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  1. Oh Yes.I recognize that place! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ ( I wish!) Next time could you take the pic with more scenery in the background. LOL. Naw, really sweet fish!! What a great outing!!
  2. Congrats to you Bill on a beautiful fish. I have no doubt that you and everyone involved did everything possible to save this fish. Don't think I would of done anything different. I was lucky enough to land a 20 lb Brown earlier this year. Had 2 of my favorite fishing partners with me. 2 of my sons. Only thing that would of been better was if my wife and other son were on the spot when I caught it(they were back at the cabin). Everyone has different opinions. The 3 of us didn't completely agree on how to handle the fish once netted but all had the same goal in mind. A healthy release. And it was accomplished. The 3 of us will rember that fish adventure the rest of our lives. Don't worry about the negative Nellies out there living like Alice in Wonderland on the internet. I'm sorry you're sad you caught it but one day maybe you'll be glad. Karma is a wonderful thing and from the accounts above by many people that do know you, you deserve it.
  3. Looking for a fairly new driftboat to buy. The perfect rig would probably be like the stealthcraft with the jet shown a few threads below "off the market". Open to suggestions. feel free to reply or pm. Thanks
  4. And I was the lucky one that netted it for him. Beautiful fish. I had just caught a 20+ in the exact same spot and was sittin on the bank retyin when he caught this one (or 2).
  5. Good report. Hope last night was a good one.
  6. Brian that was my fat finger! Iโ€™m not much of a photographer either!
  7. Yep jester thatโ€™s what we figured. And Saturday all day long they got HAMMERED! Prolly next time start abou 2 or 3 in the morning on weekends.
  8. Sorry for late report but Saturday night was super slow. 8 to 12 a.m. Bite musta been later. Only saw 3 or 4 people. Fished cable to below 2. 1 bow 1 smallmouth. Threw all sizes jointed and stick. Bad night.
  9. Fished last night at cable 9 to midnight. 2 of us caught 1 Wally 1 brown an 11 bows. Threw plugs but they didnt seem to want big ones. Hitting light. Wife caught a nice fat bow 18 inches. Buddy caught a nice brown below 2 today. He thought it was approximately 5 lbs. On pink furbug. Getting ready to head back out and see if it looks like a Christmas tree of headlamps on the water.
  10. so how did that good lookin fly work? was it the ticket or something else?
  11. Looks like you had a pretty good trip. We r headed down this weekend and I'm sure it'll be crowded which seems to be the norm anymore. Seems like we hear more bigger bows this year but not as many browns. Does it seem like that to you all and why is that???
  12. Bhead always enjoy ur stories. Thanks for the tips. We would venture farther out to avoid the crowds. I can get that in mo trout parks.
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