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    James River Striper!

    I was fishing the James River/Aunt's Creek area Tuesday evening. The water was very muddy, but there were a lot of shad and loons around so I was launching my A Rig trying to entice something to bite. I started to get frustrated and questioned my sanity for fishing such muddy water. I was going to leave this spot after this cast, and suddenly my late afternoon trip turned into something special. I felt a tug and set the hook and soon found out that this was not your usual bass you catch on Table Rock, but a Striper! In forty years of fishing Table Rock, I had never heard or seen one caught. I had heard that there were some in the lake that escaped Beaver Lake when flood waters allowed some to go over the dam. The mighty fish made several runs, before I was able to bring it closer to the boat. I had thought it might be a huge Cat or a carp, but I was sure surprised to see this beautiful fish swim by the boat. I was able to get it halfway into my net, and had to use both hands on the hoop to get it into my Ranger. I called Dick Stewart from Oak Hill Resort to share my surprise and he said to bring it in so we could take some pictures of it and weigh it. It was 40 inches long and weighed 26.5 pounds on his dock scale. We were able to release it alive. After we did, I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do or not, but maybe someone else will get a chance to decide it's fate and experience it's fight.
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    I fished this afternoon for a few hrs and had the best trip of the year so far. I found a school of fish just inside a gravel cove that was feeding on a big school of shad. The shad were thick from 7 to 15ft then they thinned out between 15 and 25ft. This was an area protected from the wind and that allowed me to see shad flickering when idling into the cove. I used two different underspins to catch them. I positioned my boat in 30ft and threw a 3/8 oz to 10 ft and slowed rolled the bait. After catching a bunch, I put the boat in 22ft and threw a 1/4 oz to 6ft and found out the LM were shallower. It helped to have the bait real close to the bottom under most of the shad. If the bait hit the bottom it would get just enough slim to make the cast useless, so I messed up a lot casts. I had 28 keepers with a good mix of all species and some really nice LM (one was 5.10# and some 3s and 4s). I caught all the fish on a 30yd stretch and never moved the boat except to give them a rest. A few guys came in the cove so I stopped fishing and went to scout other gravel coves hoping to find the same stacked shad scenario. Yesterday morning I had 15 keepers on a 3" SB around trees with shad. Yesterday they would not pay the underspin much attention.
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    Hey Guys- Came down for my annual spring break trip last week. I don't have a lot concrete to report, because fishing was fairly tough for us. I had my boys, 5 and 12 with me, as well as my father in law. Fishing 4 folks in the boat changed what I would normally do quite a bit, so I stuck with Ned, Keitechs and Yamamoto grubs for the most part, stayed away from Arigs and anything treble hooked, mostly fished steeper channel swing banks and didn't run around looking for fish nearly as much as I would by myself or with an experienced back seater. Got the boat in the water Tuesday in Spring Creek around 11, after everyone slept in and ate a big breakfast. Water pressure was low, so we just fished fairly close to the ramp, and Elmo, my father in law caught a nice crappie on a steep bank with the smoke grub. We pulled out and took the boat to Theodosia Marine Repair. After lunch and with some dirt daubers nests cleaned out, we went back out again. Grubs and the Ned caught Elmo a couple more fish, I caught three or four, and both boys zeroed. Wednesday we again slept in a bit, and got back at it around 10a. Same baits, only today it was the boys chance to put it on their grandpa, who had been REALLLL mouthy to them about having skunked them the day before. Sam (5 year old) caught himself a nice smallie (with just a tiny bit of help from me). Sid caught a nice smallie and a keeper LMB, and I caught a few shorts and a squeaker LMB. The boys had had enough fishing, so Elmo and I went out after lunch for an hour or so while they went to the playground at the corps park. I picked up a megabass 110, and promptly caught 4 very fat spots on a bluff end. Elmo was getting bites but not hooking up on the grub. We went back in after an hour or so, to make sure my boys hadn't burned down the resort. We loaded up and came home Thursday morning due to the rain and cold weather incoming. I'm reasonably sure there would have been a good A-rig bite on the bluff ends, and water temps 48-52 and clarity (slight stain) were perfect for a wart bite, I caught one short on a wart waiting on my father in law to back the trailer in, so I'm sure if someone got out there and worked, there would be fish to be caught. All in all, it was a good trip. Boys and Grandpa had fun, and nobody got any new holes in them from hooks. I'll call that a win, and hopefully I can get back down soon to beat up on the fish a little harder for a day or two, if it looks like COVID allows. Otherwise, it's boat repair time, with carpet and seats to do in two rigs, and compounding and buffing to do on one.
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    intervention needed

