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    I went to my favorite Ozark stream for a short half-day trip on Saturday, Oct. 26th. Got there by about 9 a.m. and caught a 12" smallie on my first cast on the new Z-man Crawz on a ned head. Fished around with a ned rig for a while and caught maybe a dozen more smallmouth and one small largemouth. A few nice smallmouth, a 15", a 16", and a 17". Rain started and the water started to rise fast enough to watch. I have seen this water rising start an absolute feeding frenzy on what I just call creek baitfish: small suckers, darters, top minnows, brook silversides, and many others, I'm sure, that I've either misidentified or don't know the name of; so I switched up to a jerk bait. My favorite creek jerk bait is a Rapala x-rap, color is dependent on water clarity, but its the best creek jerk bait I've ever used. First 10 minutes with the jerk bait and I caught probably a 6 or 7 more fish. This time with a 3 lb largemouth mixed in with the smallies and a couple smaller largemouth. Moved on to the other end of this pool and caught a nice 16" smallie and another 3 lb largemouth on the ned. Switched back to the jerk bait there with no success and moved back to where I started. Waded out really deep to get to some of the sections of the pool that I hadn't reached yet. About 3 twitches in I got slack-lined on the jerk bait and immediately thought I had snagged a rough fish. Then a big old LMB shook his head at the surface. When I was fighting the fish I thought it was like a 4.5-5 pounder. A big one, no doubt, but I have caught them that size in this stream before. When I landed this fish my jaw dropped. It was a 6.64 lb largemouth that was 23" long. Biggest stream fish for me for sure! I fished for another hour or so catching a few here and there with another 16" smallie. I had to head back to host a Halloween party though and ended the day with 25-30 bass. Amazing trip and I can't wait for some more creek and river excursions as all of the lakes are fishing so tough still!
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    Bill Babler

    Missouri State Record Brown Trout!

    Triploid Brown Trout, Lake Taneycomo September 4th. 2019 Girth 28 inches, length 41 1/4 inches weight Forty pounds 6 oz. Certified Missouri State Record. Really at this point I have no idea for a title for this post or a reason that God made it possible for me to catch it. It was simply his plan. For sure a day I will never forget, with a sad note in that we were not able to get it properly released even with the amount of care that we provided. Again it was not to be and there is a reason for everything. On a much brighter note, I just caught the State Record Brown trout and got a big congratulations call from the Director of the Missouri Conservation Department. Today was a pleasure fishing trip for me. Seems like there has been a few lately just getting back from Alasky with Phil, but never the less my long time best friend from Grade School came down to trout fish today and we were going to get him a couple of nice plump rainbows to take home. If you have been following our reports you know that the fish have been all over the Power Worm. Bubble Gum. Don't buy any. Both Duane and I have been fishing the same stretch of water just below the restricted zone for a week. Duane more than me, as a matter of fact I keep wanting to fish a scud in the restricted zone and he as they say, "made me do it." None the less, since we were going to keep a couple we started below the mouth of Fall Creek, with the Pink Worm. At this point I will tell you there is never a day that my equipment is not gone totally over. I never fish terminal line or tackle two days in a row. Never. Everything is broken down and rebuilt, everyday. Never fail and what I and Mark were fishing was put together last night. Main line on the Daiwa Fuego, BP Excel mono in 4 lb. to a carrot float. Below the float a Spro, sampo style swivel and then 7'6" of Orvis 6X tippet 3.1 lb. test at .005 diameter. All fished on a Rod Shop 7' Signature White River Outfitters Custom Rod. We were using of course the pink worm. Worm was on a 125th. oz. full micro jig. First super glued and then cemented. Prior to Turner Jones passing, he made me 100 heads with out bodies on size 12 mustad hook. They are very good, in the Full Micro size but a bit weak in the half micro size of 14. These were the Full, they work perfect with the PW as the head glues directly to a wide flat jig head surface. We were running a bit late and not on the water till 8 as Mark drove down about 60 miles. Our first pass he put a nice rainbow in the boat while I got him going, just like I would on a guide trip. Here is the great deal. Very much unlike a guide trip I was going to get to fish. On the second pass I grabbed a rod after he was drifting nicely and about that time a cloud came over and it got kind of dark on the water. Looked great. My float dipped under and before i could even lift the fish came to the surface and just swirled. I told Mark this was a big fish, then I said a HORSE as the drag started whirling and buzzing, smooth as silk. We were fishing a trough and the fish immediately headed for mid-stream. By then just a 1/2 minute or so Mark had reeled in and grabbed the net. I hit my bow switch and trimmed my main motor out of the water and pointed my trolling motor to the middle and let it pull drag keeping the rod high letting it absorb the pressure instead of the line. The drag was set perfect, I never had to touch it, it just peeled off like string after a kite. The fish made 2 circles in front of the boat and then headed to the back. Went under the boat and then came out with its head up. We were not quite ready and back he went under the boat. He did the same thing again and we were ready. Right into the Fish Pond net. As we lifted him into the boat his nose went thru the basket as I lowered him and he rested on the carpet. We immediately put him in the live well and did our best to keep him frisky and he was fantastic until he wasn't. I have 3 people in this world that I would have loved to share that type of an experience with. First is my son Steven and the next two are my buddy Mark and of course Phil. However Phil and I have had similar experiences in strange lands. Just feeling so blessed and again, right place, right time. Good Luck View full article
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    Grandson asked me to "fix" his reel that his Dad had messed-up. Quickly discovered Dad had looped line around the rear of the spool and had just kept crankin'. Easy fix and an opportunity to show "Patch" how to disassemble an open-face and how they work. Included a little lesson on how to correctly set the drag and how to fight the fish with the rod and not just by crankin' the reel. Showed him how to take care rigging-up the Ned Rig and how it was important to get that worm on the hook shank straight and he watched Mr. Fumble Fingers (me) struggle with it and tied it on. Later that evening he takes the same rod/reel/Ned and lands, gets a picture of and releases this beauty....
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    Bill Babler

