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  1. Thanks a bunch to Phil for the info on the apps. A ton of info is available but if u dont know what it means and how it relates to other info its pretty hard to figure out what it all means. This made things make more sense. Thanks to both Bill and Phil on the technique tips. As I've experienced its a long learning curve without some of the valuable info you all provide!
  2. Gonna be in the Vail area. are you around that area?
  3. My son may be headed to CO this weekend to guide this year. I may have to go with him to help him get moved (and hopefully get in a day or 2 of fishin) !
  4. yep sweet fish. yer persistence paid off and of course on a trip I opted not to go. Congrats!!
  5. JestersHK I have a reel I bought for a Canada Musky trip 2 years ago. I actually bought 2 identical reels and would sell one. Let me know if your interested.
  6. our plan is to get there Saturday morn and head home Sunday. I'm not much of a float fisherman but my wife is and she always catches more than me. I will be this weekend as thats how I'm going to introduce my newbie friend to fly fishing. Rollcasting 101 will be Saturday. Say hello if you see us. I'm short and fat and he is tall and skinny. Laurel (sp) and Hardy kinda!
  7. Not supposed to b a crowd this time of year. Weather gonna b BAD this weekend. Everyone needs to j7Ust stay home. I'll tie up some tan. Thanks
  8. I guess If the equipment Is still there there Is still hope they'll do more. Thanks for the report. Sounds like small and deep was the ticket.
  9. Nice to hear they caught several nice ones. Any knowledge On IF this just a little cleaning up or more?
  10. Somebody.....Anybody????
  11. May be takin a first timer fly fishin at BPS this weekend. Any body been fishin in the last month? Curious as to changes dredging has made.
  12. We stayed at Rim Shoals and agree they are good people and great place to stay
  13. Nice to hear when boaters take into consideration the waders. Thanks Gatorjet!
  14. Nice fish! All trophies in my book!
  15. Gorgeous fish!