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  1. Left my shotgun leaning up against a tree after a 2 plus mile hike out of the timber on U.S. National Forest not realizing until we got back into Forsyth after a successful turkey hunt a couple years ago. Most relieved I've ever felt was pulling around the corner and seeing it right where I left it leaning up against the tree still and then passing another pulling in as we were leaving.
  2. Monday had a bird gobbling every time I called and getting closer just to have a guy hunting the neighboring property down the hill from about 150 plus yards shoot him. Dont know if he was coming to me or him but frustrated with that and cows so called it morning and did some driving around. Tuesday hunted public land and lucked into a good bird. Get set up and as soon as I hit the slate bird gobbled directly behind me up on the ridge. Never gobbled again but about 15 minutes after I heard him fly down he ran out of the woods passing by me at10 yds and went straight to the strutting and kicked its butt. Didnt strut until after the whooping which in turn I let the Franchi bark and released the #5's. 23lbs, 10.5 inch beard, and 1 1/8th inch spurs. Smoked up the breast yesterday for dinner. Bacon blanketed and smoked with applewood.
  3. JohnP

    Walter (walleye) Chowder

    That didnt take long @BilletHead ;).
  4. JohnP

    Walter (walleye) Chowder

    Your welcome Marty.
  5. At @BilletHead request 8 slices bacon 6 tbsp butter 3/4 cup chopped celery 1 large sweet yellow onion (chopped) 5-8 sliced red potatoes 1/3 flour 6 cups milk (add more if needed) 2-3 Walleye filets In a pot cook up about 8 slices of bacon I usually chop them up before cooking. (Chunks) After it's done set it aside. In the same pot add butter, celery, and onions. Cook until soft. Then add your flour cook for about 2 to 3 minutes. Whisk in the milk slowly and then add the potatoes and bacon on low to medium heat. Cook until potatoes are just about done. Add chuck walleye, salt, pepper (to taste) and cook for another 5 to 6 minutes until fish is done. Then enjoy
  6. Yup, thar it should. I'll post it in the proper forum ;).
  7. My wife's not a big fish fan but she went back for seconds of the chowder and made sure I'd written down the recipe ;).
  8. Caught half dozen walleye Sunday morning in 2 hours from 2am to 4am off the bank. Only 2 keepers (19 and 21 inches) the other 4 were in the 16 to 17 inch range. Had a couple good hits on the jerk bait but couldn't get anything to stay hooked. All fish landed were on a pearl slider with a slow steady retrieve. Been hearing quite a few good reports and some good fish caught over the past few weeks. These 2 made some might tasty fish chowder ;).
  9. J-doc or any else that might know? I have Lowrance Hook5, little over a year old and starting having issues with reading shallow depths (single digit when I know I'm in over 15 plus fow) after I come off plane. Tried shutting down and doing a restart, which takes for ever but it seems like the only thing that works is to unplug the power cord, plug it back it in and restart. Doesnt do it all the time but seems to he occurring more frequently. Any thoughts on what might be causing it and suggestions on fixing it other than buying a new one?
  10. JohnP


    Congrats Marty!!!!
  11. JohnP

    Next Season

    Ok, was going to say if your down this way Gavin in the Branson/Forsyth area I'd take you but I couldn't promise any good duck hunting ;).
  12. JohnP

    Next Season

    Where about you located Gavin?
  13. Here ya there. Pond that has produced for us the last 4 years only produced something like 3 ducks and no geese this season.
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