    Youngsters, I'm from the Virgil ward and Harold Ensley days. Ran into Harold one day below Truman dam. He was catching crappie for fielting at walmart while promoting his fillet knife and of course he had his strong heart dog food too. Well while fishing he had one Heck of a birds nest in his fishing line. He said sonny would you help me I can't see so well anymore. I got it unsnarled and he thanked me and shook my hand. I will remember that forever.
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    And...here's why people are selfish, willfully ignorant morons if they don't take this virus extremely seriously. Mary and I live out in a rural area, more than an hour from St. Louis, and we have been very cautious and prudent ever since this thing started, since we are both old enough to fit into the higher risk groups. We have been feeling reasonably confident that we can avoid getting this thing for quite a while because of our location and our precautions...after all, the nearest place to us that has any cases is the St. Louis area. This morning we went into Farmington to the Schnucks at 6:15 AM, because they announced that the hour from 6 to 7 would be reserved for people over 60 years old, and we figured that there wouldn't be very many people, even old farts like us, who were going to get up that early to go grocery shopping. We were met at the door by an employee who disinfected the handles of our shopping cart, along with our hands. There weren't many people in the store. The shelves weren't as full as they usually are, a few items were completely gone (toilet paper was, of course, one of them but we're good for now on TP), but we got what we needed to get, and got out of the store. Used disinfectant wipes on our hands again when we got into the truck, and wiped down all the packaged groceries when we got home, along with washing our hands carefully. So we were feeling good about the whole thing... Until we got the news that last weekend there was a wedding in Bonne Terre, 10 miles away from Farmington and 20 something miles away from our house. 200 people in attendance. And two of the guests came up from Arkansas, and two days later tested positive for the virus. The Health Department stated that they were symptomatic when they came to the wedding. A member of the family of the newlyweds disputes that. But there were a LOT of high school and college age kids at the wedding, and they all went to school on Monday. So you can pretty well expect that there will be a hotspot around Desloge and Bonne Terre, and that's hitting pretty close to home. And several of those kids went out later to a bar in Farmington, so it will probably show up in the hotspot, too. This is why I am completely pissed off at ANYBODY who plays down the dangers of this virus. I don't care what you believe, I don't care why you think it's no big deal or it's a conspiracy or whatever the heck you think. This is not a game and it's not politics. It's a very serious matter, and YOUR ACTIONS CAN HAVE DANGEROUS AND EVEN DEADLY EFFECTS ON OTHERS. If it was just you that was going to suffer from acting like a moron, then I'd be fine with that, but it isn't. I and the people I care about can suffer from your stupidity, too. Even if we don't suffer by getting the disease, everybody is going to suffer from the sacrifices we'll have to make for a longer period of time. All the government restrictions that are now mostly requests and advisories are going to become mandatory, and it won't be because the government is stupid or out to get you, it will be because of selfish, willfully ignorant people who did whatever the heck they pleased and ignored those restrictions when they were requests and advisories.
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    Fished the last seven days.

