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    Bill Babler

    I Truly Wish It Would Have Been You

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report Mid-Lake 4-15-20 Fat Jaw got me started. Got started this morning pretty early for me in this cold weather. Launched out of Baxter at 7:30 and fished till 2. Little hazy at first then the wind swept in about 8:30 and it got super bright and windy. Surface temps this morning 56.1 when I launched and the water is kind of a green tea color with visibility about 4-5 ft. After these last few cold nights I almost didn't go but thought maybe the same jerk bait fish I caught Easter morning would be hanging around. Started on that 50 yrd. point stretch that I caught most of them on Sunday. I also almost went to Taney. First 20 minutes I threw the Megabass in pearl and had zero bites. I could see some fish relating to the bottom and I moved out from about 20' to 30'. Nothing on the jerk bait but I continued to see fish not on the bottom,but maybe a foot off and suspended. I pulled back out on the point boat in 20' and picked up the Pig Sticker 1/2 oz. in GPO with a Reaction Smallie Beaver on it and chunked it up into I'm guessing maybe 8 to 10 feet. Big Brown fish caught it, then another and another and another. I lost count but I think it was about 15 to 20 straight throws with a keeper.either a jaw or a K. As the haze lifted, the sky brightened and I never caught another SM. K's continued to bite like they were at the last supper. Another 4 plus Toad brown fish. Continued to catch fish just drifting around this point in the wind by then, bout 9:30. I was not catching them every cast but I was kind of shocked at some point when I didn't get a bite. I left them biting. Pulled back to a really similar interior gravel point going into a big deep spawning pocket put the boat in 20 and there they were again. Cast after cast on the Pig Sticker. I tried a jerk bait and a Keitech and I could catch one on it but it was just not the deal, they wanted it on the bottom. They thought the Pig Sticker was Food. Next location same type deal but I only caught two on it. One nice K and the other a solid LM on a Megabass. Caught a few on a stick bait and a swim bait but it was just not the deal. Next spot same similar gravel run and it was totally Ri Dick U Lating. Every throw was a 15 to 17 inch K on the jig. I bet I didn't catch 5 short fish all morning and I'm just spit balling but probably 50 plus keeps. That is super conservative, as the real number is not a number, it is nonsense. About 1:30 pulled back on the original location and caught 5 more in 5 casts and put it on the trailer. They were just inhaling the jig. I've had great days here catching really big fish. I've had days catching literally hundreds on a drop shot, but I have never had a day on a jig like today. They wanted nothing swimming or really cranking as I threw a Rock Crawler to try and get them to eat it. I would catch one on a jig, pick up the jerk bait and throw it. Nothing. I would pick up the swim bait and throw it. Nothing. I would pick up the Rock Crawler and throw it. Nada. I would pick up the jig and throw it up there and "Thump there she is." These fish were totally packed full of crayfish. I don't think I caught a single one that didn't have at least one in its throat. And these were monster craws. Two big SM over 4 were the champs of the day, but just the sheer numbers of quality K's was something to always remember I'm going to say the best 5 at just under 17 pounds, so not a tournament bag but for sure the kind of day that keeps up getting up early and going back out. Best K of the Day. Only Bummer of the day was I lost 2 very large walleye right at the boat. I had my net out but both had the jig back deep and both cut the 10 lb. line before I could get them in the net. Man would that have made a day catching supper too. I get to fish a lot and I'll catch them good again. Probably not like today but I wish one of you all could have had this day. I was going to say I wish my son would have, he loves to fish a jig, but he would not have hung in there for that many fish. He is a 2-3 hr. guy even if they are tearing it up on a Redfih, he just won't fish that long. The rest of this week and into next might be record breaking, so if you can get out there and enjoy it, by all means do. This post has been promoted to an article
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    I went to my favorite Ozark stream for a short half-day trip on Saturday, Oct. 26th. Got there by about 9 a.m. and caught a 12" smallie on my first cast on the new Z-man Crawz on a ned head. Fished around with a ned rig for a while and caught maybe a dozen more smallmouth and one small largemouth. A few nice smallmouth, a 15", a 16", and a 17". Rain started and the water started to rise fast enough to watch. I have seen this water rising start an absolute feeding frenzy on what I just call creek baitfish: small suckers, darters, top minnows, brook silversides, and many others, I'm sure, that I've either misidentified or don't know the name of; so I switched up to a jerk bait. My favorite creek jerk bait is a Rapala x-rap, color is dependent on water clarity, but its the best creek jerk bait I've ever used. First 10 minutes with the jerk bait and I caught probably a 6 or 7 more fish. This time with a 3 lb largemouth mixed in with the smallies and a couple smaller largemouth. Moved on to the other end of this pool and caught a nice 16" smallie and another 3 lb largemouth on the ned. Switched back to the jerk bait there with no success and moved back to where I started. Waded out really deep to get to some of the sections of the pool that I hadn't reached yet. About 3 twitches in I got slack-lined on the jerk bait and immediately thought I had snagged a rough fish. Then a big old LMB shook his head at the surface. When I was fighting the fish I thought it was like a 4.5-5 pounder. A big one, no doubt, but I have caught them that size in this stream before. When I landed this fish my jaw dropped. It was a 6.64 lb largemouth that was 23" long. Biggest stream fish for me for sure! I fished for another hour or so catching a few here and there with another 16" smallie. I had to head back to host a Halloween party though and ended the day with 25-30 bass. Amazing trip and I can't wait for some more creek and river excursions as all of the lakes are fishing so tough still!
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    Bill Babler

    Missouri State Record Brown Trout!

    Triploid Brown Trout, Lake Taneycomo September 4th. 2019 Girth 28 inches, length 41 1/4 inches weight Forty pounds 6 oz. Certified Missouri State Record. Really at this point I have no idea for a title for this post or a reason that God made it possible for me to catch it. It was simply his plan. For sure a day I will never forget, with a sad note in that we were not able to get it properly released even with the amount of care that we provided. Again it was not to be and there is a reason for everything. On a much brighter note, I just caught the State Record Brown trout and got a big congratulations call from the Director of the Missouri Conservation Department. Today was a pleasure fishing trip for me. Seems like there has been a few lately just getting back from Alasky with Phil, but never the less my long time best friend from Grade School came down to trout fish today and we were going to get him a couple of nice plump rainbows to take home. If you have been following our reports you know that the fish have been all over the Power Worm. Bubble Gum. Don't buy any. Both Duane and I have been fishing the same stretch of water just below the restricted zone for a week. Duane more than me, as a matter of fact I keep wanting to fish a scud in the restricted zone and he as they say, "made me do it." None the less, since we were going to keep a couple we started below the mouth of Fall Creek, with the Pink Worm. At this point I will tell you there is never a day that my equipment is not gone totally over. I never fish terminal line or tackle two days in a row. Never. Everything is broken down and rebuilt, everyday. Never fail and what I and Mark were fishing was put together last night. Main line on the Daiwa Fuego, BP Excel mono in 4 lb. to a carrot float. Below the float a Spro, sampo style swivel and then 7'6" of Orvis 6X tippet 3.1 lb. test at .005 diameter. All fished on a Rod Shop 7' Signature White River Outfitters Custom Rod. We were using of course the pink worm. Worm was on a 125th. oz. full micro jig. First super glued and then cemented. Prior to Turner Jones passing, he made me 100 heads with out bodies on size 12 mustad hook. They are very good, in the Full Micro size but a bit weak in the half micro size of 14. These were the Full, they work perfect with the PW as the head glues directly to a wide flat jig head surface. We were running a bit late and not on the water till 8 as Mark drove down about 60 miles. Our first pass he put a nice rainbow in the boat while I got him going, just like I would on a guide trip. Here is the great deal. Very much unlike a guide trip I was going to get to fish. On the second pass I grabbed a rod after he was drifting nicely and about that time a cloud came over and it got kind of dark on the water. Looked great. My float dipped under and before i could even lift the fish came to the surface and just swirled. I told Mark this was a big fish, then I said a HORSE as the drag started whirling and buzzing, smooth as silk. We were fishing a trough and the fish immediately headed for mid-stream. By then just a 1/2 minute or so Mark had reeled in and grabbed the net. I hit my bow switch and trimmed my main motor out of the water and pointed my trolling motor to the middle and let it pull drag keeping the rod high letting it absorb the pressure instead of the line. The drag was set perfect, I never had to touch it, it just peeled off like string after a kite. The fish made 2 circles in front of the boat and then headed to the back. Went under the boat and then came out with its head up. We were not quite ready and back he went under the boat. He did the same thing again and we were ready. Right into the Fish Pond net. As we lifted him into the boat his nose went thru the basket as I lowered him and he rested on the carpet. We immediately put him in the live well and did our best to keep him frisky and he was fantastic until he wasn't. I have 3 people in this world that I would have loved to share that type of an experience with. First is my son Steven and the next two are my buddy Mark and of course Phil. However Phil and I have had similar experiences in strange lands. Just feeling so blessed and again, right place, right time. Good Luck View full article
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    Bill Babler

