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  1. Some ding dong in a kayak tournament shortened his board so the fish would appear longer. Always someone trying to get an edge.
  2. Ricky Searcy at Bella Vista Marine is a great mechanic. Treat you right and do good work
  3. You folks be safe out there. This is happening too often. https://www.nwahomepage.com/news/emergency-crews-respond-to-possible-drowning-at-beaver-lake/1861731694?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KNWA_-_Northwest_Arkansas_News
  4. Thanks for sharing that story. I loved it. I have been fishing for about 10 years on Beaver and I have yet to find a money spot like that. One of these days it will happen.
  5. I love my power poles. They aren’t a necessity but they sure come in handy loading and unloading by yourself.
  6. It’s been tough lately. Few weeks away from turning back on. Good job.
  7. I’ve heard from multiple sources a fisherman died around 12 bridge yesterday. Not seeing anything on the news about it. Thoughts and Prayers to his family. Word is that his truck and trailer were backed into the water. He and the boat were missing. Please be safe out there in high wind situations. Hypothermia sets in quick with these water temps. God Bless.
  8. Good job quil. Any fish this time of year is a bonus
  9. You might call the tournament director. He has helped folks in the past.
  10. 34-14 today! Wow. Congrats Rick!
  11. Can a bill with a chip in it be fixed? I have an old wiggle Wart that is a fish catching machine. It needs a little love though. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  12. Old warts have a single ball bearing. Sounds like lead cuz it’s a soft knock. The bill will say Wiggle Wart on the old ones and Storm on the new.
  13. So? Does tournament fishing do that much harm to that percentage? Some say anglers aren’t taking enough fish out due to the popularity of catch and release. Thoughts?
  14. Be interested to see if there is any such data on TR.
  15. Bassmaster Pro Steve Kennedy talks about fish mortality rates on certain fisheries. Saying some lakes have 40-60% mortality of bass annually just from natural causes. Stating tournaments have no impact on mortality rates. You can find it on Bass Zone. BTL section.
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