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    Grandson asked me to "fix" his reel that his Dad had messed-up. Quickly discovered Dad had looped line around the rear of the spool and had just kept crankin'. Easy fix and an opportunity to show "Patch" how to disassemble an open-face and how they work. Included a little lesson on how to correctly set the drag and how to fight the fish with the rod and not just by crankin' the reel. Showed him how to take care rigging-up the Ned Rig and how it was important to get that worm on the hook shank straight and he watched Mr. Fumble Fingers (me) struggle with it and tied it on. Later that evening he takes the same rod/reel/Ned and lands, gets a picture of and releases this beauty....
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    Take a moment this Easter

    Sometimes we just have to tap the brakes and give thanks for the true blessings and the mercies that we have been given as a result of the greatest sacrifice. I am more blessed than I deserve and thankful for the grace that is bestowed upon me - if it were not for those two things I am not sure where I would be in this crazy world. Happy Easter everyone C4F
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    lmt out

    Personal Best

    My personal best missouri walleye amd second best ever. 9lb 12 oz. 27 1/4 inch.
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    Three jerks a jerking

    Upper Bull, So we have been trying to get together for awhile. Everyone's day off needed to get into sync. So we got the call from Duckydoty he had a plan. So I ask what do we need to bring gear wise? Nothing, nothing at all. Now we have junk, lots of junk and it felt really strange going on a fishing trip with nothing. Did not have to hurry or be on the water early. Not a normal trip for us. We meet at Duane's house just missing getting to see Monachari. Follow the Duane rig to the launch to be greeted to beautiful skies and no wind to speak of. Unloaded and across the water we went to the first spot. So here is what we are going to do the captain says. Throw this here jerkbait over there. Jerk it six or seven times to get it down to the bottom in the mud. We will work it off to the drop off by letting it sit still for five, six or seven seconds. Give it a jerk and let it sit again. Repeat, repeat and repeat again. Bites can be on the pause on the jerk just watch your line and keep in contact with it. This we did as we shot the bull then Pat squeals I got one! Skipper leaps into action with coaching and the net. Success and number one is boated, We did good he says one is a good day and we may not get another. Soon Ducky has one on. it was all exciting until we seen the fish. Awe Crud it was one of those stinkin bass. I had the net ready but Duane says bass cannot touch the net or boat. Worse than having a banana on board, Duane hooks up again this time a real fish, A bit later I contact one, Mrs. BilletHead strikes again! Then Duane gets jinxed and begins to slay the stinkin bass, Some of them get the boot out of the boat, So we are fishing along and I say just what are these baits all about and what are they? These are megabass jerk baits. 25 bucks each, WHAAAAT yes. Are you kidding me? Nope. Now the BilletHead's don't do this . Heard about these but not that into bass or special 25 buck baits. THEN not too many casts later something happens probably because I am thinking of having 25 bucks on the end of my line SNAP and there it goes with out the line attached really far and disappears. I about puked. I got more Duane says. We ended up with two walleye each and Duane had one big crappie try to choke down a 25 buck megabass. Many, many stinkin green bass. Another photo before the fillet party began, Stories were told, notes were shared and we had a great day of fellowship of alike minds. Did any of you forum members ears burn yesterday? Was it you we talked about? . Great day and thanks Duane. We will make this happen again friend, The BilletHeads This post has been promoted to an article
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    Still a good flipping bite

    At the risk of continued damage to my reputation... Bushes, spindly trees, anything else you can flip at. 5-8' is about right most places, with a few fish roaming outside the bushes. The occasional brown fish will show up full of hatred too. Better in warmer water, better with a little wind. Bait has to be close by. Presentation is pretty casual. Just keep it wet without great concern over precision.
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    Because there are so many facets to this Lake Taneycomo trout story, it's hard to know where to begin. The prime fact is that Paul Crews of Neosho, MO, landed the biggest brown trout Saturday anyone's ever caught in the state of Missouri to date. It was officially weighed by Missouri Department of Conservation Fisheries Biologist Shane Bush and documented at 34 pounds and 10 ounces. That beat the previous state record by a little more than six pounds, caught by Scott Sandusky of Arnold, MO, in November, 2009, also on Lake Taneycomo. Crews and partner, Jimmy Rayfield of Salem, MO, were fishing together in a trout tournament hosted by Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina on upper Lake Taneycomo. It's called the Vince Elfrink Memorial, named after Vince who was an avid sportsman, husband, father, and friend to many of the participants of the contest, including Crews and Rayfield. Vince passed away in 2011 of brain cancer at the age of 52. And just so happens that the pair won last year's tournament, sealed by a 21-inch brown trout Rayfield had caught. The pair beat out 36 other teams to win this year's event. The day started out foggy and wet, but the afternoon brought out the sun and wind. We all were watching for thunderstorms early but anticipating the high winds forecast for later in the day, and they did arrive about 2 p.m.. Fishing in wind gusts up to 40 m.p.h. is not easy, especially tossing a small 1/8th ounce, sculpin-colored jig around. Working a lure that small in high winds is tough, even with four-pound line, but feeling a bite is virtually impossible, unless it's a huge fish, I guess. Crews and Rayfield had had a good day up to the minute the big fish was hooked. They had been fishing down from Lilleys' Landing most of the day but ventured up to the mouth of Fall Creek to make a drift, working their jigs along the east bank. Crews said they were in shallow water, able to see the bottom under their boat as they drifted. Table Rock Dam was releasing water at a rate of 6,850 cubic feet per second, generating two units at 3 p.m. Even with the difficulty of the wind blowing his line, Crews still felt a "tap" and set the hook. That's when the excitement started. The fish came off the bank where it was hooked and ran toward the duo, swimming under their boat. Crews had to scramble his new rig, spinning it around so that his line didn't catch the edge of the boat or trolling motor. The trout stayed down almost the entire fight, so Crews didn't really know what he had until the very end, but he knew it was big enough "to probably win the tournament" if he landed it. Little did he know . . . "Frank'' eventually headed across the lake to the bluff bank, then switched back to the middle and eventually returned to the inside bank where docks dot the shore. Yes, the fish has a name explained later in the story. Frank then headed to places he's probably familiar with -- the docks. Crews said he swam under at least two docks. That heightened the high risk that the line might be cut on the dock itself or boats in the docks. Crews, a seasoned angler, kept his rod way down in the water to keep the line from rubbing on anything that would end his fight. At one point, Crews said that Frank quit moving. He thought for sure Frank had wrapped his line around something and escaped. But Frank was just resting, and a fish that big can do whatever he wants to do. Eventually, he came out, tired and ready to give in. Rayfield worked their net over his head and the pair hoisted the fished into the boat. They were just above Short Creek when the fight ended. Crews had just bought a new boat and this was its maiden voyage. Fortunately, the live well was just big enough to fit Frank in, but he filled every bit of it. Word got back to me that they were boating in with a huge fish, so we had everything ready to receive the package. Frank was immediately placed in a large, aerated tank on our dock to rest after his ordeal. We determined right off the bat that we'd try to keep Frank alive regardless if he was a new record or not. Once he uprighted himself and was swimming around, we pulled him out and recorded a quick, unofficial weight of 33.4 pounds. He was easily a new Missouri state record. Now we had to come up with a plan to transport him to the hatchery to be officially weighed. We filled a stock tank full of lake water and that's where Frank rode, guarded by admirers in the back of my truck on the five-mile ride to the Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery. Shane Bush was there with hatchery personnel, ready with their official scale to see if Frank made the record books or not. Everything was done quickly and carefully, pulling him out of the stock tank to the scale, verifying his weight at 34 pounds, 10 ounces, and then moving him to an aerated tank in Shane's truck. We still had no pictures out of the water, just shaky videos, but the goal was to return him back in the lake as quickly as possible. We caravaned down to the boat ramp access, less than a mile from the weigh in site. Shane needed to get some official measurements before release -- 38 inches long with a 27-inch girth. He confirmed our observations that the adipose fin had been clipped, which identified Frank as a triploid brown trout. I'll explain what that means later. The sun was about to set over Table Rock Dam, so we hurried to the edge of the water to take a few pictures -- Crews and Rayfield with the new Missouri state record brown trout. We slipped Frank into the water, and Crews gently held him there until he swam out of his hand. We followed him a little ways downstream until he turned and swam close to the bank, holding his own in the swift water. Frank dashed the record books, survived being fought, handled, trucked, weighed, trucked and photographed and before sundown was back in Lake Taneycomo -- we hope to keep growing and maybe, just maybe, give someone else a chance to catch a state record fish. Crews lives with his best friend and wife, Rita, and their son Matthew in Neosho, Missouri. They own Crews Construction and specialize in wastewater treatment plant construction. He is an avid outdoorsman, but his home waters are the Spring and Neosho rivers as well as Grand Lake, so he rarely fishes for trout except in the annual tournament honoring his fishing buddy. Frank's story - we've always had trout hovering under our dock, feeding on pieces and parts of fish discarded from our fish cleaning facility. And on occasion there will be a big trout, either brown or rainbow, stop by for a treat. They move up and down the lake seeking out the best meal, never staying in one spot very long. One day about three years ago, Duane Doty (dockhand and guide for Lilleys' Landing) spotted a very large brown. He stood out from the other trout. He was a brute. Duane called him Frank. Shortly after Frank showed up, another brown trout showed up and he was much bigger! Duane changed Frank's name to Frankie and called the new addition Frank. We have since videoed and photographed Frank many times when he has trolled by, so we have good records on him. To sum up this incredible story up, fishing in a memorial tournament, named after his best friend, Paul Crews hooks a fish in extremely adverse conditions, fights a 34-pound fish on four-pound line for 20 minutes around docks, logs and boat traffic and lands it using a small trout net. He fits it in his live well and keeps it alive while transporting it to be officially weighed, measured and photographed and released back in the lake successfully to keep the story alive. And Crews says, "Praise the Lord!" Credit: Ryan Miloshowski for pictures. View full article
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    Bill Babler

