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  1. I am seeing that but the article N9BOW posted says this: Treatment Worldwide 86% of covid-19 patients that go on a ventilator die. Seattle reporting 70%. Our hospital has had 5 deaths and one patient who was extubated. Extubation happens on day 10 per the Chinese and day 11 per Seattle. Plaquenil (hydroxy-chloroquine) which has weak ACE2 blockade doesn’t appear to be a savior of any kind in our patient population. Theoretically, it may have some prophylactic properties but so far it is difficult to see the benefit to our hospitalized patients, but we are using it and the studies will tell. With Plaquenil’s potential QT prolongation and liver toxic effects (both particularly problematic in covid 19 patients), I am not longer selectively prescribing this medication as I stated on a previous post. We are also using Azithromycin. Looks like they are using it too with not good results at least their not bragging about it saving every patient. Lot's of misguided information out there, seems to be.
  2. FWIW I also use dry-shod. Dry-shod owner was previous owner of Muck boots prior to him selling out to corporate interest. His non-compete was up and he is back in the game. I much prefer my dry-shod over my mucks.
  3. It may not drop to 12ft. Based on the operational plan from the COE, if the total % flood pool in use was 50% or greater you get a different regulating stage that incrementally moves that date back to May 15th and gives additional downstream capacity. Today based on the COE numbers the 4 lake system sets at 46% so it wont take much to push into that higher regulating stage. Still yet....it will probably be summer.
  4. Another heads up....looks like Eagle Rock is now open. Lots of people there when I went by this afternoon.
  5. I have seen some of the photos your talking about and understand the concerns. *The good news is lots of those types as you said only fish during the spawn and don't fish again. I assume they were there I just never did find them. Managed to only find about 7 all year and not a single female that I know of.
  6. It wouldn't matter. The corps doesn't take care of the stuff they have and are actively closing and restricting access already. Case in point- Kings River boat ramp, Viney Creek Recreation Area, high water parking lot ramp at Eagle Rock.
  7. Do they normally pull the Walleye from below Beaver? I always thought they did it in the Kings. Did they move due to river levels on the Kings? I know the MDC TRL annual report mentioned the Walleye last year when they shocked up the King was one of the best years they have had. Apparently they shocked on March 18, the 2 weeks before that I caught a lot of fish up the Kings My spots this year have not produced.. Almost wondering if there wasn't the numbers this year compared to last. Of course Kings got pretty high recently and that may have shifted things around as far as their ability to electro-fish effectively.
  8. You know what your right....If the definition of full is normal power pool.
  9. In what world was any lake within the system within 2 foot of full directly prior to this last week of rain? March 17- Beaver was 1126.5, Table Rock was 917 and Bull Shoal was 662. 2 of the largest were within 2 ft. of normal and Beaver was being dumped prior to the start of the rain. Table rock hasn't been within 2 foot of "full" since 2017. Bull Shoals hasn't been that way since the middle of last year. Aggressively dumping every chance that conditions downstream would allow.
  10. I agree there probably has been some degree of shift but I don't think its a large as its often made out to be. I can't remember a wetter sustained winter than the one we just went through(I'm not talking about a couple toad floater rains I'm talking continuous 1" rains). We never really got cold enough to freeze and I've been plowing through foot deep ruts all over the farm. I can't remember a year where it seemed to rain as much as last year. Lots of farmers had trouble finding 3-4 days of dry weather to put up hay last year between May and July. I cant remember the last time the dock on my small .3 acre pond actually wasn't floating and it only sets in 2' of water. Looking back was it 2006 or 2005? The last real bad drought(I'm talking months without real rain) with farmers feeding hay through the summer and people worried about ponds going dry?
  11. Except most users of Beaver and Bull Shoals would argue that TRL is the golden child and protected at all costs meaning 2 ft. rise triggers full generation and 5ft gets you some level of flood gates. Its already metered out earlier than the other lakes. I bet the people at Taney sure prefer the 20k CFS they are getting now compared to the peak inflow last week in the neighborhood of 60+k CFS. If you want to champion a good cause then we should be taking that money from generating and investing in infrastructure so that the lake is still widely accessible at the full rang of levels. You go too low or too high and you suddenly start effecting a lot of boat ramps and parking that severely limits access.
  12. As it relates.....curious to see how the Crappie Tournament in 2020 is held here is handled. Most crappie tournaments end in knifing. Could you image if the Elite series(and ever series below them) knifed their bass after weigh in?
  13. Yep and the corps policy calls for more release once we hit a % of flood control pool on all lakes. No doubt we will be there soon. It's all a delicate balancing act between Montana and Appalachia.
  14. Bill....I don't disagree at all...my only thing is I have a quest for a 3# crappie and the likelihood of that from Truman is a %....from Mississippi is a %+ quite a bit. Otherwise I'd bet heading to Truman....I really want to the do the wader deal and thump them too. I don't know if anyone on Truman offers that deal(of course here there is no threat of gators and limited snakes). Crazy to me....alot of good fish coming from TRL on FB...I've been in walleye mode up until the rain but it was about time to change. We shall see. There is fish to be caught here too.
  15. Man were treading on thin ice here.....agree there is something wrong here but I don't think college education is going to be fixed by changing how scholarships are handed out. IIRC-something like half or better of my "top ten" in my class either aren't working in what they thought they wanted to be in(I.E. they didn't need or require a college degree) and did not finish or graduate college some if not most dropped out. Not to say they aren't good people(because they are) but they were largely the group that got scholarships compared to someone that may have had 2 times the work ethics but it didn't compute exactly to small town high school grades and/or GPA. FWIW: I was in that group(top ten) in a rural community(this is not a STLor city area high school, in fact when I got to college I realized just how far ahead an average student in the burbs was compared to me completely base on what was offered). If you have saved 150/200k for your child to live a life better then you, then I commend you. You have certainly given up luxury to further your kids in life, I also can assume with that kid of sacrifice you have instilled the work ethic to make them productive members of society . I also hope the child that got the scholarships uses them to the best of their ability to live a life that may be better than what her parents provided for her and not to party it away and drop out as a sophomore. In short life isn't fair and at the end of the day......i.e long after you are gone....things will often work out as they should. Be at peace knowing you have done what is right.
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