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    Bill Babler

    8-1-20 Walleye and more Walleye

    Started out of the Knob at 5:30 and I was not the first boat on the water. It is a total disaster up there at the ramp that is pretty much caved in from the wake boats. Shoreline damage at Shell Knob is without a doubt the worst on the lake. It is totally full of wake boats and now I am seeing lots of 35' plus type boats, cruser style. Headed up steam to the mouth of the Kings and fished 3 pts. that are very good to me usually. Mostly with a 2.8 inch Keitech and a drop shot either crawler or Yamamoto cut tail. Three small K's about 14 inch the first hour and all three had multiple hook holes, so they are being investigated. I brought 60 cleaned and washed crawlers and used about 1/2 of them on really nice blue gills. 18' to 26' on gravel. Clients wanted to keep them so we had a dozen big gills in the tank at that point and I knew I was in trouble as far as the bait supple. Next hour and a 1/2 we used up the rest of the worms and kept another bunch of gills and caught a dozen small bass and 4 small 12" walleye. We had an hour and a half to go and I told them we had to make a bait run so I pulled into Big M. and bought 3 more boxes of crawlers. With that 3 boxes of crawlers we caught 19 more walleye and at least 20 bass and a really nice flat head. Here is the rest of the story. Pulled out of Big M. and headed back toward the Knob. One particular runnout not be named was calling my name so I pulled in on it. Quill has fished in probably more than me, I see him there most times I'm up the river. It was still cloudy and there was a slight wake boat chop blowing in on the point. I hit it to shallow, I thought. I came onto the point at 12ft. and my graph just blacked me out. The water color in the White is really about as dingy as you will see it in August. Looks more James River green. By the time I got shut down and the Garmin dropped I was in 18' and the Livescope looked like a shotgun had hit the screen. The 2D was totally full on the other graph. I rigged all three clients before I let anyone drop cause i knew I would never get them all in the water any other way and all three dropped. First drop 2 keeper walleye and a nice 12 lb. flat head. Talk about a zoo and fire drill, I had one on my hands. I had 3 fish on the floor of the PHX and rewormed them and they dropped all at once again. The guy the back had kept the worm on as the Walter had not got it off the hook. All dropped. I scrambled to throw the fish in the well and all three were hooked up again. All thee had nice keeper K's on. I chunked them back and rewormed 2 clients as the guy in the back had again not lost his worm and as far as worms go it looked pretty good. Back they went and again in a manner of speaking all hooked up. Mind you we are in about 17' of water. 3 keeper walleye and none even remotely needed measuring. The guy in the back again did not lose his crawler and at this point i'm telling you that is a record. Back down they all went and again the guy in the back caught another keeper walleye and the two in the front caught keeper K's He did lose his crawler this time, but what a run. This went on till the 36 crawlers were gone and their trip was over. On this location we had 19 walleye with 15 keepers and none of the keeps need to be measured. I let them keep 9 walleye for the 3 of them and looking back I probably should have just let them keep a couple each. None the less they were thrilled. 28 gills, 9 walleye and the kitty went to the dinner table. Yesterday they loaded the boat with quality rainbows on our trip to Taney so i'm sure my luck is at least ran out for the next week or so. 23 total walleye on a 4hr. trip is by far the most I have ever seen or even heard of on the Rock. 15 keepers is by far them most I have heard of. RPS may know someone that has done better, but it was unreal. Bill Beck and 2 clients caught 12 keepers off Viney about 10 yrs. ago spooning in the Fall, and that was the best I knew about until today. My best day ever was with Buster Loving on Bull Shoals, we had Brent Frazee of the KC Star and we kept 12 that weighed 57 pounds at the pothole. All on Buster's custom painted and custom billed jerkbaits. That was for sure a day 20 years ago. On to the wake boats. They were all over us all day except for the walleye runnout at the end. It is totally terrible. It was close to impossible to load my boat at Shell Knob ramp with the rollers coming in. There is a trick however. I only had 1 ft. of the trailer in the water. That's right, 1 ft. Back in wet your bunks and nose the boat on the trailer. Next big breaker that comes in ride it to the winch and you got her done. Most likely a day on the Rock I will never forget. Good Luck
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    More golden rainbows 7/31

