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  1. 23.5 inches but wasn’t the most thick one. My buddy H Wally is the KING of the Walleye on that river and nails one’s that make this one look like child’s play with regularity 🙂
  2. Yeah we’re are on different ends of the spectrum as I release every nice Wally I catch As they are my second favorite river fish here. I had to force myself to start keeping the Spots as I really don’t keep anything I catch. I have been keeping close records as to how many have left the river for a grease bath over the last 6 months and it’s getting to be an extremely large number now as I am on these suckers right now and can go nail 15 to 20 pretty easy.
  3. Hey Bill hahahaha yep I think I could have talked with you for hours man!! Have a great weekend and hopefully I didn’t reveal too much about my goofy posterior. Have a great weekend and GO CARDINALS
  4. I haven’t posted much recently as my time to fish has been reduced by my commitments to my family. I still probably fish more than most people get to but, nothing like what it was before my family life.My personal quest to remove as many Spotted Bass from my favorite home stretches of water is in full force recently. Many many Spots have made the last mistake of their lives recently. Here are some of the sacrifices. I’m actually amazed at how many I can catch when this is my sole purpose on my ventures. Fishing might suck in certain areas for a bit??? We have had Two really nice fish frys at my new place in Bonne Terre recently and my mouth is watering thinking about the next 😜
  5. Hell yes they would have to be dumb MOTHER F Er to turn them loose at the rafting company.... I honestly can’t believe they did??? Because I have never in my 50 years caught a Spot above the Huzzah.... until 10/01/2019 Starting wonder what’s going on here. I can’t believe the guys that fish the river Tourneys would be so ignorant and reckless
  6. I fished your area down to Onondaga yesterday and caught 4 Spots and all 4 are dead now. Fishing was tough for the BIG fish I was there for but, caught many many 14 to 16 inch fish deep in the wood that related to moving water. That was my first time catching a Spot above Leasburg though, which was a BIG bummer.
  7. hahahahahahahaha.......you just described my home life, thanks hahahahahahaha
  8. he can have them.....their high end reels are decent but, I quit buying them after most of mine whine like a baby after massive use
  9. ouch that's not good!!!!.....I have been swarmed by spotted bass recently......the last 4 mornings I have caught more BIG Spots than I have ever caught out of the Meramec but, MUCH further down stream. I have caught Spots around Sappington bridge and that sucked. The spots have a 2 or 3 week run where they go nuts and that time is right now IMO.
  10. I wouldn't let the ink dry on that one.......since they released these genetically modified Triploids rest assured that record will be broken and soon. Very cool to see such a fish though
  11. I know where I’ll be fishing this Fall and Winter..... I assume they probably stocked some brood fish as well??
  12. I gave up worrying about this crap as it did me no good. I know the MDC doesn't really care about the ramifications of illegal gigging, that is very obvious. I know there are plenty of ethical giggers out there, hell they are in my family, my uncle is king of Shannon County in those regards. I just don't give a crap anymore because it is pointless to worry about gamefish getting gigged because nothing will change and the governing body that is in charge of protecting our wildlife is clueless as hell on the whole thing. I just try to get my good fishing in while I can.......that's where I'm at.......no reason to bang my head against the wall for nothing.
  13. nice WalterHead!!! and man you look different with some face hair hahahahahaha I used to be hung up on trying to fish the most optimal weather conditions or what I thought were the best and now I just try to go where other people haven't fished in awhile and that pretty much helps me out with the bites. I think it is better with an approaching front......usually hahahahaha
  14. man dude that is screwed up.....I kinda figured that was the case.....very weird
  15. I will say this the methheads in Greene County don't stop for the cops Holy monkey dodo!!!!......they show a high speed chase there every dam show for sure
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