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  1. Gary and I have been wanting to go to Stockton for weeks but the water has been too high. We took a chance and ran up there Wednesday and to our surprise we found it very fishable. Put in at Mutton Creek and ran up toward the mile long bridge. The fish were very active everywhere we went. We wound up with 4 or 5 keepers and a couple of dozen dinks.....we had a ball. Water temp up in some of the flatter creeks was around 90*. Main lake was 83-84*. We caught 'em on the ned rig, a wacky worm, small top waters, and the little flat rattle bait. Can't wait to get back up there.....
  2. Gary and I are going to hit it on Wednesday.....if we do half as good as you guys did I'll be tickled.....
  3. I like the guys at the Marine Repair Center too. George, the dad, was awesome back in the day. Looks like he taught the boys right. They do great work and charge fair prices. I don't know what else you could ask from a repair shop.
  4. well done guys.....love the nigth bite. Especially with the big pretty moon out.
  5. Met a couple buddies yesterday at 4:15am. Headed to Campbell Point. Launched about 6am. Air temp was mid 70's already and the water temp was 86*. I would guess low 90's air temp in the afternoon with brutal sunshine. I mean it was intense....Managed to eek out a few biters but nothing to brag about. I tried all the typical hot summer baits to no avail. All I can say is.. "thank you" to the ned rig folks.......they're still eating it.
  6. Then on Tuesday I went with Gary. We did a little better because we focased on the bite Harry and I found on Tuesday. We did just the opposite of what Harry and I did on Tuesday. Gary and I didn't even launch the boat until almost 1 in the afternoon. We started out fishing that 16 -18' range but the water was coming up fast so we bumped it on down to 20' and kept getting bit. We had a ball.
  7. Went with Harry on Thursday of last week. Left the house before five but got hung up in a fog bank 3 miles south of Aurora and had to creep all the way to the lake. We were totally socked in with fog until 9 or so. We were hoping for a top water bite but couldn't make it happen. We threw everything we had at 'em until about 2pm. Found a grub bite at 18 - 20' and started catching them pretty good. We quit about 5:30 just because we were beat. I had woken up at 1:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. It got pretty hot in the afternoon but when you're catching fish you can put up with it. Water temp was right at 80 and the air temp was well into the 80's. The water was pretty clear considering all the rain we've been getting. Hope ya'll are getting to go too.
  8. well done Merc......I'm looking forward to a night trip in the next couple of weeks.
  9. The brown ones are special......well done.
  10. we are going to try to make a habit of it. It was a ball .....
  11. We catch them occasionally by accident on the Ned Rig......
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