    Water was a bit lower this morning so I launched the boat at Cotter and ran up to a shoal that was wadeable. I didn't see any fish coming up so I started with a Y2K and midge dropper under an indicator. I noticed a nice golden rainbow holding in the current and made a cast just upstream of him and he took the Y2K. After I released him I saw another golden and caught him also. Then one more showed up and I caught him. That was 3 goldens in a row, all different sizes. This shoal is not close to any of the stocking points so I guess the goldens must like each other's company and hang out together. Overall it was a good morning with lots of rainbows and one decent brown. They liked the Y2K better than the midge today. Here's a picture of the biggest golden and the brown...
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    Mitch f

    Memories of Canada 🇨🇦

    Back in the early 2000’s we would make our yearly trip to Minaki, Ontario. Rough Rock lake was kind of a trophy Musky lake but also had plenty of big walleye and Northerns, with a smattering of small schools of smallmouth now and then. The MO was usually catch enough walleye for shore lunch, then switch to casting for Musky in the afternoon and evening. When Casting for Muskys we were always rewarded with tons of Northern pike, sometimes really big ones at that. The first couple of years we used Indian guides from a local reservation. We got to know them very well. They would typically make the shore lunch of fresh walleye for us. After a while we really got in tune to the lake and the various dangerous rocks around the lake and learned how to avoid them. We also learned the best Musky spots too. Looking back it was truly a magical experience. God’s Country for sure! I believe these pics were from 2006
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    My share, these were big fish that had to be chunked. The 3 I cleaned were all males Phil and I sneaked back up to the Knob this morning, launching at 0600. Water temp at 85 and partly cloudy. Walleye and a Cruise Ship full of bass were where I left them. Phil has a few pic's to post, but for the record we caught 11 and lost 3 or 4 more heavy weights that spat it back at us. 5 keepers that need not be measured, 15 gills and just a load of bass that we cursed for biting and released. I say cursed but Phil was teasing them into biting on the Livescope and there was quite a bit of giggling watching them courtesy of Garmin. Fish today were in the 17' to 23' depth range on gravel and we were around them all day. We never had a spree like I did Saturday, but it was more of a grind it out fishery today. Loads of fish and bait but we worked harder than my clients did the other day. I kept 3 walleye and 1 small channel and Phil kept 2 walleye and a mess of 15 gills. Just a note on the Livescope. It is totally the BOMB. If your not on them watching them you are looking 360 degree and finding them. It's like a bluetick hound after a raccoon, you can see them anywhere around the boat by simply turning the head. It can be a bit humiliating as even though you find them they sure as heck don't have to eat it. We are talking about live bait this morning and we had bushel baskets of refusals. They would swarm up, over, around and turn and turn and turn it down. But--- Sometimes they would eat it. And the fun part is you could see them do it and watch the fight right there on the screen, both 2D and Livescope. Fun morning on the big pond with my good buddy and his buddy Jack.
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    Had a plan, do some early bass fishing, then catch some gills. Brought some red worms for the gills, brought 4 dozen with me as the reports I was reading were showing 6 year old kids loading the boat with big gills. Well those kids sure beat the heck out of me, I caught exactly one gill. Caught somewhere between 6 and 8 spots on the worms and a couple of short eyes, but I could just not find those gills and I even tried Babler's secret spot. Sometimes the fish win, and I hate it when they do. But, the bass cooperated fairly well on the swimming the Keitech deal, also got a keeper eye on the Keitech. Caught 21 bass total, only two keeps, but had fun on the spinning gear. Got run off the water about 11 AM. Quite a few fishermen out there today too. Very nice morning for August.
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    Shout out

    Just wanted to take a second to shout out to @fishinwrench Just got my boat back after blowing it up last year. Had an ordeal with a bad remanufactured part. This man made it right when in all honesty he should have made more money on the deal. Glen. Thank you. I appreciate you. More business from me to come. Made two kids and a dad happy
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    A little help please

    Stein, Buddy, I can help. I’ll attempt to PM Phone # For details
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    King's River

    Fished 545-11 today. Bait everywhere! Had 8 keepers nothing over 3 lbs 15 fish total. All topwater, spooks,poppers buzzbaits.
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    Any trip where you catch a keeper Eye is a good trip! But is sure is crazy how it can change in a day! Not to rub any salt in the wound but we were out last night and got after them again. Key for us was definitely idling around until we found them on the graph. Hard to get a 5 and 6 yr old to be patient and wait to find the fish. We did lose one eye at the boat and caught one small eye. But couldn't find the mother load of Eyes that Mr. Babler was on earlier this week.
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    Cooler weather

    Cooler weather didn't completely shut Down the walleye. Don and Tisha got them a couple limits. 8 keepers and 12 shorts. 15 to 21 ft bottom bouncing
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    Neighborhood pond

    Got the boys out this morning for a little fishing at a neighborhood pond. I might have to head back with the long rod this evening.
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    Just funny stuff

    This one in particular reminds me of a forum member or two.
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    Just funny stuff

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    Pretty sunrise off our deck

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    Fish are still here!

