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    Big Girls

    Caught em good today! Covering lots of water and chasing the wind. Cranks and blades in 6-10 ft. Nice to see some quality come out of the Rock again. Haven’t been posting, but this day was worth sharing. 18# with those three, 23 overall. Good luck Want to add this. My dad was buried 8 years ago on this day. Just want to say publicly that I miss ya and want to thank you for taking the time to take me fishing. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Not even sure where to start with this... Some of you know I posted an unspoken prayer request on 1/8. A few know the specifics. Well, these are the basic details. In December my wife had a flare up of headaches and dizziness. Nothing super alarming, especially for a pharmacist in winter. Then on 1/2 she woke up with double vision. A week later she was having surgery to remove a brain tumor. You probably won't hear a lot of folks say "Hallelujah! My wife is having brain surgery!" But I did. We did. Because it wasn't inoperable, which it certainly could have been. God is good. Never doubt it. The pathology report really hit us for a couple of weeks. All we knew for certain was that it wasn't the always benign tissue they expected based on the MRI. Local pathology wanted extra eyes on it, sent it out, to Mayo as it happened. Both identified it as a different type, but also benign. Requires a little more watchfulness on everyone's part, but still a good prognosis. Did I mention that God is good? Overall she's doing very well, just in the middle of a long recovery. She's struggling with some double vision, lot of possible causes, but none emergent or requiring intervention. We're hopeful that it will resolve, but realistic about the possibility it might not. Compared to how things might have gone, she is so very fortunate. God does not forsake His own. Throughout, we have felt surrounded by the prayers of faith filled folks, many from the members here. It was like a wall was built around us, around our family. We lived on prayer and faith. Can't thank you enough. Not if we did it every minute. So I guess that covers the thanks, and the update. That leaves the jigs. We are obviously behind on everything from production to getting back to folks about orders. We're working on it, and we're getting there. For now, we're basically in a backorder situation. We're still trying to make both unpainted and painted jigs. At some point, it may be that we just have the unpainted available for a while. Painting is obviously the slowest part of the deal. I cleared some space in my inbox. My email is still the same, feel free to use it. Honestly, it's probably the easiest way to reach me currently. There's so much more to tell. About lessons learned. About friends. About faith. Would be happy to talk about it with anyone. Especially if you're struggling. Hope everyone has a great spring. "My" fish probably needed a year off anyway 😉.
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    Personal Best Smallie

    Hit the Meramec today. The last 3 weekends have been blown out due to high water, but before that - back in March, - we were really putting a hurt on 'em, numbers-wise. Which usually isn't the case this early in the Spring - at least for me and the people I fish with. With the weather decent, the river level and flow back to near normal, my buddy and were chomping at the bit to see if they were still in their haunts and active. Well, they weren't. We only caught 6 fish the entire day, but one of them was the freak below. I've been Ozark Smallie fishing for about 10 years and have never caught anything close to this, nor have I personally ever seen a another fish this size. 5.51 lbs on the Rapala digital scale. Didn't have a way to measure her length, so I am not going to take a guess. Beautiful, healthy, fat fish. She didn't have a mark on her, except on the top of her tail. Not sure what that could have been from. I could probably fish these rivers for the next 50 years and never catch another fish this big, so it was a very special moment! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Howdy all...

