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  1. hmmmm that's not what i'm hearing from people in the hospitals like my wife and friends who work in ICU's here in St.Louis. This crap is contagious as hell and remains alive on hard surfaces for longer than most would think. I know Three cops with bad cases and a few docs with bad cases and a few nurses with really bad cases. Did you know you usually end up with permanent lung damage if you end up on a ventilator a lot of times?? I wouldn't want this crap. On the flip side we have to get businesses going again or we're done for.
  2. man it's everywhere.....Jim Edmonds got it and that dude is in very good shape as he worked out at my gym even has all his meals prepared by this organic chef company. Traveling and touching things and then touching your face is how most of you will get it. We have friends on a ventilator down at SLU who was the head of ICU there, also my wife has two nurse friends who have it pretty bad and another doc she used to work with at BJC has a very bad case and he is 44. Wash your hand constantly and don't touch your face. be safe no joke at all...….my fear is people in rural areas think this isn't out there and let their guard down with the hygiene and wham is on you quick and then yer spreading...….it's out in the rural areas......don't kid yourself
  3. yep they are the hardest fish to pattern on I have ever chased.....at first it frustrated me to no end but, now that's they're allure for me. They just keep swimming hahahah they are not the easiest fish to catch consistently no doubt.
  4. My VPN is running quite well but, who gives crap about that stupid stuff??? let's go, the river is still high though.....I have been in this house since the 13th and everybody is fine and dandy. The hybrids were just starting before the high water events.....please message me and lets go
  5. way to make a blanket statement there bud, not all of us are White LMAO
  6. Stories like this are why we are screwed as a society. Back to the food for kids who's parents are too lazy to provide for thing. Gavin, so loosers who can make the effort to get over to the school to pick up a free meal when everything is quarantined here in St.Louis but, just can't seem to put that much effort into furthering themselves to be able to provide food for their families??? Sorry but, that is a bunch BS. Instead of quarantining people we need to be sterilizing people. The apathy in our society is at a Pandemic level as it pertains to our country, friggin LOOSERS
  7. I have always asked the same question here as the wic kids are dropped off by people in Yukons but can't feed their kids???
  8. Funny I have never been checked at an urban lake fishing for oil trout and have seen several Bosnians and African Americans as well as White Trash hoosiers keeping trout and bouncing them all over the banks. The urban trout program benefits a few old loosers like myself who know they don't even put big trout in the springs anymore and I go nail my 4 or 5 Lunkers there every year......other than that it's a blood fest for dumbshits looking for dog food tasting trout.
  9. Kinda gay..... I always fish by all the gay trout rules there..... guess I should have been throwing my hard baits
  10. Wow kudos man!!! Those warts look like pieces of art..... very nice
  11. Seth.......BINGO and I know where the next state record is swimming around and the best part is everyone I know sucks at fishing there but, it's there and it is gonna take a good fisherman to get it. The Meramec had THE highest shad population in decades in my opinion and they went up stream further than they have in my memory. The closer you get to the Mississippi on the Meramec and the closer you get the Missouri river on the Gasconade the shad populations go up bigtime. You would have to be a fool to not think Jeff's fish has the potential to be over 7. I know someone who caught a 23 inch smallie similar to Jeffs in the last 2 weeks. It didn't weigh quite was his did but, could be a 7+ easy. Unfortunately my friend wants nothing to do with anyone knowing about the fish.
  12. not sure what yer talking about there??? are you saying you would rather Jeff lip a fish with Two hands versus One??? if so that is a new one......or are you saying he should have held it horizontally with Two hands, which makes no sense at all because then you are putting massive pressure on the fishes jaw if you don't support it's body but, he wasn't holding it like that???
  13. holy crap some of those Gasconade smallies are just emaciated looking.......I have always caught longer skinny ones there
  14. Jim that Smallie was a giant dawg.....most people have never even come close to that around here. I find most are just guessing on size and weights and in that process stroking their egos and inflating the length and weight.
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