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  1. Yes and yes! None will match size of the Jaws in the big waters. You just have to play the weather or you can't get out.
  2. This is my favorite! https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Duckett_Jacob_Wheeler_Series_Spinning_Rods/descpage-DJWI.html
  3. Check out MLF live this week. The guys are fishing Sturgeon Bay and most are really wacking them! I would take a look at Sturgeon Bay as well as Mille Lacs in Minnesota. They are both amazing fisheries!
  4. I don't think they were biting today. Fished for 2 hour this A.M. and never had a bite.
  5. Sorry Bill! Look at the bright side! Now the rest of don't feel quite as bad knowing that everyone struggles sometime! That's what drives us! If we caught them every time, we would lose interest real quick.
  6. Check the reviews! Not the Shimano quality of old!
  7. Not to mention the HEAT!
  8. Thank You for your help with our economic recovery! I have been doing my part as well. I have collected lures most of my life. I just tell my wife that all those pre rapala warts are our IRA!
  9. The little rig + clear water = a happy girl!
  10. https://agfax.com/2020/05/15/miss-river-floods-army-corps-of-engineers-sued-over-management-dtn/
  11. Well rainmaker, I sure hope you're catching some fish! Some good has to come out of all this rain! What day are you leaving? Just asking for a friend!
  12. You left out the beloved Ned rig?????
  13. I'll take her! She usually catches more fish than you or me! Plus she is a breath of fresh air!!!
  14. Might be cheaper to send Vernon back to Kansas!
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