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  1. Vinegar /water worked good for me on lund
  2. eyeman

    Lead line

    Tadpoles and dipsy divers get down with less line and not near as much rise and fall in turns and curves.
  3. Nice rig mike, now to dirty it up with a nasty big wally. You and lmt out have all the money. Enjoy
  4. eyeman

    walleye 6/29

    On the subject of erie walleye here are last weeks catch
  5. Built this for mine since bow is so high
  6. Maybe you need to get bait at mcdonalds
  7. eyeman

    4/23 walleye

    Good job , and glad to see you are putting some back for me to catch. Thx
  8. eyeman

    4/11 Walleye

    Looks like you are doing good with the fishing so far . Maybe sometime in the next few weekends i can make the drive from OK
  9. eyeman

    4/11 Walleye

    I wish i had a job like yours , fish during the week
  10. Probably wait till about early may . I'm goin down to broken bow and fish there first . Its a little warmer there faster I'm hoping
  11. I will b there , fun fish tournament , in june, time to catch some fish , yak about it and mayb fry fish at walleyed mikes place or mayb at southwinds etc basically fun outing and BS
  12. You bet mike, got back friday, each of us got a 12 and 10.5 lb. Boated 25 on thursday threw back 13 sows up to 10# ,had a ball . Kept limit of eaters . Goin back june 24,25,26 . The times i have been there you haven't been there . I drive a blue and gray lund 1800 fisherman . See ya on the water
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