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  1. Lol, dang near hurt myself laughing about Dave talking about carrying less.
  2. I wish I could say that
  3. Or add that trailer. You'll have an easier time finding a plastic chunk.
  4. Looks good. I might would put a little more hair on it, but you've used them and should know what works better.
  5. its so funny the confidence games we play on ourselves. Color preferences become self fulfilling prophecies. Dirt is a very good color for me and I struggle with PB and J. I want to catch them on it, but I just can't get those Peanut Butter Vibes.
  6. This saddens me greatly. He will be in my thoughts and prayers. I'll try to contact him soon.
  7. Read and follow their instructions and you should have a much better experience. I certainly have ; I'm done with Loc Tite.
  8. Switch to Gorilla Glue Gel. Twice the cost going in, but 10 times the longevity. You can actually use a bottle up. I have never had a bottle get clogged. I did lose a bottle over the side of the boat (I think) one day. FULL Disclosure: I think the Loc Tite is a little better glue BUT the Gorilla Glue Gel is plenty good enough.
  9. Crofab is IV only. Must be reconstituted immediately prior to administration. There really is no need to tote antivenin in the field. You would be better off having an epi pen on the off chance that you would be allergic to the bite. Crofab is poly valent. It works for crotalids which includes rattlesnakes, cottonmouth, and Copperheads. It won't help for coral snakes or poisonous snakes from other countries.
  10. A Snake left alone isnt going to bite anyone either. Dogs are a much bigger threat to people in this country than snakes are, but most ppl frown pretty hard if you just roll up a start popping Caps into Fluffy.
  11. You're a Lucky Man. 11 Grandchildren is a tremendous Blessing.
  12. As a pharmacist, you should know that Crofab which is a sheep based antivenin has almost NO allergic reactions to it. The old Wyeth horse based product had tremendous allergic issues. Almost 50% of ppl had some negative reaction to it. no one should want to get take a hit from a venomous snake, but in this country fatalities are extremely unlikely and the new antivenin takes 99% of the risk out of using an antivenin.
  13. He found a snake. Nothing in the photo proves Copperhead. Again a snake harming no one. Easily removed. Knowledge is power. Ignorant makes you fearful. Dont anthropromorphise. The snake doesn't have your intelligence and scheming ways. He's just looking to survive. Grab a meal, protect himself from predators and regulate his body temp. Maybe hookup and make some baby snakes. That's about it. Man up and don't kill some5hing because you have an unreasonable fear of it. Hall can read. Educate yourselves.
  14. Why? It was not harming anyone nor a threat to do so.
  15. You act as if the COE is concerned about fishermen. It has been made clear to me in multiple conversations with COE personnel exactly how far down the list of importance fisherman are. Hint : we aren't Top 5.