    Floated last two days out of Sunburst. Family float yesterday and my girls did very well on the float. Did not fish much, just safety boating. But all ran the Falls. Did solo today, out of Kelly. First fish was a 10” Smallmouth in the first Riffle. Had my hands full in the pool below. Big Stiper smacked my Jerkbait and towed my Kayak around for about 5 minutes, before it left me. Could not get the fish and kayak to the bank to land it. No net, and a triple treble Megabass in its face. Caught some trout, a couple smallmouth on the way back to Sunburst.. Bunch of Big Stipers in the deep hole not far below River of Life. Need heavier tackle and a big net for next trip. Floating down from Sunburst tomorrow, will be looking, and family floating.
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    Big M 7.28-8.1

    Spent a few days at a cabin near Big M. This was a family trip so my fishing hours were limited but I was able to get out every morning (but only for a couple hours each time). Each day I tried something different and each way I tried catching fish, I caught a few- with one big exception: the top water bite continues to be socially distanced from me. I just can't find a topwater bite at Beaver or on TR. First night we fished gravel points- I was switching between a deep crank bait (spro Little John Super DD), a jig, and a magnum trick worm on a swing jig- caught a few spots on the trick worm. Marked a ton of fish, could not get much to bite... couldn't figure out why until one of them finally went after the trick worm and I felt the thump thump thump and figured out it was a huge school of blue gill. (more on this later). Next morning I went out with a swimbait and a drop shot and caught a few spots on the Morning Dawn robo worm. Again, was marking huge school of fish, again they were blue gills. Caught some spots on the drop shot among the gills. On Thursday AM we went out looking to spoon some fish off of deep docks. Found some fish on the end of docks- fish were suspended at 20 FOW over 60 FOW. Threw the River2Sea flutter spoon at them and we caught quite a few- larger spots, a smallie, and some LM. Wish we could have run this pattern more because we caught more quality fish this way than anything else. But the docks had to be DEEP. Found a few fish at the ends of docks in 30 FOW that we caught on the spoon and a few on a drop shot there as well. Quality wasn't as good as the deeper docks. Finally, my buddy and I each took our youngest kids out with some crawlers and set them up with a drop shot. We caught blue gills until the rain ran us off the lake. From what I saw this week, pretty much any gravel run out in 18-23 feet of water you will find huge schools of jumbo gills. In the middle of the chaos of two kids catching fish after fish, my daughter reels up a 20+ inch Walter. Of course I didn't have the net out, and she didn't know what to do, and he was saved from the grill this time. But combine that with Babler's report from today and you get the idea. Great way to take a kid fishing right now- easy and I think you can catch those gills until you get bored with it.
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    Boats You Miss

    Loved this boat. Wouldn't get you there fast, but it would get you there in style. Had a certain Mark Twain quality about it.
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    A little help please

    A couple of pictures while waiting. I bought a cashew farm here in Vietnam. When I retire in 5 years we will live six months in US and six months in Vietnam. We will have a house in the city and a lake house near her parents. The lake is huge - about 20 miles long. We have several acres on the lake and about 900 feet of lake frontage. In the meantime family will take care of the cashew farm. The brush pile is where the house will go. Second pic is what a cashew nut looks like when it is growing. The nut is the brown part hanging off of the cashew "apple" which is a fruit that can be eaten but almost everyone discards it and just keeps the cashew nut.
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    Walleye and Smallmouth video

    Still practicing with the video editing. I fished Stockton lake on 8/4...what a beautiful day to be on the water. It actually felt like I was back in Maine! I have linked to a video of myself landing a 18 inch walleye and a 17.5 inch smallie. https://youtu.be/bZCIeoDF3z8 Oh and BTW...I found an anchor while fishing. If anyone wants to claim it, please let me know...(picture below). I have no use for it!
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    What's Cooking?

