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  1. I'm fine with whatever anyone wants to do. On my list, I'm not doing sub-types of SMB, but I might do a geographically isolated sub species of trout. I will count a recognized hybrid like SaugEye but not the dozens of sunfish natural hybrids.
  2. 32) Rainbow Darter The struggle was REAL for a long time, but I improved technique and got more patient. Still way harder than bass fishing
  3. Beautiful Fish. darn Covid cost me my chance at those. For now
  4. Trashy water works against you in a lot of ways. I think the fish fill their bellies on food and algae. Your line and lures stay trashed all day. The trout can't see very far in the debris filled water. I look for the cleanest water I can and cuss a whole lot more.
  5. Well, I wish they would. Something else to try to catch, but natural predation, delayed mortality during Catch and Release, and people keeping them to eat are going to take their toll on that 2500.
  6. You should also plan on replacing tires routinely. Like maybe every 4-5 years. Not a mileage issue.
  7. Lane is a Good Fisherman. No Shame in being bested by him Plus I think you enjoy seeing him do well. Lane did really well fishing with me and I was giving his gear serious side eye. I know he was using mono and I don’t think he had upgraded the rod yet. I remember thinking that he would be outfishing me if he had the right gear.
  8. Is there any plan to stock more that you have heard of. I’m afraid I’m gonna miss out since I’m all over the board where I am fishing these days. Not a lot of days on the White right now.
  9. 31) Autumn Darter I've gotten better at finding and catching darters
  10. 30) Stippled Darter (Etheostoma puntulatum)
  11. 29) Pealip Redhorse (Moxostoma pisolabrum) I don't know if it's a time of year deal or what, but I got a couple of these relatively easily compared to my struggles in the past.
  12. 28) Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) pretty good pull on an Airstream complicated by being shorebound. I missed out on a Crooked Creek sleigh ride.
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