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  1. I have 30 rods for sale. Everything from GLoomis on down. Both spinning and casting rods in various lengths and action. Also a few reels for sale too. The more you buy the better the price. Call or text Ken at 417-527-247O
  2. I heard the only difference is the paint job. I'm sure paint adds weight and sensitivity loss as well.
  3. Great job Dutch! Them are awesome! You're a better man than me, as I can't throw that bait that long.
  4. How many of you guys are fishing carbonlites? A friend got me hooked on them and I am very impressed! I was always a GLoomis or Shimano guy for years. If any of you guys are interested in them, shoot me a PM.
  5. Two years ago I was driving my 4 wheeler down to our dock, while the COE was doing their dock inspection. The first words out of the young mans mouth were, you got a handicap permit for that thing! I replied no sir, but I can get one as I have a disability. His reply was, you better get one because the next time I catch you without one it will cost you $100. I'm sure this guy was brand new on the job and he had a young female partner that he was trying to impress. I believe everyone over 75 does not need a handicap permit, but I was only 72 at the time so I went to the trouble of getting one!
  6. Great job! I bet you didn't have to fight to get on a spot either!
  7. I'm not sure what I did, but it's interesting!
  8. Buzzard and Piney! Did you have a pass to fish those waters?
  9. We tried to give our blood at the First Baptist in Branson, as they had a blood drive this last Monday. I called just to make sure and they would not take our blood. If you're a covid survivor in this area you must make a appointment with Community Blood Center in Springfield. They only take your plasma and return your blood back into your system. They told us the procedure takes about 90 minutes. My wife and I have appointments next Tuesday. They are begging for this plasma, so if you know someone who would give this plasma it would be great! They say this plasma is saving lives every day! He
  10. Sorry, I didn't see your post. We had to get our Primary Doctor to give us paperwork and than make a appointment at Quest Labs to check for the antibody in our blood stream in Branson.
  11. My wife has a lingering cough! I have a few lung issues. I get short of breath a lot quicker than normal! Thank God that we both survived it as we are both in our 70's!
  12. BEWARE!!!! My wife and another couple went to visit a friend who was in the hospital for 3 weeks and home for 2 weeks. They all went into their home.......bad mistake! All 3 came down with covid and than my lovely wife shared it with me! I had a lighter case than my wife. She was sick for 14 days, but I was only sick for 6 days. We both had no energy the entire time and I had the NASTIEST taste in my mouth. I couldn't even drink coffee and I lost 9 lbs in a week! We self quarantined for 3 weeks and than went to get the antibody blood test and we both tested positive. We are going to Springfiel
  13. Only 6 anglers caught limits both days is what I meant to say. Now that is some tough fishing! I see the local boys are doing well!
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