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  1. Catch as many BIG fish every time I go is my goal. Catch as many 20+ inch bass as I can other than that not much else.
  2. No doubt the dude can punch and when he was with Cus D’ Amato he was at his best but, when he fought Holyfield he got schooled and that was the only fighter he ever fought of any significance whatsoever. Buster Douglass beat his posterior silly as well. Tyson was only good in his era because there were no other heavyweights that were worth a darn..... hell Holyfield put on weight just to move up and his boxing skills were better obviously.
  3. Tyson was a paper champ who had to bite the ear of anyone who was good that fought him and anyone that was motivated beat his posterior down. They are both old so I would so possibly weakest fight in a long time.
  4. Agreed with everything Wrench said but, these Temperates are going from one river to another. Thru my journeys in chasing these goofy SOB’s the water temps I find them to be most active is 54 to 57 but, as Wrench said you can catch’em all year round. I don’t have the patience to do it other than that zone because they are too frustrating and go chase easy fish like Smallies and Largemouth 🙂
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  7. Well that sucks!!! Can there be any place that doesn’t get blown up by tournaments??? ~~ A you dick measuring contest guys are very bored with just fishing. Also I thought bass season for meat hunters was closed from 03/01 to 06/01???
  8. Can jam on the sand bar with fishing..... I’m in!!!!!
  9. I have weighed a few but, never have I caught a 22 holy F!!! I have weighed 20’s that were 3++. River run White bass fight like they are bionic. Here is a 20 inch White that weighed 3.4 I also understand why you feel the mutts are a detriment to the true Whites, over the past decade I have seen the population change to a majority of Hybrids versus Whites which seemed weird but, it’s true for the river I’m fishing that does feed the Mississippi
  10. Yes and I will take some pics of the baby Hybrids I’m catching as they are very obvious they are hybrids. I am catching some very nice Whites as well some 3.5 to 4lbers
  11. Yes I would subscribe based on so many people hating him and his views. I would never join the crowd on anything.
  12. I have been trying to figure that one out for a while now. I catch baby hybrids and 10 Lbers, they have to be reproducing in the river
  13. Thanks buddy they are quickly becoming my favorite fish to persue
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