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  1. Sore Thumbs

    Indian Creek, August 3

    Good job man!
  2. Sore Thumbs

    7-24-18 Table Rock Lake Current Report Baxter Area

    I think that shad shape worm would make a great swim bait if they added a paddle tail
  3. Sore Thumbs

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    Yeah. I had to make some changes due to water dirtying up. Said they will try to reschedule for a later date.
  4. Sore Thumbs

    Big M area 7/23

    One of these days I wanna go with you Quill. Just been busy.
  5. Sore Thumbs

    Topwater trout boat

    Nice boat man!
  6. Sore Thumbs

    Tragic Event

    My wife just told me about the breaking news. Sad deal. Prayers for those involved.
  7. Sore Thumbs

    7-11 report

    I wish Beaver would be on fire like TR. No one can crack the code yet.
  8. Sore Thumbs

    the bite is just flat on

    Yep. Mine is waiting to be fixed now. Mechanics are knee deep in work right now.
  9. Sore Thumbs

    Flutter spoon questions

    If I’m laying 5 grrr. I ain’t helping my competition with a darn thing.
  10. Sore Thumbs

    Flutter spoon questions

    James Watson used that spoon on 1 on 1 live. He bet his competition $5000. He gave his competition the same spoon he was using and got beat. This was nothing but an ad campaign to sell his new spoons. It worked. Folks are lined up to get them.
  11. Sore Thumbs

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    MDJR! Winner! Happy for him. He seems like a good guy.
  12. Sore Thumbs

    Emerson Hollow ramp by Cape Fair bridge.

    I thought I had boat fixed yesterday. Got out and same issue last night. Fished for about an hour around Prairie Creek. It was a nut house around there so I went home. Thanks for the help. Taking boat to the shop this week.
  13. Is this ramp useable right now? If so can I unload/load my boat without big motor? I need to catch some fish. I was gonna troll around the area for a few hours in the morning if it was possible. Can’t get my motor running yet. Thanks for your input.
  14. Sore Thumbs

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    I picked finesse and smallmouth guys. Doing ok so far.
  15. Sore Thumbs

    6-27-18 Table Rock Lake Report Point Five to Big M

    Bo-C-fish! Bo-Knows Blades Bo-Tko

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