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  1. Got your address and I am making up several different one and will send them your way soon. Enjoy.
  2. Give me an address and I will send a bunch. Glad to see you are introducing, training and encouraging a new generation to a great sport.
  3. You can also get a bag of cooked/frozen shrimp from walmart and throw a few in a baggie, leave the rest in your freezer for the next trip, and hit a local pond. The cooked ones stay on the hook better and my 8 year old granddaughter has learned to bait her own hook.
  4. I like the yellow dot on the back. Makes them a lot easier to see. I tied some up for a Colorado trip a couple year ago and found that once they were on the water the totally vanished. When I got home I added a white dot to the back and it makes them easier to see floating on the water.
  5. you might increase the area of you search. I put mine on 100 miles and got lots of choices. But I got lucky and found one within 5 miles of my house.
  6. Look on Facebook Market, I just found a two year old Wilderness System Ride 115, with a Air Max seat for $700. The seat by itself goes for $399. Lots of other kayaks and canoes but I was looking for another Ride115.
  7. Whiskey or a cold beer is great to cap off your day of floating and fishing, but no glass is allowed on the river. So you will have to take cans and transfer your whiskey to a plastic flask. Large dry bags are a must. Walmart sells some pretty good ones that are inexpensive.
  8. I have made this same trip a few times with friends and we used our kayaks and we used Buffalo River Float Service, they keep you vehicle at their place until the day you request it to be at you take out. They are right at the turn off for Rush Landing. Don't remember the exact cost, $80 maybe. We have took out at Shipps Ferry, about 5 miles down stream from the mouth of the Buffalo, and Riley's Station, which is just across from the mouth of the Buffalo but is slightly up stream. Hard to make it there if they are flowing much water. As for what to bring you need to have a water filter so you don't have to carry all your water. We use a jetboil stove for cooking, we eat mostly Mountain House food, Breakfast Skillet to make burritos in the morning and something for dinner. For lunch we got some of the Summer Sausage, that does not need to be kept cold, cheese and cracker and different kinds of trail mix.Any food we take that needs ice we eat the first night, steaks or something to grill. Use match light and a portable grill. Make sure you have a good tent and ground cover, we also have a tarp to hang for a cover in case it rained. We all have a cheap, $39, low cot from Basspro that keeps you off the ground and is great even if you can only find a rocky beach to sleep on. My kayak has a seat I can pull out and use as a chair, only wish it was a little taller. We always carry some of those fire starter block, I think they are Pine Mountain from walmart. Besides not camping on an island you shouldn't camp with a bluff to your back, you always want a way to escape rising water which sometimes happens when there is no rain in your area, could have happen 50 miles up stream. There was not much cell service along the way so don't count on it. There is a campground at Rush but you have to cross the creek over a low water bridge to get there so if the water is high you might not be able to get there. Just a primitive camp with a pit toilet, but I haven't been there in a couple years to you need to check with park service. I attached a picture of what I packed the first year and found I only used about 2/3 of the stuff and the next couple time I had a lot less on my kayak. I also have the Buffalo National River Guide Book, and it gives you a good break down of land marks, creeks and miles and gravel bars along the whole river. I got mine at the store in Gilbert for about $12 but I think you can get them at lots of places. We have never done it in the spring time only the fall so you will most likely have more water and won't drag as much as we did. It is a great trip and look forward to my next time. And we did have some good fishing.
  9. Here is one that makes a great appetizer. Take a 8 oz pack of cream cheese and cut it in half and then cut into 1/4 inch thick chunks. Cut the duck into about the same size and place on top of the cream cheese. Put a slice of jalapeno pepper on top of them and then wrap with bacon, about half a slice, and stick a tooth pick through it to hold it together. I put them on the grill or smoker, not directly over the fire if on the grill, and cook until the bacon is done. I don't flip them because the cream cheese fall out. Hope you enjoy.
  10. We decided to float something we know instead of the unknown. Haven't floated this section in three years. Has anyone done this section lately? We will be in kayaks and camping on gravel bars for a couple nights. Looking forward to a little floating without a crowd. How has the fishing been in this section? Going to carry both fly rod and spinning rod, anything that we make sure we fish with?
  11. budman

    What's Cooking?

    I like the meatloaf recipe and will have to try it. I have a meatloaf recipe with all the same ingredients except take out the sour cream and add half a bottle of guinness extra stout. Use the drippings and the other half of the beer and thicken to pour on top of the meat and potatoes. I think I only cook mine for about an hour.
  12. Was on the Buffalo River a few years back and a young couple was camping next to us. As I walked by I noticed they had a lot of food stuff in boxes and ice chest sitting on the ground next to the picnic table. I thought I better inform them about the coon problem. I told them they better put all their stuff up or the coon would come out about dark and raid their camp. They said "thanks" and picked all their stuff and placed it on top of the picnic table. Needless to say the coon had a feast that night. They got up just before we hit the water the next morning and could not believe that all their stuff was eaten. I can still hear them saying "they even took the cheese out of the ice cheese and unwrapped each slice, how did they do that." We all laughed about that the whole day. Don't know about the garlic because had some get in my tackle and tear into a pack of garlic scented tubes. Didn't really eat them just tore the package completely up.
  13. Thanks for all the information. Not sure if that is where we will go but wanting to add another river to our list and have driven over it a few time and it always look great. As for raccoons we always us a ratchet strap on our ice chest or put dry goods back in the dry hatch on the kayaks.
  14. Looking at a possible 3 day 2 night trip on the Current, around the first of Oct. We have never floated the river. Are there places to camp along the river, gravel bars or campgrounds. We would be floating in Kayaks and hope to camp on the river. Any advice would be welcome, someone to shuttle truck, floatable water levels or another section to float and fish. We have floated the lower section of the Buffalo the last few years but wanted to try something different.
  15. Going to be in Pagosa Springs for a week at the end of the month. Have never really fished the area. Can you give me any ideas on where to fish some streams or small lakes. The trip is more to get away from a very busy summer, but plan on doing a little fishing. Would like to find some places without having to hike too far but don't really want to just drive up and get out of the truck and fish with a crowd.
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