except for the one smallie. Caught 4 LM that were all just short, fun fish to catch but they would not help anyone in a tournament. The rest were spots, had a dozen bass total. 1/2oz Nutech jig in PBJ or Sunfish, with a Rage Craw trailer worked for me. Most fish were on steep chunk rock banks. 2 bass were caught when I was retrieving the jig back to the boat, had another good one get off the hit it on the retrieve. Darn fish only would do that when I wasn't expecting it, wouldn't bite it when I deliberately swam it. Caught a spot on a Lucky Craft US shad that has a Tim Hughes custom paint job of Japan Craw - I think this bait is going to whack them when things are right for it. When I got back to the parking lot there were two identical, brand new Denali 4 door pickup trucks towing identical Ranger trailers (Different color on the trailers). Just kind of funny to see identical rigs parked next to each other, very nice setups, sharp trucks.
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    Decided it was time to sleep in for a change, so I didn't get on the water until 830 this morning. Having spent time running various areas since arriving this weekend, I opted to zero in on the common denominator for just about every bite for me this week -- chuck to ledge rock shorelines with a relatively quick drop to nearby deep water. Started out by heading north up Indian to such a point. Confirmation one came when I started marking fish in the 20' range. Confirmation two was a tussle with a nice 17.5" SM... big fish of the vacation thus far. Stayed there for almost two hours picking it apart from all angles and scraped out another barely keeper KY and a pair of short SM. Three on the 1/8oz Canada craw ned, one on the keitech 2.8 sexy shad on 1/4oz ballhead. No love for the tube, or 5 different jig combos fished from 5'-30'. On to the next spot. At this point, the east wind had come up a bit. Wind and waves were going to make it difficult to keep my high-profile fish/ski (aka sailboat) in a desireable position on just about every western section between Indian Pt and dang-near point 5. But because I'm determined when I get an idea, I opted to head for the backside of a mainlake runout, and fish an a-rig through some submerged trees... because I'd read a report about it, and we'd caught several fish amongst these trees on the day prior. Moral of this part of the story? You may think you're all rigged up... but if your heavy duty swimbait rod and 30lb big game mono connect to your a-rig via a small wire quick connect for cranks/topwaters, the cedar tree will win every time. There's that teambuilding saying -- you're only as strong as your weakest link. ~$20 worth of further validation of that. On to Cow. Pulled into Cow and not much action on the point. Went in a little ways and spotted the fisherman's best friend -- a blue heron. I started marking and catching in relatively short order thereafter. By this time the clouds had rolled in, so the fish depth change had paused and a color swap was in order. Went to PBJ on the ned and pick up a few shorts with a keeper SM, casting 45 degrees against the bank. Lots of quick nibblers - bluegill or very small SM - in the shallows. After PBJ was just attracting the nibblers, I tried GP and GP/red with no change in fortune. I then started seeing a few more running off the shore, so picked up the 2.8 keitech and caught another keeper SM and a couple shorts. The further I got in the creek, the more consistent the sonar was for suspended fish around 18-25. I also saw the most surface action that I had all week, but just could not get anything to bite a reaction bait. Dixie jet, plopper, spook, or even running a keitech through the areas where shad had busted... didn't matter. 0 love today in cow for jigs or tube (caught 3 the evening prior on a tube, near the same area). Ended the day with 4 keeps, 7 shorts.
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    Scored on my Managed Hunt

    Me, dad and four others were drawn for the Peck Ranch managed archery hunt again this year. Overall, the hunting was slow, but I did finally harvest a doe Sunday evening. Just in case you aren't familiar with Peck Ranch, this is where MDC reintroduced elk several years ago. I've seen plenty of them over the years while putting in for the managed hunts down there, but this is the first time I actually saw a couple big bulls. I had two feeding in front of me along with another bugling down in the timber just before I shot the doe. Some elk actually spooked her right to me.
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    Little Sac

    What a beautiful day on the Little Sac on Saturday. Had to give up on the Red Sox at 2:30 in the morning so that I could make the 6:00 am wake up call! Put in at Orleans Bridge to find water temperature at 52 F....a little colder than I was expecting! Caught whites and crappie pulling cranks and throwing a few jigs. Also pulled in 3 or 4 good largemouth. I guess there a lot of people hunting....we just about had the water to ourselves. I attached a pic from Saturday (Drury shirt) and also one from the same area in the fall of last year.
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    Still can't catch a keeper bass

