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  1. I've seen butterflies in mass like that in south Tx around Dilley and Cotulla. Driving in the middle of the day would sound like rain hitting the windshield there is so many. I doubt they ever set off doppler radar though. Out at the farm the flies are horrendous right now. Probably the worst I have seen in my lifetime. Maybe its a bad year for bugs.
  2. Doesn't most of the northern states and even Canada have closed seasons. Not that you cannot fish but you cannot target and must release immediately? Thus regulating pressure to some degree?
  3. Man those goldens are a neat bonus. That one looks a bit bigger than stocker so maybe its survived the barrage of fisherman/preadators?
  4. Yep was at the farm last weekend or the weekend before and could see the clouds building.....could hear the thunder and see lightning but it just skirted by. Doubt it would have been enough to help but every little bit helps at this point. A 2" or 3" good night time rain would awesome about now.
  5. At the Farm in Golden and house in Cassville, Cristobal was a dud. It amounted to basically zero measurable rainfall. It was honestly hot and dry at that point and 2" would have been just fine with me. Today is June 30 and last night was the first measurable rainfall since(not that it measures very much). Here is the US drought monitor as of last week. You can see the abnormally dry conditions were creeping east and south further and further into the watersheds. I don't see any good chance of rain in the long term forecast. Mid-May saw as 50% ahead on rainfall for the year.........it appears now the pendulum has swung the other way.
  6. The easiest thing to do bar none will be to put a set of lights on a boat and head out looking for them after dark or get with bowfishermen they will know where to look. Just about every time I fish at Beaver for striper I have some gar chasing my lures. Many times floating the Kings in the summer I have seen large concentrations.
  7. The tackle warehouse delay has hosed me 2 times now. Each time I have argued with the CS rep when trying to find or cancel my order. I get and understand delays and reduced staff/hours ect. but in both of my cases when I reached out they explained that it was effectively a manual hold and it wasn't even being released to be picked for 2 weeks. To me that isn't delays due to volume or reduced staff/hours. If that was the case it would be released right away and picked when they got time to do it. The second order was released, picked, and shipped from this "manual hold" within 2 days after the date they said it would. Looks like the delay is all due to they're system.
  8. I would think a rut too. I mean look at it this way....you work and grind and work and grind....make a name for yourself and then for a few years your at the pinnacle. Then you start to miss your family....your kids......your free time.....fishing for fun.....maybe other hobbies. Sure you've made a killing via wins....but the grind and the fact that 2X as much money comes from other interest and the desire to chase down the win start fleeting. Sure you may sneak back around and slip in a win here or there and it gives you the feel goods again but you've been there and you know the costs. Unfortunately between the sponsorship requirements, media engagements, fishing, practice, travel and ultimately life.....you keep hammering at the things important too you and my guess is "winning" becomes the weakest link in that chain. Also probably why the young guys tear it up like they do. Their still on the upward trend and haven't hit the pinnacle where they're constantly running a time deficit in life.
  9. My Neoprene's are cheap/junk. Until this year they get used once....maybe twice a year. Early white bass.....use to use them to wade and retrieve ducks in ponds. No more. They leak bad.....I would say they are more like a wet suit than waders....
  10. Again this is only second hand knowledge but both these guys ran reefer and they complained about E-log and getting loaded/unloaded in reasonable times meant they set without getting paid until their time was up.
  11. Its 2 fold in my opinion. One is that driving isn't a job cut out for everyone. Long periods away from family is hard. With the economy what it was many people that resorted to driving were able to find jobs that paid marginally close to what they made before. 2nd is the E-log stuff. I know 2 drivers who both have quit driving due to e-logs. I don't understand but hear through the grapevine that its a nightmare with mandatory shutdowns/restricted hours.
  12. I don't specifically know which roads you are referring too. I fished Spring Creek Saturday via CR6410 which follows along Spring Creek on the west side. We turned off on the first forestry service road to the left. I could not drive down the forestry service road but the walk was only about 100 yards. CR6410 was in good shape to that point and I was in a low clearance car.
  13. At a month out....you better get to calling around. My guess is most guides are already booked. If their not its probably due to Corona virus cancellations and you just got lucky.
