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  1. No fishing 1st week Nov?

    As far as I can recall, the lodge is open during the down-time. I know the restaurant is open. There are other options for places to stay if it's closed. For example, a friend of mine has a place just up YY on airbnb - http://bit.ly/2gmgzrI
  2. No fishing 1st week Nov?

    Correct - same as every year...
  3. Mobile Home Park (not RV) near Montauk?

    Listing in Montauk Village - https://www.trulia.com/property/3255884018-114-Private-Lane-602-Salem-MO-65560
  4. Mobile Home Park (not RV) near Montauk?

    Ahh, didn't know that!
  5. Mobile Home Park (not RV) near Montauk?

    I don't know of any mobile parks in the area. The Mobile dealer in Salem is fairly new. There was another dealer in the same location that closed their doors a few years ago, and then this operation sprung up a year or two later.
  6. Fished a bit today

    Very nice! Look for Persimmon trees > watch and let me know what you see if a persimmon drops.
  7. Work has started at Baptist.

    That's a lot of improvement since Sunday!
  8. Work has started at Baptist.

    Went by Sunday - no silt barriers. Everything was tapered off towards the river.
  9. Used one time, a Colorado XT Pontoon boat WITH a K-100 K pump (a $75 accessory). $285 OBO. Excellent condition. Located in StL. PM me for phone.
  10. Work has started at Baptist.

    @awhuber , what's the url for those plans?
  11. Copperheads in the park (PSA)

    Me too. Water snakes are bold, cottonmouths not. This little feller posed for a pic, but never made a move towards me...
  12. Copperheads in the park (PSA)

  13. Copperheads in the park (PSA)

    Saw 2 Saturday at Parker, another a few weeks ago. A few months ago a girl was bitten on 6520 near lower parker school while walking up the road at night in flip flops.
  14. River at Parker

    Looks to be prime for almost anything if the reports of hatchery trout being washed into the river are true...
  15. River at Parker

    Photo from 12.28 at Parker

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