    8-1-20 Walleye and more Walleye

    Started out of the Knob at 5:30 and I was not the first boat on the water. It is a total disaster up there at the ramp that is pretty much caved in from the wake boats. Shoreline damage at Shell Knob is without a doubt the worst on the lake. It is totally full of wake boats and now I am seeing lots of 35' plus type boats, cruser style. Headed up steam to the mouth of the Kings and fished 3 pts. that are very good to me usually. Mostly with a 2.8 inch Keitech and a drop shot either crawler or Yamamoto cut tail. Three small K's about 14 inch the first hour and all three had multiple hook holes, so they are being investigated. I brought 60 cleaned and washed crawlers and used about 1/2 of them on really nice blue gills. 18' to 26' on gravel. Clients wanted to keep them so we had a dozen big gills in the tank at that point and I knew I was in trouble as far as the bait supple. Next hour and a 1/2 we used up the rest of the worms and kept another bunch of gills and caught a dozen small bass and 4 small 12" walleye. We had an hour and a half to go and I told them we had to make a bait run so I pulled into Big M. and bought 3 more boxes of crawlers. With that 3 boxes of crawlers we caught 19 more walleye and at least 20 bass and a really nice flat head. Here is the rest of the story. Pulled out of Big M. and headed back toward the Knob. One particular runnout not be named was calling my name so I pulled in on it. Quill has fished in probably more than me, I see him there most times I'm up the river. It was still cloudy and there was a slight wake boat chop blowing in on the point. I hit it to shallow, I thought. I came onto the point at 12ft. and my graph just blacked me out. The water color in the White is really about as dingy as you will see it in August. Looks more James River green. By the time I got shut down and the Garmin dropped I was in 18' and the Livescope looked like a shotgun had hit the screen. The 2D was totally full on the other graph. I rigged all three clients before I let anyone drop cause i knew I would never get them all in the water any other way and all three dropped. First drop 2 keeper walleye and a nice 12 lb. flat head. Talk about a zoo and fire drill, I had one on my hands. I had 3 fish on the floor of the PHX and rewormed them and they dropped all at once again. The guy the back had kept the worm on as the Walter had not got it off the hook. All dropped. I scrambled to throw the fish in the well and all three were hooked up again. All thee had nice keeper K's on. I chunked them back and rewormed 2 clients as the guy in the back had again not lost his worm and as far as worms go it looked pretty good. Back they went and again in a manner of speaking all hooked up. Mind you we are in about 17' of water. 3 keeper walleye and none even remotely needed measuring. The guy in the back again did not lose his crawler and at this point i'm telling you that is a record. Back down they all went and again the guy in the back caught another keeper walleye and the two in the front caught keeper K's He did lose his crawler this time, but what a run. This went on till the 36 crawlers were gone and their trip was over. On this location we had 19 walleye with 15 keepers and none of the keeps need to be measured. I let them keep 9 walleye for the 3 of them and looking back I probably should have just let them keep a couple each. None the less they were thrilled. 28 gills, 9 walleye and the kitty went to the dinner table. Yesterday they loaded the boat with quality rainbows on our trip to Taney so i'm sure my luck is at least ran out for the next week or so. 23 total walleye on a 4hr. trip is by far the most I have ever seen or even heard of on the Rock. 15 keepers is by far them most I have heard of. RPS may know someone that has done better, but it was unreal. Bill Beck and 2 clients caught 12 keepers off Viney about 10 yrs. ago spooning in the Fall, and that was the best I knew about until today. My best day ever was with Buster Loving on Bull Shoals, we had Brent Frazee of the KC Star and we kept 12 that weighed 57 pounds at the pothole. All on Buster's custom painted and custom billed jerkbaits. That was for sure a day 20 years ago. On to the wake boats. They were all over us all day except for the walleye runnout at the end. It is totally terrible. It was close to impossible to load my boat at Shell Knob ramp with the rollers coming in. There is a trick however. I only had 1 ft. of the trailer in the water. That's right, 1 ft. Back in wet your bunks and nose the boat on the trailer. Next big breaker that comes in ride it to the winch and you got her done. Most likely a day on the Rock I will never forget. Good Luck
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    Dam-Long Creek area with Mike Hit the water out of Old 86 yesterday morning at 7:30 in the Geico Ranger with a really stiff South wind and some pretty good swells. Water was clear and 48 degree. Plan for this morning was to crank and throw the stick bait on windy banks and then take a breather and do a little vertical stuff if we could find them. Always good to see and fish with Mike. The guy is always in a great mood and really reminds me of Beck which was also one of his best friends. He loves to fish and simply loves what he does. He is pretty good at it.😎 Started on a transition bank with a lot of wind and some big surf pounding it. I was on the sticker and Mike started with the RK. I hardly had my butt in the seat when he said, " There she is." Really nice 2.5 lb. LM. Wind was really blowing down the bank, kind of had the boat sideways with me on the back and Mike on the front. He was fishing a bit deeper with the bow in 18 to 20 feet and me in about 1/2 that and still almost full cast from the bank. About 3 cast later and he was winding it pretty good and also pulling it he caught a nice Jaw. Again probably 2.5 or so. Here is a tip, don't be afraid to throw that Spro Rock Crawler deeper than you think. Mike was throwing it on 10 lb. Carbon and he was ticking the bottom at 12' . We fished a 300 yard stretch of the transition until it flattened out and he caught 4 all keeps with the good one pictured above. I wasn't really warmed up good yet so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Wind was blowing a gale and he had a phone call to take so we pulled into a creek to check for some deep ones. They were there but fussy as all get out. While he was on the phone I caught a good keeper K swimming the Keitech Deep-Deep at 50 feet plus. As soon as he was done he put 2 more keepers in the boat also on a swim bait deep. I think I'm down 6 to 1 but who's counting. Saw some Loon's working in another creek and went in. Here is where I was totally blown away. Mike is a Garmin guy and we watched the Garmin Panoptix Livescope all day. He kept saying Bill, Bill get up here and look at this. At a spot in the creek he said," Bill get up here and look at this, there is a school of shad 50' in front of the boat at 30' with a school of bass under them at 35', I'm going to catch one right under that school from here." And, Durn he did it, Threw past the bait ball counted it down and swam it through the bassyou could see the fish fighting back toward the boat after he hooked it. Simply amazing. 99% of us would have never caught the great Brown Fish that Mike pulled from the middle of the creek suspended under shad away from everything. With a pretty nice wind on a transition bank going into one of the major creeks in the dam area, we started fishing the McStick pretty serious for about a hour and I even threw a Megabass a bit but no bites at all on the stick bait. If the Table Rock Hammer cannot catch one on a stick bait its probably time to put it down. I asked if he wanted to catch some deep jig fish and he was all on board so we motored up Long Creek to the ridge I had been doing well on. We both fished a Pig Sticker 5/8 and 3/4 GP Orange. Now durn it, I'm pretty good at this and these are my fish. As you can tell this is probably not going to be good for me. Stinkweed put 3 keeps in the boat before I got one. PS Mine was bigger. He then put 1 more keep and 1 short in so at this point I'm pretty much toast but it is sure fun watching him catch them. Dudes we caught some jig fish out over 40'. He is "EXTREMELY PATIENT" He calls it Hard Headed but if he thinks he can catch them he does not move. Same thing with the Rock Crawler he will throw it and throw it. It works if you can make yourself do it. The day he caught the 5 pounder he said he threw it and caught 5 in the first hour, nothing for the next 2 hours still throwing it and then 4 more in about 45 minutes with one over 5 and 1 around 4. We stopped at another transition on the way in and he caught another really nice LM on the RK. again he was fishing it probably a bit deeper than most of us, I'm saying that crank bait fish came out of probably 15' plus. Mike fishes a Motorguide Tour Pro and it lifts and deploys with 2 fingers. It is totally silent both turning and running. The new MG with spot lock is not out yet but Motorguide has told him it will be something special and should be out soon. Mike has been very loyal to Motorguide thru all the spot lock deal and also with the new Garmin so I'm excited to see what he thinks of the new motor. Final score Mike Mcclelland 12 keepers and one short. Bill Babler 3 keepers. Last time I beat him 8 to 3, so he got his revenge and really gave me the best water to fish all day. We'll get out another couple of times in the next two weeks before he has to go back on the road. It was a fantastic and educational day with a really good buddy. If you all have any questions about equipment or technique you would like Mike to answer just post them here and I'll see what he has to say. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Bill Babler

