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    Shot my personal best deer.

    While not a MO deer I do hang out here on the forum so thought I would share my personal best deer. I shot this one in Nebraska. After seeing this guy Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and not being able to get a shot; he finally gave me an opportunity Wednesday. My personal best by far!
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    Grandson asked me to "fix" his reel that his Dad had messed-up. Quickly discovered Dad had looped line around the rear of the spool and had just kept crankin'. Easy fix and an opportunity to show "Patch" how to disassemble an open-face and how they work. Included a little lesson on how to correctly set the drag and how to fight the fish with the rod and not just by crankin' the reel. Showed him how to take care rigging-up the Ned Rig and how it was important to get that worm on the hook shank straight and he watched Mr. Fumble Fingers (me) struggle with it and tied it on. Later that evening he takes the same rod/reel/Ned and lands, gets a picture of and releases this beauty....
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    Bill Babler

    4-22-19 Kind of Nuts Today

    Started at the dam early and it was just not what I wanted it to be. Had several fish with a 4.52 jaw but not many bites. Loaded u.p the rig and headed for Baxter. Temps at the dam were 56 when I launched at 6. Relaunch at Baxter at 11 and the temps were 60 and it was just flat on. I caught them on a Keitech 3.3 and a jerkbait with the boat in 30 ft. Fish seemed to be in that 15 ft. range suspended and moving up. Fished from 11 to 5 and did not go 10 minutes without a bite. Wind was just perfect. Had 2 keeper walleye one 19 inches and one 22 inches and I released them. Had 10 crappie, the biggest I have ever caught. One here and one there. They were monsters. Biggest at 3.08 and 18 inches. Next biggest at 3.02 and 17.75 inches. The 10 weighed in at a little under 24 pounds. Smallest was a shade under 17 inches. I have fished in my 65 yrs. on Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Barclay, Kentucky Lake and Toledo Bend and never had a 2 pound crappie let alone a 3 pound crappie and for gosh sakes catching them on Table Rock is just unreal, I'm in a fog. Knife is 15.5 inches long. Every crappie came on a suspending jerkbait. Color did not matter as long as it was Blue. They were not schooled, one here and one there. Pole timber was always present. Best 5 bass would have pushed 17 pounds, all the best being jaws. This post has been promoted to an article
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    The wife and I decided to take our other grandson fishin' on Tuesday 5/28 and we had a ball. They ate the Ned Rig so good last week so I tied one on for everybody and they are still eating it up.....I taught Ethan how to fish with a spinning rod and how to work the Ned Rig. I even gave him my fishing pole. He started catching them really good.....then he started getting cocky......So I had to show him who's boss..... It was a great day. We caught fish and laughed until we cried several times. The boy is a blast to fish with. My wife was the camera "man" all day and did an excellent job. What a day....
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    Sore Thumbs

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

    After the saga I had with Hydro Tec on my last Skeeter I decided to forego another rebuild and sold it as is to a guy in Tennessee. I picked up a 15 FX21. I was not going to buy another boat without a warranty. Excited to go fishing and contribute to this forum again.
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    New personal best today

    Caught my personal best largemouth today. 5.20lbs. Was a pond bass but none the less the biggest bass live ever caught. Sad to say it’s still a pound and a half behind my wife’s biggest bass out of the same pond.
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    Good Bye and Thanks for All the Fish

    Douglas Adams book title, but wonderfully appropriate for leaving TR. The moving van comes tomorrow and unloads in Tulsa on Friday. I will come back next week to take the boat off the lift and move it there. Assuming the flooding does not breach the dam, I will put it on Skiatook Lake soon thereafter. I will continue to read and post in the forum. The reports will be for a different lake though. Thanks to all here. You have been invaluable in learning and fishing this lake, and I appreciate all the wonderful things you find here compared to other forums. rps
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    finally got to feeling better and got out for a bit tonight. went fishing with my old buddy gary harlan. he is spending the summer here instead of falcon. too much stuff going on down there on the border. the dems need to talk to someone that actually lives down there and they will straighten them out pretty quick on how bad things really. now back to the news. we kind of did a bit of showing out tonight. plus 12 keeps and a host of those good ones. a 3/8 GrassJig got most of them, but got a couple on a beaver type bait on a 1/4 Pro Series head, and one on a tube, also on a 1/4 Pro Series head. the one bigger one that was caught on the bank came on the tube. all the rest were in the 10 to 15 ft. range more on the main channel and not back in pockets. only one of these bass seemed to have spawned. the rest were as slick and fat as could be. the pic on the two were caught at the same time. mine was on the tube on the bank and the other one more in the 10 to 12 ft. range. with the water fluctuating as it has been, there may be some bass spawning next month just as there were last year. bo
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    lmt out

    Personal Best

    My personal best missouri walleye amd second best ever. 9lb 12 oz. 27 1/4 inch.
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    Bill Babler

