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  1. I don't know how it will be in July but I know in early September is was very, very foggy. Legit foggy enough that you can cast or nearly move around into people without knowing. I always liked to be there right at dark. The problem with that is its crazy hot still and you're putting on waders. By midnight, I was always chilled and had to start adding clothes(sweats/light jacket) under my waders.
  2. I have actually enjoyed this thread. I don't feel like its come down to just hundreds of minnows....yet. I figure that will change some soon. Maybe not though depending on what ya'll have up your sleeve. I liked the sucker breakdown....I always wonder how many are incidental catches vs. targeted species.
  3. I did a tune up on a minivan one time. Fixed intake manifold gasket leak and while I was there changed out plugs and wires along with filters and fluids. After putting it all back together, I was getting a misfire under load. Idle it would run fine but under load it would miss on one cylinder. Turns out a brand new plug had been cracked along the insulator. I'd double check them before just assuming they were good.
  4. I've been considering Livescope.....however my problem is today I may be in my boat, tomorrow my buddies, the next day someone elses....been considering a way to make it mobile before I shell out the $$. Lots of Youtubes out there all almost exclusively use LI battery in ammo can style setup.
  5. Its almost like they did what ever "entrepreneur" does.....start a business....build it up, get a reputation. Sell to a corporation/holding company. Wait out the no compete and restart the exact same company. Rinse and repeat.
  6. If this is ultimately the route you go, consider options outside of just fishing TRL or Ozark lakes. I have an entire bucket list of fishing trips I want to do and would enjoy but my #1 killer is time.
  7. Can you provide some information about your pond? Size, depth, turbidity, ect? I've got several I am looking into having cleaned but they are all active as far as cattle getting in them. Had considered hybrid striped bass in one, koi in another but yellow perch sounds like a sweet idea too. Where did you source them from?
  8. Save yourself the money and put a salamander heater pointed right at the tub.
  9. 3 CSR 10-4.136 Giving Away Wildlife PURPOSE: This rule establishes the provisions by which the taker may give wildlife to another person. Wildlife, except black bear gallbladders, that is legally taken and possessed may be given to another only by the taker after completion of the day’s fishing or hunt. Any wildlife given to another shall continue to be included in the daily limit of the taker for the day when taken. Wildlife, except black bears, deer, elk, and turkeys taken in Missouri, shall be labeled with the full name, address and permit number of the taker, species, and the date when tak
  10. Intent and the practical application of the law are 2 entirely different things. What is the actual action that removes fish from your possession? Is it eating them? What happens if they go bad? Or if my wife's cooking sucks and I dump them outside? Or my freezer dies and they all spoil? Are those last 2 considered wanton waste now too? Don't get me wrong there is people out there with over the possession limit in freezers un labeled but were trying to parse the law to the point that its foolish. I've never once had a GW ask me to list out items I may have gifted out. Frankly
  11. So if gift out fillets how often am I required to check the receiver's freezer to ensure proper usage before I continue fishing?
  12. The real shame is his insurance is going to pay. He will probably end up "upgrading" and come out ahead on the whole deal.
  13. To answer the original questions, I don't think it would be that much better. Today on Table Rock bass limits are a small fraction of the Crappie limit. Lots of Crappie guys at the boat ramp say, " Had to wade through 30 fish to find 15 keepers" Lots of Bass guys at the boat ramp say, "3 fish only 1 keeper"
  14. I go over daily and right at the bridge the water looks good to me. It might be a touch off color but even that might be a stretch. As far as trash and floaters I am sure there is some but I did not see any lager floaters in the general area. I would assume some portion of Roaring River arm is chocolate milk as it did come up a bit but I cant see anything and presume with Table Rock and Beaver both generating it will move downstream.
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