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  1. Smalliebigs


    man I would hope not but, they did skewer wires into the sides of smallies with a bounty if you took it out
  2. Smalliebigs


    So here are other examples Al...Meramec river fish and also big
  3. Smalliebigs


    I have seen them in the Meramec and the Bourbeuse, Big and Black rivers
  4. Smalliebigs


    I know it's wild but, I have seen this on others.....all of the smallies were rather large that I have seen this on. Possibly they are stuck soo close in a log that something is able to do that to them???.... or some weird bacteria??? either way I have only seen this on smallies 20 inches and bigger but, I have seen it before for sure.
  5. Smalliebigs


    A kid who I fished with this weekend caught this One. He caught it on a speed craw.....she was quite the long smallie and had the infamous top of it's tail chewed off??? I have seen this on other fish my friend Hog Wally has caught and it has always perplexed me as what is doing this???...... Al Agnew if you read this can I get an explanation hahahahaha......sorry you are my all things river authority This was a very legit fish nonetheless as this kid is a very big young man and made it look smaller than what my gay posterior does with the pics.
  6. Smalliebigs

    Had to find the pattern

    Very nice Bret....kudos to you for figuring them out...that impresses me ☺
  7. Smalliebigs

    Top Water Bonanza

    Sorry fished by myself so the pics suck. The fishing was really quite epic for me....lots of big Orca type breeches, baits getting knocked into the air. Smiles were HUGE. Walking the Dawg in the only areas that were fishable in the higher water. If you you could identify and cast to these areas it was game on in a BIG way.
  8. Yes I have used Jenko's booty shaker but, have only used the 5, 6, and 7 inch versions. They swim great
  9. Yep I love the little Dipper as well and is probably a better size swimbait for the river really
  10. I use these https://reactioninnovations.com/estore/products/detail/?prodid=28&optionid=332 rigged with these https://directtacklesales.com/products/vmc-hd-bladed-swimbait-hook It's a deadly combo and you can run them thru buck brush or cedars.....lots of movement.....tail thumping, body wobble and a blade. This combo on the rivers is sick really. The Owner Beast bladed heads are good as well as the Trokars but, the VMC is cheaper and I like how their head cuts thru the water better than the Owner and Trokar.....but for my BIG swimbaits it's the beast everytime Also do yourself a favor and go for the SV spool in a Tatula or a Zillion......I did and they were the best purchases I have made in awhile
  11. Smalliebigs

    Another 20"

    Very nice
  12. Smalliebigs

    My son's first smallmouth.

    hahahahaha it appears to have a lateral line and a spotted belly but, that is only my opinion of an image :).....cool deal either way
  13. Smalliebigs

    My son's first smallmouth.

    Looks like a Spot but still very cool
  14. Smalliebigs

    Diawa Tatula

    What he said hahahaha.... my Tatula and Zillion SV's cast like nothing else I have thrown to date. They are very good reels. Are they completely backlash proof??? no but as close I have seen or used personally.
  15. Smalliebigs

    Big spot

    PIG SPOT!!!!.....SWEET!!!!.....awesome action

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