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  1. Missed this question. somewhere along the boats life I assume someone figured a hose clamp and barb fitting would work. no clue how that part of it went down as I bought the boat used from a guy in Nixa. I assume they had an issue with the threaded fittin on the hose and thought that would be an ok fix. I fixed it correctly and just bought new hoses for a whole $125 or so. was a simple fix that could have kept someone from getting hurt or worse so I did it the right way when I fixed it
  2. I am by far no crappie guy. but love to eat them. I have never had much luck with crappie fishing TR at all. have any of you all had any luck catching them recently and if so what types of areas you all are finding them.
  3. works fine if its done correctly but a hose clamp and barb fitting is not how you fix a Hydraulic system
  4. glad you weren't hurt any worse. could have ended badly. I will have to say I am pretty religious about wearing mine as im not the best swimmer in the world by any means and summer before last I had a small incident where it could have turned out really bad with my last boat. my wife and kids and I were camping at Aunts creek for the weekend was Memorial day weekend and kids were wanting to get out on the boat and fish. so like most times camping im always the first one up and the kids normally sleep pretty late but I figured I would go out for a hour or two before anyone woke up. so I hit the water and headed to the back of the creek arm. managed to catch quite a few fish. and it got about 8:30 am and I figured I would head back to camp and make breakfast for everyone. so I button everything up on the boat and head back. so get the boat up and running and managed to get behind a boat pulling a skier so not wanting to follow them back I moved out to pass them. when I hit the boat wake all of a sudden the boat is in the air and sideways. it hits the water bow first and spins me around quicker than I can blink and I'm facing the same way I just came from. it threw me all the way across the boat and into the opposite side. I managed to stay in the boat just mainly because I was able to hold on to the wheel with one hand and the boat I had at the time you practically sit on the floor so it was a deep boat. if it were like most of the newer boats where you sit up high from the gunnel im pretty confident I would have went out. and all this within 1 mile of the boat ramp so being that it was close I didn't have my life vest on. could have been a bad deal what happened was when I went to cross the wake of the ski boat I gased on the boat and at the same time went to turn into the wake and the Hydraulic steering line came off the pump which kicked the motor to one side and threw me sideways in mid air. who ever had the boat before me had messed up the threaded end of the hydraulic hose so it did not screw onto the pump they just had a barb air type fitting on the pump and the hose with a hose clamp holding it on. stupid what people do to repair boats.
  5. anyone been in the Aunts creek or Kimberling area. Big jig and point bite happening there yet? cant wait to get down there that kind of fishing is one of my favorites
  6. Ill have to remember that Bill. I tried the Football jig but only had the boat in about 25' or so so guess I should have moved out more.my gut said I was fishing too shallow and I should move out more..guess I should listen more.
  7. stayed at Port of Kimberling never been there before and a really nice campsite and area. will be going back. fishing wise we really stunk it up bad. fished shooner creek and fisher creek. Schooner on sat eavning and only caught 1 15" smallie on a jig while reeling it back to the boat in about 7' of water. kind of odd. so thought they wanted something moving so went to spinner bait, crank bait and a glide bait. not a sniffle at any of them. stayed on the water till about 7 pm or so tried some top water before we headed back in and not even a swipe. next morning (sunday) got on the water early and headed to fisher. threw a top water on the big point where the creek arms divide nothing. moved around to the eastern side of the creek from that point. tossed a spinnerbait around quite a bit and lost one about 3-1/2lbs right on the bank just shook the bait out. moved around in there quite a bit trying everything I could think of. Wacky senko, ned, football jig in 20+ off points, glide baits, small swimbaits deep. nothing. wife finally caught a 12" largie on a shad color crankbait back in a pocket. headed back in about 10:30 when the party crowd started coming out. Monday morning went back out at first light headed back to Fisher. and never caught a thing. made it back to the small cove where port of Kimberling campers boat ramp is and saw something chasing shad on top. tossed in a spinner bait in the boil and caught a 10" spot. only fish we caught all day. been really tough for me this summer. im not good at fishing deep and I know that's what most are using. Spoons, Drop Shots and so on and those are my 2 biggest weaknesses as far as techniques go. I did get around a deep dock to try the spoon in Fisher creek and when I pulled up..no fishing around docks allowed so moved on. by that time the big boats were out and we were headed back in. hopefully one of these days ill figure the Spoon and Drop Shot out.
  8. What was the pattern you were catching them on? deep docks? we stayed at Port of Kimberling and fished Shooner creek and Fisher and didn't have much luck at all. tried a spoon some on some deeper docks but I am by far a good angler with a spoon.
  9. we are heading down Saturday for a week long vacation. have the camper stored down there and will be camped at Aunts Creek. anyone know what the fishing is like in that area?
  10. saw quite a few males on beds late Sat afternoon (4/20/19) but no big females. water was in the 61* range. I would say if the warmer nights stay they will move up. Sunday morning we went out for a few hours befor heading home and same beds we saw sat afternoon had nothing on them Sunday morning because of the cool night time temps I would say.
  11. LukeD

    Water Temps

    coming down Thurs and taking out of Prarie Creek. never been to Beaver fishing before anyone have any ideas on what the water temps are and what are some good things to try down there this time of year. going to be bass fishing. will have the wife with me so any kind of help would be great.
  12. I might have missed it in one of your guys reports but any clue what its doing around Indian point and up Aunts area. I will be down around Indian point area next weekend for 4 days
  13. sorry got the wrong date. Costa is may 9th not March
  14. thought I read where there was a Costa out or Kimberling this past weekend. was curious to see what the results were
  15. anyone know what Coffman Beach ramp looks like? Friend was at Pa He Tsi and said the ramp was bad due to water level. anyone know what Coffman looks like
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