    We always come down from Michigan to share your beautiful lake and fish the Aunt's Creek Association Buddy Tournament.My buddy Dale and I came down last week Friday. We had just got the news that the tournaments were called off. We each drove our own boat and trailer down with planes that our teammates would come later to join us in the tournament. We also expected four others to join us. Then the Coronavirus stated getting more people infected and shutting down more stuff, everyone else decided to stay home.We figured we could socially distance ourselves on Table Rock, so we have been fishing out of our own boats, trying to stay within a mile of each other the past week. we fish about 6-8 hours a day, and compare our catches and stories. The first day, 3/21, was very tough. I caught one 2.5 pound largemouth and Dale got skunked. The next day we stayed between point 9 and Aunt's Creek. I caught a 3.5 pound smallmouth and a Spot. Dale caught a ball Spot. I believe it rained in the morning on Tuesday. We fished the Aunt's creek area again. I had five keeper smallmouths and a 40 inch Striper. Dale got skunked. The next day, we took a ride up the white towards Campbell. I caught 14 spots, two smallmouths, and two largemouths. Dale had 12 spots and two smallmouths. Next day we went to Kimberling City. I caught Two nice smallmouths, three 3 pound largemouths, and a nice spot for 17.68 pounds. Dale had a nice bag of four smallmouths and two spots for 16.86 pounds. We are kind of competitive. Thursday we went up the white again, and I only had three keepers, but one was a 3.65 small jaw. Dale had about a dozen, with a couple of smallmouths and the rest spots. Today we went back to Kimberling City and Dale had seven with a couple of real nice spots, one over 3 pounds.I had five fish, buttony three keepers which include a couple of small jaws, and a big spot. The majority of the fish Dale caught were on a 5/16 round ball jig with a smoke/purple Yamamoto 4 or 5 inch grub, or a 3 inch Kalin Grub.Keeps his boat in 25-30 feet and makes a cast award shore and slowing reels it back, trying to keep it near the bottom, without getting slimed.Most of my fish were caught on swim baits, using a 1/4 ounce Shin Spin jig with a 3.8 Keitech. I also caught a few, including the 3.65 smallmouth, on the 5/16 jig with a 2.8 keitech. The day I caught the Striper, I caught all five keeper smallmouths on a finesse A-Rig thrown very close to the flooded bushes. Much like a spinner bait. I tried a spinner bait, but couldn't get bit on it.Trying to decide where to fish tomorrow. Still haven't caught a big bass(I did lose a five pounder on Tuesday) Tried to net it by myself, and I should of boat flipped it. Glad it wasn't in a tournament. Still would like to have a 50 fish day. but with the water levels going down, I don't think the bite will turn on. We are leaving early Monday to head back to Michigan. Good luck everybody. This post has been promoted to an article
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    When the pandemic is over trip

    I got out a world map put it on the kitchen wall, took out some darts and told my wife to throw a dart. I told her that we would go there no matter where it landed. Well it appears that we are spending a month behind the refrigerator.🤣
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    Feel a little funny about making a Truman Lake report, but we went so here it is and maybe a little bit of very uneducated information. This is kind of a story in the works and I blame it all on the interweb as it got me going this Winter with nothing to do but sit here and spend money I don't have. Started watching Spider rigging videos and I got HOOKED. Was kind of hooked from last year seeing them work on Lake O. during turkey season, but the videos were the last straw. I got with Ed. of Southern Crappie Rods and fanangled a guide price deal and he set me up with 8, 14' Southern Crappie Rods. I also bought a dual front chair system and a Drift Master trolling set up and mounted it all on my 23' Alweld. Of course then I had to try it out. Side note, we only used 2 rods each so 4 was the max we used around the trees. Been reading all the Truman reports on the web and most have been crazy good so a few phone calls and some great folks on here got me and my buddy Mark on our way. Quick note there were no minnows available in Warsaw yesterday, but we were smart and I brought 8 dozen from Lilleys, which reminds me, I need to have them put on my bill On with the report, we hit Bucksaw at 8:30 and were about number 15 in line to launch. No problem as these people actually know how to launch and pull boats out. 4 rigs can launch at once and it is like a well oiled machine. When we pulled out a 3:30 Mark said there were over 100 rigs in the parking lot. We saw boats of every age and price you can imagine. One current theme was it didn't mater your boat cost or how old it is. 99% of the boats had PanOptics. We saw rigs including the pickup that cost less than their electronics These crappie fishermen are CRAZY about Livescope. and a 126 SV After the tips I received we went up and started at Pretty Bob Creek. I will tell you, the creeks from Jackson up to 13 hwy are totally full of fishermen. Seems like most of these folks are either Dipping trees or Spider rigging. We did not see a person make a cast all day and we at first were covered up with fishermen. One thing I was not familiar with was how close these folks will fish to you. We were even slightly bumped once as a guy went by us with his trolling motor in a narrow channel between trees. Huge lake but everyone concentration on the major creeks.and there were lots of folks. At one point there were over 20 boats in Bob and the next big branch up on the right. We caught a total of 37 crappie 5 whites and 1 channel cat fish. We caught everything rigging using either a Capps and Coleman or a Kentucky rig. Never lost a hook in all those trees, unbelievable. We had decided to keep only crappie between 12" and 16" so that's what we did, could have had two limits, but there is not enough meat on a 9" crappie for me to mess with. We kept 14 crappie and had just a scouche over 6 lbs. of fillets which we thought was super for a couple of dummies. We had 5 females and 9 male keepers. Big Caveat and no" PanOptics." The Lowrance HDS7 told me they were hanging in the 10' to 15' depth range over 18' to 20' so we used that old worn out machine to find our crappie, and did OK. Didn't see them snap at it but saw the rod tip dip or quiver and that was fine. We could not catch a fish on a soft plastic. Caught them all on double minnow rigs. Caught 2 of the white bass on soft plastic The Dippers/Dabber fishermen were interesting, they would scan the millions of trees and pull up and dab a jig or minnow on a rod that was 11' to 14' and watch the scope. Talked to one of these guys at long range. His mount put the 126 SV screen just below his chin. I'm guessing the mount was at least 5'. He said every tree in Truman in the last 10 weeks had been dipped. Said he could catch one here and one there but the majority ran from the bait like a chicken with its tail feathers on fire. He said in January at times you could catch a limit out of one tree. Now it was one or two no matter how many were down there. They were totally gun shy. We noticed that the smaller pockets, like maybe only 100 yrds. long were not being hit so we gave them a try and right off we started catching. We caught the majority of our fish out of 3 of these small pockets . If I were to go back I would concentrate on these small pockets only. They need to have at least 20/25 ft. of water however to make them work. Fish are pretty much suspended over the deepest part either on a tree or just suspended in the channel. The Lake reminds be of Bull Shoals only its very muddy. Still fantastic vistas and no houses to be seen . Surface temp was 56 in the small cuts. Creeks and big lake 51 degree. Just about zero visibility, looked like you were lowering your bait into plowed ground. I heard a guide say the crappie like it muddier the better and he was right. Good Luck
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    What's Cooking?

