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  1. It's not a recognized record by MDC standards or books, I believe MDC classifies mirrors as commons, It is however a record for the Missour chapter of The Bowfishing Association of America which you have to be a member of to have the record recognized.
  2. JohnP

    Tough season but not a total loss.

    Healthier than he looked. He'd been eating well, think it was just that he'd shed his winter coat. Farmer has appreciated the 3 I've taken out since last fall as they been tormenting his cattle and there's been more than one calf lost to the yotes which is why I don't passing on a turkey or deer to pop a yote ;).
  3. Still have an hour plus today and tomorrow so not completely over. Been a odd season, know there's 3 toms and 2 jakes on the farm im hunting but tjeyve been henned up everytime I've seen them and can't pull them away. Had a shot once on one of them last week but passed it as i thought he was going to set up on the strutting deke and put on show just to see him skip on by and lock up at 40 yds without a shot window and gobble his head off trying to pull the hen deke to him. Tried belly crawling and fanning birds, which ive had good results witj in the past, in the field but again they wouldn't pull off the hens. Also I've heard very little gobbling, little bit here and there but not like usual. Not complaining as I did get the opportunity to help out the farmer and deer and turkey population by taking out a sneaky yote that belly crawled up to my hen deke and was met with a load of 3inch #5's.
  4. JohnP

    Second bird down and I am done

    Congrats on tagging out Marty!!!!!
  5. JohnP

    After almost 41 years she still amazes me

    That's awsome!!!!!
  6. JohnP

    Tough Year So Far For Me

    Congrats on the Jake, id probably take it right now as well. Have yet to hear a bird on the roost. Past up an opportunity on a jake opening morning at 10 yds waiting for something more mature but in 6 sits that's the only shot on a legal bird I've had. Did chase 2 toms around the other day but couldn't pull em off the hens they were with and wasn't able to cut em off at the pass.
  7. JohnP

    Texas Hill Country Rio

    Sounds like a awsome trip and reunion. Congrats DD.
  8. JohnP

    Opening day 2018

    Congrats on a stud of a bird Marty. Think I'm going to be fighting cows again where I hunt as the farmers went and opened all hates where we normally see Turkey's.
  9. Thank you and that she is or waiting for the neighbor to throw her a stick ;).
  10. And with back deck laid down the C-liner flooring is done.
  11. JohnP

    Crappie bite

    Bit fairly good Monday morning when it was 35 degrees air temp. Most were around the 12 inch mark with a few right at 10.
  12. Got a little more of the SeaDek flooring down, still have a little more to go.
  13. JohnP


    Picked this 23 inches up Monday afternoon on a 3 inch shad pattern swimbait. 2 hits in 2.5 hrs for the one but made for a good dinner.
  14. I've just recently started adding SeaDek to my Crestliner nut had to put it on hold due to the weather, cold. Needs to be atleast mid 60s to 70s for proper installation. Went with the DIY 5mm sheets that were half off for there fay after Thanksgiving sale. So pleased with it. Not going to as pretty if I'd had them precut but saving quite a bit of money and I'm not worried about the looks as much as I am being able to walk barefoot or kneel down during the middle of day and not burning myself on the metal ;). Plan is to do the lids in solid pieces and then square tile pattern the rest of the flooring which should make it easier to fit in and around corners without chancing screwing up a sheet. It does have a good strong 3mm adhesive backing to it so no glueing it down and will say the pieces I have set their not moving ;).
  15. JohnP

    Booyah and Flicker Shad

    They were restocking the hooks this morning ;). The Booyah spinnerbaits were slim pickings tho but did pick up a few.

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