    4-22-19 Kind of Nuts Today

    Started at the dam early and it was just not what I wanted it to be. Had several fish with a 4.52 jaw but not many bites. Loaded u.p the rig and headed for Baxter. Temps at the dam were 56 when I launched at 6. Relaunch at Baxter at 11 and the temps were 60 and it was just flat on. I caught them on a Keitech 3.3 and a jerkbait with the boat in 30 ft. Fish seemed to be in that 15 ft. range suspended and moving up. Fished from 11 to 5 and did not go 10 minutes without a bite. Wind was just perfect. Had 2 keeper walleye one 19 inches and one 22 inches and I released them. Had 10 crappie, the biggest I have ever caught. One here and one there. They were monsters. Biggest at 3.08 and 18 inches. Next biggest at 3.02 and 17.75 inches. The 10 weighed in at a little under 24 pounds. Smallest was a shade under 17 inches. I have fished in my 65 yrs. on Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Barclay, Kentucky Lake and Toledo Bend and never had a 2 pound crappie let alone a 3 pound crappie and for gosh sakes catching them on Table Rock is just unreal, I'm in a fog. Knife is 15.5 inches long. Every crappie came on a suspending jerkbait. Color did not matter as long as it was Blue. They were not schooled, one here and one there. Pole timber was always present. Best 5 bass would have pushed 17 pounds, all the best being jaws. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Dam-Long Creek area with Mike Hit the water out of Old 86 yesterday morning at 7:30 in the Geico Ranger with a really stiff South wind and some pretty good swells. Water was clear and 48 degree. Plan for this morning was to crank and throw the stick bait on windy banks and then take a breather and do a little vertical stuff if we could find them. Always good to see and fish with Mike. The guy is always in a great mood and really reminds me of Beck which was also one of his best friends. He loves to fish and simply loves what he does. He is pretty good at it.😎 Started on a transition bank with a lot of wind and some big surf pounding it. I was on the sticker and Mike started with the RK. I hardly had my butt in the seat when he said, " There she is." Really nice 2.5 lb. LM. Wind was really blowing down the bank, kind of had the boat sideways with me on the back and Mike on the front. He was fishing a bit deeper with the bow in 18 to 20 feet and me in about 1/2 that and still almost full cast from the bank. About 3 cast later and he was winding it pretty good and also pulling it he caught a nice Jaw. Again probably 2.5 or so. Here is a tip, don't be afraid to throw that Spro Rock Crawler deeper than you think. Mike was throwing it on 10 lb. Carbon and he was ticking the bottom at 12' . We fished a 300 yard stretch of the transition until it flattened out and he caught 4 all keeps with the good one pictured above. I wasn't really warmed up good yet so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Wind was blowing a gale and he had a phone call to take so we pulled into a creek to check for some deep ones. They were there but fussy as all get out. While he was on the phone I caught a good keeper K swimming the Keitech Deep-Deep at 50 feet plus. As soon as he was done he put 2 more keepers in the boat also on a swim bait deep. I think I'm down 6 to 1 but who's counting. Saw some Loon's working in another creek and went in. Here is where I was totally blown away. Mike is a Garmin guy and we watched the Garmin Panoptix Livescope all day. He kept saying Bill, Bill get up here and look at this. At a spot in the creek he said," Bill get up here and look at this, there is a school of shad 50' in front of the boat at 30' with a school of bass under them at 35', I'm going to catch one right under that school from here." And, Durn he did it, Threw past the bait ball counted it down and swam it through the bassyou could see the fish fighting back toward the boat after he hooked it. Simply amazing. 99% of us would have never caught the great Brown Fish that Mike pulled from the middle of the creek suspended under shad away from everything. With a pretty nice wind on a transition bank going into one of the major creeks in the dam area, we started fishing the McStick pretty serious for about a hour and I even threw a Megabass a bit but no bites at all on the stick bait. If the Table Rock Hammer cannot catch one on a stick bait its probably time to put it down. I asked if he wanted to catch some deep jig fish and he was all on board so we motored up Long Creek to the ridge I had been doing well on. We both fished a Pig Sticker 5/8 and 3/4 GP Orange. Now durn it, I'm pretty good at this and these are my fish. As you can tell this is probably not going to be good for me. Stinkweed put 3 keeps in the boat before I got one. PS Mine was bigger. He then put 1 more keep and 1 short in so at this point I'm pretty much toast but it is sure fun watching him catch them. Dudes we caught some jig fish out over 40'. He is "EXTREMELY PATIENT" He calls it Hard Headed but if he thinks he can catch them he does not move. Same thing with the Rock Crawler he will throw it and throw it. It works if you can make yourself do it. The day he caught the 5 pounder he said he threw it and caught 5 in the first hour, nothing for the next 2 hours still throwing it and then 4 more in about 45 minutes with one over 5 and 1 around 4. We stopped at another transition on the way in and he caught another really nice LM on the RK. again he was fishing it probably a bit deeper than most of us, I'm saying that crank bait fish came out of probably 15' plus. Mike fishes a Motorguide Tour Pro and it lifts and deploys with 2 fingers. It is totally silent both turning and running. The new MG with spot lock is not out yet but Motorguide has told him it will be something special and should be out soon. Mike has been very loyal to Motorguide thru all the spot lock deal and also with the new Garmin so I'm excited to see what he thinks of the new motor. Final score Mike Mcclelland 12 keepers and one short. Bill Babler 3 keepers. Last time I beat him 8 to 3, so he got his revenge and really gave me the best water to fish all day. We'll get out another couple of times in the next two weeks before he has to go back on the road. It was a fantastic and educational day with a really good buddy. If you all have any questions about equipment or technique you would like Mike to answer just post them here and I'll see what he has to say. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Bill Babler

    It’s Getting Started

    Bout time to pick up the “Big Boy Tools.” Had a day to pre-fish, my next 6 days after tomorrow are on the Rock. Watched Pete’s report and he said they are just about to start on gravel and today they were. Had 17 with 14 keepers all Jaw’s. Best 5 at 17lbs. Best 10 would push 30 pounds. Mike it’s about time to go as soon as I get a minute. It will only get better. I fished 5 hrs today and if I would have been on a jig to start no telling what. I fished 20 run outs today not staying or catching over 3 on any of them. I just wanted to see if they were there. They are just getting there. Fished from Cow to point 10 and to point 16 The bite was they would slack you. Just throw 3 sheets to the wind if you could not find your jig and they were on it. Got slacked a dozen times. Only one swallow. Durn 4 pounder and he hurt my shoulder to boot Boat in 35’. Fish in 12’ to 25’. Best deal I’m spit balling here was around 20’ Pig Sticker Quick 5 in GPO with either a GP Beaver, Yamamoto twin GP or a big Lake Fork Craw. GPO. Lake is TOTALLY full of Gizzards. If you see a big blow, use a big Swimbsut or Dixie Jet lots of Knot Heads blowing. Or as we now call them Bass Pro Tour Fish. I didn’t mess with them Funny deal. I pulled in on a run-out flat WAY, WAY behind another boat. Guy and his wife in a brand spankin new Ranger. He had already fished the bank and was at least 300 yards away. As close as he was to the bank I was for sure he was fishing the flower beds in the yards so I didn’t think it would matter if I fished behind him i caught 3 absolutely thumpers and if I’d have thrown as far as I could my bait still would have landed 15 yards deeper than he was sitting his boat I guess both he and his wife were watching cause he snatched up his motor and Zoomed back past me giving me the universal single finger salute as he passed. Kind of funny cause I would have given him any jig in my box and told him what I was doing People, can’t figure them out. GoodLuck
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    The wife and I decided to take our other grandson fishin' on Tuesday 5/28 and we had a ball. They ate the Ned Rig so good last week so I tied one on for everybody and they are still eating it up.....I taught Ethan how to fish with a spinning rod and how to work the Ned Rig. I even gave him my fishing pole. He started catching them really good.....then he started getting cocky......So I had to show him who's boss..... It was a great day. We caught fish and laughed until we cried several times. The boy is a blast to fish with. My wife was the camera "man" all day and did an excellent job. What a day....
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    Bill Babler