    Big Ed 4-2-19 Mucho Fun

    Bed and Breakfast Inn's of Missouri had their Spring meeting at Lake O. What a good thing for me.😂 Got to go up and stay and fish with Ed and Debby Franko at Bass and Baskets about the 5 mile mark on Beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. For those of you that don't know Ed, he is the ultimate good time. Has a really good idea on whats going on at the dam area. We fished from the 5 mile mark to the dam. Water was pretty cloudy even by Lake Ozarks standards and ran from 47 to 51 degree. After a pretty slow start on flat water, we got some breeze and the surface temps started to rise. With that so did the bass and the bite. We had 18 fish with 7 really nice keepers. One being a Super Hog Mama. I was more than holding my own, but the "Big Boy" caught the big girl on a custom painted megabass 110. And get this, Birthday Cake was the custom color. a Ed has been custom painting some baits in his spare time and has just some super colors, a lot of them are really Table Rock sound and the Birthday cake is for sure one of them. Here is a pretty good picture of it. Opaque with violet purple back. Just sounds like food. Triple jerk, pause for several seconds. They hit it when it was sitting still as usual. We also caught them really good on a Jewel Spider Jig in Ozark Craw with a Eakins GP trailer. Slow hop on the jig and they would swim off with it. I did pretty well when I wasn't getting front ended on the docks and managed 5 of the keepers, I caught one on a stick bait and the rest on a jig, breaking one off at the end that might have been up there with Eddie Boy. Always feels like going home on Lake of the Ozarks and it really is. Locations we fished were inside secondary points, usually about 1/3rd. of the way back in the bigger coves. Rip Rap transition to gravel with any type of a pocket handy and that seemed to be the deal. Ed caught his jerkbait fish right on the bank, and I mean within 5 ft. Jig fish were a little deeper, but for sure everything in the 8' and under range. Most banks were the 45 degree type, but the flatter stuff had fish also. Instead of depth transition, it is ledge to chunk to pea gravel up there. Really good example of rock transition with the fish really close to the change. Very shallow. We saw quite a few crappie fishermen and they were fishing super shallow with a jig about 18" under a float right on the bank, same types of locations. Great food, fantastic company and a green fish or two to make it the perfect day on my old stomping grounds. If your looking for a great B&B on Lake O where the Bass fishing starts right from the dock, give Ed and Debby a call 573-692-6710. I guarantee you lots of belly laughs, a good night sleep and the kind of Fishing and Folks that have made the Lake of the Ozarks one of Missouri's premier fishing and tourist destinations. It is kind of like here right now, its fixin to just get silly. The thing about Lake O. is biggins live there and you can bass fish to catch them. There not swimming 2.8" Keitechs 30 feet deep to catch them. Not knocking what I do for a living, but it is really nice to Big Boy fish once or twice a year. Grrrrrr. Good Luck
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    Mitch f

    From the Land of Sky Blue Waters

    Well, had a great trip up north to the Upper Mississippi with Hog Wally and Timinmo. Drove thru the night to make it by 9:36 am. Fished 3 days and had an epic trip. Each day was a different stretch of river. Hog Wally and I caught our biggest fish on craws and topwater.
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    Got to fish with my sister today

    We had a fun day on the lake today without many other boats out there. We put in at K Dock around 7 this morning and fished till 3. Boated up to Snap and started working the roll off from the bluff to just past the cut with mega bass. Picked up a couple stinking bass and my sister, Jen was pretty proud of this one. I told her to hurry up and toss it back so we could get back to fishing for target species. We picked up a couple big whites up there before we decided to try jigs in the brush piles. picke up 4 or 5 short crappies on the brush piles and the decided to try trolling flicker shad. Picked up a couple keeper crappie on the edge of the roll offs but was marking more fish up shallower. Caught most fish going with the wind staying in 13-15 feet of water going 1.7 mph. Had several double hook ups today. We caught 5 walleye with 2 being keepers, 15 keeper crappie and 7-8 shorts, 3 big whites, one giant quill back, and 8-10 of them bass and a blue gill. Fun day with my sister on the water.
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    Quillback on the mend

    Asking everyone to send good thoughts to Quillback. He had a knee replaced Wednesday, but is doing well. He looked good in the hospital yesterday and even fought his way out of there earlier than expected. But it'll be a while before we get another of his great fishing reports. Hope you heal fast, buddy!
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    White River Outfitters current Mid-Table Rock Lake fishing report Sunday, May 26 6 AM On the Rock Point 19 Had one of the best days of the year today, not only because the fishing was simply unreal, but my client Jeff was a long time Table Rock Lake, ie Ozarks Lake's fishermen. He had great stories from the late 60's and 70's. Jeff had fished Table Rock, Bull Shoals and Taney when he was in his early teens with Rex Grady, staying at Lake Shore Resort. He had also fished the Rock with the Fletcher's out of Devils Dive and floated the Kings River many times out of DD Resort. Nice dark Table Rock Jaw on a Red Fin Launched this morning in what I thought was perfect timing and was wrong. We pulled away from the H hwy. dock at 5:15. I t was going to fish the swim beach at Baxter but there were 2 boats on it. Next was the point going out of the Indian's on the left. Boat on it. Went to the buoy point up the White across from Red Barn, boat on it. Next was Red Barn 3 boats on it. Next was 19, boat on it. Next the Old Road Bed point. Success. LM like topwater too Fin bite was savage with the boat in 25' throwing across the point. We caught 9 here, all keepers and they just crushed it, to the point of being scary. Guy on 19 had vacated so I bogged over there and we caught 6 on it. All short but again they hammered it. Zoomed back to the road bed and bang a nice jaw on the fin and then switched to the Keitech. 3.3 with a 1/4 oz. head in either Rainbow Shad or Pro Blue. I'll be durned fat Kentucky's eat Red Fins also. It really never slowed down. I jumped a bit and we threw the fin on each new location, but the Keitech never stopped getting bit. Most locations we would catch at least 6 with a combination of just about every fish that swims in the lake. Fished 5 gravel runnouts this morning between point 19 and point 16 with no bad stops. Hitting the Road Bed twice early looking for fin fish. Walleye prefer swimbaits to Red Fins Boat today was most often in 25' but did hit 35' several times. Most fish in 12 to 20 ft. Fat 10 inch bluegill on a 3.3 Keitech. We caught several they seemed to be about 15' deep Total of 17 topwater fish as we caught a nice K on the last cast on a fin. Probably 25 down fish on the swimbait and did not see any drop shot fish what so ever. Baits were pretty simple for us today. We used two. Surface temps at 74-76 degree water is clearing fast. This post has been promoted to an article
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    My daughter’s PB Smallie