    I was so ready to start stuffing cubanelle peppers. One of our favorite summer meals. Pat made some arrabiata sauce, cooked some ground venison and mixed in the sauce. Split the peppers and stuffed them. Covered with shredded Asiago cheese. Popped into the smoker at 250 for awhile until cheese began to melt and get a good smoke color.
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    Just funny stuff

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    Just funny stuff

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    Just funny stuff

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    Sore Thumbs

    Happy Birthday Champ188

    Happy Birthday buddy. Hope you have a great day!
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    A little help please

    I know I have been gone for a couple of years but I need a tiny bit of help. I finally sold my house between Flippin and Bull Shoals town. I am supposed to close in about a month. I have a couple of trout fishing rods and a box of Zig Jigs in the boat in the garage and a vintage Pioneer stereo receiver and small speakers in the master bedroom closet that I have had for 40 years. I didn't think this move was going to happen so quickly or expect that I would be stuck in country for so long so I figured I would pick them up the next time I was down there for work. There might be a few other items in the boat and I think a four way lug wrench in front of the tire of the boat trailer. The new buyers bought the boat so that's good. I'm stuck here in Vietnam due the COVID so I can't get back to the US for the closing and to pick up these few items. The realtor said they would rent a storage unit but can't hold personal belongings. I can't justify a storage unit for these small things so I wondered if a forum member would be willing to meet the real estate agent at the house and pick them up for me. I'll be moving back to the US with my wife and daughter next June and would find my way down there sometime next summer. Maybe we could fish a day and then pick up these things from your house?
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    A little help please

    Mission accomplished
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    Just funny stuff

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    You are easy. I took that $50 Curado you sold me, put it on an old Fenwick casting stick, and gave it to the 13 year old, fish crazy, neighbor kid at the lake. The beat up Ambassador and ugly stick he was using is now his catfish pole.
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    New kayak!

    Got to break in my new kayak ( a NuCanoe flint) last weekend on the Southfork, felt good to get back on the water. I’ve fished some this spring and summer but haven’t for any smallies since March. Fishing was slow but didn’t care a whole lot. Had some good quiet time in this crazy awesome setting!
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    Just funny stuff

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    Beaver Lake July 26-Aug 2 Report

    Hello, I made a post a week and a half ago asking about fishing Beaver Lake this time of year and several people responded to my post which I greatly appreciate. Just thought I’d recap my trip (down from Iowa visiting my dad for the week). Basically was able to get out on the lake from around 6am-10am for most every day while I was visiting. My dad lives around point 5 so we basically stayed down on the lower end of the lake and I primarily targeted deeper offshore fish since it was easier for the other people who I took out each morning to have a chance at catching fish equally. I also wanted a chance to work on dropshotting fish I could see on my electronics that were suspended in tree tops as it is a technique that I don’t get to practice fishing the Mississippi River. My most productive pattern was finding timbered points at the end of bluffs right off the main river channel. These areas seemed to have the largest concentrations of bait and also spotted and smallmouth bass. We were able to catch them suspended in tree tops from 25-45 ft with 3.3 Keitechs counting them down and also dropshotting 3” Berkeley Power Minnows and Strike King Baby Z-Toos. We did not have too much luck on topwaters unless we were able to cast immediately on fish that came up busting bait which we did not encounter too often. When we were able to capitalize on these opportunities a Pop R style bait, small buzzbait, and the small size 90 Whopper Plopper would get bit. When I did sneak up a bit shallower I was able to catch a few largemouth on a swing jig with a zoom UV speed craw. I did not devote a lot of time to try to figure out what exactly the largemouth were doing do to limited time on the water, but I suspect they were a bit shallower than the spots and smallies. I will say that I saw the most bait at Beaver than I have seen in the last 4 years of coming down to visit this time of year....tons of 1.5-2 inch Shad pretty much everywhere we went. I suspect that if I tried to Dropshot even smaller 2” baits (which I did not have with me) that I may have been able to coax a few more bites than I did on the suspended fish. Seemed like I’d be able to catch 3-4 fish out of a school and then they’d quit biting even though I could still see them on my graph. I’m attaching I picture of some of the baits I had success on as well as a few pics of fish. I will say my brother did catch the largest fish of the week, 3.08 lb Largemouth on a buzzbait. Thanks again, Matt
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    Econfina 8/4/2020

