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  1. Ham

    Norfork 4/23

    I got to fish there once when it was a pay walk in area. Fantastic area. I hate that’s gone. People are dumb.
  2. I have two, but they are still both in pretty good shape. I will sell them. PM me with what you think is a fair price for two functional reels.
  3. Alberto knot for nano to leader UNLESS I’m being lazy. Lazy mode is surgeons knot with three passes instead of the two passes I would do if attaching mono to mono
  4. I’d wrap that bird in Blaze Orange Before I walked out with it over my shoulder. I’d hate for some idiot to kill me thinking they could harvest and already harvested bird.
  5. Ham

    What the Heck?

    Jet Skis are as annoying as hell, but wake boats should not be legal.
  6. I’ve been wanting to get to Havasu for a few years. Jeez that would be a hoot to get a 3 lber
  7. Well...he always has pics so
  8. Nice Work Jeff! #TaxationIsTheft
  9. VMC Mooney’s Jigs are an option as well
  10. It really depends on the size of the bait. I would use a Berkeley Half Head on 2.8, Dirty Jigs Guppy on 3.3, and A variety of long shanked hooked jig heads on 3.8
  11. It was nice to meet you too rps. We had a brief chat as the miserable weather rushed me along. I failed to account for dropping temps and I was in shirt sleeves. my height comes in handy sometimes and I wouldn’t change a thing BUT a 6 foot 5 guy has as much say in the matter as a 5 foot 6 guy. You guys are too Kind. Its been a blessing to me to meet and fish with fellow OA guys. I appreciate the kindred spirits.
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