    Turning the Knob on Table Rock Bass

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report June, 14 2019 Shell Knob, MO. White River Outfitters Perhaps the most perfect Top Water Morning, Just up Stream from Shell Knob. ss The Idea this morning was to fish out of Eagle Rock. I had a last minute cancel that I was not able to fill and have two trips next week out of Eagle Rock and wanted to get up there and see what was happening. Got to the 86 bridge at 5:30, and knew I was in trouble as there were boats and rigs parked everywhere. Didn't want to fight the mob, I'm guessing a pretty decent size derby. Didn't want to waste a perfect morning so I booked for the Shell Knob Bridge Ramp and there were only 2 rigs there at a little after 6. Lots of boats flying by from up stream so I'm guessing the ER derby crowd was headed downstream to big water. Mistake for the most part. I headed upstream right into the teeth of them. Boats on most ever dock and major runnout from SK to Carter, all right on the bank or flipping any dock they could find. With the cloud cover slight drizzle and little chop you could not have ordered a better Top water morning. Fish were absolutely blowing everywhere at depth. At first I thought they were whites, but nope, mostly LM with some really nice K's and several Jaws mixed in. I petty much caught big keeper fish cast after cast from 6:15 till 9:30 on a Fin. I have fished here in the good and bad times and today for me was for sure one of the good times. Wish my son could have been out with me, he was here last week and we caught fish, mostly on a jig but today was special as it was all about the Top. A couple of guys that were fishing a dock came out and pulled up to me saying that had seen me wacking them and did not mean to intrude but wondered how I was catching them. I asked first off did you catch any on that dock and they said no. They had watched the MLF guys catching them early in the mornings on a shad spawn under docks and thought that was the deal. I said it might have been a month ago, but those fish were long gone and out here for me to catch. I tried to help them, but It just was not going to happen,so I wished them luck and they pulled off. About that time the fish blew up again. I was sitting in 106 feet of water. Message to self, I don't think White River bass need to hide under anything.😎 Just about every fish I caught and the numbers were a bit silly, were keepers. With the way they were feeding this morning, I'm guessing they probably will not eat again until sometime next month. I just got really lucky being in the right place on the right day at the right time. These fish were chasing schools of shad and also schools of fry. There are just millions of tiny fry swimming in big schools around the Knob. Some shallow and some deep. Just have no idea how many offspring are out there this year as I think we had a fantastic spawn. My boat was so saturated with poop, fry, shad and crayfish that I had to take it to the car wash and wash it out to prevent from grinding it into the carpet. Lots of Daddy's in them also, just about the size of a 3/8 oz. jig Put lots of fish on the board, but for the most part just gave them a smooch and sent them back to the briny deep to continue on their feeding binge. I did catch 1 on a jig just for kicks and grins and a couple on a drop shot and a spoon, but the Fin was the deal by far on this perfect top water day on Table Rock Lake. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Branson, Mo. Table Rock Lake Report White River Outfitters Guide Service Amy with a fantastic top water Table Rock Smallmouth bass Due to an emergency cancel from my today's clients I'm home after just an exciting last few days on both the Rock and Taney. Bass fishing on the Rock from end to end is really setting new standards for quantity and if your work it some very nice quality. Numbers of fish on guide trips is just outstanding with most 4 hr. trips averaging 35 plus fish, and if I can get people up, about 1/2 of those will be top water. Shane with a nice Redfin fish. Best top water bite even on clouds has been 5:30 to 7 AM. There is now a real solid shad spawn going on the bank,and it is over about as quick as it starts. The progression is very interesting, and you can follow it out just watching the chasing. At first light its on the bank behind the bushes and then works out to depth as the sun rises, or really just as the morning progresses. Best top water for me and mine, remains a wide wobble top water wake bait. I just am getting very little love on either a spook a chugger or a pooper. Not saying they won't just tear them up, but not even close on the number of strikes right now on the wide wobbler. Every once in a while something really special happens. Amy made it work with a double on the fin catching this super LM and Jaw with one swing of the fin. Lots of times you can get two on but getting them in for a photo is quite a different matter. Good Work Amy. When the topwater deal winds down, I'm going with really 3 presentations, and the drop shot is not one of them. When they are still up there shallow and under 10' I'm going with a Ned. I'm using GP or PBJ any natural variation in the clear water, In any of the off color water and there is still a lot of it, I'm using orange craw. As the morning moves later, the swim bait is still just simply on fire. Don't get caught up with only a paddle tail, the C-tail grubs are at times producing better. Pictured are a Chompers smoke pepper, Yamamoto smoke red fleck and of course 2 from the Keitech family. All of these are on 3/16 Keitech tungsten ball heads with 2/0 hook. I'm talking here after 8 in the morning and you will still see some chasing. Don't let these get away. Put on a heavy spoon or a tail spinner that you can throw for distance and keep after them, as they are just always out of reach for a top water bait. The hooks on the Little George are trash and if you don't upgrade you will be sorry. Most of these fish are remaining under 25 ft. right now and instead of dragging the Ned that deep I'm fishing a 3/8th. to 1/2 oz. Pig Sticker Quick 5 in GPO. Trailers are plentiful, but the smallie beaver is working fantastic for me right now and it has just the right amount of orange already in it. Yes,the pro's and some others are catching them on bluffs. With clients this is pretty much impossible as they are paralleling and that does not give everyone a shot, These fish are on the long gravel points. One of my clients on his own last week had 36 off on point. He said they were just stacked in 17 ft. He nedded the heck out of them at Shell Knob. Visibility is ranging from 2' to 12' depending on lake section. Surface temp is pretty much 75 lake wide with a little variation. They are biting, get out there and enjoy it. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Table Rock continues to impress me every time I an lucky enough to fish this lake. @Justin92297 and I fished the lower end on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday and we fished the Kings and the White on Saturday. Thursday we had 17.3 lbs for our biggest 5 including a 4 lb smallmouth that Justin caught and a 4.5 lb largemouth that I caught. We caught 12 keepers on Thursday and all of them came off Keitech 2.8 swimbaits in sexy shad color on quarter ounce head with a weed guard and jerk baits. Cedar trees seemed to be the biggest key for us pretty much all week. Just slow rolling that small swimbait through the trees or making a long cast with the jerk bait past the tree to get it down to max diving depth when it came past the tree got us almost all of our bites. We caught some in trees that were in 30-40 feet and topped out in 15-20, and we caught some in trees that were in 15-20 feet. Friday brought more of the same for us. the only difference was this time we found fish schooling like crazy back in a creek. I caught a keeper largemouth on a spook and missed 2 other blow ups and we caught 10 keepers on Friday. Today in the area that we found schoolers we just fished out baits around where the fish were schooling and caught a bunch. Many of them were shorts but we saw some really big ones blow up on the surface. The bite after the schooling activity in the morning was pretty much the same. Small swimbait and jerk bait through trees in the same depth zone. Saturday we decided to see a new part of the lake and put in at Viola. Neither one of us had ever fished the kings and we thought maybe there would be a good rock crawler or wiggle wart bite up there. We did not catch them on crankbaits but we caught them flipping main lake wood that was on the steep banks with a small jig and a swing head with a menace grub and on an underspin with a 3.3 Keitech. Trees were again very important; wherever there were cedar trees in about 20 ft of water on the main lake there were bass. Saturday was definitely our best day for numbers. we caught over 50 fish and had 18 keepers. No big ones but it was a very fun day and I like that part of the lake a lot. Sunday we fished the lower end again and only had like half of a day since we had to get back to Columbia for class on Monday. We only had 4 keepers and all of them came out of very deep trees that topped out in like 15-25 feet that were over 40-60 ft. on the 2.8 Keitech. Sunday was a tough post frontal day. Probably only caught 10 fish and only 4 keepers. Lastly I wanted to touch on the meanmouth that Justin and I caught. We caught a total of 3 that we noticed this week and I had never thought that there were many in the lake. We also caught a surprisingly low number of smallmouth in 4 days (probably only like 10). Is the spotted bass population in Table Rock breeding out the smallmouth? I sure hope not. Either way Table Rock is my favorite lake in the U.S. and I cant wait to go back again. Also, if anyone is looking to fish a tournament this weekend on Lake of the Ozarks come fish the Mizzou Fundraiser Tournament out of PB #2 on this Saturday Tight lines everybody.
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    Kim City - Mar 16th - Swimbait

    I fished from 7:30 to 10:30 in Kim City area and had decent luck with a underspin and plain swimbait. I fished the mouth of a spawning cove with my boat setting in 45' and casting to 25' and slow rolling over trees. I had 10 fish with 8 keepers, 3 LM and 5 Ks. One LM was 5.11 using a 2.8 inch plain swimbait. Another LM was 5.5 using a 3.8 inch plain swimbait. This time of year, the plain swimbait can out perform an underspin. I caught a few keepers on the underspin and the rest on a plain swimbait. The area I fished had very little bait compared to when I fished it 10 days ago. Ten days ago it had too much bait in the area. The WT was 43.5 to 46. Some shad are still dying, but it seems to be minor. I could not move around much due to the amount of boats in the BFL tournament. For me, the main feeding time was over at 9AM. I would estimate my best 5 weighed 18.5 Lbs. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Three jerks a jerking

