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    8 bridge to scotts ford

    Floated from the hwy 8 bridge access (woodson woods?) down to scotts ford over the weekend. Temps were in the upper 20s in the mornings, up to mid 50s in the afternoon. Bluebird skies both days. Water was very clear, i guess that's typical though. I didn't realize you weren't supposed to use soft plastic baits on that stretch....i guess because of the trout? Anyway...the sign didn't say anything about jerkbaits, so that's what i used, hopefully they aren't against the rules too. My fly fishing friend sure caught a bunch of trout. I caught a couple of browns and a rainbow, but mostly smallmouth. It seemed like kinda slow fishing, but i didn't really know what to expect out of that stretch. I caught 12 fish the first day, and 13 the second day. 1 fish was a real beauty of a smallmouth, just shy of 19 inches. I caught it just below where the spring enters the river on an x-rap. An x-rap 8 and an 110+1 style jerkbait in natural colors were working well enough for me to not change. Id throw the x-rap in the riffles and shallow wash outs, and the 110+1 in the deeper pools.
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    Phil Lilley

    Rain, Lake Levels and Release

    I'm expecting an email any minute... from the Corps telling us about the 4 inches of rain that fell in NW Arkansas and SW Missouri and the plan to release a bunch of water from Beaver and TR Dams. Beaver is rising but not as fast as Table Rock which is at 918.4 feet. They've already increased flow at Table Rock but it's hard to tell how much. Taney's level is at 709.6 but they're only running 4,800 cfs through the turbines. I got an email yesterday saying that the Corps was starting to work on the head gates which means they can't run some turbines. So almost all the flow is coming over the spill gates. Yesterday I took water temps. The water coming over the dam is 61. The water coming through the turbines is 59. DO is over 10 ppm which is excellent. The 2 degrees difference between the two means Table Rock is very close to turning over. Next week's cold snap should start the process. When Table Rock hits 920 feet, the Corp will start releasing 20,000 cfs. That's the equivalent of 5 units. If you don't mind the flow, fishing should be excellent, fishing with shad flies, white jigs and scuds.
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    Crappie were finicky. Caught more on cranks at dusk than I did jigging brush. Found a couple 'eyes too. Water is cooling off fast, 60*.
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    More backyard fishing 10/21

    Waded around Wildcat access this morning and the water is still up in the back yards. Caught around a dozen rainbows and a couple of small browns on a size 20 Parachute Adams and then switched to a hopper once the sun came out. Caught this brown on the hopper and had a really big brown come up and look at the hopper but turned away. He looked to be in 28" range and was in spawning colors. Oh well, fun to see him and maybe next time he will eat. Caught a few more nice size rainbows on the hopper.
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    Beware of the mighty pelican

    Fishing up the Big Sac we saw around 100 pelicans. At one point a bunch flew overhead. One of them let a load go. It hit my boat midway of the port rod locker and splattered on the console, passenger’s seat, on my partner’hood, the back deck and the motor. After I had scrubbed the carpet and wet vacced it I had to spray it down with air freshener to get rid of the rotten fish smell. So be careful watching them fly.
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    Delaware to Tomahawk Campgrounds

    Friday, my 2 friends and I put in at about 8 am. Weather was great start to finish. Fishing was slow overall. Friday was especially difficult. We only managed 7 between us Friday. Some on jig n craw and the others on rebel brown crawdad. We floated past the Finley but camped before Hootentown. Dinner Friday was beef stroganoff with rotini pasta. Saturday fishing picked up. Same presentations but more lands on the craw cranks. Every color we had worked. We camped just past sighting hwy V. Dinner was fire pit roasted gyro meat and an udon noodle with peppers, herbs green onions and heirloom tomatoes from my school garden. Sunday the fishing stayed strong with the craw cranks. The last mile before Tomahawk my bites died off all together. We had a great time and the team at Tomahawk took very good care of us. Going to do the full trip from lake Springfield to Galena in the spring again.
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    Micro Gamechanger

    Tried out the Micro Gamechanger on Friday evening. It worked! Crappies liked it.I had a something very heavy on briefly...possibly a big bass, or just a snag. It was moving towards me, but it wasn't on long enough to know if it was something alive.And then the unthinkable occurred. I caught a White Bass on the Micro Gamechanger...from a pond! 13.25".
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    What's Cooking?

