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  1. Greg nicks

    Intermiadate angler looking for some help

    I fished the bfl. I prefished up the river and they bit good up there. Then on Saturday they dropped the lake and the bite changed only weighed 9 pounds. I have a friend that was leading it on the first day. He caught them deep on the lower end. Fish are scattered.
  2. Greg nicks

    Catching Lake of the Ozarks bass in September

    I love the river, but it will burn you more times than not. I've been there in two day tournaments.
  3. Greg nicks

    Catching Lake of the Ozarks bass in September

    I've gotta be honest. That article was a little off track. The shad are starting to migrate to the creeks. I have a friend that caught a good 18 yesterday on topwater in the midlake area. With lows in the 60s the next few days it will only get better!
  4. Greg nicks

    Saturday Evening on the Upper End

    Rps aka king of walleye on the Rock
  5. Greg nicks

    Live bait rigs and mid week kimberling report

    Very nice informative post. Keep them coming
  6. Greg nicks

    FLW Costa

    If it was Taney that would very bad. Don't think that would ever happen.
  7. Greg nicks

    First time fishing LOTO

    Every thing mosmallie said is pretty much on the money.
  8. Greg nicks

    Bass Tournament- Cold Water Challenge

    There will be another 30 pound bag weighed in the next month. I weighed in 21 4 fish last year and barely got a check. I love loz! It just keeps producing.
  9. Greg nicks

    Revo Rocket 9:0.1 ?

    Any bottom baits will be great with that gear ratio. Good luck!
  10. Greg nicks


    The tourney on February 25th is only a bfl event, no cut off date for that. There's a bass master open event March 2 thru 4. That's where those boys are coming from.
  11. Greg nicks

    Gravois Report 3/29

    Great fish! Been quite a few caught in the 7 pound range this year. The lake has been on fire.
  12. If any boater needs a link for upcoming bfl tourney my number is 8168687186 thanks.
  13. Greg nicks

    Bfl Coangler Needed

    scratch that man fishing a different tourney now sorry.
  14. Greg nicks

    Bfl Coangler Needed

    im game
  15. Greg nicks

    Spinning Reel Suggestions?

    when it comes to spinning reels quantum have been the best for me hands down.

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