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  1. Having seen them in at least 4 locations from just below Gaston’s all the way down to Cartney and in sizes ranging from 4 to 10 inches makes me believe they are established. I am not the least bit concerned about them becoming over populated. I think the Brown Trout will keep them in check.
  2. Ham

    Well I’m Home

    Get Well Soon Oneshot! I hope your Son gets better news and a bounce back to health. Msn, you’re dealing with a whole lot right now
  3. I’ve been living on Struggle Street when it comes to Brown Trout
  4. Lol, looks like John missed Yellow Bass, again. Here’s a better warmouth pic. I guess I feel like there are more species because I am layering Saturday’s fish on top on the Texas Tour.
  5. I have not been on Bull in months. I would focus on two types of areas. Creeks going back looking to find groups of Shad or 2) Main lake Bluffs looking for my Little brown balls of hate
  6. Del Colvin is catching them. It should be getting better as the water temperature drops. I hope you do well.
  7. It was Fun running into Pete. Pete is definitely right on the money about the river being crowded. John quit counting at 60 something boats, but we saw closer to 100 boats. John and I came home from Texas hoping to get some micro fishing in, but recent rains made us swap over to White River. We still caught some micros and some unusual stuff. We didn’t get Big Numbers, but we had a Big Time.
  8. so Day Two is winding down. I stop on a flooded tree top and we are. Both whacking lots of keeper crappie. BIG FUN! It eventually slows and I was just about to leave when “Big Fish John” strikes again. Gets a Thump and sets into a creature. His Jig Pole is bent back to the handle and fish fish is trying to change Zip Codes. Well Heck, I have a 24 Volt Trolling Motor for a reason. We chased it upstream and downstream. East to West and back again. John did a Great job with line management and kept as much pressure as he dared. You have to make the fish work or you will never catch them. Slowly BFJ got line back . Net is ready. Staring into the murky water for first glance of the beast. And then the hook pulled/failed.we were like 15 minutes into the fight. a fish that will haunt John forever was gone without ever being seen by us. I’m confident it was a > 20 lb Blue Cat.
  9. And yeah while I was trying to catch a Bowfin. I caught a 23 inch Largemouth on one of my Dad’s home made Spinnerbaits. My biggest bass in years. Truly a Big Ole Bass.
  10. So, let’s talk about my quest for a Swamp Musky. Seems simple right. Choupique are dopey. Aggressive biters when found. Easy peasy right. Wrong. Day 1. We go to a slough near our rental cabin. I’m throwing a little 1/4 oz Spinnerbait. BIG bite. Hookset. Bowfin comes up to the surface. Big thrash. Bait cones out. We work our way around the slough and I hang another one close to the boat when a branch is whacking me in the face. I could not keep it hooked. Day 2 i missed a bite or two that I am pretty sure was a Bowfin. I saw one clearly very close to boat. I flipped a bait near him and he took a half hearted nip at it and eased off. I made a move to Black Cypress Bayou. I flipped a Chain Pickerel and a chunky LMB. John jigged a Crappie in a unlikely place and on the way cack by the same top looking for a second crappie and instead hooks a Bowfin. Long Battle in tight quarters with 8 lb line and a Crappie jig pole. So Day 3 I’m pressing, but still hopeful. Back to the slough that I hung two Bowfin on Day One. Working along. Trying a Buzzbait for Bass and a Bowfin blows and misses it. Later, I see another one resting near a stump. We work our way around the slough. I’m catching bass on my spinner bait, but still looking for my Swamp Musky. Johnny Bowfin strikes again. Spinnerbait this time. He had hung one previously, but it shook off. Not this time. John played it well and we netted it up. Weather is starting to go south ; windy, temp dropping, and rain getting worse. I worked through various sloughs just hoping against hope. A long cold run to Little Cypress Bayou. It was shallow and dingy. But we were picking up a few bass on Spinnerbaits. We are both soaked to the bone and temp is in the 40’s with a chilling wind. I decided this was my last spot and worked my way back out. Spinnerbait gets crushed. Heavy fish. Heavy rolling. It came up and threw itself hard left and was Gone. Heartbreaking. I resumed fishing hoping against hope. I started flipping a Zoom Z Craw. Got a hard tick and fish swam st me. I set hard and fish flashed a little, but was not hooked. I’d bet $100 that was another Bowfin. That’s fishing. Sucks. I’ll keep trying.
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