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  1. bassinjackson

    Crappie Bite

    Was also up sat and the bite was extremely light for me too. Did catch quality fish on minnows but very light bite. Liphunter find brush and drop minnow.
  2. bassinjackson

    Great day to be on the lake

    Did better than I did today. We had our chances but couldn’t keep them buttoned up. We caught topwater fish all day as well however only had one fish that came out of water deeper than 5 foot.
  3. bassinjackson

    latest on stockton

    I do fish an occasional tournament and my brother fishes many. I C&R almost always but will keep a few bass here and there to eat as I’m no crappie fisherman by any stretch. I can’t really tell much difference in bass, crappie,walleye, perch as I always cut up into small pieces and give em an oil swim. I have no problem if others do the same within the laws and regulations. There are already to many laws about what I can do with my body, who am I to judge what fish someone else should keep. Just hope all that’s kept gets eaten and not paraded around in coolers to bars and neighbors then pitched out when bragging Time is over. To each there own.
  4. bassinjackson

    Roark Bluff

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2017/03/10/second-amendment-may-be-restored-on-army-corps-of-engineers-land/ found this this morning, maybe they will wake up.
  5. bassinjackson

    Roark Bluff

    All jokes aside can you really not take a pistol with you to a Corp body of water? If not I’ve been illegal many many times without ever knowing.
  6. bassinjackson

    Big Bass Lure In The KVD Tournament?

    I talked to the winner at the dock when I weighed in the last hour and just wanted to say that he was just the kind of guy that you would hope to have win it. He was understandably a little nervous of a big fish to be coming in and beat him out but he was a great guy in my opinion. He told me that he did in fact catch it on the RC for what it’s worth and I believed him as I didn’t see him as a liar. Congrats to him on the win!
  7. bassinjackson

    Water clarity

    Thanks for the info went to the rock today may head to pomme next trip. Appreciate the responses.
  8. bassinjackson

    Water clarity

    Wanting to make the trip up from Rogersville and was curious of water clarity before I make the drive. Hoping it’s not still choc milk. Thanks in advance.
  9. bassinjackson

    Where to launch

    Put in at state park fished 8-3 ish. Tough for us had one keeper Kentucky fat as a hog with pincers hanging out of gullet that hit a spoon in 30 fow that was it. Talked to several others at the ramp that had tough day also. One guy had six keeps but he was the outcast. Water was clear and 51 with no debris seen from state park to back of Indian. Great day other than no fish.Indian point was dingy color but not muddy at all. Ramp was clear and courtesy docks were pulled up to ramp. No reason not to go guys. Good luck
  10. bassinjackson

    Where to launch

    Forgive me champ but I'm not familiar with scout camp ramp. Are you referring to long creek?
  11. bassinjackson

    Where to launch

    Planning on getting out Saturday hopefully and was wondering where to launch in the dam area. Saw that someone had said state park was where they put in, was just thinking we could all keep each other informed on where and how the area was that we put in at if we go to save others time and headaches. I will post my trip if I can trick the wife into thinking it's safe enough to go.
  12. bassinjackson

    Anything biting shallow?

    Fished around Indian point today. Caught em on windy points in less than 10 ft. Warts and grubs.

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