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  1. Bill, I think most of us on this forum know the challenges of fishing, especially during the summer months. Our expectations are much lower than they are in Spring. I personally don't use live bait and have always said that live bait is for women, children, handicaps, and OLD people. Right now I qualify for two of these categories. I will let ANYONE who want to use live bait to fish them in my boat. I even encourage it in the Summer months, especially for the inexperienced fisherman. I wash the crawlers and put them in wet newspaper and keep them cool. This also cuts down on the mess for the people, as well as the boat. I think most people are just happy to learn a few things and catching fish is really a bonus. I think both you and Beck have proven that over your careers. A guides personality and patience is what separates the successful guides from the rest!
  2. My neighbor called me this morning and told me about a fish kill on the James. I informed him that I was taking my Granddaughter and a friend tubing today and I would check it out. We tubed between Cape Fair Marina and point 13 and saw about 20 crappie and a few catfish floating as well. Has anyone else seen this on different parts of the lake?
  3. Hope you guys have a GREAT time. I'm sure it will be a wonderful getaway for you both! We expect lots of pictures, especially the sheefish! I took my bride on our honeymoon to Alaska last July. It only took me 9 years to get her there. I had to make sure that she was a keeper! We spent 2 weeks in Denali, Homer, and Juneau. We were not disappointed at all! I did get a few opportunities to fish. We caught Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Rockfish, and Double Uglies. Safe travels to you and Phil!
  4. You are very welcome! The pleasure was all mine! I enjoyed your company and learned several things as well.
  5. Bill is right-on as usual. I live down Y and know that by car I'm 25 mins to Aunts Creek down a very crooked road. You could idle to campers pt. quicker. Oh by the way, no fish there!
  6. My first question is what part of the lake is your cabin on? That will determine a lot of things. Unless you're willing to trailer a ways or go for a long boat ride it could change things. We recently had 5 inches of rain and are still seeing some logs floating in the rivers. SM will be easy for you, especially if you are fishing the dam area.
  7. Remember this Bill, we live in a broken world today! There is always that 1% that will cause trouble, no matter what you say or do. When you have people in Congress that act the way they do, it sends the wrong message to some of our people in this country of ours. You just have to let it go and chalk it up to another experience. My sympathy to Becky, as she certainly didn't deserve this negative feedback.
  8. The real name is Carney Branch. I would start right at the Marina and work south. You will find suspended fish on almost every point or secondary point on the entire lake. Give me a shout sometime and I will be happy to take you out.
  9. No, I fish mainly on the Rock and there are not many lunkers left! I do know they are popular in the North for the big toothy critters!
  10. Same up the James! We fished from 6:30 A.M. to 7:15 and never had a bite. We saw several boats fishing and never saw a fish caught. I was telling some guests that they always bite before a storm. It shows what I know!
  11. One day I will prove to you that I am THE GUY!
  12. The Ned works everywhere! shhhhhh, it's a secret. It just does not get the coverage as some of the pretty high $ lures. I give you credit, a beautiful young lady and the Ned, you have it all!
  13. I'm the guy! $2.50 each and I don't care how they work! I know a guy.................................................................
  14. It looks like a pretty nice home! He could put me up anytime! I would give a nice referral!
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