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  1. No, I fish mainly on the Rock and there are not many lunkers left! I do know they are popular in the North for the big toothy critters!
  2. Same up the James! We fished from 6:30 A.M. to 7:15 and never had a bite. We saw several boats fishing and never saw a fish caught. I was telling some guests that they always bite before a storm. It shows what I know!
  3. The Ned works everywhere! shhhhhh, it's a secret. It just does not get the coverage as some of the pretty high $ lures. I give you credit, a beautiful young lady and the Ned, you have it all!
  4. I'm the guy! $2.50 each and I don't care how they work! I know a guy.................................................................
  5. It looks like a pretty nice home! He could put me up anytime! I would give a nice referral!
  6. These guys are ALL amazing! I'm impressed how they manage their time! They are like a well oiled machine! I get tired just watching them! I can't believe that two women working for the DNR stopped Cody Meyer for a fishing license. That had to be frustrating for him to waste all that time, when EVERY second is important. Maybe they were hoping for a phone number!
  7. The best of the best! Yet he has never won on Table Rock lake! I knew with the conditions on Wednesday, he was in serious trouble. Bright sun and very little wind is a bad combination for KVD. What amazes me the most is he doesn't even try to change up and try to slow down, finesse fish, or go up the rivers to find some colored water. I guess when you're KVD and worth 8 million, you can fish any way you want! Congratulations to Jacob Wheeler for a awesome performance!
  8. Mr. Phil is a class act, as well as you Mr. Randy! Good luck and God bless you in the next chapter in your life!
  9. Next trip, just send Kathy down! I'm sure plenty of us real OLD guys will take her fishing and maybe even spring for a few shows. She just might to be willing to leave the RAINMAKER home for that deal. She would also enjoy seeing a little sunshine while she is here!
  10. Make em PAY Vernon! You got the power!
  11. Be aware that his home sits about 925 elevation. The good new is our house sits about 200 feet higher! I just love a challenge!
  12. I would jump all over that offer, Vernon! Beautiful home on the James River! Plus Jim and I can take turns taking you to our secret gar holes!
  13. I really believe that we can come up with a all inclusive vacation somewhere on the Rock sometime in August!
  14. WOW! With these guys coming back at the end of May, the numbers will be even higher. The topwater bite should be much better. It will be a blast to watch, especially with the new hours. The dropshot bite will be even better. I bet Aaron is smiling now!
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