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  1. 4 Boats in our group fished Tuesday - Friday out of Kimberling City. Tuesday we stayed close - from Mill Creek to Schooner - caught em on a jig on some steeper banks with the boat in 25-35ft. Wednesday fished out of Baxter, caught em again on a jig. Had a good day, just not much size. Covered water from Black Oak up to Big Creek Thursday we fished from Hideaway to Aunts and back to Kimberling. It was a tough day for us, the jig bite slowed and we didn’t adjust. Started to figure some things out late to salvage a decent day on the water. Friday we found ‘em. Started the day in Indian Point, caught a few Jaws on points with the boat in 30+ feet, dragging a jig. Started chucking a JerkBait around submerged trees and spent the rest of the day catching 2-1/2 pounders with relative consistency. Lots of Smallmouth too, which is always a good time. Everyone had limits and culled all day, best 5 went just over 14lbs. Anyone fishing near Kimberling Oaks Resort, we dumped about 40lbs of Table Rock beauties off the dock last night. Grab a jerkbait and go get em. While our group only fishes The Rock once a year, if we’re lucky, we seem to get humbled one day then figure them out the next. The info on this forum is a huge resource for anyone coming down, and it’s appreciated.
  2. Funny...started the morning in Baxter and fished from Black Oak up to Big Creek. Pretty much the same thing for us, numbers but zero size. Our biggest fish today - between 4 boats - was 3.07. And it came off of the pattern we usually fish...
  3. Leave a few swimmin' around without sore jaws, will ya William? We'll be down one month from today!
  4. BB - Thanks - as always - for a great trip. Fishin', especially when it's tough, is a little bit more enjoyable when it's done in good company. There's a reason you've got repeat customers like us. Hats off. As far as fishing goes - it was a rough week. We really only had 2 good days from Saturday - Friday. And we covered water from Aunts to Big M. At least one boat in our group of 3 boats managed to find decent fish every day, but the biggest fish all week was 4lbs - tough to complain when the conditions were as they were, but still, we all know they're swimming around. Regardless of the outcome, we always have a great time on Table Rock. Thanks to everyone on this forum for sharing your awesome resources and infinite knowledge with us.
  5. Champ, I hope you're right! I'll be part of a 6 man crew that's staying right in that very area from Saturday/Saturday. If you see a red Ranger 185vs, an old red Champ 201, or a white Triton TR-22 all with Illinois tags on 'em stop and say hello!
  6. There's some big fish swimming in Taney. My personal best came out of bull creek in April 1997. 9.4 on the scale at the gas station in town.
  7. Well said. Just vote for Bernie. He's going to tax ya 50%, but college, healthcare, and an ice cream sundae on your birthday at the local Tastee Freeze will all be free. Maybe we should unite and get him to add bass boats for all to his campaign platform...
  8. Software in the office just flagged this forum for posting fishing porn. Good Lord... 2-1/2 weeks to go.....
  9. There's no jig bite on them there bluffs....move along....
  10. Had to share.... If you don't want to waste 25 minutes, FF to about 14 minutes and watch the last 10... (Unofficial) World Record Spotted Bass?
  11. Happy xxTH birthday William, hope it's a good one. I'll be in touch sometime soon to discuss a trip the week of April 10th...
  12. Two 9 pound Bass caught on Pre-Rap Wiggle Wart at same time! Man...these things sure do catch 'em!
  13. Believe me Champ, I'd much rather fish shallow or flip - ALL DAY. But sometimes it just don't happen that way. When it does, look for a Red Ranger parked in the middle of no where or on a bluff in 20-30 FOW trying to dislodge another jig stuck in the darn rocks....
  14. There's no arguing that Champ, but given the context of the OP, it's a valid point. I've only fished in the Knob a handful of times during our annual spring trip, and never had a problem catching fish there - shallow or deep. That being said, the greater point about the bank comment is that too many folks get locked in beating the bank when in reality (given conditions, etc) they've got their boat parked on the fish and need to back off. In all the trips I've spent with my old man on Bablers boat that's the one thing that's stuck with me no matter were I'm fishing - don't get locked in, adapt to the fish. That's all I was sayin' ?
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