    We were just messing around at low water bridges that looked fun to play in the water. My daughter grabbed a little but, killer set up of mine to fish with and I cringed but, said screw it and ran to our truck to get her rod and reel and a cooler. I remember thinking she’s gonna destroy that rod and reel and I was like screw it. I hear yelling and screaming so I run back the couple hundred yards to our bridge to see my daughter and wife laughing and giggling. My daughter pulled a very solid 16 3/4 inch Smallie out of this little 2 foot deep hole hahahaha fun stuff . Apparently this thing fought like crazy and went airborne a couple of times..... and I was pissed about letting her use my rod 😜
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    Bill Babler

    About to Break Loose. 3-11-19

    Table Rock Lake Kimberling City 3-11-19 Report Launched at Cow this morning to a cloudy grey sunrise with surface temps at 42.7. Boated down to White's Branch to see if I could catch any of these big A-rig fish that are showing up in the tournaments. From Schooner Creek to Cow Creek the lake is full of dying shad and gulls. Thousands of dying shad and enough gulls to scoop them up. I will tell you, if you see this Run. Don't even drop the trolling motor, cause they ain't havin it. You have to get away from those shad to get bit. I fished for 3 hours right in the middle of it and got ZERO BITES. At 10 o'clock I came to my senses and got away from this buffet and it got good. Surface temps were like a Rocket Ship today and were on the rise, big time. Even with that the fish wanted it slower than slow. They ate a stick bait on flat water and another deal. I put a total of only 7 fish in the boat but they were all solid keeps and lost one around 8 lbs. at the boat. As a matter a fact she hit the side of the boat twice but when your using a 15' 4 lb. leader and are by yourself its hard to capture those biggens. After the crazyness I put her through she just decided to dive down and wrap me in a tree and be done with that foolishness. Word on the lake today was the A-rig was just not working, it had to be slow. Bottom Ok on the Ned, but not quality fish. Jerkbait in the trees and the floater were on them and they were all good. Surface them at 2 PM when I pulled was 48.1 at Cow Creek with gin clear water. Visibility in that area is 15' on the white spoon test. Just about to get good, these fish are starting to stage on channel swings and spawning cove mouths. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    February 1 - Big M area

    Put the boat in the water about 7:15 AM and fished until 2:30. Is was a cloudy, misty morning with little wind. Started off on a long rocky ledge and stayed there for a good chunk of the morning, with the flat water there was a bit of top water activity, bass were coming up and swirling on shad. I caught several on a Pointer 78 and picked up a couple of good crappie also on the Pointer. Once the Pointer bite got slow, I switched out to the Ned and picked up some more bass, slow dragging on the bottom. Once the bite died down on the ledge I bounced around fishing some points and steep banks. The fish got squirrelly, I bet I had another 8 bites and every one of those fish got off. Only other boat I saw today was Tom from Eagle Rock, he was catching some too. I caught 13 bass, good keeper ratio today, 6 or 7 were keepers. WT 42-43 This post has been promoted to an article
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    May 5 Thru 12

    A little late getting this posted but I'm old and lazy and equally undependable these days so it's to be expected I guess. Anyways, little brother and I ventured down for what we think was our 34th consecutive spring fishing trip. Man, that's hard to believe....... We only got in about an hour and a half of fishing Saturday evening but caught a couple dozen 12" -14" smallies fishing Ned in pockets around the Kimberling bridge that was a great warm up for the week. Sunday we ran up to the area around Big Creek and had a blast catching smallies and K's again on the ridiculous Ned - Dirt and Watermelon/Red were pretty effective but, for the week, PBJ was clearly superior). We spent most of our time in the buck brush in pockets and coves and it was downright silly how many fish we caught. We fished from 100 to around 600 before we headed back to the Kimberling area to finish the evening. It's just a guess but I'd say we caught at least 70 - 80 fish that day with about 12 - 15 keepers. Not the kind of performance that would win many tournaments I guess but it's what we live for. Monday was a golf day and we drove up to Rivercut in Springfield and had a great time ruining each others lives with what barely passed as golf. We really like that little muni and the price is right for a couple old guys on "fixed incomes". Tuesday and Wednesday we decided to try to put Bill's posted pattern of fishing swim baits out from spawning coves (extremely generous of him to provide so much intel but I guess we're used to it here) to use but had limited success. We must have idled around the front and sides of at least 25 of what we thought were pretty good spawning coves and only saw a few fish scattered here and there on the Lowrance. We did catch several smallmouth (all keepers) just blindly flinging swimmers in open water that we thought fit his description but just never could really find any bunches of fish. No big surprise there though as my proficiency with electronics parallels Stevie Wonder's talents in heavy traffic on a bicycle! I swear SOMEDAY I'm actually going to follow through on my promise to myself to hire Bill and quit trying to pretend that I can figure any of this out on my own. Note to self: get it out of the thinking stage stupid. While not quite as many as Sunday, we did continue to catch impressive numbers of fish on the Ned, Keitechs and grubs mostly in ten feet of water and less. Nothing over three pounds but at least a dozen obvious keepers. I guess we're just destined to be Kansas bank beaters even when we're deep sea fishing....... I should probably add that although we didn't throw it quite as much as we usually do we did pickup a couple dozen fish on our beloved spinnerbaits (double willows in white and white/chartreuse) during the week although the places that we caught them on the blade a swimbait probably would have been equally if not more effective. But, man, when they hit that spinnerbait like a freight train hitting a bum! Awesome. No offense to over sensitive bums intended and none were harmed in the composition of this metaphor....... Thursday we played golf again and headed over to Buffalo Ridge although us poor people had to wait until 400 for the twilight rate to kick in. We've kind of expected it for a couple of years now and Johnny has finally just about priced us out of his golf market. This spring it's $135 plus tax to play before 400 and $90 plus afterwards. The guy in the shop said that we were the twelfth group of the day so we're obviously not the only golfing paupers in the area. He also said the the new Ozarks National course that's opening 1 September is going to be $175 (which is an "opening special" price so obviously increasing soon) so I can only imagine what Tiger's new track will cost. That's OK though, it ain't like Johnny's gonna miss us and we're fine with driving up to Rivercut or playing over at the old Payne Stewart course which is every bit as good anyways and is $79 after noon. Worst case scenario is we just don't play golf at all on these trips anymore and spend all of our time fishing instead. I love First World problems! Nonetheless, it is incredible and visually stunning what he's doing over that way. If you haven't been over there it's well worth the time and effort to just check out the new clubhouse and the amazing views from that hill. You can't see the lake like at Top of the Rock but it's still extremely cool. Friday wasn't quite as good as earlier in the week and we attributed that at least somewhat to the falling water level and the wind. Lots of fish still very shallow though but the wind was pretty crazy. If it wasn't for the modern marvel called "Ultrex" it would have been near impossible in the areas we were wanting to fish. Probably caught 30 - 35 total and we did catch the biggest fish of the week which was a four pound on the nose largemouth and a gorgeous 19" walleye both on PBJ Ned. By the end of the day we were worn slick from fighting the wind and practically blinded by the dust and pollen in the air. Nasty stuff. All in all it was another great week for us although I saw no reason to tone down my incessant anti-tournament and overcrowding rhetoric. It felt like we were in the middle of of the runway at LaGuardia the day before Thanksgiving out there sometimes. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had specifically targeted this week as it had the least amount of tournament activity during the late April/May time period. "Least" translated is 950 boats worth of events from Saturday to Saturday. Oh well. Lots of happy people I guess. And, with the exception of the Oklahoma dust bowl conditions on Friday the weather for the week was embarrassingly good. Kathy and I are headed back down this Saturday for another go around and if it's half as good as last week we'll be plenty happy. I was hoping to post a few more photos but seein's how it's taken me over an hour to get these two loaded I guess they'll have serve as representative of the rest! Good luck out there! This post has been promoted to an article
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    George Costanza Fishing

