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  1. I would like to see some of these seat ideas. I am planning on running the MR340 in July in my Buffalo canoe and a seat modification is in order. I know 340 miles over days non-stop is much different from a simple day float but I need somewhere as a starting point.
  2. Video: Taneycomo: Gates open, bass are back

    Interesting. Is there many small mouth caught down lake say a month or so after something like this? You would think with the amount of gate activity over the last 10 or so years coupled with the primary interest in trout on Taney that there would be some really good resident small mouth living down lake.
  3. Video: Taneycomo: Gates open, bass are back

    Are these fish resident fish? If no do they move up in an event like this? If so how far are they moving up from?
  4. Border Lakes Permit (BLP)

    You are correct. I'm pretty sure one can go up the Kings past MO/AR sign at 915' but with no marker(to my knowledge) to determine where that line explicitly is then how do you determine how far you can go? Add in flood pool and I would certainly see where someone could get quite a ways past 915' and think they are covered. I know James River is covered as there is a defined point but I don't know that they are all that clear. What about Long Creek and major creeks on Bull Shoals?
  5. Border Lakes Permit (BLP)

    It is also my understanding that it only cover impounded waters therefore going up the Kings River once you cross into Arkansas you would no longer be in impounded waters and therefore the permit does not apply in that area. Its not explicitly stated and is a somewhat grey area due to fluctuations with lake levels but could get someone in trouble chasing whites or walleyes. If this is wrong please correct me.
  6. Table Rock Ice

    Planning on heading out Saturday looking for walleye. Does anyone know how far down lake the ice is on the kings arm? I know my last trip over the 86 bridge at Carr Lane there was ice as far as I could see but does it extend past Hickory Hollow or Jakie cove? Would I be better off heading toward Eagle Rock and up the white? Is there ice at Beaver town? I know there will be quite a bit melt between now and then but knowing where its at now would help decide later.
  7. I had a similar problem that plagued me for months. I would go out one time and end up with 3-4 gallons. Go out the next time and it would only be wet. Couldn't figure it out for the longest time. Finally ripped everything out of the bilge and put the boat in the water and just sit in a cove. Nothing ever got wet. Started the boat and ran down the lake a ways check the bilge and it has water in it. Finally opened the bilge area and checked it while running and my transducer was spraying water up onto the cables and it was running down through the grommet in the top of the hull. Adjusted my transducer and haven't had a problem since.
  8. Browning Air Stream Rods

    Way back when the browning air stream rod was mentioned I bought one for a crappie rod. I kept telling myself I needed to buy another because I liked it so much. Now that I've committed to buying one I can't seem to find them. Google shows up nothing promising. I'm planning on visiting Johnny World on Saturday to look. Any other obscure tackle store that might have one? What about something that is close in function in the same price range?
  9. Jerkbaits for Trout

    This is exactly the tips I am looking for. I've been worried I was doing something wrong.....appears is similar to jerkbait for bass just depends on the fish more or less but you all seem to be working it like a jerkbait not a crank bait. I've never ventured above fall creek but I'm basically duplicating the areas below fall creek(bluff and along the banks). Sounds like I need to suck it up and venture up on past and explore.
  10. Jerkbaits for Trout

    I tend to try it with generation when its more difficult to use a jig without up sizing. I honestly have been fishing with more pause and that may be the problem. I don't expect to have high numbers but I would have thought up to now I would have lucked into something more than 1 although it was a nice 21" rainbow.
  11. Jerkbaits for Trout

    When you throw jerkbaits are you working them like a jerkbait or are you slowly reeling them? I've tried 2 times to dedicate to just using a jerkbait and my results are very limited. I've only caught one fish. I've had a couple follows back to the boat but nothing that would commit. I'm also assuming in the deeper section of the upper lake(between 65 and fall creek) your using countdowns to get extra depth? I know with jigs you want them way down in the water column is the thought the same with jerkbaits or will the bait pull those larger trout in?
  12. When to wear your ring ?

    I'll second the silicone ring. I wear mine 100% of the time and wife wears hers probably 75%. Haven't had anything happen when it made a difference but lots of people have ring incidents. I find the silicone much more comfortable working, hunting, and fishing.
  13. Help Trolling Crank Bait Depth

    I much prefer braid for trolling if only for the feel(love metered braid). I know that bait is working and can tell if I have trash on my bait and can adjust. Can also tell if I am ticking bottom well before I get really hung up. Are you guys dropping your drag way down low when your pulling cranks with braid? I like to set mine tight enough a bump from a crappie would release line but sometimes I worry that hurts me when your targeting something like walleye or whites.
  14. Big M area 7/12

    Good to hear the report. Cats in the wild are really one of the coolest animals. I call for coyotes quite a bit in early fall and through spring. Only called in a cat once after hundreds of stands. They are sneaky and you wont see them until they are right there. Ive trapped quite a bit but something about a cat in action looking for a meal is quite the sight. We called this cat within 5 feet of the call(electronic foxpro) less that 10 yards from us. It set down and just looked at the call. Set there about 5 minutes watching before it decided something wasn't right and sneaked off. Really cool experience.
  15. We had a great time up there. Yes the bugs are big and bad but I didn't think they were as bad as I expected. We stayed our day at Lake Itasca and thought the bugs were worse there than at Lake of the Woods. Caught all our walleye nothing huge a couple over 20 inches(jigs/minnows). Caught loads of 13-17" small mouth(Ned rig, grubs, jerk baits, spinner baits) Several northerns(grubs, jerkbaits, spinner baits). Had 2 decent opportunities on musky using large ploppers. Also pretty sure I could eat shore lunch for every meal.

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