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  1. JohnP


    Congrats Marty!!!!
  2. JohnP

    Next Season

    Ok, was going to say if your down this way Gavin in the Branson/Forsyth area I'd take you but I couldn't promise any good duck hunting ;).
  3. JohnP

    Next Season

    Where about you located Gavin?
  4. JohnP

    3 years ago today Marty.....

    Here ya there. Pond that has produced for us the last 4 years only produced something like 3 ducks and no geese this season.
  5. We got to introduce the yella dawg ShellB to some honkers ;). Good times and great memories. @BilletHead
  6. True that. In over the 20 plus years of duck hunting I stopped saying it cant get much worse years ago because history has proven it can and will ;). As stated before, I'm thankful and blessed for the opportunity and ability to still get out as much as I do and although I'm glad this seasons over I'm looking forward to next season but ready for a break ;).
  7. Theres usually a few breeding pairs that show up on Taneycomo and Bull Shoals especially when its flooded and we bust them out of the brush bowfishing, pretty cool to see them around but like the woodies they take off south as soon as it gets cool. One of my bucket list ducks is a plumed out BWT.
  8. I'll be honest and didnt hunt as hard as I normally do for ducks but as I said just wasnt seeing the numbers. Usually can base #s looking a ponds and every pond that normally has ducks on them never really did down here other than a couple here and there. One pond that we've always shot ducks and geese off of produce 3 ducks this year in 4 hunts and no geese. What's weird is usually the majority of what we see is gadwall and this year I dont think we've shot a single one and usually shoot alot of GWT this time of year and havent seen a single one either. Havent seen the rafts of divers. Now that seasons over tho they'll be everywhere ;).
  9. Tough season for me and definately the lowest # of birds harvested I can ever remember. Shot 6 birds all season in approximately a dozen hunts. Usually hunt close to double that but didnt hunt middle zone this year and focused more on deer hunting mainly because I wasnt seeing the ducks around to convince me otherwise ;). Still made the most of it yesterday and sat from sunrise to sunset with a good buddy and his son. Scouted the day before and found a bunch of birds of birds and had high Hope's. Get to the ramp to have another boat already put in, asked where they were planning on going and wouldn't ya know it right where I was planning on :(. Well went to plan B and probably should of hit Plan C and went fishing ;). Seen a bunch of birds, 200 to 300 plus throughout the day but couldn't get but a few to commit. Birds would work good and then just fly off acting like stale park birds. Threw every tactic I could think of and they weren't having it. At one point had 40 to 50 mallards work is for what seemed like several minutes just have a hawk chasing a crow over the dekes to spook em and fly off. If we would of past shot probably could of shot close to our limits if not our limits but were not into that and much rather have birds committed feet down tickling the water. Still a fun hunt non the less. Ended it with 3 mallards and a sawbill. The other party did some shooting but didnt hear a whole lot for 3 guys hunting. Couple other buddies were hunting up the creek from us and they said about the same thing as I and managed to shoot one limit between them.
  10. JohnP

    Local jewelry

  11. That was a fun hunt, need to plan another one ;).
  12. Hard to beat a Yella Dawg imho ;).
  13. No complaints from as I'm thankful just to be able to get out and your right about the ice ;). Working night shifts been rough on me this season on me getting motivated to go out in the mornings of course if we had more birds around I might be a little motivated ;).

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