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    Mitch f

    Memories of Canada 🇨🇦

    Back in the early 2000’s we would make our yearly trip to Minaki, Ontario. Rough Rock lake was kind of a trophy Musky lake but also had plenty of big walleye and Northerns, with a smattering of small schools of smallmouth now and then. The MO was usually catch enough walleye for shore lunch, then switch to casting for Musky in the afternoon and evening. When Casting for Muskys we were always rewarded with tons of Northern pike, sometimes really big ones at that. The first couple of years we used Indian guides from a local reservation. We got to know them very well. They would typically make the shore lunch of fresh walleye for us. After a while we really got in tune to the lake and the various dangerous rocks around the lake and learned how to avoid them. We also learned the best Musky spots too. Looking back it was truly a magical experience. God’s Country for sure! I believe these pics were from 2006
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    Had a plan, do some early bass fishing, then catch some gills. Brought some red worms for the gills, brought 4 dozen with me as the reports I was reading were showing 6 year old kids loading the boat with big gills. Well those kids sure beat the heck out of me, I caught exactly one gill. Caught somewhere between 6 and 8 spots on the worms and a couple of short eyes, but I could just not find those gills and I even tried Babler's secret spot. Sometimes the fish win, and I hate it when they do. But, the bass cooperated fairly well on the swimming the Keitech deal, also got a keeper eye on the Keitech. Caught 21 bass total, only two keeps, but had fun on the spinning gear. Got run off the water about 11 AM. Quite a few fishermen out there today too. Very nice morning for August.
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    King's River

    Fished 545-11 today. Bait everywhere! Had 8 keepers nothing over 3 lbs 15 fish total. All topwater, spooks,poppers buzzbaits.
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    snagged in outlet 3

    8/8 trip report

    Put in around 6:30. Water was up and murky. Ran 4 miles to see a guy on my starting spot. Ran another mile and started catching spots on a spook junior I painted. Switched to a black/blue jig and caught quite a few more while fishing back down. Different guy on my starting spot. I Went on past catching spots here and there nothing big but fun. The rafts and pleasure boaters showed up thick. Ran down past all of them and caught this smallie on the spook junior. Didn’t quite touch 18 inches. But he absolutely crushed it. His back was out of the water a good 2’ away. Packed it in and went home.
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    Walleye and Smallmouth video

    Still practicing with the video editing. I fished Stockton lake on 8/4...what a beautiful day to be on the water. It actually felt like I was back in Maine! I have linked to a video of myself landing a 18 inch walleye and a 17.5 inch smallie. https://youtu.be/bZCIeoDF3z8 Oh and BTW...I found an anchor while fishing. If anyone wants to claim it, please let me know...(picture below). I have no use for it!
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    Any trip where you catch a keeper Eye is a good trip! But is sure is crazy how it can change in a day! Not to rub any salt in the wound but we were out last night and got after them again. Key for us was definitely idling around until we found them on the graph. Hard to get a 5 and 6 yr old to be patient and wait to find the fish. We did lose one eye at the boat and caught one small eye. But couldn't find the mother load of Eyes that Mr. Babler was on earlier this week.
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    Quick trip to Hickory Creek

    Normally I wouldn’t even put a report up for a quick trip out. Not sure how much information I have to help anyone else out BUT: we finally found a little Topwater action! Been few and far between this spring/summer for me. After some engine trouble got our day off to a late start (and we were limited to staying close to the ramp) we pulled up on a well known main lake point. I was just praying for some kind of action since I had my 13 yr old daughter with me and it had been a rough start to the morning. As luck would have it- for the first time all summer I found some Topwater fish. Nothing big and they would only bite when they were boiling up on top- but every 10 min or so they were coming to the top and we could get a chance at them. With the clouds before the rain today (predicting weather must be hard) they stayed active until 8:45 or so. We were off of main lake point on a narrow stretch of deep (40-50ft) water. These were my first Topwater fish in what feels like forever. Side note- today was my daughter’s 13th birthday and she wanted to go fishing with her Dad to start the day! Catching your first ever Topwater fish isn’t a bad way to start your teenage years. Let’s see if she will still get in a boat with me in about 5 years...
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    Fish are still here!

