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    Grandpas ol' hand me down.

    Get a little sentimental this time of year during rifle season. Although I never had the pleasure of getting to hunt with my grandfather in person I know hes with me in spirit. After his funeral years ago my father called me back to grandpas bedroom and handed me a old faux leather hard case said said my grandfather wanted me to have it. I opened the case and inside was his hunting rifle, a J.C. Higgins Model 50 30-.06 bolt action rifle with the original Weaver 3x9 scope. Attached to the side was and still is his name that he made with a label maker and will remain as long as I have the gun in my possession. Although I havent killed many deer with it, dad said grandpa has killed 50 plus white tails and at least 2 elk from California to Colorado with it, I'm still using it and so far everything I have shot with it has dropped since I've owned it, 4 whitetails, 4 coyotes, and 2 bobcats. Nothing pretty to look at and may not be a tack driver but reliable and goes bang everytime I pull trigger (when loaded).
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    Funny Meme

    That's a great cartoon, PDF or not 😄
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    Secrets are no fun!

    I was gonna keep this a secret, but what fun is that? So here ya go......The 9mm Wrench The fuzzy head, the Pearl tinsel rib, and the antron fibers hanging back are the key elements (along with the size - 9mm) Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 😊
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    Sore Thumbs

    Big M area 11/7

    Jig bite turned on at Beaver today. Fished the winter series tournament today. Had 13.25 six fish limit with a 4.09 kicker. All came on the jig. Got second place and $573 bucks. I’ll take it. No crankbait bite yet. Did catch one one a jerkbait early and a Striper on a drop shot. Ha
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    Coming to a water near you

    Isn't there a convoy with a couple of thousand Honduran bow fishermen headed our way?
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    Thank you Veterans

    The BilletHead's want to that all of the Veterans for their service. We live in a great country and you all are part of that equation, The BilletHead's
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    Fall Redear sunfish

    Since last April I've been having a blast fishing for Redear and other sunfish using small jigs and ultra ultralight tackle. My 7 foot Shimano Soare weighs 2.4 oz matched with a Stella C2000S reel and 2lb test. This year I've caught almost 50 master angler Redear from 10-13 inches as well as bass, bluegill, channel cats and several large crappie using this tackle. It slowed down during the summer but starting to catch them again this fall. Picture is of the first Redear of the fall, right at 11 inches. Really looking forward to the cooler weather, weeds are making it harder on me.
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    I'd rather work on trailer lights than sit in a hot tub on a cold day. Dang those things can be a PIA. I need a beer.
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    No deer for me but it wasn't for the lack of opportunity just havent see the "One" yet. Highlight of the weekend for me was being there for and helping a buddy when he shot his buck Saturday monring. Oh and the hot tea and "crumpets" oatmeal snack cake was pretty good too ;).
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    I've hit golf balls that if i'd wrapped them in bacon Lassie couldn't find them.
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    It was a great opening weekend for us. Me and a buddy sat dark to almost dark (had to track deer) Saturday and saw over 30 deer. Movement was great all day long. Mostly fawns and young bucks chasing does. I shot a young doe and a nice 4.5 year old 8 pointer and my buddy got a large doe. Dad was hunting on the south end of the property and saw 25 deer himself and shot a large doe that evening. On Sunday morning, dad hunted the same spot and shot a 3.5 year old buck shortly after 7. We didn't sit all day, but saw 9 deer Sunday morning and passed on a few nice does. That evening was more of the same with does and small bucks till 4:30. Four slick heads busted up on to the field 300 yards away to the north followed by what looked like a really tall racked buck. He was chasing them hard and with little time to react, my buddy took the first crack at him when stopped. It ended up being an awesome 2.5 year old up and come. We were doing our best to avoid shooting 2.5 year olds, but this one really fooled us due to his smaller body. He looked huge 200 yards away chasing those does! Oh well, it was still an extremely exciting hunt! I've got one more firearm antlerless tag left for my county so I may go out and try to fill it this weekend just to get back out there. I'm sure I will see an freakin monster since I have no buck tag.
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    I love Bull Shoals. My deep affection for Bull blinds me to the quality of Norfork. I am trying to work on this flaw. I have gradually come to realize that certain areas of Norfork warm quicker in Spring than my spots on Bull and cool quicker in the fall than BSL. Yesterday, Bret and I had the run of the place. Today was crowded. Mostly striper fishermen and Crappie fishermen I think, but lots and lots of boats. 😕 I got a late start today. I wasn’t really fishing until about 11:00. I ran around hunting and pecking. Learning and looking. I wasn’t catching much, but I was having fun. I went north. Way north. I idled way up. I caught a small White Bass and while I was fighting him in a big Largemouth came up and hit him. I stayed in the area and my little rod loaded. I think the same LMB that hit the fish ate my swimbait. Nice fighting fish. I found a stretch of bluff that was loaded with smaller fish and sore mouthed a bunch with the Ned. A few keeper Spots, but not many. I tried to find some Crappie to no avail. I ran to a few spots I knew and they were covered up with boats. So I ran way up the other creek and then I idled further until it got too shallow to idle. Shallow dirty water and Shad ! Wind had come up and I tied on a spinnerbait and started burning. I missed a few bites, but I started connecting. Hard Strikes! I think my arms are longer now. Most were good chunks, but only a few keepers. I burned thru the fish that would eat a blade, but stumbled into another group that WANTED a square bill. I throughly worked a small area and caught 16 bass in a very short period of time. Final count was 51 fish in 5 3/4 hours of fishing. Likely the best SB and square bill bite I have ever experienced. I had a long slow idle out and then a fast run to the ramp to beat darkness. Awesome Day.
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    Fishing the opening, 11/9

