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    Started fishing Table Rock Lake 55 years ago. I love it more now than I did then.

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  1. Steve McBasser

    Annual Fall Camping/Fishing trip to Stockton 11/1-11/3

    Dan....I subscribed to your youtube channel and watch you videos all the time. You ain't got nothin' to be envious about.....you catch lots of fish too. Always good to hear from you. We plan to be there again next year Deadstream.....come join us.
  2. For the last 8 years in a row, the guys in my Sunday School class have done a fall camping and fishing trip to Stockton. On Halloween day some of us went up early and set up camp so when we got there on Thursday we could go right straight to fishing. The weather was cold, rainy, and blustery, so several of the guys stayed home Thursday, hoping for better weather on Friday and Saturday. Gary and I are pretty hard core, so we went on up and commenced to fishing at about noon. The first hour and a half we skunked out so we decided to find something different. The second spot paid off good and we put several nice, chunky bass in the boat. We were planning a big fish fry Friday night so we kept what we caught. After the bass played out we decided to run out onto the flats and see if we could find some of the whites. That turned out to be a good move too as we immediately began catching those big sow whites. Just as we were packing it in for the day, and heading back toward the ramp, the sun popped out and set the fall trees ablaze....it was awesome. Gary and I thought we were the only ones that braved the weather but as we pulled up from the ramp toward the camp ground, we saw two of our buddies pulling in too. They had been to CC all day and had thrashed the whites pretty good too. So....the 4 of us had our Friday night fish fry for 14 guys coved already. Friday morning started out with a hard rain and we thought we were in for another soggy day. But the rain passed quickly and left us with a heavy overcast and a strong breeze. As the rain quit some of the other guys started showing up so we shuffled things up a little bit and paired up different guys to fish together. My Sunday School buddies don't get to fish that much so we were just looking for lots of bites. We went back out on the flats and by this time the wind was howling pretty good. It generated an awesome bite from the whites so we stayed with them all day. Its a good thing we were just playing catch a release or I would still be there cleaning fish. That evening we had an awesome fish fry. Saturday some of the guys had to head back to town so we shook things up again and I wound up fishing with a guy I had never fished with before. We went back to the spot where we had caught them Friday but I had bragged too much about where we had caught them so there were a couple of boats already on it when we got there. We let them have that spot and we headed up river a couple of miles. OH MY GOSH!!! We found the mother load of the big whites and they were chewing hard. We caught a couple of limits apiece, easy. We had doubles on 6 times. Wow....what a trip.
  3. Steve McBasser

    Cape Fair - up Flat 11/3

  4. Steve McBasser

    Finally a good day

    Awesome Dutch......so glad you caught 'em. I know it was fun for the new guy. Thanks for sharing.....
  5. Steve McBasser

    Come on consistent wind

    I have caught whites on Stockton when it was VERY windy, when it was dead calm, and when it was in between. Sure, if the wind is blowing from one direction for days at a time it will pile the bait fish up on one side, and the whites will be all over them. Anybody can catch them then. Just learn to go with the flow. It keeps you on your toes trying to keep up with them, but its still a ball. The wind direction can change 10 times in a day, you just have learn to follow the fish. Gary and I went Thursday and we had to move around a lot to stay on them.....so that's what we did. We even caught a few walleye, blacks, and drum to keep us entertained. Don't miss out waiting for the fish to come to you......
  6. Steve McBasser

    Greenfield access

    Yes.....I just launched there a couple days ago with an 18' Ranger....no sweat.
  7. Steve McBasser

    Gotta love Stockton.....

    Sounds like another "mixed bag".....
  8. Steve McBasser

    Gotta love Stockton.....

    It seems like we always catch a real mixed bag of fish every time we go to Stockton anymore. My buddy Gary had back surgery (again) and is still recooperating so I had to go fishing by myself. I prefer a partner of course but with Gary out of commission and Dollar Bill out of town...... at about 11pm on Wednesday evening I decided to go by myself. The alarm was set for 5am but I woke up 20 minutes early so I hopped up and put the coffee on. The closer I got to the lake the denser the fog got. It was a little bit challenging to get the boat launched by myself but with all the seats folded down in the Pilot I was able to crawl through and do what needed to be done. The fog had me stymied for the first hour or so, so I fished close to the ramp. No worries, I caught a limit of whites while the fog was thick just hanging close. When the sun finally burnt through the fog it got bright and hot pretty quick. No worries again.....the whites don't seem to care so I caught another limit over the next two to three hours. Wound up with two limits of whites, 25 largemouth, 1-walleye, 1-crappie, and an eight pound carp. By this time I know you think I'm telling stories.....that's why I always take pictures. "No pictures...it never happened." Now to throw another monkey wrench in the "believe it or not" works, I caught everything on my 5' medium light extreem bass pro rod with 4 pound test line, with a 3/16 oz bass pro XTS rattle shad...... It was a great day.
  9. Steve McBasser

    Cape Fair 5/26

    nice fish cheese man. thanks for sharing.....
  10. We also caught a nice walleye and some green sun fish.....no cats this time. Had a ball....The bass were kinda crazy. We caught some of them on a ned rig, some on a grub, on a crank bait, a wacky worm and a jerk bait. The pattern was......they were bitin'. Some as deep as 14', some on top as soon as the bait hit the water. My best bite was slow "stitching" a hula grub but I also caught some really ripping a jerk bait. I liked all of it and apparently, they did too.
  11. Steve McBasser

    Shell Knob - 5/25-5/28

    Welcome Steve.....The Shell Knob area is awesome for sure. I have been fishing there regularly since '74. Mr. Babler is right, top water is amazing this time of year. Go early......

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