  14. Day 4 June 13- Day 3 was miserable and did not go as planned. In fact other than Crane/Mill, none had gone as quick/easy as we thought they would. I was behind by 2 streams. I had been given a pass that we could stay the overnight if it was needed. Plan was to hit Spring Creek first to get my buddy to Silver, then since we were in the area I would try to finish off Little Piney. Barren Fork was in the plan but we agreed we would re-consider after Spring/Little Piney. USGS told me Little Piney was lower than last time. Our stretch goal was to get down to NFOW or 11 pt. and try to get one of them early Sunday morning. We knew they were high but with zero first hand knowledge we thought maybe we could find somewhere to luck into fish. Wheels up at 3am to arrive at Spring around 7:30am. Head down CR6410 to a forestry service road. Head downstream....Immediately find a deeper run into a brush pile. I like this. RIght after the brush pile the river turns....deep run against a bluff and finishes in a deep hole. Awesome. Water is a little dirty. Awesome. First cast...break off my wooley in the trees. Not Awesome. Go to tie on and realize I forgot my fly box in the car. Not Awesome. Still have my box of jigs. Toss on a heavy one. Grey/Red. First cast and strip and see the flash and rod doubles over. Fish on. I am really happy with this fish. It played out like I wanted. Feels good to call your shot more or less. Buddy comes up. I said let this hole calm back down. He fishes through with a wooley. Switches to a bright pink San Juan and basically pulls off the exact same drift and again boom. Fish on. His fish jumped probably 5 or 6 times several feet out of the water and was basically the same size as mine. Off to Little Piney by 8:30am......Thinking the water is lower and I liked the run below the 63 bridge we go there first. Throw a jig a few times...nothing. Then fish start hitting on top. Tossed out a small midge and immediately have my Little Piney done. It happened so fast I threw back and caught another on my second cast. Gave my rod over to my buddy and he caught one too all cookie cutter fish. Just like that we're off. Barren Fork-The plan here was to start at the lower end and work up to the little waterfall and catch one fish and bail. Unfortunately the water was lower than last time, and we didn't see any fish working up to the water fall. Pull out the map and find a low water bridge. Fish the deep hole behind it....nothing. @Johnsfolly had posted about a hike into the middle section where he caught a good fish so even though it was 1 pm we decided to try. We parked off the side of the road near the bottom of the middle section and bailed off the hillside. I am glad I brought along tennis shoes and jeans for this. Got to the bottom and immediately saw fish and much better habitat. First deep hole at the bottom of a run and I was done with Barren Fork. Low water bridge Walking down the road Fish Honestly it happened so fast we didn't want to hike back up and out. So we fished another 20 or so minutes and my buddy caught a fish and got his picture so he didn't have to blame me anymore for not having a picture of a Barren Fork fish. Note-This hike out is straight up hill. We managed to find an old 4 wheeler trail which eliminated a lot of bush wacking but its still rough. At this point, were both tied at Silver and headed to the 11 pt. far sooner than expected. Eleven Point- We arrive at Greer Crossing with a lot of excitement. Current, NFOW, and 11pt. have been on our list of streams to float so we're doing some recon. We find immediately the water is high(we knew going in it was higher than normal). We had hoped we could find a gravel bar we could maybe fish a couple hundred yards but we couldn't find anything. Didn't take long for us to bail on 11 pt. and NFOW. We will come back later during lower water and probably float the Blue Ribbon sections.
  15. Day 3 May 31- Plan here was Barren Fork, Current, and then hope to run back to Spring and Little Piney. We didn't know it starting out but today was going to be hard and miserable....Barren Fork up first. Roll out at 3:30am, arrive at about 7:30 am at County Road A-D pull off. Note: no waders this time and morning water is really cold. We worked all the way down to the private property sign without seeing a fish and were totally perplexed. Really struggled to even find water I like to fish. Pools and deep holes and deep runs zilch...nada....nothing. Late Morning we bail out and decide to head down CC and start at the confluence with sinking creek and work up. Note 2: nettles sting in shorts and crocs. We fished upstream until we ran into a house(which we would realize later was private property). We did see a couple fish but boy were they spooky for 2 lumbering gorillas splashing through the water. Again not much of habitat like I like to fish, buddy managed to hook 2 fish below a small waterfall below a bluff line. I botch the landing on one fish and broke him off in the process. The other fish pulled loose. At this point its mid-afternoon, we're wondering what we have gotten into. Its hot and miserable and we're not catching fish. We bail out. Buddy decides his fish counts as its my fault breaking the line. Current River- We arrive late and know we don't have a lot of time. Start at the end of Montauk and hoping at this point to just salvage 7-8 hours of driving and actually land a fish. At this point, I swim through a hole and get my phone wet......bad choice but good news we catch fish. I hooked a stocker brown and shortly after he catches a nice rainbow. I realize both are probably stockers and this is a "blue ribbon challenge" but we met the requirements. Also I have never been to the current and will be back so someday I'll catch a real stream bred bow. River is beautiful and I really like Montauk much different layout compared to Roaring River.
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