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    What's Cooking?

    Deep frying some hybrid chunks right now, baking some steak fries, and simmering some of Bush's beans out of the can. Gourmet cookin'!
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    3/25 Fishing Report

    I had errands to attend to, but I was determined to get back out on the water. I knew I could abuse a bunch of trout, but this is crappie and White Bass time. I knew BSL and Norfork had both come up a bunch lately, but I was determined. I mentally arm wrestled for a while, but decided to load up Waldo and head to Norfork. I had a short day, but was gonna try. I launched pretty far up the creek arm and ran up lake. I stopped in a cove that I have a little history in. It was muddy full of floating debris and water temp was 56. I tried for panfish, but got no love. I tried for bass and got one jarring strike, but no hookups. I did managed to dip up a floating herbicide container, a boat bumper, a Keystone Light can, and a floating tennis shoe. There was a large, bloated cow floating too, but it was too large for my net. I ran to some transition banks hoping to crank up some bass. I really believe it would have worked too, but you could not complete a cast with all the floating wood. So, I decided to run way up Bennett’s Bayou. Since I have a jet, I ran up until I was absolutely out of water. Inches of muddy cold water that had a lot of current. Perfect! I had run past a guy out fishing with his kids on The way up river. He claimed he was catching a few small fish which was encouraging ; I was starting to think I would zero. I re-rigged a couple of rods. Black and blue Ned on one. Black and Chartreuse 1/16 oz Zig Jig on another. I already had a little swim bait one rod. I started fishing little areas with less current very slowly and deliberately. About the third little place I tried, I got a sharp tap on the Zig Zig. That small male White Bass was the most important fish to me in the world right then. A minute later I got a short LMB and then another. another area and another few bites. Whites and LMB. I did finally get one lonely Spotted Bass. My 9 th fish was a 16 plus inch “Yellow” sucker. That thing pulled in the current. I kept fishing , refining lures and location. I got tired of fighting wind and currents. I found a good root-wad to tie up to and a good concentration of fish. My fears of zeroing quickly changed to hopes for a 50 burger. My first fish was caught at 2:25 pm and I was ending my trip at 4:45 pm. I had real steady bites from male whites, but the girls were not playing. A few LMB but too. Sadly, I lost a couple of lures to fish ( I should have re-tied) and I missed some bites of course I had a few pull off too. I caught one on my last cast. My alarm went off as I was releasing a fish. I finished up with 61. It was a Good Day and a Good Mental reset from current events.
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    Big M Social Distancing

