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  1. I failed to mention that I was surprised by how little floating debris there was. I'm guessing that wind had pushed most of it to the wind blown side. You still need to keep you eyes open, but I honestly did not have to dodge very much of it at all.
  2. Didn’t measure, but much larger and heavier than the 18 inch meanie
  3. First fish. It will hit the grill soon.
  4. I launched about 0830 at Pontiac. Ramp wasn’t easy, but was doable. The courtesy dock was a little deep, but you could jump to it. Water level was approximately 676. As Fish 24/7 suggested, Spring Creek ramp (off HH) would have been the better choice. Lots of boats launched there and the parking was easier and better. mainlake water temps were 56. Water at ramp was pretty, but pretty stained above the confluence with Spring Creek. I saw water temp in the wind blown coves over 58 and as high as 62.5 in the way back of Spring Creek. I tried for Crappie and got no love at all. I did find some Nice LMB on spinnerbaits. Fish seemed to be suspended in brush. The bait had to be out of sight to get a bite. I tried flipping Jigs and beaver style baits into the bush, but I got absolutely no bites. I tried various crank baits on transition areas and got no bites at all. fish were so scattered. Fish I got absolutely freight trained my baits. I was in stained, but not dirty water. I had 10 inches of visibility or so in the areas where I got my 5 bites. pics to follow.
  5. Sell off some of your hoard of original Wiggle Warts and you can buy whatever you want. #Choices
  6. Ham

    3/25 Fishing Report

    They are there, but they would not bite while I was there. I saw some slap the water.
  7. Ham

    3/25 Fishing Report

    The Taxonomy Nazi has weighed in. Thank you for the clarification.
  8. Ham

    3/25 Fishing Report

    God Bless you guys going way up the creeks in glass boats with props. Fiberglass repair and lower unit replacement costs prohibit me from trying such things.
  9. The world changes every day it seems, so that puts a dark cloud above everything these days. I want to upgrade trolling motor on the Bass Cat to an Ultrex First. Then at some point, I have to decide when to replace this Bass Cat with another Bass Cat. I think I'll need to keep the boat at least two years after getting the Ultrex. The next Bass Cat will also likely be a gentley used boat. That Bass Cat will get whatever version of LiveScope is out. I'm really curious if anyone is using the LiveScope to help isolate White Bass when they are doing the Spring push up creeks.
  10. I know you. I can’t imagine you thinking a snake in the boat is a good thing.
  11. Ham

    3/25 Fishing Report

    I think I had 6 baitcasters and 6 or 7 spinning rods. Traveling light. Dummy me forget my crappie jigging poles on The day I needed them the most.
  12. Ham

    3/25 Fishing Report

    A guy in a Bass Cat Cougar was further up than where I caught these. He said he had 5-7 foot the whole way. Look at google earth to get a feel for the channel and run above the bridge. Find the end of the harder flow and stop right there. With any luck, the lake will have creasted and lots of the debris will drop out on the bank.
  13. Ham

    3/25 Fishing Report

    Temporally, the most important fish in the world.
  14. Ham

    3/25 Fishing Report

    I’m gonna get you Sucker
  15. I had errands to attend to, but I was determined to get back out on the water. I knew I could abuse a bunch of trout, but this is crappie and White Bass time. I knew BSL and Norfork had both come up a bunch lately, but I was determined. I mentally arm wrestled for a while, but decided to load up Waldo and head to Norfork. I had a short day, but was gonna try. I launched pretty far up the creek arm and ran up lake. I stopped in a cove that I have a little history in. It was muddy full of floating debris and water temp was 56. I tried for panfish, but got no love. I tried for bass and got one jarring strike, but no hookups. I did managed to dip up a floating herbicide container, a boat bumper, a Keystone Light can, and a floating tennis shoe. There was a large, bloated cow floating too, but it was too large for my net. I ran to some transition banks hoping to crank up some bass. I really believe it would have worked too, but you could not complete a cast with all the floating wood. So, I decided to run way up Bennett’s Bayou. Since I have a jet, I ran up until I was absolutely out of water. Inches of muddy cold water that had a lot of current. Perfect! I had run past a guy out fishing with his kids on The way up river. He claimed he was catching a few small fish which was encouraging ; I was starting to think I would zero. I re-rigged a couple of rods. Black and blue Ned on one. Black and Chartreuse 1/16 oz Zig Jig on another. I already had a little swim bait one rod. I started fishing little areas with less current very slowly and deliberately. About the third little place I tried, I got a sharp tap on the Zig Zig. That small male White Bass was the most important fish to me in the world right then. A minute later I got a short LMB and then another. another area and another few bites. Whites and LMB. I did finally get one lonely Spotted Bass. My 9 th fish was a 16 plus inch “Yellow” sucker. That thing pulled in the current. I kept fishing , refining lures and location. I got tired of fighting wind and currents. I found a good root-wad to tie up to and a good concentration of fish. My fears of zeroing quickly changed to hopes for a 50 burger. My first fish was caught at 2:25 pm and I was ending my trip at 4:45 pm. I had real steady bites from male whites, but the girls were not playing. A few LMB but too. Sadly, I lost a couple of lures to fish ( I should have re-tied) and I missed some bites of course I had a few pull off too. I caught one on my last cast. My alarm went off as I was releasing a fish. I finished up with 61. It was a Good Day and a Good Mental reset from current events.
  16. If it’s texture you crave crazy man, eat Walleye.
  17. The bream that Richard Cross caught and Brett and he cooked were Great, but crappie is just better. #JustTheFactsMaam
  18. Cajunangler had success with other lures. I saw no need to change what I was doing. Z man stuff worked. I tried Topwater and only got one swirl behind my bait. I tried multiple walk the dog baits. johnny threw a jerkbait and the fish broke the treble hooks off of it.
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