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  1. Very nice!! When I get Spots 17 and over they are nice ones, I love those big Spots
  2. Lower Meramec is frozen across here by me
  3. That’s awesome man!!! I really hope you do get to hug the grandkids 😉 On this side of the state it’s not really going too well. Over 300,000 have registered in St Louis County and they have failed miserably in getting any numbers vaccinated. They actually said on the news St Louis County was getting another 30,000 doses, which is laughable if you have a brain and can add numbers. There are some dumb games being played with the distribution here. I know of Two pharmacies giving them to friends who were not in the age range we are currently in for distribution and not high risk. I’m 53 a
  4. Not really here in St Louis County but, I just bought a piece of land on the Big that has a very nice open pole barn that could accommodate 4. 22 ft boats lol Gavin beat me to the draw on that Landau and I have been jealous as hell ever since. my SeaArk ran up and down the Lower Meramec this Fall Gavin. Gonna start taking it to Bull Shoals and Table Rock more often or sell to this catfish dude who wants it bad???
  5. Sweet rig!!! 😉 too bad it’s just sitting out there all frozen like that. I have covered storage that would be a nice home for that lol
  6. This is absolutely awesome!!! This is what fishing is all about to me 👍
  7. Well I break them down like this..... actual craw Actual craw trailer actual craw) 1) you guys won’t like it but, because of our design we put in to the HD craw I like that one the best as it will never allow your jig to turn or roll but, some of you have complained about the thickness of that caw and I get that. 2) jewel baits finesse craw, you can cut off the end to your desired length and they work well. 3) Arizona Custom Baits limit out craws. Once again you can cut the end to your desired length, these look kinda pedestrian but the plastisol they used is
  8. Agreed 100% and this thread makes me laugh 😆 Too many little craws that suck!!! I’ve used them all and bought them all and I know what works for me and that’s all I need to know. Mitch and I have run the gamut on this one like 10 times over before and the equation has the same answers every time lol
  9. In St Louis County you can only get it if you are front line personnel, 75 years old or if your Black they’ll give it to you. My age bracket won’t be getting called anytime soon so I could careless.
  10. Wow!!! Very cool Seth and congrats bigtime my friend
  11. Take more chances, fish during the week only, go to the sketchiest places I can and push the envelope as far as possible, fish with friends more and catch the biggest fish I can wherever I end up 😉
  12. I have 3 short floats I do that all end at public ramps. My better half drops me off after I leave my truck at the ramp 🙂 I also paddle upstream for about Two miles or until my arms feel like they are gonna fall off and fish back to my truck. Honestly I am in need of a second participant with a truck willing to paddle in 40 degree water and wanting to catch fat Winter fish.
  13. Sweet I’m glad you got out Dave. 🙂 I have been doing a bunch a shorter Winter floats quite often and some days They’re eating and some days their not. I have been fishing more than I have in a long time though and my attitude towards other people now has got a lot better lol
  14. Wrong you had every right to be pissed..... if the shoe were on the other foot you would be getting hosed from the highest court on OAF. I agree with your first post and you have every right to feel that way.
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