    Remember that episode from Seinfled where George Does the opposite of what he thinks is right and everything works out for him. That was me today. My typical TR day is usually down by the dam throwing ned rig and getting numbers but lacking quallity.Not today, I headed for Mill Creek got there alittle before 6:00. BB, not Bill Babler was putting in with some clients. Said hi and he gave me some advice. Not today I'm doing opposite. Headed out and hit the brush. Threw baby brush hog initially and came up with a few smallies , one measured. Stayed with flipping and it turned on around 9:30. First LM measured 19" lacked in girth though. Hooked another and 2 other big bass chased him to the boat as I pulled him to the surface. I threw back and caught a nice K.Bite seem to die around noon but I a 22 total with 8 keepers 5 best were 13lbs.
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    4/16/17 "DD" Area

    Had a wonderful afternoon on the water yesterday with my youngest son. We fished from 12:00 - 6:00. Caught 52 from 12"-18". 13 keepers. 45 were smallies. Water temps 62-65. Vast majority came on the Ned. A few came on a tx-rigged baby brush hog and a few on a swimbait late in the day swimming it past submerged cedars. All came from 16' or less and procreation is in full swing. Didn't have any wind to fight and I didn't break anything on the boat. Every once in awhile, it all comes together.
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    I believe in the early 90's Sonny Chafin was one of the pioneers of this technique. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Sonny at that time fished with Jerry McCutchin out of Warsaw Mo, I believe in both the Heartland and the Redman series, along with Central Pro Am as it got started and this time of the year, that team was deadly on catching White River chain deep suspended bass by swimming a grub deep. They used a 1/4 to 3/8th. ball head and a 3 to 5 inch C-tail grub to swim to deep suspending fish. I can remember talking to Jerry and he said they had a coffee can with pre-rigged grubs, said they usually had at least 50 already set up to swim thru the deep tree tops. Told me if your not losing baits, in the deep trees your not catching fish. He said you just had to be daring in your approach and let it fall to the last second before you started to swim it back to the boat. Long cast were as important to them as they are to us today. They wanted to cover as many deep trees and as much water with each cast as possible. They weighed in some huge strings of fish doing this prior to the fish kill and even after the kill. They were fishing the same fish that we work with a stickbait now, but the fish as today at times are not high enough in the water column to take a stickbait. They swam a grub deep, sometimes as much as 50' for their catches. Swimming covers much more area than a vertical presentation, and they also did that when they would find fish congregated. In those days there was 10X the amount of timber that we have now, but they not only worked the timber, they also worked humps and channel swings. How many of us go out and find a swing or a hump and fish that deep with a swimming technique? not many I'm guessing. It works. Your never after numbers in this type of fishing, more after that one or two big keeper, kicker bites on those locations. It takes patients and success to fish like this and continue to fish like this. Most of us don't got it. With the invention of the A-rig, in modern times both the Fann Brothers and Brent Algeo took this presentation a step further and caught really good bags doing the same thing with the A-rig. Today in tournaments that allow it, it is usually a winning deal. I Sundays Anglers In Action derby I saw lots and lots of A-rig retrievers. Most are 30' telescoping aluminum poles with either a big triple hook on the end or a pig tail to wrap in the wires of the rig. Most of these are patterened after a golf ball retriever and you just rip the rig out of cedars or deep trees. I counted at least 30 boats with these on deck. Most everyone that throws the rig uses extremely light wire hooks that bend out when they are caught. Depending on how bad the hook is they either bend it back or just replace the bent hook and bait with a new one. Takes about 15 seconds. If you have not tried this style of fishing, get your map out, mark some spots and go ply the depths with the A-rig or if your a purest tie on that Chompers C-tail a Yamamoto, or if you have deep pockets the Keitech paddle tail and see if you can get one of those big old deep Table Rock Bass. Good Luck
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    This should go on the Taney Forum, but thought you all would get a kick out of it. There would have been pictures and video if I had notbeen afraid for the lives of the participants. Pulled back to downtown Branson after my Lilleys' trout trip to load out at the public city ramp. I saw 3 guys in the water there swimming around a boat they were trying to put on a trailer. I was afraid at first that someone had drown or there was another problem, so I immediately pulled in and started firing questions. About this time the guy that was at the control of the 20' bass boat shut off the engine and just flat jumped in to 46 degree water that was over his head. That made 4 guys in the water and a lady behind the wheel of the truck. I asked what in the Begeebers was going on and one of them said, " We are trying to get the boat on the trailer, but the current keeps pushing it off. Dude's, If I'm lying, I'm Dying. They had the trailer backed in so deep the crank was under water. I don't mean a little, it was clear under. One of the guys was trying to crank on it and going under neck deep every time he turned the handle. The guy that had jumped in was trying to run a rope under the boat and under the trailer to make it not drift off the trailer He was trying to winch the boat down to the trailer, as the boat floated a good two feet over the top of the trailer. It was just about the stupidest thing I had ever seen. I told them to get out of the water and wait a minute and I would load it for them. The owner said like He-- you will, it will take all of us in this current. I said take a breath and get out of that cold water and wait a minute. I told him to drive it over to the dock and wait just a minute for me. He said who the He-- do you think you are that you can do this? I said please let me try as this is a very dangerous situation getting in that fast moving cold water, with no life saving devices on. The lady driving the truck said "You all had better listen to this man." I jerked the AlWeld out and I heard him comment, anyone can pull out a metal boat. I thought what a complete Idiot. That flat bottom is just about as hard to load as a pontoon. I pulled up my rig and then, I pulled his Ford up till I had about 3' of the back of his bunks in the water with the trailer mostly high and dry. I asked him if he cared if I drove his boat on the trailer, and he said, " go ahead but you will tear it up with no more of the trailer in the water than that. Needless to say the boat went on as if it were greased and slid up and rested nicely on the crank. I hopped off and winched it down and pulled it up. The guy never once said thanks or go to Heck. Only said the current was the problem and it always took a couple of people to put it on the trailer. His wife said now you know not to put the trailer in so deep. He told her it was again the fault of the current. I got in my rig and headed home I started laughing as I remembered one of Ron White's saying," You can't fix Stupid." Have a safe Holiday weekend
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    Took my boys for some smallmouth fishing on the James (lower). It was a beautiful late morning, early afternoon. Fish were all over, next to structure, in the middle, shallow, deep, wherever. Tried multiple lures with varying success, but the lure of the day was the Ned rig. I tried 3 different jigheads and all worked equally well, it was just a fishy day. Both boys caught plenty of fish, but the young one caught the fish of the day (and best small mouth of his short life). I was in my 30s before I caught a smallmouth like that. His smile says it all. Hope all of you are taking advantage of the bite, it is GOOD.
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    Bill Babler

