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  1. dnj21

    Quick report

    Good update, let us know how tonight goes. You going to throw plugs again and downsize?
  2. dnj21

    October 10-14 Report with pics

    Anyone have a trip report to share from the last couple days? Ruthead, Snagged in outlet 3? Living vicariously through you guys until I can get there Thursday....
  3. dnj21

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Thanks Duane, this was pretty cool. Nomolites- We need a trip report with pics now!!!
  4. dnj21

    Fountain grove

    I drew Dec 7th at FG, will be my first trip up there also. Need to branch out a little with Schell out of service and learn some new areas.
  5. dnj21

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Pls add me to this generous offer.
  6. dnj21

    Observations, 10/4

    Never mind, I did a quick search and found a Nov of '12 thread showing what you are talking about. Do you stock those? I drew a blank at that term at first..... Quote in case anyone else in curious: We both used 6x fluorocarbon tippet and fished a fly Rolan has made famous, at least in my world. No not peppy, but a #14 mink. He usually uses a 3769 TMC hook, 7 wraps of .015 lead wire and a dubbing he makes, mixing mink fur with brown antron. He uses either mink or peppy 99% of the time when he’s using scuds and one of the other catches trout. He uses the dubbing sparingly, leaving the ends of the fibers sticking out, no trimming.
  7. dnj21

    Observations, 10/4

    Phil- When you say Mink scud, is that the material not the color correct?
  8. Now looks like rain all weekend, not sure what I am doing. On vacation week after, will be 25th before I can get back down if I don't go. I know if I wait that long JestersHK will start posting pictures of what I missed or DD will release the next version of Sculpin 2.0 and the resulting bruisers that fall to it. Nothing worse than not going and seeing what you missed. Tough first world decisions.......
  9. I am seeing more GoPro's this year than I remember in the past. Haven't noticed anyone setting up on a tripod. I am glad we have those outlets for folks that don't get around that well or novice anglers and kids, but it is perplexing why they load up from daylight to dusk there. 6 year old asked last time why everyone was so close together and were getting tangled up. Hard to explain politely
  10. That is my record also- pulled 3 flies out of a ~16" Brown two Octobers ago downstream from an outlet 50 yards. Helped a guy net a nice one larger than that last October, had at least 3 in him I could see but didn't help him release so i am not sure if that was all or not. He was right at the end of #2 and it ran downstream and tried to wrap around me. I asked the guy if I could help, couldn't get out of the way. Nice fish and his was right in the corner of the mouth. All this Brown trout talk is getting to me- between DD's painting experiments and these excellent trip reports I can't concentrate at work. I may have to break way this weekend and come take a run at it.......
  11. dnj21

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Duane's post with all the pictures makes it REALLY hard to concentrate at work. Now if you'll excuse me I need to check and see if I have a couple vacation days I can use here in the future......
  12. Currently have a full sink line on my 8wt Streamer rod. Thinking about switching to more of an intermediate line (sinking tip, floating body) for ease of use. Any suggestions for what you guys like? Looking at Rio Streamer tip but open to suggestions. This can be moved to the Fly Fishing section if more appropriate, but 90% of my use of this set up is wading the upper section at Tanneycomo. Mostly interested in what works there specifically. Thank you!!
  13. dnj21

    It's nights like these...

    What a trip report, just outstanding! Thank you for sharing. How would you like to be the person who lands that Trout with the custom painted DD original in its mouth? Hopefully an OA guy that will appreciate what he has! I can see a whole market of fakes popping up an e-bay this weekend though- "Found floating down the Lake, assumed to be a DD original hand painted one of a kind. $200 opening bid!!"
  14. I appreciate everyone's input, ton of good info in here. I am going to make sure she has access to gear when she wants it and if this is more than a passing phase, set her up with one of the kids outfits and find some lessons. I just realized I have had my own fly rod for 38 years now and in retrospect really wish I had taken lessons at some point.
  15. Anyone care to share any tips on how they introduced their kids to fly fishing? My 7 year old is fairly competent with with an open face or under spin, but a trip to Bennett yesterday seems to have started a desire to use the fly rod. There are a ton of articles and videos out there, just trying to separate out the good from the bad. Appreciate any advice guys.

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