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  1. Are the whites up the rivers yet? Coming down sunday for a week. Going to fish the big three. have not heard anything about the whites
  2. Just got back from 4 days on the Kings. Plenty of Crappie to eat, whites to wear your arms out, and Wed plenty of the Big Green Ones to play with! Caught 10 keepers and plenty of shorts. Bomber A turned out to be the ticket.
  3. trytofish


    Anyone been up the Kings in last couple of days? Heading down Friday and was wondering if it was still all trashed up.
  4. Thanks! Be down Friday for 5 days.Looks like I will have drag more stuff down with me! Looks like one more trip to Cabelas before I go!
  5. For the sake of sounding stupid, What is a Rock Crawler?
  6. I remember doing that with my dad in the late 60's. Good times!
  7. Did you have to modify a mold? I been looking for the right mold with no success. Took a bullet head mold and filled in the bait holder with JB Weld. Worked ok but not the best. Still tweeking on it. It would be nice just to find the correct mold. Real novice at pouring so be gentle.
  8. I am having some trouble try to locate the right jig head for the ned rig. I have been taking a shakey head and flatning it out with a hammer and seems to work ok but would like to try the right ones I gues. Any suggestions on where to get these and what there called? thanks
  9. Whatever you do don't put that snow shovel away! You know what will happen as soon as you do! Nice fish. Fun day!
  10. Call Bob Luellen @ 1-800-339-1235. All they do is boat ins. Saved me over 1/2 and better coverage. I had always had American Family and was amazed of how my policy was full of holes and fine print.
  11. I spent 4 years on a submarine and I can tell you it really didn't make much difference what was happening above the surface, it was what was happening below that counted. I apply the same to fishing, worked out ok so far!
  12. KVD can afford any boat he wants, but he chooses a Nitro! It must have a HydroWave on it though!
  13. Whats a good deeper diving jerk bait. Havent having much luck around here finding any. I am one of those people that have to hold it in my hand rather than ordering from a catalog or website. Any suggestions would help.
  14. Quillback. Would you mind telling me how you rig the tube?
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