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  1. So you are allowed to keep up to 8 Salmon, but only 4 can be Kings and only 2 Kings per day. I was in a hole, but dug myself out today very late in the day. I got 2 today. I still have an opportunity to get 4 King Salmon to bring home. 2 Down and 2 to Go
  2. My Buddy Lincoln Godfrey introduces me to this Lodge. I think this was his 11 th trip up here.
  3. I packed rods and some baits. I had to make em work. Black Bomber aka Black Rockfish
  4. This was the smaller of the two halibut Zi caught this morning. He was 131 cm and the legal max is 129z i got amucj larger one boatside. Longer than me. Way too big to keep and no way to safely get it in the boat. I never want to catch one that BIG again.
  5. Little Ling Cod. Quickly released. I cant explain how much the kidney stone hurt nor the stress of thinking I might not get to fish at all. I still have significant levels of PTSD that another stone will drop.
  6. Left the house Monday at 0730. Got to Memphis in plenty of time. Flight to Phoenix was on a tiny plane. I couldn’t even stand up to get down the aisle. Phoenix to Vancouver was better. Up early the next day to Masset on Chartered 737. Comfy. Then a quick helicopter hop to the lodge. Got settled in and took off to catch some fish. Took off and hit wind and tide huge swells. Total beat down. Got to Andrews Point and got baits out. I immediately started feeling bad. Lower Back hurt and I was cramping. I tried to fight thru it, but after 30 minutes I had to go in. Langara has a nurse onsite 24/7. I never thought I would need her help, but I sure did. The jarring boat ride knocked loose kidney stones. I traveled a long way to be unable to fish. My traveling buddies whacked em. I got IV fluids, Toradol, and IV morphine. I couldn't pass the stones until this morning. It was a long hard night. I had to rest until midday. I got out this afternoon. Weather was iffy, but I caught a few Coho’s and a Ling Cod. I was thrilled to be pain free and fishing.
  7. You need to find a place to anchor the boat and splash around in that cool water. Refreshing! I’m Glad you were able to get out with your Son. I’ll probably have to live long enough for him to get a serious girlfriend or go to college to get to fish with you again, but that’s OK. I understand.
  8. Good Clean Boat! Fun Colors! im assuming you have this posted on BassCat Owners Forum as well? Good Luck with the Sale. That’s a Very Nice boat. I have a 2009 version.
  9. No Doubt Micro fishing can be as frustrating as traditional fishing!
  10. Fantastic! Y’All’s boys will remember these trips their entire lives. Truly Wonderful experiences.
  11. That’s a real fat Rainbow!
  12. Man, I hate BASS sometimes
  13. Good Luck Mark! You will get better the more often you can get out there, but it’s relatively easy. light or medium light spinning. Medium action bait caster. A few smallie sized lures and you’re good to go. No need to bring all you own.
  14. Hoglaw hasn’t even visited the OA forum in two years. Or at least didn’t sign in to do so.
  15. Ham

    White river 6/27

    We fished that area from 2 pm or so until 330 or so. Size was Great, but just not enough bites. We relocated to Cotter and caught a few more fish. I’ll do better one of these days. I’ll get my feces together and get some of that dry fly action.
  16. Ham

    White river 6/27

    we Saw a pretty decent mayfly hatch up by the dam this afternoon . We never saw a single fish rise on them. Maybe the fish had been eating them prior to the water getting turned on so they were less interested.
  17. Ham

    White river 6/27

    The interesting thing to me is that if you can make yourself just watch the hatch and not fish, that you will see fish refuse actual bugs. I’m not sure what drives that, but I know I’ve seen it happen.
  18. More than 1/2 way there.
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