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  1. Yamaha T1 25 or 27p?

    Not yet. Trying it out Sunday.
  2. Yamaha T1 25 or 27p?

    I found an original T1 25p. Thank you.
  3. Evinrude Motors

    Thanks for the info Wrench and Vernon. I really like the look of the new G2 and love the warranty. I would definitely consider one on my next purchase after reading this. I’ve only heard that the Rude has lower unit issues on the etec and G2. I live in NWA and I don’t think anyone here can do warranty work. I would have to go to southern Missouri. Which isn’t too far.
  4. That is a tough question. The more you fish the more those answers come more clear. Time on the water is the best teacher by far. It depends on so many factors it can be mind boggling. I struggle with this a lot. If I know fish are in the area I tend to grind it out more. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn’t. When I started fishing 10 years ago I would ask the same questions and couldn’t understand why people kept telling me to just go fishing and it will come to you. There is no right answer. I would say fish to your strengths and let the chips fall where they may.
  5. Don’t forget to put in your Fantasy lineup!

    I picked him.
  6. Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    They will wack em.
  7. Hook and Look, Beaver lake

    I like the footage of the deeper crank in shallower water. How it hops more than skips. Learned something there. I know exactly where he is fishing. Unfortunately so do a lot of other people. Good show. Greg is a great guy.
  8. Hook and Look, Beaver lake

    I knew Greg was gonna we on that show at some point. I record that show. I’ll have to watch it. Thanks for the heads up Quill.
  9. Classic starts tomorrow. Reminder to put those lineups in. Good luck!
  10. White Bass Run

    Natural walk would be a good place to start.
  11. I wish I could have been there. Hated to miss. Had 2 basketball games and a soccer game yesterday to attend. Hopefully next year. Glad everyone had fun and ate well.
  12. Yamaha T1 25 or 27p?

    Primary. I’m comfortable buying a T1 without trying it out. Any other brand I would want to lake test it.
  13. Size Line On Baitcaster?

    I’m really starting to like the braided main line with flouro leader. Better feel,lower cost and stronger. I still like 10-15lb flouro on my cranks depending on the cover. If you are using it for multiple applications I would think 12-15 lb flouro would take care of most situations. Topwater would require braid or monofilament only because flouro sinks.
  14. White Bass Run

    There are some in WE. Saw some Sunday. Caught one while bass fishing. Saw small schools on my graph. Stripers were surfacing in the same area as well. Water temp is right for them to start. I’d say it’s real close.
  15. Bridge port area

    Catching them good at Beaver from what I’m hearing.

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