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  1. Smalliebigs

    Tackle HD Hellgrammite

    For me it catches fish like a Ned but, it catches bigger fish on average thus far for me.
  2. Smalliebigs

    Strong Shallow Bite Finally!!!

    Dang very nice Dave.... man do I love 💕 a nice crank bait bite... very nice report Dave
  3. Smalliebigs

    HWY 17 bridge

    Does anyone know if you can park and launch a boat from the HWY 17 bridge???.... I swore my dad and I did in the past. I thank you in advance for your info
  4. Smalliebigs

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

  5. Smalliebigs

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    agreed with all of this bigtime One thing though what do you guys consider a keeper??....I don't keep bass so I have no idea what a "keeper" is. I was talking about bigger fish and I rarely see any bigger bass being posted on the Table Rock forum. I mean 2 to 3 lb bass are okay but, that's not what I'm talking about. Sorry a lake that size should be producing more bigger bass. I don't see many big ones coming from there unless you guys are just not posting the pics.
  6. Smalliebigs

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    I have been wondering the same thing. We catch bigger Smallmouth out of rivers with very little depth of water or forage compared to Table Rock. The White River strain Smallies may be closely related or actually are Neosho strain??....which if they are just don't get as big but, are a very cool and unique strain of Smallmouth. There should be more bigger bass in that lake IMO..... fishing pressure or not. I had one on across from the State park on a topwater bait and lost it at the boat that was an extremely long Smallie that I would guess in the 5lb class no doubt.....other than that just a bunch of 3lbers never any in the 4lb class. I would like to and often dream that the next state record will come from Table rock but, it just hasn't happened??
  7. Smalliebigs

    Winter smallmouth

    what he said.....I can't wait.....I lost a giant at my feet last evening after making close to 60 casts in the same general area......then out of nowhere a mushy and muted bite, I set the hook and the fish didn't feel particularly big but, when I got her near the bank I just about crapped myself as it was a frigging giant. I lost it One run later and wasn't even bummed but, it was a dang HAWG.
  8. Smalliebigs

    Fall Redear sunfish

    Very nice Jim. What you guys have to realize is Jim is sooo far ahead of most anglers where he fishes with his jigs he ties to his tackle. It is EXTREMELY impressive to me to see the fish he catches because I know where he goes and nobody is doing what he’s doing. We belong to a group of goofy anglers who fish UrbanWeirdWaters and the fishing is not easy.... not many catch or even think fish are where we fish. Jim excels in the UWW and it’s nice to see the fruits of his labor.
  9. Smalliebigs

    Stripers are on top

    Oh hell yes!!!... that is epic IMO
  10. Smalliebigs

    Getting Started Chasing Smallies

    YEP YOU SCREWED UP.....I was given Chuck Tyron's 200 Smallmouth adventures....just kidding actually you probably just didn't ask
  11. Smalliebigs

    Big M area 10/18

    sweet looking crank Quill !!!.... I have a bunch of those in stock shad patterns but, that craw is sick!!!
  12. Smalliebigs

    Solid Bite in Warsaw

    Very nice Dave!!
  13. Smalliebigs

    Spots always seem to run in groups

    shhhhhhhh......just call
  14. Smalliebigs

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    agreed hahahahahaha

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