    Float-N-Fly Primer March 4 2020

    White River Outfitters Guide Service Let's face it, there are lots of ways to catch fish on Table Rock that don't involve getting snarled up or having a Master Fly Caster's certification. In Springtime is there a better way to catch big fish other than fishing a barbed wire contraption that's named after a Southern state. Probably not, with one exception, the Float n Fly. The Table Rock Lake, Float-n-Fly history goes back to a guide by the name of Bill Richey. Bill went to Dale Hollow Lake one early Spring and they fished the fly and had really good success. A light switch went on and he thought that will work on the Rock big time. Bill introduced both Bill Beck and myself the the technique and we kind of took off with it winning multiple tournaments and guiding clients to the biggest bass of their life with it. I caught my personal best Table Rock Bass on the fly, at 10.1 pound. Bill caught 2 over the 10 pound mark and also had a 12 year old girl, catch a 10.3 on it. My biggest on a guide trip was a whopping 8.3 pound a client caught about 6 yrs. ago. The Float n Fly works between late January and May if lake conditions are correct. We have not had a good year for it for the last 4 or 5 yrs. Good year is clear water, pool between 914 and 917 and if possible small shad die off. This is the perfect year as they are just inhaling it. I hit 3 different bluff ends today after guys fished A-rigs on them and caught keepers right behind them, no problem. Fishing a Float n Fly is a bit like a Ned in that it is pretty slow fished, but a better analogy is you fish it as if your were flipping a jig in a bush. Cast it out and let the fly settle, bounce it or jig it several times and then rinse and repeat. Both Bill and I bought specialized equipment for the technique. We both bought St. Croix rods that were 9' as they are tournament legal in most derby's. Some do not have length specifications and you may use any length rod you wish. i prefer a 10' to 12' rod. Any good large arbor spinning reel, at least 3500 series works great. Spool the reel with the 10 lb. braid, you select brand, it don't matter. I like white or hivis yellow. Just like a fly line you can see it and tell if you have to much slack. You need a Mr. Crappie high Vis float and a 3 way swivel. I use a Spro 3 way. First you attach your swivel to the float then you put your braid on one arm of the 3 way. I use a palamar and pull it super tight. Then for your leader you want to use carbon as it sinks. Bill Beck used 4lb. but I think 4, 6, or on the outside 8 works OK. 8 is easier to cast. At this point attach the carbon with a improved clinch with at least 6 wraps. I'm using 14' of depth right now as these fish are suspended deep, as deep as 30' and they will still come up for it. There are a ton of companies making Float n Fly jigs/flies. The best by far not even close is the Spro Phat Fly in 1/16th. in blue or shad. My favorite is the blue. It has a super sticky Gamakatsu size 1 nickle hook that you need to be careful of. There are a couple of things you now need to do. First you need to trim the fly back a bit. Yes its looks like a waving tail would be better but its not. Trim the fly. Attach the fly to your carbon leader with a 6 twist improved clinch and put the knot at the rear of the eye so the fly rides level, cinch the knot tight and it will stay at the back till you get bit. There you have the basic FF rig. Correct posture for the fly. Incorrect posture for the fly. After you have it attached use gulp or some type of attractant on the fly, you can pretty much just sop up the tail with it and that great. Casting and retrieving and fishing the rig needs some explaining. With 14' of leader below the float it takes a while to get proficient. First this rig is light, so you are casting or lobbing the float, the fly and line just follow, somewhat like a fly cast. Pull out at least 3' of braid to the float, dangling your leader and fly in the water as far as you can reach out with a 10' to 12' rod. Length really Really helps. Back cast the float and watch your back cast, when your fly hits the water, lob it forward at height and it will shoot right out there after a little practice. If your a fly fisherman no problem, Phil lilley was casting it better than me in about 5 minutes. The trick is watching your back cast making sure the fly is completely behind you prior to coming forward. Easy Peasy. When the fly hits the water it takes a few seconds for that to sink. Wait about a minute and then jig it several times and repeat. If nothing raise your rod tip as high as you can reach and them smoke it in as fast as you can turn the reel handle. Reason, You cannot slowly reel 14' of 4 or 6 pound test leader thru pole timber, cannot be done. Reel in fast and the fly will come to the surface following the float and rethrow to a new location. Strikes can be very easy or the float is just gone. Sometimes it starts walking, just like crappie under a float. When setting the hook set to 12 o'clock, this is a lift and not a snap or you will break that light line keep your rod very steady in that straight up attitude, allowing the rod to absorb the shock of the fish. Keep a big bend and if you need to use the trolling motor to pull the fish out of the pole timber to deep water, making sure previous to fishing that your drag is very loose. The better the reel the better the drag. Float n fly does not work well in wind or choppy water, it is best as a smooth water technique. It's hard to keep slack out of your line and for some reason the fish don't like the constant action of the chop. Go figure Location, most any bluff end or runnout pole timbered fast drop point I usually make a dozen cast per location and if nada, hit the road. At times they will get on the bluff walls in the small cuts and pole timbered pockets, where ever fish stage Pre or Post spawn. Table Rock, Bull Shoals, Beaver or any of the White River Lakes it will catch them between now and May. Watch your electronics, if I see suspended fish in the 10 to 30 foot range off those points they will eat it. Don't be intimidated by it and you will catch your biggest bass, maybe of a lifetime right here on the Rock Good luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    here is why i have to fish everyday

    i hate losing at anything, and even includes fishing against my wife. attached are some pics from saturday's fishing. first, time linda has been able to go in well over a month. we ended up with 12 keepers, which was not too bad considering we were fishing the second day after a front. well, anyway, linda had 7 of the 12 keepers and had some dandies. this why i have to fish everyday. i need the practice to be able to beat her😃. bo
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    New personal best today

    Caught my personal best largemouth today. 5.20lbs. Was a pond bass but none the less the biggest bass live ever caught. Sad to say it’s still a pound and a half behind my wife’s biggest bass out of the same pond.
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    Good Bye and Thanks for All the Fish

    Douglas Adams book title, but wonderfully appropriate for leaving TR. The moving van comes tomorrow and unloads in Tulsa on Friday. I will come back next week to take the boat off the lift and move it there. Assuming the flooding does not breach the dam, I will put it on Skiatook Lake soon thereafter. I will continue to read and post in the forum. The reports will be for a different lake though. Thanks to all here. You have been invaluable in learning and fishing this lake, and I appreciate all the wonderful things you find here compared to other forums. rps
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    finally got to feeling better and got out for a bit tonight. went fishing with my old buddy gary harlan. he is spending the summer here instead of falcon. too much stuff going on down there on the border. the dems need to talk to someone that actually lives down there and they will straighten them out pretty quick on how bad things really. now back to the news. we kind of did a bit of showing out tonight. plus 12 keeps and a host of those good ones. a 3/8 GrassJig got most of them, but got a couple on a beaver type bait on a 1/4 Pro Series head, and one on a tube, also on a 1/4 Pro Series head. the one bigger one that was caught on the bank came on the tube. all the rest were in the 10 to 15 ft. range more on the main channel and not back in pockets. only one of these bass seemed to have spawned. the rest were as slick and fat as could be. the pic on the two were caught at the same time. mine was on the tube on the bank and the other one more in the 10 to 12 ft. range. with the water fluctuating as it has been, there may be some bass spawning next month just as there were last year. bo
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    Return to The Rock

    Donna and I haven't been to Table Rock since May for a variety of reasons, but we ventured back up Saturday. Got off to a slow start so didn't arrive until 12:30 but got in a good 4 hours of fishing. Stayed within 3-4 miles of Big M and found the fish biting pretty well despite the post-front conditions. Having a brisk north wind made it cold but certainly didn't hurt the bite any. Found the fish to be very main-lake oriented but not necessarily deep. Caught them from 5 to 35 feet, mostly on transition areas and points. Crank baits, jerk bait, Ned and finesse jig all produced. Ended the 4-hour outing with 16 total and five decent keepers. Good mix of LM and spots, along with one meanmouth. Never scored a brown fish, so we missed the TR slam. All in all, a cold but good afternoon on the water.
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    lmt out