    Tonight: Strip steak, roasted red potatoes, and a bit of cheesy cauliflower and broccoli casserole.
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    Shane Bush, Missouri Department of Conservation Fisheries Biologist for Table Rock and Taneycomo, sent me this PDF file of a presentation given last week by Gabe Knight. Gabe works for the Little Rock Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It has some good straight forward information on how and why releases are made, encompassing all of the White River Water Basin. Water Management Overview Knight_2019.pdf
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    No scent plastic baits

    I will be camped out at the 5 and 54 interchange on Friday morning in hopes of following the fish wagon to the city park in Jeff. I will be wadered up and have the fly rod rigged and ready to go on the roof top carrier. I intend to snare me a trout as soon as they come out of the blow tube.
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    What's Cooking?

    I can't match smoked brisket, but last night I used the rest of the fillets in the package I thawed Friday. Sauteed walleye with a lemon caper butter sauce.
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    I realize your venting but it seems like the TRL guys are complaining all the time too about high water. Cracks me up. I wish they would just get rid of the dams and show everyone what real flooding looks like.
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    11/3/19 short session

    Arrived at Indian Point and the gentlemanly hour of 10AM and was in sight of the ramp for the short time I was down there. From 10-Noon a rock crawler/wart produced smallmouth, a couple keepers and a few 13 inchers. Noon-2PM couldn't figure out where they went and called it a day.
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    Plus now I have the Griz Wilson Chili Superiore' recipe. It's one I won't try to improve upon.
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    What's Cooking?

    Well I wouldn't have posted anything tonight except for a last minute addition, nothing more than some nice thick bacon, sliced tomato and a couple slices of onion. Wife made hers into a sammich I ate mine as it. However when I went outside to do chores I remembered there were some turnips big enough to pull, so I pulled 4 about baseball sized, chunked them up and into a small sauce pan they went, covered them with sprite soda, added some diced bacon, house seasoning, and a little more sugar, also tossed in a sprig of rosemary just because. OMG they were good, tender, mild and wonderfully flavored. I suppose if you don like turnips you still wouldn't lie them, but I do like them and these were superb.
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    Chief Grey Bear

    Special Olympics

    I've got the tickets filled out for everyone. I want to you for your selfless contribution. Even if you don't win, you money is greatly appreciated by all the kids! You guys Rock!
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    Recent Reelfoot trip

