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  1. Gigging is great!

    almost as concerning as your comprehension of a satirical statement, unless of course you are joking
  2. Gigging is great!

    I have.....it is what it is and I know that. I have succumb to the fact that this is as good as it gets as far as river fishing for bass is concerned to the MDC. It doesn't bother me anymore, it used to but, not anymore......it is what it is.
  3. Gigging is great!

    Bass season should be closed for keeping them from January 1 to June 1......that would please me.
  4. Gigging is great!

    agreed......and as you said nothing is going to happen when the entity that is in charge of regulating the sport is also enabling the criminals of the sport as well as introducing other factors into the equation that make it worse. After listening to some of MDC 's finest say a few things at the public forum meeting at Powder Valley I am convinced that some employees are completely ignorant or don't want to rock the boat in fear of jeopardizing their jobs. I don't waste brain power on it anymore......completely futile
  5. Needed a change and simplified the plan

    Hahahaha the fishes mouth was open so I was not trying to deceive on the size.....these Spotted bass fought like demons was the most relevant thing other than they seem to be taking the Smallies over. I also caught some baby Hybrids/whites
  6. Needed a change and simplified the plan

    Hahaha....no biggie....still fishing and fished an area near Pacific this morning in the fog...quality fish getting competitive over the Plopper90...I wish I would have had a stringer this morning, could have had a seriously nice mess of of Spots to fry up
  7. Creek fishing with kiddos

    Absolutely awesome
  8. Needed a change and simplified the plan

    I guess so....it was the only bait I took Also I am not a part of Tackle HD anymore and have nothing to gain from expressing my opinions of their bait. Im not trying sell ~~....just trying to give some guys who frequent this site some help in catching fish on something other than a Ned Rig. I guess I should have been a little more neutral and PC and said Bait X instead of mentioning their bait.
  9. Needed a change and simplified the plan

    Mitch the Kiwi color absolutely rocks IMO and you know what I'm talking about on the craw bite....it is a very fun deal
  10. Needed a change and simplified the plan

    Heck yeah!!!!....my family I still have to reserve your place.....our schedules are friggin out of control right now
  11. MSA Fall Outing 2017

    I agree with Tim.....sure wish I could have made it to that event
  12. I took my self propelled vessel to a river to go fishing. I used artificial lures. I caught some fish. Fishing is fun.
  13. Smallmouth of the North Country

    Those fish have to be some of the dumbest fish in North America but, they are brutes. Thank goodness there is hardly any fishing pressure to speak of up there.....it's kinda like fishing a creek down here that hasn't seen any action for awhile......a bunch a non educated fish. Man that makes for some great action though.
  14. Hog Wally

    I don't care where you fish that's a nice EYE Hog Wally doing what he does...he told me that thing was WIDE. Man I want to catch one of those someday....kudos my friend

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