    It’s Getting Started

    Bout time to pick up the “Big Boy Tools.” Had a day to pre-fish, my next 6 days after tomorrow are on the Rock. Watched Pete’s report and he said they are just about to start on gravel and today they were. Had 17 with 14 keepers all Jaw’s. Best 5 at 17lbs. Best 10 would push 30 pounds. Mike it’s about time to go as soon as I get a minute. It will only get better. I fished 5 hrs today and if I would have been on a jig to start no telling what. I fished 20 run outs today not staying or catching over 3 on any of them. I just wanted to see if they were there. They are just getting there. Fished from Cow to point 10 and to point 16 The bite was they would slack you. Just throw 3 sheets to the wind if you could not find your jig and they were on it. Got slacked a dozen times. Only one swallow. Durn 4 pounder and he hurt my shoulder to boot Boat in 35’. Fish in 12’ to 25’. Best deal I’m spit balling here was around 20’ Pig Sticker Quick 5 in GPO with either a GP Beaver, Yamamoto twin GP or a big Lake Fork Craw. GPO. Lake is TOTALLY full of Gizzards. If you see a big blow, use a big Swimbsut or Dixie Jet lots of Knot Heads blowing. Or as we now call them Bass Pro Tour Fish. I didn’t mess with them Funny deal. I pulled in on a run-out flat WAY, WAY behind another boat. Guy and his wife in a brand spankin new Ranger. He had already fished the bank and was at least 300 yards away. As close as he was to the bank I was for sure he was fishing the flower beds in the yards so I didn’t think it would matter if I fished behind him i caught 3 absolutely thumpers and if I’d have thrown as far as I could my bait still would have landed 15 yards deeper than he was sitting his boat I guess both he and his wife were watching cause he snatched up his motor and Zoomed back past me giving me the universal single finger salute as he passed. Kind of funny cause I would have given him any jig in my box and told him what I was doing People, can’t figure them out. GoodLuck
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    Bill Babler

    Float-N-Fly Primer March 4 2020

    White River Outfitters Guide Service Let's face it, there are lots of ways to catch fish on Table Rock that don't involve getting snarled up or having a Master Fly Caster's certification. In Springtime is there a better way to catch big fish other than fishing a barbed wire contraption that's named after a Southern state. Probably not, with one exception, the Float n Fly. The Table Rock Lake, Float-n-Fly history goes back to a guide by the name of Bill Richey. Bill went to Dale Hollow Lake one early Spring and they fished the fly and had really good success. A light switch went on and he thought that will work on the Rock big time. Bill introduced both Bill Beck and myself the the technique and we kind of took off with it winning multiple tournaments and guiding clients to the biggest bass of their life with it. I caught my personal best Table Rock Bass on the fly, at 10.1 pound. Bill caught 2 over the 10 pound mark and also had a 12 year old girl, catch a 10.3 on it. My biggest on a guide trip was a whopping 8.3 pound a client caught about 6 yrs. ago. The Float n Fly works between late January and May if lake conditions are correct. We have not had a good year for it for the last 4 or 5 yrs. Good year is clear water, pool between 914 and 917 and if possible small shad die off. This is the perfect year as they are just inhaling it. I hit 3 different bluff ends today after guys fished A-rigs on them and caught keepers right behind them, no problem. Fishing a Float n Fly is a bit like a Ned in that it is pretty slow fished, but a better analogy is you fish it as if your were flipping a jig in a bush. Cast it out and let the fly settle, bounce it or jig it several times and then rinse and repeat. Both Bill and I bought specialized equipment for the technique. We both bought St. Croix rods that were 9' as they are tournament legal in most derby's. Some do not have length specifications and you may use any length rod you wish. i prefer a 10' to 12' rod. Any good large arbor spinning reel, at least 3500 series works great. Spool the reel with the 10 lb. braid, you select brand, it don't matter. I like white or hivis yellow. Just like a fly line you can see it and tell if you have to much slack. You need a Mr. Crappie high Vis float and a 3 way swivel. I use a Spro 3 way. First you attach your swivel to the float then you put your braid on one arm of the 3 way. I use a palamar and pull it super tight. Then for your leader you want to use carbon as it sinks. Bill Beck used 4lb. but I think 4, 6, or on the outside 8 works OK. 8 is easier to cast. At this point attach the carbon with a improved clinch with at least 6 wraps. I'm using 14' of depth right now as these fish are suspended deep, as deep as 30' and they will still come up for it. There are a ton of companies making Float n Fly jigs/flies. The best by far not even close is the Spro Phat Fly in 1/16th. in blue or shad. My favorite is the blue. It has a super sticky Gamakatsu size 1 nickle hook that you need to be careful of. There are a couple of things you now need to do. First you need to trim the fly back a bit. Yes its looks like a waving tail would be better but its not. Trim the fly. Attach the fly to your carbon leader with a 6 twist improved clinch and put the knot at the rear of the eye so the fly rides level, cinch the knot tight and it will stay at the back till you get bit. There you have the basic FF rig. Correct posture for the fly. Incorrect posture for the fly. After you have it attached use gulp or some type of attractant on the fly, you can pretty much just sop up the tail with it and that great. Casting and retrieving and fishing the rig needs some explaining. With 14' of leader below the float it takes a while to get proficient. First this rig is light, so you are casting or lobbing the float, the fly and line just follow, somewhat like a fly cast. Pull out at least 3' of braid to the float, dangling your leader and fly in the water as far as you can reach out with a 10' to 12' rod. Length really Really helps. Back cast the float and watch your back cast, when your fly hits the water, lob it forward at height and it will shoot right out there after a little practice. If your a fly fisherman no problem, Phil lilley was casting it better than me in about 5 minutes. The trick is watching your back cast making sure the fly is completely behind you prior to coming forward. Easy Peasy. When the fly hits the water it takes a few seconds for that to sink. Wait about a minute and then jig it several times and repeat. If nothing raise your rod tip as high as you can reach and them smoke it in as fast as you can turn the reel handle. Reason, You cannot slowly reel 14' of 4 or 6 pound test leader thru pole timber, cannot be done. Reel in fast and the fly will come to the surface following the float and rethrow to a new location. Strikes can be very easy or the float is just gone. Sometimes it starts walking, just like crappie under a float. When setting the hook set to 12 o'clock, this is a lift and not a snap or you will break that light line keep your rod very steady in that straight up attitude, allowing the rod to absorb the shock of the fish. Keep a big bend and if you need to use the trolling motor to pull the fish out of the pole timber to deep water, making sure previous to fishing that your drag is very loose. The better the reel the better the drag. Float n fly does not work well in wind or choppy water, it is best as a smooth water technique. It's hard to keep slack out of your line and for some reason the fish don't like the constant action of the chop. Go figure Location, most any bluff end or runnout pole timbered fast drop point I usually make a dozen cast per location and if nada, hit the road. At times they will get on the bluff walls in the small cuts and pole timbered pockets, where ever fish stage Pre or Post spawn. Table Rock, Bull Shoals, Beaver or any of the White River Lakes it will catch them between now and May. Watch your electronics, if I see suspended fish in the 10 to 30 foot range off those points they will eat it. Don't be intimidated by it and you will catch your biggest bass, maybe of a lifetime right here on the Rock Good luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    here is why i have to fish everyday

