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  1. There are several pros using cheap Chinese reels . They are happy with them. If they have a repair issue they trash em and grab another one. They are less than $50.
  2. Yes. Boat seems fine. I lost about 5 rods that were on the deck. Funny part about loosing those rods. The strap was still strapped down. Rods somehow slipped under . Weird.
  3. I was fishing Beaver Lake Elite Series this weekend. Sitting in 32nd place going into day 2. Excited to get to my topwater spot I was trying to get there as soon as possible. Took the turn at Copper Mine like I’ve done 1000 times. I turned too sharp and boat threw me out like a rag doll. Not sure exactly what happened other than I was going too fast and the boat whipped around before I could correct it. After climbing in the boat and collecting myself. I went back to the ramp, went home and changed clothes. Came back and finished same place I was to start the day at 32nd. The picture looks worse than it actually was. I had my life jacket and a helmet on. Not sure what I hit my head on but the inside of the helmet is what cut my head. I’m lucky to not have any further injuries. Just a reminder to wear your jacket and respect your boat. Things can change in an instant.
  4. I don’t kill spiders either unless they are brown recluse. They are nature’s best bug killers. My wife gets mad when I find one in the house and let it go outside. Snakes don’t bother me much either. I’m usually trying to pick them up and move them. Copperheads are a different deal though. Glad you didn’t get bit today.
  5. I’ve been at phase 4 for a while fishing Beaver. It’s taken me a long time to get there. I’m usually in the top half of the field and have cracked top 10 a time or two. Looking back at what it took to get to that point I firmly believe it’s about certain locations I’ve found more so than technique. I’m still not dialed in on seasonal migration yet. Beaver is tough to pattern sometimes. I need to spend more time looking and studying than actually fishing.
  6. I have seen them under my boat in 12 ft and caught them on a drop shot. I guess they were in a feeding mode that day. I have noticed fish scattering more this year than in the past. Wonder if my ultrex is too loud sometimes?
  7. Missing one tournament is gonna be my demise. I thought I could catch up. Not gonna happen.
  8. If you go on YouTube there are lots of videos about setup for your graph. You can even get specific like (drop shot setup)etc... When you search type in your brand. You can get more specific if you search your model.
  9. Friday will be the day they catch em. I’m hearing smallmouth won’t be a big factor. They are dropping the water level a ton. The hopes of flipping bushes in the river are almost gone. Friday will be the day to watch. Topwater nite will be on.
  10. Congrats Bill. Just saw the story on Facebook
  11. I had a rigid industries light that mounted to my Fortrex on my last boat. My newer boat has nav lights on the nose that would be blocked if I put it on my ultrexx. That light was great for pulling into an area and looking at the bank or looking for debris in the water. I used it sparingly but I’d rather get a ticket for having it on than hitting someone or something.
  12. Glad you guys are ok. I run way too fast at night on Beaver. I need to check the laws here as well. Great reminder that I need to be more careful.
  13. It’s frustrating seeing Beaver and Bull full to the brim and TR was almost normal. I know it’s way above my pay grade but I still don’t understand why they wait til the last minute to do anything.
  14. I hope someday Bill videos his Redfin in action. Love to see that thing working it’s magic. Good job as always.
  15. I believe you are right. I forgot about that. They definitely do in the BFL All-American.
  16. Not required to run a Ranger. They were sponsored by Ranger and had incentive money if you owned a Ranger. Extra $25000 to the winner if they owned one.
  17. The Vexus deal is true. The other company slips my mind. It’s not Falcon I know that. I believe it’s someone that left Triton to make their own boats. Bass Cat is still good to go.
  18. Word is MLF is gonna buy the FLW and use their resources as an avenue to make the BPT. I also heard Vexus is not allowed in the BPT. That’s some hard feelings right there.
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