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  1. Caught this one several years ago
  2. That was a battle. Had only been trolling about 5 minutes when it hit.
  3. I tried cubing the fillets and boiling them with Old Bay seasoning added to the water. Then dipping them in cocktail sauce. I prefer coating them with yellow cornmeal and Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning and deep frying them.
  4. Started at Stockton State Park Marina and trolled towards the dam.
  5. Caught these fish trolling Bandits from 7:00 am till noon in about 20' of water.
  6. I e-mailed the MDC to find out if they were going to put in any new brush piles close to Stockton State Park and they replied and sent me the coordinates for 35 new brush piles in the Masters and Cedar ridge area. I thought some of you would like to have this info. Stockton Lake brush piles 2017.xlsx
  7. Years ago I caught a lot of trout trolling spoons in this area. Going to be fishing this area in a few days and I'm looking for a few pointers to catch some fish this time of year.
  8. I netted a 32" walleye for an older man around 1990 in Turnback Creek. We saw him the next day and He said it weighed 12 lbs and it tasted good.
  9. Thanks for all your help.
  10. Is there anyplace to rent a boat at Rockaway Beach or Forsyth? Years ago I used to rent boats at both places, but nothing is coming up when I google it.
  11. Went yesterday. Bluebird day, barely a ripple on the water. Trolled Flicker shads for awhile, no luck. Switched to Fat Free shads to get deeper, tried different amounts of line out and different speeds. Gave up and went back to the dock and caught enough Bluegill to have some fish to eat.
  12. Thanks for the info. We are going Saturday. I will post how we do.
  13. I was wondering how deep do you normally troll this time of year? I have tried trolling crank baits this time of year without much success. Do you try to tick the bottom when going across point? Thanks for any info.
  14. Blue catfish have never been documented in Stockton Lake. I have received a few reports from conservation agents saying anglers thought they have caught blue catfish and upon inspection, they were just channel catfish on the larger size that were washed out in color (6+ pounds). I have also received a few pictures the last few years from anglers which they thought were blues and they were actually channels. If you have a picture or a specimen that you believe to be a blue catfish, feel free to contact me to take a look at it. Sincerely, Adam Adam Boman Fisheries Management Biologi
  15. I was at Stockton State Park and the surface temp was 80 to 82 degrees.
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