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  1. FB says one unit was offline this week for maintenance. I really want to check it out....400CFS could be really interesting. Should cause decent current all the way through but still provide a ton of wading opportunity. Normally BV is all or nothing.
  2. Water vapor in the air is cooled by the temperature of the water to the point it condenses.
  3. I didn't go through Roaring River until later in the day.....like 3pm but it looked normal. The interesting thing at the tailwaters is that is was almost all fly fisherman today. Over Christmas on a nice 60 degree Saturday there was a bunch of vehicles at Parkers but it was 95% bait guys.
  4. Headed out early this AM with the water scheduled to be off. Crossed over at Cane brake and fished a little over half way down to the bluffs. Threw jerk bait and hooked probably 10 rainbows although all but 2 had the early barbless release. After that I thought I would go down and hit up the 3 TU accesses to check some new water, each spot had 2 or 3 cars in it so I ended up all the way down at parkers. Fished the deep holes downstream and ended up with another rainbow. When I was coming out I counted 28 vehicles and one boat between Parkers and Bertrand boat ramp. Many cars had 2-
  5. Thanks, she's for sure a keeper. Out fishes me any time I take her. Good/Bad news is after kid 1 in 2018....I stopped getting my butt kicked so often.
  6. Maybe 20 total in 5 hours fishing. A 50lb 25lber and a bunch between 5 and 15lbs.
  7. Very similar to how we cat fished with a guide on the Mo river. Would check the ends of wing dikes. He would drop a GPS when he spotted a fish on side scan. Pull up on the dike. Measure GPS and direction and cast. Then use line counter reels to approximate distance. He said if no bite in 15 minutes we'd move because he was 95% sure he was on them.
  8. Boat is charged up here and ready to roll out this weekend. I was finding them sporadically way up the white looking for trout. No big push yet but wont be too long. I'll give it a couple weekends up the white and then flip flop and head towards Kings.
  9. Can a guy be declared the unofficial winner if he brings in a walleye weighing 2X the big bass weight?
  10. I guess I don't see as many otter signs as everyone else. Lots of beaver sign but I suppose without inspecting closer maybe I don't really know the difference. I've always wanted to trap one. Maybe I otter come to where you all fish?
  11. you probably dont know off the top of your head but has any quit on the premise that they refuse?
  12. Mink are farmed for the fur. So my assumption would be: Kill them, harvest the fur early, cut your losses, and hope you don't loose all your stock. Through my reading it appears it is highly deadly to them and they quickly and easily pass it to humans. https://www.who.int/csr/don/06-november-2020-mink-associated-sars-cov2-denmark/en/ https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/12/minks-pandemic/617476/ https://www.nbcnews.com/news/animal-news/here-s-why-denmark-culled-17-million-minks-now-plans-n1249610
  13. FWIW there have been massive outbreaks among animals. Look up mink farms several across the US/world have had outbreaks. You know what they do for treatment? Kill the ones that have it.
  14. This is the absolute wrong argument to make. For 99.9% of things around us we DONT know at any given time(food, drink, medicine, paint in your home, ect) We assume we know what's in we buy from the store but DO YOU REALLY? How many times have you seen on the news about bugs, fingernails, ect showing up in food products. Those are at a MACRO level imagine chemicals and/or micro levels. The argument to be made should be: "Those responsible in the design, manufacture, and testing cannot be held liable for the results should they be negative down the road." I will likely fall into the
  15. I put out some Suet today....love watching the birds up close.
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