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  1. I have an FX21. Love it. Had a 20i before that. The FX is a better ride and the SHO is awesome.
  2. Congrats on all fronts! Nice job catching them. Appreciate your report. Enjoy honeymoon and marriage.
  3. Happy Birthday buddy. Hope you have a great day!
  4. Totally agree . Just sharing news.
  5. Story was released yesterday. Old News?
  6. https://www.ozarksfirst.com/local-news/local-news-local-news/alligator-found-in-lake-taneycomo/
  7. https://www.ozarksfirst.com/local-news/local-news-local-news/alligator-found-in-lake-taneycomo/
  8. Thought you folks might like this.
  9. Saw a few schooling in Clifty area Sunday. If it’s a sunny day you have to be in the right area as the sun is coming up.
  10. Sore Thumbs


    We were catching post spawners over 2 weeks ago. They were coming out of the river section. They have been spawning near the dam for several weeks already. I believe that there will be a big wave come up to spawn during this next full moon.
  11. We had a friendly derby with 10 guys on Sunday. They were chomping! Had seven 5lbrs caught out of 10 people. Unfortunately I didn’t have one of them. Went out last night for a few hours. Bite was really tough. I guess blue bird skies after cold front shut em down. It’s about to get good!
  12. Someone mentioned a Fluke fish the other day and that got my blood pumping. Went to Quill Creek aka Indian Creek today. Caught about 20-25 fish all on the Fluke. Only 3 keepers but that bite is about to be on fire after this next cold front. Caught a female White, Crappie, Ky, Smallmouth and LM. All of the LM and SM were mainly 12-14 inches. Only boated 3 Ky all were keepers. Did see a lot of beds. Only 2 with fish on them. It was pretty windy so I’m sure more are on beds than that. WT was 61-58 as it dropped as the day progressed. Had a good time.
  13. I love throwing the fluke! Been waiting for the time it’s on. I knew it was close. Need Indian Creek to stay at 60 or above. Then it’s on like Donkey Kong.
  14. I don’t think it matters on leader size. I use 7,8 and 10. I haven’t seen a better bite on smaller diameter. About the same. I like 7 on my drop shot because when I tie the palomar and go back through the eye of my ds hook the knot will go through allowing the hook to stick straight sideways.
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