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    Bull was kind this weekend

    Fished both days, 5 walleye, dozen slabs, great weather, all caught on swimmin minnow, WT 46. Pic of a decent one.
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    Bill Babler

    Christmas Eve Shell Knob

    Just a quick how-t-do. Kind of like Sprint had in the Kings a day ago, the bite main lake Knob was out of site if you could get any wind, even a puff. Launched at the bridge and fished from Play Port to San Succi on the main lake. Started with a custom Tim Hughes Pearl megabass and they were not having it. Water is easy 15' to 20' visibility. Really clear. Switched to a mega bass in clear Pro-blue and a Spro McStickin in Blue bandit and it didn't matter you were going to get bit. Nothing of size what so ever but a dozen swimmer keeps and many more both LM and K's on the jerker. Did not seem to matter the bank as long as it had a chop on it. As soon as the wind would die, so would the bite. Had to hop scotch around chasing it. Most all the fish were under 15" and I was not working it slow, just a constant short head turn on a continual basis. Bite was a strong thump and not a cold water hand shake. Started at 10 and quit at 3, and they were still biting on the wind. I did have a really nice chunky bank that I caught 5 fish in 5 cast on the jerker so I went back down it with the RK Crawler and no love. Picked up the McStick and caught one on the first cast. Not going to win a derby with my fish today, but just about as entertaining as you could want and I got to cast instead of drop. Becky ran off and left me to feed the cat and hold down the fort, so I'm right back out there again in the morning to see if they will bite at the dam like that. Merry Christmas Ya'll
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    IL Fisherman

    Off Topic Christmas Spending

    Wrench. My wife was the same. It took me months to pay for everything. I battled her every year not to spend so much. She put hours of thought and love into each persons gift. It was her favorite holiday. She passed away this year and I really miss fighting with her about how much she spent. Love em for who they are while you have them.
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    Well if you guys read my last post, you would know that I fished a stream for smallmouth with high, cold, muddy water and could only manage to snatch about a dozen largeheads. So on this last Thursday I headed to another body of high, moving cold, muddy, water in search of that elusive 20 inch brown bass. I had done some homework on google maps and gotten a tip from a local bait shot, so I started looking for clearer tributaries and finally found one after about a 12-15 mile run. I threw a 3.3 inch keitech in sexy shad color all day and justin threw a brown stick (i.e. ned rig). We put an absolute smack down on them. Justin caught 63 or 64 bass and I caught 41 I think. However, his average size was like 11 or 12 inches and mine was like 14 or 15. Also, I caught quite a few more fish 16"+ than he did. We had 5 that were 17 inches and over for out biggest 5 and the biggest one I caught was about 3 lbs. We doubled up 6 times with many more missed opportunities. By far one if the funnest days of fishing in my life. Well knowing that this bite wouldn't last forever we got out again as soon as we could which happened to be the 23rd. Justin, myself, and his little brother Josh ended up catching around 60 on the exact same pattern with little swimbaits. The only difference was this time we used 2.8 keitechs because I had burned through all of my 3.3s the last day. Another amazing day of fishing. I caught one that was almost 3.5 lbs and almost 19 inches. Josh caught a nice 2 lb meanmouth and justin again won the numbers game with his brown stick. Big thank you to everyone who has supported the Mizzou bass team and given me advice on here. It is much appreciated. Merry Christmas!
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    Christmas Crappie

    Hard to believe how great the slabs have been biting!! What a gorgeous day on the water 💦!! May today there be peace within. May you use the gifts that you have received to make the world a better place. Pass on the love you have been given. Allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance and love. Merry Christmas to my Ozark Anglers family. Tight Lines!
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    Indian Creek, 12/16

    Got to the launch a little late this morning, wish I had gotten there at daylight. I say that because when I got to the launch there was striper activity on top, right out on front of the launch. I only lasted for an hour or so, fish were a little finicky as to what they wanted, but I did manage to get one in the boat that I estimate was about 8 lbs. Caught it on a tail spinner. After the striper activity stopped, I went up Indian creek and threw the Ned around. Caught 8 bass, 12-15" fish, mostly spots. Fish were for the most part in 10-15 FOW. Scattered, never found a bunch of them in one place. Caught a walleye that was just a shade over 18", it joined the striper in the live well. WT 48. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Big M area 12/18

    Fished with OA member Huntest (Dave) yesterday. We launched at dawn into a cold and foggy morning. Fog persisted for a couple of hours, but it warmed up once it burned off. Fishing was a bit slower than I expected, slower than last time I was out last week, but in compensation for the lower numbers, we did catch better fish on average. We caught somewhere between 15 and 20, with maybe half being keeper spots and one keeper meanmouth. We only caught one smallmouth - last time out there was a good smallie bite, but they were hard to come by yesterday - a head scratcher, and only one largemouth boated. All ned fish from chunk rock and bluff banks. WT was 48 if I remember correctly. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Two mornings of jerking Taney

