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  1. It was Super high there too when they filmed correct?
  2. Wait..... 2072.....ehhhhh y’all gonna live on it? I went up to a 2052 and thought it was on way to beastly, but you Sir are going to have the SupaBeast !!!
  3. I bet you have a whole slew of areas I know nothing about. those TopWater boats are first class. You seem to have had a nice one. at some point, you need to show off the new boat.
  4. They need flow to keep the fertilized eggs viable. They run until they find flow. wind blown areas can work in a pinch
  5. Looks like it was lovingly stored when not in use
  6. Exactly the same and maybe worse, if I am exposed to a known COVID 19 patient, I still am to report to work until I develop symptoms. If I go fish in OK w/o stopping anywhere else in the state, 14 day quarantine
  7. Gnashing my teeth at travel restrictions from work
  8. I failed to mention that I was surprised by how little floating debris there was. I'm guessing that wind had pushed most of it to the wind blown side. You still need to keep you eyes open, but I honestly did not have to dodge very much of it at all.
  9. Didn’t measure, but much larger and heavier than the 18 inch meanie
  10. First fish. It will hit the grill soon.
  11. I launched about 0830 at Pontiac. Ramp wasn’t easy, but was doable. The courtesy dock was a little deep, but you could jump to it. Water level was approximately 676. As Fish 24/7 suggested, Spring Creek ramp (off HH) would have been the better choice. Lots of boats launched there and the parking was easier and better. mainlake water temps were 56. Water at ramp was pretty, but pretty stained above the confluence with Spring Creek. I saw water temp in the wind blown coves over 58 and as high as 62.5 in the way back of Spring Creek. I tried for Crappie and got no love at all. I did find some Nice LMB on spinnerbaits. Fish seemed to be suspended in brush. The bait had to be out of sight to get a bite. I tried flipping Jigs and beaver style baits into the bush, but I got absolutely no bites. I tried various crank baits on transition areas and got no bites at all. fish were so scattered. Fish I got absolutely freight trained my baits. I was in stained, but not dirty water. I had 10 inches of visibility or so in the areas where I got my 5 bites. pics to follow.
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