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  1. Do you run into any problems with your braid looping around hooks during cast and retrieve?
  2. Docks and timber. Not every dock and not every bit of timber. When you find a successful spot mark/remember it. It will produce time, and time, and time again. Most guys I know have a dedicated milk run they have confidence in. This time of year isn't a numbers game. Your not going to catch 15 fish limits every time out and there will be a lot of 3-5 fish days but your not going to be catching many shorts.
  3. I was intimidated by the Missouri until I spent 3-4 days floating it in a canoe during high water. Now I probably wouldn't hesitate to take my 17" Xpress out there. Except for dodging barges, buoys, and wing dykes(which were all underwater) there wasn't much to it.
  4. Devan S.


    I watch drone racing from time to time on TV. Pretty neat actually.
  5. Yep. Thinking I may try to squeeze in Wednesday.
  6. Put the boat in at Indian Creek at first light. Hoped to be chasing top water striper and was hoping I could stay close to the dam area based on @Quillback's previous years trips. This was by far the highlight. No fish to speak of there were single blow ups in several spots but nothing sustained long enough to actually have a decent shot. I junk fished until basically 1 with no more than a sniff WT was 55-57 all day. I used A-rig, jerkbaits, flutter spoon, spook, and managed to throw the 6" huddleston. Fished from Indian creek all the way to between point 5 and 6. Tried to search out humps or abrupt changes in depth and beat the banks and the flooded timber in what I believe is Moudler Hollow some. I am not a bass fishermen or a striper fishermen. This was my second time on Beaver and 1st time in over 10 years. Take my experience with a grain of salt. That 100' water really messed with a guy that spends 99% of his time up the Kings or White on TRL where I have to really look to find 50'+ deep water.
  7. Hopefully this formats correctly TABLE ROCK MONTHLY RESERVOIR REPORT MAR 2008 POOL ELEVATIONS STORAGE RELEASES EVAP MEAN RAINFALL DAY FT-MSL VOLUME DSF DSF INFLOW INCHES 0700 2400 AC-FT POWER TOTAL DSF DAM BASIN PRIOR MONTH 915.21 2711031. 1 915.18 915.24 2712320. 1921. 1921. 152. 2500. 0.00 0.00 2 915.27 915.25 2712750. 2512. 2512. 51. 2000. 0.00 0.00 3 915.53 916.36 2760839. 5605. 5605. 0. 30000. 1.54 1.68 4 916.67 917.21 2798241. 12295. 12295. 52. 31280. 0.63 0.63 5 917.27 917.39 2806161. 12981. 12981. 156. 17000. 0.00 0.00 6 917.34 917.29 2801759. 13047. 13047. 156. 11000. 0.00 0.00 7 917.21 917.05 2791200. 14422. 14422. 156. 9500. 0.00 0.00 8 916.91 916.70 2775800. 14622. 14622. 156. 7000. 0.00 0.00 9 916.56 916.32 2759080. 14013. 14013. 155. 6000. 0.00 0.00 10 916.21 915.92 2741559. 14679. 14679. 154. 5500. 0.00 0.00 11 915.83 915.81 2736830. 7046. 7046. 154. 5000. 0.00 0.00 12 915.79 915.70 2732100. 6818. 6818. 153. 4500. 0.00 0.00 13 915.65 915.64 2729521. 6969. 6969. 77. 4000. 0.00 0.00 14 915.58 915.48 2722639. 7078. 7078. 77. 4000. 0.54 0.64 15 915.48 915.40 2719201. 9672. 9672. 153. 8172. 0.13 0.20 16 915.36 915.25 2712750. 6970. 6970. 153. 4000. 0.00 0.01 17 915.18 915.06 2704580. 7816. 7816. 51. 3800. 0.00 0.00 18 915.38 919.09 2882051. 5760. 5760. 0. 95000. 0.98 0.98 19 921.21 926.35 3225499. 12194. 16197. 84. 189520. 3.80 4.52 20 927.65 928.57 3337070. 14368. 20845. 177. 77000. 0.00 0.02 21 928.74 928.93 3355430. 14247. 20825. 180. 31000. 0.00 0.00 22 928.95 928.93 3355430. 14247. 20836. 180. 22000. 0.00 0.00 23 928.82 928.67 3342169. 14248. 20825. 180. 15000. 0.00 0.00 24 928.49 928.17 3316669. 14318. 20867. 179. 8500. 0.00 0.00 25 928.00 927.67 3291499. 14359. 20856. 178. 8000. 0.00 0.00 26 927.47 927.09 3262501. 14362. 20756. 177. 6500. 0.00 0.02 27 926.90 926.51 3233500. 14363. 20666. 175. 6000. 0.00 0.00 28 926.33 925.98 3207029. 14463. 20721. 58. 7500. 0.15 0.34 29 925.83 925.45 3181326. 14487. 20706. 29. 8000. 0.16 0.13 30 925.36 925.34 3175991. 14482. 20676. 14. 19000. 0.90 0.60 31 925.26 925.69 3192965. 14486. 20677. 14. 30500. 0.26 0.27 TOTAL 348850. 429679. 3631. 678772. 9.09 10.04 MEANS 920.65 11253. 13861. 117. 21896. MAX 7A 928.95 14679. 20867. 180. 189520. MIN MN 915.06 1921. 1921. 0. 2000. INFLOW VOLUME FOR MONTH = 1346325. ACRE FEET WATER SUPPLY WITHDRAWAL FOR MONTH = 0. D.S.F. UNACCOUNTED LOSSES FOR MONTH = 2487. D.S.F. ***INFLOWS AND RELEASES DO NOT INCLUDE WATER SUPPLY WITHDRAWAL***