    We've been taking up space in the 417 for a week now, will get some fish info up in a bit. First...thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to pray for my wife Heather, and for our family. We cherish your prayers, and are still finding our strength in God. So many times, He was all we had to cling to. Overall, she's doing well, better than before surgery in many ways really, but it's been a rougher road than when I last posted anything. Right after that update, she developed multiple pulmonary embolisms, and we started treating those. That was just after Valentine's Day. Hopefully, that's about to come to a resolution, should know in a few weeks. About mid April her three month MRI came back showing something that still enhances. That's most likely residual tumor. We're in the process of trying to find out what the plan is for dealing with that. Many of you have been through something similar, and know that "unsettling" doesn't come close to describing it. It's been...rough. That covers it pretty well. Knowing it's a long process and being caught up in the process are different things. So jigs...we were almost up to speed on pouring jigs when the clot issue happened. That quite simply changed a lot of things. For now we're on what I would describe as a hiatus with the jigs. Just not going to spend hours over a hot pot when I might regret it later. If things work out well, we will be back at it, because the darn little things work. Girls just headed home this morning. On top of everything, in the middle of this our daughter made an AAU basketball team, and is in the process of applying to the Air Force Academy, and Annapolis. She leaves for an Air Force engineering camp in Colorado Springs in a couple of weeks. Basketball like crazy until then. Busy busy. When I say I love you all like family, please know that I mean it. This is a pic I wasn't sure would ever be taken...
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    White River Outfitters Guide Service 6-27-18 That's a pretty big chunk of water I just bit off, and I'm even going to sweeten the deal going up the James to point 12. The are biting and I mean they are biting like I have not seen in the past 10-15 yrs. Sometimes not as fast but 6 out of 7 days if you want to, you can catch fish. I'm saying if you " WILL" fish like the fish want it and fish where the fish are, its easy to catch them. I don't do it everyday, some days and with some people mostly seasoned fishermen we make it hard on ourselves. If I have novice fishermen they catch them easy. If you want to drop shot any soft plastic or swim a Keitech fish are available. If you want to power fish yes, you can be successful, but sometimes you have to work a bit more at it. Surface temps have dropped to 83 degree but they will pop back up this week. We have a complete solid thermocline at 26' lake wide. There are fish off the flats, fish off the bluffends and fish suspended and on just about every major channel swing either just off suspended or on the bottom at the 30' mark. Only part of the lake would be called Super Hard from Long Creek to Point 5 Probably decent at night, but from what the Big Cedar guides are saying its miserable. Of course all they are doing is live bait fishing at depth on the same locations. Over and over and over and over. From Point 1 to Point 5 the whites have been blowing in the flat cove mouths most mornings. Its over by 6:15 at the latest so you need to get out there. Buster Loving has cleaned a zillion whites the past 3 weeks in that area. After the whites go down he is headed to deep trees and catching LM, and K's' suspended out of the tops at the thermocline and off some of the gravel in that same 26' to 35' range the same as Bobby is. By the way big shout out to Bobby for keeping us very well informed on the dam area. Lets take a big stroll here and go from Point 5 to point 12 on the James and that's a lot of Aqua, but still the same bite, if you want it. As usual this time of the year lake sections of fish group or school after the spawn and try to regain some flesh back after all the debauchery. You can hit 5 runnouts and nothing and then the 6th. will be completely covered. Be careful with the CPR as I said these are lake sections of fish. One day they will be on one spot and the next day there gone to another or just out loafing over depth. Early this week Rick Lisek had a 3 person trip and used a Chompers WMC drop shot worm up the James and they had 93 bass in a 4 hr. trip. He said at least 20 keepers maybe more as they didn't measure. All at the above mentioned depth, caught on the bottom mostly on gravel long points and runs in that 30' depth, or up suspended off the bottom. Had one of my good friend and client Ed Shawbaker out this last week and had easy 40 on a jig on gravel 26' right on the money. We were not throwing at the bank we sat in 26' and turned the boat bow toward the bank and fished a full drag in that depth and doubled on several as I spoke of earlier they were hard to detect, but were eating like pigs. Next day we threw the flutter spoon with James Atwood. threw the big Lake Fork and the Dixie, and they just waxed either. James got sick about 1/2 way thru the morning but I'm guessing we had 25 at least all on the spoons prior to " The Big time Potty Break." Most all were LM and most all were keeps. Day before yesterday we fished from KC to just above Baxter and it was the same deal only I picked up a tip from Quill instead of drop shot we swam the Keitech thru the suspended fish, again at that same 26' mark and caught fish after fish, it was completely silly. Yesterday I fished from Viola to Big M and again swam the Keitech. I believe the guys said we had 80 total it was stupid. Most of the time swimming the Keitech boat is in 60' to 70' to target these fish holding in the 30' range, usually about 1/2 way back. I will tell you I could have sat on them with the drop shot, but this is way, way more fun, and the bite on a single location will last much longer when you pull them from the school and drop them away from the school instead of just pulling them straight up and then dropping them straight back to rat you out to their buddies. Trick is you have to go slow and fish it thru the correct depth. If your not getting bit, your reeling it to fast. Back to my Ole Buddy Bill Beck here " Are you fishing it, or are you throwing it out and reeling it in?" As usual I should have listened to Champ much more closely as he put me on a fantastic head for this. I'm using the 3/8th. Wareagle with a 3.3 inch Keitech. The shad are exactly this size. If I try and use a 1/4 most of my clients do not have the patients to let it get down. The 3/8 gets there quicker and maintains the depth at a more even level. Depth is the key on these suspended fish. Easy for the DS but hard throwing and casting. I'm also swimming it on a heaver rod with 8lb. Maxi as I need the backbone to get them stuck 6'9" Cara T7 spinning rod with a Shimano Stradic. Sweet combo for this application with the big jig head and the heaver line. Just a bit much for the Squirrel tail It really likes the 1/8 to 1/4 up to 5/16. Even a better rig for this is the Cara T7 Cranker spooled with 10 lb. InvizX but not a ton of my folks can throw a B. Caster. Here is the deal on that Wareagle, it has double bait holder/ keepers I still put a spot of glue on it and clip off that nasty light wire weed guard. We used 7 total swimbaits to catch that 80 fish. TOTAL. That in the day of the jelly for bellie Keitech is more than great, its fantastic. Here is another priceless tip. You have to net the fish you catch with the swimbait. If you try and swing them they will shake their heads so violently that they tear the swimbait to pieces so just net them and save yourself a buck a fish. Get out there and look around, you just never know what you'll find in the briny deep. Good Luck
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    I need to thank everyone here

