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  1. Grandpa also engraved his name in the bolt and the side of the bolt release.
  2. I've already passed down a M1 carbine that my dad gave me as a wedding present to my first wedded son as a wedding present to him. This rifle is already ear marked for a grandchild ;).
  3. It will never sell as long as I have it and now that my son is expecting their first child theres hope that the tradition will continue ;).
  4. Get a little sentimental this time of year during rifle season. Although I never had the pleasure of getting to hunt with my grandfather in person I know hes with me in spirit. After his funeral years ago my father called me back to grandpas bedroom and handed me a old faux leather hard case said said my grandfather wanted me to have it. I opened the case and inside was his hunting rifle, a J.C. Higgins Model 50 30-.06 bolt action rifle with the original Weaver 3x9 scope. Attached to the side was and still is his name that he made with a label maker and will remain as long as I have the gun in my possession. Although I havent killed many deer with it, dad said grandpa has killed 50 plus white tails and at least 2 elk from California to Colorado with it, I'm still using it and so far everything I have shot with it has dropped since I've owned it, 4 whitetails, 4 coyotes, and 2 bobcats. Nothing pretty to look at and may not be a tack driver but reliable and goes bang everytime I pull trigger (when loaded).
  5. JohnP

    Opening weekend come and gone. How'd you do?

    No deer for me but it wasn't for the lack of opportunity just havent see the "One" yet. Highlight of the weekend for me was being there for and helping a buddy when he shot his buck Saturday monring. Oh and the hot tea and "crumpets" oatmeal snack cake was pretty good too ;).
  6. Yea but hated to see him suffer any more than he was already. Hard to sit there and watch him with his up just staring at me ;).
  7. JohnP

    Got my buck

    Yup, usually make sure I step in a pile or 2 on my way to the stand but ever since the farmer moved the cattle to this pasture 3 weeks ago I havent seen a deer but before that I was covered up. The buck I shot yesterday was on another property with no cows ;).
  8. Continued...... Unfortunately as you can see from the pic the shot didnt kill him quick and he managed to kick himself around in a perfect circle before I could reload the crossbow and get a clear shot at the vitals. Which I did get the clear shot he gave up the ghost 10 seconds after 2nd bolt entered his chest cavity between his front legs and exited thru his back clipping the heart and center punching a lung. Like I said he'd managed to kick himself around in a perfect circle and left a blood donut in the field. Solid 9 point with 1 1/2 kicker off the back of a browtine. same buck in velvet earlier this year.
  9. To keep with BH's cattle theme I hunted Saturday morning and no deer movement but the beef wouldn't leave me alone. Hunted one stand, perfect wind, and the cows camped out with me for 3 hours. Decided to mooooove to another stand 400 yards away on another ridge and wasn't there 30 minutes and the cattle found me again. Waited another hour or so and no deer so called it quits for the day as the Mrs. had afternoon plans. On to Sunday morning. Woke at 0500 and the rain had literally just stopped, looked at radar to confirm and it had and was moving out of the area (not a fan of hunting in the rain ). Was up in the stand and settled in at 0545. Sat there for 2 hours with nothing moving till out the south across the middle of the field a yearling is frantically running across it zigzagging with nothing chasing it. About 15 minutes later he comes running back the way he came. A buddy had texted me @ 0810 asking if I'd seen anything. I was literally in the middle of replying to him when I see a doe standing in the middle of shooting window. (Picture for reference of what my shot window looks like from the stand which is set back in the timber 5 yds 20 ft up a pine tree). Also need to say I've been put on the injured reserve with a recent shoulder injury so that explains the crossbow or I'd be shooting the ol Switchback. The doe passes the the shot window from the left to the right and then coming straight at me is what I've called "Niner" . He stops at 25 yds facing me and just the left of the cedar branch on the right side of the window. He turned slightly quartering hard towards me and on 2 steps I wouldn't of had a shot I'd feel comfortable taking so put crosshair in front of the front right shoulder hoping it exit just behind the front left shoulder. Solid rest, squeezed the trigger, and watched the bolt connect thru the scope. Well guessing he turned slightly into the shot as I hit him about 6 inches off mark up on the neck and lodged the broadhead in the front part of the opposite shoulder however the shot did drop him in his tracks. To be continued with a reply to this post as I've limited out on pics ;).
  10. JohnP

    Got my buck

    Awsome story and congrats on a stud buck Marty. Getting ready to post my story, may include my run in with cattle as well ;).
  11. Shortly after 10 am this morning the old bridge was imploded right beside the new generic looking bridge. Underatand the safety concerns but still sad to see it go. Pics are before and after screenshots off KY3 FB live feed.
  12. JohnP

    K dock 10/05/18

    Monday I started out grafting fish qnd vertical jigging but couldn't get anything to hit so went to trolling the flicker shad on one rod and crawler harness on the other. Kept getting hits on the crawlers but never would hook up, guessing it was blue hills packing the worms.
  13. JohnP

    K dock 10/05/18

    Congrats Brother Dave. Son and I had a good afternoon Sunday putting 4 quality eyes in the livewell, shortestes being 21 inches and didnt tape the others as we knew they were over 18 ;). Grafting fish on the flats and dropping spoons on them. Caught several of them stickin' green fish and a couple bluegills as well. Monday tho was another story and couldn't buy a bite.
  14. Cut carp filets make for some good catfish bait which is another use I use em for after shooting them.

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