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  1. sweet...and I had to give you sh$T about it hahahaha honestly great job you guys out fished a tough field river fisherman......nice pay out dang!!!
  2. Very nice Seth and congratulations on the win but, I really hate to see fish taken off beds and taken to a weigh in..... such is life and that ain’t your problem it’s mine. on a side note I like your style Seth you don’t get too goofy and overly excited and I totally respect that my friend 😃
  3. hahahahaha Ham you nail more fish than just about anyone I've ever seen but, I'm with you as sometimes it is good to know your estimations are on. I just know 19's are more common than I thought or I suck at getting 20's hahahaha
  4. you don't mess with the Zohan
  5. Wow that was a Spawned out 19 geez!!!...needs to go eat some river cheese burgers. Pete I will say this ever since I have been using a hawg trough like you have in this picture I have noticed the amount of actual 20's were more or less a figment of my imagination. I thought I was catching 20's but, a lot were probably 19's. I have caught 18 in the last 5 years all in the 19.5 range, since the point I started putting fish on a hawg trough and measuring them accurately with their nose up to the bump and no hand in it's mouth......only about 1 legit 20+ a year since my hawg trough measuring. They all seem like 19 somethings for me, which is good.
  6. agreed it is a very cool hull, I used mine only once on some fairly crazy water last week and I was quite impressed.....it won't win any races but, man it's pretty nimble and stable as hell. the open floor attracted me and it's exactly what I like so I'm happy..... I just put a boat seat pad on the back and it was not an issue but, my wife was the first to paddle it and starting bitching right away and I had to do a few mods hahahahaha
  7. so how did you like the back on that seat?? I really love how that hull performs but, I am not digging the straight back seat.
  8. nice one buddy!!!.... the thought of you and Macey running around in the rig in the evenings brings a smile to my face. Macey has seen more big river Smallies than most guys will ever see in a lifetime...... great job!!! most of all I hope for your bite to hold out for a few more days and see you and Ben crowned Kings of the Meramec, even though I already know the deal there.
  9. Thanks man!!!.... it's just playing around with markers really hahahaha. These were some very light light Green ones that take the ink really well. I should have some nice pics very soon of a hawg chewing on them
  10. Yeah sometimes but, my group of friends are always catching bigger and fatter fish than I see coming out of Table Rock. All of these are way over 4 and a couple are 5 + and these were just a few at the end of my phone camera roll.... I have TONS more. I think the potential is there for Table Rock but, unfortunately the Smallies are a White River Strain that could have some Neosho in them and they will grow even slower than most sub Smallies. There are plenty of very nice bass in the rivers but, the giant giant is a unicorn
  11. I custom painted some Tackle HD Craws with Sharpies for a trip coming up and these turned out killer!!! These are called Black River GP&J 😎
  12. I don't care about an Arkansas record all that much but, LOVE Bull Shoals
  13. dang!!!! I was really hoping it was true honestly.....I know for certain that fish is swimming around in Table Rock, it's just a matter of time
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