    water patrol

    I'm going to chime in here. MSHP are way, way more Cowboys than any Water Patrol officer that I either served with or have known before or since. This is coming from a guy ie me that not only was a MSWP officer, but also an instructor at the MSHP academy for 3 yrs. There was a really good piece on the news last night here in SWMO about the cost of combining the two. The fiscal yearly cost by the combination was to drop. MSWP was running a yearly budget of 2.5 million. This was supposed to drop to 1.25 million as Nixon proposed by combining the two agency. the budget had to be increased to 3.25 million or an increase of 3/4 million in 2015. That is 3/4 million over the original budget and 2 million over Nixion's proposed operating expenses. Most of this was due to logistics. The majority was having a complete DUMB A-- for a governor that did absolutely no research and knew less than nothing about our water ways. Without a doubt everyone associated with the water knows that the presence and really the professionalism and knowledge has plummeted completely off the table. In the 80's 90's and early 2000's MSWP was if not one of the best law enforcement organizations in the country. Most every state sent people to Jefferson City to see and try and get a blue print on how to operate an on water safety and law enforcement agency. Most were trying to do it with park rangers or game wardens and it was not working. Missouri had it right, with an agency that was dedicated completely to on water rescue, recovery, safety and law enforcement. No one anywhere had this. The guy behind this was LT. Colonel Jack Reynolds He built the water patrol, through years of on water service and knowing every aspect of on water law enforcement. safety and rescue. This guy was one of my childhood hero's. He worked our section of Lake of the Ozarks when I was a young kid and I followed him through out his career. It was because of him that I became the 1st. college graduate to work for the water patrol. This takes a very special breed of person to function on the water in this capacity. Most every water patrol officer I knew or trained had a very extensive background in boating and water related business or sporting. They were brought up on the water as I was. For cripes sakes the MSHP people they have stuck in boats for the most part are scared shirtless to be out there. They can't drive a boat and have no idea what they are doing. As had been stated they are way more interested in making minor traffic stops than working on public safety. This is HWY Patrol training. You are taught to look for the most minor violation to try to find a bigger one. Safety was always the number 1 goal for MSWP, not seeing how much activity paper you could produce. and NO there is no quota. There is activity, but activity is usually generated thru safety inspections and registration. You don't enforce law the same on the water and on the highway. Now they try to, but it is totally backward. The lack of presence is also a major problem, by attrition. The main focus is on land and not on the water, even under highly busy times. At one time I believe we got up to 84 officers but usually ran about 60. 14 on Lake of the Ozarks and 10 on Table Rock. I cannot say I know the number now, but I'm guessing on a holiday weekend state wide There are less than 30. On the major holiday weekends on Lof O alone, we would bring in officers from all points of the state had have as many as 20 patrolling. The defense for allowing the incarcerated person to drown will be lack of education and proper training by the officer. It is the first time in the History of the water patrol that it has every been sued. Our representative here is Don Phillips a retired MSHP. He said last night that this thing is completely broken and that HWY Patrolmen have no business in boats on the water. Not there deal and they have not had the training that the MSWP had. Nixon had taken a agency that was revered throughout the country and turned it into an embarrassment for the state of Missouri.
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    Very sad and shocking news

    I hate to be the person to post this. But for the ones who knew him personally. And to the ones who didn't have the pleasure of doing so. We have lost a very influential member. Jim Breidenstein, Sac River Jim, passed away in a car accident early this morning. My father fished with Jim several times and became close friends. I was fortunate enough to meet him once. Very outstanding person. He was always there for anybody needing help on and off the water. He was very active here on the forums and was a great angler. He is in good company with the Lord. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. May they heal in time. Rest In Peace Jim. See you on the water.
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    Don't think I have ever blown anyone off and for sure never intentionally or I would never post locations, results and information here. In the Summer my schedule changes a frequent as the weather. I can be booked full and someone's grandma dies and I get an opening or I get a cancellation for any reason and an opening comes up. Usually from July 1st. thru August my book looks like a scratched up mess as it books and rebooks on a continuing basis. Truly sorry you feel this way, that is not the type of person I am and I'm sure a few will vouch for me. Glad your doing well and catching a bunch. As far as emails, texts, and personal messages, I have posted here repeatedly that I can miss those messages and do quite frequently. I try and respond, but I miss some. If you want to talk to me call the Lodge or my cell and you got me. Not a strange question at all and you can see from the answers, as most are totally different and everyone's expectation are different. I ask this question to try and improve the way I address my clients needs at certain times of the year, and yes after 29 years I'm still learning and hope to continue to learn.
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    Well not much of a report but thought I would share anyways. Took the (almost 3 year old) grandson, Owen, fishing. Pretty late start but working on his time frame. We were mostly seeing if the old Skeeter still worked and wanted to make sure he had fun. We put in at Flat Creek. Nice free ramp with ample parking. A couple of people using the only ramp there to work on their outboard so slow getting in the water. Kind of a bad day and time to use a free single ramp to work on your stuff and plug up the system for the rest of us but I guess to each their own. They moved out of the way fairly quick but stayed in the drive wanting me to squeeze through with my trailer. I didnt want to risk bumping someone elses rig and made them move. After they were out of the way got the Skeeter in the water an it started right up. Love the Yamaha 90! The bunk board on the trailer is about disintegrated though. Easy fix next time out! We mostly drove around running gas through the motor. We caught small Ks on the square bill and the Eakins jig with a twin tail. We fished in the Cape Fair area mostly where I knew they would be. Most of our stuff came in the 15-18' of water but not a real pattern because again we were just looking to get Owen a fish. We used to fish 4-5 times a week but worked a job with lots of hours for about 7 years and bought 15 acres where we built a house, fenced and currently working on a barn. Fishing was put on the back burner on simmer for way to long. Felt great to be back on the lake. Awesome day. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Al Agnew

    Got into the act...

