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  1. Sore Thumbs

    Clunn gets it done!

    34-14 today! Wow. Congrats Rick!
  2. Sore Thumbs

    Wiggle Wart

    Can a bill with a chip in it be fixed? I have an old wiggle Wart that is a fish catching machine. It needs a little love though. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  3. Sore Thumbs

    Wiggle Wart

    Old warts have a single ball bearing. Sounds like lead cuz it’s a soft knock. The bill will say Wiggle Wart on the old ones and Storm on the new.
  4. Sore Thumbs

    Interesting listen on today’s Bass Talk Live

    So? Does tournament fishing do that much harm to that percentage? Some say anglers aren’t taking enough fish out due to the popularity of catch and release. Thoughts?
  5. Sore Thumbs

    Interesting listen on today’s Bass Talk Live

    Be interested to see if there is any such data on TR.
  6. Bassmaster Pro Steve Kennedy talks about fish mortality rates on certain fisheries. Saying some lakes have 40-60% mortality of bass annually just from natural causes. Stating tournaments have no impact on mortality rates. You can find it on Bass Zone. BTL section.
  7. Sore Thumbs

    January 6 Upper End Report

    I thought I did terrible. Guess I should be happy with what I caught. It was tough on everyone.
  8. Sore Thumbs

    January 6 Upper End Report

    I didn’t Fair very well either. Caught 5 fish with 2 keeps. Could not get them dialed in. Found 2 areas where I could catch them in 29-40ft. They were dinks though. Fished from Holiday to Big M.
  9. Sore Thumbs

    garmin panoptix livescope question?

    I know a guy using a lowrance trolling motor. Haven’t asked him if he likes it or not yet.
  10. Sore Thumbs

    Holiday Island ramp?

    Anyone know if the ramp is ok or if there is debris from this rain? Thank you.
  11. Sore Thumbs

    Another Funny Meme.

    This is great.
  12. Sore Thumbs

    Hickory Creek Marina destroyed.

    No. Quil. It appears to be fine. The dock that was destroyed was pretty old and rickety already. It was the one that sat farthest back in the cove.
  13. Sore Thumbs

    Hickory Creek Marina destroyed.

    I went out to check it out. It’s only one row of stalls. The majority of slips are in tact. Sorry for embellishing title.
  14. Sore Thumbs

    A-Rig for Strippers?

    You need to add a jig to your arsenal as well. You can try the Strike King Titanium A-rig. Pricey but good quality. I used to buy some at Hook Line and Sinker in Rogers that were home made. They worked good. I’d have one with blades and one without. Some days they prefer one or the other. Have some good sized braid and stout hooks in case a Striper hits it. For bass I like the flash mob jr. With 2.8 or 3.3 Kietech in pro blue. I use heads no bigger than 1/4 oz. you can throw them on a spinnerbait rod fairly easily. Pretty sure winter series tournament was won on an A-rig today. Good luck.

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