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    Started fishing Table Rock Lake 55 years ago. I love it more now than I did then.
  1. 2/13 Report

    well done....
  2. February 8, Eagle Rock to Big M

    Awesome Quill......I'm chomping at the bit to go. Maybe next week.
  3. 2017......Stockton Fishing Year in review.......

    Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall........the fish bite good at Stockton. Can't wait for this arctic front to move on so we can get back out there.......
  4. 2017......Stockton Fishing Year in review.......

    Another thing I like about Stockton.....it is such an awesome "multi-species" lake. We catch a little bit of everything..........actually, we catch a LOT of every thing.....Great lake!!
  5. 2017......Stockton Fishing Year in review.......

    For a guy that doesn't have a boat anymore, I get to fish quite a bit. I have several buddies that are already retired and are always ready to go. Bill even let's me borrow his boat so I can take the family out too. How awesome in that??? I love to catch fish and always catch my share, but it is a lot of fun getting the other guys on fish too. What a fun hobby..........(obsession)
  6. We had a great spring this year before the floods came at the end of April. In fact, we were having the best spring in several years. I saved 2 limits of the biggest whites over about a 7-week period and had a few real nice fish fries.......the rest of the time we just played catch and release and had a ball. The whites at Stockton seem to get bigger and more ferocious every year. They are a blast to catch. We had great year on the blacks too and caught several walleye. We are definitely looking forward to the 2018 season.
  7. Big M

  8. Friday, 12/29

    Well done....
  9. Boat ramp question

    Kitty litter or ashes out of the fireplace.....
  10. Fun cold day crappie fishing

    Great job guys......
  11. Are there Blue catfish in Stockton?

  12. Slabs!

  13. Are there Blue catfish in Stockton?

    My buddy Gary caught this one back in September of this year.......11lbs..
  14. Gary and I launched the Charger at Cedar Ridge Thursday 11/30 at 7am sharp. Water temp was 52* at the ramp, 50.7 under the bridge. Started out with a Ned Rig and caught some nice bass while the sun was still low in the sky. As it got bright the bite slowed some but we still manage to catch several. Then, when the sun was low in the sky again that evening, we thrashed 'em pretty good. We caught large mouth, small jaw, whites and drum......we had a ball. Most came on the Ned but a we also caught several nice fish on a fire tiger wiggle wart and a little 3/16 oz white rattle shad.....love it.
  15. Tough Crappie Wednesday

    We have all the confidence in the world that you'll figure it out Dan. Always enjoy your reports and your videos.....

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