    Upper Bull, So we have been trying to get together for awhile. Everyone's day off needed to get into sync. So we got the call from Duckydoty he had a plan. So I ask what do we need to bring gear wise? Nothing, nothing at all. Now we have junk, lots of junk and it felt really strange going on a fishing trip with nothing. Did not have to hurry or be on the water early. Not a normal trip for us. We meet at Duane's house just missing getting to see Monachari. Follow the Duane rig to the launch to be greeted to beautiful skies and no wind to speak of. Unloaded and across the water we went to the first spot. So here is what we are going to do the captain says. Throw this here jerkbait over there. Jerk it six or seven times to get it down to the bottom in the mud. We will work it off to the drop off by letting it sit still for five, six or seven seconds. Give it a jerk and let it sit again. Repeat, repeat and repeat again. Bites can be on the pause on the jerk just watch your line and keep in contact with it. This we did as we shot the bull then Pat squeals I got one! Skipper leaps into action with coaching and the net. Success and number one is boated, We did good he says one is a good day and we may not get another. Soon Ducky has one on. it was all exciting until we seen the fish. Awe Crud it was one of those stinkin bass. I had the net ready but Duane says bass cannot touch the net or boat. Worse than having a banana on board, Duane hooks up again this time a real fish, A bit later I contact one, Mrs. BilletHead strikes again! Then Duane gets jinxed and begins to slay the stinkin bass, Some of them get the boot out of the boat, So we are fishing along and I say just what are these baits all about and what are they? These are megabass jerk baits. 25 bucks each, WHAAAAT yes. Are you kidding me? Nope. Now the BilletHead's don't do this . Heard about these but not that into bass or special 25 buck baits. THEN not too many casts later something happens probably because I am thinking of having 25 bucks on the end of my line SNAP and there it goes with out the line attached really far and disappears. I about puked. I got more Duane says. We ended up with two walleye each and Duane had one big crappie try to choke down a 25 buck megabass. Many, many stinkin green bass. Another photo before the fillet party began, Stories were told, notes were shared and we had a great day of fellowship of alike minds. Did any of you forum members ears burn yesterday? Was it you we talked about? . Great day and thanks Duane. We will make this happen again friend, The BilletHeads This post has been promoted to an article
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    Kimberling City Mo. Launched at Schooner Creek this morning at 0700 to perfect overcast breezy conditions. Had Mark Pritt in tow good friend and client. Surface temps had dropped to 77 degree with water clarity at 15' First big run to start the day had fish surfacing completely around us, all Black Bass and loads of them. We only had 4, two on top and 2 on the chrome little George. Really did not make one hoot of difference as we were there to jig fish and they were right where Steven and I left them on Friday. They tried to hurt us this morning as we brought 3 strong limits of SM to the boat. Only had 2 or 3 short fish and jumped off several. Several times this morning I thought I was in Alaska fighting Halibut. I had 3 different fish that just durn near whipped me. Had the drag cranked down on the Steez with just about no give and they pulled it no problem, 15lb. Invizx. A few years ago I had a trip where I had a young lady catch 3 jaws over 5 lbs. on a tube in one day. No 5 pounders this morning, but our best 5 were an easy 17 lbs. of Mean to the Bone Jaw, as far as size this was probably my second best day ever for best 5 smallmouth. The day on the tube we had 20+ pounds best 5, so it was just a super outing. Fished 5 locations in the 4 hr. trip with the last spot being a zip. I tried a shallow ledge rock area that I usually catch them on this time of the year. Wind was hitting it perfectly, but no love. All our fish were still in that 28' to 32' depth range and from speaking to the guides this last couple of days, all the crawler fish are coming from the same depth. All our quality fish came on the 3/4 Pig Sticker Quick 5 in either Greeen Pumpkin Orange or Brown Orange and we used the Nichole's Texas Craw in Copper. Ran out of Copper and Mark did catch our last fish on Road Kill. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to be able to earn a living on one of the most beautiful lakes in the World. With the Fall bite slamming into us like a great White Shark, this lake seems to be in splendid condition giving up big brown fish like that. Mark has fished St. Clair several times and said today it had nothing on Table Rock for quality Small Jaws. Good Luck
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    Jaguar 97

    They were eating today

    Put in at Big indian at 6am. Should have been earlier. Started out throwing topwater I would get them on but couldn't keep them pinned. Switched to a swimbait and it was on. Fished up the white and got on one point and it seemed like every other cast a Kentucky or a smallmouth. There seemed to be a sweet spot on that point. Finally got ran off of main lake points picked up a jig and fished some steeper bluff banks caught some largemouth up to 4 lbs. It was one of the best days I've had in awhile. Swimbait in sexy shad. Jig PBJ W/ Chigger bug trailer.
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    Cow Creek 3/30

    Fished our club tournament today. Won it with 15.70. Had a 5.31 for my big fish just to get beat by a 5.32lber. 2nd 14lbs. 8 keepers on RK, 2 keepers on Spinnerbait. My big fish annihilated a Spinnerbait in 10inches of water. One of the best bites I have had over the years of fishing. Wt: 48-50. Weighed 4 smallmouth and 1 largemouth. This post has been promoted to an article
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    I haven’t posted in a while. But, yesterday’s outing was a big one for me. I launched in the afternoon and jetted through pelting rain to chase smallies. The conditions seemed good for some bigger fish to be out feeding. And, the Meramec River did not disappoint. On consecutive casts, I caught a 20.25” and then a 20.5”, breaking my previous Meramec PB of 20” and 4.2#. My scale decided to not work, so I don’t have weights on these two fishThe bigger one looked like a real warrior—it’s jaws were scarred up and had a bunch of holes. What did I catch them on, you ask? The new HD Hellgrammites (green pumpkin) on a shakey head jig. I bought a few packs at Denny Dennis in Fenton. So, thanks Tackle HD for helping me catch (and release) truly awesome fish! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Stripers are on top

    Put the boat in the water at Indian creek about 7 AM, I could see top water striper activity right out in front of the ramp. My plan today was to fish for black bass, but seeing those stripers made me change my plans. My one regret is not getting there 45 minutes earlier before it got light. Anyway got after them, throwing, targeting the ones I would see breaking water. Did a lot of chasing, they are spooky, the water is clear, and the shad they are chasing are small. A lot of times they would not go after my topwater (Evergreen Shower Blow 135), but once in a while one would blow up on it. And I mean explode, that's most of the fun, just seeing those big pops. I boated one that was in the 10-12 lb. range, a couple of 3 lbers and a couple of spotted bass. Missed several, had one knock the lure about 3 feet in the air, came after it again once it hit the water, missed it, then after I walked the bait about 10 feet it blew up on it again and missed. Had another one pop it twice and miss both times. Had a couple of brief hook ups also. It kept me pretty entertained for about 2 hours then it shut down. There was another guy out there who looked to be doing the same thing I was doing and I saw him boat 2 stripers. Went back into Indian once the top water bite died to try for some bass - had two bites on a swing head with a Menace Grub and that was it. I quit about 11 AM. WT right at 60 degrees. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Good thread Ness, So you asked and all of my stories are long. Actually I make them long .. In my previous life I was a flintknapper. Actually I still am one but doing a hiatus. Too many other cool things to do and not enough time. Some of you know what a flintknapper is and some yo may not. I work with various cherts to make points. There is not true flint in the untied states but everyone calls chert flint. When I say points I mean blades, spear and atlatl dart points, oh yes arrowheads too but not all points are arrowheads. We used to travel all over in Missouri and surrounding states to knapp inn's and primitive skills gatherings to make points, trade, sell and have great fellowship. Pat and I are both members of the corn society and been through the oogabooga ceremony. Someday I will share that but cant tell you the secret behind it. That you have to experience for yourself. What does this have with my screen name? It all stems from above. We have a good friend James who attended the knapp in's He would scream across the gathering each time he seen me. "Hey my little bald headed buddy" I keep a clean shaved head and have for many moons. One day James liked into my tool bag and said I am going to call you BilletHead. See there at your big moose billets. Looks just like your bald head. I said yes, yes James it does . What is a Billet you ask? A billet is generally the base of an antler. The bigger the better. Moose, and whitetail is the best. They are solid and heavy. Guess I should say dense too because I am a bit that at times. So more. Here is my tool kit consisting of various sized billets with pressure flakers and tools for making notches at the bases in points that call for that. Abraders for dressing the stone edges before striking an edge or when pressuring off a flake. Billets are swung to strike the edge or platform of the stone to drive flakes across to thin and shape the point. Any of this making sense? You can do the same with copper tools but I preferred to use abo techniques to make points. Here is some of the points I made and still have left. I have made hundreds of points to be traded, given away and sold to buy chert that I wanted to work and could not find on my own. I like to procure my own materials and have a couple tons of chert in my garage. Some of these points are quite thin. Thickest maybe a couple of quarters stacked. Smaller points not much over a dime thick. Biggest here in length four or five inches long, I will close with three points I kept that I have harvested deer with. Taken out seven with stone points and self bows. I miss those days when I could that, Thanks for letting me share, BilletHead
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    I had the honor today to captain a couple of Jr High boys from Springfield in the aforementioned tournament today on Table Rock. I had William and Sam Kuzemka in my boat. We launched out of State Park, first cast at 6:35 a.m. on the first point NW of the ramp close to the Branson Belle. They started out throwing a swim bait (grub) but I quickly switched them to a ned and it was on. They fished my smallmouth banks in Jakes, Powerline and Clevenger Coves... all the ones I could remember. I don't think I got over there any last spring so I was going off my long-time memory. Set the boat in 16-20 feet most of the time until the fog burned off about 10 a.m., then we backed out to 30 feet. I had them fish the bottom although every 3rd or 4th cast came back with the green slime. They had about 13 keepers, all smallies expect one spot. We culled a couple of 16-inchers and had one kicker brown about 3.5 pounds. All bass except the spot appeared to have spawned - they had no pouches at all.... but what do I know, I'm a trout guy. Had may be the same number of shots plus 3-4 nice gogs (which I'm going back for this week!!). The boys weighed in at 13.58 and took 2nd out of 60 teams. 260 teams in the high school division... weigh in at White Water. Needless to say there was a traffic jam getting into the lot, which was basically full when I left at the beginning of the High School weigh in period. I hope they pulled it together cause .... well you know. Ulrich was there with 2 pontoons/tanks for the catches. Babler said they do a good job keeping them alive and back in the lake. View full article
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    Personal Best

