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  1. Little Red Fisherman has abused me with a jerk bait enough times that I decided to throw it some. Browns and Bows bit often. I have some pics, but I’m blocked for the moment.
  2. We had several SuperSized Bows. This one was 20 1/4.
  3. Quillback and I did pretty well. We launched into the crazy water at Wildcat. They reduced flow at some point and most of the leaf litter went away. I had scouted the River last Saturday and had found a few key areas. The fish were still there yesterday. We had numbers and size and variety. Jeff is Super to fish with. Catches his share and is Happy to be out there. I am pretty jealous of his sucker though.
  4. Thanks Pete! BTW PM me if you have a guide in Cozumel that you would suggest.
  5. Look, conditions are significantly less safe than normal. I’m in an awkward spot IF I recommend an area and guys sink a boat there, I’m gonna feel terrible. If I don’t advise against stuff and ppl sink their boat, I’m gonna feel terrible. I’m simply going to say what I would or would not feel comfortable doing and you guys roll the dice as you see fit. I will say that most ppl are staying off the River.
  6. No Sir, somehow I left out “White Hole”
  7. Be advised, at the current generation levels, the White Hole boat ramp and areas of the parking lot are flooded out. I won’t launch there nor recommend that anyone else do so either.
  8. I was on the river last Saturday. No issues. A little more water and the river is a 1 1/2 foot higher. So, be cautious and stay alert, but not a deal breaker.
  9. It should be more about the fellowship, but the fishing doesn’t have to be bad.
  10. 12/11 27.5K on White River and 8.7 K on Norfork
  11. I barely get to control what I have for breakfast. No one cares what I want or think. Geez
  12. Looking at the app ; 9900 CFS thru spillway and 16,000 thru turbines ~ 26K
  13. Currently running 26,000 CFS. 😬 It was no problem at 23,000 so likely no big deal BUT c’mon man.
  14. Some idiot brought a dock from an affected waterway that likely had thousands of Zebra Mussels on it and put it in Bull Shoals. My guess is that boats fishing both Bull Shoals and Table Rock will eventually introduce zebra mussels into Table Rock. (And Norfork too)
  15. Ham

    Jigfest Weather

    I’ll check Weather on Wednesday. We don’t want high wind or ice. Everything else is manageable
  16. So, at some point look at fisherman and boats too. Seth (I think) Ham Rick? Eric? Bret? Richard? I think that Les is leaving Friday mid day. I’m fishing Friday and Saturday. I think my boat is occupied for Friday, but I will have two open seats on Saturday.
  17. My understanding is that the water chemistry is wrong for successful spawning of the Rainbows. Which is a shame .
  18. Waldo and friends had an awesome day on the White today. Don’t sweat the high water. We’re gonna catch em.
  19. Waldo is gonna play for a little while today. Still working on the trailer set up, but I do feel obligated to fish once the boat is in the water
  20. Good News, they are slowing down Spillway releases on Norfork a little bit. Down to a more manageable 8 K. Bad News for me today , They bumped up the water on The White to 22K. Yesterday was a beautiful day and they was almost No One on the river. spillway releases should put more walleye and white bass in the White and Norfork. Bonus Fish!
  21. Great article. Ppl should always check most recent regulations if they plan to harvest fish.
  22. Eh no. Is it easier to keep a jig on bottom in a riffle or in the middle of a pool? Still water runs deep. No worries, you’ll see some of the differences btw Taney and the White River soon enough. You are correct that eddies will hold fish. That’s a plan that will work. Just don’t expect anything to be like Taney.
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