    i hate losing at anything, and even includes fishing against my wife. attached are some pics from saturday's fishing. first, time linda has been able to go in well over a month. we ended up with 12 keepers, which was not too bad considering we were fishing the second day after a front. well, anyway, linda had 7 of the 12 keepers and had some dandies. this why i have to fish everyday. i need the practice to be able to beat her😃. bo
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    James River Striper!

    I was fishing the James River/Aunt's Creek area Tuesday evening. The water was very muddy, but there were a lot of shad and loons around so I was launching my A Rig trying to entice something to bite. I started to get frustrated and questioned my sanity for fishing such muddy water. I was going to leave this spot after this cast, and suddenly my late afternoon trip turned into something special. I felt a tug and set the hook and soon found out that this was not your usual bass you catch on Table Rock, but a Striper! In forty years of fishing Table Rock, I had never heard or seen one caught. I had heard that there were some in the lake that escaped Beaver Lake when flood waters allowed some to go over the dam. The mighty fish made several runs, before I was able to bring it closer to the boat. I had thought it might be a huge Cat or a carp, but I was sure surprised to see this beautiful fish swim by the boat. I was able to get it halfway into my net, and had to use both hands on the hoop to get it into my Ranger. I called Dick Stewart from Oak Hill Resort to share my surprise and he said to bring it in so we could take some pictures of it and weigh it. It was 40 inches long and weighed 26.5 pounds on his dock scale. We were able to release it alive. After we did, I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do or not, but maybe someone else will get a chance to decide it's fate and experience it's fight.
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    The things my little girl comes up with in the boat........ "Dad, that's a fish landing violation. 2 minute penalty." "Dad, how close to the dock are we? I need to pee." My response....."we just left the house". Me: "Hey Ally....do you know why the fish get under the docks when it's raining? So they don't get soaking wet!". Ally: looks at me like I have 7 eyes. Such a blessing to have her ask......"can I go" before I have a chance to ask her.
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    Return to The Rock

    Donna and I haven't been to Table Rock since May for a variety of reasons, but we ventured back up Saturday. Got off to a slow start so didn't arrive until 12:30 but got in a good 4 hours of fishing. Stayed within 3-4 miles of Big M and found the fish biting pretty well despite the post-front conditions. Having a brisk north wind made it cold but certainly didn't hurt the bite any. Found the fish to be very main-lake oriented but not necessarily deep. Caught them from 5 to 35 feet, mostly on transition areas and points. Crank baits, jerk bait, Ned and finesse jig all produced. Ended the 4-hour outing with 16 total and five decent keepers. Good mix of LM and spots, along with one meanmouth. Never scored a brown fish, so we missed the TR slam. All in all, a cold but good afternoon on the water.
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    lmt out

    It's happening

    Well the wife and I made the decision to move on to the next phase of life. Going to pull the trigger and retire from my current profession. Working swing shift and driving 2 and a half hour round trip to do it, had gotten old quickly. So right now the plan is starting January 1st to start my guiding business. We will be offering Combo trips for walleye and crappie From January to May on Truman and Lake of the Ozarks. And most likely just walleye from May to November on Stockton Lake. Also will from time to time head north and fish a few walleye tournaments It seemed like a easy decision to stop working for the man. Lol And start doing something I love. It has been a true pleasure to take the hand full of folks I got to take this year. It was one of the best feelings to have someone tell me they had never caught a walleye on purpose or never caught a limit of walleye and to assist them in doing just that. I can't promise a limit or even to catch a walleye but I will absolutely do my best to make it happen. Also all of the corny jokes and stories you can handle. Lol. Most of all I would like to thank my wonderful wife Brandi for all the support and encouragement and the sacrifices she has made for me to do this. She is truly a special person. Ed
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    We have lived here at the lodge for 16 years now, my how time flies. We love the birds and critters and I always have at least 1/2 dozen bird feeders up at all times. I have some with song bird seed mix that I make myself, some with Niger seed and some with suet in the Winter. One of Becky's bigger seller here are Squirrel Buster bird feeders, as she sells dozens of them a year as they are totally squirrel proof and people just love watching the birds, and the antics of the squirrels as they cannot get a seed out of the feeders and just get so frustrated. We have had a total plethora of birds this year. We have been reading about the number of decreasing song birds this year, but our feeders have been full of most of the usual culprits and then lots of strange visitors, including the Robins of a few days ago. Today we were treated with Pileated Woodpeckers at our feeders for the first time EVER. They are very elusive and extremely sensitive to movement. We have heard them and seen them on the trees in small numbers for years, but have never had one approach the deck or the feeders. This morning there were dozens of them here, chasing and chirping, and we had them on not only the suet feeders but the seed feeders as well. It was a wonderful site and we felt truly blessed to have them visit in such huge numbers.
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    Kim Bridge

    The little man talked me into taking him tubing last week so of course i did. Then he wanted to catch a fish. Bridge pillars are always a for sure thing, had to hit a couple and then he caught a couple on a drop shot. Livescope helped a bunch to find what side of the pillar they were on. It was all he could do to get that smallmouth in, i thought either him or my rod was going overboard
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    With heavy rain in the forecast, and the expected rise in the water level at TR, parking spots at the ramps will be limited. Therefore the COE has requested that boat owners use the least amount of space possible to park their rigs. Here's the pic they posted of the recommended way to park.
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    PB for my Birthday!