    I hardly ever post anything, but Im on here a lot. My wife was diagnosed with early onset dementia 5 years ago. i haven't pickup a pole since then taking care of her is a full time job. now she's in a residential care facility getting close to the end. i buried my brother yesterday. all the post and pics helps me ease my mind for bit. So thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep those pics coming.
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    Thank you all for the nice words on here, yes I really did catch it on a Red Craw RC, and it was on the back side of wind blown brush piles and lay downs. Wasn’t throwing it in the piles directly. I’m a Cape fair fisherman mostly because that’s where I feel comfortable. I don’t fish very often because of work and family obligations but really like the format of the big bass tour, makes an average Joe like me have a chance at winning a Boat. I’m still in shock over the whole ordeal. Lots of different emotions that have gone through my head the past couple days. Basically it was all about being in the right place at the right time. And yeah I’m not gonna say exactly where I was because I like to fish in those areas on my off days and an occasional tournament if I can. But no joke, a RC, it’s my favorite lure and I was gonna ride and die with it both days, I don’t throw the Alabama rig because I don’t care for it, it wears me out too quickly. Ps. I do have two boats for sale. The one I won and a 2014 Z9 loaded. Don’t know what either are worth but they are for sale.
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    A Curious Pair on the Upper End

    I went out at 5:30 this morning hoping for a top water bite. In the first 90 minutes I caught two and neither were keepers. I switched to Ned fishing and promptly caught this: I put the flathead back. I went on to catch four bass with one a near keeper. Then I began trolling for walleye. Based on information I was given, I started trolling a wiggle wart 25 feet down. In an hour I caught one small bass. However I had noticed many suspended bait balls 10 to 15 feet deep. I also saw fish suspended just below the bait if there was timber present. I put on a Storm Smash Shad 6 in pearl and went looking for timber that topped out 10 to 15 feet down. I wound up at a community hole near Holiday Island. I let out 170 feet of PowerPro 10/2 braid to put the bait 15 feet down and trolled over the trees at 2 mph. I landed several bass and this 23 inch walleye. I call that a fun morning.
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    Outside of Saturday on Taney, I have been on the Rock the past week most everyday launching either out of Shell Knob or Baxter and fishing up to about Viney, which I see is now open for business. Surface temps are ranging from 84 degree early to 88 in the middle of the day or at least by 11 as that has been my quitting time most days. Traffic has not been a problem except for the Kids Camp at Twin Rivers. They are out pulling tubers before 6 am. One quick rant and then I'm on with the report. I'm going to blame them but if not I will say I'm sorry in advance. Last Thursday morning I was the first boat at the Shell Knob ramp and there were 8 spotted bass floating up and banging on the ramp. I should have carried them off but I didn't as my client got there while I was still in the mad mode. I'm sure it was the Wednesday night derby. After I got back from my trip around 10am there was someone taking photographs of them. Don't know who or what as they jumped in their car as I was still in my boat approaching the ramp. This made news or totally made someone else mad besides me. If I had a dollar for all the fish that has been killed on Wednesday night over the past 30 yrs. out of Shell Knob, I could retire. I have heard folks say they have gotten better, but last Thursday was an embarrassment if it was the tournament event on Wednesday night that killed those fish. Fish from Baxter to Viney Creek are still biting and its not hard to catch 30 to 50 on a guide trip with or without live bait. They are hitting a drop shot worm as well or even better at times than a crawler. Top bite is hit and miss but I'm catching them really well on a flutter spoon in the same places that usually hold top water fish. You can see most of these fish and they are at times pushing to the top and at times just holding at the thermocline between 20' and 30' suspended. I've been catching them by the dozen out in front of the big docks with at least 75' of water at the ends. Had 7 this morning off a deep dock and a NO Wake Bouy, including two 3 plus lb. LM. You can also catch them swimming a 3.3 Keitech right now the same place as the Flutter Spoon, and also off the long runouts up the White and Kings River. Also had a nice walter come in on the Keitech this morning, to client and friend Jack Swank. Further up the White you get the better the jig bite is. It is also really good from Baxter to Big Creek. Unlike Bo, I'm using a huge Nicholes Craw and catching big SM on it, along with some quality spots, Go Figure. Most of these fish are in the 18' to 25" dragging on the bottom, much like a C-Rig. Using either a 5/16 or 3/4 Pig Sticker FB jib in GP or Brown to do the damage. Best Craw color as been Texas Craw. Best top water has been the WP 110 in Loon, and the best color for the Keitech as been Pro blue Shiner. I'm also using either a 4" Yamamoto cut tail in Brown/Purple or a watermelon Chompers DSW. These fish seem to move everyday from location to location so If they are not where you left them yesterday, look on the next runnout. If I could think of any more information than that you would know more than I do. On the other hand knowing more than I do is still not all that much. Good Luck out there. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Bill Babler

