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  1. Went to Fellows from 10am-3pm. Water temp ranged from 58-62. Cold, cloudy, 10-15mph SE wind. Caught 1 eye 20'', 2 short LM all right at 10:30, then nothing. I wish i had been there early i think the bite was just shutting down when we arrived. Not many people there today.
  2. Water was 68, clear water, cloudy Found some white bass ( all big and egg filled) while trolling. All before the temp started dropping then after it dropped landed a big MUSKY he got off ten feet from boat. They have some cool pics of the musky that was trapped by conservation at the marina. Had great time.
  3. Well i went down fri and sat, whites are not there just yet.( just saw a few) There was a ton of little LM bass kids loved catching on minnows and bobber. Caught an 18'' Walleye on minnow in the mouth of swan, caught a few trout at the top of the dam.
  4. I was wanting to come down to camp with the kids and white bass fish when they run. I was down there about 10 years ago and had a blast. I just cant remember when is was they get up in the creek. My question is when would be a good time to hit the run in swan creek( no boat)? Is the campground full around that time? Any info will help, cant just run around and find the fish like back when gas was 1 dollar a gallon.
  5. Well the light really brought in the bait( only took 30 min/ used to take an hour with a lantern on good night). At first i wasn't sure but when we reeled in a crappie we saw a swarm of about a thousand minnows. They were just down far enough in the water that we could only see a few at a time until the fish spooked them. The fishing was slow around Cedar Ridge only 4 keeper crappie. I cant wait to see this spring how well we do. Green light seems to bring in the bait. I bought the one 4'(a little over 5' total and 10 lb) for 135.00 and 2/ 2' lights from bass pro. I wont be using a lantern and my floating white lights anymore. I put the big one in the water and i put Velcro straps on the rail of the pontoon boat for the other two. The light shines on your pole perfectly and don't hit you in the eyes. I wired plugs to plug the lights into in the hidden compartments around the boat(no wires to trip on). This is definitely the best night setup I have ever used. Now to buy an extra battery and one more light for the back so if there are more people fishing. I sure hope the green lights don't attract bugs like my lantern used to. If you see a 21' Tracker Party Barge with a green glow you can see from a mile away stop by and say Hi!!
  6. Headed out at 2:00pm, I'll fish Cedar Ridge brush piles at night and State Park in the day. I will stay after dark to try my new Green Lights (probably to early for that but it wont be freezing). Hope the crappie are hitting.
  7. I just ordered a 4' green light and have never fished with one. I have just used lanterns and a floating car light around MDC brush piles( hit and miss but a great time none the less). I was wondering if anyone has used a green light on Stockton this early in the year? Does the green light work any better? I fish around Cedar Ridge and will post on here when i get to go. I have the fishing bug real bad this year (all the cold). Thanks for all the great posts really fun reading!
  8. Lakey's bait shop on 215. They have some!!!
  9. Thanks, put in my GPS and went right to the brush piles and caught crappie.
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