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  1. We caught them around trees 15 feet drop minnows to the bottom real up one crank and hold on also caught 3 on a crankbait throwing to the shore if I can find them you should have no problems
  2. Put in at aldrich around noon today headed up river caught 4 very large Whites went up into the lake after that and caught 9 crappie the smallest being 10 inches the rest Were 12 and bigger the biggest going 15 the bass are hot had over 25 mostly short males going anywhere from 8 to 20 inches was the biggest
  3. Are the whites still going crazy up their may come down sat
  4. Does this river get a spring white bass run.If not what river going into pomme do they run up
  5. Got a day to fish this Saturday wanting to catch some bass or crappie Anybody been to pomme lately need a fishing report
  6. Hey guys will be fishing the aunts creek area Friday any ideas on what to throw any info will help.Thinking bout wiggle warts stickbaits and brush hogs.
  7. Those weren't storm swimming minnows were they if so where did you get them. I used to catch all kinds of fish on them but they stopped selling them .
  8. Thinking bout heading to cc boat ramp in the morning never. Put in or fished their before any helpful thoughts on where to fish for crappie,walleye or whites. Thanks for any help
  9. A couple of my buddies went this afternoon for a hour it two they caught 5 keeper whites at the steel bridge.
  10. jhenson

    White Bass

    Anybody been up on the James chasing whites yet going Sunday wanted to see if they are doing anything yet thanks and good fishing
  11. Was up on the sac today,had no luck at all with whites caught 5 largemouth.I think iy is still a bit early FYI if your in a boat and put in at aldrich be careful around the mouth of the river it is really shallow.As far as fishing at night I have never tried but will.this year with a light.
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