    Sunday Fishing Report

    Fished the AIA as an alternate with good friend Don Gossett it was the kick off for Table Rock. After a 2.5 hour fog delay. We started to clear blue high pressure fishing. Surface temps started at 47 and by 4pm had reached 51 in the dam area Lots of the channel swing creek locations I had been fishing really muddied up but we managed 11.78 pounds. 2 of those came from clear water in the Kimberling area on a float-n-Fly. Both were 4 pounders. It was hard for lots of us, we only had 4 keepers and a total of only 6 fish. The other 4 were A-Rig fish. 86 boats in the derby and we came in 13th and got a decent little check. 20.44. Won it with second at 15.24. Out of the 86 boats 40 teams skunked so it was a very tough bite Most to all fish caught on a Rig, Swim Bait, Spoon or jig. However I have no idea how you could fish that jig as the moss and slime are terrible With the water warming this week and the lake color I expect to see some crank bait and spinner bait shallow as the water has risen over the moss line. Moss line is at 906 and the lake is now 916 with color so that should come into play pretty quick None of the fish however were spitting craws. All Shad so it makes you wonder. I’m hyped about fishing this week and will try and keep you up to date Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Has the worm turned?

    Saw Bo's post about getting some fish on the Ned, decided I would do a little bank fishing on a spot near Eagle Rock, figuring if I could get a few there that it would be worth hauling the boat over in the near future. There was a bite for sure, caught 5 largemouth, had another 3 pull off, in a couple of hours of banking it. All on the Ned. 2 of them were keeper sized. Had a boat pull into the bank about 50 yards behind me to a stretch of bank where I had caught a couple - a couple of guys tossing A-rigs. I watched them for a while, I was curious if they would get any. They did get a couple, one looked to be about keeper sized and the other was a decent fish that they weighed and photographed - I'd say about 4 lbs., but a nice bass will look pretty small from 75 yards away. Well I am encouraged, I plan to get out there soon. Lousy cell phone pics, didn't have my real camera with me.
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    You kind of know your day is starting out right when about the 3rd cast your client catches a double on top water small jaws. Both of those rascals were solid keeps and ate the 110 WP in Loon color like they meant it. Surface temp at Moonshine at the 5:45 AM start was 77 degree, with wind, fog and not a ripple, but a solid 5 inch chop. Probably the perfect morning to throw the top water and it was. Fishing long runnout points that dumped into deep water we caught surfacing fish and also fish that we just waked up. Also caught mid-pocket chasing fish in the deeper guts of the flat coves from pt. 5 to pt. 1. Top water deal worked this morning till durn near 10 AM that is 4 hrs. of top water action and you just flat cannot beat that. Kids took lots of pictures of lots of jaws. The ferocity of the attacks on the Pooper were amazing. In the years I have fished top water I have very seldom seen this kind of a strike, it was like a mini-car wreck when they slammed it. I've caught more top water fish in a morning, but never and I mean never have I seen the strikes that Pooper produced with that amount of speed on the strike and just the fish wanting to destroy the bait. I was a fantastic thing to witness We jumped a couple of big, big, big fish off, that hit right at the boat. Kevin also had a brown bass completely smash it from top down, as the fish jumped behind it and landed right on it. CRAZY ACTION. At about 10 the fog lifted and the wind died and we started to come to reality, but then No, it went crazy again catching them on any wind or surface chop on a 3.3 inch Keitech. I was just hunting wind at that point and ever location where it was the least bit windy, the jaws and LM would get all up on the swim bait. Only had 3 K's swimming deep, but man were those SM out there suspended. We were sitting off a main lake point and a guy trolling came by and stopped and watched the Kids catch 7 in about that many casts, all SM, and all suspended. I was living the guide dream. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Retirement on the Rock

