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    Started fishing Table Rock Lake 55 years ago. I love it more now than I did then.

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  1. Steve McBasser

    January Crappie.

    Awesome......well done.
  2. Steve McBasser

    Deep fish

    Love the deep spoon bite...
  3. Steve McBasser

    Double Limit by 11:00! 12/17

  4. Steve McBasser

    Crappie in the drizzle! 12/13

  5. Steve McBasser

    Wednesday 12/12

    Awesome guys......glad you got to go.
  6. Steve McBasser

    December 12 bass report

    Good job.....I can't wait to go again. Been WAY to long....
  7. Steve McBasser


    well done gentlemen.....I hope to get out there soon. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Steve McBasser

    Report 11/24

    I launch at both all the time without any problems. The north ramp is better during really cold weather because it thaws out faster.....
  9. Steve McBasser

    Bass fishing pick your poision

    Sounds fun.....good job.
  10. Steve McBasser

    Report 11/24

    Awesome....... Love the jerkbait bite. Glad you caught 'em....
  11. Steve McBasser

    11/24/18 mixed bag

    Nice .... well done Dan. I had to work all day. Couldn't wait to get home to see who all went.....Glad you were able to get out.
  12. Steve McBasser

    Turkey Day Slabs

  13. Steve McBasser

    Bluff crappie

    Ok bfishn.....now my head hurts. I just want to know if the fish are biting or not......🙂
  14. Steve McBasser

    Bluff crappie

    Hey Straw Hat....thanks for the scientific input. Its been a LONG time since I was in school but I have fished every fall for the last 45 years. Whether it starts to turn over, or the temperature equalizes from top to bottom, or whatever is going on, when the water temp drops below 50* is usually when I have noticed the grey dingy water, sour smell, and tough fishing for a week or two. And.....I thought it was at 39* that it stopped mixing. And that the water on the bottom would remain around 39* as the surface freezes. Otherwise, if it continued to mix, it would freeze from top to bottom at the same time......I am going to research this again.
  15. Steve McBasser

    11/18/18 crappie and bass.

    He doesn't know what he is missing for sure. I've had some cold weather trips where a spoon was the only thing I fished all day and absolutely loaded the boat. For some reason many bass fisherman are too proud to throw it. My goal when I go fishing is to put fish in the boat.......spoons are famous for doing just that. I ain't too proud.....I'd throw a vienna sausage if I thought it would catch fish......just sayin'.

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