    I gotta say it's been a tough winter for me for fishing. Water too low and clear, weather too cold and frozen, something always seemed to come up that I had to do when the weather would moderate, then water too high and too much rain, and finally I had surgery that was supposed to be no big deal but took me out of action for two weeks. So yesterday morning I was looking at a weather forecast, and it looked like the next week was going to be rain and more rain, and yesterday was going to be partly cloudy and cool with a northwest wind, which isn't all that great, but it might be my only chance to go in the next week or two. I called Hog Wally to see what the water looked like on his part of the Meramec; I knew it was up more than a foot, but was it clear enough. He said it had about a foot or a bit more visibility, but with his characteristic optimism, he said it should be perfect. I'd hoped he could take off and go with me, but alas, he had to work. So I started to get the boat ready, and found my starter battery was dead. Well, I wasn't in any huge hurry to leave, since I figured the sun would warm the water up and it would be better fishing in the afternoon. So I let the battery charge for an hour, and then took off for the river. I ran up several miles from the access, headed to a certain winter hole. The thing about this hole is that it is short, though deep, and has a bit of everything a smallmouth would want, all in a small area. A nice riffle coming into it with a nice eddy and drop-off on the gravel bar side. A beautiful run against a mud bank with cover on the other side at the bottom of the riffle. A rocky bank with strong current. A rock point forming a big, deep eddy with logs and rocks. A steep clay bank with sunken logs and gentle current with plenty of depth. So, you can fish that one hole thoroughly without taking too much time, and usually find out where the fish are, and translate that to other places. Hog Wally, though, had told me where he'd found the fish a few days before...the rock point. I started in the deep eddy below it, and no action. But when I got up to the point, a cast across it with a crankbait got my first strike. Nice fish, nearly 18 inches: About two casts later with the crankbait, I got a heavy strike. It was obviously a big fish, but I quickly figured that it probably wasn't a bass. I was right: The darned drum had completely engulfed my crankbait, so far down its throat that I couldn't even reach it with my forceps. It took me forever to get the lure extricated. I got no more strikes on the point, so I moved up and fished the gravel drop-off. Nothing. Over to the deep run on the other side, nothing. I fished down the rocky bank with strong current, and in a small eddy I caught another 18 inch class smallie. I got it unhooked and started to photograph it, but it flopped and left the boat. You'll just have to take my word for it! I went back to the point and tried an HD Craw, but got nothing. Fished out the rest of the pool, nothing. Headed to another wintering pool. One thing I'd learned about this stretch of the river is that some of the fish stay in the wintering pools all year, and both the first one and this second one had spots where we had found the fish staged pre-spawn. The point in the first pool was one of those spots. So I had hopes for the staging area of the second pool. I fished some other parts of the pool first, with no action, and then reached the staging area. Bingo. I caught three smallies, but none very big, maybe 13 inches. So I started the motor and headed to another wintering pool with all the good stuff in it. I stopped to try one other spot, which wasn't a good wintering pool but usually produced fish in the spring. Nothing. So on down to the wintering pool. This pool has a great rocky bank, with one section of it being the staging area. But I started at the top of the pool. Fished the faster water with no action. On the other side was a gravel drop-off into deep water, with a backwater alongside it. I'd fished it with Hog Wally during the winter with only a few mediocre fish to show for it, but I was just sure it would eventually produce something. As I started across to try it, I noted a school of minnows scattering across the surface, right on the point. I slipped into the backwater to make a cast across the point with the crankbait. It came right through the spot where I'd seen those minnows scatter, and they scattered again...at the same time that I got a hard strike. This one was bigger, I could tell. Those first two nice smallies had obviously been males, but this one was fat 19 inch female: It was the only fish there. I fished the staging area, and caught only a couple small spotted bass. By this time it was getting well up into the afternoon, and I had one more pool that had everything, even a small tributary coming into it, that I wanted to fish. The area at the mouth of the trib was a flat, 3-6 feet deep, with a couple scattered logs lying around. Fish were there, but I only caught two largemouth and three 10-12 inch smallies. I went down into the main part of the pool, but could catch nothing but small spotted bass. The sun was going down, so I started the motor and headed back to the truck. It had been a pretty darned nice day! This post has been promoted to an article
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    My brother came down for the weekend to chase turkey, deer and walleye with me. A plan was set that we would try for turkeys in the mornings then change over to walleye then a sit for deer/turkey with crossbows in the evening. We started Saturday morning off early, launching the boat out of K Dock and headed down stream with shotguns in hopes of a chance at some turkeys. We sat in the woods till about 10 and did not see any. We both had plenty of deer walk up on us though. Winds got strong but we stuck with the plan and started chasing walleye. Within the first 10 minutes of trolling we had a big one in the boat. We trolled a couple more hours and caught 1 more keeper along with 3 shorts, a couple gar, a short crappie and one of them stinking bass. Headed back to the woods around 3 for the evening hunt. I had 6 toms skirt me about 80 yards out and Brother Dave had 3 hens come in. He also had a big 8 pointer that he was all giddy about make its presence known. Pretty fun 1st day of our weekend adventure. The plan this morning was to get up at 4 and hunt turkeys for a bit then back to chasing walleye. My phone decided to update last night and not keep the alarm.....☹️ My wife woke me up at 5 and said, "I though you were going fishing." I jumped out of bed in full panic. It was storming at the time , so we checked the weather, decided to forgo the hunt, and start chasing walleye around 7 am. It was sprinkling just a bit when we launched and not much wind. It took about 45 minutes to catch the first fist and it was a giant walleye. We averaged about 2 keepers an hour with a few close to the boat releases and a short walleye here and there. It started storming bad on us with big gusts of with and white caps. The fish kept biting, so we kept fishing. Finally called it quits around 2 pm. Ended up with 7 keeper walleye (4 of them over 25 inches) 5 short walleye, one short crappie, 3 gar, one stinking bass, and one good sized walleye bumped off the hook with the net. Sure was fun, but we got soaked. Sitting next to the fire warming my bones now. We caught all the fish trolling the same way I've been catching them for a couple of weeks now. Running up and down the edge of the flats where they roll off into the old river channel. We are using 3 ounce bottom bouncers with a 7 cm flicker shad in tow about 5-7 feet behind the bottom bouncer. I try to go right around 2 miles per hour up to 2.5 mph. Caught all the fish in 27-28 feet of water today and had to be bumping the bottom with the bottom bouncer every few seconds. Had to let quite a bit of line out to be going that fast and hit the bottom in 28 feet of water. View full article
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    A grand day on Grand

    Spent Thursday on Grand helping a cop buddy get ready for the BFL over there on March 11. Let's just say the big girls are starting to show up. Put 10 fish in the boat, including 8 keepers. Best five around 17 pounds. These were our anchor fish.
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    why we do it

    9/20/2016 Went to a decent spot I know on the big river , , I was throwing flicker shad tiger stripecolor off the bank into an eddie created by the higher water when I had a violent strike it struck near the middle of my retrieve in about 3 oe 4 foot of water i think , at first I thought it was a gar as it made some quick and HARD runs right away , I had also a couple of follows from gar and they were surfacing in front of me constantly , after some battling and violent head shakes the fish showed itself when it jumped darn near a foot and half out of water and splashed down like a heavy rock thrown from shore , my heart raced at the sight of that brown flash as it launched itself not once but twice , , andrenaline surged as I fought the fish knowing I had something big and brown it wasn’t a long fight , prolly two mins tops , I had to do the slow glide backward walk eeasing the fish onto the shore , I lipped the fish l and let out a loud explicit cheer i had a smallie in my hands that I knew might push 20 inches , the adrenaline rush I had from watching a massive smallie jump 5 ft in front me was top notch and had me trembling , I couldn’t get a great picture of the fish let alone one on top of my measuring tape, it was hard enough getting my phone and tape measure out with one hand and fish in another , bc I didn’t want it flopping about on shore . in the mayhem and rush of occurences you could can see I could hardly get a good picture =(. Important thing is this beauty swam off intact and It hit the the magic 20” mark, my biggest smallie on lake or river by 2 inches , the belly on this fish was what had me odling , this was a thickkk an spunky fish , that will only continue to grow i know . After releasing fish I sat down on shore and basked in beauty around us at all times and the moment I just experienced, the adrenaline was still pumping through me I guess they’re could of been another their but I had already cast that area rigorously for 2 hours before I I found that pot of gold , I fed off the rush for ten or so moments ,jus sitting back and experiencing and observing the priceless ancient things around us the leaves swaying in the wind , rhythmic buzzing of sakadas , dragonflyw bunching on branches , , slowing down and appreciating time . celerabatry thoughts ran rthrough my mind , i thought that’s what the hell I do this for , I sent some pics and celebratory texts to some fishing friends and family , , I then headed back where I came , as I had plans in town I caught a 14 or 15 inch largemouth along the away, this fish hit on topwater , my first top water strike in a while for some reason . the ectasy that these types of experiences produce far out way the gloom of some hot fishless snagged days and Moloch time one gets sucked into in society . , get your fall gear ready , theyre plumpin up .
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    Let Me tell you a Fish Story

    So my wife had been out of town. I’ve been trying to keep up with the house work and tend the plants and pets, but I was trying to fish like I was single too. So, I caught 112 fish yesterday. It was a hoot. My back hurt and I was tired so I ALMOST did not Fish today. As it was, I did a little extra clean up and didn’t leave the house until 0930. Finally got the boat in the water around 10:00. First thing I ran into netboy and his wife on the water which was fun. They were catching them. I was catching fish at a 20 Fish an hour clip, but water was really falling out and I decided to run up river. Still trying to learn. I ran up to a big long shoal and the Fish were stacked in there. Zig Jig was too easy so I picked up my fly rod and proceeded to catch a dozen or so. Likely had 50 bites. Terribly inefficient. I could have stayed there, but decided to run further up river. I found another shoal around the corner where a high spot makes two riffles. I threw my 20 lb anchor out then jumped over the side. Swimsuit and water shoes is the way real men wade Fish the White River, During the summer anyway. Well, when the day started, I knew I would have low water so I was only hoping for 50 Fish. I was already at 50 when I started at the last riffle I would fish for the day. Snatched up my fly rod. I like to be frustrated. I caught the first fish while I was pulling line off the reel. Indicator disappeared so I lifted. Caught a total of 7 on the left. Shifted to the right side and caught 7 more. So now 100 isnt very far away. Grabbed up 1/32 oz Zig Jig and went back to the left side. I had bites for 40 something casts in a row. I got 18 to hand. Im starting to feel a little water logged so back in the boat I go and I start drifting the right side. It’s also stupid good, but fish are bigger. Then it happened. In the deepest darkest water, solid thump. Massive fish shoots off upstream. Reel screaming. I pull start the motor and give chase. First glimpse, I thought it was a monster Rainbow, but it was a Super Tanker Brown. It was a long fight. Minutes. I was sure I was going to lose it and took photos best I could of it swimming past the boat. I wanted something to show somebody. It took a long time to get it close to the boat and It did not like the net at all. It powered off many times after it saw the net. I was sure I was going to lose it. 6 lb line (Nano) with 6 lb P Line CX Premium leader. Using a Barbless 1/16 oz Zig Jig that has aleady caught a lot of fish. I was sweating it. But I caught it. I finally got in the big net. I got the jig out. Took a quick pic and transferred the fish to my measuring net. It barely fit. 28 inches long. Thick and Heavy. The fish was All tuckered out. I spent a little while reviving it before it pulled out of my hand and swam away. Fish number 87 of the day. It says a lot about me (both Good and Bad) that I stayed and caught more fish after that. I ran up and fished the left again and the right again. I finished with 108. I really enjoyed myself today. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Oh boy it's getting deep in here 😅 Appreciate the kind words but y'all are my homies, and I enjoy helping ya when I can. Don't feel obligated to drive further and pay ME when others are closer. I'm not on here to pimp my business, I'm here cuz y'all like to fish as much as I do and I enjoy cutting up with ya.
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    More Stockton goodness