    Caught this 24.5 inch and a 22.5 incher today. Wasn't actually targeting walleye, was trying to catch crappie.😒 Caught them throwing a #7 flicker shad up as close to the brush as I could.
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    Cows to the dam

    I have been fishing this lake every spring for nearly 40 years now, and have seen it this clear only on a handful of occasions. I’ve never had a 3-4 day stretch of fishing like I’ve just had with a higher keeper ratio - 59 w/35 keepers. There was nothing new or mysterious to what I was doing, dragging a Dr or French Fry back to the boat, chucking the 3.3 keitech, an occasional fluke offering, and when conditions warranted I’d go Red Fin or Buzz Bait. Didn’t much matter whether it was pea gravel, fist size rock, basketball size, or boulders there always seemed to be fish looking for a meal or pizzed that something was in their space. Timber in the vicinity helped slightly. My boat was never in water more than 18-20 ft and many times I worked down the bank in 10 fow. Smallmouth were predominant, but I did catch a few Spots and Large Mouth. All released to swim another day. Bite yesterday in the higher and rising water didn’t change. Nice to see the future dock crappers out swimming with mom and dad too.
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    Launched at K Dock early for a sit in the woods and brought along some fishing gear for a mid day try at some walleye. Nothing moving but the crows this morning. The wind picked up and started blowing good around 10 am so I climbed down out of the stand and hit some flats. Tried crawler harnesses at a bunch of different speeds and then the wind started getting too strong to troll against it. Switched over to 3 ounce bottom bouncers with Flickershad and ran with the wind trying to stay at about 2 mph. Finally crossed out into the 27-28 foot of water range and started spotting fish on the fish finder. Was not long and one rod went down. Got it about 1/2 way in and it came off. Felt pretty good on the 9 foot rod. Deployed B.B. again, got the proper bounce going and 2 rods went down. A 23 and a 24 in walleye. Before I could get either rod back out, the 3rd rod went down and it was a 16 inch stinking green bass. Tossed it back in while yelling at it to never come back. Got all 3 rods out again and headed back down wind where I was marking fish. One rod went down bringing in another 24 inch walleye. Second rod goes down with a short stinking bass. Pulled everything in to circle around and make another pass with the wind. At the very end of the marked area one of the rods went down getting a 25 incher. Best 1 1/2 hour of walleye fishing I’ve had. Evening sit in the woods, had 3 does within 17 yards. Was hoping for the big guy to be in tow. Not this time. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Hog Wally

    A beautiful smallie!

    My 11th 20" or bigger smallmouth for 2018 Caught it on the new Tackle HD shakey head
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    I just caught my biggest trout ever. Caught her in the restricted area on 2 pound test and a jig I pour and tie myself. 25 inches long. 10lbs 12oz. Went under the boat 3 times and I had to stick my rod in the water almost to the reel all 3 times. We missed her with the net twice. Soon as we got her in the net the jig popped out. I have been coming to taneycomo several times a year for over 30 years to catch a fish like this. I wanted to take her to Lilleys but we simply didn't want to risk killing the fish. We were very careful with the fish care and we have under water go pro video of her swimming off which we are very proud of. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Vernon, this one is for you. She slept in my KU shirt, put baseball/football eye glare on first thing after waking up and came to the dock to fish. I love my job as a parent. Eight years old and loves to fish with me. Such a blessing to live in the Ozarks and in a great Nation.
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    The fish are biting several different baits fairly well. The underspin with a 3" swimbait, jerkbait, wobble head,,,,,etc. I do not mention the crankbait because the bottom slime is a nuisance in my area. The fish can be caught shallow or deep, but they seem to be grouped up. When you find them, you can get multiple bites in a very short distance. The WT was 49-52 this morning and I assume it warms up a few degrees in the afternoon on nice sunny days. For me, the jerkbait will produce but the quality is lacking. The fish pictured below weighed 5.13 and was caught this morning on a underspin. View full article
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    Bill Babler

