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  1. Ham

    What were they after

    Oh, it’s coming
  2. $1500 or best offer I wouldn’t be thrilled with that make do trailer be advised 36 inch bottom
  3. Got to give you Props Cody, you make those trips happen. Happy Birthday!
  4. It’s a nice enough lake, but you’ve got lots of stuff as Good or better closer. I have wanderlust worst than most and I’m not going back down there to fish any time soon. IF I were you, I would definitely try to find recent fishing reports from Ouachita online. Striper fishing can be good. All three bass in good numbers. Walleye. Crappie. catfish. Panfish. It’s pretty and has lots of islands.
  5. You might try watching the Classifieds on Baxter Bulletin online too. I’ll keep my eyes open for you. I saw several today, but not sure how easy it will be to find a 48 inch bottom boat though.
  6. Yo Pete lots of 18-25 inch Browns and way more >15 inch Rainbows. The new regs are WORKING Bigly.
  7. Hey guys I wanted to let you know there is new walk in access to the White River in Cotter just above Roundhouse Shoals. One of these days when there are washable water levels again, it might be really handy for some of us. Three distinct trails down to the water with nice steps. Good parking lot. A couple of picnic tables. And there is also the access down near the water treatment plant. I appreciate AGFC, Trout Unlimited, Federation of Flyfishers, and the City of Cotter for getting this done. I hope they are able to provide more accesses like this one in the future.
  8. D*** things are everywhere. Decide what you are looking for (length, width, year model range) and place an ad on Craig’s List, OA, Baxter Bulletin, and Harrison paper. You should get multiple offers. if you were local, I’d say drive around and look for negelected ones in ppl’s yards, carry a few $100 bills and drag home your “new” boat.
  9. Bull might be tough when the water temp is < 40 degrees and during the summer, but March thru June is great and mid October thru mid Jan is pretty darn good too. Hiring a guide in the different seasons is a Great idea
  10. You shouldn’t have any trouble. Excellent part of the lake. Man.....I’m a BassCat guy. I’d say Pantera 2 or Cougar, but that’s just me. Lots of boats will work.
  11. They were a week ago.
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