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  1. Shortly after 10 am this morning the old bridge was imploded right beside the new generic looking bridge. Underatand the safety concerns but still sad to see it go. Pics are before and after screenshots off KY3 FB live feed.
  2. JohnP

    K dock 10/05/18

    Monday I started out grafting fish qnd vertical jigging but couldn't get anything to hit so went to trolling the flicker shad on one rod and crawler harness on the other. Kept getting hits on the crawlers but never would hook up, guessing it was blue hills packing the worms.
  3. JohnP

    K dock 10/05/18

    Congrats Brother Dave. Son and I had a good afternoon Sunday putting 4 quality eyes in the livewell, shortestes being 21 inches and didnt tape the others as we knew they were over 18 ;). Grafting fish on the flats and dropping spoons on them. Caught several of them stickin' green fish and a couple bluegills as well. Monday tho was another story and couldn't buy a bite.
  4. Cut carp filets make for some good catfish bait which is another use I use em for after shooting them.
  5. Hi, my name is John and I'm a BF'r addict ;). I admit that although we, my boy and I and anyone that's with us, usually dont eat what we shoot, ocassionly we will, we repectively properly dispose of our fish on private land to be used for trapping or bait piles, or sink the fish that we aren't going to use in the main channel or areas that we may catfish and trap crawdads in by gutting and cutting their air bladders so they do sink to feed other aquatic life. We also respect other fisherman and people that live and camp along the lake by staying away from populated areas and known areas that people bank fish regularly. When we come upon other fisherman/boaters on the lake I turn off the lights and go around them giving them their distance and respect. I also run the equivalent of a Honda EU generator which is very quiet and carry on a normal conversion without yelling and outboard is louder than it. We also dont go out with the intent of filling a barrel and pass on quite a few fish. More than anything I think it's the comradity of getting out with friends putting on some music, maybe drinking a couple, and slinging arrows at a few fish is a bonus.
  6. I can bring the boat and bows if someone's bringing biscuits and gravy ;). If the the euro guys will bait the hole I'll let them fish from the boat and enjoy some B&G
  7. Limit is 20 on "Carp" but if you read further into it further explains. Personally as stated earlier I'd support a limit and half of that ;). "Goldfish, bighead carp, common carp, grass carp, and silver carp may be possessed in any number and do not count in the daily or possession limit. Bighead carp, common carp, grass carp, and silver carp that jump from the water into a boat or onto land may also be taken and possessed in any number."
  8. State bowfishing tourney this based out Warsaw, I'm sure they would love to have you attend.
  9. Well for us down in the southwest part of the state it's because my boy probably shot only one ;). Most of what we see are commons and gar so that's what is targeted and for the record I have no issue with imposing a lower limit on them especially with the growing popularity, tournament, and guides out just about every night. CarpOflage ;). Cant leave out the gar ;).
  10. Awsome stories and great pics BH.
  11. Recieved a email from the MDC fisheries biologist that collected the bighead from me and based off the vertebrae analysis (attached pic) they estimate the age of the fish to be 14 to 16 years old. They also thought since Bull Shoals is oligotrophic, that they expect this fish to be slower growing than those from the Mississippi River or more fertile systems.
  12. JohnP

    Big head carp

    Thank you Mojorig. One of those topics that could of went into 1 of 4 categories (General Fishing, Upper BS, Conseravtion Issues, and/or Carp) decided to stick with the general discussion page as it would probably get more looks.
  13. That it would be.
  14. The rumor is that the golf course is somewhere near Roaring River and had them in their ponds and may have washed out during last year's flooding. May never know if that's where it came from or from someones bait bucket years ago.
  15. There's a few goldfish/koi swimming around in BS and maybe a few less ;).

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