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  1. 24) Sauger (. ) Do I get extra points for actually fishing for Sauger when I caught it?
  2. I never hated them, but I might be starting to be less Mad at them
  3. I know a guy that can put you on a spot or two
  4. Ham


    Catching them big heads
  5. That one had been eating well For Sure!
  6. 21) Green Sunfish (Lepomis cyanellusi)
  7. 20) Dusky Striped Shiner a Really common Shiner around here that is Very similar to several other species that it shares the Creek with. I have a Love/Hate relationship with them TBH
  8. Why yes I did. 71) Channel Catfish on a Chatterbait
  9. 19) Brown Trout (Salmo trutta)
  10. Gizzard are fast but do not have much pulling power. I thought you understood the frustration of trying to hook a skipjack is akin to the frustration of Trying to hook a darter.
  11. This pic might be a little better.
  12. 18) Skipjack Shad (. ) just a little less frustrating than fishing for darters.
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