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  1. The shape of the hull and how it displaces water has more importance to draft than weight. A flat bottom boat will have a shallower draft than a v-hull boat of the same size and weight. Think of a knife edge and something that has a flat surface. Both weigh the same and are about the same general length. The knife edge will cut through the surface tension of the water a lot faster than that flat surface. Displacement is the key here. Yes, my Tarpon can be a real pain in the backside trying to put it up on my van by myself. Especially if it's windy. But I manage. I imagine you are talking about lashing gear to the top of the yak up near the bow? I guess the first thing to do is load the tankwell and the in-hull storage area first. That will kinda balance everything out. And I really don't think I will ever try lashing a keg of beer to the front of my yak anyway. But a properly balanced load on a yak will act like just like a canoe. It will just give it a lower center of gravity.
  2. $19.95? Really? Gotta be one big package of junk. I know I've seen some cheap setups at Walmart, but I'm sure they cost more than that. They were rated for 5-6wt, but they looked the size of a 10-12wt. I think someone would be better off renting and getting something they can actually cast properly with .
  3. A lot of fly shops rent ready to fish equipment. What area are you looking to fish and maybe we could help you better.
  4. A kayak will draw less water than a canoe. In plain english, a kayak can go through shallower water than a canoe. My yak is set up to hold two rods ready for fishing. I could add a few more rod mounts and have more rods at the ready, but I find two rods is efficient for most of my fishing. I can carry more rods in the hull if I want to, but that would mean getting out to get them from the forward access hatch. Fising streams where I can just beach the yak is no problem, but out on the open water of a lake, it's kinda hard. I do have an access hatch just forward of the seat, but getting a rod in and out through it, may prove challenging. As for what I can carry as far as gear is concerned, I can carry a lot more than you canoe guys think I can. The space inside the hull goes from the front of the yak to the back of the yak. That's 14' of space. Plus there is the large tankwell area behind the seat, and an area up front to lash gear to the top of the yak. See Tarpon 140 here.
  5. The best itme to fish CC is during the week. I rarely see anybody fishing during weekdays. Gotmuddy and I used to fish it on Mondays and we rarely seen anyone else out there. On a side note, I'm not sure what is going on with the gage at Kelly's Slab. It seems to be stuck @ 48cfs. I honestly think the gage is not working properly.
  6. Isn't that the whole idea of debate over the nuclear power issue? "What If"? Japan is just a recent example of what can go wrong, even when the experts say it can't. The last I heard, the water is topping the levees near this plant in NE and they are trying to shore them up by building more levees around the plant. Like I said, it may or may not happen this time, but the reality is, it will someday, somewhere. For that reason, I am standing by my belief that nuclear power plants should be fazed out and alternative energy should be studied, improved and funded.
  7. I never said dumb people would like it. Or understand it.
  8. Yes, I have used the magnets and you don't have to worry about losing your net. You will actually have to pull to get them apart. Something like 7 lbs of force to seperate them. It's a good tug. But if you're worried about it, connect a lanyard betwen the handle and a D-ring on your vest. That way you can even let go of the net and not lose it, while you hold your fish after it's done thrashing around in the mesh, removing scales and protective body coatings.
  9. If I do lift them, I keep the gripper on the lower jaw and place my hand under it's belly. Or, once the hook is removed and the fish is less likely to thrash around, I'll belly grip the fish, release the gripper and lift the fish. It operates just like a pair of pliers. One end is looped to ease opening and closing. Mostly I use it for catch and release where the fish stays in the water. It's easy to use and to me is a lot less harmful to the fish. Here's a good review of the product. Unfortunately it does not include all models. But it was a seller to me. The Special Blend model is the one I bought at Blue Ribbon Fly Shop in Mountain Home. It costs less than the aluminum model, but it works just as well.
  10. I suppose it's ok for goverment to enact and enforce environmental laws so long as it suits your needs? My point is that some people think that those nasty "LIBERALS" are always trying to force the public into doing something that is good for the environment (that's why they're known as "tree huggers") at the expense of the rights of the property owners. Conservatives are caught in a Catch-22 here. Either they uphold the conservative values of government not getting in the way private property rights, or they uphold the liberal idea of clean water. That is what "LIBERAL" has to do with it.
  11. Until the water crests over the levees and kills the power to the cooling units. I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but it could. Nuclear power is dangerous and should be done away with. Germany has taken the lead on this and is shutting down all of it's nuclear plants. When will the rest of the world wake up??????
  12. The Japanese kept saying there was nothing to worry about too.
  13. Looks like it would be a real pain the arse if ya had to paddle upstream for any reason.
  14. Hopefully you got some t-paper while you got them in your hand.
  15. Decided to put other things aside and get out fishing today. I got to the creek around 10:30 and began casting a white Gurgler. Caught quite a few smaller size bass (nothing over 12") from the bridge all the way down stream to just past the park area. I then waded upstream a ways and tied on an olive Circus Peanut. Didn't have any luck with that so I moved back upstream to where I started with the CP and changed over to a size 4 black conehead crystal bugger. I managed to catch a couple more smallies from a deep run along the far bank. It was about 3:00 when I decided to call it a day and head home. I guess the worst thing I caught today was the sunburn on my neck and shoulders. Starting to blister and sting a bit now. But at least I had some fun fishing.
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