    It's happening

    Well the wife and I made the decision to move on to the next phase of life. Going to pull the trigger and retire from my current profession. Working swing shift and driving 2 and a half hour round trip to do it, had gotten old quickly. So right now the plan is starting January 1st to start my guiding business. We will be offering Combo trips for walleye and crappie From January to May on Truman and Lake of the Ozarks. And most likely just walleye from May to November on Stockton Lake. Also will from time to time head north and fish a few walleye tournaments It seemed like a easy decision to stop working for the man. Lol And start doing something I love. It has been a true pleasure to take the hand full of folks I got to take this year. It was one of the best feelings to have someone tell me they had never caught a walleye on purpose or never caught a limit of walleye and to assist them in doing just that. I can't promise a limit or even to catch a walleye but I will absolutely do my best to make it happen. Also all of the corny jokes and stories you can handle. Lol. Most of all I would like to thank my wonderful wife Brandi for all the support and encouragement and the sacrifices she has made for me to do this. She is truly a special person. Ed
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    Bill Babler

    Turning the Knob on Table Rock Bass

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report June, 14 2019 Shell Knob, MO. White River Outfitters Perhaps the most perfect Top Water Morning, Just up Stream from Shell Knob. ss The Idea this morning was to fish out of Eagle Rock. I had a last minute cancel that I was not able to fill and have two trips next week out of Eagle Rock and wanted to get up there and see what was happening. Got to the 86 bridge at 5:30, and knew I was in trouble as there were boats and rigs parked everywhere. Didn't want to fight the mob, I'm guessing a pretty decent size derby. Didn't want to waste a perfect morning so I booked for the Shell Knob Bridge Ramp and there were only 2 rigs there at a little after 6. Lots of boats flying by from up stream so I'm guessing the ER derby crowd was headed downstream to big water. Mistake for the most part. I headed upstream right into the teeth of them. Boats on most ever dock and major runnout from SK to Carter, all right on the bank or flipping any dock they could find. With the cloud cover slight drizzle and little chop you could not have ordered a better Top water morning. Fish were absolutely blowing everywhere at depth. At first I thought they were whites, but nope, mostly LM with some really nice K's and several Jaws mixed in. I petty much caught big keeper fish cast after cast from 6:15 till 9:30 on a Fin. I have fished here in the good and bad times and today for me was for sure one of the good times. Wish my son could have been out with me, he was here last week and we caught fish, mostly on a jig but today was special as it was all about the Top. A couple of guys that were fishing a dock came out and pulled up to me saying that had seen me wacking them and did not mean to intrude but wondered how I was catching them. I asked first off did you catch any on that dock and they said no. They had watched the MLF guys catching them early in the mornings on a shad spawn under docks and thought that was the deal. I said it might have been a month ago, but those fish were long gone and out here for me to catch. I tried to help them, but It just was not going to happen,so I wished them luck and they pulled off. About that time the fish blew up again. I was sitting in 106 feet of water. Message to self, I don't think White River bass need to hide under anything.😎 Just about every fish I caught and the numbers were a bit silly, were keepers. With the way they were feeding this morning, I'm guessing they probably will not eat again until sometime next month. I just got really lucky being in the right place on the right day at the right time. These fish were chasing schools of shad and also schools of fry. There are just millions of tiny fry swimming in big schools around the Knob. Some shallow and some deep. Just have no idea how many offspring are out there this year as I think we had a fantastic spawn. My boat was so saturated with poop, fry, shad and crayfish that I had to take it to the car wash and wash it out to prevent from grinding it into the carpet. Lots of Daddy's in them also, just about the size of a 3/8 oz. jig Put lots of fish on the board, but for the most part just gave them a smooch and sent them back to the briny deep to continue on their feeding binge. I did catch 1 on a jig just for kicks and grins and a couple on a drop shot and a spoon, but the Fin was the deal by far on this perfect top water day on Table Rock Lake. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Branson, Mo. Table Rock Lake Report White River Outfitters Guide Service Amy with a fantastic top water Table Rock Smallmouth bass Due to an emergency cancel from my today's clients I'm home after just an exciting last few days on both the Rock and Taney. Bass fishing on the Rock from end to end is really setting new standards for quantity and if your work it some very nice quality. Numbers of fish on guide trips is just outstanding with most 4 hr. trips averaging 35 plus fish, and if I can get people up, about 1/2 of those will be top water. Shane with a nice Redfin fish. Best top water bite even on clouds has been 5:30 to 7 AM. There is now a real solid shad spawn going on the bank,and it is over about as quick as it starts. The progression is very interesting, and you can follow it out just watching the chasing. At first light its on the bank behind the bushes and then works out to depth as the sun rises, or really just as the morning progresses. Best top water for me and mine, remains a wide wobble top water wake bait. I just am getting very little love on either a spook a chugger or a pooper. Not saying they won't just tear them up, but not even close on the number of strikes right now on the wide wobbler. Every once in a while something really special happens. Amy made it work with a double on the fin catching this super LM and Jaw with one swing of the fin. Lots of times you can get two on but getting them in for a photo is quite a different matter. Good Work Amy. When the topwater deal winds down, I'm going with really 3 presentations, and the drop shot is not one of them. When they are still up there shallow and under 10' I'm going with a Ned. I'm using GP or PBJ any natural variation in the clear water, In any of the off color water and there is still a lot of it, I'm using orange craw. As the morning moves later, the swim bait is still just simply on fire. Don't get caught up with only a paddle tail, the C-tail grubs are at times producing better. Pictured are a Chompers smoke pepper, Yamamoto smoke red fleck and of course 2 from the Keitech family. All of these are on 3/16 Keitech tungsten ball heads with 2/0 hook. I'm talking here after 8 in the morning and you will still see some chasing. Don't let these get away. Put on a heavy spoon or a tail spinner that you can throw for distance and keep after them, as they are just always out of reach for a top water bait. The hooks on the Little George are trash and if you don't upgrade you will be sorry. Most of these fish are remaining under 25 ft. right now and instead of dragging the Ned that deep I'm fishing a 3/8th. to 1/2 oz. Pig Sticker Quick 5 in GPO. Trailers are plentiful, but the smallie beaver is working fantastic for me right now and it has just the right amount of orange already in it. Yes,the pro's and some others are catching them on bluffs. With clients this is pretty much impossible as they are paralleling and that does not give everyone a shot, These fish are on the long gravel points. One of my clients on his own last week had 36 off on point. He said they were just stacked in 17 ft. He nedded the heck out of them at Shell Knob. Visibility is ranging from 2' to 12' depending on lake section. Surface temp is pretty much 75 lake wide with a little variation. They are biting, get out there and enjoy it. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Table Rock continues to impress me every time I an lucky enough to fish this lake. @Justin92297 and I fished the lower end on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday and we fished the Kings and the White on Saturday. Thursday we had 17.3 lbs for our biggest 5 including a 4 lb smallmouth that Justin caught and a 4.5 lb largemouth that I caught. We caught 12 keepers on Thursday and all of them came off Keitech 2.8 swimbaits in sexy shad color on quarter ounce head with a weed guard and jerk baits. Cedar trees seemed to be the biggest key for us pretty much all week. Just slow rolling that small swimbait through the trees or making a long cast with the jerk bait past the tree to get it down to max diving depth when it came past the tree got us almost all of our bites. We caught some in trees that were in 30-40 feet and topped out in 15-20, and we caught some in trees that were in 15-20 feet. Friday brought more of the same for us. the only difference was this time we found fish schooling like crazy back in a creek. I caught a keeper largemouth on a spook and missed 2 other blow ups and we caught 10 keepers on Friday. Today in the area that we found schoolers we just fished out baits around where the fish were schooling and caught a bunch. Many of them were shorts but we saw some really big ones blow up on the surface. The bite after the schooling activity in the morning was pretty much the same. Small swimbait and jerk bait through trees in the same depth zone. Saturday we decided to see a new part of the lake and put in at Viola. Neither one of us had ever fished the kings and we thought maybe there would be a good rock crawler or wiggle wart bite up there. We did not catch them on crankbaits but we caught them flipping main lake wood that was on the steep banks with a small jig and a swing head with a menace grub and on an underspin with a 3.3 Keitech. Trees were again very important; wherever there were cedar trees in about 20 ft of water on the main lake there were bass. Saturday was definitely our best day for numbers. we caught over 50 fish and had 18 keepers. No big ones but it was a very fun day and I like that part of the lake a lot. Sunday we fished the lower end again and only had like half of a day since we had to get back to Columbia for class on Monday. We only had 4 keepers and all of them came out of very deep trees that topped out in like 15-25 feet that were over 40-60 ft. on the 2.8 Keitech. Sunday was a tough post frontal day. Probably only caught 10 fish and only 4 keepers. Lastly I wanted to touch on the meanmouth that Justin and I caught. We caught a total of 3 that we noticed this week and I had never thought that there were many in the lake. We also caught a surprisingly low number of smallmouth in 4 days (probably only like 10). Is the spotted bass population in Table Rock breeding out the smallmouth? I sure hope not. Either way Table Rock is my favorite lake in the U.S. and I cant wait to go back again. Also, if anyone is looking to fish a tournament this weekend on Lake of the Ozarks come fish the Mizzou Fundraiser Tournament out of PB #2 on this Saturday Tight lines everybody.
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    We have lived here at the lodge for 16 years now, my how time flies. We love the birds and critters and I always have at least 1/2 dozen bird feeders up at all times. I have some with song bird seed mix that I make myself, some with Niger seed and some with suet in the Winter. One of Becky's bigger seller here are Squirrel Buster bird feeders, as she sells dozens of them a year as they are totally squirrel proof and people just love watching the birds, and the antics of the squirrels as they cannot get a seed out of the feeders and just get so frustrated. We have had a total plethora of birds this year. We have been reading about the number of decreasing song birds this year, but our feeders have been full of most of the usual culprits and then lots of strange visitors, including the Robins of a few days ago. Today we were treated with Pileated Woodpeckers at our feeders for the first time EVER. They are very elusive and extremely sensitive to movement. We have heard them and seen them on the trees in small numbers for years, but have never had one approach the deck or the feeders. This morning there were dozens of them here, chasing and chirping, and we had them on not only the suet feeders but the seed feeders as well. It was a wonderful site and we felt truly blessed to have them visit in such huge numbers.
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    Jaguar 97

