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  1. Floated Barclay to Leadmine this weekend. Fishing was slow, son did take a 18 in S/M. Did see a lost Mennonite hat on the bank. What annoyed me was the number of jet boats we encountered. Had to be at least 7. 3 were rude and didn't bother to slow down the others had more courtesy. Camped on a gravel bar Sunday morning I was awaken by the noise of a jet boat at 5am pitch black and he pulls up 100 yard down river and sets up camp. Guess I am going half to move over to different river.
  2. Were you on the Lead Mine section? Wish MDC would make Niangua a trophy smallmouth river. Have seen the full stringers on the Mennonite's boats also.
  3. Flysmallie were you the group that was using the rope swing Sat, had 1 canoe and a kayak. We were a group of 4, two canoes red and green. That johnboat did not have much gear for camping on the river. They came by us at about 7:30. Caught plenty of fish, son caught the largest 17 3/4 in smallmouth.
  4. Bass Pro is running a special. Trade in used rods and reels and get a coupon for new equipment. The used equipment is going to be donated to youth groups.
  5. Buy a new air mattress. I have used them for 5 years without any leaks. They do get old and start leaking. Just be sure you store them properly.
  6. Had the same situation, went and got flashlights was two turkey vultures. That happened over on Osage Fork.
  7. Where can you camp down at Flat Creek? It has been awhile since I was down there. We used to camp at EE over on the private ground. Thanks for any replies.
  8. Fish Question.Question about Crane Creek trout. My dad started fishing Crane about 1955. I started going with him about 1957. We would camp at the low water bridge 6 miles up from the James River. We would wade and fish up and down that creek. Dad worked with a guy who had grown up in Crane. They would take flyrods strip the wire guides and replace them with solid guides and run spinning reels on them. Run glass minnow traps and strickly fish minnows. We went down there at least 6 times a summer up until about 1963. We never caught a trout only smallmouth. Didn't fish Crane again until 1970,ca
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