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  1. Paco

    Beaver Creek Ramp

    They have worked on the ramp (road) , added BIG rocks along road, lower end of campground at the mouth of Beaver.
  2. Paco

    Beaver Creek Ramp

    Going to need a LONG rope or a partner
  3. Paco

    K Dock Ramp

    Checked K Dock area this morning, doesn't look good for fishing that area, lake level 665, ramp not launchable. Didn't check Ramp off M Hwy. Have launched there before with lake higher than now
  4. Fantastic report as usual.....
  5. You can launch out of Shadow Rock ( mouth of Swan) with no issues, there were 6 boats there in parking lot by the restroom this mornig. Beaver Creek is about 4-5 mile downstream from shadow, 5-10 minute run
  6. Paco

    K Dock Ramp

    Water is even higher now than this picture. Some guys are putting in on off road entrance at the cove where road use to be, backing 30-40 yard in 1-2 foot of water before boat floats off trailer.
  7. Paco

    K Dock Ramp

    I may drive down tomorrow and walk down the road and check for parking and launching, will let you know
  8. Paco

    Water clarity?

    Was at Beaver this morning, Beaver had color (looked decent), launching may be an issue. Lake up to parking lot, don't think you will be able to use the ramp unless you have a partner and willing to back thru water to get to ramp area, someone had launched off road leading to creek above marina in Beaver.
  9. Paco

    K Dock Ramp

    Was at K Dock this morning 7:50, 4/4/18, Ramp was Closed, water over lower road, road on top of the hill leading to ramp closed, signs blocking road.. May want to contact K Dock Marina before heading to K Dock. The post about "K Dock was closed on 4/4/18", was a mistake (acidentlly posted a report from last year)
  10. Paco

    Water clarity?

    Swan is clear... WT 48.8 above bridges at first bend, that was a 11:00 am. 4/3
  11. Last night on KYTV 3, showed BS lake level 664.48 (559.0 power pool), that's up 5 1/2 feet
  12. Paco

    Water Temp K-Dock/Beaver????

    Looks like I posted in wrong section THANKS DD, will keep you posted...
  13. Plan on coming down to chase Walters on Thursday and Friday, wondering if anyone knows what the lake temperature is in those areas???
  14. Paco

    Walleye spinner rig

    I like making my own.. like the Mack's Smile blade.. use the Slow Death hook with another Slow Death as stinger.. have had good success with this set up.. I also make my own bottom bouncer
  15. Fantastic report !!!! Heading down this week (Tue-Thurs), luv the K Dock area.. be in a White Cobra w/Red stripe,give me a holler, will trade reports..

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