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  1. ruthead

    Your first fish of 2019

    And I was the lucky one that netted it for him. Beautiful fish. I had just caught a 20+ in the exact same spot and was sittin on the bank retyin when he caught this one (or 2).
  2. ruthead

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    Good report. Hope last night was a good one.
  3. ruthead

    Quick report

    Brian that was my fat finger! I’m not much of a photographer either!
  4. ruthead

    Quick report

    Yep jester that’s what we figured. And Saturday all day long they got HAMMERED! Prolly next time start abou 2 or 3 in the morning on weekends.
  5. ruthead

    Quick report

    Sorry for late report but Saturday night was super slow. 8 to 12 a.m. Bite musta been later. Only saw 3 or 4 people. Fished cable to below 2. 1 bow 1 smallmouth. Threw all sizes jointed and stick. Bad night.
  6. ruthead

    Quick report

    Fished last night at cable 9 to midnight. 2 of us caught 1 Wally 1 brown an 11 bows. Threw plugs but they didnt seem to want big ones. Hitting light. Wife caught a nice fat bow 18 inches. Buddy caught a nice brown below 2 today. He thought it was approximately 5 lbs. On pink furbug. Getting ready to head back out and see if it looks like a Christmas tree of headlamps on the water.
  7. ruthead

    Trip time again...

    so how did that good lookin fly work? was it the ticket or something else?
  8. ruthead

    October 10-14 Report with pics

    Looks like you had a pretty good trip. We r headed down this weekend and I'm sure it'll be crowded which seems to be the norm anymore. Seems like we hear more bigger bows this year but not as many browns. Does it seem like that to you all and why is that???
  9. ruthead

    Heber City Middle Provo trip

    Bhead always enjoy ur stories. Thanks for the tips. We would venture farther out to avoid the crowds. I can get that in mo trout parks.
  10. ruthead

    Heber City Middle Provo trip

    Quill did you fish anywhere out there?
  11. Got a business trip next week and get to take my wife that may give us some to fish the middle provo at heber city.lots of I fo on what to fish but not much on where besides 12 miles of water. Any body got some tips? Not gonna have any time to explore and figure things out. Will hit the local fly shop but dont really want to be fishin the same place everybody else that comes in there and asks will b fishing. Thanks in advance..
  12. ruthead

    Afternoon Brown

    Sweet fish. Basically 2good ones in 1day.
  13. ruthead

    Nice fish a few weeks ago

    Sweet fish. Good way to end a day!
  14. ruthead


    Tried a Beatle and ant this weekend . No luck but nothing seemed to be working with the dead slick water. Didnt try em with ripple on the water c-back was working so well.

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