    Floated last two days out of Sunburst. Family float yesterday and my girls did very well on the float. Did not fish much, just safety boating. But all ran the Falls. Did solo today, out of Kelly. First fish was a 10” Smallmouth in the first Riffle. Had my hands full in the pool below. Big Stiper smacked my Jerkbait and towed my Kayak around for about 5 minutes, before it left me. Could not get the fish and kayak to the bank to land it. No net, and a triple treble Megabass in its face. Caught some trout, a couple smallmouth on the way back to Sunburst.. Bunch of Big Stipers in the deep hole not far below River of Life. Need heavier tackle and a big net for next trip. Floating down from Sunburst tomorrow, will be looking, and family floating.
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    New kayak!

    Got to break in my new kayak ( a NuCanoe flint) last weekend on the Southfork, felt good to get back on the water. I’ve fished some this spring and summer but haven’t for any smallies since March. Fishing was slow but didn’t care a whole lot. Had some good quiet time in this crazy awesome setting!
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    Happy Birthday Champ188

    HBD! Mom died in 1999 at 73. Cancer harvested her. Dad died in 2002, at 84, although he had not known the world since Mom died. Losing parents sucks, although less than losing spouses or children. When you all meet your time, may it be quick, clean, without pain, and no surprise to the ones who love you.
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    Beaver Lake July 26-Aug 2 Report

    Hello, I made a post a week and a half ago asking about fishing Beaver Lake this time of year and several people responded to my post which I greatly appreciate. Just thought I’d recap my trip (down from Iowa visiting my dad for the week). Basically was able to get out on the lake from around 6am-10am for most every day while I was visiting. My dad lives around point 5 so we basically stayed down on the lower end of the lake and I primarily targeted deeper offshore fish since it was easier for the other people who I took out each morning to have a chance at catching fish equally. I also wanted a chance to work on dropshotting fish I could see on my electronics that were suspended in tree tops as it is a technique that I don’t get to practice fishing the Mississippi River. My most productive pattern was finding timbered points at the end of bluffs right off the main river channel. These areas seemed to have the largest concentrations of bait and also spotted and smallmouth bass. We were able to catch them suspended in tree tops from 25-45 ft with 3.3 Keitechs counting them down and also dropshotting 3” Berkeley Power Minnows and Strike King Baby Z-Toos. We did not have too much luck on topwaters unless we were able to cast immediately on fish that came up busting bait which we did not encounter too often. When we were able to capitalize on these opportunities a Pop R style bait, small buzzbait, and the small size 90 Whopper Plopper would get bit. When I did sneak up a bit shallower I was able to catch a few largemouth on a swing jig with a zoom UV speed craw. I did not devote a lot of time to try to figure out what exactly the largemouth were doing do to limited time on the water, but I suspect they were a bit shallower than the spots and smallies. I will say that I saw the most bait at Beaver than I have seen in the last 4 years of coming down to visit this time of year....tons of 1.5-2 inch Shad pretty much everywhere we went. I suspect that if I tried to Dropshot even smaller 2” baits (which I did not have with me) that I may have been able to coax a few more bites than I did on the suspended fish. Seemed like I’d be able to catch 3-4 fish out of a school and then they’d quit biting even though I could still see them on my graph. I’m attaching I picture of some of the baits I had success on as well as a few pics of fish. I will say my brother did catch the largest fish of the week, 3.08 lb Largemouth on a buzzbait. Thanks again, Matt
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    Just funny stuff

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    The mine again

    I can’t stand that hag.
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    Al Agnew

    The mine again

    Not a chance in hell.
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    Happy Birthday Champ188

    Appreciate you guys' kind comments and yes, bo, knowing they are with Jesus and that we will see them again someday is quite a comfort.
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    Disclosure? AATIP and all that

    Ahh, so now we know where and why MoCarp disappeared for months. You were abducted, weren't you? 😲👽
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    Econfina 8/4/2020