    Had a good day trying.
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    Upgrade for new boat

    What I signed up for and did was defend your rights and freedoms, such as the right to a fair trial by a jury of your peers in order to keep you from being falsely accused of a crime and just being locked away in prison for the rest of your life, at a payable cost up to and including my life. The reason, I felt it was the right thing to do. Did not do it to receive a thank you and don’t need one either yet still proud of it.
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    the bass seem to be in limbo

    got out yesterday afternoon back up my way. fished high and low without too much results. what bass we did catch were on a spoon. had 3 keeps and a few dinks and a couple of whites. loaded up before dark and headed down to the cow creek ramp to get in a little night fishing, and had about the same results. had 4 keeps, 2 brownies, 1 lmg, and 1 k. we tried flat stuff, back in coves, bluffs, you name and we tried it. i did notice lots of bass suspended out in the lake at various depth and that is why they are so hard to come by right now. the lake started to turn pretty hard with the colder temps, and then it warmed back up and everything has went into the limbo mode. even though i hate cold weather, that is what we need right now to get out of the limbo mode and back into some more normal patterns. the good part of the trip was seeing some amazing colors that are appearing here and there, and saw a couple of bald eagles. and, to add to that, the moon was nice and bright last night. it was just good to be out and enjoy it all. bo
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    Dan the fisherman

    Striper action

    After trolling for 3 day I finally figured something out. The day started out bad when I looked at my bait well and seen all my brooders dead. So I went on a hunt for shad and after 2 hours I finally had a dozen lovely shad. I checked several points and channel swings before I found something that looked promising. I was baiting my 4th rod when I noticed a rod start to load up. I started to reel till tight then lifted it out of the rod holder. It was a nice fish, weighed in at 15 pounds and some change. I continued to fish the area for a couple of hours and hooked up and landed 2 more. I have my limit! The sun was beginning to set so I pulled up the live baits and cruised around looking for top water action but nothing came of that. WT was 66.5 out there today guys. Make sure to use ur graphs and cover water before u set a line. Good luck out there fellas and be safe.
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    Full of dinks.

    We spent another day in the park yesterday. Strictly fished drys all day, and determined shortly after lunch (Hillbilly Burger is a chithole btw) that the pattern was irrelevant as long as it was a #16 on 6x. Zone 1 had some fairly decent sized fish, but Z2 is absolutely loaded with greedy little farts making it rather annoying. I did stick one nice brown in Z2 but he took me so by surprise that I blew it on the first run and he broke off. That was the only brown we saw all day. We walked the hatchery raceways, looks like they are operating at 1/5 of their capacity and the size of the fish in the raceways is very small. I wonder why they expanded their operation so much... but aren't utilizing it? Seems like such a waste. What's the problem? We didn't see anyone toting a stringer, and come to think of it....the weekend before when we were there I didn't see anyone keeping any either. So where are all the fish going? 
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    The Praying Mantis

    Walking around the yard today I came upon this rather large praying mantis and decided to get her portrait. She was fat laden with eggs. I felt sorry for her mate that she consumed after he got lucky. After a bit of coaxing i got Mrs. BilletHead to model the mantis, BilletHead
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    straw hat

    Interesting day

    Well the wife took a rare weekday off and we went to CC on Tuesday. Started off by approaching a section of bluff that is usually good when the water starts cooling off in the fall. Started over it with the fish finder and...Holy Cow!!! Fish and shad stacked up like crazy. Nearly a full screen on my finder. I told the wife 'we will be home with a limit by noon'. Of course one should never be too sure of things when fishing. We started min now fishing in the middle of that mess, around 15 to 16 ft deep, and the fight was on. At the end of an hour we had 6 channels from 2 to 6 pounds and 4 17" large mouth (car). N o crappie Finally decide to go chase crappie and moved on but it was fun. Wound up with 11 crappie and 2 white bass. Slow but OK.
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    David Goddard