    They were eating today

    Put in at Big indian at 6am. Should have been earlier. Started out throwing topwater I would get them on but couldn't keep them pinned. Switched to a swimbait and it was on. Fished up the white and got on one point and it seemed like every other cast a Kentucky or a smallmouth. There seemed to be a sweet spot on that point. Finally got ran off of main lake points picked up a jig and fished some steeper bluff banks caught some largemouth up to 4 lbs. It was one of the best days I've had in awhile. Swimbait in sexy shad. Jig PBJ W/ Chigger bug trailer.
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    Cow Creek 3/30

    Fished our club tournament today. Won it with 15.70. Had a 5.31 for my big fish just to get beat by a 5.32lber. 2nd 14lbs. 8 keepers on RK, 2 keepers on Spinnerbait. My big fish annihilated a Spinnerbait in 10inches of water. One of the best bites I have had over the years of fishing. Wt: 48-50. Weighed 4 smallmouth and 1 largemouth. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Had to work for it, tried a little of everything, dropshot trick worm 25ft deep on a point at 4pm brought up a nice smallmouth 3lb 9oz 18" long. Tried the old erie dearie, at about the same depth to produce a 21.5 inch walleye. Got checked by the game warden (very nice guy ) dropped the erie dearie down just after he left us, with the warden still in sight, I just knew it was a BIG walleye nope...catfish. Still hunting for some sort of pattern, I tried some long line troll with my new trolling combos, and found this one 12 inch crappie. I did find 4 short eyes and a drum at about 7:30 on a point with the Bink 1/2oz silver spoon, I caught 4 walleye, and one drum in about 5 minutes, it was great ! All fish released and still swim. BEST OF ALL, I SPENT THE WHOLE WEEKEND WITH MY WIFE OF 31 YRS ! GOD IS GOOD !
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    I had the honor today to captain a couple of Jr High boys from Springfield in the aforementioned tournament today on Table Rock. I had William and Sam Kuzemka in my boat. We launched out of State Park, first cast at 6:35 a.m. on the first point NW of the ramp close to the Branson Belle. They started out throwing a swim bait (grub) but I quickly switched them to a ned and it was on. They fished my smallmouth banks in Jakes, Powerline and Clevenger Coves... all the ones I could remember. I don't think I got over there any last spring so I was going off my long-time memory. Set the boat in 16-20 feet most of the time until the fog burned off about 10 a.m., then we backed out to 30 feet. I had them fish the bottom although every 3rd or 4th cast came back with the green slime. They had about 13 keepers, all smallies expect one spot. We culled a couple of 16-inchers and had one kicker brown about 3.5 pounds. All bass except the spot appeared to have spawned - they had no pouches at all.... but what do I know, I'm a trout guy. Had may be the same number of shots plus 3-4 nice gogs (which I'm going back for this week!!). The boys weighed in at 13.58 and took 2nd out of 60 teams. 260 teams in the high school division... weigh in at White Water. Needless to say there was a traffic jam getting into the lot, which was basically full when I left at the beginning of the High School weigh in period. I hope they pulled it together cause .... well you know. Ulrich was there with 2 pontoons/tanks for the catches. Babler said they do a good job keeping them alive and back in the lake. View full article
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    Personal Best

    Caught this 24.5 inch and a 22.5 incher today. Wasn't actually targeting walleye, was trying to catch crappie.😒 Caught them throwing a #7 flicker shad up as close to the brush as I could.
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    Cows to the dam

    I have been fishing this lake every spring for nearly 40 years now, and have seen it this clear only on a handful of occasions. I’ve never had a 3-4 day stretch of fishing like I’ve just had with a higher keeper ratio - 59 w/35 keepers. There was nothing new or mysterious to what I was doing, dragging a Dr or French Fry back to the boat, chucking the 3.3 keitech, an occasional fluke offering, and when conditions warranted I’d go Red Fin or Buzz Bait. Didn’t much matter whether it was pea gravel, fist size rock, basketball size, or boulders there always seemed to be fish looking for a meal or pizzed that something was in their space. Timber in the vicinity helped slightly. My boat was never in water more than 18-20 ft and many times I worked down the bank in 10 fow. Smallmouth were predominant, but I did catch a few Spots and Large Mouth. All released to swim another day. Bite yesterday in the higher and rising water didn’t change. Nice to see the future dock crappers out swimming with mom and dad too.
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    February 16, Big M area

