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    20-inch rainbow caught up below the dam this afternoon on a white jig. Congrats Kenneth McGraw!!
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    Caught on a white jig. Released
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    From the album: Jeff's other pics

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    Phil Lilley

    Pink Hopper

    From the album: Lake Taneycomo

    Duane and I throw pink hoppers at them this afternoon. Duane caught 8 rainbows to my one. You'd think he'd let me catch more since I ran the trolling motor No big ones but a couple of pretty ones.
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    Phil Lilley


    From the album: Lake Taneycomo

    John Weisgerber brought in this 24.35 inch brown today, caught on a Lucky Strike Ghost Minnow, gray, just up from our dock. Weight - 6.94 pounds, 18 inch girth. Released.
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    Phil Lilley

    Twin Spots

    Duane and I boated over close to point 5 the other day. Wanted to try out some new jigs we've made for trout. They're mainly earth colors which should be perfect for smallmouth bass but spots too evidently.
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    @Bill Babler guided Clint Walker to a trophy brown today. Ate a night crawler. Released to fight again.
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    Phil Lilley

    Boss Hog

    @Bill Babler picks up his big largemouth out of the livewell to be released.
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    Phil Lilley

    Our new boat landing

    From the album: 2015-16 Flood

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