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  1. Fist drop and my boy makes me proud! He ended up landing 5 all by himself. in all took home 15.
  2. Gods paint brush was working today
  3. whats the bite doing? looking for crappie and whites.
  4. I could not get any big bass today (tons of shorts) question when throwing the A-rig do you throw it up on the banks and bring it out to the boat? or do you throw it 20' off the shore in the deeper water let it sink about 20' then reel? I'm steel learning the A-rig...
  5. Romp hole? We are sitting by rock spring hollow.... we ain't catching jack. Side note I just lost my a-rig dasgumit... am I the only one who can't catch anything on that holy grail? Anyone care to show a close up pic of there A-rig set up for cloudy and sunny days?
  6. thanks... im new to all of this.
  7. Im going to be down the 18th – 22nd does anyone know if there are any fishing tournaments going on that week??? If not anyone know of one I can enter on table rock? last year was my first time to enter a fishing tournament and i walked away with $530.00... it was a ton of fun getting paid to fish, now it's in my blood
  8. Here is what chaps me! My family has had a lake house on table rock lake before table rock lake became a lake... We pay taxes & utilitys for that place... But we still cant buy a lifetime or get a resident fishing license. I think if you pay prop taxes you should be able to take advantage of lifetime or at least let people get the resident discount on fishing license....
  9. Just got back from the old lake house in shell knob and all in all we had a good trip, Saturday morning me and the wife headed down to the old dock on needles eye in hopes that we would run into some fish on our dock (mostly so I would not have to dump a bunch of money fixing the old boat) we spent all day Saturday and Sunday fishing the dock and banks around the dock only landing 2 crappie and 1 bass. Monday morning i decided to spend the day working on the old boat and by Monday night we were in business. Tuesday We first headed to Kings Marina - fished minnows and a triple hook blue and white tube (top) - yellow and white tube (middle) - gray and white Bobby Garlands minnow fish were a good 50' off the shore line sitting in like 2' of water around the docks & trees, we landed 25 crappie in 2hrs all 14 to 15" crappie (big ole females) We trolled the bank and found a large brush spot sitting about 30' from the docks by kings Marina and the crappie were sitting so shallow they looked like a school of perch, 5 cast and i landed 5 fish hitting our limit. We went back to the same spot Wednesday and this morning and hit our limit within one hour. that brush made our trip i wish we could have found the white bass but we looked everywhere. ill have some photos up in the next day or so also anyone on this board ever caught a brown salamander??? i hooked one this last week freaked me! i was like why does this fish have feet!
  10. anyone know where the whites are in shell knob? what numbers are they pulling out? ill be in the needles eye area
  11. so what are the whites doing??? are they still being caught in big numbers (and if they are) will all this rain jack them up or make them bite better??? I'm coming up to shell knob this weekend and I'm hoping the white bass are still doing there thing.
  12. Honestly I wish they would change the length limit on bass… 16 inches is ok for tournaments (because they throw most of those back anyway) but there are way to many people keeping those little 16 inch bass and honestly it’s not giving Table rock a chance to become a true big game lake. Change it to 18-20 inches I typically only keep catfish, white bass and crappie and maybe a walleye from time to time (if I can catch them)
  13. Bill where did you get your swim baits??? i saw the same Bass tournament in So-Cal on ESPN (the bait looked amazing) but man were they pricey. i have a few spots that i would like to try that trout swim bait
  14. I'm thinking about heading up to shell knob this weekend but the weather is still looking spotty... I'm thinking about delaying my trip until next week but if you guys say the fish are still hitting then i might give it a shot... what are the white bass up too??? anyone been out in the shell knob area
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