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  1. Wow man normally I ignore your crap on here because it’s obvious you’re a campus indoctrinated clown. This is a statement only a complete millennial would make who sounds mad. you mad bro??? About your situation??? making blanket statements about older Whites guy being entitled is pretty much showing us all you are a liberal puppet who only knows what the professors told him about the world. You obviously did not come from the school of hard knocks. you have a set of balls sitting behind a keyboard calling older white dudes entitled and calling guys kids “demon spawn” hahahaha this is classic
  2. Awesome stuff Bret and kudos on you and JD getting his PB Smallie.......OUTSTADING brother
  3. Great job Jim.... I caught some really nice Crappie on the Meramec last week on the white bladed jigs you tied for me, superior quality jigs you tie for sure😉
  4. middle.....below the Bourbeuse confluence at a private piece of property the second day.......the first day was right near the access at the Bourbeuse
  5. I wanted to continue on my rampage of recent and fished a hole just down about a mile from where we fished yesterday. Different hole same results hahaha what a blast
  6. I guess I failed to mention we caught a monkey dodo ton of fish and it was a smorgasbord. I’m not good at keeping count but, we did well. I met someone half my age who has just as much of a passion for fishing as I do and that impressed me very much 🙂
  7. I finally hooked up with a friend I only knew online. We always talked fishing and we decided to go try to nail some Winter fish. I’ll just say we did pretty good for about an hour of fishing and I was very proud of my new friend when he nailed this dang near 20 incher but, that SOB weighed 4 + all day long. Are people deer hunting??? 😜
  8. I highlighted those craws with a Black and Orange Sharpie hahaha The color is a new one Tackle HD came out with..... GP/Blue I am not in the tackle selling business anymore but, I make stuff for myself all the time but, my tackle is for catching big fish that’s about it hahaha
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