    Some really tasty fish coming from the lake now, Been twice in the last three days. I did mess with the bass some but wanted to catch eaters. On Memorial day Mrs. BilletHead and I launched in the dark knowing we only wanted to fish a few morning hours before the masses got out. We trolled with crank baits from 10 to 12 foot range. Smaller ones like the SR5 shadrap. It would begin to hit bottom in 8 foot of water. She out fished me. We landed 18 and four of those were keepers. Kept four big crappie too. Both days the water temp from 82 to 85 degrees. We also caught bass, drum, channel cat, small white bass, and bluegill. Yesterday I went back and did the same starting again with more shallow trolling. All I could catch was undersized walleye and bass in the 10 foot water depth. I then sized up to SR7 shadraps and went to pulling through 12 to 14 foot deep and began to pick up larger fish. Caught 14 and had six keepers. Kept my four and three crappie. Again caught other fish of all types, There were more fisher people out yesterday than Monday morning. May try again tomorrow, BilletHead
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    Fished Monday with Muddy Water, cloudy morning which helped the bite, hard part was finding what banks they were on, when we found them we had some good action, if we didn't find them, we'd get hardly a bite. Steep banks with timber or flooded bushes were the best, just had to pick a bank and fish and hope it was a good one. Fish were right outside the bushes for the most part, but a few were out deep, or followed the bait back to the boat. 1/2 oz jigs were the best bait, Robert got a few on the Ned. We got about 30 total, maybe 1/2 dozen keepers, but no big ones. had one about 3.5 come off at the boat. Today I was by myself, found a good early bite in shallow water off a gravel point, got a half dozen spotted bass dragging the 1/2 oz jig in the shallows. They stopped once the sun got over the hill and things got tough for a while. Water was dead calm, sun was out, not good. Fished some of the banks Robert and had done well on yesterday, not much going on them today. Picked up one every once in a while, but it was slow. Tried c-rigging the depths, not much there either, though I did get a keeper sized largemouth in 25 FOW. Hit one last stretch of bank before going in, bank was getting a lot of waves from the wake boats and that generated a bite, caught 10 in my last hour of fishing, all on the 1/2 oz jig. Finished with 20 bass, 4 keepers, again nothing notable size wise. Got about half my bites swimming the jig. I would cast to the bank, hop it a couple of times, and if no bites, I would swim it back, sometimes I'd pause it on the swim, let it fall and they'd hit it. Or they'd grab it while it was swimming. Using a Strike King Rage Craw as a trailer, good action from the claws. No top water bites. WT around 80, water is a dingy brownish color with a few feet of viz.
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    Crappie Day!!!

    A buddy and I had a good time trolling for crappie yesterday morning. Found a couple 14" slabs mixed in there also!
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    Crappie fishing for a change

    Fished for crappie today with Muddy Water, we fished from Viney to mouth of the Kings, trying several coves. We caught half a dozen in 6 hours of fishing, I expected to have to work for them, but was hoping for more than a half dozen. Nice fish, 12-13" and thick bodied, but not many of them. We caught them swimming small flukes on 1/16 oz Ned heads. We also caught about a few bass on the swimmer. We swam them from the bank back to the boat, seems most of our bites were in about 10 FOW. Saw water temps from 56 to almost 60.
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    Middle Meramec report

    Tried something different this week. Typically I run up to a spot that I've caught fish from before, burn through it one time with whatever lures seem appropriate for the temps and season and then move to the next spot, rinse and repeat. Since it seems like the smallies are transitioning towards spawning areas I thought I would select a few larger pools with good ripples above and below and pound them mercilessly until I either caught something or my arms fell off. For the first section I selected a place that I've never done very well at just to see what happens. It's a well known spot with a short bluff on one side and grass bank on the other, with typical gravel bar and back eddy at the top and gravel bar backwater at the bottom, maybe 300 yds total. I started off at the bottom of the run working up the bluff with a crankbait, nothing. Switched sides to the grass and tossed a jerk bait and picked up two small spots off of some logs. Back to the bluff side with the jerkbait, one 15" spot (or is it a hybrid?) in about 75 yds of big rocks. Hell with it where's the ned rig rod, I declare! Staying with the bluff side I pick up three largemouth in a row all 13-16" by dragging it slowly along the bottom. Thinking I'm on to a pattern I continue the rest of the way up the bluff and get nothing. I work my way back down stream alternating between the jerkbait and the ned on the grass side and get nothing. Back up the bluff I go again this time I'm going all in for the big boys that I know have to be there so I grab the HD craw and work over the same spots again this time changing the boat position Tight against the bluff and casting upstream and across to present different angles of attack. the exact spot I caught the three LM at produced a decent SM on the craw. Repeated casts brought nothing else, switched the boat around to where I had it earlier on the grass side and threw the craw some more and picked up another LM. Went back to the boat position where I caught the SM and caught another SM on the craw (little guy). I went up the bluff the rest of the way and caught nothing else but drum. Drum love the HD craw btw. Kinda frustrating but exciting nonetheless! i tried a few other places some fast water, a long stretch of deeper water with a bunch of downed trees and had almost nothing. i guess pounding a spot over and over can be productive or at least not spook the fish out as bad as I originally thought. Can't say I had a better than average day but can't say it was worse either. Good luck to everyone!
  38. 16 points

    Leaving the Ozarks

    After spending entirely too much time in school, I graduated and accepted a job in northern Indiana. I'll be moving up there Sunday, and starting the week after. Not much for flowing water up that way, but I'm taking some fly gear just in case. I'm going to miss the fishing, hunting, and general accessibility to incredible outdoor opportunities around Rolla that I probably took for granted. But I'm going to miss this forum as much, if not more- you guys are top-notch, and the info you post on here is second-to-none. Trip reports, techniques, conservation, recipes & cooking, and just odd opportunities I would have never thought of. I can blame all of you for my obsession with paw paws, oyster mushrooms, and wild trout. And possibly a bout or two of frostbite from chasing winter smallies and trout. So a big thanks to Phil and the other mods, and to everybody here, for making this place what it is, and helping others enjoy this amazing playground I took for granted for far too long. You are one passionate bunch, and I'm glad you choose to share it here. See ya, Rob
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Vacation Trip Report

    Got to Cooper at 6 am. Heavy fog and then thunder and quick light rain. Slowly made my way upstream in the fog. Boats scattered around fishing. 35 megawatts till 9 or so and then they ramped it up to 150 when I left Threw the jerk till noon. No fish caught after 10:30. Had around 10 to the boat, rolled another 15 or so and had at least that many followers. Never caught a rainbow although at times groups would follow it all the way to boat. A couple of the browns that I rolled or had on for a while were real nice. One XL brown followed the jerk to the boat and he was a tank. Back at it tomorrow. @Travis Swift I swear I had all my bass gear but I just couldn’t leave my regular milk run. This post has been promoted to an article
  40. 15 points