    As @Johnsfolly would say, If you want to catch new species, you have to fish new water. We are spending the week in Destin and a River I have been wanting to fish was within reach. my wife and I floated the Econfina today. It is heavily spring fed and is an easy float. Unfortunately, Hurricane Michael changed the heavily shaded nature of the creek. All the old pics online look like the upper Buffalo. You could see lots of damage to the surrounding forest. We used Econfina Canoe Livery. $5 per boat to launch and $20 shuttle which isn’t bad. They were supposed to open at 8:30.they rolled up at 8:40 sooooo not Great. I got out of the truck and walked to office. I hear a low growl and look to my right and a Big Pitbull mix is barreling down on me. I thought I was going to get mauled, but I held my ground and shouted at him and he ran past me and whipped back around and rushed me again. Owners called him off. “Chaos” is not my favorite dog ever. after that, my day got lots better. First fish of the day came quickly : a nice Red Breast Sunfish on a Zig Jig. shortly thereafter, I spotted a micro I knew I had never caught. Pulled over and quickly hooked and lost one. No worries, I doubled up a minute later. enjoyed exploring the Springs. Caught fish consistently. Quit fishing when I got to 50. We Floated the 8 miles in 5 hours. Krista was a little freaked out by the potential for Gators and would not get in and cool off as often as she should have, but I cooled off when I got the chance. saw some Large Bass, but I did not pack the gear for it. I would float it again.
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    Devan S.

    Fish are still here!

    We caught one of those stripers Sunday below river of life. Weighed 7lbs......I'm certainly glad I didn't hook it on my 3 wt. I'm 100% sure it was not the biggest one in that hole either. Probably took 5-10 minutes of chasing it while wading to get it headfirst into the small trout net.
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    Livewell circuits are typically tan w/ black stripe. If you're at all uneasy about tackling it yourself, there are guys that do it for a living, and they have bills to pay.
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    Fish are still here!

    Last night at Sunburst. Headed down the road to meet some friends in the AM. Great day tubing on Bull Shoals yesterday. Did the Mill Tour, and girls fished Rockbridge for about an hour today. 7 fish, got charged for 18lbs. Nice dinner there then will eat those trout fillets tomorrow.
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    Back to the Current River this weekend for a little getaway, Masks not required in those areas unless you run across a random commie. Scoured the area around the middle part looking for a ramp. Powder Mill is wiped out, even the gift shop sitting there in ruins, nobody seems to care. Log Yard on the east side is just a gravel bar with the primitive access full of cars. Dropped the boat off in Ellington and hit the Elk Viewing area. Put the Yoda to use on some of the trails that were washed out but only saw a deer, turkey hen, squirrel, skink, snake, an a lone transgender wandering thru the wilderness. Headed down to Van Buren for a run on Sunday. Found a gravel bar and relaxed for a while. Boat traffic and all else was very slow. Enjoyed the peace and quiet. Found a use for those Little Piney Can stickers.
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    Radiation Is This Normal?

    Well I cannot speak of being radiated but can speak on being a caregiver. Pat did not get nauseated but did burn pretty bad. She got silvadene cream to put on her radiation burn. She got shot in the chest area and it could cause heart problems in some people. Nothing bad there as of yet and I can attest she has the biggest heart of anyone I know. 😍
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    2020 Garden Thread.

    Well if you guys lived a bit closer you could get them for free .
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    Just funny stuff

    Probably has no AC at home so she is taking a cooling break on your steak while texting.
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    Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

    I’d like my steak well done please 😂
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    Looks Like Fun

    A guy was showing off a Harley Davidson boat (Tomahawk) here at the lake this weekend. Had a Evinrude 40 on it. Pretty sweet old rig.
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    Pssssst.........that's where he is lol
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    Chattering Down the River