    Past weekend, I went down for a weekend trip to Reelfoot with a few buddies of mine that had been there before. The hope was to get into some good fall crappie fishing down there, but unfortunately for the life of us, we could not find any of them or any sunfish for that matter. The two things the lakes are most well-known for, we did not even get a single tiny fish of, haha. We got there Friday late morning and fished from then on until end of Saturday at the Upper Blue Basin, and then for the last day we gave the western-most portion of the main lake a shot. We didn't hit buzzard slough or any of the other spots further in-between unfortunately. There wasn't much catching going on, but what was caught was generally decent sized. We started the trip off by having a nice fish break me off. I was throwing a pink jig a fellow member here made (Jungle Jim), when I thought I got snagged, then a bit into trying to drag my snag in, I realized it was an actual fish. Anyways a bit into the fight, the line broke and with it my first good fish of the trip escaped. Afterwards it was a very slow Friday. My one buddy lost a little white bass by the boat, fishing with minnows, and that was as far as I remember all the bites we had until Friday evening. Half an hour before we had to bring the boat in for the day, that same buddy caught a 8 lbs channel cat on shrimp, near a little channel leading to another portion of the lakes. That was all for that day. We tried fishing from the bank that night some, but in the end nothing seemed to bite, so we got ready for the next morning. Next morning for a while there was again no action, but same buddy then caught a 14" Largemouth on a little twister tail as we we're throwing stuff towards the bank. Then a while later, just before we're about to try on the other side of the lake I make a last cast with a little crankbait and hook into a nice gar. It took me for a bit of a ride, and even got the line stuck on the propeller for a bit, before that got cleared, but we eventually netted him. I wound up with what I believe to be my first spotted gar. It was a nice fish. I would estimate it to be probably 4 lbs. We let it go and kept going, and eventually started throwing stuff towards a bank with tall grass. There I tossed another jig JungleJim made and hooked into a nice Bowfin. Once we brought him in, I kept throwing the jig some more, and then hooked into an even bigger Bowfin. We brought him in, and I would guess this one was probably about 4 if not 5 lbs as well. This made it 2 different species now, that I had never caught before. Next few hours went by with no further luck, until we hit the same spot that the big cat was caught at. We fished there the last few hours of the day and the same buddy that caught the big cat, ended up catching a decent sized Bullhead. Right before we were about to head back, I noticed I had something on too, and got an even bigger Bullhead on shrimp as well. Never having caught a Bullhead before regardless of species, this made it 3 new species for me. All good sized for their species I would say. The last day we hit up the main lake, and same buddy caught a Drum early on. Then middle of day, I caught an even bigger Drum as well. That was all the fish we caught. Unfortunately my other buddy had no luck this trip. I've been on that end before. On the way back to "dock" though, we had a 10 lbs asian carp jump into the boat right at his feet. We took a picture with it as well, but then just tossed it back. It wasn't as action filled a trip as I hoped it to be, but in the end it did get us some good sized fish out of it. And what I found odd, is that nothing seemed to touch minnows that they threw. Weather wise worked nicely too. It wasn't too hot, cold, or windy, though it was a bit too sunny for my taste.
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    Micro Gamechanger

    Shoot....the edit command wasn't working on the original post...so...I tried to copy the images here.
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    snagged in outlet 3

    8 bridge to scotts ford

    “you're wallowing in the bowels of ignorance. “ I love this line!!!! I’m using it.
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    Crappie Report - 10.21.19

    The fall pattern is in full swing and the feeding frenzy is on! The crappie are actively chasing the shad and moving shallower every few days. The crappie are holding to standing timber in 6-12 feet of water waiting to ambush the shad or a Crappie Slammers jig! The fish are anywhere from 6-10 feet deep. Focus your attention at the end of bluffs, coves or creeks. They are still solid fish with thick shoulders. The crappie are still on brush piles, they have been transitioning from deeper summer piles to shallower ones, focus on brush in 8-15 feet of water. Here are the other details: Jig – glow chartreuse or toothpaste were the hottest colors. I experimented with jig colors and styles over the weekend – color and style made a tremendous difference. The best jig was our new shad body with a twitchy tail or 1 ¾’’ shimmer stix. Some fish were caught with a vertical presentation, however the best bite was pitching the jig past the trees and slowly reeling it back. Use and 1/8th oz jig head and would cast/pitch 6-10 past the target area. Water conditions: The temp is currently 66 degrees, although it will be dropping a little every few days. The lake level is slightly above normal pool. The color is stained on the Pomme arm and dingy up the Lindly. Fished for six hours on Saturday and two of us caught between 75-80 keeper size fish. Get on out and enjoy the fall! If you need any assistance, please stop by I AM Outdoors (look us up on Facebook for pics) and we’ll help get you set up. Good luck in finding Limitville! Brad
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Cardiac Hill

    I’ll let you know what she says
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    It's happening

    Glad to see that you are getting the opportunity to pursue your passion. Not sure that you remember me Ed, but I am the one that you talked to in the parking lot of the hotel that you was staying at down at Stockton. I very much enjoyed talking to you, and I still thank you for the time spent talking about walleye fishing. I learnt a lot in that 30 minute conversation, and if your clients enjoy fishing, and learning from a guy that loves what he is doing, I am sure that you will be successful. Best of luck to you.
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    Micro Gamechanger

    I know that you are giving me a hard time, but I actually I love the research that I do to find spots that have species that I have never caught before, big or small I like them all. Some bass and trout photos, maybe not giants, but nice fish. I am partial to brown fish . Here are stream bred rainbows each were 13 to 14" in length. Crane Creek Barren Fork creek
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    Great fish. Congrats! What a great trip on a productive creek. I used to fish a very similar creek (only caught a 4 lb largemouth) with lots of 14 to 16 inch fish. I never got the bug to try and bass fish any lakes when that creek produced everytime that I fished it. Those places are ozark gems.
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    Chief Grey Bear

    Special Olympics

    Wasn't sure there would be enough room. Thought about putting DW on there. But decided not to do that to the kids. 🤣🤣
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    Devan S.


