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  1. luckycraft

    Anybody ?

    All I know is duck hunting sucks! Weather too warm.... river way too high. Seems like they should be dumping water all winter. Spring in not too far off. Tick tick Corp of engineers. But I go to work every week.... wth do I know
  2. I did find one, curious what your price on that would be
  3. Anyone see War eagle prices in the Bass pro flyer 7.99 a piece. Remember buying at 4.50. CRIPES
  4. added a picture forgive me if cut off, hard to get in with the minimum size
  5. Is the summit steel or aluminum? If it's aluminum I'm very interested & would like to see pics.

    1. luckycraft


      Its aluminum,  I can take a pic and text you

  6. Barely been used, first $100 takes it
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