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  1. I agree...we enjoy all of the One Cast episodes but it's always nice to see something different. I've been following Bill on here for years it was nice to actually hear & listen to him. Sounds like he takes the "one cast" very serious also.
  2. Yes I love fishing for sure but I also keep looking at that hammock in the pic.....
  3. I bet !! From this to shorts and sandals in a couple weeks !
  4. You definitely look like January fishermen. I'm not a Livescope guy but it is interesting to see how often crappie are schooled and/or moving around or suspended. We have always just fished structure in winter if they are not there just go to the next spot.
  5. My experience...just finished the second shot, no reaction at all for me. Just a little injection site soreness like on the first one. Some of my coworkers that I spoke with had the mild fever and body aches like Brennan mentioned. I do take Singulair nightly for my Swampeast MO allergies, not sure if that would help or not.
  6. Phil...you and Blake should do the ONECAST on this trip.....a special remote edition. I imagine it would be a lot of trouble to do a remote One Cast though. Sure sounds like fun time. Would love to see some of the scenery down there.
  7. Thanks Phil. Would like to thank you and the guys for the making and sharing the One Cast. Wife & I have YouTube on our TV we subscribe to your channel and look forward to watching it each afternoon.
  8. Great place to paddle, view all kinds of wildlife and catch some fish also. Chunky Boyz BBQ in Puxico was recommended to us and it was really good. Not the prettiest place but the best BBQ places sometimes aren't. Not sure if they have beer, but the sweet tea and fresh lemonade were excellent. We got ours to go and ate at the Mingo Visitor Center picnic area. The boardwalk trail is pretty cool also.
  9. I will be expanding my fishing territory this Saturday. Due to my home lake (Lake Wappapello) being 20 ft high due to all the rain, here in prime crappie fishing time, I am going to take a trip over to Reelfoot to try to catch some crappie. I have been reading up on the lake some and took a recon trip over last weekend to look around. Kind of exciting branching out to new waters. I have really never crappie fished on any other lake in the past 15 years cause we usually do pretty well on our Wappapello. Was wondering if anyone has any experience or advice they might want to share.
  10. He might be like "Wild Thing" Mitch Williams, the old Phillies reliever. Batters did not want to stand in and face him cause he threw so hard and was so wild. One coach used to tell batters to stand on the plate, he won't throw it there.
  11. slabseeker

    Bbq Sauce

    Ya'll are makin' me HONGRY!! Thanks for all the good info. I could read about this stuff all day. When I want to make my own sauce I use Kraft as a base and add stuff to suite my taste for whatever I am grilling or smoking. I haven't tried most of these, but I will agree with mosouthpaw on the Ott's...we bought some Ott's Silver Dollar City Ozark Recipe while on vacation in Branson this summer it is very good. Here in SEMO, my favorite is Strawberry's Sweet & Smoky from Strawberry's BBQ. They make a BBQ dry rub that is basically it's own food group around here it is so good and used so mu
  12. Congratulations! Savor every moment and don't blink, they grow up fast. Sounds like a lucky child. I think teaching kids to experience and appreciate nature is one of the best things we can do. You are right on when it comes to Lilley's. A great to place to bring your family for vacation to fish, shop, play, or just relax and enjoy. My "babies" are 17 & 14 now. We have been bringing our girls over there since they were almost that young, and they still enjoy it, though now it is a more about shopping than fishing. For me it is my "Vacation fishing" time, especially early in the morning, w
  13. JinnaXXX ?? Somehow I imagined different than Terry's picture.....Oh well (no offense Terry)
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