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  1. This is strictly hearsay, but I heard the boat with the father and son turn in front of the other boat at the last second. I heard the driver of the other boat, saw the boat and thought he was going around him. Heard that he never had time to turn the wheel! Who knows, maybe the father had a heart attack or medical condition. I had a friend a few year back that had the same thing happen, except he was in his truck. He met a truck and the driver had a massive heart attack and hit him head on. Both men died in this horrible accident. One reason to have a relationship with our Lord and Savior! In
  2. WOW! So sad! Our thought and prayers to all involved! Just another reason that we ALL need to be ready to go!
  3. I sure wish you would have came in mid August! We were praying for rain! Better late than never!
  4. Well it has been pretty dry and the lake is almost back to normal! So welcome to our little slice of heaven!
  5. The majority of the buoys on this lake are for this reason and NOT designed to moor a boat (especially a 24 footer! I guarantee that all the people that think it's okay, have never had to pay to replace one!
  6. I guess that is the price we pay for SPOILING our children and Grandkids! These generations feel they are ENTITLED to do anything they want at everyone's expense!
  7. I didn't have a problem with them swimming! I was even going to let him tie up to our dock if they like. I just don't want to retrieve the buoy from across the lake or worse yet break the cable!
  8. These wake boats are getting out of control! Most of them have no respect for anyone! I have taken water several times this year in my 20 ft. Ranger. This last week I was down at our dock cleaning up my boat and I noticed a wake boat with 5 young people tie up to our buoy , while they were swimming. I kindly asked the young man what he was doing and he replied that he had tied up several times to that buoy. I informed him that there are several trees to tie up to or use a anchor. His reply was, I'll be gone in 30 minutes! I informed him "or less"! I don't think these young people realize that
  9. Great advice Bill! I'm sure working for Marcus Sykora, he has a great mentor and a great tournament fisherman. I think Marcus just might send him in the right direction. It's a tough game without a few sponsors!
  10. Thanks for the awesome report! Good luck in the next chapter ( I think you should have bought the boat first) of your life! Marcus is quite the stick! Does he include fishing seminars as well as job training?
  11. My Grandson lives in Wisconsin and wants me to go there next May. Them 4 lbers will be over 5 full of eggs!
  12. Yes and yes! None will match size of the Jaws in the big waters. You just have to play the weather or you can't get out.
  13. This is my favorite! https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Duckett_Jacob_Wheeler_Series_Spinning_Rods/descpage-DJWI.html
  14. Check out MLF live this week. The guys are fishing Sturgeon Bay and most are really wacking them! I would take a look at Sturgeon Bay as well as Mille Lacs in Minnesota. They are both amazing fisheries!
  15. I don't think they were biting today. Fished for 2 hour this A.M. and never had a bite.
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