    I got out on the river this week. To start out, it was in the 50's when I put in. That cold for August . I could see my breath on the river. I had three first on this trip. I bought 3 difference types of Z Man Chatterbaits, never fished them before. So I used chatterbaits for the first time, caught my first smallmouth with chatterbait and my first walleye on a chatterbait. I've caught walleyes before but never on a chatterbait. I knew I had to leave one on my rods all the way down the river or it would be to easy to put on something I had more confidence in. Turns out I now have a new lure in my arsenal. I had a lot of fun fishing them. I'll start my next trip with one on a rod. I did catch one bass with a minnow in her mouth and another with something, don't know what, in her mouth. I didn't catch a lot or anything big but had a fun time. Took pictures of a few and released them all....Great day on the river...
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    8/8 - 8/9/2020

    Saturday was overcast. Hoped some bass would hit topwater in one of the big murky lakes. They didn't...not for me, at least. I switched to panfish flies and caught a bluegill and some Green Sunfish. Lots of other anglers here. Saw roadkill armadillo on the highway outside the park. Drove past it 3 times before it finally dawned on me what it was. 😅 I hit one of the C&R I'd been to before. Caught bluegills, hybrid sunfish, and green sunfish there. Also hit another C&R lake for the first time. Caught Redears (pretty small), bluegills, green sunfish, and 3 Golden Shiners at that one. I had plans to hit a creek this morning. After last night's rain (looks like St Louis got ~3.82" since Saturday afternoon), the creek was super-fast, high, and muddy. Impossible to fish. Backup plan...went to Busch and flyfished the final C&R lake I hadn't been to yet. As a C&R Lake, it is posted "no bait, no scented plastics". So of course there were people using bait and there were discarded bait containers along the shoreline. Really sad. I took a deep breath and flyfished it anyway. I caught at least 4 bass, some redear sunfish, and some bluegills. My apologies about all the Redear pics...they were uncommon in my former area of Iowa, so I really like catching them, and still take pictures of most of them!
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    The mine again

    Hey guys, you are all fine to believe what you believe. If you are kind to others, bust your posterior to provide for your family, and hold yourself to high standards, welcome around my fire. If you bring good booze, and funny stories that is a plus too!
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    The mine again

    Not all Trump supporters are red neck name callers. I personally scraped my way to get a doctorate degree. Worked 3 jobs during summers of undergrad and am still paying on my student loan 15 years since graduation. Education shouldn’t be free. Healthcare shouldn’t be free. People need to earn it. It hasn’t been until the last 4 years that I financially turned a corner. I attribute this to the Trump administration. He has helped the middle class more than any other president. With hard work the cream should rise to the top... if the government let’s you! Trump 2020!
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    The mine again

    Ya. Trump 2020 I’m in. Are you Al?
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    Memories of Canada 🇨🇦

    I was at Rocky Island Lake With Grandad and Grandma Just before I left for the Army. Caught a 40+ Northen from the beach, Elvis died that day. We heard it on the a.m. Wish I still had that Airstream.
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    never know until you try
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    Susie and I fished and visited Wednesday with Laker and Miss Sandy at BSSP. Caught some fish even though Laker is still giving Sandy flies tied on dull hooks.(Her comment,not mine). Was a chance to enjoy a beautiful days with "old friends" and catch up on their new grandson,Quinn. Pretty crowded and they were cutting moss in zone 1 early,but we still caught a lot of small stockers. Great day!
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    And then.....
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    I have been trolling for crappie during July and August when the big boats let me and getting some good ones. I always use four rods with a bracket i have set up in the back of my blazer and usually use 300 series bandits and flicker shads. The bandits catch the most crappie, big and small, but the flicker shads catch all kinds of fish, Some big crappie, bass, white bass and catfish. Also got this walleye on the flicker shad last Friday in between the storms. Went a tad over 7lbs. I usually troll the mid lake area around the 30 and got the walleye along a bluff. While i was bringing it in had a 16" bass on another line. Also had a 14" crappie along that bluff.
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    There's always a surprise cold snap in August. Y'all never kept journals, did ya? Happens every year, don't think it's ever missed one. Trust me, you'll be wiping sweat off your shotgun on the opening day of dove season.
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    last week we were on them good in the Kimberling area. the eastern point of Schooner Creek was our best. whole or half crawlers, 25 ft deep is where we found the most consistent 9-10" gills. it was a blast. nice walleye too! and bass.
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    Al Agnew

