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  1. I did find one, curious what your price on that would be
  2. Anyone see War eagle prices in the Bass pro flyer 7.99 a piece. Remember buying at 4.50. CRIPES
  3. added a picture forgive me if cut off, hard to get in with the minimum size
  4. Is the summit steel or aluminum? If it's aluminum I'm very interested & would like to see pics.

    1. luckycraft


      Its aluminum,  I can take a pic and text you

  5. Barely been used, first $100 takes it
  6. I have a duck hunting sneak boat for sale. I think $400 is more than fair
  7. would a 16.5 tracker with a 20 be the smallest in your tourney? I'd have to get a live well system figured out. but love to fish
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