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  1. Awesome deal Al.... congrats to your bro and you for getting out together and obviously the fish he caught wow!!! That Smallie is another league as you know..... mercy mercy that’s cool!!
  2. Dang man!!! Personally that is one of the best ones I have ever seen, whoever you had do that is working a very high level.
  3. Dude watching you and Aaron just obliterate so many nice Smallies so fast was just one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I was honored to be there just to watch and net your guys fish hahahaha.......AWESOME stuff my friend. That pig you caught was such a sweet fish, when you get to see a legit 20+ up close and hold them it is really a cool thing. You and Aaron rock brother!!!
  4. Awesome report Dave......keep on rocking it brother and we need to get together this Summer man!!!
  5. Nice Smallie Alex kudos brother 🙂
  6. Heck yeah!!!.... kudos on what sounded like a very fun bite and at a crucial time hahahaha
  7. Awesome!!!.... cool pic😀
  8. Thank you sir.... our home river produces some fat bottom girls that is for sure🙂 or at least I’m pretty sure it’s your home river hahaha
  9. It was good to get out and thank you. Starting off the Spring with a fish like that is always a blessing just another one of the memories with my buddy I will cherish. That fish freight trained me when it hit and just about took the rod out of my hand... those are the moments that make me the messed up freak I am.
  10. The Lower Mec is a fickled beast at best. The flow rate right now is not optimal. I have also found historically anytime the flow is restricted or backed up below Flamm it seems to do weirds things all the way up to Rte. 66. The best part about the Lower Mec is most people can’t do anything down here and tend to stay away after futility but, I know you ain’t one of them hahahaha. once we get some stabilization you will be destroying them. I also wanted ask you about the bridge footing construction @ 44 kinda wild and the fishing has been different since they started that IMO
  11. Yer very nice to do that and I commend you Cwallis
  12. yep NDyakangler has some of THE best on Youtube.......and he is a pretty cool guy as well.
  13. that spot is completely dependent on how much water is coming out of the lake and how high the river is......if any part of the equation changes those fish are gone real fast
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