    My son and I decided to social distance at our cabin for a day and night for my birthday after a rain halted field work here on the farm. We left yesterday and got to the cabin at 6pm. I looked at the lake and saw it was dingy from all the rain but it called my name, I was imediately thinking crankbait or spinnerbait! It was cold and windy but I convinced Landen let fish till dark so we launched the boat. He wanting to learn more about boating and insisted he wanted to run the trolling moter which I always do. So I let him and told him head over to a favorite point of mine, where the bank levels off more slowly, thinking be a good place to throw a crank. I had a spro Rock crawler I had planned on tying on, but my favorite crank rod had a teckel drunker tied on from my latest river trip. I’ve had good luck with that little deep diving crank thanks to Ham for introducing me to them. So I was like I’m gonna chunk this for a few Minutes then tie on the spro. Well Landen positioned me in a good spot and made my first cast. The second cast was towards a fallen tree, bout halfway to the boat she hit. When I drawed back on her the drag began to go. I said son get the net it’s a biggun! Finally I worked her to the surface but I failed to remember my net had a big rip in it from December’s Jigfest, well Landen netted it beautifully but she ripped the hole even bigger and fell back in the water. So the fight was on again but this time my line was through the net as an added level of difficulty ha ha. I had Landen hold the net as I once again surfaced the fish, by this time it had one treble left in the thin part of its upper lip. Finally got the fish back up and grabbed lip and rubber net all together to land it. For a few minutes there it got really exciting ha. Didn’t have my scales for some reason, guess I took them out of the boat? But she measured 23 inches long, don’t have a girth measurement either. Looking at some charts I’d say she’s around 8 pounds! I’ve fished this lake my whole life, including my dad since 1965, and I’ve never caught one this big anywhere. Just right place and right time and right cast. Letting Landen run the trolling moter for the first time may of made this happen to! Today is my birthday and can’t think of a better present! Bret
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    David Goddard

    Strong Summer Bite 7/24-7/27

    Its been a minute since I have posted in here and seems like forever since I have been fishing. Corona-Rona took away almost all of my senior season of bass fishing for Mizzou and made it one hell of a time to enter the job market. I was fortunate enough to get an offer to work for Marcus Sykora at State Farm and I have really enjoyed that so if any of you need any insurance give me a call (573)365-5088. Any how I am getting married Aug. 8th so for my bachelor party a group of us went down to my favorite lake in the US that I have ever fished. Justin and I fished Friday the 24th . Caught 20ish fish with only 7 keepers but we lost a bunch of good fish in the morning. Those big KYs and smallmouth would knock the fire out of a 2.8 keitech scrubbing the bottom in like 15-20 foot in the morning. Once you hooked them those fish would shoot straight from the bottom to the surface and sky rocket out of the water. We never saw any schooling fish all week but every morning we would catch them shallower on the secondary points scrubbing a 2.8. We caught some fish later in the day drop shotting a morning dawn worm on rock piles but the morning bite was by far the best. Our best 5 for the day went around 12 pounds with all 3 species but we had the bites for a significantly better bag. Saturday we caught them much better. Actually capitalized on the bites we got in the morning. We probably caught over 30 bass. We fished from sunrise till about 10:30 and then from like 6:30 till dark. Most of out better bites came in the morning. I caught 3 big smallies in the morning scrubbing a 2.8 on a secondary point. All of them 17.5-18.5 inches and at or around 3 pounds. We proceeded to struggle the rest of the morning till we finally fished deep dock cables. The deeper the cables the better they were. We caught a bunch of fish doing that. All spots but there were some nice ones on there. 16+ inch fish. Made it fun to catch numbers though. The deep cable fish bit all day too so it wasn't just a morning thing. Those fish bit that same 2.8 keitech about 30 foot deep. Our 5 fish limit was 14 pounds. We caught 11 keepers and 30ish fish in our 2 sessions; 8 in the morning and 3 in the evening. Sunday we did the exact same thing and had similar results as Friday accept we only fished from sunrise till about noon. Missed some caught some but had a fun time. Caught more shorts and had another 11-12 pound limit. Caught them drop shotting the cables too on Sunday. Caught 25ish fish on Sunday. All in all a good overall bite for the summer. I feel like you can never expect the rock to be that good in July but I was please with being able to catch a limit every day. I am in the process of buying a house in Holts Summit and I am heading to Glacier national park for the honeymoon. Hoping to get on some grayling and big cutthroat on a fly rod out there. I'll be very much out of my element though lol It was a fun trip with good friends I cant wait to do it again. Tight lines everyone.
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    Her biggest

    Decided to try a different place. Pulling Flicker shad. This thing made a run like a hybrid. When we seen it flash in the clear water we knew it was a good one. Then when the behemoth breached the surface and Pat's eyes got rather large.. This is her largest to date of any species. 30 inch plus blue cat. Pat said lets weigh it, I said no scale in the boat. Where is your "Bogo grip"? I about lost it laughing. One of the nicest specimens I have ever seen. Its back in there awaiting the next lucky angler,
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    February 16, Big M area

    My first time out since January 31, either because of bad weather or stuff going on in life, I haven't had an opportunity to get out until today. Nice morning, little to no breeze, temps started out at around 32 and gradually warmed up to the mid 50's. Water temp was 44-46 with a bit of a stain. Launched about 0700 and started fishing a long rocky underwater ledge working a 110 +1. Fished it for 30 minutes or so, caught a couple of 14" spots on the +1, but as I was fishing I was watching the depth finder and seeing a bass on the bottom here and there. Just wasn't catching them fast enough on the JB, so fell back on the Ned rig. First cast on the Ned, I caught a keeper spot. Thought I was on to some hot fishing with it, but it wasn't hot, however there were bites to be had. Worked the rock ledges, points and chunk banks, in the 20-30 foot range, and caught another 13 bass on the Ned, with 8 of them being keepers. A couple of them were really solid spots. Used a black Nutech crappie jig for my Ned rig, I have been using a chartreuse head last month and felt it gave me a better chance at catching smallies. And I did not catch a smallie today on the black head, did catch a mean mouth, but maybe there is something to smallies liking that chartreuse head. Guess I will have to continue with my 'research'. Lots of people fishing today, 8 rigs in the Big M lot when I left and lots of boats running up and down the channel. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Fun day of creek fishing

    Since I’ve been back home for Christmas break I’ve spent a lot of hours on the creeks and rivers fishing for winter smallies. So far it’s been a blast and I had another good trip yesterday. I fished a creek that I have had success at in the summer, not too far from my house in St. Louis. Because I had only fished here during the warmer months, I focused mainly in and around the deeper pools, instead of working the whole stretch of creek like I usually do. This paid off, but not like I thought it would. The fish seemed very scattered, and I caught fish in the deeper, slower holes as well as the faster, shallower water leading into them. I never caught more than 3-4 fish in one spot. However, both my brother and I did catch some nice fish including one of the coolest looking meanmouth I’ve ever seen. My theory is that the warmer weather this week had the bass moving more than usual for this time of year, which is why they weren’t all piled up in the deep holes like I thought they would be. Overall it was still a great day of fishing and I’m looking forward to getting back out there!
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    I've been flogging the water to a froth since arriving here March 1st with nothing worthy of a report. However, just being here and trying beats the land of ice and snow every day, all day. Like Basspastor, catching them deep is a summit I'm still looking up at. Thank you for your inspirational post, by the way. Yesterday, I ventured over to the Kings in search of warmer water. It was stained less than I expected given the recent rains, but still had enough floaters for a little pucker factor running down the lake. Table Rock finally granted me a bit of mercy as I blundered into a school of Spots and LMs, catching 20 including 5 keepers. One of them was this "Lil Ol' Meat Pouch" to borrow an epithet from Zona. She went 21 1/2" and tipped the scale at 5.23 lbs. She eagerly lunched a white chatterbait with an Albino Zoom Swimming Super Fluke Jr for a trailer. I remember thinking, this is a big one and wondering if it might not be some other specie as it was pulling so hard. All of the fish came on either the chatterbait or a 4" Keitech Swing Impact on a 1/4 ballhead jig. Water temp was 61.
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    @Justin92297 and I left Columbia around 3:30 a.m. and got on the water at like 7:30 on Saturday the 25th. I fished a 2.8 keitech on a 1/4th oz head all day through trees. Justin threw the same small swimbait and an a-rig. We caught over 40 keepers and probably 55ish bass and fished all day. Most fish were 20-40 feet deep. The key was to mark bait and then count the swimbait down to that depth and just reel it back in very slow. Creeks without bait didn't have any fish in them that we could catch and most of the bait seemed to be in the middle of the creeks. Had 16.60 lbs for our best 5. Sunday we did the same thing. Drive till you find bait and catch them. It was that simple. Had 31 keepers and probably 45ish fish. Lots of boats out on Sunday. Didn't see too many people catching though. Fish are so fat right now. When you reel them up they are spewing up shad like crazy. Really hoping to be back down soon. Anyone know what those smallmouth are doing? We didn't catch a single one.
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    Mitch f

    Sir Smalliebigs

    Well since Scott ain’t going to brag about it, I’ll brag about it for him! He caught a true Missouri giant smallmouth yesterday! Not many folks can say they caught a legit 5 pound smallmouth in Missouri, especially in a river. Well done Sir!
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    Banner Morning!!!

