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  1. To reply to tjm, the reason I thought it should not is because I always read the conservation partner rules and was clear that the other tags and minor permits are not part of it. If the trout "Stamp" is included, and it is truly a LIFETIME permit. I see it as a screaming bargain. When a resident is 65, you no longer need to buy a license, but the trout tag must still be purchased. If for $35 a 60 year old can purchase a Lifetime fishing permit; yes the annual fishing permit is maybe just about break even for 5 years, but the trout tag puts it over the top...and if it continues for life, i
  2. Yes, This is where I am confused. The Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Permit says "NO". But it you go the next Item on the website, Lifetime Fishing Permit (Residents Only), It clearly states in the "Notes: This permit carries the same privileges as the Resident Fishing Permit AND the Trout Permit". The lifetime resident small game permit is consistent, in that, it also includes additional permit privileges that the "Conservation Partner" permit does not.
  3. Does the lifetime fishing permit include a trout permit. It seems like is should not, and I thought that it did not. If it does, is it scheduled to sunset or expire.
  4. Thanks for all the input. Very informative. And, to answer Dutch, this case would be glass ferrules, but it sounds like there is much more to the question than making a solid contact than what I had thought.
  5. If I glue a 2-piece rod together (well), is the sensitivity similar to a 1 piece rod? Or, does it just increase it some or not at all? (Not necessarily an upper Taney question, but lots of expertise here). Thanks for any input.
  6. Straw hat, do you think the type or size of minnow had a lot to do with your success? Were they minnows that you trapped?
  7. Has pseudomonas flourescens CLl145A been considered as a possible alternative to the copper sulfate treatment?
  8. Will there be any winter fishing seminars for 2015? If so when will the schedule be available?
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