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  1. Sore Thumbs

    Line Size Question

    That dog will hunt.
  2. Sore Thumbs

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    I know it’s in Texas, but he never says that. His story implies it’s local. He has no knowledge of what he is writing about. I guess anyone can be a columnist nowadays.
  3. Sore Thumbs

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    It’s so over the top. Never been 2,350 boats in a tournament around here. I understand where he is coming from to a small degree. There are always going to be rude boaters. It’s not just a few fishermen. It’s a few pontooners,wake boaters,jet skiers etc... Seems to have someone guiding his message.
  4. https://www.news-leader.com/story/opinion/readers/2018/06/15/time-ban-bass-boats-public-waterways/698791002/
  5. Sore Thumbs

    Quick Shoutout to Phillip Stone {Stone's Guide Service}

    That new Merc is sweet. Has a captains call option so to speak. Can be quite or with a little growl. Anxious to see one in person.
  6. Sore Thumbs

    Quick Shoutout to Phillip Stone {Stone's Guide Service}

    You know the Ultrex is good when KVD switches to it after a life long relationship with motorguide. They are so good he had to so he could keep up with the competition.
  7. Sore Thumbs

    Table Rock 6-11-18 White River Arm

    Only times I’ve seen fish swallow the hook is when someone isn’t paying attention to their line and the fish has the bait for too long before hook set.
  8. Sore Thumbs

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    I’m struggling with my picks. I’m not sure how this is going to go. Several pros are predicting a lot of under 10lb bags will be weighed in. Should be a tight race throughout.
  9. Sore Thumbs

    Boat Fire Yesterday??

    I figured that was the case
  10. Sore Thumbs

    Boat Fire Yesterday??

    I like opening the whole back end myself.
  11. Sore Thumbs

    Take a Vet Fishing

    Fished the Take a Vet Fishing tournament yesterday. Fished with a guy from Amarillo, Tx. 74 years old. We fished big end from Cliftys to Rocky Branch. Caught a lot of fish just couldn’t get the big bite. Had 8.66 with 4 SM and 1Lm. Fish have definitely moved out to more main lake stuff. Topwater early, then points and isolated structures with depth the rest of the day. I was pretty excited to catch that LM late in the day on a flutter spoon. Under a dock with some depth. I had it tied on and wanted to try it. Came on the first cast and never caught another fish on it. Ha. All in all good day. The tournament doubled in participation from last year. Glad to be a part of it. God Bless our Veterans. Thank you John Newlun for putting it on.
  12. Sore Thumbs

    Boat Fire Yesterday??

    Glad all are ok. Wonder if it filled up with fumes and they forgot to pump that out before starting? Those can be pretty big explosions sometimes.
  13. Sore Thumbs

    Flutter spoon set up

    I planned on using 20lb flouro as well.
  14. Sore Thumbs

    Flutter spoon set up

    I bought 3 this week and they do not have split rings or swivel. I went ahead and purchased some rings and swivels just in case. Gonna try em out this weekend.
  15. Sore Thumbs

    Flutter spoon set up

    What about fishing these around docks? Does rod size change? Do you think the Dixie Jet is better with or without swivel? If you do use a swivel do you put it on a leader or on the lure? Thanks.

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