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  1. Good runs

    Failoni's hahahaha hell yeah Gavin knows what I'm talking about
  2. Good runs

    Nick's Pub on Manchester.....no need to set your troll net deep, it was a joke. The Famous Bar in South City .... easy pickens, wear your hazmat suit though....if you know what I mean. The Good Ole days
  3. Trout....TROUT...TROUT!.....

    Duly noted.....kudos to you Mrs. BilletHead it seems like you Two are living the dream
  4. Bennett Bronzebacks 2017?

    I will be there fighting thru a few Orvis sisters....usually nail a few 18's on my Rabbit jigs....sorry the pics suck. Welcome back FC, I have missed your perspective around here for sure
  5. Trout....TROUT...TROUT!.....

    Sorry but when the crayfish put up more of a show than the fish I just don't have the desire to go thru what it takes to get there and catch them. When he is catching trout the size of bait on a spoon, I don't see the glory in it. I started out fishing this way in ditches from Festus to Park Hills....we would make our own Tenkara like setups and nail Creek Chubs and the occaional Bass.....back when I was about 6 or 7 and my dad drug me around to bridges. He would sit and drink Busch and read while I explored.
  6. This weekend?

    Very nice Paul!!!! It looks like you had a good weekend with your wife???? You Two deserved some QUALITY time. Kudos my friend 😊
  7. FAMOUS LAST WORDS (Trophy Carp Regs)

    Hahahaha I feel the same way about trout for the most part, other than trout big enough to chase a jerkbait
  8. Possible Strike 3.

    Dang man I know that is tough. Hang in there and I will be praying for a good result on the biopsy. My wife has had some scares post Cancer and all I can do is be scared with her.....I feel helpless at times. Hang in there man
  9. PB Walleye

    In the short time I have know Hog Wally I have seen him catch plenty over 25 so I would agree with his 27 inch benchmark. He is THE master of the eyes on the Meramec as Al said. He has shown me some stuff I will take to my grave
  10. Stl County Park Lakes been any good recently?

    Hahaha....I was put in exile and pretty much only fish by myself now, which I personally don't like but it is what it is. I hate the stupid selfie pics....really need to quit those. I wish someone would go on some of these floats with me.
  11. Stl County Park Lakes been any good recently?

    Caught these in St.Louis County parks on the river....but, overall I haven't done that well this Fall. I have been floating my Yak from Rte.66 to the Valley Park ramp.
  12. What's Cooking?

    HAHAHAHAHA.....I love food and I love this thread but, sometimes this thread reminds me of this http://southpark.cc.com/clips/m736f5/you-gonna-deglaze-that
  13. I wasn't even trying to go there but, it happens more than you think. I was told by someone with the MDC and a few other trout guys that gigging helps stop suckers and other rough fish from over populating the river and adversely affecting the trout specifically. Which I found to be entertaining
  14. agreed......I have never understood just gigging or shooting a rough fish with a bow and just throwing it away. The whole crap about suckers overpopulating the streams if you don't allow gigging is complete BS for trout guys.
  15. Smallmouth, eagles, and alligators, oh my!

    Okay I know some will laugh and some will say we were baked but, in 1998 while wading on the Bourbeuse river my buddy who was ahead of me claims he saw an alligator. He was so freaked out he just turned around and walked back to the truck along the bank all scared. His crazy reaction to whatever he saw was really kinda wild coming from the particular guy. He swears to this day it was an aliigator and WILL not wade on that river. The mind is a funny thing and we see things that we perceive wrong but, he saw something that day and WILL not go in that river anymore hahahahaha

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