    Kinda like a guy I saw with a stick digging around in a porta jon once. I asked him what he dropped and he said he dropped his jacket in there. I told him I would give him a jacket and to let it go. He said screw the jacket!! My ham sandwich is in the pocket.......🤢
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    opening week

    Hunted the past 8 days straight. Saw lots of Gadwall opening weekend but, their numbers have been dropping since Tuesday. Good news is Mallards have been taking their place. Fought with 18 degree temps and 1/4-3/8" ice this morning. I need sleep! Taking the day off tomorrow to cook some duck chili and duck stew. We'll be back at it Monday, got another front coming.
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    What's Cooking?

    If you saw the small game thread, I scored on some fine Missouri wild groceries as @BilletHead would say. Didn't make any dishes with them back in MO, so now it was time to prep some dishes here in Maryland. I wanted to try a recipe from Hank Shaw's new cookbook - Hare Bilbao except it was with squirrel instead of hare. I soaked the squirrel pieces overnight in a nice red wine. We soaked a bunch of the dried hen of the woods mushrooms that we found earlier this fall. Saved the liquid from the mushrooms. Finely minced onion, the mushrooms, and garlic. Browned the squirrel pieces and set them aside. Cooked the mushroom and onion mixture until slightly browned, then added squirrel back into the dutch oven. I added a mixture of dried thyme, chopped fresh rosemary from the garden and smoked paprika. Once the herbs and spices were warmed, I added a cup of the marinade wine, beef stock, and the mushroom liquid I added shredded tart apple then cooked it on a simmer for about 90 minutes. I added a little bit more mushroom liquid and added peeled pearl onions and cooked for another 30 minutes. Once the meat was falling off the bone, I added ground/chopped almonds and unsweetened chocolate. Served it over mashed potatoes.
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    What's Cooking?

    Had the day off and figured I’d hit some local public ground where I’ve found quail in past years. Cold, windy and snowy here but I wasn’t deterred. Roads were really crappy, but we made it. Well, we found the quail in about 5 minutes...but they all flew away! 😄 Oh well, there’s always ham and navy bean soup! Plus cornbread with a little butter and molasses. Me likely!
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    Fishing the opening, 11/9

    Gives a whole new meaning to having a crappy signal, BilletHead
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    Jerkbait bite

    May be a little early yet...I was there on Thursday last week and water temp on mainlake was still 57 deg. The spinnerbait bite is just getting started though....got on the right bank with some wind and had 3 keepers in short order right off the bank. Plan to go one day this week and throw a spinnerbait all day!!
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    Secrets are no fun!

    There's not a post office within my 5 county area that I would trust with these. More precious than diamonds 🤗 So you'll have to meet me on the stream bank and make me a sandwich.
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    People get far too careless with firearms. It blows my mind. Heck, I got mad at myself when my rifle slid on my back a bit and pointed towards my buddy for a split second as we were getting ready to get down out of the blind. The gun was unloaded and the safety was on, but the #1 rule is always point the muzzle in a safe direction. Even if the gun goes off, you won't hit anybody if it isn't pointing towards anything that can be hurt in the first place.
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    I learned a long time ago if you leave it in Fozzy's shop he can't stand it and has to clean it. Works with trucks also.
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    Jerkbait bite

    To All, Concerning the Jerk Baits............. they all work............... suspending is suspending..... and floating is floating.............. Your line type and lure type combo has a lot to do with it......... Fluoro./ Mono etc. .... I have a pretty big selection of Jerk Baits, but no Megabass. I have consistently out-fished my partners with the cheaper ones. Concerning the 40 degree water............ fish are cold blooded............. they get REALLY LETHARGIC when the water is really cold. Try to find them on ledges and drop offs instead of suspended in the tree tops.......... and then go after them with a Jig. If you find a good group of them you will catch them all winter. Watermelon Red Craws when the water is clear............... drab browns and drab greens when it is not so clear. Take it from an old guy that winter fishes extensively...... and don't expect to feel much of a bite on those really cold water days. Walcrabass
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    Christened a new deer hunter this weekend. Took my younger brother to Mark Twain Sunday morning, heard about some big deer but we only crossed paths with does that didn't present a shot but this 4 pointer that did. Came in on a string to a rattle bag...drag out wasn't fun....next time we go there we will take packs or a packout cart.
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Coming to a water near you

    Fixed it for ya....
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    I have literally done 100's of boats and thousands of car interiors. If you have older carpet, do NOT use a power washer. Power washers can harm your carpet very quickly. Here are my steps: For the worst spots: Use undiluted simple green and carpet cleaner on the bad spots. Scrub these with a stiff tire brush and very little water. Wipe up the water or you can vaccume the water as you do it. Continue to add water and scrub these spots until the water is clear. Then apply a carpet cleaner (like resolve heavy traffic) and scrub in if you like with a brush over th entire boat. Then wash the cleaner out with a gentle stream of water until all the soap is gone. To finish ( and most importantly), vaccume the boat with wet dry vac. Do this until you remove all the water you can with the vaccume. On the last pass with the vaccume, hold it down firm and go against the grain of the carpet. This allows the carpet to fully dry. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.

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