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  1. Varmint A Rig.

    Caught 2 Stripers and a bunch of whites on that A rig. Went out after the tournament.
  2. Varmint A Rig.

    Will do Dutch. Water might have to cool down some more before I really use it. Have a tournament tomorrow but the wind isn’t supposed to blow that hard. I’m taking it just in case the weatherman is wrong.😜
  3. Varmint A Rig.

    Haven’t been using the Ned much here lately but thought I would put those jig heads to some use. 1/8 oz with weed guard. Should work great.
  4. bumming rides is not always bad

    I’m with Champ on jerkbait nite. It’s starting to work but not consistently. Caught one over 20 fow and caught one in 2 fow by some brush. The jig has been the most consistent bite going with crankbait being second.
  5. bumming rides is not always bad

    Wow. That sounds unreal compared to today.
  6. Need a 26 trophy prop

    Check Craigslist and broaden your search to some surrounding states. I’ve seen several props like that in the past.
  7. Bull Shoals

    I believe it. Just seems to be random on finding topwater fish. Gotta be at the right place at the right time.
  8. Bull Shoals

    Jig/crank still the dominant bait at Beaver. The jerkbait bait is starting to come on a little. The water temp around mid lake is 53 degrees. I’m surprised it’s still that warm with all the cold weather we have had.
  9. Sunday - Indian Creek

    I here of folks catching bass on the magnum fluke. Don’t see why a striper wouldn’t eat it. A good ole drop shot setup works well too. Just throw it where the fish surfaced and slowly retrieve it back.
  10. 11/21 report

  11. Fun Family Weekend on Table Rock

    Ha. I noticed that too. When you scroll down it looks like a big ole hat. Good job guys!
  12. 11/21 report

    New boat?
  13. Sunday - Indian Creek

    You can get right in a hurry with a zoom fluke in glimmer blue. Try it sometime. Let it fall slowly with twitch every now and then. They will come up to get it. Once you fire them up the action comes a little quicker.
  14. They are good jigs. On my third order now folks!
  15. Pond to the East 11/18- Bull Shoals Feedbag

    Nice report. Beaver is starting to come on as well. Jig bite is on fire. Cranks here and there.

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