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  1. Ham

    Does It Matter?

    I’m not there yet, but I do throw 4lb a lot more than I used to do.
  2. Ham

    Fishing Report

    I’ve never been there on the weekend, but I don’t think jetboat traffic is going to wear you out or ruin your fishing
  3. Ham

    I love this planet.

    Predicting winter is like arguing about what heaven is gonna be like. Everyone wants to know, but no one has a clue.
  4. Ham

    September Jig Brown

    Happy Birthday Phil!
  5. Ham

    Wakonda State Park

    My Daughter with a Big Cypress Bayou Sac ca lait
  6. Ham

    Wakonda State Park

    CajunAngler with a full grown gaspergoo
  7. Ham

    Jigfest 2018!

    I’ll sleep at home, but I hope to be involved Thursday through Sunday.
  8. Ham

    Wakonda State Park

    In theory, all natural fish are pre-historic, BUT Bowfin are a primitive species that put the rough in roughfish. They take a licking and keep on ticking. Why evolve when you have a rock solid design? they are often pretty beat up and battle scarred. The thought of them getting my fingers in their crushing maw is terrifying to me. I take no chances with them. a special fish that rarely bites artificial lures and they are tough to hook and land when they do. Occasionally in the past, we would find ourselves in an area that was thick with them and generally we would find someplace else to fish, but then I would go years without catching one. I would love to catch some more of them
  9. Ham

    Wakonda State Park

    I love me some Choupique
  10. Ham

    Wakonda State Park

    Yes, let’s do that
  11. Ham

    Wakonda State Park

    I know a guy
  12. Ham


    People that kill the snakes they happen across are every bit as bad as people that poach deer or turkey out of season.
  13. Ham

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    YoZuri Wall N Dog is a fine choice for creeks. It’s been out of production for a decade. Lucky Craft Gunfish 75 is another Great finesse Topwater
  14. Ham


    Happy Birthday Phil !
  15. Lol, I know where I’d use it
  16. Ham

    Just caught my biggest ever!

    Taney has a bunch of toads!
  17. I have 2 of the 7 foot rods in the plastic wrap, but you guys are making me itchy to buy a couple more.
  18. Ham

    Hwy 106 to Van Buren

    I hope Yeti sent you a new one
  19. Ham

    Dropper or not??

    Been there, done that. It was a fun time. I was wet wading too. A trout on the dropper ran btw my legs and stuck a size 10 GBHE in my calf. You notice the desperate tugs of a fresh rainbow more when they are attached to your calf. I was fishing Barbless so it was no big deal at all.
  20. Ham

    Dropper or not??

  21. A nice slow moving Tropical system to recharge the lakes , rivers, and aquafers. Perfect.
  22. Ham

    2018 Dove

    I can’t ever find a group to Dove Hunt with so that gets in the way of me trying various Dove breast recipes, but yeah I agree with cooking requirements largely being a result of commercial food processing
  23. Ham

    2018 Dove

    I had some dove breasts wrapped in bacon and done on the grill and it was very, very good. I have also had dove breasts braised and then slow cooked in a gravy. It was pretty good, but not in the same zip code as grilled.

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