    Someone told the fish about the quarantine. Got my butt kicked this AM. On the water at 7:00 and off at 12:30. 2 fish caught. Water was 51 degrees, high, and stained about like tea. Water got dirtier down lake from Big M. Ran up the river a bit to Panther Creek. Tried crank bait, jig, jerker, and swim bait with no luck- in the back of creeks and on the main lake points. Just couldn’t buy much of a bite. Both fish I did catch were on a spinner bait in front of brush in 10-12 feet of water. But that smallie was worth getting out of bed for! Other than that I was pretty lost out there today.
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    Kimberling area 3-24

    Fished the Kimberling area yesterday after the storms quit. It was slow for us. Caught some nice smallies and one nice Kentucky on warts. We had to find where you could get to less than 10 feet on gravel.
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    please, please, please.........nobody "quote" the post above.
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    Social Distancing

    Man the bass fishing is rough right now. Has been since November from what I hear. I couldn't really figure them out last week while I was social distancing/working from home at the lake so I chased these guys around instead! Shooting Docks was by far the most productive way to catch em. My boys even braved some cold windy weather to hang out with their old man!
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    snagged in outlet 3

    What's Cooking?

    My brother who graduated from cia in NY passed me some home made raviolis he made from my grandma’s recipe from northern Italy. Nothing like what people think. The sauce and meat filling come from cooking down pork, beef, chicken, red wine and vegetables. No tomatoes. Warm water dough hand rolled and cut. Old wooden ravioli pin. Picture sux. Cab from Rodney strong.
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    Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

    An attorney tells the accused, “I have some good news and some bad news.” “What’s the bad news?” asks the accused. “The bad news is, your blood is all over the crime scene, and the DNA tests prove you did it.” “What’s the good news?” “Your cholesterol is 130.”
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    Donna G

    SK 3/21

    Parking lot waa packed when we got to SK ramp today. Splashed at 9 a.m (I know, Bill. The day's over by then. 😊) Skunk buster at 9:40 on a blade. Not another bite on blade, jig, Senko, little swimbait, crankbait or Ned until this purdy thang. Honestly, I wasn't sure it WAS a bite. Just some suspiciously slack line. Headed home to play golf. LOL
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    The mid James between pt.13 and 14 is loaded with logs and debris. Be careful out there as some of the floaters are huge. I guess I need some tips from Champ because I blanked on my last 2 outings.
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    Got her home this afternoon. Installed gas tank, put on a pair of new 6 ply tires with white rims. Put some reflective tape on the side stakes. And gave her the name. Thanks Mitch, we still need that fishing trip. The name was fitting, its my get away from the crowd boat. And she was born in a time that needs to be remembered. BTW, happy anniversary to me, 3 years out now and still cancer free. This is my celebration.
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    How about some good news about this. My daughter does to Missouri and S and T and the phelps County Hospital need smasks. So the school staff and students in the engineering design department fired up there 12 3-D printers and had Prototype masks ready for approval in two hours. Once approved they will go into production at the school. Ok, that's cool!!!
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    What's Cooking?

    With rain and COVID-19 keeping me inside made a plan to getting some things out of the freezer. Took some duck legs,48, to be exact out of the freezer Sunday. After thawing brined in a salt/brown sugar/spice mixture overnight. Today about half roasted in the oven and then placed in a radu sauce for duck ragu. The other half into ziplock with olive oil and some bay leaves for duck confit. 4 hours at 190 degees in sous vide.
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    Another good day at the dam 3/24

    The schedule showed minimum flow all day today so I went back to the dam C&R area this morning. I was the only one there until about noon and then a few others showed up. Fishing was good with lots of nice size rainbows, one average brown and one average size cutthroat. There were lots of midges hatching when I got there and a size 18 parachute Adams worked until the hatch slowed down. The Y2K worked after that and also the olive mop fly. Looks like more water running tomorrow so the dam area won't be wadeable.
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    Bill Babler

    3-23-20 RANT!!!!!!

