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  1. Ya. Trump 2020 I’m in. Are you Al?
  2. How’d you cook it? Hope that halibut hit some hot grease
  3. So bad I drove 2 hours from rogersville
  4. Just wanted to take a second to shout out to @fishinwrench Just got my boat back after blowing it up last year. Had an ordeal with a bad remanufactured part. This man made it right when in all honesty he should have made more money on the deal. Glen. Thank you. I appreciate you. More business from me to come. Made two kids and a dad happy
  5. How much are you wanting?
  6. Awesome. What’s the length on the big one?
  7. luckycraft

    Anybody ?

    All I know is duck hunting sucks! Weather too warm.... river way too high. Seems like they should be dumping water all winter. Spring in not too far off. Tick tick Corp of engineers. But I go to work every week.... wth do I know
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