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  1. Ham

    Logperch at Last

    They hates us.
  2. Ham

    Logperch at Last

    As opposed to Greensides which are the living embodiment of over cautious. darn things are scared of their shadow.
  3. Ham

    Logperch at Last

    Logperch are Cool! My first I caught on a Zig Jig. My second came on a Micro crankbait. CajunAngler caught one on a Ned Rig from Bull Shoals Lake! poor Livie always comes up short when it’s picture taking time. (Carp) fence lizards are really tough to catch once it warms up. A little easier when it is cooler weather. Congrats on the Log Perch !
  4. Ham

    Line Size Question

    Better than a pocket on a shirt
  5. Ham

    Line Size Question

    Line manufacturers aren’t real helpful. Look at P Line CX Premium
  6. Ham

    New member from Lakeview

    They have a website http://www.twinlakeswalleye.club/ they meet 4 th Tuesday of the month at Eastside Baptist Church you can email them at info@twinlakeswalleye.club Good Luck! And Welcome to the area
  7. Man, I was bumming, but now I’m Happy again.
  8. Ham

    Fishing update, as of 6/9

    🤨 Guilty as charged Your Honor.
  9. 😕, Please report that to AGFC
  10. Ham

    Howdy all...

    Love You Super Dave. I’m ready for all this to be a nothing more than a bad memory for you guys. God Bless
  11. Ham

    10" Crappie Length Limit

    If you aren’t opposed to scaling and frying them whole, the small Crappie are excellent. For better or worse, I grew up eating filllets.
  12. Ham

    10" Crappie Length Limit

    Crappie are a difficult fish to manage. In some lakes, it takes a long time for them to get to 9 inches. I set my minimum keeper length at 10 inches years ago. I also don’t keep them longer than 13 inches. But as long as people are following the regs of the lake they are fishing, I don’t care what others keep. I got a new Fish cooker for my birthday and I intend on frying fish a lot more often. My Catch and Release % is going to go down as soon as I use up the fish I caught last year.
  13. Ham

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    ,I have few laying around here and there in my stuff. I’ve literally NEVER caught a fish of any kind on them. Do they catch fish? YES, just not for me.
  14. Ham


    I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of > 672 water for the 2018 calander year. Im hoping to get on Bull a couple more times before I fully turn my attention to other fishing opportunities.
  15. Ham

    Maryland New Species

    Man, I need to travel more.

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