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  1. best spot for little one

    Just up from the handicap wing dam by the gauge house. There is a flat with slow water there or just below the wing dam in the Holland hole.
  2. Opening day report?

    Pretty much sucked!! Water is very dingy. Only action has been in CG 4 yesterday 3 cars and 4 PR's babysetting some boys that cant play together well (alcohol?). Then just a few minutes ago another one went up the hill. What the heck is going on down here. Can't people get along?
  3. Opening day at Bennett

    The Cuz and I are in. Maybe a couple other fellows that haven't decided. As far as fishing elbow to elbow, who needs that? Just wait until they get their 4 then go to breakfast. Usually is plenty of room then. Not any worse than a warm summer day on a weekend. Granted I would rather have it to myself but my schedule allowed me to be there so I'm going. Usually a good show!
  4. Huge Crowds

    Well NoLuck how did the beads work?? I assume you got them.
  5. FINALLY!!!!

    I finally was able to make to BSSP this past week for a few days. Fishing was tough, thought it was me. Out of practice, lost my mo-jo or whatever but I just couldn't get my groove going. After a little coaxing from No-Luck I was able to get back on the bike and take off. Fishing wasn't anything fantastic but it was nice. Stripped the full sink just above the dam. Never really found a good pattern it was almost a one fly one fish attack. Caught some nice fish but many small ones were in there as well. Heard from a fella that Montauk took a big flood hit and lost a ton of fish. Apparently Bennett and Shepard of the Hills is supporting them with fish. I guess that is the reason the stream is a little short of fish. Looked very sparse to me. No complaints here other than I had to come back to reality.
  6. Fishing Must be Good!!

    Good to hear some reports! Have been trying to get away all Summer but family illnesses have brought that thought to screeching halt!! Maybe try October? Will see. "Keep those cards and letters coming in folks", for those of us that are hung up at home!!
  7. How's Fishing?

    Yea, weather at my desk is brutal....the IT guy can't get the temp stabilized. One minute your fingers are froze the next its your toes!!! Have to make a run to QT and thaw out in the hot car so I can type reports!!
  8. Some fishing for me.

    Me too Jerry. You have me beat, haven't been lucky enough to get away with all the in-law hospital stays. Since you have been able to get away will assume your better half is doing good!! As far as feeling "moisture" in the air, I think I would settle for less humid conditions. Pretty bad when you go out in the morning, its 75 degrees and you start breaking a sweat immediately. Maybe this fall things will slow down.
  9. How's Fishing?

    Wish I could help you my man but am hoping to head that way as well, someday!
  10. 5/30 Big changes,

    I will take it any way it is if I can just get down there!! BSSP is much closer but Montauk is the stream of preference for us. Problem is getting down there in time to get the preferred camp site. Too many locals "hogging" them up.
  11. Stream Conditions

    I would expect it to be fast still. We had around 1 1/2" last night in Cass County last night. The weather report indicated the worst of it went north of us. I would imagine the aquifer is fully saturated at this point. Hopefully the fast water will clean the stream out before I make it down again, no hope in site at this point. Keep the bite going boys!!
  12. Stream Conditions

    What Gavin and Snagged said!! Plus if you go downstream from them and let them do the "trout shuffle" you will really score (OOPS gave away another NoLuck secret)! And who do we call Upstream, Upstream?
  13. "NEW" CG 5 @ Montauk??

    Will take a look at my last tag number from Montauk last year and let you know NoLuck. If you have one from around the same date at BSSP last year might give us a good idea!!
  14. March 1st Opener

    That's part of the reason I got a spot in CG1. Nice firepit and grass! Will pull out in the morning at 0800. If everything works out may have to try and hit the river in the afternoon.
  15. Water off

    How about Campground 1 hook ups for the pads?

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