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  1. Thought you folks might like this.
  2. Saw a few schooling in Clifty area Sunday. If it’s a sunny day you have to be in the right area as the sun is coming up.
  3. Sore Thumbs


    We were catching post spawners over 2 weeks ago. They were coming out of the river section. They have been spawning near the dam for several weeks already. I believe that there will be a big wave come up to spawn during this next full moon.
  4. We had a friendly derby with 10 guys on Sunday. They were chomping! Had seven 5lbrs caught out of 10 people. Unfortunately I didn’t have one of them. Went out last night for a few hours. Bite was really tough. I guess blue bird skies after cold front shut em down. It’s about to get good!
  5. Someone mentioned a Fluke fish the other day and that got my blood pumping. Went to Quill Creek aka Indian Creek today. Caught about 20-25 fish all on the Fluke. Only 3 keepers but that bite is about to be on fire after this next cold front. Caught a female White, Crappie, Ky, Smallmouth and LM. All of the LM and SM were mainly 12-14 inches. Only boated 3 Ky all were keepers. Did see a lot of beds. Only 2 with fish on them. It was pretty windy so I’m sure more are on beds than that. WT was 61-58 as it dropped as the day progressed. Had a good time.
  6. I love throwing the fluke! Been waiting for the time it’s on. I knew it was close. Need Indian Creek to stay at 60 or above. Then it’s on like Donkey Kong.
  7. I don’t think it matters on leader size. I use 7,8 and 10. I haven’t seen a better bite on smaller diameter. About the same. I like 7 on my drop shot because when I tie the palomar and go back through the eye of my ds hook the knot will go through allowing the hook to stick straight sideways.
  8. I went last week and we were getting bit in 2.5ft of water. I’m new to the crappie fishing but with no bass tournaments I’m enjoying trying to catch a different species.
  9. Did you get any slime on your baits? I’ve been getting a lot of that on stuff fished shallow.
  10. The Rock is up 4 ft in a day and a half. Dang
  11. Beaver is about to dump a lot of water your way. Seven gates at 1.5 totaling around 15,600cfs.
  12. Lowrance for 2d Humm for DI Garmin for pano/Live
  13. Lowrance for 2d Humminbird for down and side Garmin for Live
  14. Call Adam if interested @479-601-6243. I’m listing for a friend. Nice boat. https://fayar.craigslist.org/boa/d/bentonville-2016-shawnee-1648/7055338561.html
  15. I still need to send bait to someone. If you could let me know who again I would appreciate it. Thank you
  16. I tend to agree with you guys. I don’t remember gut hooking any bass on the Ned.
  17. Gonna share David Dudley’s YouTube post. Thoughts?
  18. It should be in your settings. You can set depth ranges to be highlighted.
  19. You getting any on a crankbait?
  20. As impressive as this report is I’m even more amazed that he has at least 1242 waypoints. Ha. Goodness.
  21. I heard it was fishing good. This was before they started dropping the lake.
  22. Try midlake area. Like Ventris. It has a lot of vertical walls like I described. Commit to it and don’t put it down. You will catch something.
  23. Not sure of your set up on A-rig. Try blades and no blades. I like to throw them on light weight heads with a short shank. This gives the tail more action. I use Keitech 2.8inch in Pro blue and my Trailing bait is a 3.3 in a different color but is still natural looking. Try deep cuts off of the main lake with vertical walls. If that doesn’t work you might throw it over brush piles if you know of any.
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