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  1. Very nice! That fish would get you a nice check in the big bass derby!
  2. I'm thinking you snuck down and started to show your power! Oh well maybe I'll learn to flip this year! i'm
  3. Iowa looked tired! Illinois has too many horses! They look like a final 4 team to me!
  4. I think your prayers are a little late! Once again our reservoirs don't have the capacities for our Spring rains.
  5. The big ten will make the final 4 this year! Michigan and Illinois are both respectable and Iowa could be a sleeper.
  6. 918.79. We haven't had near the rain that Springfield has had, but we all know that their water runs south!
  7. The pleasure was all mine Cheese! I've fished with a lot of good sticks in my day (I'm old) and Chris is definitely in that group, as a fisherman and a human being! I learned a trick or two about fishing a jerkbait! I'll share a boat with you anytime!
  8. Great job, Quill! That is a awesome day with 40 degree WT!
  9. Some people just have to be casting and winding! I always thought the jerker worked best around 50 degrees. I was out the other day and only caught one short dead sticking the little guy. With 40 degree WT I would guess they are still in shock. It's the same as some who fish shallow (under 20 ft) most of the year even when the shallows are a desert! No offense Champ! I know a few guys who have won boats fishing shallow! If there is one testimony for fishing deep, I remember in the OLD days Charlie Davis and his partner won a boat on Bull Shoals jerking a spoon! I struggle enough fishing where
  10. Or You can always lower your standards and fish with the Spoon dog!
  11. I ran across this jerkbait while sorting thru some of my addictions. Can anyone tell if this was a custom color? On the back of a plain package it said Jester.
  12. Probably not for a few days! Looks better by the weekend!
  13. 3 inches so far at Spoonyville. Supposed to be 50 degrees a week from tomorrow.
  14. How did you do on Center Hill? I hear it is a pretty good lake!
  15. 1/8 oz. is what I have. I bought a estate from a fisherman who had a bigger sickness than me. I have several cards of these baits. Someone thought they could catch fish!
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