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  1. Smalliebigs

    Big M area 10/18

    sweet looking crank Quill !!!.... I have a bunch of those in stock shad patterns but, that craw is sick!!!
  2. Smalliebigs

    Solid Bite in Warsaw

    Very nice Dave!!
  3. Smalliebigs

    Spots always seem to run in groups

    shhhhhhhh......just call
  4. Smalliebigs

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    agreed hahahahahaha
  5. Smalliebigs

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    Oliver is a very cool cat who has always responded to my info requests on swim baits almost immediately. He doesn't know LOZ, he is just dedicated and has extreme patience. Him and his crew have inspired me on swim baits.....I'm still learning but, it is one of my favorite ways to nail a big fish......patience is required though. Good for Oliver
  6. Smalliebigs

    Spots always seem to run in groups

    you got that right hahahaha
  7. Smalliebigs

    Spots always seem to run in groups

  8. Smalliebigs

    Spots always seem to run in groups

    very true my friend hahahahaha
  9. Smalliebigs

    Spots always seem to run in groups

    I fished from the bank like a complete gaper at a public access that is very well used with rope swings in the trees and methheads tweaking in the bushes. I just had to nail a few fish for my sanity so location was not well thought out. I caught one Spot after another for about an hour and a half, a few around 15 or 16 the rest just fun little dinks. All were brought to hand with a Japanese top water bait and my sanity is in tact for now.... mission accomplished ✌️
  10. Smalliebigs

    Blue Springs Creek 9/22/18

  11. Smalliebigs

    Anniversary Float

    No doubt Mitch.... as you know the big girls usually don’t come to play when the water looks like a Gin and tonic😜
  12. Smalliebigs

    Anniversary Float

    Thanks John I am a lucky man as much as I female doggy about my wife sometimes. That Smallie was a special fish for that watershed and the whole scene of getting in to hand was played out right in front of my wife’s face. She kept saying “ oh yer gonna loose that thing... it’s just gonna be a fisherman's tale” hahahahaha She was a very nice Smallie out of a smaller watershed.... a true gem and I hope somebody else gets a chance at tackling that thing. John here is a mess up pic that kinda illustrates the length of that Smallie and we still need to go paddle up a watershed I want to show you
  13. Smalliebigs

    Anniversary Float

    Well I guess I’m lucky my wife of 15 years is willing and wants to do a float trip on our Anniversary. The weather was glorious and so was the fishing. My wife is a cool gal and puts up with my goofy posterior monkey dodo.... I’m a lucky guy in many ways. I nailed fish on a Tackle HD small craw in their Kiwi special run color and a few fish on a a MB Quick Walker.... the fish were in their typical late Summer early Fall pattern holding deep in the wood. If you could make the accurate casts to the wood it was game on.
  14. Smalliebigs

    Tough bite on 9-23-18

    Is that a Smallie in your 5???
  15. Smalliebigs

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Hahahaha awesome smile

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