    Big Ed 4-2-19 Mucho Fun

    Bed and Breakfast Inn's of Missouri had their Spring meeting at Lake O. What a good thing for me.😂 Got to go up and stay and fish with Ed and Debby Franko at Bass and Baskets about the 5 mile mark on Beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. For those of you that don't know Ed, he is the ultimate good time. Has a really good idea on whats going on at the dam area. We fished from the 5 mile mark to the dam. Water was pretty cloudy even by Lake Ozarks standards and ran from 47 to 51 degree. After a pretty slow start on flat water, we got some breeze and the surface temps started to rise. With that so did the bass and the bite. We had 18 fish with 7 really nice keepers. One being a Super Hog Mama. I was more than holding my own, but the "Big Boy" caught the big girl on a custom painted megabass 110. And get this, Birthday Cake was the custom color. a Ed has been custom painting some baits in his spare time and has just some super colors, a lot of them are really Table Rock sound and the Birthday cake is for sure one of them. Here is a pretty good picture of it. Opaque with violet purple back. Just sounds like food. Triple jerk, pause for several seconds. They hit it when it was sitting still as usual. We also caught them really good on a Jewel Spider Jig in Ozark Craw with a Eakins GP trailer. Slow hop on the jig and they would swim off with it. I did pretty well when I wasn't getting front ended on the docks and managed 5 of the keepers, I caught one on a stick bait and the rest on a jig, breaking one off at the end that might have been up there with Eddie Boy. Always feels like going home on Lake of the Ozarks and it really is. Locations we fished were inside secondary points, usually about 1/3rd. of the way back in the bigger coves. Rip Rap transition to gravel with any type of a pocket handy and that seemed to be the deal. Ed caught his jerkbait fish right on the bank, and I mean within 5 ft. Jig fish were a little deeper, but for sure everything in the 8' and under range. Most banks were the 45 degree type, but the flatter stuff had fish also. Instead of depth transition, it is ledge to chunk to pea gravel up there. Really good example of rock transition with the fish really close to the change. Very shallow. We saw quite a few crappie fishermen and they were fishing super shallow with a jig about 18" under a float right on the bank, same types of locations. Great food, fantastic company and a green fish or two to make it the perfect day on my old stomping grounds. If your looking for a great B&B on Lake O where the Bass fishing starts right from the dock, give Ed and Debby a call 573-692-6710. I guarantee you lots of belly laughs, a good night sleep and the kind of Fishing and Folks that have made the Lake of the Ozarks one of Missouri's premier fishing and tourist destinations. It is kind of like here right now, its fixin to just get silly. The thing about Lake O. is biggins live there and you can bass fish to catch them. There not swimming 2.8" Keitechs 30 feet deep to catch them. Not knocking what I do for a living, but it is really nice to Big Boy fish once or twice a year. Grrrrrr. Good Luck
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    Because there are so many facets to this Lake Taneycomo trout story, it's hard to know where to begin. The prime fact is that Paul Crews of Neosho, MO, landed the biggest brown trout Saturday anyone's ever caught in the state of Missouri to date. It was officially weighed by Missouri Department of Conservation Fisheries Biologist Shane Bush and documented at 34 pounds and 10 ounces. That beat the previous state record by a little more than six pounds, caught by Scott Sandusky of Arnold, MO, in November, 2009, also on Lake Taneycomo. Crews and partner, Jimmy Rayfield of Salem, MO, were fishing together in a trout tournament hosted by Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina on upper Lake Taneycomo. It's called the Vince Elfrink Memorial, named after Vince who was an avid sportsman, husband, father, and friend to many of the participants of the contest, including Crews and Rayfield. Vince passed away in 2011 of brain cancer at the age of 52. And just so happens that the pair won last year's tournament, sealed by a 21-inch brown trout Rayfield had caught. The pair beat out 36 other teams to win this year's event. The day started out foggy and wet, but the afternoon brought out the sun and wind. We all were watching for thunderstorms early but anticipating the high winds forecast for later in the day, and they did arrive about 2 p.m.. Fishing in wind gusts up to 40 m.p.h. is not easy, especially tossing a small 1/8th ounce, sculpin-colored jig around. Working a lure that small in high winds is tough, even with four-pound line, but feeling a bite is virtually impossible, unless it's a huge fish, I guess. Crews and Rayfield had had a good day up to the minute the big fish was hooked. They had been fishing down from Lilleys' Landing most of the day but ventured up to the mouth of Fall Creek to make a drift, working their jigs along the east bank. Crews said they were in shallow water, able to see the bottom under their boat as they drifted. Table Rock Dam was releasing water at a rate of 6,850 cubic feet per second, generating two units at 3 p.m. Even with the difficulty of the wind blowing his line, Crews still felt a "tap" and set the hook. That's when the excitement started. The fish came off the bank where it was hooked and ran toward the duo, swimming under their boat. Crews had to scramble his new rig, spinning it around so that his line didn't catch the edge of the boat or trolling motor. The trout stayed down almost the entire fight, so Crews didn't really know what he had until the very end, but he knew it was big enough "to probably win the tournament" if he landed it. Little did he know . . . "Frank'' eventually headed across the lake to the bluff bank, then switched back to the middle and eventually returned to the inside bank where docks dot the shore. Yes, the fish has a name explained later in the story. Frank then headed to places he's probably familiar with -- the docks. Crews said he swam under at least two docks. That heightened the high risk that the line might be cut on the dock itself or boats in the docks. Crews, a seasoned angler, kept his rod way down in the water to keep the line from rubbing on anything that would end his fight. At one point, Crews said that Frank quit moving. He thought for sure Frank had wrapped his line around something and escaped. But Frank was just resting, and a fish that big can do whatever he wants to do. Eventually, he came out, tired and ready to give in. Rayfield worked their net over his head and the pair hoisted the fished into the boat. They were just above Short Creek when the fight ended. Crews had just bought a new boat and this was its maiden voyage. Fortunately, the live well was just big enough to fit Frank in, but he filled every bit of it. Word got back to me that they were boating in with a huge fish, so we had everything ready to receive the package. Frank was immediately placed in a large, aerated tank on our dock to rest after his ordeal. We determined right off the bat that we'd try to keep Frank alive regardless if he was a new record or not. Once he uprighted himself and was swimming around, we pulled him out and recorded a quick, unofficial weight of 33.4 pounds. He was easily a new Missouri state record. Now we had to come up with a plan to transport him to the hatchery to be officially weighed. We filled a stock tank full of lake water and that's where Frank rode, guarded by admirers in the back of my truck on the five-mile ride to the Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery. Shane Bush was there with hatchery personnel, ready with their official scale to see if Frank made the record books or not. Everything was done quickly and carefully, pulling him out of the stock tank to the scale, verifying his weight at 34 pounds, 10 ounces, and then moving him to an aerated tank in Shane's truck. We still had no pictures out of the water, just shaky videos, but the goal was to return him back in the lake as quickly as possible. We caravaned down to the boat ramp access, less than a mile from the weigh in site. Shane needed to get some official measurements before release -- 38 inches long with a 27-inch girth. He confirmed our observations that the adipose fin had been clipped, which identified Frank as a triploid brown trout. I'll explain what that means later. The sun was about to set over Table Rock Dam, so we hurried to the edge of the water to take a few pictures -- Crews and Rayfield with the new Missouri state record brown trout. We slipped Frank into the water, and Crews gently held him there until he swam out of his hand. We followed him a little ways downstream until he turned and swam close to the bank, holding his own in the swift water. Frank dashed the record books, survived being fought, handled, trucked, weighed, trucked and photographed and before sundown was back in Lake Taneycomo -- we hope to keep growing and maybe, just maybe, give someone else a chance to catch a state record fish. Crews lives with his best friend and wife, Rita, and their son Matthew in Neosho, Missouri. They own Crews Construction and specialize in wastewater treatment plant construction. He is an avid outdoorsman, but his home waters are the Spring and Neosho rivers as well as Grand Lake, so he rarely fishes for trout except in the annual tournament honoring his fishing buddy. Frank's story - we've always had trout hovering under our dock, feeding on pieces and parts of fish discarded from our fish cleaning facility. And on occasion there will be a big trout, either brown or rainbow, stop by for a treat. They move up and down the lake seeking out the best meal, never staying in one spot very long. One day about three years ago, Duane Doty (dockhand and guide for Lilleys' Landing) spotted a very large brown. He stood out from the other trout. He was a brute. Duane called him Frank. Shortly after Frank showed up, another brown trout showed up and he was much bigger! Duane changed Frank's name to Frankie and called the new addition Frank. We have since videoed and photographed Frank many times when he has trolled by, so we have good records on him. To sum up this incredible story up, fishing in a memorial tournament, named after his best friend, Paul Crews hooks a fish in extremely adverse conditions, fights a 34-pound fish on four-pound line for 20 minutes around docks, logs and boat traffic and lands it using a small trout net. He fits it in his live well and keeps it alive while transporting it to be officially weighed, measured and photographed and released back in the lake successfully to keep the story alive. And Crews says, "Praise the Lord!" Credit: Ryan Miloshowski for pictures. View full article
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    Upgrade for new boat

    Pretty proud of these. They have to be earned.
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    White River Outfitters current Mid-Table Rock Lake fishing report Sunday, May 26 6 AM On the Rock Point 19 Had one of the best days of the year today, not only because the fishing was simply unreal, but my client Jeff was a long time Table Rock Lake, ie Ozarks Lake's fishermen. He had great stories from the late 60's and 70's. Jeff had fished Table Rock, Bull Shoals and Taney when he was in his early teens with Rex Grady, staying at Lake Shore Resort. He had also fished the Rock with the Fletcher's out of Devils Dive and floated the Kings River many times out of DD Resort. Nice dark Table Rock Jaw on a Red Fin Launched this morning in what I thought was perfect timing and was wrong. We pulled away from the H hwy. dock at 5:15. I t was going to fish the swim beach at Baxter but there were 2 boats on it. Next was the point going out of the Indian's on the left. Boat on it. Went to the buoy point up the White across from Red Barn, boat on it. Next was Red Barn 3 boats on it. Next was 19, boat on it. Next the Old Road Bed point. Success. LM like topwater too Fin bite was savage with the boat in 25' throwing across the point. We caught 9 here, all keepers and they just crushed it, to the point of being scary. Guy on 19 had vacated so I bogged over there and we caught 6 on it. All short but again they hammered it. Zoomed back to the road bed and bang a nice jaw on the fin and then switched to the Keitech. 3.3 with a 1/4 oz. head in either Rainbow Shad or Pro Blue. I'll be durned fat Kentucky's eat Red Fins also. It really never slowed down. I jumped a bit and we threw the fin on each new location, but the Keitech never stopped getting bit. Most locations we would catch at least 6 with a combination of just about every fish that swims in the lake. Fished 5 gravel runnouts this morning between point 19 and point 16 with no bad stops. Hitting the Road Bed twice early looking for fin fish. Walleye prefer swimbaits to Red Fins Boat today was most often in 25' but did hit 35' several times. Most fish in 12 to 20 ft. Fat 10 inch bluegill on a 3.3 Keitech. We caught several they seemed to be about 15' deep Total of 17 topwater fish as we caught a nice K on the last cast on a fin. Probably 25 down fish on the swimbait and did not see any drop shot fish what so ever. Baits were pretty simple for us today. We used two. Surface temps at 74-76 degree water is clearing fast. This post has been promoted to an article
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    My daughter’s PB Smallie

