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  1. Booyah and Flicker Shad

    They were restocking the hooks this morning ;). The Booyah spinnerbaits were slim pickings tho but did pick up a few.
  2. Good deals at BPS on Booyah spinnerbait (1.99 each) and Flicker Shad (45% off) as well as other deals but those were the 2 that jumped out at me and grabbed my wallet ;).
  3. Last two days of south zone duck

    Looks like a fine way to wrap up the 2017-2018 duck season. Didn't get out near as much as I'd liked to but the times I did they were memorable. Time to put the gear up for the season and get into full on fishing mode ;).
  4. Wind speed

    Spotlock I'm finding out is worth is weight in gold. Never knew what I was missing out on til I upgraded to the Terrova on the new barge.
  5. Desperate measures part two

    That's awsome Marty, congrats.
  6. Desperate men take derperate measures

    Hope the hard work pays off for you Marty.
  7. Fishable or iced in

    All ramps, other than River Run due to bridge construction project, and the main lake is open. Shadowrock would be hard to put in due to the water level but Beaver Creek Ramp and K Dock Ramps were both open and accessible yesterday afternoon. The creeks were froze tho for the most part but id imagine that they are thawing pretty quick.
  8. Reason why I carry drying towels in the truck and have a blanket covering the back seat. She rides in the cab of the truck most of time especially when it gets down below 20's. Use the dawg box to put wet/muddy waders in after the hunt ;).
  9. -6 when I left the house at 0800 and warmed up to a balmy 18 when we left the creek at 1700. Seen very few birds but what we did see worked well and every bird shot had finished in the dekes and were jumped out of dekes.
  10. Layout blinds for sale

    Man I wish I would of seen this earlier, been thinking of pulling the trigger on a layout blind or 2, and I would of been up tomorrow to get them ;). If things don't work out with the sale I'd like to my name in the hat. Wily they are nice, well cared for, and very comfortable to hunt out of.
  11. I had heard they were here last season but we couldn't find em.
  12. Occasionally see some redheads but hardly ever see any Cans. Think the last cans I seen was 8 or so years ago down here.
  13. That's it was. This is when I start seeing greenwing down here but still not seeing very many greenheads and gadwalls like we normally do on the big water or up tje creeks down here when the small and shallow waters ice up and hardly any divers, used to seeing rafts of ringnecks and have yet to see them. Been seeing a good group of hooded mergansers other than that.
  14. Not complaining as I'd rather eat teal over mallards anyways, but will admit it's hard to beat watching mallards work and commit to a spread. Awsome day for a GWT shoot today even tho it was 0 degrees at sunrise (the small fire helped knock the chill off ). Took us literally all day to finish out our 4 man limit but it wouldn't of mattered if we did or didn't as the harvest is just the icing on the cake. One of the guys had to leave early so the pic is of a 3 person limit. Total count 22 GWT (21 drakes and 1 hen), 1 hen mallard, and 1 gaddie. Had a flock of 100 plus mallards work us good but just wouldn't come down below the tree tops especially with a bald eagle hovering over the field behind us. Shot a few early but the majority were taken after 10:30.
  15. Pleasure to hunt with you and your son as well. Looks like Mike tore into an the next day ;).

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