    Ramp at old 86 and the parking are extremely close at all times. Unusable right now. Almost everyone will launch and then pull their truck/trailer to the side so you can back straight in, leaving the two slots directly above the ramp open, for launching and backing the boat down the ramp. Absolutely love all my friends from the Natural State, but if the two slots or even one of them is taken it is away's a Arkansas plate, without fail, or some out of state fool with a Ford 350 pulling a pontoon trailer. Mentioned this to McClelland and he said Missouri people were the dumb ones for leaving the easiest parking spot open. Guess he has a point. I'm gong to blame this on the Corp as you at one time could launch 2 at a time there. They enhanced the shoreline with rocks to prevent erosion frankly where there was none or would never be any and caused this type of a jam. Should have left the ramp open to its full capacity. On another note, at 7:30 this morning in a down pour with lighting and hail coming down a bass boat zoomed from the North and went up Long Creek. Simply unbelievable. Carry on.
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    Yesterday was just one of those trips that you can't duplicate, you just have to remember how special it was. That all happened in a little over 2hrs. Regarding Live Scope, I hope folks will post how that technology has changed their fish catching experience. I have been around a lot of deep fish this year and with Live Scope I might be going nuts on which fish I should cast to. Regarding the deep bite, I feel comfortable with the techniques based on years of experience and soaking up information from a lot of folks(especially on this forum). Everyday is different and this morning was proof, I found the shad but not the fish. On most days the fish win, and the other days I post how good the fishing is.
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    What's Cooking?

    The wife made milk bread rolls today. So I made fried potato/bacon/cabbage.
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    What's Cooking?

    6 pounds of thinly sliced meat out of the cure and into the smoker. After a couple hours it will be put in the dehydrator to finish. Shut in snacking material.
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    Terrin Garber

    Indian point 3/28

    Tough only caught two keeper fish. big one (5.2) on a jerkbait. If anyone caught em good today I tip my cap.
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    I know, its taken by the Aircraft Carrier Hancock. She started out a week ago Weds. as a boat purchase. Nice little 2002 15-48 Express with a layout that I wanted. She came with a 02 Johnson 4 hp prop, 36 lb thrust Motorguide Bill Dance edition, nice little trailer, 2 seats with posts, batteries, anchors and winches, and life jackets. She was sitting on the side of the road and I went back to pick her up after work for a song. Older couple had bought her new and pulled her back and forth to a little CA lake nearby. Like new. Sat., I drove to Doniphan and picked up a nice little 2000 Johnson 25/20 jet with electric start to complete the project. It was pouring rain and I had to go to TN for a wedding, the motor made its first trip to TN in the back of the Sequoia. Last week I stripped the anchor winches off, took the old trolling motor off and the 4 Hp Johnson. This weekend I made some pvc bows and put a cover on her. I moved the trailer winch forward and shifted the whole boat up on the bunks more. Changed out the tongue jack with one that has a side handle instead of the top handle knuckle buster. Adjusted the front riser down so the boat rides on the rear bunks square, before it sit too high and only the rear of the boat was on the bunk. In the process of filling holes drilled with pop rivets. Replaced the winch strap, old one was rotted at hook. Put new yellow roller on winch. Put a couple of new transom straps on, something the other guy never used. Transfer on the titles may be a problem, License offices may close soon. Several more things to go. Surely I will get to stay home soon.....
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    Quite a crowd today on the White 3/27

