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  1. It is downright looney out there!

    Now, That's a great story! Not too many people have taken a loon fishing. It appears that he was not too happy that you weren't feeding him fish for lunch.
  2. Big Bass Lure In The KVD Tournament?

    My partner and I fished from Cape Fair to point 12 with Arig, rock crawler, ect. including the kitchen sink. Probably the toughest two days of fishing that I've ever seen in a long time. We never boated a fish over 2.1 lbs and very few legal fish. I guess we need some serious lessons.
  3. Fishing with mr.price

    Good mentors are hard to find in today's world! You are blessed to have one and especially to work for one.
  4. White bass running yet?

    We fish Saturday up the Kings and only caught 5 small males. Another week maybe!
  5. Any reports on crappie or whites?

    I was up by the 86 bridge on Saturday. We only caught 5 small males. That is all we saw caught was small males. WT 54 degrees.
  6. New fishin stick

    Good looking rod! One little problem..........You can't catch any crankbait fish around KC! You got to find the nasty looking stuff like the Kings or James.
  7. You can teach most men to fish, but to teach a trout man to bass fish is a challenge!
  8. Upper End. March Primer 3-8-18 Report

    Great report and pictures! You've done everything except setting the hook for ALL of us, especially those fishing in the Derby. I regret that I can't make the derby! Maybe next year.
  9. I need to thank everyone here

    Trust in God my friend! The good news is that as long as she believes in our Lord and Savior, she's going to a much better place!
  10. 2/27/18 Trip Report - Diamond City

    I fished Big Creek yesterday and we only had one bite on a jig and missed that fish. Threw ARig, SB, jig, and ned. Water color was decent with the mud line directly out in front of mouth of cove.Lots of dying shad.
  11. Bank Fishing

    Great advice! I would also throw the ned and a dropshot. It won't cost you much if you have to break off. Most of the fish are deep right now, in 25 to 40 ft. of water. They are following the shad in the deeper water. The late afternoon bite has been the best for me. You might even catch one on topwater if they're busting shad.
  12. The lake be dropping

    In the olden days, they always dropped the lake about 10 feet. This always helped make room for the spring rains and aid Mr. Browning in building rock and brush piles. I think in the last few years, it's more about the need to generate electricity.
  13. Fizzing?

    We've been catching a few fish from 30 to 40 ft. deep on ds and spoons. They seem fine as long as they are released immediately. You ALL know that I don't catch any picture fish, so mine are back in the water very quickly.
  14. Boat Detailer

    Check out this old post:
  15. Why can't I find the big ones?

    SB's will always catch a few fish on this pond if you wind them long enough. I think it's a good big fish bait at times, but it's never ALWAYS the best mouse trap. Only time and experience on the water will enable you to have confidence in a bait. This is the greatest fishing forum that I've ever seen, with some outstanding advice from MANY really good fisherman. The knowledge that they are willing to share is priceless!

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