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  1. Daiwa Kage LT, Daiwa Tatula 2500hd, Daiwa Ballistic xh2500
  2. Yes!!!.... I caught several nice ones about 12 days ago and then this one right before the deluge screwed up the river. No giants yet as that is my dream so I must wait
  3. yep I watch some youtube channels that are edited quite well and their content is pretty good but, making movies about little creeks is doing nobody any good. Hell I watch a dude in Canada who only makes axes and chops wood, most entertaining fucker I've ever watched...…..I just feel exposing small streams to the WWW is bad, just my opinion though
  4. I went to my favorite Two creeks Saturday and Sunday. Both creeks had multiple multiple people using them in a wide range of ways. First creek had guys fishing everywhere with cameras and making some video about their adventure. They were doing a summary of the day when I pulled up hahahaha. There was four of them and they all had GoPro cameras and Two rods a piece. They were filming for the one guys youtube page. Our streams and rivers are screwed. The one guy recognized me from social media outlet of some sort and acted like he wanted my autograph or something. I just got back in my truck with tail between my legs and drove away to another creek...….confused and bewildered. The second creek also had multiple people at different bridges, which was discouraging as well. I ended up fishing another creek that I quit fishing a while back because it just seems too small and it seemed like nobody else has fished there in a wile as I saw no signs of people anywhere. To my surprise I caught several nice fish in only Two pools and thought better of fishing any further and left after catch 12 Smallies all from 14 to 17 inches, which was very nice. Driving back to town I couldn't quit thinking about all the people out on the streams......making movies no less hahahaha, oh well I hope the fishing gets really tough on all streams
  5. Meat hunters will gut Smallies no matter what. If you want to beat some posterior bring it hahaha
  6. 5/10's :)…….best investment in my feet in a long time
  7. yep I feel the same way and it has lost me a few friends I used to fish tourneys with. I know what I have seen on LOZ and Table Rock in tourneys especially in warm water temps or during the spawn
  8. ever so true......best spawn bait ever really
  9. agreed......tourneys and a small stream are not good idea at all but, that's just my opinion. Wonder if the MDC will let me get a Trout only tourney on the Current river or the Niangua??? We would cull the smaller ones off the stringer and take good care of them hahahaha......sorry just trying to be the posterior I am
  10. agreed but, I doubt they will catch that many who knows. If you are an outfitter you are about as dense as granite to promote such a thing and apparently the MDC approved the permit so it shows their concern as well...….friggin joke
  11. eh it's no biggie hahahaha not trying to be a saint or anything. My young friend is so ate up with river fishing and messages me about 4 times a day about fishing in general and that makes me happy. He's a great kid and I have soo many boats and crap, I just thought he needs a starting point to become a boat ridden dork like me We still need to go fishing Daryk and bring your son
  12. Well I just made a 23 year friend of mine VERY happy hahahaha..... his mom called me and asked what my motivation was hahahaha GEEZ I just really enjoy fishing with her son and he looks up to me so I figured wth We are gonna go float a special stream for his maiden voyage hahaha I will post pics
  13. looks perfect too me 790cfs where???....790 at one spot is way different than another. I never really check water levels unless it's really high......one thing a great river fisherman told me at an MSA meeting once that has increased the amount of good fishing days for me was this. I only go out on the river when the river flow is steady and less than a foot of fluctuation up or down. Stick to going when it's a stable flow and you will catch fish
  14. Well no interest here...….so I have a young protege' friend who I am just gonna give this whole set up to, he will appreciate and use the hell out of it
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