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  1. Please help me understand what you're saying here. What fish do you want eradicated? What fish do you want protected?
  2. Mountain Home Multispecies and Micros

    Hurry up with the next episode! I'm dying to read how Friday afternoon turned out.
  3. Mountain Home Multispecies and Micros

    I blame myself for her carp getting away. I broke my medium sized net and failed to put the big net in the boat. We were using my regular trout net and the circle hook that caught John's carp lodged in it. Livie had her carp on for a long time and it could have been landed with the bigger net pretty easily. Sometimes the fish win. I was really fired up by a double on carp though. stayed tuned sports fans. John has told y'all about the DRC part of the day, but there is a micro fishing afternoon on Crooked Creek yet to come in this Marty like epic.
  4. It's interesting having a shot at all four species, but honestly, it would be hard for me to argue for them to be stocked in Taneycomo. the Cutts want little bugs on the surface. We don't have well established hatches. Cutts seem to struggle getting to 12 inches. They put a token amount of Brookies down here. They stay closest to the cold water. Their colors aren't great and the get loved To death before they get very large.
  5. Dry Run Creek - 18Aug17

    Man, I had totally forgotten about the Chestnut trees until earlier today. I've got to pull it together. Yeah, Marty we need to make it happen. FTR, I encouraged Olivia to use the fly rod. What are the odds of that?
  6. Dry Run Creek - 18Aug17

    Wait just a minute John, she caught a couple much larger than 13 inches out of that tight spot with two outflows. She sure did have a lot of looks, but I understand that it is difficult when you haven't done much tightline fishing in flowing water. I hope she can come back down and hook one of the monsters that live there.
  7. Just want to thank....

    I've said it before what a blessing OAF has been to me. I have a lot of friendships that likely would never have happened without OAF. A big Thank You to Phil and a tip of the cap to others that post.
  8. That is a fantastic hopper pattern in your pic. Very lifelike.
  9. I had no idea the Fremont people were such Klaus Nomi fans.
  10. Grand Slam x2

    The Brookies weren't real large. The Warr was off color so the fish were a little washed out looking too. I was really surprised we caught 4 of them though
  11. 2 or 3 night July float - Help

    Am I overlooking Jeff's trip report?
  12. Prayers for Richard

    Thank You for keeping us in the loop.
  13. It is a fantastic boat and he really has it tricked out, but it might not be the best boat for the way Eric wants to fish.
  14. Grand Slam x2

    Well, I've had some amazing experiences that other folks set up for me. When I get a chance, I like to help other folks pass a good time on the water. Our friend Richard put me on a trip of a lifetime. He controlled the boat and got me in position to throw. He was thrilled that I caught fish. Every bit as Happy as I was catching them. So, I'm still paying it forward for that one.

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