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  1. Yeah and these look completely heterosexual hahahaha no offense but, if we are going on looks those look like a cross between Jimmy Buffet meets Fantasy Island. Not sure I’ve seen any water shoe that looks cool though especially these or the 5/10’s
  2. Yeah that kinda thing never worried me as I have been known to wear some ridiculous monkey dodo hahaha
  3. man I wished a lot of you guys would have listened to Al when he touted these 5 10 Water shoes.... There is absolutely nothing better. I'm like Elaine with the Today sponge over here as I have 6 pairs of size 11, 4 in boxes still
  4. Smalliebigs


    Any pics of either the feeesh or the fat man??
  5. There are sleeper cells all out in the sticks of Missouri. My family member spoke with me who works fairly high up with HS has shown me general areas they are watching and have been watching for awhile. They mostly speak in Arabic and keep to themselves but, their asset exchanges have caused the Feds to follow and watch. They have all been mostly quiet other than the professor at Mizzou who dragged out a gal by her hair for alleged wrong doings with their religion. They are out there though with very big Farms with lots and lots of acres.
  6. 92% of the bass are gonna be in and around 8% of the river in the Winter, when the water temps are colder. When it spikes after a warming trend like this the bass start to move, now they are on the prowl in around especially that 8% they were just holding in very predictably.......then it can be tough but, they are eating, oh they are eating. Lower Meramec is full of fish that eat fish and that's all I say about that. let's go
  7. 92% of the bass are gonna be in and around 8% of the river in the Winter when water temps are below 45... which they were well below that when I went the 23rd. When the temps spike a little the bass will be on the prowl in and around that 8% of the river but, eating for sure. Then it can be tougher in the Winter and I like it then because it’s tough and most will give up when it’s cold again. They were more than likely cruising and eating where there a Winter haunt is which can make it a little more confusing but, identifying the a Winter haunt is paramount to forming any pattern. I have been catching more big bass this Winter than most for me but, I also have been following fish movements more than anything else and the abundance of billions of Shad this year. Honestly the Lower M is a fickled Biotch and that is also part of the allure for me but there are beast in them there waters that people think are poo poo
  8. Well I am the insurance guy up there and in certain areas they will come strong but, you just have to be aware
  9. Man this cracks me up..... I think if some of you boys came up here in real ghetto of North St Louis most of ya would turn into Casper the ghost. I only carry in very select areas where I have to take pics of properties up here and it’s more of a matter of self awareness. Out in the sticks I don’t even consider it, I’m with GAVIN take a blade, although I had a piece with me when I floated with him and Larry StL on the Piney once and almost broke it out hahahaha so I may be talking out my posterior on this one.
  10. Wow!!! I guess I could make my lame observation of campus pusses but, I won’t. Lame
  11. Start decluttering my fishing gear piles... totally!!!! as always try to catch the biggest fish I can every time out.....pretty simple
  12. These have become my buddies at this point. The coyotes did a number on their population here my woods until the MDC trapped most of the Yotes as they must have been killing too many cats or scaring people over at Powder Valley??? Either way this little group has grown in the last Two years.
  13. Man you guys have some serious sets of goals lol. I’m lucky to even find time to go fishing much less have an organized list of annual objectives. I catch a ton of big bass even though I’m only going when I can squeeze it in between work and taking care of my family. I guess my goal should be to retire so I can get some more time really.
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