    We were just messing around at low water bridges that looked fun to play in the water. My daughter grabbed a little but, killer set up of mine to fish with and I cringed but, said screw it and ran to our truck to get her rod and reel and a cooler. I remember thinking she’s gonna destroy that rod and reel and I was like screw it. I hear yelling and screaming so I run back the couple hundred yards to our bridge to see my daughter and wife laughing and giggling. My daughter pulled a very solid 16 3/4 inch Smallie out of this little 2 foot deep hole hahahaha fun stuff . Apparently this thing fought like crazy and went airborne a couple of times..... and I was pissed about letting her use my rod 😜
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    Kast for Kids Tournament

    Took my grandson Myles (6 yrs old) to the Kast for Kids today out of Moonshine. What a blessed day we had. Our first tournament together and Myles catches his personal best smallie. Ended up with 9 keeps but could only weigh three. Little over 8 lbs. , and was enough to win it. Caught most of our fish in 10-12' on swimmers and brush hogs. Lots of rock snot to deal with, but that's just part of the game anymore. Special thanks to Mike Webb and WebbOutdoors.com for taking the time for the kiddos and to keep the sport growing.
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    Memory Day

    Took the Gkids out today and what a day we had!! Tons of bucks and a few females pulling up shallow. Never had much of a lull all day, which is always good with the kiddos. It was a great trip and we created lots of great memories....including losing my flipping stick and hard body jointed swim bait in 30' of water!! Take a kid fishing!!!
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    Bill Babler

    About to Break Loose. 3-11-19

    Table Rock Lake Kimberling City 3-11-19 Report Launched at Cow this morning to a cloudy grey sunrise with surface temps at 42.7. Boated down to White's Branch to see if I could catch any of these big A-rig fish that are showing up in the tournaments. From Schooner Creek to Cow Creek the lake is full of dying shad and gulls. Thousands of dying shad and enough gulls to scoop them up. I will tell you, if you see this Run. Don't even drop the trolling motor, cause they ain't havin it. You have to get away from those shad to get bit. I fished for 3 hours right in the middle of it and got ZERO BITES. At 10 o'clock I came to my senses and got away from this buffet and it got good. Surface temps were like a Rocket Ship today and were on the rise, big time. Even with that the fish wanted it slower than slow. They ate a stick bait on flat water and another deal. I put a total of only 7 fish in the boat but they were all solid keeps and lost one around 8 lbs. at the boat. As a matter a fact she hit the side of the boat twice but when your using a 15' 4 lb. leader and are by yourself its hard to capture those biggens. After the crazyness I put her through she just decided to dive down and wrap me in a tree and be done with that foolishness. Word on the lake today was the A-rig was just not working, it had to be slow. Bottom Ok on the Ned, but not quality fish. Jerkbait in the trees and the floater were on them and they were all good. Surface them at 2 PM when I pulled was 48.1 at Cow Creek with gin clear water. Visibility in that area is 15' on the white spoon test. Just about to get good, these fish are starting to stage on channel swings and spawning cove mouths. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    February 1 - Big M area

    Put the boat in the water about 7:15 AM and fished until 2:30. Is was a cloudy, misty morning with little wind. Started off on a long rocky ledge and stayed there for a good chunk of the morning, with the flat water there was a bit of top water activity, bass were coming up and swirling on shad. I caught several on a Pointer 78 and picked up a couple of good crappie also on the Pointer. Once the Pointer bite got slow, I switched out to the Ned and picked up some more bass, slow dragging on the bottom. Once the bite died down on the ledge I bounced around fishing some points and steep banks. The fish got squirrelly, I bet I had another 8 bites and every one of those fish got off. Only other boat I saw today was Tom from Eagle Rock, he was catching some too. I caught 13 bass, good keeper ratio today, 6 or 7 were keepers. WT 42-43 This post has been promoted to an article
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    Man, what a beautiful morning and just no one to be seen. It had been since Thanksgiving that I had been on the Rock and wanted to see what was happening at the Knob. Launched at 0700 to Ice Fog and 28 degree air temps. Its been quite a while for me since seeing the SK Bridge parking lot empty but I liked it. Sun was just coming up as I pulled under the bridge headed down stream. I fished 5 locations and caught at least one on all 5 but for the life of me I could not find any decent fish what so ever. Had close to 40 bass with perhaps a dozen to 15 keeps and they all were young. Had the slam but again the quality was just not there for me this morning. Most everything I caught deep was either on the Ice Jig or the C-tail on a 3/8th. head fishing up and down. Could not keep the camera lens from fogging so most pics are a blur. Surface temps were at 49 when I started and just over 50 by 2 PM. You can see several fish up and scattered all over the water column. I caught 2 busting shad on the surface and saw several what looked to be nice brown fish coming out of the water chasing them. I did catch 2 on an A-rig when the wind started to blow. Had several blow up around me while fishing deep, they seemed to be scattered thru the water column from 20' to 70', and that 20 was over deep water. Ice Minnow was by far the beat deal but for cripes sakes when fishing or messing with it be CAREFUL..... That bait not only wants to catch fish but it wants more to catch you. It is as deadly a bait at hooking the fishermen as I have ever fished and is needle sharp. L This post has been promoted to an article
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    Baxter area Friday

    Fished 7:30 to 4:30 Friday out of Baxter and had a pretty decent day. Ended up with 20 fish on the nose, with 15 keeps. Nothing real big but lots of solid fish up to 3 pounds. Took one of our local high school fishing team members and he did most of the catching. Pure fun sitting back and watching him catch em for the first time on a Ned. It was one of those classic Table Rock days where they should've been chasing a moving bait but instead they were glued to the bottom and were only receptive to dragging presentations. Had several nose-bump a jerk bait but only one taker. Nearly every fish came from 8-15 feet and having timber present was a very big help. Not a must, but close. Everything was either main lake or in the front half of creeks. Interesting side note ... we caught all brown and spotted fish and a couple of meanmouths ... but NO green ones. Water temp was 52-54 everywhere we went. With the full moon, the afternoon bite was definitely better. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Royal Blue

