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  1. Smalliebigs

    Big Fish of 2019

    Gamefish and non gamefish for MOcarp🙂 They both ate a jig though
  2. Smalliebigs

    Big M area 2/13

    Cool Meanmouth!! I caught one once around Indian creek @Baxter and have been intrigued to catch another ever since
  3. Smalliebigs

    Paddlefish poaching article

    wow!!!!....so the MDC justified a bunch of jobs with a crazy sting operation over a few years.....sounds about right. Can they sick Higgins on to the illegal gigging situation??
  4. Smalliebigs

    Kim City - Feb 13, A-Rig bite

    quality to say the least
  5. Smalliebigs

    Played around before the snow

    dude yes we do and I need to buy a pile of your jigs....just like the last ones I bought from you ASAP
  6. Smalliebigs

    Fishing kayak.

    NICE!!! Where did you find one?? or did you order online???... I was wanting to look at one
  7. Smalliebigs

    Back-to-back PB smallies

    Holy Smokes Jim that is Two casts you'll never forget....good for you
  8. Smalliebigs

    Big M area, Feb. 5

    Sweet looking Spot!!! Kudos to you.... someday I need to get some of you Ned guys to try a Small Craw and jighead
  9. Smalliebigs


    MAN that Spot is pretty....nice job Bo
  10. Smalliebigs

    New reels

    Agreed Al, I have a kastking speed freak and at first it made a bad whining noise. I watched a video on YouTube about several others who had the same thing happen to their reel and how to take it apart and take out an excessive chunk of grease they put in the reel. I followed the videos and performed my halfedass autopsy procedure and the reel is very smooth and quite now hahahaha it cracks me up because I would have normally just tossed it for what I paid for that reel but it seems pretty nice.
  11. Smalliebigs

    New reels

    As long it has the SV spool I’m down Charlie Brown
  12. Smalliebigs

    New reels

    A step down from the Tatula SV would be this one for $99 but still a serviceable reel IMO https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lews-Tournament-MB-Speed-Spool-LFS-Baitcast-Reel-8-3-1-TS1XHMB-/111676791340
  13. Smalliebigs

    New reels

    Hard to beat this one.... I just bought a couple https://www.ebay.com/itm/DAIWA-TATULA-SV-TW-103XS-8-1-1-TASV103XS-RIGHT-HAND-BAITCAST-REEL-/401696573187
  14. Hahahaha keep wearing your darn life jacket so we can go fishing here soon 😜.... stay alive dang it
  15. Smalliebigs

    Kim City - Jan 27 vertical and horizontal bite

    CONGRATS!!!!.....those are definitely some of the better fish I have seen posted from Table rock in a while, kudos to you!!!

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