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  1. Put in at dam and fished towards Osage Bluff. Water was stained, 60-64. Mostly cloudy in the morning, partial sun in the afternoon. Light wind off and on. Caught about 20 bass, just 5 keepers, biggest was 4#. Caught them in shallow pockets, secondary points, wind blown banks. Nearly everything was in 3' or less. Caught most of them off flooded cover. Buzzbait, brush hog, jig, spinnerbait, chatter bait, and texas rigged beaver. Best bites were on the jig.
  2. I had planned to take my 7 year old to Stockton for his first all day trip in the boat.... with the storms and forecasts at 5:30 Thursday morning we decided to cancel. By 7:30 forecast had changed significantly so we headed to Truman (hadn't been on there in years, but is a lot closer to home). Was supposed to be cloudy all day but clouds were gone by mid morning. Water was 83-84 and had 3-4' of visibility in the Pomme Arm. Current was being pulled so we stayed out towards the main lake in the some bigger pockets and creeks. Tried a swimbait and spook for a while but ended up flipping to standing timber in 5-10' of water for most of our bites. Caught a couple keepers (biggest was 3) and several non keepers. My son caught his first 2 out of the boat on a spinnerbait and chatter bait and had a couple other bites. Turned out to be a good trip.
  3. Fished about 10 hours over the weekend between the 40 and 51 MM. We struggled to get bites. Caught around 10 with 3 keepers. Hit a bunch of main lake points with almost nothing to show for it. Mainly fished the up current side but also hit the down current side some. Fished flatter points and deeper points. Fished right up on seawalls and around backside of docks. Did catch a few on the edge of a breakline in a big creek on a point. We had better luck around some docks on the edge of small pockets. Also caught a few on laydowns in a creek. Threw a chatter bait, spinnerbait, and topwaters with almost no bites. Most of our fish came on jigs and soft plastics, most of them pretty shallow. How are you guys approaching the main lake points? Do you focus on one side or the other (up current or down current side)? Looking for steeper, bluff ends or flatter points? With or without docks??
  4. Jbrant


    Fished most of the day Saturday. Didn't get on the water as early as we wanted but still found a really good spook bite in the shade on the main lake. After we lost the shade started flipping behind docks and caught quite a few in the shade of the walkways and dock corners. Didn't seem to matter - brush hogs, jigs, beaver. Caught a few on a spinnerbait too. Also caught a few on some log/trash mats. Fishing was really good... caught over 30, at least 12 keepers. Lots of 15-17", 2+ pound fish... just nothing big. Caught a couple of 3+. Lot of fun though... could catch them about anywhere on about anything you wanted to throw. Water had 2-3' of visibility in a few areas. Water temps were around 72.
  5. Jbrant


    Thanks for the help. I was hoping the creeks were starting to clear a little.
  6. Probably coming down this weekend. Curious what the water clarity is from Indian Creek down to Soap Creek.
  7. We fished Friday afternoon, Saturday, and this morning. Water was anywhere from upper 40's to low 50's. 2-3 feet of visibility where we fished (Glaize and 19-24MM of Osage). We caught a little over 20 fish on Friday afternoon. Most on a jerkbait. Had one that went 5-15, 4-11, 3-6 and a couple other keepers around 2 to 3. Had to go through quite a few 10-12" fish to find some quality bites. Saturday morning picked up a few more small bites before getting on some good ones again Saturday afternoon. Caught a 3 and 3-10 one on a soft plastic and one a jerkbait. We lost one that went at least 5 after she made a second run under the boat - came up and through the hook right in front of us. Caught around 15 fish Saturday. Didn't catch anything right on the bank. Needed softball size rock, wind, and some brush helped. Later in the day seemed to be key to. We struggled this morning before lunch before we headed home. Threw the jerkbait most of the time, caught a couple on a rock crawler, swamp bug, & rage bug. Threw a spinnerbait and jig some but never had a bite on those.
  8. Yeah, I didn't read your post close enough. I can know vouch for 656 though.
  9. I tried to put in at The Harbour but they had a gate across the property. Went around to McCormicks and put in there but couldn't get out. Trolled out into the back of Soap Creek and could tell I wasn't making it. Put the boat on the trailer and went to Millstone. Plenty of water there, not much place to park though (which didn't matter Friday). Fished about 6 hours ... water was anywhere from 45 to 49. Caught 6 bass and 3 crappie.... all on the jerkbait. Should've chased the wind more... it died off a little as the day went and we were in the backs of creeks. Fish we caught were fairly close to the bank in the shade.
  10. Gravois Mills is by far the closest ramp for me... where we normally put in to fish the Gravois and parts of the North Shore. Put in at Coffman on occasion and Shawnee Bend as well... but those are little bit further drive. Was hoping to find something in the mid Gravois on the west side... not many marinas up there though. Haven't checked water level yet to see what Gravois Mills ramp would be like.
  11. Anybody know of a place to put in on the west side of the Gravois off 5 Hwy. Tried calling the Harbor Marina a couple times but haven't got anyone. Didn't know if Coconuts had a ramp and they aren't open I don't think. Would prefer to put on somewhere lower the the Gravous Mills ramp. Any suggestions?
  12. Tough weekend for me - probably fished around 8 hours. Water temp was 75, pretty clean around the dam. Most consistent bite was on the buzz bait really shallow (cloudy all day Saturday). Caught a couple of small keepers. Had a few fish on a spook and a couple on a brush hog. Lost the only decent fish I hooked (on a brush hog - probably 3-4 pounds). Had lots of misses , they weren't very aggressive (and think they were probably small fish).
  13. We put in at Hermitage about 8:30 this morning and quit around 3:30. Cloudy and overcast all day, not much rain till after lunch. Water temp was around 67 with visibility of 3-4'. Caught two keepers right way. One that was 17" and 2-6. Those came on a spinnerbait in a main lake pocket. Caught two more,with another decent keeper on a popper shortly there after. Things slowed down quite a bit after that. Caught one more on a spinnerbait, then had a few bites on a tube and beaver. Bite really slowed down for most of the morning. Finally started catching some fish deeper (6-10) on a beaver and brush hog. They weren't eating it real well but did manage a couple more 16" keepers in a cove. Moved back into the wind right after lunch and immediately caught a 21" 4-13 on a swimbait. Bite really picked back up in the wind and light rain. Caught several more on the spinnerbait. Ended up catching around 15 - with 11 or so keepers. Missed a lot of bites on the soft plastics - weren't very aggressive. Wood helped on the plastics. Wind on the reaction baits.Best 5 went about 13.5 #'s. Saw one pontoon and one fishing boat all day. No other trucks at our ramp or two others we saw.
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