  8. http://www.swl-wc.usace.army.mil/pages/mcharts.htm That page lets you select lake, month, and year(It seems to not be working for me right now but has in the past). Gives a lot of information, inflow, outflow, rainfall (@ dam and overall basin), volumes basically overall and on a daily basis. Pretty cool tool to check historical information out.
  9. Idk about the rest of you guys but i'm in reasonably good shape. When I start dragging a deer through the woods, I make enough noise to scare everything off for the entire section....I wheeze and pant enough too that I could easily mistake myself for a mad cat.
  10. I'm gonna say possible but highly improbable. I've called quiet a few cats in predator hunting and they are pretty sneaky and easily spooked. Usually just the slightest movement and off they go. I will say one thing though, a bobcat in a foothold trap, may be the meanest acting animal I've ever seen.
  11. I use yellow power pro for my crappie jig rods......99% of the time I straighten the hook and for long casting the sensitivity helps. Yellow hasn't washed out in 3 years of use.
  12. I have.....problem is the boat lifts block the brush they hang right underneath the walk way.....I'm just not good enough to get it all the way back there. I think a 16ft. rod I could just dip em. Although maneuvering a 16 ft. rod is a nightmare. We ran across 5 slips that I could see the lines under the walk ways holding the brush but they all had empty boat lifts blocking the way....I tried to toss over them but it doesn't work as well..once we found a slip I could get into with brush we found some fish. My normal timber/brush pile run was difficult lots of trash in the way. I've found they like the bobby garland swam slower than slow and with no other action. Hard to do that in mats of trash.
  13. Water is pretty stained, actually dirty maybe a foot visibility. Lots of debris blown together in mats and some large stuff. Fished between Viola and Akin back. Brought home 6 crappie and probably caught another 5 or 6 shorts. Had several short bass, all the fish were really washed out with the dirty water. Never turned on the graph to get a water temperature. I've determined that i'm just dang near worthless fishing docks. Really considering buying a 16' jig pole to try and dip jigs way back under the docks and around the boat lifts.
  14. I'm marking one off my list in Jan....gonna spend a couple days in an ice sleeping in MN.
  15. Phil do you think you would see the same amount of downturn though if you were above the dam vs. below. Obviously even reasonable flows can turn wading fly fishermen away, moderate flood gates open can turn people uncomfortable with boating in current away but does the same downturn hold true with high water on the "lake" side of things?
  16. You're the man! That is a killer deal then for minors if there is any thought they may grow up to hunt and fish!
  17. The only reason I ask is back when I looked into it I didn't see a benefit for any age group unless you bought every license, every year and even then the math never really worked out it just got close with some semblance of convenience. . Where is shined was for a minor it was something like $300 for lifetime for both. Well what says they would stay and remain a resident?