    Two weeks to retirement. After vacationing on the rock for 38 years, the wife and I will be building a home on Pioneer Point. (point 10 aunts creek). We will be full time residents. My Ozark Anglers hat and tee shirt have been with me when I fished Alaska, Canada, California, Florida, Louisiana and many other spots in between. I must say that I am proud to be a member of this forum and consider many to be my friends, even though I don't personally know you. I look forward to finally moving down there and meeting some of you folks. Sometimes, dreams do come true. PS: I will be needing some new fishing buddies.
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    Bill Babler

    Fishing the Waiting Room

    Well the spawn is in full swing with some mama’s in the delivery room some have already had their youngun’s and some are in the Waiting Room These gals that are still waiting are plumping up on ice cream and pickles and are ready to snatch about any grub. “Grub. I made a funny.” that comes close What im reading here for the most part is a lot of takeout is being served a bit out of swimming distance for these pre-spawner’s. We and by we meaning the guides are not for the most part fishing where the majority of you are. We’re fishing staging fish with 3.3 to 3.8 swimbaits. Today we had 3 guide boats out with 7 clients. A few over 100 bass were boated with over 60 keepers. Of all 3 LM-S-K’s. Lots of big prespawn Jaws and K’s We all fished the same way from Point 9 to Campbell Pt. Setting out fishing staging prespawners. Look in front of the major spawning coves, all of us had guys fish between us and the bank. Our baits were hitting the water in 15’ to 40’ depending on where we were seeing them. All the fish even the deep one we’re suspended in that 12’ to 18’ range and just blew up the electronics. A lot of these bank fishermen our baits were hitting the water further from them than they were from the bank Use those electronics Lots of suspended gals in the waiting room were on the flat sides of the pockets, still in the main lake rather than on the channel side don’t know why For the next few weeks if you get tired of plinking that Ned rig shallow. Use your underwater eyes and you will see the waiting room is full and ready for business. In the photo notice how far my boat was sitting off the mouth of that Small jaw pocket Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Day 1. Tuesday, March 27. Weather: rain all day with temperature's in the high 50s and low 60s. No wind at all. Lake not rising much at all. Me and my partner headed down to Table rock on Tuesday afternoon and got on the water around 2 p.m. putting in at the state park. This was my first time on the lake in 8 years and his first time ever. We started smashing them right away and caught around 35 fish before dark. All 3 species and ended with a biggest 5 of 17.01 pounds. Our bag was anchored by those two big largemouth one weighing 4.21 pounds and the other 5.35. Caught a ton of smallmouth on the jerk bait out of tree tops. I think the fish were suspended in the cedar tree tops 6-8 feet deep. We also caught some fish on a 2.8 inch keitech swim bait and on an underspin. The largemouth came off of mixed chunk rock and gravel banks on the side of points both secondary and main lake. Finding a good incline on the bank seemed key with the largemouth. Day 2. Wednesday, March 28. Weather: rain most of the day with cloud cover all day, no sun. Temperatures in the low 60s and high 50s. Very little wind. Lake rising a little. Maybe 6 inches to a foot. Got out early in the morning and got right back on the bite running the same pattern. Focused a bit more on main lake stuff and I caught my new personal best spot at 3.17 pounds. Had a largemouth that was caught by my partner on a red rock crawler that went 4.85 pounds. Seemed like the rock crawler was better during the day while the jerk bait ruled during the morning and evening. Probably caught around 40 fish this day. Caught almost all fish on the jerk bait and rock crawler and a few on the underspin. Never fished the same water twice as we were practicing for the BASS collegiate qualifier on the 31st. Left a lot of good spots hoping to save them for tournament day. We still had 15.98 pounds for our biggest 5 fish and it was another incredible day. Day 3. Thursday March 29, Weather: Less rain but still some rain and clouds all day. Temperatures in the mid to high 60s. Considerable 7-13 mph wind. Lake rose about 1.5 foot today. Hit the lake early in the morning again but did make a stop at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast which I would highly recommend. Today the bite started to change a bit as the wind and rising water made it harder to get the jerk bait deep enough to get the fish out of the tree tops. The wind helped the main lake bite white a bit though. Caught more big spots and more smallmouth off of main lake points and even some off of bluff walls and ends on the jerk bait. I couldn't believe how fat the spots were, a 15 inch keeper weighed like 2.5 pounds. Still caught good fish on the rock crawler and a few on the underspin. Probably caught around 30 fish and still had never fished the same water twice. Our biggest five fish weighed 13.06 pounds. No big largemouth today. Day 4. Friday March 30, Weather: High bluebird sky with sun all day. Temperatures in the high 60s to low 70s. Almost no wind. Lake rose another foot or so at least. Today the morning bite nd evening bite were king. Afternoon lull (10 a.m. - 2 p.m) were pretty prominent throughout the week but today especially bad. Never even had a bite in that time frame. Jerk bait was still king in the morning and the evening but after like 9 a.m. couldn't get a bite on it and before like 6 p.m. it was the same way. found some good fish on gravel points off of them pretty farm probably like 15 feet deep. It seemed like despite the water rising the fish stayed in the same type spots. The difference is that instead of being in 8-12 foot of water not the fish were in like 11-15 feet of water. Still caught them pretty good and had like 25 fish. The sun seemed to help the largemouth bite. Today most of the fish came on a underspin or 4 inch pearl blue Kalins curly tail grub. Our biggest 5 went 12.89 pounds. Day 5, Tournament day. Saturday March 31, Weather: Sunny in the morning with thunderstorms and showers starting around 9 a.m.. Temperatures in the high 60s. Wind picking up to 15mph at noon or so. Lake continued to rise, but slowed. Caught good fish until 10 a.m. and then the lull set in and only caught one fish between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. jerk bait bite fell off a bit and the curly tail grub seemed to be better since it could be fished through those tree tops which were way deeper now. Caught them really well and weighed in 13.38 pounds to get 5th place. Would have won if we could have gotten a big bite. Winner had 14.61 with all smallmouth fishing gravel points and a rock crawler. Kind of disappointing since we were so close but all in all we pretty much fished for free for a week since we won $200, so its pretty hard to complain about that. Main Keys: Jerk bait, grub, underspin, and swim bait in tree tops, secondary points, and bluff wall ends. Rock crawler on secondary points and main lake points. Avoid the lull ( 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.). Bite is best in morning and evening. Run this pattern in small cuts off the main lake. Thanks for reading everyone, good luck and tight lines. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Walleye round two

