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    February 16, Big M area

    My first time out since January 31, either because of bad weather or stuff going on in life, I haven't had an opportunity to get out until today. Nice morning, little to no breeze, temps started out at around 32 and gradually warmed up to the mid 50's. Water temp was 44-46 with a bit of a stain. Launched about 0700 and started fishing a long rocky underwater ledge working a 110 +1. Fished it for 30 minutes or so, caught a couple of 14" spots on the +1, but as I was fishing I was watching the depth finder and seeing a bass on the bottom here and there. Just wasn't catching them fast enough on the JB, so fell back on the Ned rig. First cast on the Ned, I caught a keeper spot. Thought I was on to some hot fishing with it, but it wasn't hot, however there were bites to be had. Worked the rock ledges, points and chunk banks, in the 20-30 foot range, and caught another 13 bass on the Ned, with 8 of them being keepers. A couple of them were really solid spots. Used a black Nutech crappie jig for my Ned rig, I have been using a chartreuse head last month and felt it gave me a better chance at catching smallies. And I did not catch a smallie today on the black head, did catch a mean mouth, but maybe there is something to smallies liking that chartreuse head. Guess I will have to continue with my 'research'. Lots of people fishing today, 8 rigs in the Big M lot when I left and lots of boats running up and down the channel.
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    Mitch f

    6.3 Smallmouth today

    Caught in the Meramec by Jeff Shultz. This is the fish of a lifetime. Weighed in on tourney scales. They won with over 19 pounds.
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    Report 2-11-20

    I got to take 2 of my sons with me today. We had a ball. It took about 45 min to find the fish but once we found them it was on. The schools were constantly moving around so trying to stay on top of them was a bit of a challenge. You had to be moving through them in order to get bit. They weren't keen on just jigging while sitting still. Live scope would sure be nice to be able to see which direction they moving. We all got a limit. Drop shotting minnows in 35 fow. One of my boys got a 14 ½" crappie and the other landed a 12 ¼" perch. I'm gonna send in for a Master Angler certificate for my son's perch. It was a dandy. Good times with the boys!
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    2/11 Crappie

    First off I want to thank those of you who stopped by the Fin & Feather booth this weekend to introduce yourself, sure was nice putting some names to faces! Went out this morning and ended up with a couple of nice limits of crappie, still finding them in 25 to 40 feet of water on jigs. Surprisingly the water temps are holding at 41°, overall it was a very quiet but productive day on the water. Tight & Thumping Lines!! 🎣
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    Aircraft buzzing the lake

    should be easy for officials to find then. this summer we had a crop duster flying underneath power lines and crossing 112. got pics and his numbers and called the faa. do not know what they did with whoever was doing the flying. my neighbor the state park ranger witnessed it too. this bozo broke a lot of laws. too close to power line, let alone going underneath, too close to hwy. , too close to houses, and spraying too close to houses without notification of doing so. i was kind of wanting to deflate his tires🤬. kind of like someone flying a drone around your house. i am getting to be an old cranky feller. wait, i've always been that way😀. bo
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    Custom painting lures

    All ready for their new home !
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    Ryan Miloshewski

