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  1. I've not had that problem, but Super Dave sets the hook really, really hard with 6 lb line.
  2. Never you mind laundry woman.
  3. Nanofil is annoying in heavy wind, but I love it. The extra casting distance. Enhanced sensitivity. Long distance hooksets. Freaking awesome
  4. Thanks for the tip Pete. You cost me $100
  5. 2nd round is set. I'm especially interested in Pens vs Caps of course, but almost as interested in Oilers vs Ducks. Interesting to hear talking heads saying that Caps might expose the Pens D without Letang. I think the Pens could certainly benefit from having Letang, but they've had time to adapt to being without him. The Caps ran into a HOT Leaf goalie that made up for the Leaf D, but if the Caps didn't run roughshod over the Leaf's D, I'm not as worried for the Pens. Lets Go Pens!
  6. In regards to spawning fish, it seems like to me the SMB are less likely or at least a lot slower to follow the water up and spawn on what's normally high and dry. LMB not so much. Have you seen that in your years at TR?
  7. Gary and his wife do a really good job there. You'll be in a good spot. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and you'll have an awesome trip.
  8. Both are fun. Both are productive. I enjoy fly fishing and spin fishing.
  9. Boating is often the better option and boats are available at Rim Shoals. Gary Flippin also provides a water taxi service and can take you to areas to wade. Look back at older posts. Spin fishing is usually MORE productive than fly fishing if you can learn to use a Zig Jig.
  10. I'm sure the idea of being a guide is VERY different from the reality of being a guide. i suspect you'll have some great clients , some good clients, and some absolute turds. The costs involved and the time involved probably make the $400 guide fee = just a little bit more than minimum wage at the end of the day. I could guide trout on the White River right now. There are days I could guide on BSL, but a lot more days where I would be scratching my head and apologizing profusely. By the time I know enough to guide, I'll be too old to do it.
  11. Whoa now, there have been and will always be VERY good fishermen that don't want to fish tournaments AND I'm not sure dock talk means a whole lot. Guy might not hang with thiose guys. I would have Thought that a reduced rate for the first couple years was a reasonable idea to built a repeat customer base that a nd some version of no fish No pay guarantee
  12. My Dog woke me up at 3:30 AM and I thought "Pens beat CBJ".
  13. 1) Scarf joints 2) Stein has ALMOST as many fancy C clamps as Dave has Zinkers/Zeros 3) look forward to you being around more
  14. I disagree, Lots of people use squid scented candles for ambiance.
  15. That thought quickly popped into my head as well.