    I think the NCAA did some research on this at one time and published % of high school athletes that go D1 or D2 and then go onto a pro level. As I recall for the major "pro" sports that get you into making serious money its something like less than 10% to college and then like low single digit percentage or less than 1% to pros. So effectively a tenth of a percent chance your high school standout makes it pro. Some sports don't make squat when you factor in the "real" costs and I would assume pro fishing would be that way for all but a handful of the actual guys(even then they make their money elsewhere). In fact, I would bet there's more money to be made as a BAD doctor, scientist, engineer, salesman, or project manager than there is being a mid of the pack pro fisherman. If someone had a serious interest in fishing. I would highly recommend pushing them towards marketing, engineering, business and get in the industry and work there. A lot more money to be made with the stability of not having to chance everything to make your next entry fee count unless you can really beat the top dogs day in and day out. If they decide then someday they don't like it there not just a washed up fisherman selling junk on TV, they have skills that put them somewhere else.
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    114 today

    The whites are fun but don’t get me excited, after about an hour of those guys hammering whatever I’m throwing I’m ready for something different. Going to head up tomorrow and see how the boat runs, if all goes well I also hope to find some slabs!! Tight Lines!
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    Official Jigfest 2019 Food Thread

    I'm a Rye junkie....and Kings Hawaiian is nicely paired with pulled Pulled Pork, but then again so are Hamburger buns
  30. 3 points

    Official Jigfest 2019 Food Thread

    Jeff i will grab up some buns and bread for sandwiches and some pastries for breakfast. Are there any requests for bread type for sandwiches?
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    Micro Gamechanger

    Well it's a cute little feller. Bet it would be great at the trout parks during C&R season.
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    Just funny stuff

    That's just great - I spent 3 years taking Spanish in high school, what a waste of time.
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    Holding water like a swing trader holds onto pork belly futures.... is not putting flood control on first priority. 🤔 If flood control is priority one, then the opportunity to let water go should never EVER get a pass.
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    C&R scouting mission

    Last Saturday it was kinda crowded, but they all cleared out before noon on Sunday. When the whistle blew there was only about 5 cars in the park. It was nice. Monday probably would have been the ideal day to spend there.
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    Old plug

    Recent Big Bass Bas

    I have been absent on this forum for sometime. I have personal problems it's a sick widfe and my own health problems. I do want to give my congrats to the second place finisher Mike Harlan.. This young man is a personal friend. HE has a temendois amount of talent and deterimination to make all of us proud who know him. Just remember that name I think our going to see a lot more of it in the future .
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    Daughters first deer!

    👍🏻 I think that is an excellent caliber/rifle choice for kids too! Mike
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Time to Plan Thanksgiving!

    Catered. I like spending time with everyone not cooking and cleaning. I apologize.
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    Or Cardiac arrest (or just downstream)🤣
  39. 2 points
    Naw, dumb is assuming that they got STD's from eating undercooked Prairie dog.
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    Smallie Seeker