    Got on the water at daybreak out of Mutton Creek. Headed up the Big Sac and had a ball on top-water and also gitzits. I was catching top water fish up until about noon when it got hot enough for me to come home. LOL
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    I’ve been following this forum for a couple years and decided to quit creeping and contribute. I read a lot on here about how to troll crankbaits for crappie and started trying it last year with good success. Yesterday I got my dad out for the first time in years and we had a great day. We ended up 1 shy of our limit due to a miscount in just under 3 hours. We put in at Greenfield boat ramp and caught all of our fish on the second bank we trolled. Most for around 12” with a few 13” fish mixed in. We started with Bandit 300’s and 200’s but nearly every fish came on the 200’s so we switched all 4 rods to 200’s. Multiple times we had 3 fish on at once. Chrome and blue was the best color with the runner up being a green flicker Shad. Anyway, thanks for all the help. I am a beginner at this but hope I can help someone like your post helped me.
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    usa made outdoors

    White River 3/17

    Yesterday was just one of those days. My dad and I fished the middle part of the White and happened across a creek arm that was loaded with shad and bass. Put in just after daybreak water temp was 49.5 and pretty much stayed that way all day. Lots of surface activity early on and the baits of choice were a jerkbait and slab spoon. Fish finally started to slow down on those baits around mid-day so we picked up the small swimbaits and the rest was history. All in all we caught well over a hundred fish with a good portion of those being football K's also mixed in were some quality smallies and a fair amount of Largemouths. All species we're fat as could be and didn't look like they could eat one more bite without popping. Biggest two fish of day were 5lb 14oz and 6lb 2oz. Also had a couple of 4's and more 3+ than you can shake a stick at. Best 5 would've went for 23 and some change. All this action took place in a 300yd stretch that we never left. Truly one of those days you live for as a fisherman. Attached a few pics of some of the better fish.
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    Went bass fishing in the big creek area today got on the water around 7:30 the lake was definitely a few feet higher then the last time I was down. Bite was slow caught a couple keepers then decided to go towards the the state line and fish a few of the good points that the channel swung up close to I was throwing a white and silver 4.8 keitech swim bait got a big bite in 40 of water but the fish came loose straighten my hook slightly I kept throwing and boom something else big took it ten minutes later he finally came up my fish bull shoals striper I think he was close to 40 pounds he was 36 1/2 inches long
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    12-26-19 Table Rock Lake Long Creek Would have posted this yesterday but again picture problem. Had to wait for Becky to get home to get me squared away. Started to a beautiful sunrise and clear slick water at 50 to 52 degree. Lots of birds all over from old 86 to the Arkansas line and the best thing is just to follow the Loons. There was one flock of over 30, could not get the best count as most were scuba divers and man can they travel under water. Started out dragging a Pigsticker in green pumpkin craw and immediately started catching keepers. I was fishing a channel swing with a long ridge. Fish I caught were 28' to 35' along the ridge had 6 keepers. Saw a small concentration and dropped the Wareagle down and caught one on it. All 6 were keeps, with 1 lg. 1 Jaw and 4 K's. Could not see anymore but went to a similar ridge and did the same deal and did not get bit. At this point about 8 am I started looking for birds as I was not seeing any deep fish either on the usual spots. Could not find any bait or fish. Traveled and graphed quite a bit before the birds put me on them. Saw the aforementioned group of Loons and it was on like Donkey Kong. I just pulled right into the middle of the flock and looked down and there they were. Here I'm in 90 plus feet with a group of Shad up near the surface. There were gulls and Loons diving on them. Most of the trees here are topping out at about 50' and I did a couple of deals to catch these fish. First I used the Ice jig. and second I started swimming a Keitech 2.8 on a 3/8 jig head. I was counting it down to the depth of the fish. Here only about the count of 15. Most of these fish are suspending in the tree tops in that 50' or so range and then bolting up and thru.the bait. In this picture I caught one at about 40ft. on the Ice jig and am bringing him up. There is lots of movement in the water that is both shad and fish. It's easy to pick out the fish, they are really bold. Here I'm in about 90' and the bottom is very thick with cover and bait. There is a small group of shad and the bass are moving over the cover and raking thru the shad. On the extreme left of the screen you can see the trail of the fish I'm holding. Again in another graph shot the bass are suspending in and around that 50' depth level and the shad are in the trees below them. This is very thick but mostly uniform so it is easy to swim a keitech. This allows you to cover lots of water. I was counting it down here to about a count of 50 and just pulling it back. I never got hung up a single time so I'm guessing I was in that 30 to 50 foot range with the bait. Here is a similar shot of the fish working above the trees. Gosh it would be great if you could always see them like this. I ended up catching more than I deserved and left with them still biting. And yes there were some other Heathens like me out there yesterday, I was not along. Most of the boats however looked to be crappie fishing Good Luck out there.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I wish all the forum members a Happy Thanksgiving. We live in the greatest country during the greatest time in history and have many things to be thankful for. In addition to the many blessings I am thankful for, I want to thank all of you who’ve shared advice and information on the forum. I truly appreciate it. Mike
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    Took all day today from 7am-4pm but me and the old man put 4 keeper walleyes in the boat with 2 shorts. Worked for it but will make for some good eating. Had to stop off on the way home for a funny pic on ol walleye rd. Any others target walleye on table rock?
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    Took my boys for some smallmouth fishing on the James (lower). It was a beautiful late morning, early afternoon. Fish were all over, next to structure, in the middle, shallow, deep, wherever. Tried multiple lures with varying success, but the lure of the day was the Ned rig. I tried 3 different jigheads and all worked equally well, it was just a fishy day. Both boys caught plenty of fish, but the young one caught the fish of the day (and best small mouth of his short life). I was in my 30s before I caught a smallmouth like that. His smile says it all. Hope all of you are taking advantage of the bite, it is GOOD.
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    Biggest Stockton Walleye

    I spent memorial day weekend on the lake with some friends. Before they all came up I decided to hit the lake, thanks to a short work day. After the last four years chasing ol' Walter I caught my biggest Stockton eye to date 26". The following days the water was really murky and we caught a few, but it was hard fishing for the most part.
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    Only things that have changed since we got here on 4/26 are the weather, and the pool. Think most folks know what we do, how we do it, and generally where. Although we get around quite a bit more than many would expect. We're fishing finesse on gravel, including main lake places, specifically with the Ned. Also catching some dragging the doctor or a fry. Water color hasn't mattered a bit. Same for snot, wind, or water color. We've caught very few fish deeper than 10', not for lack of looking. Started getting a topwater bite Sunday, but my guess is the cold weather will hurt it. Lot of them were slapping at it more than eating it. Spawn coves, pole timber points, and guts on that bite. Obviously better with shad everywhere. It seemed to pop at 64 degrees (on our graph, anyway). Waking baits have been better than wakers. Catching all four species on the same stuff, same baits. Plus a few big whites on topwater. Catching a lot of blacks, and a lot of solid K's, which is a little different.
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    Some beautiful weather...