    My first time out since January 31, either because of bad weather or stuff going on in life, I haven't had an opportunity to get out until today. Nice morning, little to no breeze, temps started out at around 32 and gradually warmed up to the mid 50's. Water temp was 44-46 with a bit of a stain. Launched about 0700 and started fishing a long rocky underwater ledge working a 110 +1. Fished it for 30 minutes or so, caught a couple of 14" spots on the +1, but as I was fishing I was watching the depth finder and seeing a bass on the bottom here and there. Just wasn't catching them fast enough on the JB, so fell back on the Ned rig. First cast on the Ned, I caught a keeper spot. Thought I was on to some hot fishing with it, but it wasn't hot, however there were bites to be had. Worked the rock ledges, points and chunk banks, in the 20-30 foot range, and caught another 13 bass on the Ned, with 8 of them being keepers. A couple of them were really solid spots. Used a black Nutech crappie jig for my Ned rig, I have been using a chartreuse head last month and felt it gave me a better chance at catching smallies. And I did not catch a smallie today on the black head, did catch a mean mouth, but maybe there is something to smallies liking that chartreuse head. Guess I will have to continue with my 'research'. Lots of people fishing today, 8 rigs in the Big M lot when I left and lots of boats running up and down the channel. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Fun day of creek fishing

    Since I’ve been back home for Christmas break I’ve spent a lot of hours on the creeks and rivers fishing for winter smallies. So far it’s been a blast and I had another good trip yesterday. I fished a creek that I have had success at in the summer, not too far from my house in St. Louis. Because I had only fished here during the warmer months, I focused mainly in and around the deeper pools, instead of working the whole stretch of creek like I usually do. This paid off, but not like I thought it would. The fish seemed very scattered, and I caught fish in the deeper, slower holes as well as the faster, shallower water leading into them. I never caught more than 3-4 fish in one spot. However, both my brother and I did catch some nice fish including one of the coolest looking meanmouth I’ve ever seen. My theory is that the warmer weather this week had the bass moving more than usual for this time of year, which is why they weren’t all piled up in the deep holes like I thought they would be. Overall it was still a great day of fishing and I’m looking forward to getting back out there!
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    The fish are biting several different baits fairly well. The underspin with a 3" swimbait, jerkbait, wobble head,,,,,etc. I do not mention the crankbait because the bottom slime is a nuisance in my area. The fish can be caught shallow or deep, but they seem to be grouped up. When you find them, you can get multiple bites in a very short distance. The WT was 49-52 this morning and I assume it warms up a few degrees in the afternoon on nice sunny days. For me, the jerkbait will produce but the quality is lacking. The fish pictured below weighed 5.13 and was caught this morning on a underspin. View full article
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    Bill Babler

    Big Ed 4-2-19 Mucho Fun

    Bed and Breakfast Inn's of Missouri had their Spring meeting at Lake O. What a good thing for me.😂 Got to go up and stay and fish with Ed and Debby Franko at Bass and Baskets about the 5 mile mark on Beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. For those of you that don't know Ed, he is the ultimate good time. Has a really good idea on whats going on at the dam area. We fished from the 5 mile mark to the dam. Water was pretty cloudy even by Lake Ozarks standards and ran from 47 to 51 degree. After a pretty slow start on flat water, we got some breeze and the surface temps started to rise. With that so did the bass and the bite. We had 18 fish with 7 really nice keepers. One being a Super Hog Mama. I was more than holding my own, but the "Big Boy" caught the big girl on a custom painted megabass 110. And get this, Birthday Cake was the custom color. a Ed has been custom painting some baits in his spare time and has just some super colors, a lot of them are really Table Rock sound and the Birthday cake is for sure one of them. Here is a pretty good picture of it. Opaque with violet purple back. Just sounds like food. Triple jerk, pause for several seconds. They hit it when it was sitting still as usual. We also caught them really good on a Jewel Spider Jig in Ozark Craw with a Eakins GP trailer. Slow hop on the jig and they would swim off with it. I did pretty well when I wasn't getting front ended on the docks and managed 5 of the keepers, I caught one on a stick bait and the rest on a jig, breaking one off at the end that might have been up there with Eddie Boy. Always feels like going home on Lake of the Ozarks and it really is. Locations we fished were inside secondary points, usually about 1/3rd. of the way back in the bigger coves. Rip Rap transition to gravel with any type of a pocket handy and that seemed to be the deal. Ed caught his jerkbait fish right on the bank, and I mean within 5 ft. Jig fish were a little deeper, but for sure everything in the 8' and under range. Most banks were the 45 degree type, but the flatter stuff had fish also. Instead of depth transition, it is ledge to chunk to pea gravel up there. Really good example of rock transition with the fish really close to the change. Very shallow. We saw quite a few crappie fishermen and they were fishing super shallow with a jig about 18" under a float right on the bank, same types of locations. Great food, fantastic company and a green fish or two to make it the perfect day on my old stomping grounds. If your looking for a great B&B on Lake O where the Bass fishing starts right from the dock, give Ed and Debby a call 573-692-6710. I guarantee you lots of belly laughs, a good night sleep and the kind of Fishing and Folks that have made the Lake of the Ozarks one of Missouri's premier fishing and tourist destinations. It is kind of like here right now, its fixin to just get silly. The thing about Lake O. is biggins live there and you can bass fish to catch them. There not swimming 2.8" Keitechs 30 feet deep to catch them. Not knocking what I do for a living, but it is really nice to Big Boy fish once or twice a year. Grrrrrr. Good Luck
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    @Justin92297 and I left Columbia around 3:30 a.m. and got on the water at like 7:30 on Saturday the 25th. I fished a 2.8 keitech on a 1/4th oz head all day through trees. Justin threw the same small swimbait and an a-rig. We caught over 40 keepers and probably 55ish bass and fished all day. Most fish were 20-40 feet deep. The key was to mark bait and then count the swimbait down to that depth and just reel it back in very slow. Creeks without bait didn't have any fish in them that we could catch and most of the bait seemed to be in the middle of the creeks. Had 16.60 lbs for our best 5. Sunday we did the same thing. Drive till you find bait and catch them. It was that simple. Had 31 keepers and probably 45ish fish. Lots of boats out on Sunday. Didn't see too many people catching though. Fish are so fat right now. When you reel them up they are spewing up shad like crazy. Really hoping to be back down soon. Anyone know what those smallmouth are doing? We didn't catch a single one.
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    Mitch f