    Night time is the right time

    You’ve heard my story before, the twins are 7 now. They are still non verbal for the most part and considered a borderline level 2 autistic. We do lots of outdoor adventures during the days but dad gets to fish solo once they go to sleep. I’m enjoying pushing the boundaries of fishing at night from trout and walleye to big reservoir largemouth to neosho stain smallmouth. This time of the year it’s the white bass. This makes the third year I’ve had success. Had some largemouth going for the clousers the other night
  41. 15 points
    Took the hunting and fishing club kids from the school district I'm employed at down to Maramec Springs for our annual field trip. The water was slightly up and dingy, but the fish bit very well. Lots of really nice fish in the stream. I measured a couple that the kids caught that broke the 15" mark. One kid had one that I'm certain was 16-17", but he released it so he didn't have to stop fishing as he already had three on the stringer. An orange trout worm was by far the best bait. Several kids who had never trout fished before used that worm all day long and caught 10 or more trout. Every single kid that went caught trout and most caught at least a limit, but many only kept three so they could fish all day. I caught most of mine on the worm as well, but also had a couple on a black/yellow marabou jig and a white trout magnet. This was by far the best fish catching trip that we've had since I took over the club five or six years ago.
  42. 15 points

    Big M area 4/30

    Launched early, and headed down the lake to a cove that had held some fish last week. Started off throwing a Redfin, had one missed fish on it, no other takers. Decided to throw the c-rigged lizard, worked it for a while, picked up a couple of small bass and had one drag puller that was on for about 2 seconds before getting off. Noted the presence of many beds with bass around them, they weren't interested in the lizard, top water, or Keitechs. After a couple of hours of very few bites, I decided I was going to have to go full Ned on them - didn't want to do it, but they gave me no choice. I had read rps's report that he had gotten some on the Ned, fishing cuts and pockets. So I did exactly that, looked for small cuts and pockets in the bank, and usually could get a bass or two out of each one. Small fish, maybe had 2 or 3 keeper sized, but if they were keepers they would have been close to the mark. Still fun to catch on the spinning rod. Mix of species, spots, largemouth, smalls, and a mean mouth or two, caught 20 or so. Wind started howling, I was done about 1:30 PM. Saw WT's as high as 63. Big M courtesy dock was messed up when I got back, looks like the wind had pushed it off the bank and slewed it around a bit, had to wade through knee deep water to get to my truck. Fortunately air and water temps were warm. This post has been promoted to an article
  43. 15 points
    Duck Hunter

    Indian Point 3/31/18

    First of all I am a long time reader and a first time poster. I want to thank everyone for all of the great information on here that I have learned. I am strictly a recreational fisherman and I am an avid waterfowl hunter. If you ever see an old 18ft john boat with a long tail mud motor on it that’s me! I started fishing this lake 3 years ago and have improved immensely since I started thanks to you guys and a few buddies. So here’s the report. Put in at Indian point at 4pm on 3/31 fished till 6:30 with the wife. Caught 10 fish total. 6 Smallies and 4 spots almost all fat females. 2 keeper SM and the rest were around 14-14.5”. 5 fish caught on PBJ Ned and other 5 on BPS speed shad 1/4oz head. The key was throwin in our and counting to 10 then slow reeling back and they would either be on it when you first got tension or would follow it up and hit it about 10 yards from boat. Again thank you everyone for the great reports. Sorry my pics wouldn’t upload.
  44. 15 points

    Big M area 7/12

    Launched early again today, 0530 or so. Went over to a nearby gravel point and caught a few early, got my biggest of the day, a 3 lb. LM. Fishing the c-rigged Trick worm again. Saw some bass busting top water, but couldn't get them to bite my top water offerings. Fished a couple of other gravel points, picked up a few here and there. Then I fished a brush pile that sits on a gravel point in about 15-20 FOW, off a cove mouth, it's a brush pile I have fished in the past and sometimes it is good for a bass or two, but today it was loaded, caught over 20 bass off that pile, mostly 12-14" spots, but also a few keepers, 2 of the keepers were LM's,the only 2 LM's I caught off that pile, but they were both keepers. Again on the c-rigged Trick worm. (Old Purple and Candy Bug). Caught a bunch of fish today, 35 or so, mostly 12-14" spots, only 5 keepers. Not one smallmouth, but did catch a meanmouth. Surface WT was 86. Saw a bobcat today, pulled into a little cut in a bluff wall, made a few casts on one side of the cut, moved the boat over to the other side, saw something moving on the bank, thought it was a fox, but once I got a good look at it I realized it was a bobcat. It just slowly walked away and disappeared into the brush. Didn't have time to get the camera and get a shot, I needed to change lenses to get a good photo and the cat just didn't give me the time I needed.
  45. 15 points
    We received a phone call early Saturday evening from Tackle HD Pro Staffer, Mike Fey, who had just finished up his first BFL tournament on Table Rock. We had several guys fishing the BFL that we knew were throwing the Hi-Def Craw, so we were anxiously awaiting to hear how everyone had done. Mike’s call blew us away! He bested the 175+ boat field amidst the cold front to take home the crown in the Co-Angler Division with 12.7 lbs. On a day that many struggled to put keepers in the boat, Mike culled through 8 of them!Mike was extremely appreciative of his pro, Dan Weber of Richland, MO, who not only kept him on fish but allowed him to effectively fish from the back of the boat.That’s a huge gamble you take as a co-angler, but Mike said that Dan considered them a team all day long! After a slow start with the reaction bite, both Mike and Dan slowed down and began catching keeper fish. We are extremely proud that the Hi-Def Craw was able to play a big role in both Mike and Dan’s bags! https://www.flwfishing.com/news/2017-02-27-hammond-tackles-table-rock-with-wart
  46. 15 points
    Never leave fish to find fish...? Got started yesterday about noon. WT 41 degrees up river in the area I was at. I've been for the past several weeks rigging, trying different parts of the river arm and lake. Other coves, main river, further down river, even testing my A.D.D. jig fishing piles that a friend of mine is having great success at. All just to try and find bigger fish. Everywhere I would go was pretty much the same results. Catching 5-10 dinks to one keeper crappie. It's insane! I'm buying extra minnows just for that reason. Yesterday, plan was to go rigging a main river flat I haven't tried yet but, the wind change that. Ended up river where I've been catching them all along before I went on the search. Caught well over 20 and just kept 10. Pushing double minnow rigs and double jig rigs, tip with little minnows. Most of all my fish where caught in 6-9 foot of water 4-6 feet down. Did catch some in 12 fow 8-10 feet down as well, but most in the 6-9 foot range. Funny thing at the end while putting my poles back in their holders and putting minnow rigs away. I was down to my last rod still being in the water and while putting a minnow rig away all of sudden BAM! Rod tip buried in the water, I snatched it and yanked up a another healthy 13" female crappie. Good way to end the day! God bless and Merry Christmas! Pic below.
  47. 15 points
    Phil Lilley

    Jigfest - The Dirt!

    Duane broke the 20-inch mark today, fishing below the Buffalo on the White River this afternoon. He caught it on an 1/8th ounce sculpin/ginger jig. Ham, DD and myself boated about 90 trout, fishing below and above the Buffalo Access. Jig colors: white/gray, white, brown, black/olive, ginger/sculpin and olive/ginger and double brown.
  48. 15 points
    Sore Thumbs

    Another Funny Meme

    Some of you guys know this person.
  49. 15 points
    Jim Spriggs

    nice smallmouth

    Owing to the amount of river traffic on a Sunday on the middle Meramec, I decided to fish a few hours in the early evening. Reports on the river were that the bite was slow. And, my experience was similar to others yesterday in that I had only two strikes. However, one of those turned out to be a beautiful 18.5" fish that was just shy of 3.5 pounds. Pic attached.
  50. 15 points

    I've reconsidered

    I've given more thought to withholding information and decided that's just not right. So, in the spirit of cooperation and kum ba yah, I present you with my deepest, darkest secret lure ... THE NEDFIN!!! I promise, when you learn how to fish this baby, you won't be able to buy a deep freeze big enough to hold all the meat you'll bring home. Furthermore, you'll never spend another restless night fretting over where your hungry family's next meal is coming from.
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