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  1. Devan S.

    Scary to watch

    One is going to assume they came off HWY 62. In which case they came down a very small 2 lane curvy road, If they continue on 187 they have more of the same with another small bridge crossing. IF they go out through Holiday Island they are headed up and down and back and forth for another 5-10 miles which begs where are they going and why did their GPS take them that way? Not a lot of decent places to turn around once they got off the highway. Still begs the question of WHY?
  2. Devan S.

    Recommendations on Ice Fishing

    I've basically accepted this is going to be an out of the state trip. I don't really want to buy a bunch of gear since max I would only go once a year and that's assuming I like it enough to give up other trips. Its basically a one off idea to just go and experience it. I have zero knowledge in in ice fishing. I don't think there is such a thing as guided ice fishing trips but want to be as close as possible for all inclusive at least this time.
  3. Looking to go ice fishing.....have zero gear so essentially looking for a place to completely supply all the gear knowledge, ect. Never been and wanting to add an experience. Any recommendations?
  4. Devan S.

    Empty Seats this weekend?

    No doubt about aspiring. I think you have done a heck of a job on the build. I'm impressed with the complete paint stripping job. Much, much further than I would have gone. I just don't want you to think its too small to go and do. You put too much work into that to not get out there and do it. I grew up in a smaller boat so I know its plenty capable for fishing and enjoying yourself provided you avoid the summer weekends in the bigger water.
  5. Devan S.

    Empty Seats this weekend?

    Just remember new stuff can break just like old stuff and I would bet its a lot easier paddling your boat then a new fiberglass one.
  6. Devan S.

    SURVEY for Freshwater management class

    Joined only to answer this post....interesting..... Wouldn't by the very nature of the size difference between rivers and lakes mean that a river would be more confined than a lake. Especially factoring in for depth? So why are you okay with a bowfisherman being in the river where one boat could seemingly cover larger percentage of the actually livable habitat of that stream vs. the sheer amount of water a bowfisherman cannot cover on a lake(depth). Why just because they have lived so long do they deserve to live longer? Is the only goal catch and release? At what point is a Carp mature? Out of curiosity for all involved.....What level does high fenced operations become not fair chase? What defines that line? Is it 1,000 acres? 10,000 acres? 20,000 acres? Any fenced operation?
  7. Devan S.

    Empty Seats this weekend?

    I wouldn't let the weather hold you back(summer boat traffic is another deal all together). Understand that the ability to run back to where you started or out run a storm isn't required. If in fact the weather were to change that fast there are hundreds of miles of bank you can pull a well built tin boat onto to avoid a serious disaster. Sure you're never going to be able to fish from one end of the lake to the other but nobody catches fish running all day. I find even with the ability to run 20 miles either way of my launch I stay within 5 miles either way pretty consistently.
  8. Devan S.

    Replica Suggestions?

    Al has some excellent points here. I didn't look through all the websites but the ones I did just showed the replica itself. That's great for showing off a standard fish but it doesn't give you any idea of how much detail the person is going integrate into your replica. In all my dealings, I would be asking for pictures of the replica along with the pictures of the fish they were trying to duplicate. Pictures identical to what netboy has given you. Then you need to make a determination if your willing to pay $25/inch for a darn close match or is $12/inch will cut it an bring back the memories your looking to re-live every time you look at it.
  9. Devan S.

    Larry Dablemont on telecheck

    No they cant but having a database in front of them with demographics coupled with an explosion of social media can and does allow them to establish a potential case to check on. Will it catch every violation no but neither did mandatory check in stations. Items like first time adult hunters and specifically women, very young kids killing deer, first time land owners, ect all can easily be cross-referenced quite quickly to find potential violations. Is it any different than what they had 20 years ago...not really. Its probably just faster and takes less field time which means they should have more time to do other tasks.
  10. Devan S.

    Larry Dablemont on telecheck

    I agree the guy that's going out and killing 10-15 a year isn't buying a tag. I know a guy that falls into this category. He gets caught almost yearly and at this point isn't legal to hunt anything but he is flat out broke(probably due to himself) and he is filling the freezer whether legal or not and the government isn't going to stop him. They are out trying to catch the guys on the fringe cheating the system. The guy that's loading a plot with a corn feeder. Has 2 good bucks coming in early in the year. Shoot the first; buys wife a tag and shoots the second. I would also venture to guess he buys his wife the tag after he shoots the second one. The thought being if Joe his buddy shoots off his mouth he at least has it tagged. Or alternatively family's that owns hundreds of acres of land. Use landowner tags but Mikey has moved out of state to the city. He still goes hunting yearly but Pa says to use his landowner tag that he hasn't filled in 30 years. It happens every year and people get busted every year.for it.
  11. I would second the buffalo but sounds like you've already done it. Kings can be done multi-day too its a haul and sometimes getting the water level right can be tricky but definitely do-able.
  12. This is perfectly what I am looking for. I know what you are saying on the 6-6 rod. I know nothing about rod taper/blanks but it feels like the backbone and sturdy section on my 6-6 is shorter or equal to the 6 footer but with 6" extra flimsy tip on the end which adds lots of whip. Kind of like its unbalanced to some degree.
  13. I bought 2 air stream 6 fters last night online. Told myself when/if they came back in stock I would buy them so that is what I did. For you guys that have the 7' rod how does it compare to the 6'6" rod? I originally bought a 6' and liked it a lot. Then I got the 6'6" and it just seems entirely to whippy to me. Never could find a 7' to hold.
  14. I'm like you looked and looked and looked. I think for Crappie/panfish/trout they are a great value and need a handful more. Bass pro website shows they are in stock...online.
  15. You mean a small, private, stocked lake managed strategically for Carp? Sounds like the only think holding you back is money....buy the land, fish, and feed and you have what you need. From a business standpoint if the demand is there then why hasn't anyone created a supply of this type of scenario? We do it with Bass and large game. So why do carp get passed over?

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