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  1. I’m starting to be concerned that this going to be what we face. I’m guessing they want Table Rock @ 915. Right down its at around 918 and running at 14K it’s going down slowly. That 14K from TR has to be surpassed by releases from Bull Shoals to move towards where they want it (likely 659). I best shot is them getting Lake Norfork down to a point they close flood gates and run 6K through generators. Geez
  2. Currently (see what I did there), they are running about 20K on the White and 10K on Norfork. That’s a lot on the White and a whole lot on Norfork. I hope they get that out of their system btw now and a week from Friday.
  3. Ham

    Jigfest Weather

    I’ll worry about the weather on 12/12/19. Too far out for me to be concerned.
  4. Awesome! Keep that spot close to the vest.
  5. Well Bob, Its good to have options. Growing up when the Mississippi River was up most of our fishing was shut down. Nowadays, we have so much information at our fingertips and social networks to lean on to learn about other fishing opportunities. There were other places and other fish we could have pursued, but we just didn’t know where, when, and how. I hope the Spring River treats you right.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving Guys.! I look forward to seeing more of you guys soon.
  7. 10,000 CFS really slows down the catching. It’s just a lot more difficult. I still have some tricks, but it’s just a lot harder
  8. AirStreams do a great job for crappie too! I’d love for us to develop a Jigfest on a local lake. Truman maybe
  9. Give me 1500 CFS ALL DAY and will absolutely catch fish like a house on fire
  10. Hey Eric, i have some big ole articulated streamers than I rescued from trees and the shoreline that I will give you IF I can reclaim them from the mess that is my boat barn 2) I have the GPS from the brush piles AGFC put out Plus some I found in Missouri. We can try those IF lake fishing we must go
  11. Great way to get sore arms and a follow or two to talk about. #eyeroll
  12. Well, there is variability in how water is being released through the floodgates. Let’s wait and see what happens. That’s weeks away. Somebody else makes the call on a postponement of Jigfest. I won’t fish with water above 25 K on the White or 8 K on Norfork .
  13. That’s exactly what Im talking about
  14. See how much water they are running and adjust. IF they are running more than 15K, I will likely throw more jerk baits than jigs. There was 5 foot of water on top of the boat ramp parking lot at Cotter
  15. The White where I live with Flood Gates open is UNSAFE. I’m not sure here you could launch, but IMO it isn’t worth rolling the dice on your life. Did you actually see Bull Shoals Dam or Norfork Dam with the Flood Gates open? insane amounts of water. Google it. I’m sure video is out there.
  16. That would be flood gates. 8 FULL units is roughly 24,000 it won’t be a numbers deal, but we will burn a bunch of gas and catch some big brown trout.
  17. Also look at the Berkley Half Heads
  18. Back in the day, Bass Pro had Zoom at 50% off. I may have bought a bunch of soft plastic that day. That was worth getting up for, IMO. In general, I don’t participate. TBH, I’m 2 plus hours away from anywhere that has lots of shopping options so it’s kind of a non starter for me.
  19. Unless it’s a Full Auto BAR who cares?
  20. I hate it John, but I totally understand
  21. Proud of you for trying. The fishing was Great ; the catching was terrible.
  22. I don’t think 8 hours gets you to Louisiana, but I bet it gets you to Eastern OK. Lots to pick from over there
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