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  1. Influenza can be rough. It really does kill a lot of ppl. Get Vaccinated ; it’s not 100% effective, but it’s something. A young lady I work with is determined to not get vaccinated and she won’t allow her kids to be vaccinated. All three of her kids got the flu. She got the flu. Her Mom got the flu.she has missed a ton of work and we’ve had to scramble to cover the schedule.
  2. I like how you think Pete
  3. Guides Rowing has become way more popular. If that’s your desire, you’d be much better served buying a boat designed for that. That having been said, lots of locals guides are rowing the 20 foot topwaters fiberglass jons. thats not my way of chasing em, but more power to the guys that do.
  4. Lots of strange videos and other information purportedly coming out of the area. Impossible to tell if genuine and really hard to tell what the hell is happening. they are like a bad sci-fi/ horror flick filmed with CC cameras. Disinformation campaign by CCP? Maybe they Flood so much stuff out there that any truth that gets out seems less credible. I would bet my house that we aren’t getting accurate numbers. I really wonder if our Govt knows how bad it is and are down playing the situation.
  5. Shimano lost me as a spinning reel buyer decades ago. I had multiple reels at different price points bind up because they got wet. DONE. the Patriarchs are very nice. I should probably start buy those.
  6. He won by freaking 28 lbs! 68 lbs in one day. The other guys didn’t lose, they got beat.
  7. Sweet girl. I’m glad it ended so well for her.
  8. I’m not sure when those ppl will ever get off the cruise ships.
  9. Y’all did a lot for him. Know that you made his life better.
  10. There’s not a lot of swimming in the Louisiana marsh. Lots of alligators. Soft mud bottom. Stingrays, jellyfish, and crabs. I think y’all could have a a Great time, but you need realistic expectations.
  11. Good Luck! I hope you have a Great Trip!
  12. I think the little dog was found and because of the video has been adopted and is being taken care of.
  13. I’m trying Jeff. I’ll let you know IF I get to head that way
  14. I really want to fish Beaver tailwater in Waldo.
  15. WHO has declared a World Health Emergency. That sounds fairly serious to me. I don’t believe that we are getting true numbers out of China. I would feel more confident if I knew the true numbers. Keep watching. Keep reading. Take care of yourselves .
  16. Yeah, they need the 2.0 in 1/4 oz
  17. I’m interested I. The Jewel 2.0 Gem Heads. I have t run across any yet
  18. 13 is more than I like, Especially during the winter time. 10 foot is as low as I like. 12 is as much water as I like. Others may love it at 13.
  19. Ham


    Most governments can’t be trusted to tell the complete truth. The Chinese government is worse than most governments. I am concerned.
  20. Some of the trout were funny looking.
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