    I was able to get out this morning and spend some exploratory time to myself and try different areas. Started with the same patterns, with 2 ounce snap weights and immediately started hooking up. Once the bite slowed down a bit, I changed patterns up and went with larger cranks. #11 flicker minnows to be exact. They were in 23-26 foot of water laying on and suspending just off the bottom on the gravel rolloffs. Was running 2.3 mph but would use the bow mount to surge the speed up to 2.7. It would trigger strikes. Ended the morning with 11 eyes in between 17 and 27 3/4. The big one was cpr’d after delicate surgery. Only kept a couple eater size as I have been blessed already, and just wanted to enjoy the morning. There really is no secret to this game but dedication and trial and error. It’s more to it than just tossing lines over the side and trolling along. Trust you graphs and what you are looking at fish wise. I the wanted to see if I still had some “bass sense” and started working kastmaster 3/8 ounce spoons on the long docks. Letting it drop, watching the line, and using a pump and fall. Got a a few sub legal kentuckies and a nice black bass. Found some whites as well and ripped on them too. What a wonderful morning! Excuse my pics, I was taking them myself. View full article
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    May 5 Thru 12

    A little late getting this posted but I'm old and lazy and equally undependable these days so it's to be expected I guess. Anyways, little brother and I ventured down for what we think was our 34th consecutive spring fishing trip. Man, that's hard to believe....... We only got in about an hour and a half of fishing Saturday evening but caught a couple dozen 12" -14" smallies fishing Ned in pockets around the Kimberling bridge that was a great warm up for the week. Sunday we ran up to the area around Big Creek and had a blast catching smallies and K's again on the ridiculous Ned - Dirt and Watermelon/Red were pretty effective but, for the week, PBJ was clearly superior). We spent most of our time in the buck brush in pockets and coves and it was downright silly how many fish we caught. We fished from 100 to around 600 before we headed back to the Kimberling area to finish the evening. It's just a guess but I'd say we caught at least 70 - 80 fish that day with about 12 - 15 keepers. Not the kind of performance that would win many tournaments I guess but it's what we live for. Monday was a golf day and we drove up to Rivercut in Springfield and had a great time ruining each others lives with what barely passed as golf. We really like that little muni and the price is right for a couple old guys on "fixed incomes". Tuesday and Wednesday we decided to try to put Bill's posted pattern of fishing swim baits out from spawning coves (extremely generous of him to provide so much intel but I guess we're used to it here) to use but had limited success. We must have idled around the front and sides of at least 25 of what we thought were pretty good spawning coves and only saw a few fish scattered here and there on the Lowrance. We did catch several smallmouth (all keepers) just blindly flinging swimmers in open water that we thought fit his description but just never could really find any bunches of fish. No big surprise there though as my proficiency with electronics parallels Stevie Wonder's talents in heavy traffic on a bicycle! I swear SOMEDAY I'm actually going to follow through on my promise to myself to hire Bill and quit trying to pretend that I can figure any of this out on my own. Note to self: get it out of the thinking stage stupid. While not quite as many as Sunday, we did continue to catch impressive numbers of fish on the Ned, Keitechs and grubs mostly in ten feet of water and less. Nothing over three pounds but at least a dozen obvious keepers. I guess we're just destined to be Kansas bank beaters even when we're deep sea fishing....... I should probably add that although we didn't throw it quite as much as we usually do we did pickup a couple dozen fish on our beloved spinnerbaits (double willows in white and white/chartreuse) during the week although the places that we caught them on the blade a swimbait probably would have been equally if not more effective. But, man, when they hit that spinnerbait like a freight train hitting a bum! Awesome. No offense to over sensitive bums intended and none were harmed in the composition of this metaphor....... Thursday we played golf again and headed over to Buffalo Ridge although us poor people had to wait until 400 for the twilight rate to kick in. We've kind of expected it for a couple of years now and Johnny has finally just about priced us out of his golf market. This spring it's $135 plus tax to play before 400 and $90 plus afterwards. The guy in the shop said that we were the twelfth group of the day so we're obviously not the only golfing paupers in the area. He also said the the new Ozarks National course that's opening 1 September is going to be $175 (which is an "opening special" price so obviously increasing soon) so I can only