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  1. dnj21

    Grand Pass

    Great picture and story. I lost a Gadwall last year when my dog decided to pick up the closer bird first, Eagle grabbed the farther out bird and off it went. Great story I can share for a long time........
  2. dnj21

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Jester- Are you allowed to post that kind of pic without a story? I don't think you are allowed to do that- details pls!! EDIT- Apologies, I didn't see the story in the other thread. I should have known you wouldn't do that to us
  3. With pictures- always with pictures
  4. dnj21

    2019 Taneyfest

    Hats off to Geno for being a true tough guy, kept at it and was rewarded!!!! Based off past experience (and I do this on a semi-regular basis!) I would be headed to a warm shower after a Dec swim down there! Good stuff, keep the pictures coming!!
  5. Old Dog- Good info, thanks for sharing! Do you remember how old your blind is? I have one on a 17x54 Grizzly and those pins are a MAJOR annoyance. I need to replace my camo netting or paint it, might be a good off season project to do some of this. I like mine, just a paint in the backside to set up and take down by myself.
  6. dnj21

    Fountain Grove

    Found out today I wont be able to get off work as planned, so my reservation going unused for the year. (Unless I hit Mega Millions tonight!!) I LOVE breaking ice to hunt, I can only think of one hunt where I have broke ice and not shot ducks. Usually a sign I am about to have a great day
  7. dnj21

    Fountain Grove

    Anyone been out at Fountain Grove lately? Headed out at the end of the week for the first time. Looking forward to getting to see something new......
  8. dnj21

    Jerk bait vs. A rig

    Nothing to report, wind pushed me all over and I couldn’t buy a bite. Was out about 2 hours- tried a couple Jerkbaits, A rig and red eye lipless but nothing to show for it. My 17ft Grizzly gets pushed around when it’s like that, really missed the boat by not getting out before lunch. Oh well, any day Bass fishing in Dec is a bonus right? if anyone gets out, pls share!!
  9. dnj21

    Jerk bait vs. A rig

    I had not considered a lipless crank bait or spinnerbait. I’ll rig up an A-rig, jerkbait, lipless crank bait and a jig to start and we’ll go from there. Had a beautiful morning, now it’s overcast, windy and temp is dropping. Should have went out earlier for sure. Thanks to you guys for sharing, I appreciate it. Will update how it goes. Dave
  10. Since tomorrow looks a lot more like a fishing day than a duck hunting day, I am going to head out after lunch for a couple hours. Curious how you guys decide what to start with at this time of year- are you more likely to throw a Jerk bait or an Alabama rig, a jig or what exactly helps you decide? Looking at water temps, clarity, light levels- anything special? Curious how everyone approaches this I tend to throw Jerk baits, switching colors and cadences but results usually leave a little be desired. What works when it gets cold but you want to get out?
  11. dnj21

    11/25 short report

    I was surprised how many guys were trolling up in the Trophy area last week- Motor to the cable and drift down. I didn't see them catching much, not sure what they were using either though. Guys throwing jigs were doing okay most of the time, but especially early. I was down by the ramp wading Wednesday and a Guide had guys on fish right below there for a while until the whistle went off and we all headed out. They were throwing midges under indicators and taking their time. Like Phil told me, great conditions for using a boat........
  12. dnj21

    TR placeholder

    Hit the lake one last time before we had to leave yesterday. Weather was great, hardly anyone fishing around lunchtime but a bunch of people looking around, taking pictures and throwing rocks in the water (!). Had the little one so we stayed right by outlet two. Grey scud was hot ticket, seemed to be the only thing they wanted. Seven year old had fun and when she got bored she was up on shore telling everyone the tales of the fish she hooked as they walked by. I tried Jesters advice and went above the boat ramp a day earlier. Looked good but never quite figured it out. Talked to a guide taking out and she told me they did okay on black midge with copper head. Don’t remember a Nov trip before, but overall seemed slower than my usual Oct one. Definitely fewer people fishing though. Will definitely bring the boat next time, or at least listen to Phil and go rent one. Next trip down not until Feb now- ugh!!
  13. dnj21

    TR placeholder

    Busy with family things today, only caught the last hour before the horn blew and I headed out. There were 3 guys in outlet 2, they were catching a few on what looked like scuds. Pretyy much had the run of the lake otherwise Threw some big streamers on the 8 wt w/sinking tip. Not much until I pulled out a new black Sculpin I picked up at Phil’s yesterday. Had a nice one on for a bit, would love to have gotten a look at it. Otherwise pretty slow. Should have taken Phil’s advice and got the boat. Will hit it again tomorrow, will update if I do any good.
  14. dnj21

    TR placeholder

    Got in late this afternoon, only had the last hour of daylight to fish. Started a little below outlet 2 with only a few people around (amazing for a 70 degree afternoon). Throwing a P&P midge size 18 on 6x about 3 ft under indicator. Hooked up with a decent fish on the first cast but then had to search through a few other staples without anymore luck. Finally did well on a couple stripping #6 pine sculpin before leaving. Nothing big but great start to the week. Need to hit Phil’s for Mink scuds and more Sculpins tomorrow. Also want to get out after dark and throw some streamers in the next few days. If anyone else is down here pls chime in and let us know how you are doing.
  15. dnj21

    Quick Report

    I will be down Saturday also, looks like we are catching the tail end of the nice weather though. Debating on bringing the boat or just wading. Phil- You throwing 5x or 6x leaders right now for your Mink Scuds? I need to get some more of those Scuplin/orange head jigs also, only picked up a few last time and when my daughter is throwing spinning gear they seem to be about the best option. Asking now in case Jackson is in the shop Sat when we get there. Its hard to talk fishing tactics and tips with your people when the seven year old spots the dog and wants to play. Keep telling her if I get thrown out of there because of her its coming out of her college fund!!!

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