    Taneycomo 2/8-2/9

    After the floodgates opened, I decided to come down and fish Saturday. It was tough in the morning, but once the sun went down it was lights out. Morning: started out throwing a 110+1 in Elegy Bone from Lookout to the Narrows. Had two fish on, one being a really big brown. Came out and swiped at the bait but only got hooked slightly and spit it in one head shake. So it goes. The other was a 15-inch rainbow. Tried dragging Bomber Fat Free Fingerling in Pearl White but got nothing. Afternoon: After talking with Blake at Lilleys, he told me from Andy's through the Narrows he did really well dragging scuds and San Juans. So, I tandem-rigged a 14 tan scud and a big cerise San Juan. It was on. The key was to hit the very inside edge of the bank, as well as the seam before the drop off on the bluff side. I caught mostly small rainbows, but had two fish break me off that I know were nice fish. Never saw them, though. Sunday: Fished with Blake and Mark Konecnik from the cable through the Narrows. We were using Duane's signature series jerkbaits--the very small ones. 639 size. We had them on drift rigs and we caught quite a few. Blake boated a 20.5-inch brown in the early morning with Duane on a trip Mark hired him for. Just sitting and talking with Duane makes you realize just how in-tune he is with the trout. Pretty sure he sleeps with them. Well worth it to hire him just to get his baits, too! Everything else I normally use was not working, but the DDSS were rockin. Overall a good weekend, but I think it shows how the pressure and water conditions has changed the tactics and presentations needed to consistently catch nice fish. Adapt, improvise, overcome. Photos courtesy of Mark Konecnik. View full article
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    I posted on here before about how i think i i have the perfect river and lake boat. i ran all over the Meramec for year and ran in some super skinny water with no issues. Now i keep it at LOTO where i use it for all my bass and crappie fishing. Plus ran way up past the swinging bridge a couple of times. Also used it on the White river below Bullshoals dam and on Bullshoals, Table Rock and hauled it up to Canada to fish Rainy lake a couple times. Being an 1856 with the modified V and high sides it handles waves fairly well. And the 90/65 4 stroke is super quiet and i get decent gas mileage. Only downside (for some) is it is not a go fast boat by any stretch.
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    harper valley resort

    Don't know anything about the resort, but I hear the PTA over there is a bunch Harper Valley hypocrites! For the youngsters among us who may be scratching their heads at the above, please click here
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    Fished Joe Bass today and team to the dam to start my day. 2 good keepers on first spot. Then it went dry for a spell. Finally caught another keeper in long creek. Caught 2 more for my limit back toward kimberling. Had 7 bites boated 6 of them with 5 being keepers. All came on jerkbait. 25 and change was first when I left big fish was 7.20. My 5 weighed 12.18. I was glad to have them. Good luck when you get to go.
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    What's Cooking?

    Wife brought home a couple hunk of Salmon yesterday, so I heated up the grill and laid down in of the mats, what ever they are made of, melted butter added garlic powder, ginger and lemon juice. Painted up the salmon pieces after I filleted off the skin. Shook on a little house seasoning, dill, mojo rub (citrus) and a bit of Old Bay. Smeared some of the butter on the smoking hit mat and laid the salmon on. The butter browed nicely and flipped them over. Thinner belly part done just right for mom, the thicker one nice and rare in the middle for wife and i. Wife added an asparagus risotto (I feel special just typing risotto), and some home made blue berry muffins. I can live like this.
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    Club Tournament: Big Indian

    Mega Bag was brought in today 24.12lbs won our derby today. 6.68 was big fish. Yours truly only caught 2 keepers today. Fought the moss cranking. Caught 8 fish all Kentucky's. Weights fell after the big bag. 13 lbs was 2nd and 3rd.
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    If it was YOUR group there'd probably be 1 opioid overdose, 3 that are homesick and upset about phone service, 1 taken to the nearest ER to remove a Hotwheel from his rectum, and 3 not eating with the others because they are vegan. 😂
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    Bill Babler

    Club Tournament: Big Indian

    Just got word in on some others locals just out flinging that did well yesterday. I guess from Shell Knob to Campbell Pt. was excellent on a jerk bait and A-rig One of the locals out of Joplin and yes that would be local as he fishes several times a week here had a nice 18 pound bag, with fish being up on the transitions. Said he had a great 6 lb. kicker on the jerker. More on the jerk bait than the rig, but it was also worth throwing. Would fish the transition with either the jerker or the rig and then redue with the other bait. On another note they don't want the jerk bait dead slow, you can hop it. bump, bump, bump let it sit for a second or two and then rewash. Also a good buddy out of Indian Point caught them using his Livescope. 25 keepers that he thought the best 5 would go a solid 15 lbs. Said they were deep 45' to 60' all on a grub. Said on one location, the entire bottom just lifted. Said he saw everyone he caught eat it and lots that didn't. He was using a 3/8th. head on a Keitech 3.2 and just fishing it vertical. Thought he was going to A-rig them but got on the deep bite and could not leave it. Said he weighed lots of 2.75 pound K's. Both guys said very few short fish, most were solid keeps. Good Luck
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    First Lunker Trout of 2020

