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  1. Ham

    Steelhead/Salmon/Salt fly rods.

    He wants to sell them in one big lot? An individual listing of each rod would likely sell some on here.
  2. Ham

    Fishing kayak.

    If you just wanted to try one, I’m sure you could have arranged a float with an OA guy and used their boat at No Charge. Pescadors can be purchased for a lot less than $1000. Probably twice the price of a cheap boat and I believe they are a quality product that would paddle better, store gear better, and fish better. And if stored properly, serve you well for 10 years or more. Im not trying to push someone into spending mote than they can afford, but rather buy at a really good price break point. Like many things there is a point of diminishing returns where you are spending a lot more with little demonstrable benefit. Pescador gets you a lot for a little more than bargain basement and if you hated it after a few trips, you could have sold it for $100 less than you paid for it. but buy what you like
  3. Ham

    Fishing kayak.

    Perception Pescador. Is the best value. Great boat; low price. Bargin boats usually aren’t a great boat only a low price. I certainly hope your Happy with your boat. Good Fishing !
  4. Ham

    Our new Foxy yard pet....

    I have not seen him yet.
  5. Ham

    Spring JigFest - March 1-2

    You most def do not want to risk your recovery. I Hate it, but I understand it
  6. I’ve got an old long shaft 9.9 Evinrude I’d let you have for a song.
  7. Ham

    Fishing kayak.

    Yeah, my phone was Super helpful then. I have not done much camping out of my kayaks. I use a 17 foot tandem canoe. I can’t hate on your decision, but it makes me sad somehow. I love boats. I love fishing. I’m starting to really dislike nasty, cold weather and heavy rains. C’mon Spring.
  8. Ham

    Fishing kayak.

    Solo canoes are a little harder to come by and generally more expensive than yaks. Unless I specifically say solo canoe, I’m talking about tandem models. I know almost nothing about solo canoes and so have never paddled one. For 99.44 % of the population, they are going to be functional in a SOT kayak much faster than in a tandem canoe. Let me know if you want to argue that point.
  9. Ham

    Fishing kayak.

    Perception Pescador is the best value on the market. I would go 12 footer. It is faster than the 10 footer and has more carrying capacity. Canoes can always carry more, but yaks are a lot easier to paddle. Edited cos my fingers and phone hate me.
  10. Ham

    hodge podge day

    I’m not very good with an A Rig. I haven’t put the time in with it.
  11. I took my daughter fishing today. I think we fished about 4 hours. Since I did so poorly on the White yesterday and since she wanted to get a bigger trout than last time (Christmas Day), I took her to Norfork. Parking lot had no other boat trailers when we got there, but a couple of knuckleheads in the way. I get that it’s fun to bank fish, but don’t block the boat ramp. Just saying. I let her get a few warm up fish in the slower water near Gene’s trout dock. I could fish there too and caught a 1/2 dozen or so. I only cast a handful of times below there. Chloe got a decent Rainbow with a big Chestnut Lamprey attached. She was appropriately disgusted with the lamprey. She refreshed her casting skills and caught a couple more fish and away we went. We dropped down into Long Hole and first cast at a micro eddy she hooks a Big Cutthroat in high current. She did a good job and got him in. We pulled over and got some good pictures. That sort of set the stage. I guided her letting her cast into small back eddies. She hooked quite a few and landed probably a dozen or so all day. She had a 17 inch Cutthroat and a 16 inch Rainbow. She lost a pretty decent Brown, but did catch a smallish male Brown. I really hoped she could get a Brook Trout and complete the Slam, but it did not happen. She’s a natural at fishing like her Mom and lives and dies on every hookset like her Daddy. She got pretty aggravated with the fish that came off, but was so Happy with the ones she caught. (You could take a lesson from this John ). I look forward to our next father/daughter trip. Smallies this Spring is on the Schedule.
  12. Ham

    Wiggle Wart

    I don’t think the price is reasonable at all, but it is where the market is at.
  13. You might want to avoid upper Bull Shoals or your 12-14 will become 6-8 pretty quickly with the Zebra mussels. look at the bright side, they would be easier to count.
  14. Ham

    2/3/19 Fiahing Report

    Hey John, Be excited when things Go Well, be something when they don’t. #FlatAffect
  15. Ham

    2/3/19 Fiahing Report

    No Sir! If I enjoyed eating them, I would keep s few from time to time. Sadly, I just don’t enjoy eating them.
  16. Ham

    2/3/19 Fiahing Report

    I was Happy about that for my daughter. I have a fairly wide temperature tolerance.
  17. Ham

    Fishing report for 2/2/2019

    Thanks for keeping me humble. Geez.
  18. Ham

    Fishing Report 2/2/19

    My daughter wanted to fish on 2/3 so I wanted to pre-fish and be have ideas. I fished from 1:30 pm to 4:20 pm. the beautiful weather had just under 40 million boats on the river. I have honestly never seen the river that busy and I hope never to see it that busy again. I fished almost an hour before I had a bite. I sure was glad when I caught that first one. Flow was higher than I like for Jig fishing (11,500 or so) and there was some wind as well. So, I threw a jerk bait a fair amount and got one Cuttie on it and some follows. I lost my drag chain that I have had forever. My inner tube shock absorber failed on me. I will replace it. Ended up with 7 fish. One of which was my first walleye of the year. I did finally find a few fish that I could have leaned on and caught a few more, but I headed in. Still going to fish with my daughter today. Leaning towards Norfork instead.
  19. Ham

    February 1 - Big M area

    Heck of a day Jeff!

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