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  1. I’m not a huge fan of the Loomis E6. GYCB had a great drop shot rod. I’m not sure it’s still offered I have a couple of Denali drop shot rods that work well also tgats a pretty fair amount to spend. There should be lots of good options in that price range.
  2. Well, you guys are a Dirty Rats too!
  3. Those Dirty Rats! That’s My Spot!
  4. A little place I call home.
  5. No Sir. I don’t want to burn thru nano on lure changes AND I’m not completely comfortable with braid/nano straight to lure.
  6. I remain Very Happy with Nanofil. It does have a few negatives, but for me, the positives Greatly outweighs the negatives. I am not one to stand pat however. I have a reel spooled with yellow Suffix 832. I am trying Berkeley Ultra 8 on a spinning rod. I bought a saltwater reel (Size 30) and went with Power Pro Super Slick V2 in 30 lb. I will give that a whirl at latest on 1/7/20. i still mostly use an Alberto. Uni to Uni is plenty strong enough and easier to tie, but it bums me out feeling it bang it’s way out of the guides. I do also use the 3 turn surgeon’s when I’m feeling lazy. Noticeably weaker than Alberto, but I don’t remember one ever failing on a fish. Happy New Year People! Let’s Live Well!
  7. Have a Fun time guys. Be Safe!
  8. Im thinking about releasing the common carp I catch and slinging Bighead and Silver Carp on the bank for scavengers to eat.
  9. I would not recommend letting them dry out. Easier to sink when green. Horizontal would be better, but vertical is plenty good enough.
  10. Wow, I hate to hear that, but your plan is not at all without merit. I think I will always have a boat. Even if someone else has to run it for me.
  11. Dang Jeff, I didn’t know you had been banging those Big Panfish for 6 years.
  12. I have had VERY minimal success with artificial lures on yellow bass. i have caught a very few on 1 inch Gulp Minnows. I really suggest natural baits.
  13. Good Luck with the relocation efforts. Longear Sunfish and Spotted Bass can be impossible to avoid.
  14. I’m a numbers guy, but I expect 2020 to be more about new experiences. I have a trip lined up for Mexico, hoping for a New England trip, hoping for Carp on the fly in Michigan, trying for a Sandhills Nebraska Trip, and still trying to line up a Venice bass fishing trip. My man Marty is making me want to wave the fairy wand more. I intend to fish the Spring River in OK. I’m hoping for a follow up Redear trip with Quillback. I’d like to get Waldo on the stretch of the White above Eureka Springs. Waldo also needs to ply the waters of the Strawberry River. I’m going to try for 10 states fished this year. And let’s try for 10 Benjamin’s and 20 Fifty Burgers so let’s say modest numbers like 3000 total fish a Great Big number of fish species caught like say 75 total species. I want 13 lifers in that mix. Including an American Eel which I failed to do in 2019. pics or it didn’t happen right. What are you hoping for in 2020?
  15. I saw some heavy equipment in there Saturday and wondered what was going.
  16. I have a trip book with the guide service you recommended. Thanks Pete !
  17. I had a Great Spring Trip with cajunangler. I had a Great trip to Langara in July. A fantastic trip with Johns Folly in October. Venice Trip didn’t pan out. I didn’t get in my float trips. 3000 fish isn’t gonna happen.; I’m still hoping for as many > 2800 as I can get. I will get to 1000 trout (I think). i only fished in 5 states. I only got 7 lifers, but I did get to 61 species (so far). I fished a lot and I fished with a lot of different ppl. I wish I had fished more of course. Looking forward to the 2020 Goals Thread
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