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  1. Sore Thumbs

    Hickory Creek Marina destroyed.

    No. Quil. It appears to be fine. The dock that was destroyed was pretty old and rickety already. It was the one that sat farthest back in the cove.
  2. Sore Thumbs

    Hickory Creek Marina destroyed.

    I went out to check it out. It’s only one row of stalls. The majority of slips are in tact. Sorry for embellishing title.
  3. Sore Thumbs

    A-Rig for Strippers?

    You need to add a jig to your arsenal as well. You can try the Strike King Titanium A-rig. Pricey but good quality. I used to buy some at Hook Line and Sinker in Rogers that were home made. They worked good. I’d have one with blades and one without. Some days they prefer one or the other. Have some good sized braid and stout hooks in case a Striper hits it. For bass I like the flash mob jr. With 2.8 or 3.3 Kietech in pro blue. I use heads no bigger than 1/4 oz. you can throw them on a spinnerbait rod fairly easily. Pretty sure winter series tournament was won on an A-rig today. Good luck.
  4. Sore Thumbs

    What to expect? cape fair to pt 12

    Right next to the Replies. Shows number of views.
  5. Sore Thumbs

    What to expect? cape fair to pt 12

    The bite is tough on Beaver as well. I’m even seeing fish underneath the boat schooling and couldn’t get them to bite. I think they are still in a bit of a funk. This up and down temperature isn’t helping. As far as fishing deep it takes some time to figure out. Go to YouTube and search for dropshot settings for whatever brand you use. They will give you optimal settings for fishing out deep. The more time you spend doing it the more it becomes clear what is a fish and what is not. It took me several years to get decent at it but now I can watch fish react to my bait on the screen. It’s fun fishing once you get it down. It will open up a whole new world. The fish usually are easier to catch as well. Thanks for the report. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. The fish are a bit scattered and finicky right now. Keep on em and tight lines.
  6. Sore Thumbs

    Quick Howdy

    I’d be interested in a crankbait rod for medium depth cranks. Thank you.
  7. Sore Thumbs

    Big M area 11/7

    Thanks guys. Been a while since I’ve done good in a tournament.
  8. Sore Thumbs

    Big M area 11/7

    Jig bite turned on at Beaver today. Fished the winter series tournament today. Had 13.25 six fish limit with a 4.09 kicker. All came on the jig. Got second place and $573 bucks. I’ll take it. No crankbait bite yet. Did catch one one a jerkbait early and a Striper on a drop shot. Ha
  9. Sore Thumbs

    Funny Meme

    Thought you folks might like this.
  10. Sore Thumbs

    Your favorite Mcstick and RkCrawler colors

    I’ve not seen red bug in 4-8ft. They make it in the deep version. I think the deeper diving bill gets hung up more in shallow water and the deflection is different. It’s slower and not as erratic. I like fishing stained water and that red bug is a great color for stained water. I use a Molix Sculpo for shallower water. It’s an excellent bait. If you can find one.
  11. Sore Thumbs

    Your favorite Mcstick and RkCrawler colors

    In the white river when the water has a little color. Yes
  12. Sore Thumbs

    Your favorite Mcstick and RkCrawler colors

    Blue Bandit in the McStick.
  13. Sore Thumbs

    Your favorite Mcstick and RkCrawler colors

    I like the red bug but I wish they would make the 4-8ft model in that color.
  14. I have a brand new 7ft 3 casting rod I want to trade for a equal value spinning rod. These retail for around $100. Let me know if you are interested. Thank you.

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