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  1. It's getting slightly better. Definitely better than our area pt.13 and 14
  2. That was a good move. I live between 13 and 14 and it's the dead sea! After getting blanked on 3 straight trips, I pulled my boat today and am going to greener pastures tomorrow!
  3. Were they catching anything way up the James?
  4. WOW! I bet that fish gave you a ride! I have never heard of a striper caught in this area. It looks heavier to me as well!
  5. Great job! Great effort! Under these conditions you did great. I understand why you chose not to fish up the James. It is really tough up here.
  6. I'm not saying is tough here.......but My partner and I have blanked the last 3 outings. I think I need to pull my boat and attempt to find some better water!
  7. I think it actually got a bit better today. Visibility is up to 5 inches!
  8. You can make it, but be careful! Lots of big trees floating everywhere.
  9. Took this picture off my deck a few minutes ago! This is mid James near pt. 13. Stay safe!!
  10. I had the same story in mid James. Even with the same lures!
  11. That makes me feel a little better! I don't claim to be a great stick, but 0 bites in 2 trips have me searching for answers. I threw sb and rock crawler with absolutely no love.
  12. The mid James between pt.13 and 14 is loaded with logs and debris. Be careful out there as some of the floaters are huge. I guess I need some tips from Champ because I blanked on my last 2 outings.
  13. I just line up the ditch diggers! I like to spend my free time fishing or stroking Vernon!
  14. I always tell my friends that there honey holes are safe with me! I can't remember what I did yesterday! Getting really old is not ALL bad! Most of my friends still take me to their GAR hole!
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