imagine what Tiger's new track will cost. That's OK though, it ain't like Johnny's gonna miss us and we're fine with driving up to Rivercut or playing over at the old Payne Stewart course which is every bit as good anyways and is $79 after noon. Worst case scenario is we just don't play golf at all on these trips anymore and spend all of our time fishing instead. I love First World problems! Nonetheless, it is incredible and visually stunning what he's doing over that way. If you haven't been over there it's well worth the time and effort to just check out the new clubhouse and the amazing views from that hill. You can't see the lake like at Top of the Rock but it's still extremely cool. Friday wasn't quite as good as earlier in the week and we attributed that at least somewhat to the falling water level and the wind. Lots of fish still very shallow though but the wind was pretty crazy. If it wasn't for the modern marvel called "Ultrex" it would have been near impossible in the areas we were wanting to fish. Probably caught 30 - 35 total and we did catch the biggest fish of the week which was a four pound on the nose largemouth and a gorgeous 19" walleye both on PBJ Ned. By the end of the day we were worn slick from fighting the wind and practically blinded by the dust and pollen in the air. Nasty stuff. All in all it was another great week for us although I saw no reason to tone down my incessant anti-tournament and overcrowding rhetoric. It felt like we were in the middle of of the runway at LaGuardia the day before Thanksgiving out there sometimes. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had specifically targeted this week as it had the least amount of tournament activity during the late April/May time period. "Least" translated is 950 boats worth of events from Saturday to Saturday. Oh well. Lots of happy people I guess. And, with the exception of the Oklahoma dust bowl conditions on Friday the weather for the week was embarrassingly good. Kathy and I are headed back down this Saturday for another go around and if it's half as good as last week we'll be plenty happy. I was hoping to post a few more photos but seein's how it's taken me over an hour to get these two loaded I guess they'll have serve as representative of the rest! Good luck out there! This post has been promoted to an article
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    A milestone for me...

    So in my 3 short years since I've found OzarkAnglers I finally hit 1000 posts! Just wanted to give a big thanks again to Phil for providing such an awesome piece of the internets for us to hang out on. I have met some really awesome people through the site that I now call friends, which would have never been possible without this place bringing us together. The amount of knowledge I've learned here has also made me a better fisherman ten fold. Although it has sparked a fishing addiction in me which I struggle to feed with my crazy life and work schedule. Thanks all that have made this such a cool place!
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    Rigged their rods and filled a couple boxes today. Watch out fish!
  20. 19 points
    Well here goes. Fished out of Eagle the Rock Wednesday and Thursday and Big Creek today. Wednesday 8AM. ER launch temp 46. Fished on merky water up to Leatherwood. Threw a wart mostly. Not good. Also fished some swings and 45 degree banks. Tough. 3 total fish LM NO keeps. Fished 5 hrs. Usually this time if the year the river treats me better Thursday same launch, fished down stream, channel swings and last deep shelf in pockets, much better. Temps up to 52. LISTEN CLOSE, YOU NEED 48 RIGHT NOW. It’s not 48, Rethink what your doing. Fished to the Kings. 2’ to 4’ visibility. I cant get bit on anything Red like Bo or 99.9 others, they want green for me. On cranks, pull them and pick up the slack, if your reeling your moving to fast they want it super slow. 7 keeps 1 short all LM Today launched at Big Creek and fished to Shell Knob and then back to Baxter. Best bite I have had. 5 keeps on a Wart and 6 really nice keeps on a custom Tim Hughes MB 110 plus. Regardless where I’m fishing this has not been an early bite for me. It’s starting at 9:30, so if you don’t get bit quick hang in there. also when you find them stay with them. These fish are not everywhere and if you catch one he will have friends. Muddiest water is from Viney to Big Creek. Struggled in that stretch but did have a few back in the main creeks on the last deep water on the wart. Best bite was Big Creek to Baxter on the custom painted sticker. Thanks Tim. Durn it’s been a long time since they snarfed a sticker for me. Caught my first Ky’s of the season today, 4 of My keeps so they are starting to move up. Fish seem to be in the channel side going into the pockets , coves or creeks on the last shelf rock. Not so much on the points. Hope this gives all an idea where to start if you hVe not been out yet. Good luck tomorrow and can’t wait to see you all. Could not get half the pictures to load, sorry. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Season Start