    But for me the fishing has been tough. Caught just a handful Monday, caught some today, but almost all were sub-legal bank running males, mostly spots. Today's sun moved them (again) up onto the banks, Ned rig off the buck brush would get bites. Once it came off the bank and got into water over 5 feet deep, then they would not touch it. Keitech has gotten a few but it isn't working like it did last week. There have been some early morning shad chasers in a pocket and some are even out into the main channel, but it's a brief bite. Weather couldn't have been much better than it was today, no wind, bright blue sky, air temp 74 degrees when I left. Lots of fishermen, I counted 19 rigs in the Big M lot and 2 more came in when I left at noon. In ordinary times you might see 6-8 rigs in the lot on a nice weekday in April. Did catch a keeper walleye on the Keitech. I have a couple of bags of walleye fillets in the freezer so this one got to live to fight another day.
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    Some tax day fishing

    My first day on Table Rock since March 11, high water and the Big M dock being sideways kept me on Beaver and the Bella Vista lakes. Launched at Big M and coming out of the cove saw some scattered top water activity in the deep water so made a few casts with a 3.3 Keitech, caught a 13" spot and missed one. Didn't tear them up in the location, but was good to see a few chasing shad. Motored a few miles down the lake, started fishing a rocky point, saw some activity back in the cove, a smaller cove, one where you could reach both banks if you were in the middle. Bass were off the deep end of a dock and along a steep bank that led back into the cove, feeding on 3" shad. Stayed back there for maybe a couple of hours and caught 20 or so there on the 3.3 Keitech, they were all over the water column, some on top, some near the bottom in 35 FOW and some in between. If I could get a cast to one that was on top, they'd hit it almost every time. The others were caught slow rolling the Keitech with periodic drops, lots of bites on the drop. Mix of largemouth and spots, some of them being keepers up to 17". Once that bite died down the wind really started blasting, fished a few locations with just one here and there on the Keitech. Caught one fish on the Ned rig, but it was too windy for me to fish it, I just hate fishing it in a strong wind. Found another group of fish in the very back of a small cove chasing shad over shallow water, had the boat in 10 FOW casting to the bank. Caught 8 or 9 in the back of that cove, again a mix of LM's and spots, but did catch my first smallie of the day that went 15". All on the Keitech. My last location to fish was a gravel point that had the wind blowing from the shallow part of the point straight out, so I put my boat up close to the point and threw that Keitech out and let it ride the wind. Then I'd let it sink and roll it back with some drops. That gave me my big fish of the day, an 18" smallie. Had one more bite there and it was time to head for the barn. 34 bass total for the day, didn't keep track of the keepers, I know I had a half dozen keeper LM's, a couple of keeper smalls, and a bunch of spots that were in that 14-15" range. I only saw three other boats today. WT 56 Little bass, big shad: My 2 best:
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    Royal Blue

    Pond to the East...

    Had possibly my best day ever on the upper end of Bull Shoals this past Sunday. It was a day the Champ would've loved. Spinnerbaits all day. Found the water temp at 54 when we put in and it was 62.5 in the back of a couple of creeks by the afternoon. You have those days that you won't ever for get and this will go down as one of them. Between my brother and I we lost count at 30+ KEEPERS! It was non stop action for hours and my office hands were completely trashed. Can't wait to get back over there!
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    Shell Knob 3/29 - 3/30

    Fished all day Sunday and just an hour of so this evening before the rain from Big Creek to Shell Knob. I was discouraged by the water color but it didn't seem to hurt the bite, just needed to do some adjusting from my usual routine. Caught them on the old bank line in front of the bushes 9'-15'. the wind was your friend and did the best on a rock crawler, spinner bait and chatter bait. Spinner bait and chatter bait usually aren't my thing, as i would rather creep a swim bait out deep but boy was it fun! Most everything i fished was larger pockets leading into spawning coves or the first 100 yard stretch leading into larger creek arms. These fish were just all about to burst, any buck brush sticking out a bit further than the rest were a great target.
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    White River Outfitters Guide Service Eagle Rock Report Had to go home so I could catch a fish. Launched at Eagle Rock at 6:45 this morning and was not the first rig at the ramp. Surface temp at 47.8 water color was James River green with about 4' visibility, some folks would say just perfect and it was pretty perfect for me. Air temp was 22 degree when I started and both the reel and rod kept freezing for the first couple of hours. Didn't seem to matter as the LM were up just where should be. Bluffends, points in front of big spawning pockets and timbered transitions leading in to those pockets. Kind of like Dockit the other day, had a nice limit by 8:30 and these fish kept biting. Had one bluffend point that I caught 11 with 10 keepers off of. Most all fish with the exception of two keeps that were caught on a Pig Sticker with a Chompers twin tail were caught on the A-rig. 2.8 Keitech in Pro blue Red. Water was really slick and I tried the floater but no success. Also tried a jerker when it started to ripple a bit but nothing except A-rig fish. Bite started funny, as they would push it and it would also go slack. I was having a hard time until they started eating it. One of my shorts came as a double and while I tried to get that picture they both came off. Wanted to take it in the water but good luck with that. On one of the catches I had either 3 or 4 followers swimming below the caught fish, so for a change I was around them. Pretty sure they were all Bucks, just full of shad coming out both ends. Best one today was 3.60. Fished within 1/2 mile either side of the 86 bridge, and left them biting at 12:00 noon. Lots of boats and fishermen out, but nothing like the Dam/Kimberling area. I just don't think those fish were nearly as beat up as they are on this end. Every fish I caught was a LM and I had about 20 total. Surface temp at the ramp at noon was pushing 49 degree. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Springtime in January

    Launched out of Big M today around 0915. I started later today as the forecast called for fog and cold and I hate fishing in ice fog. Well when I got to Big M it was still right around freezing and still foggy. Fortunately the sun burned though and it warmed and really did feel like spring out there once the afternoon rolled around. Had to work for them today, caught 13 total, 3 keepers, biggest being a smallmouth that was a crawdad short of weighing 4 lbs. Fish were scattered, almost all my bites came in 20-30 FOW of points, steep rocky banks, and run out rocky ledges on a couple of cove mouths. Fishing the Ned rig really slow, as a matter of fact had several bites on the bottom below the trolling motor - I think those bass are just swimming along, following the bait and when I stop it, and just shake it a little, for 10-15 seconds they'll pick it up. Been fishing a new Ned type bait called a "Sukoshi Bug", it's in the pic with the largemouth. So far it hasn't fished any better that the traditional cut Zinker, but it does catch fish and it is something different to show them. Water is still a stained green color, maybe 5 feet of viz. Forgot to check the WT, but I'd guess 47 or so.
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    New Year's

