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  1. Here's some pictures of 3 fish finders I have. Make me an offer on them if you're interested in one of them. I also attached a pic or 2 of the Minn Kota. I'd go $250 OBO on it. Still working on pics of the Motor Guide. I currently have it on my boat again but will remove it if I need to. $150 for the Motor Guide. It is 54 lb thrust and foot controlled.
  2. I am looking for a 12Volt 55lb Thrust Foot Controlled Minn Kota Trolling motor. It can't be too old. I have a 24 Volt 70lb thrust Minn Kota Edge motor that is a few years old and works great. I also have the original Motor Guide Trolling motor off my boat. It is a 54 lb thrust and worked great before I took it off. I'm just not a big fan of Motor Guide motors. (Button is on the wrong side of the pedal) I'm looking to trade for the moment to avoid having to buy a new one. If you are interested in one of the motors I have you can shoot me an offer though. I also have a couple of fish finde
  3. Crappie are biting very well in the shallows around wood. Had a lot of largemouth follow and swipe at a Money Minnow in the same areas. Seeing no obvious sign of largemouth spawning on south end yet, but should be time. Water temps in the low 60's.
  4. Found the whites in the creek at the north end of Big Hill lake last weekend April 27,28,& 29th. A few were getting caught in the general creek area, but if you moved all the way up in the creek to where the water was clear and still running some, the fish were gathered up in the pools that were separated by shallow riffles. Literally a fish on every cast.
  5. 6-15-12 Whites were found in the evening surfacing near wind blown banks in the open part of the lake with a little action near Rea bridge. Fishing stayed great until the wind started to die down. Also caught several largemouth mixed in with the whites and one smallmouth that went 19 and 1/2 inches and was probably 4 pounds easily. I was using my normal white bass slabs in the smaller size while the wife used her normal "shad colored" Rapala 6' diving crankbait. She caught the smallmouth, but other than that both baits produced about the same. 6-16-12 Same location, same result until the
  6. I use and a red clackin rap on my home lake here in kansas. Bought one last year early and did some prespawn largemouthin with it. The first day I went out I smoked my buddy 13 fish to 1 which obviously sold me. Also used it in a strip pit I fish for largemouth in with another buddy of mine. We both used the clackin rap and did real well.
  7. I have a Minn Kota 70# thrust/24 volt trolling motor that quit on me last year. It's a foot control/bow mount. If anyone needs any parts from this motor before I trash it let me know. All parts will be free ofcourse. The motor is no good and I removed the bottom part of the top cover to repair another one I got, but all the other parts are good. PM me to be sure I get any messages as these notify me via my email.
  8. Pinnacle -- Tara or Lucille if you can find them anymore. These have the 6 pin centrifugal brake and no dial on the side that goes from 1 to 10. Round top hat shaped tips on the 6 pin brake under the side cover. I have also have several of the original Bass Pro Tourney Special reels before they went to the ones with the dials/magnetic brakes. They had a version of the centrifugal brake too. But alas as far as I can tell are no longer available. I bought the Pinnacle reels at Walmart for 70 or 80 bucks. Would not trade them for any of the more expensive ones. The Bass pro reels I paid 50 bucks
  9. I use primarily baitcasting equipment and spinning gear. Thanks for the quick reply by the way. Would you say that live bait is a must? Or are lures a good option?
  10. Looking for a little help to schedule a trip this year. When is the best general time to come down, and best tecniques to use to go after the big Stripers? Also could use some info as to where to launch a boat to access the last few miles before the confluence with the Ark. river. I appreciate any help. Thanks!
  11. Have you tried it yet? I drive an extended cab chevy and sometimes do this when I fish by myself. Your truck might not go as far into the water as you think.
  12. I've got to where I use a Polymer knot for just about everything due to the ease and speed of tying. Never have had a problem as long as you don't forget to wet the line before you cinch the knot. All my fishing buddies have since converted to this knot too after I showed them how to tie it. I actually learned it off a box of Fireline I tried once. That line even at 50 lb test would break easily unless you used this knot and remembered to wet the line before pulling the knot tight.
  13. Foot control or hand??? Got any pictures???
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