    Sir Smalliebigs

    Well since Scott ain’t going to brag about it, I’ll brag about it for him! He caught a true Missouri giant smallmouth yesterday! Not many folks can say they caught a legit 5 pound smallmouth in Missouri, especially in a river. Well done Sir!
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    The first access was deep right at the bank, so that was a no go, but we went upstream next, and waded up to the next bridge. We started slow, but fishing picked up about halfway. I caught 10 smallies and he caught 4. All of his were on either a grub or a Little Dipper in shiner. Mine were on a Jackall Dera Spin, 1/8oz buzzbait and Zoom Super Fluke Jr rigged on a Gamakatsu G Finesse 2/0 hybrid EWG. When we got to 42, the skies began looking ominous and a 2wd 4cyl Ranger on wet rocks going up that access did not sound like my idea of fun. We turned around and at this point, I'd only caught 4 smallies and he had 1. We decided to make time and hit the couple best pools again, which were in the upper half of that wade. I lost the big fish of the day that had to go 16+. It hit the Fluke Jr and immediately ran downstream yanking drag. My bait flew back at me as he only had the tail...drat. I caught 3 over 12, big fish at about 14. When he caught his first, the smile said it all. The rains ran us off the creek after about 4 hours, but a lifetime of memories were made and it's a creek I'll definitely be back to next month.
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    White River Outfitters current Mid-Table Rock Lake fishing report Sunday, May 26 6 AM On the Rock Point 19 Had one of the best days of the year today, not only because the fishing was simply unreal, but my client Jeff was a long time Table Rock Lake, ie Ozarks Lake's fishermen. He had great stories from the late 60's and 70's. Jeff had fished Table Rock, Bull Shoals and Taney when he was in his early teens with Rex Grady, staying at Lake Shore Resort. He had also fished the Rock with the Fletcher's out of Devils Dive and floated the Kings River many times out of DD Resort. Nice dark Table Rock Jaw on a Red Fin Launched this morning in what I thought was perfect timing and was wrong. We pulled away from the H hwy. dock at 5:15. I t was going to fish the swim beach at Baxter but there were 2 boats on it. Next was the point going out of the Indian's on the left. Boat on it. Went to the buoy point up the White across from Red Barn, boat on it. Next was Red Barn 3 boats on it. Next was 19, boat on it. Next the Old Road Bed point. Success. LM like topwater too Fin bite was savage with the boat in 25' throwing across the point. We caught 9 here, all keepers and they just crushed it, to the point of being scary. Guy on 19 had vacated so I bogged over there and we caught 6 on it. All short but again they hammered it. Zoomed back to the road bed and bang a nice jaw on the fin and then switched to the Keitech. 3.3 with a 1/4 oz. head in either Rainbow Shad or Pro Blue. I'll be durned fat Kentucky's eat Red Fins also. It really never slowed down. I jumped a bit and we threw the fin on each new location, but the Keitech never stopped getting bit. Most locations we would catch at least 6 with a combination of just about every fish that swims in the lake. Fished 5 gravel runnouts this morning between point 19 and point 16 with no bad stops. Hitting the Road Bed twice early looking for fin fish. Walleye prefer swimbaits to Red Fins Boat today was most often in 25' but did hit 35' several times. Most fish in 12 to 20 ft. Fat 10 inch bluegill on a 3.3 Keitech. We caught several they seemed to be about 15' deep Total of 17 topwater fish as we caught a nice K on the last cast on a fin. Probably 25 down fish on the swimbait and did not see any drop shot fish what so ever. Baits were pretty simple for us today. We used two. Surface temps at 74-76 degree water is clearing fast. This post has been promoted to an article
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    My daughter’s PB Smallie

    We were just messing around at low water bridges that looked fun to play in the water. My daughter grabbed a little but, killer set up of mine to fish with and I cringed but, said screw it and ran to our truck to get her rod and reel and a cooler. I remember thinking she’s gonna destroy that rod and reel and I was like screw it. I hear yelling and screaming so I run back the couple hundred yards to our bridge to see my daughter and wife laughing and giggling. My daughter pulled a very solid 16 3/4 inch Smallie out of this little 2 foot deep hole hahahaha fun stuff . Apparently this thing fought like crazy and went airborne a couple of times..... and I was pissed about letting her use my rod 😜
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    Kast for Kids Tournament

    Took my grandson Myles (6 yrs old) to the Kast for Kids today out of Moonshine. What a blessed day we had. Our first tournament together and Myles catches his personal best smallie. Ended up with 9 keeps but could only weigh three. Little over 8 lbs. , and was enough to win it. Caught most of our fish in 10-12' on swimmers and brush hogs. Lots of rock snot to deal with, but that's just part of the game anymore. Special thanks to Mike Webb and WebbOutdoors.com for taking the time for the kiddos and to keep the sport growing.
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    Memory Day

    Took the Gkids out today and what a day we had!! Tons of bucks and a few females pulling up shallow. Never had much of a lull all day, which is always good with the kiddos. It was a great trip and we created lots of great memories....including losing my flipping stick and hard body jointed swim bait in 30' of water!! Take a kid fishing!!!
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    usa made outdoors

    White River 3/17

    Yesterday was just one of those days. My dad and I fished the middle part of the White and happened across a creek arm that was loaded with shad and bass. Put in just after daybreak water temp was 49.5 and pretty much stayed that way all day. Lots of surface activity early on and the baits of choice were a jerkbait and slab spoon. Fish finally started to slow down on those baits around mid-day so we picked up the small swimbaits and the rest was history. All in all we caught well over a hundred fish with a good portion of those being football K's also mixed in were some quality smallies and a fair amount of Largemouths. All species we're fat as could be and didn't look like they could eat one more bite without popping. Biggest two fish of day were 5lb 14oz and 6lb 2oz. Also had a couple of 4's and more 3+ than you can shake a stick at. Best 5 would've went for 23 and some change. All this action took place in a 300yd stretch that we never left. Truly one of those days you live for as a fisherman. Attached a few pics of some of the better fish.
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    Went bass fishing in the big creek area today got on the water around 7:30 the lake was definitely a few feet higher then the last time I was down. Bite was slow caught a couple keepers then decided to go towards the the state line and fish a few of the good points that the channel swung up close to I was throwing a white and silver 4.8 keitech swim bait got a big bite in 40 of water but the fish came loose straighten my hook slightly I kept throwing and boom something else big took it ten minutes later he finally came up my fish bull shoals striper I think he was close to 40 pounds he was 36 1/2 inches long
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    12-26-19 Table Rock Lake Long Creek Would have posted this yesterday but again picture problem. Had to wait for Becky to get home to get me squared away. Started to a beautiful sunrise and clear slick water at 50 to 52 degree. Lots of birds all over from old 86 to the Arkansas line and the best thing is just to follow the Loons. There was one flock of over 30, could not get the best count as most were scuba divers and man can they travel under water. Started out dragging a Pigsticker in green pumpkin craw and immediately started catching keepers. I was fishing a channel swing with a long ridge. Fish I caught were 28' to 35' along the ridge had 6 keepers. Saw a small concentration and dropped the Wareagle down and caught one on it. All 6 were keeps, with 1 lg. 1 Jaw and 4 K's. Could not see anymore but went to a similar ridge and did the same deal and did not get bit. At this point about 8 am I started looking for birds as I was not seeing any deep fish either on the usual spots. Could not find any bait or fish. Traveled and graphed quite a bit before the birds put me on them. Saw the aforementioned group of Loons and it was on like Donkey Kong. I just pulled right into the middle of the flock and looked down and there they were. Here I'm in 90 plus feet with a group of Shad up near the surface. There were gulls and Loons diving on them. Most of the trees here are topping out at about 50' and I did a couple of deals to catch these fish. First I used the Ice jig. and second I started swimming a Keitech 2.8 on a 3/8 jig head. I was counting it down to the depth of the fish. Here only about the count of 15. Most of these fish are suspending in the tree tops in that 50' or so range and then bolting up and thru.the bait. In this picture I caught one at about 40ft. on the Ice jig and am bringing him up. There is lots of movement in the water that is both shad and fish. It's easy to pick out the fish, they are really bold. Here I'm in about 90' and the bottom is very thick with cover and bait. There is a small group of shad and the bass are moving over the cover and raking thru the shad. On the extreme left of the screen you can see the trail of the fish I'm holding. Again in another graph shot the bass are suspending in and around that 50' depth level and the shad are in the trees below them. This is very thick but mostly uniform so it is easy to swim a keitech. This allows you to cover lots of water. I was counting it down here to about a count of 50 and just pulling it back. I never got hung up a single time so I'm guessing I was in that 30 to 50 foot range with the bait. Here is a similar shot of the fish working above the trees. Gosh it would be great if you could always see them like this. I ended up catching more than I deserved and left with them still biting. And yes there were some other Heathens like me out there yesterday, I was not along. Most of the boats however looked to be crappie fishing Good Luck out there.
  39. 18 points