    Wow it looked like 4th of July up here today. The parking lot at Cotter was packed. There was minimum flow scheduled until about noon today so I waded Roundhouse Shoals this morning. Fishing was great and there seemed to be trout everywhere you would think there should be trout. I wasn't counting but probably caught upwards of 80. Started with a Y2K and then went to a crackleback and finally found some caddis hatching and that was fun. Didn't get any really big ones but lots of 16 - 17" so good fun. Looks like an indefinite paid vacation for most folks from the bigger cities due to all these crazy happenings and what better way to enjoy that.
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    I have written fishing reports on the internet for Lake Taneycomo for the past 25 years . . . but this report feels very eerie. Why? Because I'm not really writing for anyone who's coming to fish the lake anytime soon. For that reason, I have to write it coming from a different perspective. May be it will look the same. . . I don't know. The whole White River basin received a big rain on Friday, one that was not forecast. Most of the area received four inches of rain while some netted six inches or more. Beaver Lake jumped up past its flood pool of 1,130 feet so officials have been dumping more than 16,000 cubic feet of water per second since Saturday morning. That lake is now below 1,129 feet, falling fairly rapidly. But this, in turn, is adding to Table Rock Lake. Last time this happened, officials cut back on the release when Beaver hit the 1,128.5 feet mark which will be today. We'll see what they do. Table Rock has come up over six feet since Friday and is still rising about four inches a day. Dam operators are running 20,000 cubic feet of water per second through Table Rock Dam presently and will continue for at least a week. This is while the weathermen are forecasting more rain this week -- up to two inches in some places. Table Rock's level is up over 923 feet. I think our flood gates at Table Rock Dam have been opened more in the past year than any other year in its history. Now I don't have statistics to back that up, but since they were open quite a lot in October through December and then again in February and now March, I'd say I'm safe with that assumption. Besides a good run last March and a few here and there other times, we've haven't seen threadfin shad coming over the top. Not until this week. Starting Tuesday of last week, shad started pouring over the spill gates in Lake Taneycomo, delighting those fishing that day. But the shad continued into Wednesday, and Thursday, and our trout quickly stomached their fill of shad flies and white jigs. Fishing got tough, at times. But then we started to see periods of no shad and the bite started again. This past weekend, the bite was on most of the time, although in the middle of the day it slowed down. It could have been because of the influx of boat traffic up close to the dam. Sometimes that drives the fish down, and they don't bite. But still, most people were catching big, fat rainbows and loving it. When it slowed, the trick was to keep the white 1/8th-ounce jig or the shad fly on the bottom where the fish were holding. During feeding times, it seemed like you didn't have to do anything special except drop the jig or fly into the lake. So just about anything white was hot. We're using white jigs and white shad flies but then we're using combination of colors with white and something else like blue, gray, olive or pink. We're also dragging small stick baits on the bottom, too. They're not hitting scuds or San Juan worms anymore -- not right now and I really not sure why. Usually the San Juan does well in high water after a big rain. There was so many shad that came over the dam that Blake Wilson from our staff saw some all the way down at the lower dam on Taneycomo -- Powersite Dam. They'd drifted all 22 miles of the lake. Since fish throughout the lake were fed some threadfins this week, there's nothing wrong with throwing that white jig throughout the lake, not just in the trophy area. We're pulling the boat up in slack water different places and working the white jig in both the seam, where the fast and slow water meet, and in the slower, eddy water and doing very well. Here's a One Cast video where I did just that. Captain Rick Lisek had his clients drift shad flies from the mouth of Fall Creek down to Trout Hollow on Sunday, catching their limits of nice rainbows. That's not surprising at all knowing our trout have seen these shad throughout the lake now. Nathan Bolerjack of our staff fished with me Monday and, while doing One Cast, took some pictures of rainbows we caught using my Photarium, a plexi-glass tank made for holding and photographing fish in. Although the catching was slow, we managed a few pretty rainbows to photograph. I've sprinkled the report with the pics. And here's a walleye we float alive but floating below the dam. Took a pic and put her back. She swam away - hopefully it survived the 200 foot fall... it was pretty shook up. View full article
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    COVID-19 - Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

    I got cleared back to full duty! Enjoy the spring weather all you all.
  35. 5 points
    I went from Lowrance, to Bird and now Garmin. No looking back Garmin all the way just for the fact of livescope. Their 2d and side is great also. You can get the 93 SV plus for $599 now. I sold a whole bunch of crap to justify the livescope and it is worth every penny.
  36. 5 points
  37. 5 points

    New PB

    Caught my two largest redfish last week in Venice at Redfish Lodge...a 45 and 42. Netted a 51 for the guide and saw a 40+ take a topwater 10 feet from the boat. Needless to say, I had a blast.
  38. 5 points

    Toilet paper alert!!!!

