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  1. I'm certain the sound can pass from air to water. I don't have any clue how it translates but I'm certain it does and someone probably knows. Off the top of my head I think water allows higher frequency more readily. I've never been really close to a running boat scuba diving but you can hear them underwater among the ambient noise that's present. I do know you bang a knocker on an aluminum tank or bang rocks together and often bluegill and smaller fish come running to you. Additionally wave action is energy passing too and that also makes an ambient noise underwater.
  2. First of all sound underwater vs. sound we hear are vastly different. Sound is basically just energy travelling through a medium(air or water) and how our receptors(ears) react to that. These waves move much faster underwater. For a human it sounds completely different than it probably does to a fish(especially since they don't technically have ears). It also doesn't help that the human body uses bones to pick up the energy. How a fish hears will likely be entirely different than how we perceive just based on this alone. None-the-less I always think of it like living right next to the airport or train tracks. Provided your not directly next to the plane or train and your remotely close you eventually live to deal with it. You eat, sleep, play with your kids in the yard, heck you even learn to watch TV differently when the train or plane goes by. This is probably seasonal to some degree for a fish as well. Sure in a 8' deep river or lake and you run right over him he might spook but at the end of the day it happens fairly often from May-October. Its an inconvenience probably sure but not the end of the world. He may have a different reaction in December though. The other is the duration of sound. A plane taking off is high energy long duration like a boat travelling overhead. A gunshot is a similar level of amplitude of the noise but its relatively a short duration like stomping in a boat or dropping something in a boat. Different expectation, different response. Does it really matter...maybe or maybe not....does it hurt to be cautious....not one bit.
  3. Devan S.

    MDC Rant

    You almost always suggest destruction of property, threatening, and harm as a means to level the playing field with someone you think did wrong. Does that really make you any better than them?
  4. Devan S.

    Border Lakes permit

    I don't pay attention to the daily lake level all that close but I know for a fact up the kings I can get well past the MO/AR line in a prop boat. Here's the thread in which it was reference that it works much farther than pool levels. Certainly seems to be a grey area. Is there a marker up long creek/yocum creek?
  5. Devan S.

    Tips for running to the dam

    When you say up the middle do you mean any fishing style boat even say a larger bass boat or is that reserved for jons, small v's, and trout style boats? Obviously the bass boat on plane is pretty shallow but I just don't have the guts to blow all the way up there way up on plane.
  6. Devan S.

    MDC Rant

    I have a farm in the area. There are loose dogs all over that area, call them in all the time hunting predators......shooters name is already public. Prosecuting attorney is not filing charges as far as I know. They protested and stopped traffic for several days outside court house, intersection at Ball and Prier to no avail. I'm sure civil suit will happen but anyone can sue anyone these days.
  7. Devan S.

    MDC Rant

    http://www.4bcaonline.com/protesters-gather-demanding-justice-for-dogs-shot-in-eagle-rock.html You can actually....it was done here locally. No charges filed at least to date that I know of.
  8. Devan S.

    Border Lakes permit

    I took it to mean the same thing.....I.E. on Kings river you could only run up to normal pool. I believe @Bill Babler confirmed that there were guides, guiding on the kings much farther up stream than normal pool with clients on the border lakes permit. However its doesn't seem explicitly set forth in the rules and seems to be somewhat of a grey area.
  9. Devan S.

    MDC Rant

    So by the same token that its your property, you should be able to burn millions of tires on your property? Dump hazardous waste on your property? The fact is YOU follow the rules. Many more do not with the rules in place as they are currently. Landowner tags catch a lot of people every year due to abuse. Remove any restrictions/tracking and things only get worse. How would you feel if a large multinational corporation bought 10,000 acres surrounding you and literally killed EVERYTHING that moves?
  10. Devan S.

    Opening Day '19

    I go down every year and watch the horn go off....feel like I'm apart of the circus for 10 or so minutes and then go get breakfast and off to work. I live and work close enough that its cheap entertainment. To my story....Last year in the pool directly below the first real bridge(not the low water pull across by the hatchery but the bridge below the hatchery). There was a gentleman with what had to be a 10' heavy CATMAXX style rod and reel trying to fly fish with it. I'm not sure if he was joking around or being serious but there's enough clueless people wandering around that someone could get hurt with something like that being flung around. I gave him a wide pass and went on down the river on my stroll. See things every year that I just shake my head carry on.
  11. Devan S.

    Opening Day '19

    Jerk baits work so I would recommend taking one....standing at the head of a pool, cast down stream 15 seconds after horn. Work it fast and aggressive, you want the biggest trout in the pool to see it. The circus is only fun for the ring leader or people in the stands. The above method will ensure your the ring leader.
  12. Devan S.

    Fishing kayak.

    Probably the best suggestion out of all of them.......I started with a 10ft flatbottom paddled/drug a lot of miles on the Kings river. Never knew how much easier it was until I got my cheap 10' Ascend sit in kayak. Put many miles on that thing all over from the lake to class 3 water. Never knew how bad it tracked and how slow it was until I bought my tandem buffalo. Also never realized how nice it was to be 6'+ tall and 250lbs and be able to stretch out, stand up, and carry a lot of gear. Never realized how slow the buffalo was until I got the alumacraft aluminum canoe that's built for canoe racing. Now I'm torn between a paddle board and a solo canoe. I have days now when I am solo in the canoe that I wish I was in the kayak, days I'm in the kayak and wish I was solo in the canoe, days i'm in the kayak and wish I had a buddy or wife in the canoe with me instead. There isn't a right or wrong answer(unless you count paddling a flat bottom jon boat). Try a few out, get one you feel comfortable in, one you can haul/load, and use the fire out of it because it will likely be one of the cheapest form of entertainment you have over time.
  13. Devan S.

    Clunn gets it done!

    Media requirements, sponsor requirements, travel.....Its like a full time job plus fishing on a long 4 day weekend.
  14. Devan S.

    Fishing kayak.

    I have a 10' fishing kayak, 10' rec. kayak(for the wife), 16' or 17' buffalo tandem, and 16' alumacraft canoe. The 10' is too short for anything but a 6 pack and day drinking on the river(both were bought cheap enough that I don't view them as a loss as they make great backups). The 16' can be run solo reasonably easy or tandem if we don't get crazy with gear. I'm of the opinion a 14' solo would be the best of all and when one jumps up and slaps me in the face I will pull the trigger and buy it if funds are available.
  15. We use Harold Ensley batter for commercial variety. Its about the only commercial product we can really stomach more than a time or 2. I have been unable to duplicate the shore lunch batter we had in Canada but if that day ever comes......that may be the only way we ever eat fish again.

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