    Memories of Canada 🇨🇦

    I've never been a big fan of the typical Canadian types of fishing...lakes, portages, pike, walleye, lake trout...mosquitoes and other biting critters in vast numbers. I fished a couple lakes in Algonquin Park for lake trout and smallmouth...caught a smallie that was about 18 inches and thick, probably weighed 4 pounds. Didn't think much of it until one of the park rangers was talking to us as we were loading up the car to leave. When I told him about that fish, he said, "You do know the record for the park is only 4 pounds and some ounces, don't ya?" It was one of only a handful of smallies I caught (never did manage to catch a lake trout), so I wasn't too impressed with the fishing. Maybe my most interesting Canadian trip came about because I used to do an art show up in Buckhorn, Ontario, a couple hours north of Toronto. It was a little town out in the middle of nowhere (though that part of Ontario is pretty well populated, with quite a bit of farming country). But it was the only big wildlife art show in Canada, and people flocked to it and bought a LOT of artwork; a couple of the Buckhorn shows were the best art shows by money I made of any I ever did. We got to know Robert Bateman there, and in fact we spent several days in a big cabin he owned on a lake in the area one year, and fished the lake quite a bit after the show. But I'm first and foremost a river fisherman and always have been, so I investigated the river fishing possibilities in that area, and got wind of the Burnt River. So Mary and I and another couple got a float trip set up on a 10 mile section of the river. It was one of the weirdest rivers I've ever floated. It was narrow, maybe averaged 40 feet wide, flowing mostly through heavily wooded lowlands with occasional granite bluffs. And it was dead slow, basically still water the whole way, except for three major rapids. We ran one of them, portaged the other two. It was supposed to be full of smallmouth and harbored some muskies. So I was really wanting to catch a muskie, having never caught one before, but I didn't have any muskie type lures or tackle. So I hoped my bass stuff would produce. We floated about three miles of dead water, catching basically nothing, then came to the first rapid. In the fast water below it I caught my first muskie, about 28 inches or so. Mary caught two, both slightly smaller. No smallmouth. Another couple miles of dead water and dead fishing, and the second rapid produced a couple more of those small muskie. Third rapid was about a mile downstream, and the same thing happened. No smallmouth, just those little muskies, and only in the fast water. Near the end of the float, I decided to try for a bigger muskie. I'd been noticing the occasional weedy, wide backwaters off the main channel that we passed, and had avoided them because they were so weedy, but maybe that's where the big muskies were. So we paddled up into one of them. I had rigged up a Superfluke to fish in the weeds. And those weeds were absolutely full of smallmouth! I caught a bunch of decent ones, 15-17 inchers. It was the last backwater before the end of the trip, but I was sure mad that I hadn't tried any of the others we passed.
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    Memories of Canada 🇨🇦

    In the 1960's, my father took me to Rough Rock lake two times. Before that we had fished twice on Rainy River, and once on the English River. On four of those trips we had the same guide, Charlie Fisher. I hooked a Muskie on Rough Rock, but I was eleven and did not land him. The last trip to Rough Rock, I skipped an invitation to go to a concert called Woodstock. I made the right choice. Great fish! Wonderful memories.
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    tv tom

    Boats - Legend and Skeeter

    i also believed morris shut down legend ive always had rangers til i bought a skeeter fx 225 a month ago=i ruled out all boats johnny morris had anything to do with. ranger no longer has customer service. skeeter is much better built. i broke light weight axle on last two rangers. this trailer is much heavier constructed . ride is dry and smooth . like it so far.. ive had 5 other yamahas. four of which have been four strokes. i have not had hummingbirds before as this boat has. I really like them. many features i like. You can check their website for details. i have not had it long enough to be an expert . But so far so good and service beats the tar out of the Ranger of today
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    I was thinking Area 51 and @Terrierman was going all Fox Mulder on us because he wants to believe !
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    25hp Johnson jet

    That didn't take long. Motor is sold again, assuming the buyer shows up with some cash.
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