    Lunker # 10 for the year, only 90 more to go.
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    Pottery Trout

    So a week or so ago we took my little one to a pottery place to paint some ceramics for her birthday. Since I'm a little ate up with chasing trout I grabbed a plate and started painting a fish... I'm a novice for sure, and painting in layers with glaze was a bit challenging, but I used our little Colorado cutts as a guide and used Duane's method he uses to paint his jerks to come up with a rendition that I can now eat my fish off of lol
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    Some SOB abandoned a dog at my place

    Im sure this is the scenario. Because the video does not show them taking the dog out of the truck they have no proof they dumped it. and your point about the excuse is enough to make this whole thing a get dismissed. At the end of the day I have contacted the folks that have her. I plan on contributing to her vet bill. Shes about 8 months old and is in heat she is getting spayed. I guess she is pretty well trained, she listens, sits stays etc which will help homing her if they don't keep her.
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    Yes. I just bought one. I am just learning how to use it. I used it last week on Stockton . I couldn't find any walleye but was cruising trying to find shad balls. Never did find any but saw some under water trees on my lowrance and decided to get the livescope out. Started seeing some fish swimming around the trees drop a jig and crawler down to them and low and behold boom. Saw him hit the jig. They were catfish. Not what we were looking for but cool anyways. Next drop saw a fish suspended about 6 ft from the bottom in 30ft of water. Could follow my jig down when it got to the fishes level flipped my bail and half a second later there he was. Another catfish. Ended up catching 4 in short order. It was really eye opening although nit what we were after but would have never even fished in that spot with out it. I am very excited about getting to learn it. I think it will be a great tool.
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    Cast iron

    One of the best things for your cast iron is using it. The more you use it the better the seasoning will become. I'm not just talking stovetop here but baking. Cornbread, cookies, cakes etc. is good forming a carbon layer. Today we did Bierocks in a couple skillets. One skillet is a circa 1924 Wagnerware 14 inch beauty. The largest in our collection and most likely the highest price collector value. Dough made with two raises. In between the filling was made which included ground venison , cabbage , sauerkraut and various herbs and spices. Dough then separated and rolled out. Filling and then wrapped in a neat round package. Egg washed and topped with whatever you want. Today it was poppy seed, celery seed and serrano smoked salt. Popped into a 350 degree oven until done. What a wonderful day and meal, BilletHead
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    HAHA, good strategy. You: "I sure wish I could get a new boat!" Wife: "Honey, so do I, but you really don't need one, you have a perfectly good boat now." You: "Well I could probably get by if I just had one of those Livescope things." (Said while shedding a few fake tears). Wife: "Oh, I can't stand to see you suffer, we'll get you that Livescope thing."
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    Cameron Gillespie

    2/8 Report

    Pretty much stayed in the C&R area by the dam all day. Water has been a steady 7 units approx for a while and yesterday was no different. Had probably my best day for stud rainbows ever, caught a couple of decent browns, and a few cutts. Caught a decent smallmouth up there, but the bonus of the day was a 8.03 lbs walleye. Caught everything on D2 and Zig Jigs.
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    Well glad to see Harvey Horne finished in the money, last year, his rookie year, was a tough one for him. I'm dead last in our league, very aggravating, I don't even know why I am typing right now, the heck with it, time to feed the dog.
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    Some SOB abandoned a dog at my place