    Went to the Wally located in Jane MO. They had toilet paper! That's the good news, the bad news is that it was only 2 cases, and it was this weird generic stuff. The inner carboard tube was a wider diameter than normal, and I'd say there was maybe about 1/2 the paper that you'd see on a normal roll. This looks suspiciously like a federal govt. manufactured roll. Maybe they've set up a secret toilet paper manufacturing plant in area 51. Still some bare shelves, but they had bread, milk, and dog treats.
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    Ive just been stranded before on the side of the road with a blown bearing and want to take every precaution for i to not happen again. I have new bearing in my trailer and every couple weeks i squirt grease in i see a little bit of water come out. The boat i have now has brakes and to get to the bearing it takes more tools than i care to carry to remove the hub to get to them. Wiring sitting underwater never sits good with me either. Yes it should be soldered and heat shrink, but most the time on older rigs it isnt. Im not trying to be dick, just a quicker recipe for failure in my opinion. No mattter if we agree or not im still gonna throw Nutech Jigs. LOL
  40. 5 points

    Well Dang

    As log as they are willing to move forward so am i.
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  42. 5 points

    Toilet paper alert!!!!

    Congrats! After 6 failed attempts in a row, I've given up. Been thinking about it, I think social distancing might actually be much easier to accomplish with an unwiped butt... 🤢
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    Hey Wrench!

  44. 5 points

    COVID-19 - Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

    Todays activities.. Picked up a bunch of pallets the other day and made some canning shelves still have a ton of pallets to go through for other projects.. Plan on making shelves for the brewery equipment and some stuff for my son who just got back from Spring Break.... He was not prepared for the law that was laid down as my Basement Dweller!! .....He's adjusting though. Plan on making a bar from the Pallets for the Mancave in AR. and take down as soon as I feel its doable and I'm still kickin
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    It was raining here this morning. But now it's sunny and 70 and the hood is rocking!! I love the smell of lighter fluid on charcoal in the afternoon. Cold beers going down good!!
  46. 4 points


    Spoony, I was remiss in not clarifying just how muddy that water might be. If you can see a bait 4-6 inches deep, LM will still bite. If it's muddy enough to walk on, forget it.
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    Got out on Saturday to a couple local public ponds with the fly rod. Caught crappies, bluegills, bass and a hybrid sunfish. Biggest bass measured 19". See the microjig in its mouth? The jighead with the eyes was made by @Jungle Jim @JUNGLE JIM 1
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    Fishing was tough on Friday. We went out to Rourke creek and did okay. Caught a few right at the mouth. Saturday a group of our guys were fishing the same area and a older couple was using the trail. They striked up a conversation and they suggested they group go up into Rourke creek and fish right above the bridge. I guess this was a total hot spot and very nice of that couple to share their knowledge. They said the water was clear and the fish were just everywhere, of course they group did not share that information with me until last night. 😥 I fished Saturday from the college of the Ozarks to the power lines. I did okay, but my uncle got skunked with this 6lb crappie high visibility line and minnows. We usually have fun fishing from the docks for suckers, but dock fishing was non existent. Great time as always and a nice escape from everything going on in the world. Thanks for all of the tips and be safe.
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    Just funny stuff

    A DEA officer showed up at a ranch that they suspected that there might be some illegal crops being grown. The rancher met the officer and said that the could look over the entire ranch if he wanted. The rancher pointed to a fenced off field a stated that the officer could not go into that field. The officer shoved his badge into the ranchers faced and shouted "You see this badge! I can and will go where ever I want with this badge and you or no one else can stop me!" The rancher said that he could search wherever he needed to and that he had nothing to hide. Then he went back to work as the officer began his inspection. About a half hour later the rancher saw the officer in the fenced off field running and screaming. He was being chased by a very large and very angry bull. The rancher went to the fence and shouted "Show him your badge! Show him your badge!"
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    SK 3/21

    Put in at Big Indian at first light today, caught 2 solid keepers on a jerkbait at 8:15 in consecutive casts. Should have went home after that. Ended w 5 bites all day! Tried to force feed em a big blade in the colored water but that didn't happen. My boy did catch his first jerkbait fish today. I know Fisherman caught a good bag mixing it up today. Good luck everyone. Stay safe. Wt: 49-54.
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