    Fished the jerk bait on a trip yesterday morning and then again this morning with a friend from high school and his son. I was in Boy Scouts with this friend and his father was our Scout Master. I had the pleasure of taking them on a meet hunt yesterday afternoon too. Three generations of them. Anyways, back to the jerk bait fishing. Both mornings were cold and no wind with water running. Yesterday was 1/2 unit and this morning they had it up to 3 for a bit. The bite was crazy good. Yesterday a 20 inch rainbow, several smaller ones, a couple of stinking bass, and one big brown lost right at the boat. Today was good also. We boated 6 small mouth, 3 kentuckies, a 23 inch walleye, one 20 1/4 inch rainbow, a 15 inch brown and several 12-17 inch bows. Best bite was from cable to outlet 3. Good bites on the north side, south side and right down the middle. Threw custom painted mega bass 110 +1 knock off baits in French pearl, ghost shad and rainbow trout flavors. I love some moving water this time of year. The meet haul yesterday afternoon on the pink power worm Yesterday mornings big bow and some stinkin bass Some of the fun from this morning He made it home with me View full article
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    Chris King

    Sunday Trip

    Got out for the afternoon yesterday. Caught a few small Kentucky on a drop shot worm at 40’, over deeper trees. They wouldn’t hit the spoon for me. Water temp was about 51 in the Kimberling area. I stopped around point 6 on the way back and hooked into this nice smallmouth. He hit a swimbait in about 20’ of water on a gravel bank roll off. He put up quite a fight!
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    Christmas Eve Smallies

    Can’t say ive ever fished on Christmas Eve but with the rest of the family festivities set for Christmas Day my son and I decided to make a trip to the river for a few hours. Didn’t spank them by any means but found some good size ones scattered here and there. My little buddy showed he’s still got the knack!
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    Off Topic Christmas Spending

    i say that i am always grateful for what i have, and give more attention to the real reason for the season. bo
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    Double Limit by 11:00! 12/17

    What a beautiful morning on the water, it helped that the bite was great. 27 of the 30 came off one brushpile in less than 2 hours. Shad colored jigs on a 1/16 oz head in 26 feet of 40 degree water. Tight Lines!
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    Kings River 3 hour tour!

    Fished 2-5 after getting honey do's done for upcoming berage of holiday events. Caught 9 had 12 bites. 6 keepers. 3 kentuckies, 3 largemouth.Nothing over 2.5 lbs. Crankbaits, jerkbaits, spoon and the infamous Arig. Points and drops where I caught them. Had to have bait though. Even the shallow fish on cranks and jerkbaits there were more than one fish on a spot when you caught one. Looked to me the bait suspended shallower in the water colum thus the variety of depths I caught fish in. Didn't venture out of sight of Viola ramp. Everyone have a happy holiday. Wt: 47ish.
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    They were hungry just not mad

    Had the whole day on Friday. Got started about 11 and fished until 4. The water clarity was a lot more browner since previous trip last Sunday. Perfect crappie water to me. Made them high in the water column. Rigging straight meat 4 feet down with several hitting just under the surface at about 2 feet over 11-12 foot of water. Ended with 13 to be released at Lake Crisco. God Bless, good fishing Lance
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    Bill Babler

    Christmas Eve Shell Knob

    Should have stayed n bed. There are shad from 30' to 130' I struggled with 2 swimmer keepers and 1/2 dozen shorts. Caught ever one of them either swimming a grub to surfacing fish or throwing a jigging spoon to surfacing fish, that were to far to throw the grub. Those chasers would without a doubt hit a top water lure. Surface temp 49 degree, visibility 20' conditions calm and slick. Fished from Gages to Beardsley Branch, but of course did not enter the creek due to licensing obligations.
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    Got back out on the river yesterday on about as good of weather you could ask for in December. Down here the rivers have been gin clear making fishing tough, the recent rain from last week put a little color in the water and some places made them murky. The fishing was slow but better than when I tried it a week or so ago. Had to finesse them with small baits. When I got home a had a package of those helgramites that came in would like to have tried those. Anyhow was a great day to be out and caught a few dandies!
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    Off Topic Christmas Spending

    We have turned Christmas into a competition. Not only is it about how much you do it's also about who get's it all done first. Capitalism at it's finest. My wife and I are not exchanging any gifts this year. Our only plans are to spend the day with our daughters and just have some fun.
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    got to stay on the move looking

    got out today and two straight days of raining and dead cloud cover certainly did move the bait and fish around. but, you just have to keep on the move looking and they can be found. sometimes catching them can take some figuring out. fished about two hours with a chartreuse spoon without a bite and decided to put on a chrome and first drop, bam at 70 ft. deep. so, might have been catching them for the previous two hours if i had been fishing chrome. only had around 10 keeps today, but did have 4 nice lmgs. they all came 60 to 70 ft. deep. bo
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    Almost a limit

    I did some shooting yesterday with the .22 marauder air rifle. I prefer the .25 but have less premium shots. Many more with the .22 . I want to make a long walk and not have to carry the portable air tank. Today was not that long walk but I found some Fox squirrels to try the .22 on. As a matter of a fact they were going crazy chasing and fighting I shot two doubles out of the same tree. These guys did not stay still at all so there were some shots that missed. All were big nutted boars. This is breeding season and I am betting some female in heat was close. All were head shots but lost one front leg on a pellet exit. There will be a long slow braise in the cooking process. I am thinking squirrel aurora will be one of the dishes. I am so glad I have reconnected and fell back in love with hunting this furry little creature. Good for slowing me down and making me use patience for the small target. Todays take, A quick short hunt with the .25 Saturday morning netted me a couple of grays. One took a tumble into a creek, BilletHead
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    Christmas Eve Crappie!!

