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  1. Mint Stan Bogdan Large Trout RHW Fly Reel For Sale

    Brian that's a sweet reel!
  2. x

    The info that I don't find is how long does it take from time it reaches 42 degrees till the shad start dieing and then how long for them to sink and come through the dam. 2 days 2weeks???
  3. Size vs Quantity?

    Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation.
  4. Size vs Quantity?

    Not being argumentative but trying to learn here. How do we know this fish "grew up above Fall Creek and moved down" ?
  5. No generation this week on Taney

    Will this do anything for the Shad kill or is that just colder temps?
  6. 28-inch Spawning Colors Rainbow

    Yep. Beautiful!
  7. night fly angling in trophy area advice please

    Is this the time of year the browns start moving up or is this early?
  8. waders advice needed

    I would beware of the frogg toggs. I bought 4 pair for the family. 1 pair leaked out of the box. Another leaked after about 10 wearing. Another afterabout 25 to 30 and the other lasted 3.or 4 years. Also bought a wading coat frogg toggle hellbender model seems like maybe. Had a hole around neck area where didn't get stitched. Seemed like a carp shoot at best with that brand. I will say though that Larry's at Bennett Spring totally took care of us though with replacements.
  9. Lake Level Watching...

    Thanks a bunch to Phil for the info on the apps. A ton of info is available but if u dont know what it means and how it relates to other info its pretty hard to figure out what it all means. This made things make more sense. Thanks to both Bill and Phil on the technique tips. As I've experienced its a long learning curve without some of the valuable info you all provide!
  10. Colorado

    Gonna be in the Vail area. are you around that area?
  11. Colorado

    My son may be headed to CO this weekend to guide this year. I may have to go with him to help him get moved (and hopefully get in a day or 2 of fishin) !
  12. Last weekend's trip

    yep sweet fish. yer persistence paid off and of course on a trip I opted not to go. Congrats!!
  13. Recommendations on a big fly rod

    JestersHK I have a reel I bought for a Canada Musky trip 2 years ago. I actually bought 2 identical reels and would sell one. Let me know if your interested.
  14. Anyone been?

    our plan is to get there Saturday morn and head home Sunday. I'm not much of a float fisherman but my wife is and she always catches more than me. I will be this weekend as thats how I'm going to introduce my newbie friend to fly fishing. Rollcasting 101 will be Saturday. Say hello if you see us. I'm short and fat and he is tall and skinny. Laurel (sp) and Hardy kinda!
  15. Anyone been?

    Not supposed to b a crowd this time of year. Weather gonna b BAD this weekend. Everyone needs to j7Ust stay home. I'll tie up some tan. Thanks

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