    Pond to the East

    I'd been fishing mostly the James river arm over the last month and decided to get back over to K-Dock to see if we could get bit for a short trip yesterday. It'd been exactly a month since I'd been there. We pulled into the empty lot at 6:00am and decided to wait for a bit more light and hoped that the heavy fog would at least attempt to lift. After about 30 minutes we couldn't wait any longer and dropped the boat into the lake. We just slowly picked our way along in the pre-dawn fog and decided to try a few spots. Threw a plopper for about 15-20 minutes without a sniff and promptly put it away. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with that thing. Started targeting little spots of gravel along steep almost bluff banks. First little gravel area yielded a solid 2 1/2lb small mouth. After catching several on this pattern a slight breeze kicked up and I grabbed the spinnerbait. First cast it got smashed by another really nice smallmouth that weighed in at 4.06lbs. I was getting pretty excited with the way it was going and we thought we'd run down the lake a little ways toward Mincy. After a little way we hit really heavy fog and just pulled up on the nearest channel swing bank and started looking for gravel slides again. 5 minutes in, my brother stuck his all time PB largemouth on a Chompers football jig! She hit it like a freight train and we got her into the boat and onto the scale at 6.39lb! I honestly think I was a lot more excited than he was. It goes to show you that we really truly don't know what we're doing half of the time out there. That fish was on a spot that I've literally passed by no fewer than a couple hundred times. We only stopped because of the crazy fog which by the way after it lifted, the insane bite basically dropped to nothing. Our best 5 were 18.45 all on a Nutech grass jig or Chompers football jig except for the biggest smallmouth on the Molix double slash blade in purple sensei color.
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    I struggled on where to post this story. Asked some friends what they thought and got the go ahead to post in General fishing. I think a few on here should see what is out there and we all get stuck reading only what interests us here. This trip we are about to take you on can be done by anyone. Nothing special is needed. Most places we have been can be accessed with the family sedan, a tent and your own two feet. Fishing equipment of your choice of course abiding by the regulations for the area. We choose fly fishing but don't let this keep you from coming along on this trip. We the BilletHead's fish with all equipment. One think that drives us is new species / subspecies in their respective native ranges. We try to access headwaters and small streams where the fish are genetically pure. The fish you will see are not big nor trophy's in the eyes of some but trophy's for us. This thread will be picture heavy at times and not all will be fish. We had laughing and some oh crap moments on this trip. This will all be broken down in the quarry we are after and places we visited. The trip started off as a sprint and ended up a marathon. Actually when we make our trips we have a plan and for some reason we end up winging it. We covered close to 4000 miles in two weeks. The original plan was to catch the three native cutthroat of Colorado. Actually this was Mrs. BilletHead's first time fishing this state and I had not seriously tried here. So what first with the OAF BilletHead's go? Part 1 the Greenback, This goes back one year and two weeks previous from now when we were driving back from our Utah trip. As we were coming back home and passing through Colorado I gave our friend Motroutbum (Randy) a text on the phone. Randy and us go back many years. I have to explain so bear with me please. I first met Randy when he worked for Backcountry anglers when he worked there in Springfield. I then had no idea how our lives would be entangled. 11 years ago Mrs. BilletHead was an alternate for Casting for Recovery and because of one of the picked ladies was unable to attend, she got to participate. So the next year Mrs. BilletHead and I volunteered. I as a River Helper and Pat on staff. Well we found out that Randy's Mom Dawn was the one that could not attend and Pat took her place. Not only that Dawn was attending the retreat we were helping with. When it was time for the ladies to fish that retreat we all lined up to be paired off. Generally the staff watch the ladies and know who should be paired to who but before pairing began there was a scream and Dawn dashed out of the line and said this one's mine as she grabbed my arm. . For the next couple of years at the retreat Randy volunteered and he and I spent time together. Back to story, so in the text I told Randy about our trip to Utah and shared pictures but I had alternative motives for the call and this brings us to us picking his brain about the Colorado natives, see Randy now works for the Front Range Anglers in Boulder Colorado. So a text and phone call before this trip to Randy and asking about where to start in seeking the fish we wanted to add to our bucket list. Randy was quick to say I want to take you for the Greenback! This elated us to the max. So we hit the road from BilletHeadVille at 6:20 PM on July 27th Heading West on 54 then to I-70. Driving hard until we had no way to keep our old eyes open and took a power nap at a rest area in Kanarado, Ks. Three hour nap we were behind the wheel until we arrived at Randy's home for a visit and plan. Met his wife and visited about everything under the sun. On Randy's computer we secured our fishing licenses. we were to meet him in Estes Park at 7 AM the next morning. Before we left his home I had a handful of hooks and fly tying material Randy insisted I needed and it will all be put to good use. We headed up out of the big city and found a place to pull off the road and get a full nights sleep. We went to sleep at 7PM and awoke the next morning at 4 AM. Up to Estes park to meet Randy, pitch our gear in his rig and up into Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) to fish the front range and hopefully a greenback cutthroat. Arriving the trailhead we grabbed our gear and up the trail we went. Randy in the lead, Pat in the Middle with me bringing up the rear. Nice and steep trail for us flatlanders. Some huffing and puffing from the middle and rear and the front man shot up the trail like a mountain goat. When we got to the point where we dropped into the canyon to fish Randy reminded me he had given us our choice for an easy place or a challenge. I had told him we did not necessary need it easy and we had worked to get to this spot for sure. Are you all ready for some fishing? I thought so . We strung up our rods. Myself with a hopper and Randy and Pat with hopper droppers. The fishing commenced with all of us fishing and leap frogging the creek. Randy was the first to set the hook!, Mrs. BilletHead was next, Yes I caught also, We worked our way up the creek working runs and plunge pools. One of Pat's greenbacks. We all took pictures but Randy can really capture the moment. This is a combination of the three of us but I can bet you can tell his from ours, Speaking of gear camera and otherwise Randy carried a huge pack and besides his rod he carried a full sized tripod and full sized DSLR camera on his side, in the pack extra shoes, pump water purification unit, big water bottle, fishing gear, snacks and who knows what else, As the clouds began to form for the afternoon monsoon it was time break down rods and pack back up for the trip back down the mountain. Randy set up the tri pod and punched up the self timer for a shot of the three of us, Back down we went to the Randy rig, then back to Estes Park to part ways but this would not be the last time we talked to Randy. The Mrs. and I then grabbed a spot in a commercial campground for the night. a good dinner and dessert was had, I may get some flack for this picture but I guarantee I had my pint too . Into bed early after dosing with arthritis strength Tylenol . Need a good nights sleep for the next day, another place and another native. My fingers are cramping and my eyes are crossed from all this post. You all will have to wait for more while I recover, BilletHead This post has been promoted to an article
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    The first access was deep right at the bank, so that was a no go, but we went upstream next, and waded up to the next bridge. We started slow, but fishing picked up about halfway. I caught 10 smallies and he caught 4. All of his were on either a grub or a Little Dipper in shiner. Mine were on a Jackall Dera Spin, 1/8oz buzzbait and Zoom Super Fluke Jr rigged on a Gamakatsu G Finesse 2/0 hybrid EWG. When we got to 42, the skies began looking ominous and a 2wd 4cyl Ranger on wet rocks going up that access did not sound like my idea of fun. We turned around and at this point, I'd only caught 4 smallies and he had 1. We decided to make time and hit the couple best pools again, which were in the upper half of that wade. I lost the big fish of the day that had to go 16+. It hit the Fluke Jr and immediately ran downstream yanking drag. My bait flew back at me as he only had the tail...drat. I caught 3 over 12, big fish at about 14. When he caught his first, the smile said it all. The rains ran us off the creek after about 4 hours, but a lifetime of memories were made and it's a creek I'll definitely be back to next month.
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    Meeting some MLF anglers.

    Through a series of fortunate events I got the opportunity to put up 4 guys for the last MLF event when it was changed from Grand... We had Jacob Wheeler, Dustin Connell, Mark Daniels, and Adrian Avena at our lake cabin for 9 nights. These guys couldn’t have been nicer! They treated our place with the upmost respect, left it basically just how they found it, and are definitely welcome back anytime! They welcomed me to hang out on a few occasions at the house and even took me along for the (mini) party on Wednesday night... All 4 guys made the cut to get into the money and took home almost $150k between the 4 of them. I have a feeling our paths will cross again. Thanks for the gear DC, Jacob, Mark, and Adrian! truly became once in a lifetime when Jacob won that $100k
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    Bill Babler

