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  1. magicwormman

    Clunn gets it done!

    Don't quit your day job! It looks like a great job from our views. If you followed these guys for one complete tournament, especially the ones who surrvived the cut, it would wear you out. It has to be a tough game for the young guys who don't have sponsers picking up the tab. I think some are still sleeping in their trucks and living on junk foods. Even with someone picking up all expenses, which is very uncommon these days (unless Daddy is paying) it still is one tough job.
  2. magicwormman

    Clunn gets it done!

    It led me to deep blue! Great stuff! It's tough to get old, but better than the alternative!
  3. magicwormman

    Best Wiggle Wart Replacement Hooks

    Now RPS, you are not suggesting that fisherman would steal from fellow fisherman. I always thought that any theft concerning fishing tackle had to be kids. Many years ago, I had a neighbor kid take a tackle box from my boat sitting in my driveway. Before I even discovered it missing, he got to feeling guilty and returned the box along with a note with a apology for taking my box. He even signed the note. My, how times have changed! You always seem to come up with good advice. It must be your teaching instict taking over! Oh yes, I agree the Daiichi deathtraps are the best! Has anyone seen them in a #5 treble? I think the stock hook on a wart is a #5.
  4. magicwormman

    Wiggle Wart

    I totally agree! I actually like to buy old beat up warts and try them out before sending them to Tim Hughes. He is the best in the business and paints lots of baits for several Pros all over the country.
  5. magicwormman


    # 303 carpet spot cleaner. I buy mine on Ebay and it works GREAT!
  6. magicwormman

    Shot my personal best deer.

    Very nice Hunter! The only problem now, is how to you ever improve on that? Congratulations on a great buck!
  7. magicwormman

    10/24 North Indian, Cow, and a lesson in between

    Thanks for the report! I love your picture! That's the beauty of fishing the Rock, catching fish is a bonus! I agree with Quill, sometimes they will hit a spoon or dropshot. Many times I've experienced the same thing. They just can't be fooled with any lure. I guess if you really think about it, if we're eating fresh fish and someone throws us a hot dog, would we be interested?
  8. magicwormman

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    That is just crazy! That would leave a bad taste in your mouth! I just can't understand people in this day and age. I truly think the root cause is poor parenting and the lack of Christ in your life.
  9. magicwormman

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    I have fished a few BASS events (in the old days) on both sides. My personal experiences were better as a non-boater, than the boater side. When I fished as a non-boater, I had great partners and even won a event on Table Rock (2008). I ALWAYS insisted that the boater accept my cash, as I know how much his expenses are to fish these events. My experience on the boater side was the fact that a few guys wouldn't even offer to give gas money, at the end of the day.
  10. magicwormman

    Talble Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 9-25-18

    Absolutely! Once the big boats leave there is some awesome dropshot fish in that area. I believe that it has the best SM fishing as well.
  11. magicwormman

    James River boundaries

    Welcome Rodmaker! The James is a interesting lady! She has to be a lady, as she is as unpredictable as any woman that I know. She can be sweet and giving or just plain tough as nails. I live pretty close and am willing to share what little knowledge that I have
  12. magicwormman

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    My personal best LM was 9.10 taken on a jig from dogleg cove (just past pt. 5) in April, 1985. I have caught a 8.50 taken on a jointed thunderstick in Goar hollow since the fish kill. I believe it was May of 2007.
  13. magicwormman

    Flutter spoon questions

    My money says that Bass Zone put up the 5 Grand. It's a great publicity stunt. Can you imagine inviting a guy into your home, giving him you spoons, and giving him YOUR 5 Grand!
  14. magicwormman


    If you don't mind close neighbors it is fine. Good location and close to the best pizza in Missouri, Reeds Spring Pizza.
  15. magicwormman

    Live Watson vs some other guy on TR

    http://basszone.com/1on1/sprague-vs-watson/ if you want to see the competition. I loved the format!

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