  18. Crappie and walleye fishing is the same way for me. If I catch one walleye, I will absolutely froth the water trying for more....most of the time, I'll pick up another.
  19. Out of curiosity.....what happens if you become a non-resident after buying the lifetime tag? Do you retain your privileges?
  20. Red flat line is "normal" more or less for Bull Shoals. 6 years of data, maybe 5 times its been over 10ft high I see 3 solid summers of near normal levels. Substantial flood in 2017 that covered the entire summer. 2015 had most of the summer high.....a couple high water times in off peak. 2017/2015 were high water years for all White river lakes we're talking record events in all 3 lakes...high inflow, high outflow, high levels. Rain falls....people get pissed because it disrupts there "season". Anyone care to imagine what 200k+ CFS going through Branson or Lead Hill would look like?( I can tell you lost business doesn't remotely compare to the actual damage) The dams and their operators worked exactly like they should to reduce downstream impacts. Guess what Bull Shoals has 40ft. of flood pool for a reason....it was designed from the get-go to be the catch basin. Although I guess I'm missing 40ft. high every summer. I'm not aware either way about what gets flooded but I would assume much like Table Rock the "take" line prevents tons of flooding that would happen otherwise(mostly because people are out of touch with the realities that come with living on a lake). As for the additional knock on engineers/architects, I work with a bunch that are idiots, some of those idiots call me an idiot. I also meet cashiers, bank tellers, employees, welders, hair dressers, accountants, car salesmen, doctors, lawyers, telemarketers, management, teachers, IT workers, pastors, immigrants, police, firemen, EMT's, mechanics, dog walkers, salesmen, painters, construction all out of touch with reality on a daily basis. There's people good/bad in every profession, people that will lie, cheat, steal, twist numbers to benefit themselves in every single profession. Being out of touch with reality, stupid, and/or ignorance isn't by definition related to your day job. It's a disease that effects EVERY single person in the human populace at some point and time because nobody has all the answers. FWIW- I don't really care about water level, I'm a farmer and I like rain until its muddy, then I like sun, until its too hot, then I like cool and rain, and the cycle repeats. I primarily fish Table Rock for species that aren't the golden child of the fishing world(Bass). I would happily take 10+ft of water. It opens up a literally whole new world of crappie, walleyes, whites, and catfishing for me. In fact, I firmly believe that more water is more habitat, better recruitment, stronger population of fish, which I am all for. It does seem funny however that on the Beaver forum the complain about high water, TRL forum they complain about high water, and Bull forum complains about high water every stinkin year. Mostly by people that are merely inconvenienced by high water, compared to what it does downstream.
  21. Did Dick Cheney attend? Sounds like his kinda party.
  22. Auto-Pro detailing in Cassville usually has a few boats sitting outside. Probably a bit of a drive but I've heard they do a good job but have not used them myself.
  23. Flood control isn't about upstream of the dam.....its all about downstream of the dam. Once they pass water at Bull Shoals its no longer controlled, they regulate to a stage based that is reactive to other water coming down the Mississippi to prevent downstream flooding. All the peak inflow records are 2008 to present but its probably not more weather/flood events is probably mis-management. More water in = more water out or higher levels. BTW I'm sure you would say this data is made up anyways. I get it y'all need something to complain about and facts and data can't get in the way of that. Irregardless what anyone thinks, the Corps laid out exactly how they intend to release or hold water in the slides. Read it you might learn something. If you don't like it then break your piggy bank open and throw your money at it. You literally cannot expect to live on or near the water and not expect high water and floods to happen. Its like buying a pig farm and complaining it smells like pig crap.
  24. We don't put much stock into anything they do or tell you yet we use stuff built, designed, and manufactured by them everyday. Don't worry I get it your not a facts and data guy. Shoot, ready, aim right? I'm well aware Johnny has interest in Table Rock Lake but the lake level being 915 or 930 doesn't matter to him. Life goes on at Big Cedar, Dogwood, Top of the Rock, and Bass Pro regardless of lake level.
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