    Update: Got a call from the Detective. Yes the dog is being well cared for and will be chipped. They (her rescuers) may adopt her out or keep her. The believe they have the person in the video... Just gave the officer more info (the folks that dumped her put out food). Apparently there was a big stink made on Facebook (thanks to whoever put up the video) apparently tips rolled in once that video of the truck was put out there. Sounds like they took off the chrome bed rails to possibly hide their match. I'm guessing they saw the video too. I plan on meeting up with the detective and the neighbor that got the dog when I come down. - Thats it for now. Sounds like a good outcome for the pup!
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    Mitch f

    6.3 Smallmouth today

    Another angle pic
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    Too nice not to try it

    Cabin fever got the best of me today. I put the jon boat in at the old bridge pillars below Aldrich. It went about as well as I figured it would, lots of casting and no bites. The guys in the boat next to me did catch 2 little whites. On a bright note there is plenty of water for them to run all the way to 215 if they want to right now. It felt great to be casting a line again, can't wait to try it again in a few weeks!
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    What's Cooking?

    We had guests tonight. Roast, roasted root veg, and sauteed spinach. I also served a chocolate mousse, but I did not take a picture.
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    Would This Be Appropriate?

    Thanks for rendering a free legal opinion, fishinwrench, Esq. I'll print this off and carry it in my wallet.
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    I need to start prefishing. This is basically my Bassmaster Classic lol
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    Just funny stuff

    The day after his wife disappeared in a kayaking accident, a Claddaghduff, Ireland man answered his door to find a grim-faced Constable waiting in the front yard. "We're sorry, Mr. O' Flynn, but we have some information about your dear wife, Maureen" said one of the officers. "Tell me! Did you find her?" Michael Patrick O'Flynn asked. The constables looked at each other and one said, "We have some bad news, some good news, and some really great news. Which would you like to hear first? "Fearing the worst, Mr. O' Flynn said, "Give me the bad news first." The constable said, "I'm sorry to tell you, sir, but early this morning we found your poor wife's body in the bay." "Lord sufferin' Jesus and Holy Mother of God!" exclaimed O' Flynn. Swallowing hard, he asked, "What could possibly be the good news?" The constable continued, "When we pulled the late, departed poor Maureen up, she had 12 of the best-looking Atlantic lobsters that you have ever seen clinging to her. Haven't seen lobsters like that since the 1960's, and we feel you are entitled to a share in the catch." Stunned, Mr. O' Flynn demanded, "Glory be to God, if that's the good news, then what's the really great news? "The constable replied, "We're gonna pull her up again tomorrow."
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    Custom painting lures

    Dabbled a little with a new pattern , I love the spots on this . Gives the bait a little more depth and realism
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    Bill Babler

    One Cold Morning at the Lodge

    Wood Peckers are still here. Robins have vacated. Had an accident yesterday with one of the Peckers, as he hit the french door at full tilt. Somewhat stunned but he took back off after about 30 minutes of head clearing time. I simply cannot keep the feeders full. Going to have to get a part time job at TSC to keep in bird feed.
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    Cast iron

    Ask and you shall receive Rick. The before pics. Did not get inside but let me tell you it is as slick as glass. This when done is going to be quite a transformation.
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    Almost time...

    Have you tried Viagra?
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    Favorite Movie Quote?

    'What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?'
  35. 4 points

    Favorite Movie Quote?

    Just watched this one the other night: 'Nice beaver.' 'Thanks, I just had it stuffed.'
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    I've bailed my older kids out a couple times. No problems, they settled up when they said they would. Sometimes when you're just starting out, things happen and you need a little help.
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    6.3 Smallmouth today