    Tomorrow I will go down to the boat and start it up. I will also pull all the reels off the rods to make a line change. By Sunday morning, I will be ready to make a new season beginning. In the old days, I did these things in February. Not now, as I hate cold, wet weather. Next weekend I fish in the only tournament I fish each year, the OAF Big Bass Challenge. They let me compete because I bring good food. I am ok with that.
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    Phil Lilley

    Blue Gills

    At least once a year, I love to get up to the upper lake (Table Rock) and fish for big gills and this morning was it, so far. It took us a while of course to find where they were hiding but when we found them they bit and they were big.... they did not disappoint. 9 am - Put in at State Park. Tried a couple of spots close to the Branson Belle that have been good to me in the past - nothing. Then we went to an old favorite... the high line point in close to Moonshine Beach. We tried our pieces of night crawlers in 12-20 feet all places but this time we ventured out a little deeper and caught a few. Still bored, we went on over to the main point there, on the inside (east of the point) and fished in 22-28 feet on the bottom and found them. They weren't fast and furious but it kept us on our toes. Ended up with 15 between the 3 of us, about evenly distributed. I hadn't had my son Greg out BG fishing since he was a kid and for Coy, he's an old pro. Number 8 hook, small split shot, #4 pound line and drop it to the bottom, reel up a little bit. That's about it. The fish I cleaned, most had eggs so I don't think they've spawned yet. I was told they were 15 feet deep but we found them deeper, at least in those spots. How long? The board doesn't lie View full article
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    Right Place, Right Time...

    Personal best brown trout for me this morning on Lake Taneycomo. It was busting shad in front of Lilleys’ Landing Dock while I was getting ready for a guide trip. Flipped a white jig out in all the action and twitched it twice. Pretty good head shakes followed by one good run. 28.75 inches long with 22 inch girth weighing 17 3/4 pounds. Released unharmed for another angler to enjoy! Wore the right shirt too... "Good Catch"
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    There are loons all over the place around Big M, most I have ever seen. The fishing was pretty darn good today, if you like numbers. I caught a little over 50 bass, mostly spots. Had 10-12 keepers, again mostly spots, but one LM and a couple of keeper sized smallies. Main bait was a 3.3 Keitech on a 1/4 oz head, and a few on a 2.8 Keitech on a 1/8 oz head. Best smallie came on the 2.8. Sunny, rocky banks with wind on them were best, fish were from 5 feet to 25 feet, sweet spot was around 10 FOW. Maybe 10 of my fish came on the Ned, the Keitech was just a better bait today. Ned fish were squirrely today, missed about a dozen that seemed to be hooked but would just get off after a second or two. Sometimes this happens with the Ned, it's aggravating. Slow rolling that Keitech just off the bottom. WT 51-54, water is murky, maybe 3 feet of viz. A couple of non-targeted species that liked the Keitech and the Ned. This post has been promoted to an article
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    February 8, Eagle Rock to Big M

    Delayed start to the day as I waited for it to warm up. Got to the lake and it was dead calm, that lasted about an hour and then the whitecaps came out. I don't mind fishing in the wind when the fish are active, but it makes things tough when you're fishing a Ned 20 feet deep for lethargic fish. I caught 3 bass the first 15 minutes of fishing off a rocky point. One was an 18" largemouth that was skinnier than heck, probably weighed about 2.5 lbs. Then I spent another 4 hours to scratch out two more bass, and then on one of the last spots I fished I caught 2 on back to back casts. Ended up with 8 bass, two of them were fat spots that were in the 15-16" range and I am sure either one of them outweighed that 18" largemouth. All fish came on the Ned, mostly in the 10-20 FOW range. One exception was one of the keeper spots, I saw a fish swirl on top, threw that Ned on the swirl, it was in the water about 2 seconds and that spot nailed it. Not something you see to often when the water temp is 42. Tried a float-n-fly for about 15 minutes, no bites on it. Water temps were 42-43, and there were quite a few boats out there today. View full article

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