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  1. Great pictures! Yes, I think they are hooked for life! Don't you think that Bull Shoals has a much better population of walleyes?
  2. Yes, but one of the most popular posters on this site! Everything has a price, don't you know!
  3. We don't hear much about walleyes since RPS, Randy moved to Oklahoma. The last time that I caught any walleyes was by accident, while spoon fishing for bass.
  4. Common sense tells me that it would still work!
  5. Yes, I think he's the best! But he's never won a derby on the Rock. Makes me feel a little better when I get humbled!
  6. I think there is a big derby out of the State Park this coming weekend. That might account for some of the traffic with guys practicing.
  7. Let me know if you decide to book him. The entertainment might be worth splitting the cost with you!
  8. You might have to hire Bill for a whole day in YOUR boat just to train you on your electronics!
  9. You did all that running and never took your bride to flat Creek! Shame on you! That's the best part of living on the James! I can almost smell their broasted chicken!
  10. Thank You Bill!, It's a bit refreshing to see the good sticks struggling as well! It was so tough for me that I pulled my boat to do some serious cleaning. I realize that better days are right around the corner. Vernon must be coming down, as I see we are finally going to get some rain!
  11. Bill, you continue to amaze me with your valuable info! I know that you will get your reward some day! Keep those reports coming. They motivate a lot of us who are struggling! Thank You!
  12. The Rock has humbled all of us at one time or another! Welcome to the group of many. September may be the toughest month of all!
  13. You're STILL the man! Awesome fish Bill! You received one of your heavenly rewards early!!
  14. Great job Bill! NO ONE is more deserving than you!
  15. PRICELESS! Great report and even better pictures! You made memories that will last forever! I think you may have hooked more than fish!
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