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  1. Ham

    Tomato worms for bait?

    They turn into Hummingbird Moths. I’m thinking of growing tomato’s just to have the worms. Honest. I had one on my Pablano, but I think a bird got him.
  2. Fun paint jobs on those little fish. I’m proud of y’all for going the extra mile to catch fish. I bet you COULD micro fish with a fly rod. I mean more than you already have.
  3. “We will not take this road again.” Classic
  4. Ham


    I caught gills on drop shot very easily today. I didn’t get any of the read Giant ones, but it was pretty easy.
  5. Ham


    You can drop shot those big gills BTW
  6. Ham

    Best Excuse

    8/4 was HOT and the river was crowded and the wind blew. I fished with Griz for about 3 hours. I caught 36 or $144 dollars worth of trout. Full disclosure, one one the fish was a smallie. I didn’t fish the next day and I could have. I kind of regret that. Staining a deck on the shack.
  7. Ham

    G Loomis SR720 wanted

    Lol, you’re as bad as me. You got my SR720 already
  8. Ham

    Trout for Sale - $4 each!

    I think I would pay $4 to not eat trout.
  9. Ham

    Box turtle

    They will also go all medieval on a night crawler. They can move much more quickly than you would imagine. Shake that worm like a Jack Russell with a rat.
  10. Ham

    Elaztec Z Man ZinkerZ storage

    Super Dave
  11. Ham

    Who’s got who?

    The Sculpin Is NOT gonna win this one
  12. Ham

    How much water do I need at Bell Chute?

    That is a HOLE.
  13. Ham

    How much water do I need at Bell Chute?

    #FlexSeal tape
  14. Ham

    Pretty brown 7/29

    Yeah, I don’t trust the Norfork.
  15. Ham

    October Trip Finally Set

    Phil and Duane are usually dialed in. I would definitely suggest swinging by The Landing to get advice and whatever odds and ends you need for a successful trip.

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