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  1. Dave told me there are no fish in Schooner!
  2. Nice fish! I'm surprised that someone didn't mug you and take that fish! I have never seen so many boats in my life, up here on the James!
  3. Great job! Nothing like catching them on top! That SM had to be a blast!!
  4. Larry Walker takes 10th one hour with a 6.01 than 2nd the next hour with a 6.01..............hmm, must have caught identical twins.
  5. Great trip! That was amazing catching them yesterday! I worked on shore line clean up yesterday near point 13 and talked to several fisherman and everyone down here were struggling.
  6. That is where I buy mine. I normally get 4-5 years out of the pro guides.
  7. If you decide to sell that 521C let us know. I may have a buyer for you.
  8. I know Champ can respond for himself, but I'll throw in my two cents. The main reason the Arig is frowned upon by so many good fisherman is that any rumdumb, like myself can catch big fish with little or no SKILL. This time of year it levels the playing field for all. There are many deep fish caught as well and most novice fisherman don;t know how to take care of deep fish. It just gives too big of a advantage to the Arig slingers.
  9. My guess is they are still suspended in deep tree in the mouth of spawning coves, waiting for the temperature to rise. They are stuffed with the recent shad kill and can't get another thing in their mouths. Better days are comming, like the full moon in April!
  10. The bite must be alot better down there. Very few boats up the James.
  11. How big and what's the price?
  12. If you want a resort my choice would be http://www.indianhillstablerocklake.com/ The main question is what part of the lake do you want to be on? Also do you want a house or Resort.
  13. He has the opportunity to be a mentor and hero to young anglers and he does this. Go figure! Man up and be a role model!
  14. I use 100% braid on all my reels. I prefer 15 lb on my spinning reels. I use mono and flouracarbon strictly for leaders. Braid last forever and I like the sensitivity of braid.
  15. Don't quit your day job! It looks like a great job from our views. If you followed these guys for one complete tournament, especially the ones who surrvived the cut, it would wear you out. It has to be a tough game for the young guys who don't have sponsers picking up the tab. I think some are still sleeping in their trucks and living on junk foods. Even with someone picking up all expenses, which is very uncommon these days (unless Daddy is paying) it still is one tough job.
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