    Everyone have a safe NYE. No drinking and driving. I am finally on the mend from knee surgery and went out and caught my last walleye of 2019. 7lb 1oz
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    12-22-19 Table Rock Lake Fishing Report Got our early out of the back ramp at Cow and all was quiet except the duck hunters that were banging away. Surface temp was a smooth 52 degree and the water in the Cow Creek/Spring Branch area is very clear. I could see my white spoon at 20+ ft. Checked both the backs of Spring Branch and both Cows for bait and found some scattered but really very little, with but a few fish suspended and they were mostly singles. I did catch one on a flutter spoon in Spring Branch as it was chasing up near the top and I heaved the spoon and he snagged it in under 5' of water over 100'. Started looking on the main lake deep flats and started to find shad with fish in them above them and below them. DEEP, DEEP, DEEP. Really I got lucky, I saw a pack of 11 loons that kept diving and diving and I charged right into the middle of them. Here is the deal, they were on shad, but the shad were in 60' to 120' on the bottom. Caught 2 brown fish at 89' on the bottom and they really thumped the Ice Jiggin Rap. These shad were in an area, probably the size of a city block and the loons would streak clear down to them. When they loons would get in them it would break them up and you could see the bass tearing thru picking up what ever singles they could. Saw something I have never seen. There were two loons that were diving and swirling and they were not going deep at all. They were perhaps going down 20 ft. They were by the boat and I could see the shad they were diving on and could see the loons with my eyes feeding on them. It was remarkable. Reminded me of Nat Geo . and the penguins going thru bait. When they would come up they would have so many in their mouth they would spit 3 or 4 out about every time. I had a couple of dozen shad floating around the boat that they had coughed up when I moved off a bit the gulls went crazy on them. I also saw a Huge Golden Eagle. It was a fantastic morning. Caught 15, and everyone was a keeper. Every fish came on the Ice Jig except the one on the flutter spoon. Shallowest fish I caught was at 40' suspended and I saw her and raised up and she snached it. Did the best just holding the bait really still and the jaws slammed it but the K's just loaded on it. Tried the jigging spoon but not a single bite, kind of a no brainer this morning with the Ice Jig. . Going to be a great week out there, give her a whirl. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Sunday walleye

    Put in at big m in search of some new areas for walleyes. The old man caught one keeper right off the bat. I pulled another one to the boat but didn’t land it. Both were right around 18.5in. Caught another short and bunch of bass, bottom bouncing 20-25 fow. Didn’t have any more luck till the end of the day trolling back to the boat ramp. Switched to trolling spoons and crankbaits and landed a 25incher which felt like I was pulling in a tree branch. Got some pics of him and put him back. Didn’t kill em but always a good day on the water. Broke my radio antenna but fixed it in the field 😂
  43. 17 points

    Monday, 10/7

    Got on the water about 8:45 and had two limits of crappie before 11. We were fishing some brush piles when fish came up and hit the shad and this nice largemouth took it upon himself to hit my buddies crankbait. We were having so much fun catching and releasing keeper crappie we just couldn’t quit and finally got off the water around 1 o’clock. Jigs in 8 to 18 feet, 72 degree water. What a beautiful day of fall weather fishing. Tight Lines!
  44. 17 points

    First Ever Walleye Day

    Went out with Ed of lmt out-fitters today and had a great time. I needed some serious schooling on walleye fishing, so I got a hold of Ed and glad I did. We Put 20 in the boat 12 keepers and eight shorts. Lost two nice ones at the boat. Several were in the 18 to 20 inch range, and the two we lost were in that window as well. Did some jig and crawler, and some bottom bouncing. Both seemed to work. Took six home for a fish fry. The most important part for me was Ed filling me in on things I needed to know, like why, where, and when. I learned a ton... Not to over sell myself on this. Ed pretty much carried the day. But he did have the good side of the boat.😒 I definitely felt like I got a good deal... Mike
  45. 16 points

    Branson Protest?

    Go to FB if you wanna discuss that. And I sincerely mean that in the nicest way I can. We need a sanctuary from that noise on this forum. All the best brother
  46. 16 points

    Walleye fishing sucked

    Really crappy today. Only boated 8 walleye with a small 24". Just wish I was working instead. They were 8-16ft bb and worm.
  47. 16 points
    I fished this afternoon for a few hrs and had the best trip of the year so far. I found a school of fish just inside a gravel cove that was feeding on a big school of shad. The shad were thick from 7 to 15ft then they thinned out between 15 and 25ft. This was an area protected from the wind and that allowed me to see shad flickering when idling into the cove. I used two different underspins to catch them. I positioned my boat in 30ft and threw a 3/8 oz to 10 ft and slowed rolled the bait. After catching a bunch, I put the boat in 22ft and threw a 1/4 oz to 6ft and found out the LM were shallower. It helped to have the bait real close to the bottom under most of the shad. If the bait hit the bottom it would get just enough slim to make the cast useless, so I messed up a lot casts. I had 28 keepers with a good mix of all species and some really nice LM (one was 5.10# and some 3s and 4s). I caught all the fish on a 30yd stretch and never moved the boat except to give them a rest. A few guys came in the cove so I stopped fishing and went to scout other gravel coves hoping to find the same stacked shad scenario. Yesterday morning I had 15 keepers on a 3" SB around trees with shad. Yesterday they would not pay the underspin much attention.
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    Merry Christmas everybody! Some great colors in the sky this morning at the launch. So why chartreuse? I have noticed that when I fish small swimbaits like a Keitech that it seems I'll catch more smallies and wallies if I use a chartreuse jig head. Lately when fishing my Ned rigs I have been doing ok on the spots, but can't catch a decent smallmouth. I have some Nutech chartreuse crappie heads in my tackle stash and decided I would give them a shot. Glued on some Dirt colored half Zinkers on a couple of them and took them with me today. Caught 2 nice keeper smallmouth and a couple of walleye. Maybe a coincidence, but I haven't caught a keeper sized smallmouth in a while. Chartreuse seemed to make a difference, but more 'research' is required. Caught some spots too. 17 bass total, 4 keepers. One of the smallmouth really pulled, thought for sure it was either a big walleye or big largemouth - but it wasn't. Still fishing steep banks, rocky points and timber. Who knows where this bank is? Couple of smallmouth: Sir Spot: And a wallie:
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    Big M area, October 9

    I roll into Big M at about 0645 and there's a truck by the ramp. There's a guy there outside his truck, and he's wearing a jersey, except it looks like one of those MLF referee jerseys- has black and white striped sleeves. Anyway he made a few casts then drove over to the other side of the park and went fishing on the bank over there. Nothing wrong with jerseys or fishing off the bank, but seeing someone in the refs jersey wasn't something I have ever seen except on TV. I got the boat in the water and got out of there pretty fast, didn't want to get a 2 minute penalty. But the fishing was pretty good today - got a lot of bites, had a problem converting those bites into fish in the boat but I bet I had at least 50 bites and out of all those bites I only managed to boat 15 of them. I had a good smallmouth on a Whopper Plopper that threw the Plopper right next to the boat. Had another keeper sized smallie get off a crank, and to add insult to injury, a spot then grabbed the crank and it got off too! Lost another good smallie on a shaky head. Shaky head was the best bait for me today, 6 inch Roboworm on a 1/8 oz head. Got a couple on the plopper, a couple of drop shot fish, and a couple on a crank. Didn't find many drop shot fish today, there were a couple out there, but couldn't find them like last week. Most of my bites were in 5-15 FOW, and the best banks had wind on them. Steep banks and rocky points with wind were good today. Saw a bass boat out there today off the bank on a flat, looked to be drop shot fishing. 5 guys in the boat. I am thinking it could've been a guide with 4 clients. Surface temp 73. Air temp was 41 when I launched!
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    Seth Clarkson

    New Pb Smallmouth

    Slow fishing day Saturday and the temperature was nice, but I did catch my new pb smallmouth. It was 19 inches but didn't get a weight since the scale battery was dead. I would guess somewhere between 2.5 and 3 lbs, it wasn't all that thick and not as strong as the river smallies. Caught on a megabass hazedong swimbait that was given to me a couple years ago and sat in my box, I was lazy and saw it handy after breaking off a chatterbait so I tied it on, sure glad I did. Caught it up by shadowrock park, sure wasn't expecting to catch a smallie there. Water has been really clear for bull shoals from our account.
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