    MDC stocks urban lunkers

    Well that's disheartening and encouraging at the same time. My mother is a Berkeley High grad. and witnessed the same decline. I agree that it seems pretty silly to grow a lunker just to condemn it to a stillwater death sentence. Stockers are one thing.
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    Cardiac Hill

    agreed bigtime......if you think the Red ribbon area gets nailed by poaching with a gig??? you should see some of the classic winter holes down stream where bass stay through out the Winter........straight up carnage on the bottom of the river and the amount of fish you catch with gig wounds is amazing. Do I report it??? give me a break!!!!.....they are friggin sick of me calling and taking up there time about it. Things are not gonna change on that front so I gave up. When the MDC said certain things to mine and my friends face at Powder Valley in the feedback meetings that was pretty much all I needed to know. Jesus man more Trout get eaten by Otters than get gigged......I know of a small creek that absolutely was decimated by Otters and was told to quit bugging them about it. I own a piece of property with a 5 acre pond on it that has been completely wiped out by Otters. Otters re introduced by the MDC......obvious illegal gigging going un checked because of traditions and lack of enforcement power due to other more important things like deer hunting hahahahaha. I'll stop now and go back to not giving a sh$t and shut up but, trust me there are some who see your side but, now I just worry about me and where my next adventure begins and how do I find a spot where some gaper with a youtube channel hasn't just been trying to make his outdoors career explode.
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    I still take mercury tablets when I get the diarrhea. Seems to help.
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    Spots above the Huzzah

    Tournament fishing is best left to the lakes. Rivers are not well suited for it.
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    No scent plastic baits

    Urban trout fly rod tourney on Jefferson Lake in Forest Park Nov 10th. Think a cold 40oz, bragging rights, and your name burned on to the trophy is your only reward. Big Fish Bade (Roofing) trophy. Call Craig at Hargrove’s for details. Only a couple hours.
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    No scent plastic baits

    It appears that unscented plastic baits are now legal tackle for the upcoming Urbana Trout Fishing Extravaganza. At least that is how the regulations read for Mckay Park in downtown Jefferson City. So apparently you can tight line a pair of salmon egg balls from any of the park benches.
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    Xtreme trout boat

    Two-year-old boat and motor. This boat is complete awesome, 21 ft long 48-inch bottom, 24-inch sides, and 71-inch beam. This boat has so much storage. Has one live well. Rod trays down both sides and cupholders. It has two spider chairs. There is a tube glassed-in one the left side of the boat if you want to run any wires from the front to the back. This thing runs shallow! The boat also has a bilge pump. The motor is a 60/40 jet with very minimal hours on it. It still has a factory warranty. Trailer is the upgraded trailer with aluminum wheels, spare tire, and wheel, and swing tongue and all LED lights. This unit is in excellent condition and ready to fish. TROLLING MOTOR IS NOT INCLUDED. This is a saving in over $2000 just in taxes. Price $15,000. I would also split the boat and motor if interested shoot me a message.
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    snagged in outlet 3


    I talked to my kids about probabilities in a career. A high percentage of doctors make decent coin but ditch diggers make ditch digger coin no matter what. I wonder what the percentage of just STL area kids that play "select soccer" ever get to the pros. My daughter went to a Class 6 high school and there was a bunch of crying "select soccer" players that couldn't even make her team. And I mean a bunch! Pursuing pro sports as a career is low percentage game.
  48. 2 points


    I don't think I would encourage anyone to be a pro anything. But I do encourage kids to find something they like to do and push forward to do it. You may not be successful but there are good lessons to be learned down every path. I have this struggle right now in my household. I have a 15 year old that wants to be a rock star and her mother that thinks that goal is unrealistic. Hell yeah it's unrealistic. That's what dreams are. And that's where greatness comes from. You just have to support those dreams and make sure that they know that there has to be a backup plan. Maybe they don't make it as a pro bass fisherman but along the way they develop relationships that give them an opportunity to do something in the field of fishing. My dad encouraged me to fish professionally. But as even as I started to see the possibility of it happening he made sure that I knew that a backup plan was important and taking care of my new family was far more important than that. When I was ready to quit the tournament thing he offered me a new truck and bassboat to keep going. I guess he thought I had what it took. But he was happy that I was willing to walk away and take care of the people around me.
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    Steve McBasser

    Help-Merc 150 , 1996

    Oh yeah....mojo transfers automatically with purchase of new boat. Says so in the manual.....
  50. 2 points

    MLF just bought FLW

    Shoulda bought two, just in case it turned out to be twins. 😊 I feel the need to point out the irony that me and the sleep therapist are the only ones awake at 3:am. 😂
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