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  1. I seem to have much better luck with HP and GW than I do local deputys and city cops. They really do seem to be looking for something to do. I was at Beaver last year and fishing around Indian Creek when we heard talking in the brush. From the sound of it the game warden was watching boats load up and then getting them when they pulled up the hill out of sight of the ramp. Great ploy to not have to chase down a law breaker when you pull up to the ramp and they scatter.
  2. The spro's work pretty good for me and the winter early spring walleyes. I throw some megabass in the +2 because I like the increased depth but I really feel I catch more fish on the spro. Been buying and paints a lot more knock offs and while they work I still think the spro is a better deal all in.
  3. My one citation came from MN ice fishing. Was just stupid mistake buddies and I ran from hut to lodge to get burgers....left lines down and unattended. Came back and started punching holes away from the shack and fishing. Warden pulls up and checks us. One buddy has license in hut. Warden follows. Finds unattended lines. Counts them and as a group were 1 over number of lines we can have in the water. We admitted fault and negligence. No harm no foul. He says should be writing each of us a ticket for unattended and one of us for extra line. Offers to write 1 ticket and we work out who tak
  4. I'm with you. Plenty of fish. Only decline I have noticed is it doesn't seem to be as many large fish but that's to be somewhat expected considering the COVID free-for-all that happened this spring. I believe some of the trout are coming from a private hatchery. The couple of raceways that are open and holding fish had some golden trout in them. I assume none of the state run hatcheries raise Golden trout. Think they probably came/come from a private that may be serving as a backup.
  5. A lot of truth in this.........my closest almost accident was about 1 a.m. and involved a swimmer in the middle of the lake without any means to give away his location.
  6. I like to keep ya'll reminded of how quickly the tables can and do turn. Still in a drought in a significant portion of the White River Drainage basin and doesn't appear to be any relief in sight. Did a quick check of the NWS Springfield. YTD- 40.16" precipitation Normal value is 33.06 Already 2" rain behind for September. August was 2.5" short of normal. July was 1" short of normal. June was short too. We darn near got the entire years precipitation in the first 5 months of the year. I'd say the dam system did exactly what it was supposed to do. Be
  7. There's enough room in that area that 5+ boats wide could run both ways. If common sense were used. I wasn't there and I don't know any of the details. I always approach that area goings both ways just right of middle lake and I ALWAYS look behind me before I get there. I bet I've been passed by faster boats 20+ times on the left. They shave off the point going by there and then by the one straight across from Viney. Good news is I've never seen a boat shave the point going downstream across from Viney. As you've said its blind and there is a lot more boats launched there than you
  8. It could be non-committal on the fishes part coupled with the way trout fight like SIO3 said. You get a bass to slap at or bump a crank and he gets stuck in his face you can still land them. I cannot count the number of bass and walleye I've caught with jerkbaits outside the mouth. Trout not so much.
  9. So is your entire view of 9/11 a conspiracy or just the pentagon portion?
  10. I wouldn't begin to trust an accredited engineer. At the end they were the final call in the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse. I certainly wouldn't trust one based on videos and pictures analysis. Anything can be edited in 2001. Of all the tin foil hat conspiracies....why this one?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. The comments on the FB post had me cracking up. The fly fishing crowd that is out targeting these fish in lowish water quality conditions, playing these fish for as long as possible to actually wear them down to land them on light tackle, and then chastise someone when one dies is nearly as hypocritical as it comes.
  13. I have no knowledge what any internal component is likely to be running. I assume they would be at least or couple or more times hotter than ambient air or lake water. However @fishinwrench brings up the best point in that a cars system is closed and uses the radiator to remove latent heat from the system. You effectively have multiple points of thermal transfer(hot component to water, water to radiator, radiator to ambient) Outboards are constantly pulling new water and therefore your coolant is effectively never building heat through multiple cycles. Once its through the entire system its p
  14. Out of curiosity....I thought Jeff's catch of the Striper was below houseman? If so did it just get labeled Beaver Tailwater to avoid the perception of tons of striper in TRL. Anybody that fished Beaver TW will tell you there are striper there but unless you like headaches and heartbreaks, then I wouldn't base a single decision about where I live on that fishery alone. Sure a nice by catch but nothing to write home or make a special trip over. Honestly the same with the trout.
  15. Its been awhile but leather wood is reasonably small and idle speed means fairly safe. Between HI and Housman there isn't much. @rps will trump anything I say by far. He lived and breathed that area for years. Going out of Holiday Island marina and toward Beaver....the first straight. I think there is some submerged timber on the right minimal at 918' but maybe at 911 or less could be an issue I'm not sure.....right down the middle should be fine. After that.....a big flat on the left side again going upstream. Google earth and roll back the image to 2006....this is a low wat
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