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  1. I've heard horror stories with that garmin motor with the wireless. Good luck to you.
  2. Hunter 53 I think a floater means a float and fly.
  3. I think the sticker means a stickbait or a jerkbait.
  4. I mean do people not understand that every body on tour can't afford to take on that kinda money in electronics!! Not everyone has multiple event wins and made millions! There's guys that just came on tour and are sleeping in the bed of there truck and are doing everything they can to keep a float!! It should be an even playing field and when wheeler won the Forrest wood in 2012 it was shallow on a topwater In shallow water around docks! Watch intuitive angling with Randy blauket. He'll explain it all, if I don't make sense.
  5. I guess it's time for me to purchase livescope with my mega 360.
  6. When you side scan a sand flat with isolated boulders and know there not drum because of aqua Vu! There's a straight advantage on the tour. Trust me because I know people that are pissed, if don't have 15 to 20 grand in electronics then wave the white flag and that's the bottom line!!
  7. Exactly!! Especially in smallie tournaments, and if you know what you are talking about, you will agree bottom line!
  8. It's not a coincidence that the top two guys had mega 360 and livescope on there rig. I have mega 360 on my z21 and it's a game changer. Can't imagine having both. I think it's a little unfair, especially when other competition don't have that resource. I'm not even counting aqua Vu that Lucas was using.
  9. Great report bill! I appreciate the info and all that you offer to this forum! I always look forward to it. I put in at Kimberling city today and dropped the boat in the water around 730 and scratched my head till 10 thinking of what to do. I caught them really well on a grub and rock crawler from Kim to the dam yesterday, but they dissapeared on me today shallow. I'm guessing because of that big storm first thing morning. I adjusted and caught some good fish on a grub, umbrella and one good fish later in the day on a r crawler. Here's a few from today.
  10. I launched out of Kim city today and went towards the lower end. I saw very few boats that way, but then I gotta wild hair and ran up the james. Boats were everywhere. Guess I shoulda stayed towards lower end because bite was definitely better.
  11. No need for a hero shot and a livewell ride. I'll say great day for you and your dad. This morning was, but they turned on after noon. Couldn't get a largemouth in the boat. Have no idea where they swam to 🤔
  12. Great day! That new mat shad color has been catching them well for me lately.
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