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  1. Wow!!! Nice rig Mitch!!! congrats
  2. You can really see the mass hanging off the sides of the hawg trough can’t ya??? Hahaha That fish was soo tall and thick it was nuts hard to tell but, she was heavy. hope you have been safe and healthy
  3. Al these are my only extreme examples and you are ever so correct on the mass size of these river run Ozark bass. This year has been extremely weird for obvious reasons. I made a vow to not post pics on social media anymore, do I consider this site social media??? Kinda but, not really. The fishing pressure I have seen this year has been a detriment at best. I have caught a handful of 18 + smallies and not many 19’s and NONE that legitimately measured 20 inches, which normally would alarm me but, my fishing has been limited to when I can sneak away for a few hours in between Zoom classes for d
  4. Not always the case though..... I caught a couple under 21 that were over 5 and some 19’s that were way over 4 and close to 5. This first Smallie was 19 + but, not 20 and weighed 4 ++++. The second Smallie was barely over 20 and weighed 5 + but, Al is right though as these both as you can see looked more like a Northern fish in girth than most you will see in Ozark rivers hahaha
  5. Yep actually fishing off the back deck of this boat is pretty nice but, the guys in bass boats were giving me a few funny looks. I’ll bring my bass boat down in Early October and put a beat down on fish. It was a little sketchy pulling up to docks and dropping spoons as I definitely did not want to make contact with anyone’s docks.
  6. Well I fished from my wife’s boat and only brought One rod. Fishing from a pleasure boat without a trolling motor is challenging at best Hahaha Water temps at the surface were about piss range I would say. From 5:20 to 6:30 I had a sporadic top water bite but, the fish I was catching were pretty dang nice. Mostly Smallies around 16 to 18 inches. Then I would go to driving around 3 girls in a Yamaha jet boat. Then I would drop spoons in boat stalls at docks that would have the right bank behind them and depth and it was producing some nice Spots. The water patrol checked me at Indian Point and
  7. I have never experienced a rise this fast before so I was ignorant as to what could actually happen. My dad lives right near this corridor and is a weather junkie to the extreme and said just to the North West of where I was received 4 inches of rain in 40 mins, not sure if that’s true but his rain gauge on this Site he uses said this. This little valley I was in is very steep on both sides with a Bluff on one side for about a quarter mile. Where I swam to was a flatter area and just was filling like a lake hahaha like I said now I know, I had never seen a stream do that before
  8. This was quite literally a wall of water it filled that tight little valley up faster than I could have ever imagined
  9. I’m an idiot I saw it coming and chose to climb up this gravel embankment at this railroad bridge I was at and couldn’t get out of there the gravel was washing out from under me and I panicked a little bit and just jumped in the SOB. The level had gone up dramatically while I was trying to claw out of there. Should have just stayed put..... like I said even at 51 and doing the crap for a long time I panicked and made some dumb moves
  10. Oh yeah it got off color and it rose and then it came up like 3 feet in a matter of what seemed like 20 seconds
  11. Thanks man..... I used to run down to St Francois river every time it would rain hard enough but, that was in the 90’s
  12. Hahaha no giants but, plenty this size.... sorry the pics suck
  13. Yes in the Winter in 45 degree water.... I got one of my scupper holes lodged on a street sign on Marshall rd right by the Golf center hahaha another dumb move. Pete this creek had a very steep banks or Bluffs really and I was right at a railroad bridge and I kinda had to make a choice as I could not get up this steep embankment of gravel to the railroad tracks. I tried like 10 times digging my fingers and toes as hard as I could to crawl up this railroad footing and just couldn’t, cut my fingers and hands up. By the time I realized I couldn’t get up the hill the creek had trees and rootwads c
  14. I did loose my rod and reel because I had to eventually just jump in and swim for safety and I couldn’t do it with one hand and Two feet kicking
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