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  1. Great job. You are making me envious. Are you noticing the fish are more at the mouths of the pockets and creeks or more towards the middle and backs.
  2. Yep, yesterday was the hardest day of fishing I have had a the Rock in many years.
  3. Nope, just a couple more months.
  4. Yep, Blevins. Heard he had two 7 lbers.
  5. And congrats on your giant state record trout!!
  6. What do you consider a gravel run out? Been meaning to ask this for some time. I just haven't figured out what that is exactly.
  7. That was me. I had to get my son home to get his sports physical anyway and would have left regardless so no worries. And according to my son it was really hot!
  8. If you poll the anglers they are always for it. I've seen tournament trails poll the anglers several times and it is never close. Always for the A rig. Wish you haters would give it a rest. It's a tool the works 4 months a year maybe. In a month no one will catch fish in it.
  9. Why? You prefer tournaments this time of year that takes 2 fish to make the money in a hundred plus field?
  10. Wondering what the water looks like up around Cape Fair and above after this rain? Anyone been up there?
  11. Jigging rap. Caught about 20 yesterday on it and never saw a cluster of fish like that until I caught one.
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