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  1. They opened Shadow Rock Park Saturday morning.... a ramp is now available for the upper end of the Bull
  2. This was up at Rockaway last Thursday
  3. Put in a Mission, need to turn around at end of blacktop a back down.. no parking room on road going down to lake. You can park at end of black top on edge of field.. On water at 6 off at 4, 1 keeper on black toad, 1 keeper on big Redfin, only the 2 hits fished Snapp. Ran down to Mincy, trolled Flicker on inline weight at 24-27 FOW, 2 nice crappie, 6-7 short bass 8-10 inchers, 1 15 inch Walter. Saw "NO" surface any where. Still a few "floaters" all the way down to Bee Creek.
  4. River Run access across from Swan is underwater, no access, Beaver and K Dock access is underwater, more water coming
  5. Was at Beaver yesterday, WT was 67 up at first bend, fished for crappie couple of hours no love, we were only boat. IF You Are into Bow fishing... Carp were spawning everywhere, primarily up on left side above bend across from bluffs. Haven't seen that much activity in several years .
  6. Paco

    K Dock Ramp

    Shadow Rock open, River Run questionable, should be useable by the weekend, lake is dropping about 6 inches a day, No clue about Beaver..
  7. They have worked on the ramp (road) , added BIG rocks along road, lower end of campground at the mouth of Beaver.
  8. Going to need a LONG rope or a partner
  9. Checked K Dock area this morning, doesn't look good for fishing that area, lake level 665, ramp not launchable. Didn't check Ramp off M Hwy. Have launched there before with lake higher than now
  10. You can launch out of Shadow Rock ( mouth of Swan) with no issues, there were 6 boats there in parking lot by the restroom this mornig. Beaver Creek is about 4-5 mile downstream from shadow, 5-10 minute run
  11. Paco

    K Dock Ramp

    Water is even higher now than this picture. Some guys are putting in on off road entrance at the cove where road use to be, backing 30-40 yard in 1-2 foot of water before boat floats off trailer.
  12. Paco

    K Dock Ramp

    I may drive down tomorrow and walk down the road and check for parking and launching, will let you know
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