    Fished with M&M

    4-10-19 Table Rock Lake mid-lake report. White River Outfitters Had the great fortune to fish with Mike today out of Baxter and it was really more catching than fishing. Started at 6:45 and fished till 1, the last couple of hours in a pretty hefty breeze. Mike had not fished that far up the pond so we looked at a lot of different stuff. Surface temps between Baxter and Campbell pt. ranged from 60 to 64 degree. Water is gin clear. Lots of numbers with the biggest fish at 2.35 but about 30+ others that were for sure fun. I got to fish and that is always a treat. Mike is a very good hand with a stick bait and showed it today as the jerk bait bite was simply crazy. Most fish came on steeper secondary banks in big creek arms and major spawning pockets. I think Mike was a bit astounded by the depth that I kept the boat most all day. We used a purple back and a pro-blue for most of the damage and at times you could see the fish flash and take the bait. 60 degree water and they wanted it completely still and would just come up and hammer it after you turned its head. Kind of like top water under water. If they missed it they would for the most part come back and just jump on it. We fished a Keitech and a ned with little success, I believe I had 6 on the swimbait and Mike had one on ned, Great day with a great guy. Good Luck
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    With some of the stuff happening in BilletHeadVille lately I felt pretty good getting to attend the Fest. I needed that and it gave me the reset I needed. Half the drive down was pretty scary. Left BilletHeadVille at 5 AM Thursday morning. We had some ice here at the house but I had no idea how much until I got off the dirt road to blacktop. Dang it was an ice rink and pulling the boat made the drive worse. Down I-49 South slowly hitting worse patches as I went, then onto I-44 towards Springfield it got even worse. What should of been a trip of just over an hour and a half turned into three hours plus to Springfield to pick up forum member Curtise for the rest of the trip down. After getting Curt loaded the trip went smooth after turning South on 65 as Ice was gone about Ozark. We hit the lodge and unloaded ready to fish. Some other forum members were already there. Had contacted Duane and Phil. They were fishing the upper part of the river so to try something different we tried another place Rim Shoals. Fished there awhile and then back to lodge for a sandwich to go then back on the water for rest of the day. We fished the rest of the day towards the bottom of the river. We caught a couple browns and many, many rainbows. Most of those smaller stockers but fun for sure, Off the water for good food and fellowship for the evening. Some planning for the next day. Duane pulled the short straw and got stuck with me. Felt pretty sorry for him but het you have to take what you get . Speaking of Duane the best part of the trip happened to me that evening too. I received something pretty special, You all may remember this post not too many days ago, Well this day I got a blessing with this gift. This fly tying bobbin will take its place on the BilletHead tying table to craft flies. Each time I set down in front of the vice I will remember this day. So up on day two Duane and I took out and began on the lower end. Lots of laughs and fishing and fishing stories were shared. It was a hoot. I watched the captain fishing master bust the fish right and left. Drift after drift. Browns, rainbows, smallmouth and we each landed a cutthroat that morning. Duane even got a micro bonus catch a logperch, Then it was down the hatch, Said it tasted like a cross between a sardine and walleye. Now we all have heard and some have even witnessed how talented Duane is. Well he said I need to do something at the back of the boat and maybe catch a fish while I am at it. Sure enough he did it, Fish on in one hand while the other hand was busy too 🤣. A couple of that mornings multiple fish, From one end to another we headed to town for a burger and then to the dam to finish up the day. Motored up and began to drift on first cast I popped a rainbow a few fish later Duane another brown more rainbows and more browns for Duane. This last Brown was a 22 1/4 really pretty fish. We really Hammed it up that afternoon. Duane had been studying the Ham technique. Got it downed pat and passed the secret info to me. We began to put the Ham to the fish. Like an Olympic event the rainbows fell to the reversal Ham and even to the full frontal Ham. Water was fast up top and drifts fast but fish landed and great day together with a friend. Back to lodge for more food and fellowship. Plans were again made for next morning. Some of us had commitments and myself had been watching the weather. Another storm on the way I did not want to drive back on crappy roads Sunday morning I made the call to fish yesterday morning and leave around noon. Curt was Ok with this so we finished our tip fishing together again. We fished the bottom again finding higher water conditions than previous days but caught a few more. Every time we drifted or motored by Phil and Duane and all the other Jig Fest guys in this area fish were being reeled in. Curt and I caught Smallmouth and rainbows. Then I struck a brown and gold spotted fish which turned out to be my personal best brown. He was long and lean 21 1/4 inch. Out of some wood and he tried to take me back into it but I won, I reached into the livewell for a drink and snack before the last run up the river and drift to find Duane's warm and fuzzy hat he had left in the boat. I put it on and instantly got that warm and fuzzy feeling. Then knowledge and enlightenment more feelings than my pea brain could comprehend my brain felt scrambled. With all my power I could muster I yanked it off. I knew right then the power that head gear held and knew I had to return it to its rightful owner. Mojo to the max. Off the river we got and packed up for trip home. Stopped by Lilly's Landin to return magic hat then to Curt's to drop him off. Back to BilletHeadVille and home. Good trip, good friends and good fishing. More guys I need to fish with down there hopefully next trip! BilletHead
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    Grandpas ol' hand me down.

    Get a little sentimental this time of year during rifle season. Although I never had the pleasure of getting to hunt with my grandfather in person I know hes with me in spirit. After his funeral years ago my father called me back to grandpas bedroom and handed me a old faux leather hard case said said my grandfather wanted me to have it. I opened the case and inside was his hunting rifle, a J.C. Higgins Model 50 30-.06 bolt action rifle with the original Weaver 3x9 scope. Attached to the side was and still is his name that he made with a label maker and will remain as long as I have the gun in my possession. Although I havent killed many deer with it, dad said grandpa has killed 50 plus white tails and at least 2 elk from California to Colorado with it, I'm still using it and so far everything I have shot with it has dropped since I've owned it, 4 whitetails, 4 coyotes, and 2 bobcats. Nothing pretty to look at and may not be a tack driver but reliable and goes bang everytime I pull trigger (when loaded).
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    As Eric Prey and Pete Wenners have been alluding to on their videos the jig bite here is extremely strong. Bass are just gorging on Crayfish. Seems like a lake wide bite, it has been for me as in the past week I have been from point 1 on the White to point 15 on the James to point 23 on the White. It is going all over the lake. Boat positioning is critical for this bite as it seems to be right at the thermocline. With lake temps today at 83 degree these fish are holding in the 26' to 36' range and most are bottom hunting and not suspended. Big baits and heavy equipment are the ticket on deep jig fish. Notice how that Nichole's craw is just flopped over it is extremely soft and swims like a complete alive thing. I'm using Falcon MMC Signature Rods in Heavy Action and also Falcon Cara Amistad. 15lb. carbon line Lots of power pole boats on the lake practicing for a late Oct. derby. They are catching them, flat out hammering them. From what I heard today its taking about 2 hrs. to put 14 to 17 pounds in the boats, with lots of LM and SM in the 4 lb. range. These guys have not going out early, they are catching them all day long, sunshine or clouds it does not matter they are feeding up. I have visited with Champ about this bite for years, it is a big bait bite, with lots of the pro's using 5 inch baits and 1 oz. jigs. They are using big jigs and bigger trailers. My absolute go to bait on this bite is the 3/4oz Pig Sticker Quick 5 with a Nichole's Texas Craw trailer, either in Copper or WMC. Jig color is either GP Orange, Brown Orange or WMC. The Nichole's craw is a very large trailer suited for the 3/4 oz. jig and the colors are about as good as I have seen matching up with the Pig Sticker. A lot of the pro's are throwing hard heads or Biffle Bugs in that 3/4 to 1oz size. Most of these fish are coming on the flatter stuff holding right at the channel breaks, and dragging the edge or winding it with the hard head is money. That's about the best information that I can give you. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Good Morning on the Upper End

    Unless this morning was an anomaly, and this year it very well could be, one of my favorite times of the year has arrived. Today I found the walleye suspended in the channel just off flat drop offs and along tree lines near channel swings. The water depth where I caught the fish ranged from 29 to 40 feet. The baits I trolled (Flicker Minnow and Reef Runner Deep Little Ripper, both in silver with black back) ran at 23 to 25 feet. In addition to the walleye I caught around 10 bass, but none were impressive. Overcast, nearly windless, and water temp of 85. This post has been promoted to an article
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    I love going out on the lake at daybreak! I netted the first keeper walleye at my second stop about 6:45. The location was a timberline on an outside bend channel swing. 28 feet of water. I lost a keeper on an inside bend flat edge about 8:00. Then I ran down lake to the Rock Creek area, but I only caught bass and three short walleye. I made one stop on the way back to the flat edge. No joy. Back at the flat edge I moved out to the 35 foot range. I quickly caught an 18.5 inch fish and stayed on the spot long enough to catch a 3.5 and 4 pound fish. I was back in my slip by 11:15. All fish came on a 1 oz. white War Eagle spoon. I had 10 pound braid on the reel tied to a small swivel. From the swivel I ran 3 to 4 feet of 10 pound Yozuri Hybrid. Windy with water around 83.
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    30 July on the Upper End

    A couple of days ago bobby b on this forum sent me a message. He asked if I could give him a few pointers on trolling for walleye. I pointed him at an article and invited him to join me this morning. We left the marina in the fog at 5:30 this morning and motored slowly until we could see to get up on plane. I took us down lake past Big M and began to show him walleye structure of various kinds and how to use what equipment to maximize his chances. In the first three hours we caught a few bass and one sub-legal walleye. Not very impressive guiding. Upstream of Eagle Rock I caught a nice crappie and put it in the box.I hoped it would not jinx the rest of the day. At the last spot I planned to show him, he caught a sub-legal walleye as well. On the second pass, he hooked up with a good fish, right at 24 inches and 4 pounds.What a relief! All the pressure evaporated. Water temp 82.5. This post has been promoted to an article
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