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  1. Bull Shoals

  2. Bull Shoals

    Winter series tourney out K Dock with one going on today.
  3. Something happened today, although not to me directly but got me really thinking about if it was to happen to me would my wife or kids really know where to look? No names and not passing judgement as this could of happened to anyone of us and just glad it had a good outcome as it could of been much worse. Decided to go fishing on Bull Shoals for a few hours this morning and had originally planned on putting in at Beaver Creek but decided to stay closer and went to K Dock. As I was putting in a female and a male approached me asking which direction I was going and if the female could ride along to look for her husband that she hadn't heard from since yesterday and confirmed that his truck and trailer were still in the parking lot. Said he normally fishes down around Mincey so had a general area to head to. Parked the truck as Waterpatrol was pulling in. Talked to the trooper briefly , said they had Western and Central checking the upper end and he was waiting on a spotter to assist with checking down from there and the the female and I headed down lake to start looking. Didnt make it quite to Hogan when a boat came around the bend back up the lake. Not thinking it would be who we where looking for we flag them down checking to see if they might of seen something when the female jumps up and says that's them. Turns out they spent the night on the bank after they got out of the boat yesterday sometime and it drifted off. One of them tried to swim after it but realized it was a lost cause and swam back to shore. After a long cold night they managed to flag someone down after daylight who was able to help them track down there boat and head back. Glad they are safe and back with their loved ones as this could of had a completely different outcome. The part that got me thinking was yea my wife generally knows where i put in when i go fishing but wouldnt have a clue on which way to go from there.
  4. What's Cooking?

    Looks mighty tasty Marty.
  5. Blessed with another awsome sunrise and busted a flock of geese off the pond that we'd hoped might return but never did. Very slow day numbers wise but of the 8 ducks seen we managed to drop 7 between 3 of us and the 8th left missing a few feathers by 11am before calling it a day.
  6. Just a day at the marsh

    Looks like a good day indeed.
  7. First hunt of the season

    No complaints from me. Some get worked up about only shooting greenheads with the 2 bonus birds, I'd rather shoot a good mix of ducks any day.
  8. First hunt of the season

    First one I was 1 for 1, went down hill after that ;).
  9. First hunt of the season

    Think she's just sticking her tongue out at me just to be a knuckle head, crazy pup.
  10. Thought we'd see more hoping birds were pushing with the front but it wasn't so. Very few birds seen but did manage to harvest a mixed bag "couples" limit, mallards, shovlers, and bluebill drakes and hens. Good morning to be out non the less with a good friend.
  11. Disregard, duplicate post and cant figure out how to delete it ;).
  12. ....... even it's not what they are designed for. Perfect height on the trailer to be used to fillet crappie and blugills, bigger fish I may need to strap a board to it ;). Started trolling the drop off channel edge from the K dock ramp on up about a mile before heading up lake and sinking some minnows. Had a few short hits and caught 3 spots in the 12 to 15 inch range while trolling. Only was only able to stay out a few hours and managed bring home 8 crappie and 1 bluegill. Water temp 55.5 and all fish were caught in the 10 to15 ft range in 15 to 20 fow. Only could catch 2 out of each school and then they'd get tight lip, move onto the next school and same deal. Caught 3 on 1/16 oz jighead tipped with a live minnow and slow rolling back to the boat and had several hit but couldn't get a good hook set. The rest were caught under a float set at 12 to 15 ft.
  13. Absolutely beautiful day to spend a few hours on the water and drown a couple dozen minnows. Fished between k dock and beaver targeting Crappie and managed to put 5 in the livewell and lost atleast 10 either at the boat or in the brush and 4 bull blugills. Focused on chunk rock banks fishing minnows in 12 to 15 fow. Water temp was 55.7. Little windy to start but manageable in the tin tank. Released the 5 back to be caught another day and was blessed with a awsome sunset for the boat ride back to the ramp.
  14. Archery season. Think I’m done!

    I'll keep an eye out.
  15. Archery season. Think I’m done!

    Congrats on a awsome season now onto the ducks, if they ever show up ;). Hope to run into you sometime this season, what boat do I need to keep an eye out for ;).

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