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    Simply banning guns is not a solution. Sorry but, that is complete BS. That has worked real well with prohibition and drugs....still plenty of drugs and booze available. Switzeland encourages a bevie a guns in every household and they don't have gang bangers popping each other every darn day or psycho freaks committing mass murder. We as a society are not raising people with respect for life, we have become desensitized to violence here with dweebs sitting behind computers shooting up towns on videos games and gang bangers shooting up inner cities. For anyone to think if we were to ban guns or bump stocks or AR's that suddenly none of the psychos will stop shooting people is naive as hell and completely ignoring the real problem.

    My Grandma did down in Bonne Terre. She once beat the piss out of one of my buddies who was spending the weekend at my Grandparents. My Mom would administer some serious beatdowns on me. I am thankful for them. Thinking back I deserved worse. I was also bullied by older kids in Middle school pretty bad. They were scaring the craw out of me and it was messing with me. I finally had enough and confronted the ring leader and scheduled a fight after school behind the old Majik Market in Kirkwood. I was mortified thru out the day thinking about my demise coming after school. When we exchanged blows behind the store in front some 30 other kids I realized this older dork was mortified of blood and real punching. He turtled up on the ground after we exchanged about 6 punches but, I caught him really good on his lip which completely split him open and he was bleeding all over the place. The older dorks never screwed with me again....I never once thought about bringing a gun to school and shooting anyone. I think Jim is right these kids are being coddled and medicated....they never are allowed to solve disputes. Guns have always been available. We have a problem with how we are raising our kids and allowing fringe lunatics to attend public school when they should be in a ward. We as a society are fostering this....guns have always been around....we have a problem with how are families interact and how are kids are being raised. I won't rip on the younger generation because we as a society are responsible for this weird behavior. I don't blame inanimate objects....I'm also worried we are too cheap as a society to deal with our obvious psyc problems in this country brought on in most cases by horrible households. The drugs that they put these kids on have rediculous side effects in certain brains....it's spooky out there.
  4. Winona man gigs state record northern hog sucker

    hahahahaha......the dude looks more than thrilled about his alternative method record hahahahahaha
  5. This one is for you MO Carp

    I feel the same way about Trout in Missouri
  6. http://www.kfvs12.com/story/37487728/115-pound-black-carp-caught-on-mississippi-river-in-cape-girardeau-to-be-studied-at-siuc?utm_content=buffereb598&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer that is a BIG Carp..... The Mississippi by me holds soo many crazy things.....definitely One of my favorite places to fish
  7. Guess This Fish's Weight

  8. you are only 20.8 miles away according to map quest.
  9. Super bowl Sunday smallie bonanza

    hahahahahaha..... That's my boy!!!!!......he isn't kidding either. I plan to help him
  10. hahahaha.....you mean the subdivision???.... there ain't no pasture behind the fish, just a big olde subdivision and a dry weather creek my honey hole is right under the noses of hundreds of people and get's fished all the time but, I don't think many are catching what we do out of there
  11. Super bowl Sunday smallie bonanza

    hahahahaha......Stripes again
  12. Super bowl Sunday smallie bonanza

    Way back when buddy I told you the moment you figure out how to post a pic on OAF the hating would begin......case in point. honestly I couldn't get more excited to see any of you guys post some fish pics.....that is what my gay posterior lives for in coming to this forum.....I am a river fishing pic whore and I eat and sleep fishing 24/7 and most of my waking hours are devoted to looking at maps or thinking about fishing.....yes I know it's pathetic and it has caused problems with my relationships with my family over the years. My point is please guys don't quit posting reports and please post more pics......just my opinion but that is what makes this place awesome for a freak like me. I don't care who is catching what and where and absolutely no jealousy from me......I just want to see others nailing good fish and letting me see the pics hahahaha. I get a much bigger kick out of seeing others have enjoyment from landing a nice fish to me that is the best part of fishing......I used to not be that way though. I don't want anyone getting jealous of anything I do.....ask me and I will take you and let you do it......trust me I would help any of you get on a nice fish if you think I could help
  13. Hair jigs

    very nice Jim!!!.....sweet mix of material and I love the silicone accents
  14. Water temps in the 30's.....air temp in the 20's.....little bit of ice build up on the water. I couldn't take sitting in the office any longer so I went to my honey hole. One bite and it was a good one. I didn't have my hawg trough with me but this thing was 18 to 20 inches for sure and chunk city....she was 4lbs all day long probably 4+. Hybrid or not???....I think so but, I wanted your guys opinion. No selfie shot as I have been getting trouble for those recently. CHUNKZILLA
  15. 2017 MDC Table Rock Fish Survey

    nothing will keep me away from coming down to Table Rock.....it's our family's choice of vacation spot together and always will be, the bonus is the fishing and all the nice people in that area. My wife and I have been looking at places from Springfield to Belle Vista to live. I was making an observation of my own perspective about the size of bass. I don't live there and am limited in this perspective. WE always would nail decent amounts of bass 4+.....we just haven't been doing that in the last 8 years. Good numbers of fish from 12 to 17 inches but, very few bigger at all. It just seems weird to me and it bums me out..... I hope my fishing skills haven't eroded this much hahaha. I absolutely love Table Rock.....just bummed I guess

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