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  1. Yeah, they need the 2.0 in 1/4 oz
  2. I’m interested I. The Jewel 2.0 Gem Heads. I have t run across any yet
  3. 13 is more than I like, Especially during the winter time. 10 foot is as low as I like. 12 is as much water as I like. Others may love it at 13.
  4. Ham


    Most governments can’t be trusted to tell the complete truth. The Chinese government is worse than most governments. I am concerned.
  5. Exactly! I wanted to watch how they fish and learn. It’s become way to much manufactured drama. So much whining about how stressful it is. No entry fee. No expenses. Guaranteed profit Sharing. Whatever
  6. They lost me at “Skull Crusher”
  7. Gary Flippin at Rim Shoals Resort Knows that portion of the river VERY well. He offers a river taxi service. He could suggest areas to wade and get you there and back again quickly and inexpensively.
  8. I’m not a huge fan of the Loomis E6. GYCB had a great drop shot rod. I’m not sure it’s still offered I have a couple of Denali drop shot rods that work well also tgats a pretty fair amount to spend. There should be lots of good options in that price range.
  9. Well, you guys are a Dirty Rats too!
  10. Those Dirty Rats! That’s My Spot!
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