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  1. The Rock is up 4 ft in a day and a half. Dang
  2. Beaver is about to dump a lot of water your way. Seven gates at 1.5 totaling around 15,600cfs.
  3. Lowrance for 2d Humm for DI Garmin for pano/Live
  4. Lowrance for 2d Humminbird for down and side Garmin for Live
  5. Call Adam if interested @479-601-6243. I’m listing for a friend. Nice boat. https://fayar.craigslist.org/boa/d/bentonville-2016-shawnee-1648/7055338561.html
  6. I still need to send bait to someone. If you could let me know who again I would appreciate it. Thank you
  7. I tend to agree with you guys. I don’t remember gut hooking any bass on the Ned.
  8. Gonna share David Dudley’s YouTube post. Thoughts?
  9. It should be in your settings. You can set depth ranges to be highlighted.
  10. You getting any on a crankbait?
  11. As impressive as this report is I’m even more amazed that he has at least 1242 waypoints. Ha. Goodness.
  12. I heard it was fishing good. This was before they started dropping the lake.
  13. Try midlake area. Like Ventris. It has a lot of vertical walls like I described. Commit to it and don’t put it down. You will catch something.
  14. Not sure of your set up on A-rig. Try blades and no blades. I like to throw them on light weight heads with a short shank. This gives the tail more action. I use Keitech 2.8inch in Pro blue and my Trailing bait is a 3.3 in a different color but is still natural looking. Try deep cuts off of the main lake with vertical walls. If that doesn’t work you might throw it over brush piles if you know of any.
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