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    Played around before the snow

    I went and played around at a spot I have never fished. The Tackle HD Big Craw always seems to produce for me. 6 fish in about 55 minutes 15 inches and better with a 3.7 and a 3.1, then back to the office to deal with all the claims coming in hahaha. 2019 off to a nice start 🙂
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    birthday trip

    got today to spend my birthday doing what i love and that is fishing. despite the high winds, i caught a bunch of them today. around a dozen keepers, and most were fat k's. the other day, one that i caught on a tube spit up a crawdad and it was a dead match for our bluegill skirt. so, today, i used a 3/8 GrassJig with a buzzcut bluegill skirt and trimmed down a small chunk type trailer and it seemed to be the ticket. bites were from 10 to 20 ft. caught them on bluff ledges and also out on gravel chunk mixture. for area, i will just say that no one seems to want to fish where i have been fishing. have not seen any boats at all. one thing that i will say about another clue you need to look for before just fishing some where, and that is there needs to be the presence of shad nearby. if you do not see any bait hanging around close, you need to just move on until you see some. bo
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    Hog Wally

    Winter Smallies

    I absolutely love river fishing in the snow! Caught 5 at my first stop from my ramp. The heavy cloud cover had em roaming away from the cover and very active for 40 degree water.
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    Are you prepared ?

    Would be a great day to camp on the river!
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    D.W. Verts

    Your first fish of 2019

    January 7th, 6-03-
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    Cape Fair 1/8/19

    .Put in at Cape around 8 ran up the river above Pt 15. Fished up to Carr's. We had a couple of crappie and 13 bass. The bite got real slow as the wind got stronger. We worked our way down river all the way to JL Hollow where I got one on an A rig. Of the 14 bass 6 were keepers (4 brown fish and 2 spots). 2 of the brownies were over 3#. Jigs were the beat bait of the day. We saw water temps from 48° to 54°. Water was pretty clear up river. Clearer than below Wooly.
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    January 8, Big M area

    Not a whole lot going on, I had exactly 2 bites, one was a keeper sized LM, and the other was a 14" spot. That's in about 5 hours of fishing. LM came on a Z-Man craw and the spot on a Ned rig. Wind was hooting which made the finesse fishing challenging. Threw some cranks for a while, but no luck on them. Water color looks good, nice green stain. WT 46. Did not see a single fishing boat today. Don't know if I have ever fished a day on the Rock and not seen at least a boat or two. That tells me that it is tough on this end of the lake. I might have to buy some of those ice jigs. Or wait for spring.
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    Your first fish of 2019

    Caught this girl on the 8th in Matagorda Texas. Little golf course pond. Was a great start for 2019!!
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    Are you prepared ?

    Ended up with about 12" here in Kirkwood maybe a little more since this picture is from about 8am this morning. I measured our yard around 3:30pm after the light rain and sleet knocked it down a bit and it measured 9". Made for some great snowman and snowball snow with how wet it was.
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    Are you prepared ?

    Think the girls did a great job on Frostenne! Had a nice fire last night. Might do again.
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    January 10, Big M area

    Went out a little later today, it being a cold morning, I think I started about 0930 and fished until 3:30. Fishing was a little better today than last time out. Found some spotted bass on a bluff wall that were hanging around shad. Not a lot of them, but picked up a few dragging the ned rig off the bluff, and picked up a few down 40-45 feet fishing a 3/16 oz white Zig Jig vertically. Bounced around to a couple of points and chunk rock banks and picked up a fish here and there on the ned, usually they were in 10-20 FOW. Ended up with a dozen, all spots except for one meanmouth. WT 45-46.
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    Are you prepared ?

    Of course its a chicken😁. Did this instead of cleaning the driveway😌.
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    January 6 Upper End Report

    But you recovered......right?
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    Your first fish of 2019

    I have yet to catch a big fish in 2019, but I have a good variety going. Crappie, largemouth, smallmouth , goggle eye, rainbow, and redhorse sucker.
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    Are you prepared ?

    Penelope Picklenose!
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    Are you prepared ?

    I got to work about 530a and still no hint of the devil's dandruff. Told the service guys to clear me a spot in the shop. Heated and has a trench drain. The boss doesn't clean off his vehicle. I let it melt off. The Patmobile will be a balmy 68* when I depart for home this evening. Here's proof. I'm lazy, brought her inside early in the day so I didn't have to break out the squeegee and air movers.
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    January 10, Big M area

    i had to get out again today with the bad weather coming in. was a slower bite than yesterday. bit we managed 7 keeps and one nice walter. the keeps were 4 lmgs, and the k's. 10 to 20 ft. baits were still the same two that i caught them on yesterday. bo
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    That was Bill Beck's memorial tournament. No A-rig. Fished by several of the Pro's on the New Bass Pro tour. 2 bags in the low 15's and then 13.5. We only had 11.91 but one of them was a 6 pounder and we got big bass. I caught it on a drop shot with a gulp minnow at 70' on the bottom.
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    What's Cooking?

    Nice sized orange roughy filets seasoned with dill and lemon pepper baked with a little bread crumb coating, roasted carrots with a maple syrup glaze and steamed broccoli. Served with a can of wine received at Christmas.
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    Mercury starting issues

    Fishwrench to the rescue. Drove to his shop this morning, turned out to be a loose connection and maybe a sticking part. Anyway, I'm back in business, thanks Wrench!
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    Due to strong winds yesterday I searched a few creeks for deep fish and found nothing. I did not get a bite. This morning I fished the main lake and had approx 15 keepers and 40 fish total. Nothing big, but a good morning. With decent air temps, I was able to handle the steady northwest wind. I stayed in 40-60 flow all morning. Fished the ice jig. I normally like to mix in the 4 inch yamamoto grub, but the fish will not bite it. Perhaps the water temp needs to drop a few degrees. I did catch a few decent LM on a 3inch swimbait at daylight. I fan cast the swimbait as i search for the deep fish. There were plenty of fish i n the 15-25 ft range over deep water. I can catch a few of these fish on a swimbait at daylight.
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    Are you prepared ?

    I took mine to the office today. She's scared of the bluegill in the aquarium and keeps barking at the bass hanging on the wall.
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    My crocs have more arch support but they are very similar. For instance, everyone wearing them looks like an idiot...
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    Yep, high water does wonders for these fisheries. We try to tell everyone to enjoy these good times because at some point the high water could/will stop. This will result in these fisheries reverting back to how they were in late 90's and early 2000's when winter and spring tournaments were won with 10-11 pounds. Same goes for Crappie and Walleye too.
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    January 6 Upper End Report

    I agree Dan. My federal prison therapist says I am doing much better, and the medication is helping to keep me under control...

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