    As @Johnsfolly would say, If you want to catch new species, you have to fish new water. We are spending the week in Destin and a River I have been wanting to fish was within reach. my wife and I floated the Econfina today. It is heavily spring fed and is an easy float. Unfortunately, Hurricane Michael changed the heavily shaded nature of the creek. All the old pics online look like the upper Buffalo. You could see lots of damage to the surrounding forest. We used Econfina Canoe Livery. $5 per boat to launch and $20 shuttle which isn’t bad. They were supposed to open at 8:30.they rolled up at 8:40 sooooo not Great. I got out of the truck and walked to office. I hear a low growl and look to my right and a Big Pitbull mix is barreling down on me. I thought I was going to get mauled, but I held my ground and shouted at him and he ran past me and whipped back around and rushed me again. Owners called him off. “Chaos” is not my favorite dog ever. after that, my day got lots better. First fish of the day came quickly : a nice Red Breast Sunfish on a Zig Jig. shortly thereafter, I spotted a micro I knew I had never caught. Pulled over and quickly hooked and lost one. No worries, I doubled up a minute later. enjoyed exploring the Springs. Caught fish consistently. Quit fishing when I got to 50. We Floated the 8 miles in 5 hours. Krista was a little freaked out by the potential for Gators and would not get in and cool off as often as she should have, but I cooled off when I got the chance. saw some Large Bass, but I did not pack the gear for it. I would float it again.
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    Our generation patterns on Lake Taneycomo have been almost identical for the past six weeks. About 7,000 cubic feet per second of water flows from 9 p.m. until 1 p.m., then 12,000 c.f.s. flow from 1 p.m. until 9 p.m. It's been pretty easy to plan a fishing trip when the pattern is this consistent. Trout fishing is pretty good early in the day until about 9 a.m., then it gets a little slower. When the heavier water starts flowing, it gets really tough but not impossible. Guess what I'm saying . . . for the best fishing start early! Our water temperature has risen to almost 56 degrees since my last report, and the dissolved oxygen content is about 6.5 parts per million. That's a little high for the first of August and the D.O. level is a little low, but manageable. That may mean the fall season might get a little dicey, though. Our water temperature should keep going up as more cold water is released from Table Rock, leaving warmer water to follow. I believe we'll see water temps in the low to mid 60's by October. Again, manageable but not ideal. At least I don't think we'll see an event like in 2015 when the water coming from Table Rock was toxic and killing fish. For now, our trout are feeding well and fighting hard. The water has really cleared up, too. We're thinking about going to two-pound line, especially if we start seeing slower generation. Table Rock's level dropped below 918 feet today, well on its way to the power pool of 915 feet. I really believe we'll start to see slower flows, if not no generation, especially in the mornings. Captain Tony Weldele reports catching quality rainbows on the sculpin jig early in the mornings, both in and out of the trophy area. He has been using four-pound line and either a 3/32- or a 1/16th-ounce jig throwing it straight with no float. Captain Steve Dickey is using the pink power worm under a float, on two-pound line, about five- to seven-feet deep. Clients have caught good fish from Fall Creek to Short Creek, then doing well down at the Branson Landing later in the mornings. Captain Bill Babler is drifting night crawlers from Fall Creek to Trout Hollow and scoring big rainbows. too. The area in front of the resort has been holding nice-sized rainbows. We see boats drifting by catching trout, mainly on Berkley Power Eggs in white and orange. The pink worm under a float is working here, too. We've been drifting scuds in and out of the trophy area with good success. A #14 gray or rainbow gray is the best, drifting with an egg fly or a San Juan worm. Our buddy Dan Boone said he tried tying on a #14 Zebra Midge as a trailer behind his 1/8th-ounce jig yesterday and caught five rainbows on the midge. I think he was trailing it by two or three feet. Dan's group fished the last couple of days and said they did well on white jigs with red thread collars. Blake has been fly fishing using a scud under an indicator from Lookout Island down to Fall Creek and catching rainbows. He's setting the float about four- seven-feet deep and adding a tiny split shot to drop it to the bottom. He's using 6x tippet. I've been trying the dry fly some but have only experienced one or two takes on them in an afternoon. I've tried the Sofa Pillow, a big Simulator and a Riffle Fly. My friend Kelly Hines said he saw big trout taking dragon flies off the surface against the bluffs in the trophy area last week, but I could get no takers. I'll keep trying. Marabou jigs have been working most of the time. Steve said he's doing well fishing them under a float early in the morning from Lookout Island down, about four- to five-feet deep using 6x tippet. He's using 1/100th-ounce jigs. We're throwing the jigs mainly with four-pound line. Sculpin ginger and white seem to be the best colors although black is doing okay, too. If the water flows drop, we'll go to two-pound line and start throwing smaller, 1/16th- and 1/32-ounce jigs. View full article
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    Devan S.

    Fish are still here!

