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  1. Bill, you are just a wealth of information! I thought you just knew everything about fishing! I'm beginning to see why Beck like to hang out with you!
  2. I'm going to see if he will take me out on Thursday and show me. What does your neighbor charge?
  3. Great start! If I was marooned on a Island and could only have one bait, it would be the ned rig! They eat that bait 12 months a year! Not the most entertaining method that I like to use, but day in and day out it's hard to beat. I do miss hearing from our good friend Dave who helped make this lure famous!
  4. I think you nailed it Bill! It's not so much anymore about the kill, as it is about the hunt! It's all about spending quality time with friends and family!
  5. You can always adopt me! At 73 my chances to outlive you are quite remote! Better yet have your wife let me know when the garage sale starts!
  6. Stick with us my friend! We will solve all your problems of your kids fighting over your money when you're gone!
  7. You are still the MAN, even though we don't get to hear from you very often. What is your weight preference for most of your spinning and baitcast reels?
  8. I have converted to braid on 100 % of my reels! I like 10 lb on a spinning reel and 30 lb 0n my bait caster. I like to use a fluorocarbon leader on any lure that is on the bottom. I had broke off on a few fish with braid and I felt that the braid probably got nicked on a rock. I love the fact that it lasts so long. I have some that has been on the reels for 3 years and still works great. I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages!
  9. The Ned catches them one way or another!
  10. When the going gets tough................break out the Ned! Right Dave?
  11. If only the bass would be as aggressive!
  12. Great pictures! Yes, I think they are hooked for life! Don't you think that Bull Shoals has a much better population of walleyes?
  13. Yes, but one of the most popular posters on this site! Everything has a price, don't you know!
  14. We don't hear much about walleyes since RPS, Randy moved to Oklahoma. The last time that I caught any walleyes was by accident, while spoon fishing for bass.
  15. Common sense tells me that it would still work!
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