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  1. Smalliebigs

    A beautiful smallie!

    Dang dude!!!!!!..... nice One Hog Smally😜
  2. Smalliebigs

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    HAHAHAHAHA....I think you are wrong there.....Simone Manuel..... Cullen Jones. We only own a house on a lake but, we value knowing how to swim because my family is in a river or a lake almost every weekend. Also as Pete said stay the hell away from the Meramec it is very dangerous with strainers around every corner, the current is ferocious and it is racist at it's core.
  3. Smalliebigs

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    If you can’t swim and go get in the river you will probably drown, it’s just that simple.... why is it always Black people drowning there?? My family swims very good and we all learned to swim very good at a young age. My 8 year old swims like a fish, the bummer is the swim meets are an all day deal wow do they burn up some time but, she is a very good swimmer. We were just on vacation and she and I treaded water together out in our lake and had a little contest to see who could stay out the longest hahahahaha I gave up after about 40 mins and left her out there swimming around the cove with her cousins for another 20 mins or so. People need to learn how to swim if they are going to go out in lakes and rivers or pools... sounds pretty stupid even saying it.
  4. Smalliebigs

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    This is the exact same for me where I chase these crazy things.... you nailed it....other than I’m fishing the lower end of the Meramec and Mississippi... they are always there but, only feed when you said and trying to wrap your brain around anything else with those crazy fish will make a man go nuts.... they are just fun
  5. Smalliebigs

    Your first "big" smallmouth?

    Very cool.... good for you for getting that hawg back swimming quick.... you just went up 3 levels in my book 👍
  6. It’s a shame the MDC doesn’t stock them in the Black River or Meramec
  7. Smalliebigs

    Been Awhile

    awesome post a report dude.....I lost your number.......again
  8. Smalliebigs

    Larry Dablemont Article

    I don’t know who Larry is but, if the MDC is shooting hogs on Jonny’s land for free??? Well that is lame. As Wrench said nobody knows it’s just a claim so I just leave it at that. I hear and see claims of fish being a certain size on here and I deal with it the same way..... yeah okay sure and move on.
  9. Smalliebigs

    6" of rain so far...

    holy monkey dodo man I hope it goes to 662 for awhile then
  10. binding......binding.....binding....but I have a ton of Shimano Stradics do it as well.
  11. Smalliebigs

    Kiddo did great out there! PB Walter for her.

    YES!!!!....your daughter rocks!!!! So cool she wanted to let her go.....great post man
  12. First throw that reel in the trash as the 3 I bought all had the same issues you speak of hahahaha... I guess it’s relative to each individual but, I wouldn’t give you a penny for that reel
  13. Smalliebigs

    Fish care

    Well thanks for saving us from where this was headed.... I wonder if your intuition is as good for finding the fish??
  14. Smalliebigs

    A week in Reynolds County

    Hahahaha don’t take this the wrong way GAVIN as I am trying to a turd but, Aaron Click and Ben Hill also have put in tons of work and development on the baits Tackle HD makes..... It’s not just Mitch
  15. Smalliebigs

    A week in Reynolds County

    The fish could not resist this bait just bumped down stream in moving water.... it was kind of a joke how easy it was really. They have another very good bait IMO

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