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    Made a trip to Ackerman access this morning and the water was down to minimum flow. There were some caddis hatching along with lots of midges. Elk hair caddis worked good until the clouds came in around 10:00 and then the caddis hatch dissipated. I switched over to a ruby midge and caught this pretty cutthroat along with some more decent rainbows.

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    ruthead reacted to Clay Goforth for a article, Great Great Day On The White Big Rainbow   
    BFT, I fished a sculpin pattern jig that I tied almost all day and it was definitely the hot color. I mix two different sculpin colors, one is a lighter green and the other is the dark traditional green. This one jig also happened to have an extra feather in it that was a dark green/light green zebra pattern in it. I don't think that had any bearing on the fish though. As for the technique, in the deep holes I used a 1/16oz and let it fall for what felt like way too long each time. In the ripples and the shoals, I fished a 1/32oz and just fished the drift, letting it swing all the way down straight below me and picking up fish at all points in the drift.
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