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  1. I love watching my five year old son pull in fish, it is so funny but he gets it done he gets them in, but he does all this grunting and stuff. But he gets so excited and he starts laughing when he see's it break the surface, and then he starts talking to the fish when it is close, I cant wait until this weekend and a good size cat gets on his pole and It really makes him have to grunt and strain, he has'nt caught a bigger one yet he has caught small ones out of a pond. Daughter is 9 she is a pro... smokes dad some times. She is good and smooth and does'nt say a word Stealth like. Sorry guys just another PROUD dad. Huck
  2. oh their like bee's if you dont bugg them they wont BITE!! you, peskey old snakes. Huck
  3. Thank you again, I did'nt think it was that many Im not gonna use that many and I will try both idea's on bottom and on top water. I will let you know how I do. Takeing my kids camping and fishing cant wait. Huck
  4. Hey fellows, How many limb lines can you have? on the river Just want to know You gotta be leagal thease days. Help me out boys... And does anybody put any sinkers on a limb line? I have always done jugg line fishing never done limb line before. Gotta use limb lines becase I dont want to have to chase juggs down stream if you know what I mean. Huck.
  5. Dons bait shop is off of 32 highway on 123 highway and then you have to go west on vv. He has a sign that say's Don's bait shop Groceries and Beer!! you cant go wrong to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huck
  6. Sounds like fun to me a tube what if you land a bigg one? I guess it pull's you all around the lake until it get's tired... I could do that. Thanks for the info. I have fished the Masters but just for White Bass. I have done well there for them Whites, Im likeing thease people that break it down like you did sounds good and redneck to me, My kind of people to me! Huck
  7. You are so wright!! left or right or just reeling it in it makes it so simple, And Bill Dance is correct, my friend you sound like a guy I could fish with. Im gone this weekend at Caplinger with my kids thinkin about limb lineing. This weekend were gonna have fun. Hope you like havein fun with kids. Im gonna be there with my kids catchin fish and haveing fun... Its my birthday too and I like catching fish and haveing a birthday too, and its Memorial weekend too, I love my people that has went on and the ones that are still here with use. Happy Memorial to all!!!!! and Happy birthday to me Huck loud and clear!!!! Huck
  8. Thanks there ozarkfisherman I like the idea of a slideing weight but never have used one? I guess u tie a knot somewhere to stop it? And on the sweeping the circle hook do you mean left or right with the rod and not straight over your head... And slow tugg not a jerk... got it. My uncle told me that circle hooks are origanlly made for trout lines and their supose to set the hook all by them selves, he made fun of me saying I was cheating by useing them. I just felt like useing something new. Don vance turned me on to them, the older guy with the tennassee vols hat. Huck
  9. Well a simple set up of a good size sinker sqeeze one with pliares and Im useing a size 6 hook and they are called Gamakatsu, Octopus circle hooks. and thats it, I was batting a 1000 with this same set up and I nailed that walleye with this set up. I just think my bait was to big. They were hitting the bait and not getting the HOOK!!! but they tore up my bait. I dont know it might have been a smaller fish that could'nt swallow it, Snapping turtle who knows, whats on bottom? Just makes you mad when they take all your bait and you dont land any at all, next time will be different, I will head to stockton and that lake they swallow hook and all, get back to batting a 1000 at stockton, fellows 000.00 not good, But I would like some tips if you got any... Huck
  10. Didnt have the gas money to drive to stockton so settled for a closer Fellows lake North of Springfield. I just bought a few minnows Didnt get one bite on a minnow, but on bottom with worm I got 3 hits not anything worth grabing the pole up and yankin on him I dont grab it on little faint hits I set there and watch it and usally wait until the pole goes in the water is a good sign u gotta fish on dumbo... So then the sun went down and caught a perch and cut him up and made 5 chunks of bait and the fish on bottom ate all of the five chunks but could not get a hook to set I dont know if I need a bigger hook because when I stuck him on top under the dorsel finn the hook was just pokeing out the other side. Needless to say missed alot of fish or just one really smart one. Huck
  11. yeah I just seen the weather and not above 60 so no go for me. I just want to go so bad it has been 2 weeks sense i have been able to go. Seeing that big cat just got me itching to go. If Im getting rained out for work Im gone fishing, maybe everday for a week, weather channel is saying rain for the next 7 days. Ive never seen it rain 7 days strait. Had a friend of mine go up to oceaola and set out some jug lines, and they did well, but on a bad note somebody cut 3 of their lines on the jugs, and stole their fish, I would be seeing if those boys could dance on water if you know what I mean... That makes me mad!!! So know they are gonna sleep on the boat, I would do that anyway that way you can check em and rebait them when needed. Huck
  12. Sends cold chills down my back Straw Hat I hope those five crappie warmed you a little bit. I was on the mower today and liked to freeze, but Im just sitting there. Im kinda itching to go tonight need to look at the temp tonight if it stays above 60 or so all night Im going. Huck.
  13. Huckfinn

    Big Cat

    I have'nt been fishing since the battle!!! thats how tired I got... And thats been about 2 weeks muscles are still cramping up!! ha ha... That is a nice fish that old boy from ozark caught On 6 pd. line I dont know about that? But it did take him 45 min. to get him in I guess it could happen. Thanks Straw Hat for that pic. of that Cat that gets me all pumped up for some bigg ones. I have been setting and waiting for that weather to get a steady pace. and its on!!! Im after cats. I have been watching my favorite show RIVER MONSTERS!!!! with jermy wade that guy is full of knowledge... I would love to fish with that guy. Huck
  14. I have never been to Son creek in my life??? I cant take credit when it is not dew... I think you got the wrong man. Huck
  15. The crows took off with it but Im still looking for the Head. And I would'nt pee my pants If I caught a 10 pounder, I guess I have been watching to much River Monster I am ready for ANYTHING ! that is under that water, I love that show... Im game for Big fish now that I have my Boss Hogg fishing rod that is the name of it an 808 zebco 20 pd. test line I fell like Jermey Wade with that fishin pole in my hands. Now on my crappie pole I would have to pee my pants!!!! Huck
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