    A little chilly on the water but the crappie were cooperating again today. Also caught a few healthy bass on swim baits and soft plastics. Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you! Tight lines!
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    Off Topic Christmas Spending

    Bill - thanks for the fishing history stories, I really enjoy hearing about how things get started and the history of why we have what we have today - please don't stop sharing....very few things are the same today as they were then. Even how we spend out $$$ on Christmas....one of my best spending memories happened yesterday when I picked up my two grand kids (Boy age 6 & girl age 😎 since they didn't have school and mom & dad had to work... I typed out an agenda for the day....first was playing the quiet game, this one failed 😏 next was a trip to Cabela's to see Santa, this was an adventure in itself...the pictures were a bit costly, but a memory locked in time ☺️ Then the second greatest sacrifice of all time.....I took them to see the new Mary Poppins! 😐 We debated for hours about which one to see....as you can imagine my grandson did not want to see it. My grandson and I were as fidgety as could be but my grand daughter sat there watching that movie in awe....that made my heart smile..... Then we went home and had to tell G-Ma about the days events....each one excitingly trying to talk over the other....then the three of us sat in front of the TV as I had hooked up an old video game .....one was on my left and the other on my right...yeah that was $$$$ spent today, not a lot, that wasn't planned or budgeted but darn well worth it. Heck I might even consider selling a few lures if that is what it takes to make those kind of memories again. ☺️ Merry Christmas all.... C4F
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    Big One Got Away

    My cuz Brandon swore this was a huge brownie for the first few minutes down below the dam. Then I finally saw it and bust out laughing. Still a great catch on two pound test though.
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    I headed out to one of my favorite kayaking spots yesterday with my girlfriend and my cat. I was hoping that the water wouldn't be high and muddy but unfortunately it was. I fished the first 2 or 3 hours without a bite and finally figured a little something out slow rolling a war eagle finesse spinnerbait. It was my cat's first time on the kayaks and he loved it so that was cool. Usually when I fish at this place I catch about 40% smallmouth and 60% largemouth with a random spotted bass sprinkled in but for whatever reason I didn't catch a single smallie. I caught 4 largemouth in the 3-4 pound range which are very good fish but I would trade all 4 of those nice largemouth for an 18"+ smallmouth. I was wondering if any of you all had some advice for chasing river smallmouth when the water gets muddy. I don't have a ton of experience fishing river smallmouth and I would love to learn some more. Thanks guys tight lines.
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    Old friends reunited

    Well my friends Mitch Fields and Paul Mees and I had planned on fishing for some Smallies on our reunion trip well in advance because schedules but, Mother Nature did a number on the water clarity. Mitch decided to find good water at all cost and we ended up at the Osage. By the way that is one excellent quality about my friend Mitch, he wasn’t gonna give up. Even though I was kinda being a female doggy about the river being blown out, he pressed on and got us on 🐠fish🙂 I haven’t fished there in many years but, as it used to be there, it was a Jurassic sort of day. You just never know what yer gonna run into on this river and today was no exception. We immediately started nailing quality bass on the Tackle HD Finesse jig paired with one of their small craws (WOW WHAT A COLD WATER COMBO THAT IS). Paul nailed a quality 4lb largemouth and we were off and running. I ended up catching a nice Walleye and then a nice 5.4 lb Largemouth we all caught our fair share of Largemouth and Spots and even a white bass... then comes Jurrasic moments. Mitch ran into a Drum the size of trash can lid but bigger hahahaha then.... I ran into a large Bighead Carp, which screamed some drag. Then I hook up on a Five foot Paddle fish hahahahaha typical Osage.... that place hasn’t changed at all 😃 the reunion trip was a blast as always and we caught some fish as usual and jokes were told as fast as possible. Mitch and Paul I had a blast as always
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    I don't really set goals. But I do think about what I'd like to do in the coming year. I'd like to get over and fish the south central Missouri Rivers with OAF guys. I'd like to take another Alaska trip with my fishing buddy before he gets too old. @Bill Babler I want to fish the Naknek River (Alaska) in late October for big rainbows. I've never been that late in the season. I need to fish Table Rock and Bull Shoals more.... great fisheries in my backyard. We want to teach more people to fish a jig... We all been given a certain numbers of days in this life... I never want to assume tomorrow will come. So I try to live each day as if it was the last although I fail to accomplish that most days.

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