    We caught one of those stripers Sunday below river of life. Weighed 7lbs......I'm certainly glad I didn't hook it on my 3 wt. I'm 100% sure it was not the biggest one in that hole either. Probably took 5-10 minutes of chasing it while wading to get it headfirst into the small trout net.
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    What's Cooking?

    I might cook outside once in a while. Actually this is a more or less permanent fixture on my grilling station. Anything fried happens here. Not a fancy solution but man it works great. Can't begin to remember how old it is - but it's a long long way from new.
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    Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

  39. 4 points

    What's Cooking?

    Good day here and got a lot of things done including some cooking. Started off the day with a bagel and cup of coffee on the back porch. Wonderful weather right now even though we have been missing the rain some of you all have been getting. Then it was time to make some bread out of the new book we just got. This would be white bread, called Saturday morning bread. May need to rename it depending on when you make it. So dough was mixed and turned. Within an hour and a half needed to turn twice more. Then a five hour first raise. While this was going on dirt was worked and a bed of Bok Choy was planted for Fall. Then more tomatoes sliced and another five trays went into dehydrator. A couple other projects then it was time for second raise. This involved a bit more dough work and splitting for two loaves. These two loaves went into cane banneton proofing baskets for five hours, five hours later, While this raise was going on the oven was preheated to 450 with two Dutch ovens lids on. Oven hot in went the dough for 30 minutes lid on and then 20 lid off then we were gifted this, Bread now cooling off it was time for the afternoon meal. Grill fired up and coals hot duck breasts on and Pat went out to garden to pick basil. Balsamic vinegar working down to a syrup on the stovetop. She went to work on the Caprese salad, Plated up and consumed. I will spare you the pic of me slurping the juice off the side of the plate, Then dessert was a slice of the bread,
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    Shout out

    So bad I drove 2 hours from rogersville
  41. 4 points

    Happy Birthday Champ188

    Thank you guys so much. Been a bittersweet 60th birthday, as I lost my father late Tuesday night. He was 91, suffering from dementia and very ready to meet Jesus, but it's never easy. The birthday wishes were a nice surprise. Appreciate you guys.
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    Trolling Motor/Sonar Upgrades

    After waiting for Lowrance to finally distribute their long shaft Ghost, I gave up. I read the threads about the Garmin, and have ordered the long shaft Force with a Echomap 93sv UHD on the bow and console. I will not have 360 like Babler and Bobby B, but I am on a budget. Installation should start Monday. I am looking forward to a serious Lake Skiatook discovery.
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    Fish are still here!

    Last night at Sunburst. Headed down the road to meet some friends in the AM. Great day tubing on Bull Shoals yesterday. Did the Mill Tour, and girls fished Rockbridge for about an hour today. 7 fish, got charged for 18lbs. Nice dinner there then will eat those trout fillets tomorrow.
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    Disclosure? AATIP and all that

    Ahh, so now we know where and why MoCarp disappeared for months. You were abducted, weren't you? 😲👽
  45. 3 points

    What in the world?

    I just throw mine on top of my SUV
  46. 3 points
    They can't for the most part read very well and won't bite just cause your boat is plastered with Garmin gear, but If you count the Force trolling motor this is new wave we have yet to even remotely have anything to compare it to. That trolling motor is completely sick. Lifts and lets down with a single finger. Whisper quiet. Fast as an alley cat with the dog catcher on its tail and positive locking within inches.maintaining it thru any wave or wind. Game Changer. But they still got to bite your junk.
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    i know that lady justice is supposed to be blind, but you know what they say, that blindness hightens the other senses, and that blind lady can smell money 10 miles off. bo
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    Seth Clarkson

    Hoping to float tomorrow

    We did Galena to blunks and had a good day. Only had 1 riffle that was too shallow and had to drag a bit. Probably had 30 fish between us multiple species. Rock bass, green sunfish, red ear, largemouth, smallmouth and my buddy even caught 2 walleye. One was good size, probably a little too short to keep and was caught on a chatterbait jackhammer. We caught probably 8 in the 13 to 15 inch range with majority between 10 and 12. Tender tube was the best bait, followed by a crankbait. Temperature was nice and we had cloud cover a lot of the day. Caught 4 smallmouth off one riffle and missed 2 more of they weren't the same fish. Sorry the pictures aren't the best, I keep my phone tethered majority of the time.
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    Just funny stuff

  50. 3 points

    Just funny stuff

    Also no Oompa Loompas were required to rescue them. Everyone knows that if a Oompa loompa has to rescue you it's your asss.
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