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  1. I can and will be Glad to learn from anybody. I’m always trying to improve. I just believe that for you to call yourself a novice with a fly rod is NOT accurate. I feel like I am an experienced beginner.
  2. Some many GREAT options for fishing poles nowadays compared to when I was growing up. Enjoy the gear guys. Try not to go broke trying for the very best when you are surrounded by excellent products everywhere you turn
  3. THIS ! Once you catch a flathead, I don't understand how you could be confused later.
  4. I hope I live long enough to retire
  5. Man, once you've almost been washed away. You take that dang horn pretty seriously.
  6. I guess I’ll be buying some Size 20 Griffiths Gnats
  7. Larger than mine and still a channel cat
  8. A couple more things about yesterday. I had so many more fish rising to eat bugs in the film last Friday. A fella handy with a flyrod like @BilletHeadcould have a pretty good time. I figured out how to fool them with a trout magnet under a float and I really wanted to play that game some more. I did not get many chances on Tuesday. On the trout magnet, color really matters. I purposefully played with colors and there were definite losers and winners. Some colors just would not get bit at all. Some got bit, but clearly not as good as my best color. On the Spring River, Black/Chartreuse (ak
  9. I have had some really fun days on the Spring.
  10. I hit the little "lake" again. I got a little earlier start than previously and actually fished a few additional minutes also, but I caught a few less fish overall. I feel pretty certain that it was weather related. Friday I had heavy clouds, very little wind, and out and on drizzle. Tuesday I had High skies and more wind than I wanted at times. I knew it was going to be slower. I had to make two casts before I caught a fish. The fish were much easier to manipulate into biting with a Zig Jig instead of the Trout Magnet this time around. I think I caught maybe 8 fish on the trout magnet.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I'll wait until August.
  12. Do you have a Good technique for catching the gizzard Shad on hook and line?
  13. I did that last year. Not everyone was amused.
  14. I'm usually only on 11 pt during cooler months when less traffic would be expected. I do agree that the Good Ole Days are behind us. Everybody and their brother has a yak these days.
  15. I'd like to do the Lassiter Access with a 4 Weight flyrod and waders some time. There looks to be plenty to fish for a day there. Lots of grass do it will fish like pocket water. I do wish it was a little closer, but do be it.
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