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  1. New England trip - Got the Rona Michigan trip - Got the rona Spring River in OK - Got the Rona I made the Redear trip with Quillback. Caught a Toad. I am not likely to get to 10 States this year. TX, LA, AR, MO so far. I am supposed to add Florida, Kansas, and Nebraska. maybe OK maybe IL maybe KY or TN I'll have to double check on trip totals. Lots of 50 Burgers, but not many (any? ) Benjamins so far. Sitting at 1498 fish to hand 45 species so far. 55 species is going to happen. We will see beyond that. 7 lifers so far. The Florida trip should blow that goal out of the water and push me along on total species number too. Still planning on hitting The Ditch. Still planning on fishing Strawberry River again.
  2. Just Do the Current River. Round Spring to however far you want to go (maybe Van Buren gets you that 50 miler from Round Spring). IMO, August is a terrible plan (too hot at night), but on the Current you will have plenty of camping options. You'll have flow. You'll have decent fishing opportunities. Decent amount of take out options.
  3. Shimbindo lost me as a customer decades ago. They had years to fix a known problem and chose not to. I will not buy another.
  4. FWIW, I think it was likely Black Bullheads which i would totally love to catch
  5. John is the Official “Crusher of Dreams”.
  6. It was a Good Day
  7. Ham

    Old School Fishing

    Go re-read the thread of me and Quillback fishing Bluegill and Red Ear
  8. Man oh man rubbing those Flier Pics in
  9. I’ve got Chain Pickerel locations. Miles of them. I can call my shot.
  10. On a spinnerbait, No less.
  11. Basically, we would be catching Speckled Trout on the Louisiana Coast and then Bluefish would more in and you could not land a fish intact. The Blues would chop them in half. We would have to move. My dad was not a Huge Fan of Bluefish.
  12. Johnny Boy has caught Fliers. I have him on Striped Mullet though.
  13. Ham


    All this High Water has really helped Bull Shoals Bluegill.
  14. It was nice that the COE gloated on Facebook about being right ( getting Lucky).
  15. It's a Cool fish. If it was me, I'd want it to be the Prussian Carp.
  16. I don't think it is a gold fish, but that's just me. The scales look too big and the mouth is wrong. Mystery Fish
  17. Not long afterwards, these virtue signaling idiots will understand how foolish they were.
  18. Ham


    Growing up, having a Rebel flag in the back window of your pickup truck was just something a lot of southern boys did. It just showed a Love for where they lived ; Nothing more. I do not believe for a second that everyone with a Rebel Flag is a Nazi or white supremacist. I don't believe it is intended by most to be a Giant FU to people of color. I don't own any version of the Stars and Bars. Never have. I don't romanticize that era. That's not my thing in any way manner or form, but this cancel culture where ppl are triggered by so many things and the offended mob has to appeased has gotten way out of hand. Some might see that as "improvement" , but it is not.
  19. Overall, we caught a break. I hope people won't be too disappointed that it did not require catastrophic releases to prevent over topping the dams. Earlier, it looked like Norfork was releasing water from spillways rather than running in thru the turbines ? The trout might like the cooler water in the mix.
  20. There has to be a Big Picture explanation. There has to be pieces to this puzzle that we aren’t aware of. Because on the surface this makes absolutely no sense. At a minimum, they could have kept running 20K 24 hours a day for the last handful of days. That 50K water could have been 30K water which would not have flooded resorts. property owners along the White are likely to suffer a big hit.
  21. Ham


    Glorification of The Civil War was never my thing. It is a part of our history. Pretty dark times for a lot of ppl back then. I think it’s pretty outrageous to equivocate it to a Nazi Flag. Lots of ppl triggered by lots of things these days.
  22. Ham


    I’d guess it represents different things to different people.
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