    The abundance of shad on the Gasconade last year helped fatten up the smallmouth like I've never seen before. There were a lot of 3+ smallmouth caught and several over 4. Quite a few 20+" fish were weighed in throughout the year, but a few were the typical skinny summer fish that didn't make the 4lbs mark. I'm not sure if it had an affect or not, but there was essentially zero gigging done the previous fall/winter. There wasn't much gigging done this year either overall. I'll be curious to see if the trend of nice smallmouth continues. What's weird is that even though the smallmouth seemed to be doing extremely well, the largemouth fishing sucked. There were zero largemouth over 3lbs caught all last season on the Gasconade that I am aware of. There are usually quite a few 3s caught and a few that break 4. This was a 21 incher that weighed 3.45. The big one in this picture weighed 4.22. This one was 4.05 and not quite 19". Probably the fattest river small mouth I've ever seen. Those boys followed that one up with a 4.60 the very next weekend!
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    To each their own, but spending a day figuring out the bite on one river, then moving to a whole different river for the next day seems more like a sight-seeing trip than a fishing trip. You'll get dialed in better, catch more fish, eat better/sleep better, and reduce the chaos factor by 96% if you pick one river and stay with it both days. Save the other river for another trip. With 8 guys you're gonna have at least 2 that get stone blind drunk, 1 that falls and gets injured, 2 that tempt hypothermia, 2 broken rods, and at least 1 that comes down with the Kung flu and is puking every 3 hours. Best to keep the trip more simple IMO.
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    Chief Grey Bear

    6.3 Smallmouth today

    I do that myself.
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    Would This Be Appropriate?

    Not sure. But I'm not a good judge in these matters. I was almost 30 before someone let me no it was inappropriate to try to get a date at family reunions.
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    Not My Party

    Took my 13 year old last year for a float. We caught some fish and saw some boobies. He really doesn’t like to fish much, but wants to go back.
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    6.3 Smallmouth today

    I would be proud of the smaller one he is holding.
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    I did some nosing around after posting what we were told. Seems like states are different in the laws. Some say various degrees of misdemeanors but all say felony if trespass causes injury or death. I like you used to hunt rabbits all the time along the railroad. We had some strip pits along tracks. Steep high sides. We would shoot the bunnies as they ran up the hill. They would roll back down under the fence right at our feet.
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    Almost time...

    I thought that was oneshot. But sometimes its hard to tell the difference so you might be right.
  45. 3 points

    Almost time...

    From the book "Fishing Mythologies"
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    Favorite Movie Quote?

    I tired to get my kids to watch Blazing Saddles. The language was just too much for them -- they bailed after about 10 minutes. I get that. It was controversial at the time, but just doesn't work with the way things are today very well. 'More beans, Mr. Taggert?' 'And now for my impression of Jesse Owens.' 'Somebody better go back and get a sh*tload of dimes.' I fished the NFOW with Brian Wise once, and we came to the gate that blocked nothing above one of the access points. I instinctively said that and he laughed. I gained some respect for that young punk right there
  47. 3 points
    I am an old soul so "Of all the gin joints in all the world, she walks into mine" is a great one, too.
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    Problem with the Videos section

    Some days I'll stream golf, Bass or MLF and have plans on 2 monitors, my drawing in progress on another and still room for OAF. I have another PC by my living room ez chair. Wife also has a PC and a tablet.
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    6.3 Smallmouth today

    Fish will vary in weight throughout the year. They never get shorter. If it was caught in late april/May, it would weigh considerably less after spawning. The fact that he caught a 22.5" is just as impressive as the weight to me. Northern strain smallmouth never seem to get much longer than 23" from what I have seen, and most of the 8 and 9 lbers from the great lakes fish are 22-23" grouper shaped fish. Tennessee strain smallies can get to the 24-25" range and are longer and leaner compared to northern strain smallies.
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    6.3 Smallmouth today

    The Meramec has been really showing out the past few years. It has been producing a lot better quslity largemouth than the gasconade as well during the summer tournaments. Today must have just been a perfect storm because I think Corey said there were at least 5 smallies over 4# weighed in today. One weighed 5.25#. Could you imagine weighing a 5.25# smallie and still losing out on big fish by over a pound! That 6.40 surely has to be one of the biggest smallmouth ever landed on an Ozark stream. No surprise who it was caught by either. I’m not sure if this is the heaviest limit caught by him either. Schuktz and McMillen weighed in around 20# in a summer evening tourney at Sand Ford years ago too.
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