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I wish all the forum members a Happy Thanksgiving. We live in the greatest country during the greatest time in history and have many things to be thankful for. In addition to the many blessings I am thankful for, I want to thank all of you who’ve shared advice and information on the forum. I truly appreciate it. Mike
  40. 18 points

    I Need to Bring a Net

    These sows are hard to get in the boat. 13#
  41. 18 points


    Took all day today from 7am-4pm but me and the old man put 4 keeper walleyes in the boat with 2 shorts. Worked for it but will make for some good eating. Had to stop off on the way home for a funny pic on ol walleye rd. Any others target walleye on table rock?
  42. 18 points
    Took my boys for some smallmouth fishing on the James (lower). It was a beautiful late morning, early afternoon. Fish were all over, next to structure, in the middle, shallow, deep, wherever. Tried multiple lures with varying success, but the lure of the day was the Ned rig. I tried 3 different jigheads and all worked equally well, it was just a fishy day. Both boys caught plenty of fish, but the young one caught the fish of the day (and best small mouth of his short life). I was in my 30s before I caught a smallmouth like that. His smile says it all. Hope all of you are taking advantage of the bite, it is GOOD.
  43. 18 points

    Meeting some MLF anglers.

    Through a series of fortunate events I got the opportunity to put up 4 guys for the last MLF event when it was changed from Grand... We had Jacob Wheeler, Dustin Connell, Mark Daniels, and Adrian Avena at our lake cabin for 9 nights. These guys couldn’t have been nicer! They treated our place with the upmost respect, left it basically just how they found it, and are definitely welcome back anytime! They welcomed me to hang out on a few occasions at the house and even took me along for the (mini) party on Wednesday night... All 4 guys made the cut to get into the money and took home almost $150k between the 4 of them. I have a feeling our paths will cross again. Thanks for the gear DC, Jacob, Mark, and Adrian! truly became once in a lifetime when Jacob won that $100k
  44. 18 points

    Friday 5/10

    Fished out of Mutton and trolled in and near spawning coves with Flickers. Had a limit of crappie in a few hours. They were 15-18' down in anywhere from 15-40 fow. Pretty scattered but once you found a pod, had some doubles. Then switched to walleye around 11:30 and caught a limit and then some. All fish came around wind blown main lake points. Fished bottom bouncers and Road Runner heads tipped with a half crawler. Also had a couple of nice cats and a sow white while fishing for walleye. One of my better days on Stockton with a north wind. Jason
  45. 18 points
    Bill Babler

    Fished with M&M

    4-10-19 Table Rock Lake mid-lake report. White River Outfitters Had the great fortune to fish with Mike today out of Baxter and it was really more catching than fishing. Started at 6:45 and fished till 1, the last couple of hours in a pretty hefty breeze. Mike had not fished that far up the pond so we looked at a lot of different stuff. Surface temps between Baxter and Campbell pt. ranged from 60 to 64 degree. Water is gin clear. Lots of numbers with the biggest fish at 2.35 but about 30+ others that were for sure fun. I got to fish and that is always a treat. Mike is a very good hand with a stick bait and showed it today as the jerk bait bite was simply crazy. Most fish came on steeper secondary banks in big creek arms and major spawning pockets. I think Mike was a bit astounded by the depth that I kept the boat most all day. We used a purple back and a pro-blue for most of the damage and at times you could see the fish flash and take the bait. 60 degree water and they wanted it completely still and would just come up and hammer it after you turned its head. Kind of like top water under water. If they missed it they would for the most part come back and just jump on it. We fished a Keitech and a ned with little success, I believe I had 6 on the swimbait and Mike had one on ned, Great day with a great guy. Good Luck
  46. 17 points

    Sunday walleye

    Put in at big m in search of some new areas for walleyes. The old man caught one keeper right off the bat. I pulled another one to the boat but didn’t land it. Both were right around 18.5in. Caught another short and bunch of bass, bottom bouncing 20-25 fow. Didn’t have any more luck till the end of the day trolling back to the boat ramp. Switched to trolling spoons and crankbaits and landed a 25incher which felt like I was pulling in a tree branch. Got some pics of him and put him back. Didn’t kill em but always a good day on the water. Broke my radio antenna but fixed it in the field 😂
  47. 17 points

    First Ever Walleye Day

    Went out with Ed of lmt out-fitters today and had a great time. I needed some serious schooling on walleye fishing, so I got a hold of Ed and glad I did. We Put 20 in the boat 12 keepers and eight shorts. Lost two nice ones at the boat. Several were in the 18 to 20 inch range, and the two we lost were in that window as well. Did some jig and crawler, and some bottom bouncing. Both seemed to work. Took six home for a fish fry. The most important part for me was Ed filling me in on things I needed to know, like why, where, and when. I learned a ton... Not to over sell myself on this. Ed pretty much carried the day. But he did have the good side of the boat.😒 I definitely felt like I got a good deal... Mike
  48. 17 points
    Deep water mike

    Stockton 8/3

    Slow day but I was fortunate enough to get this 27 inch 6lb walleye caught it on a Ned rig
  49. 17 points

    Surprised my son!

    Three years ago on a warm day in March I took my son Landen to the River. We were fishing and filming that day and catching some pretty good fish. He was 7 but I already had him throwing a 7 foot spinning rod. Had him rigged up with a grub just trying to catch some numbers. Then low and behold he hangs into a beast, it fought so hard he wanted me to take the rod but I told him he could do it. After a 10 minute battle or so he landed a Certified Dandy! I was most proud that he willingly wanted to release that fish back into the river. Last year after sharing the video that aired on local TV of Landens catch, one of our sponsors Shawn Winters at SNT Taxidermy contacted me and said if I got him some pics and fishes length he’d be glad to do him a replica of it. So 3 years later, tonight I got to surprise Landen with it and my wife recorded it. Can’t help but grin as I watch his excitement! I was most proud of him that day for not even hesitating to release that Ozark Dandy back into the that beautiful river, now he has a replica to remind of of that great day with ole Dad! God Bless my friends, I’m a happy dad tonight! Bret
  50. 17 points

    Big M area, June 18

    Put in early, fog was thick, had to start over on the gravel point off the park at the mouth of Viney. I caught 3 bass there, all on a Nutech Grass jig before enough of the fog lifted so that I could get where I wanted to get to. Had a consistent bite all morning, never was a hot bite, but I could pick one up here and there. There was top water activity, mostly fish out over the channel or a ways off some of the rocky points, they'd usually bite if I could get the top water on them right after they came up. I could also get a few bites on a slow rolled 3.8 Keitech on those deep fish. Problem was is that the bass were scattered so it would take a lot of casts to get a bite. Caught several on the 1/2 oz Grass Jig, most of the bites came on the fall or swimming it back to the boat. Used a Rage Craw as a trailer. And caught a few on a c-rigged Zoom UV Speed craw. 2 best smallies came on the c-rig. The pattern that was working for me was top water and Keitech over deep water, c-rig the craw on gravel points, and throw the jig around trees. Put 19 in the boat, several keepers. Had some missed opportunities especially on the Keitech - had a good spot pull off right at the boat as I was getting ready to net it. Keitech bite was really squirrely, they'd pop it and just not hook up. Had another good puller on the c-rig that came off, bet it was a smallie. I think I remember seeing the WT at 78. This post has been promoted to an article
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