    Oct. 20-21. Slow but decent

    Made it down to Table Rock again, finally. Hadn't been since August and was excited to fish deep again. I had heard that guys were catching a few shallow, but I figured that with the thermocline broke up and the fish pretty well scattered everywhere that the deep bite would be the most consistent. We didn't get out on the water until like 3 in the afternoon on Saturday and got off fairly soon after that. Put in at Indian point and I had never seen so many fishing boats on the lake before. Caught one on a drop shot in about 25 ft. Sunday we put in at Mill Creek and my buddy's motor threw a rod after running for about 30 seconds so we fished off the tolling motor all day. Caught 3 keepers early shallower. 2 on and underspin and one on a spinnerbait. Coolest part was that it was a largemouth, smallmouth, and spot. Can't do that just anywhere. Then had a bit of a lull but got onto a good group of fish around noon-one o'clock and caught 5 more keepers 1 largemouth and 4 smallies. Smallies were good ones too. All 17-18 inchers. We were catching them mostly on a shakey head with a 4 inch senka on it in trees that topped out in about 25 foot. I'm fishing Truman tomorrow and Saturday and heading back to Table Rock for a long weekend in mid-Nov. Really hoping that there is a good jerk bait bite. I'll let everyone know how Truman goes this week. I think that lake can be very very good but we'll see. Tight lines.
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    Maybe I Had a Bite on the Upper End

    I went out shortly after noon today. Before then it was chilly. I fished a HD jig with an HD craw. I fished a Rockstar in Red/Orange. I fished a Ned. I think a fish bumped the crank - maybe. Still, I loved being on the 64-65 temp water with next to no one there. You should go!
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    The Praying Mantis

    So the guy preying mantis was at the bar having a few. Bartender asked if he wanted another. Guy preying mantis says sure why not, my wife's gonna eat my head off when I get home regardless.
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    Crappie-catching Story

    My partner and I went out of K-Dock today, and we took a beating from the weather. It was cloudy, cold, and drizzled rain all day. Also, we couldn't get a single walleye to bite. But I've got a fish story to share. Near the end of the trip we visited a brushpile where we've caught crappie before. We got our crappie poles out with small jigs tied on, and thought we'd try a few casts before quitting for the day. We caught several undersize crappie, then my partner caught a good keeper. He was running the trolling motor and I was on the back of the boat, and the wind got us turned around so the brushpile was behind the boat. Easy for me, but he had to cast behind the boat from the front until he could get us turned back around. Then he hollered "I've got a good one!" and I grabbed the net because keeper fish were real hard to come by. Unfortunately, his line got around the prop of the main motor and it broke off. As I started to put the net away I saw a big crappie splash on top right above the motor prop - then it started to drift away, laying on it's side with a jig and a foot of line hanging out of its mouth and just fins and the tail moving a little. "BACK THIS THING UP!", I yelled - and he did. He backed the boat up with the trolling motor for 8-10 feet and I was able to lean out with the net and scoop the still-comatose crappie up. It was a 14 3/4" white crappie, and after breaking off it had somehow knocked itself out against the boat while thrashing around and getting the broke-off line free from the main motor prop. LOL Never saw that happen before!
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    Left my rod leaning against my car when I packed up and left the parking lot by the outlet stairs. Got about 15 min away when I realized. Someone had moved it out of the lot so it wouldn't get run over and no one ran off with it. Still some good people out there.
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    Quick report

    Fished last night at cable 9 to midnight. 2 of us caught 1 Wally 1 brown an 11 bows. Threw plugs but they didnt seem to want big ones. Hitting light. Wife caught a nice fat bow 18 inches. Buddy caught a nice brown below 2 today. He thought it was approximately 5 lbs. On pink furbug. Getting ready to head back out and see if it looks like a Christmas tree of headlamps on the water.
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    Mitch f

    Dirty water

    It has lifelike action, should be available in December
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    Chris King

    First Time on the Meramec

    Hello, my Dad and I fished out of Meramec State Park on Sunday. This was our first trip to the Meramec with my Blazer jet boat. We fished the bluffs 1/2 mile above and below the park ramp and had a great day. We started about 1PM and fished till 6PM. We caught smallmouth, largemouth, spotted bass, crappie and goggle eye. My Dad was using a green color small shad rap and I rotated between a 3" white swimbait and a whopper plopper. The best smallmouth we had stalked and devoured the plopper but came off, he was probably 15" or so...all in all, we had about 20 fish for the day. The water was moving pretty good but was a little skinny in spots. We saw one canoe and that was it for the day. Next time, we may try Onondaga or further downstream (St. Clair).
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    Bill Babler

    Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

    Caleb is fishing out of my 921 PHX. The way he is fishing my boat might refuse. He has been catching them all week on a pattern I just usually don't do and is losing a ton of baits but catching fish. Said he had 8 keepers yesterday all LM. My boat has never been rained on and the carpet on it looks new. Yikes

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