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  1. Dude!!!!! that pic is simply awesome!!!....yes these are the memories. That is how my wifes parents, parents started going to the Lodge. They started in 1947 on their honeymoon hahahaha The Lodge for some a part of you after many years of beautiful memories and moments it just tugs at you to go back 🙂 even the train rides for kids of course
  2. hey, it is a place for memories to be made that's for sure Jim is doing good and nailed a very nice 19inch smallie, his family is a part of the celebration we call the LODGE for sure. I married into BRL but, the friends I have made there are some of the best people I have ever met in my life. My daughter and my wife all love the lodge like life itself I hope you have a great time in August......we will be down in September
  3. Smalliebigs


    Wrench ain't lying there......I have seen 2 I/o's incinerate and one time the boat owner fired up the boat while the poor kid at Buzzard Rock Marina @ Barkley was still fueling them and lit the pump up and killed the kid.......friggin waste
  4. Yep I sometimes don’t wear a shirt on the river especially when the heat index is over 100.... I knew there would be nipple jokes hahaha it doesn’t bother me, if you saw the woman talking the pics of my drunk posterior you wouldn’t worry about that crap either....once I became 50 something and having a hot wife around putting up with my crap, life’s too short I really don’t think I’m cranking the jaw of any of those fish but, if you guys say so hell I guess I better do a better job?? I am fishing multiple times this coming week so I’m sure I will get a chance to work on it 😉
  5. I did the Meramec on Friday and the Big Piney yesterday. Both days were absolutely some of the best fishing I have had in Missouri for a bit, the numbers were offf the charts and so many fish from 16 to 18 over the last 72 hours it’s gonna be hard to wipe the grin off my face. on Friday I nailed some quality fish on top in front of some very cool younger fellas. They would cheer me on and and we ended up shotgunning Two Beers there on the sand bar.... the one kid recognized me from here and I forgot your name so please come forward. You guys made an old washed up dork feel good with your cheering me on and chugging some beers 🍻 😜 so many fish over the last Two days it kinda all bleeds together but, it was epic.
  6. I honestly wish some of you could experience this trip we do every year, it is the ultimate in friends, family, fishing and fellowship. I probably love it too much but, it is something that become are part of my being at this point. I cry like a baby every time I leave every year 🙂
  7. Dude it IS the best week of the year, it’s Christmas, my birthday, New Years, Easter all together ......you said it so poignantly on the float Tuesday.....” I love this day and I love this place “ Emily absolutely loves Charlie and George now and seeing all our kids down there playing hard and loving life was tonic for my soul my friend. seeing George and Emily holding nice Smallies is priceless 👍
  8. I really can’t see the reason for fishing for bass with an Ultralight unless you like to fight fish to exhaustion
  9. Agreed..... I was laughing at myself driving home thinking about my precious rod and reels hahahaha she probably had a better shot at this fish with my rod than hers that’s for sure, I was very proud of her nonetheless
  10. She was screaming and hollering, I thought something had gone wrong. This fish apparently put up a hell of a battle. She was totally interested for about 10 mins after that but, then was more into paddle boarding hahahaha
  11. We were just messing around at low water bridges that looked fun to play in the water. My daughter grabbed a little but, killer set up of mine to fish with and I cringed but, said screw it and ran to our truck to get her rod and reel and a cooler. I remember thinking she’s gonna destroy that rod and reel and I was like screw it. I hear yelling and screaming so I run back the couple hundred yards to our bridge to see my daughter and wife laughing and giggling. My daughter pulled a very solid 16 3/4 inch Smallie out of this little 2 foot deep hole hahahaha fun stuff . Apparently this thing fought like crazy and went airborne a couple of times..... and I was pissed about letting her use my rod 😜
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