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  1. Will take a look at my last tag number from Montauk last year and let you know NoLuck. If you have one from around the same date at BSSP last year might give us a good idea!!
  2. That's part of the reason I got a spot in CG1. Nice firepit and grass! Will pull out in the morning at 0800. If everything works out may have to try and hit the river in the afternoon.
  3. How about Campground 1 hook ups for the pads?
  4. Looks like my thread was hijacked by grass. "park on pavement?" Most of the campsites are covered with sand an silt, how about doing something about that? Especially when there is a toad strangler. Try leaping from the bottom step of your trailer to dry ground. You better be an Olympian to make it. If you haven't had that experience your in for a treat. My wife (all 5'6" of her) reminds me to put the trailer as far starboard that I can at the campsite in case there are rainy conditions. I've seen times that there are many "house boats" in the park. Would be nice if they would clean it out and put another layer of asphalt on top to bring the pad level up. Plus fix the existing problem with the Homers hogging all the spots for days on end!!
  5. I heard if you Piss her off at home and make her chase you around helps with her therapy!! Or she will run you out and you can go fishing!!!
  6. Darn Jerry sorry to hear that. I feel your pain. Fingers crossed for her recovery. I remember back years ago Dad had a couple. With therapy he was able to recover.
  7. Good to hear upstream!! Sent you a text. Does Danny need to bring any extra wood?
  8. I'm going to jump on the band wagon and join the fun. Talked my running buddy into it as well, so I guess we will drag the 5'er down on Tuesday and spend the rest of the week. Was surprised that CG1 had spots left!! Had an Attorney buddy talk me into it this year. Who knows maybe there will be a NoLuck or Upstream sighting?? Or maybe Jerry may show his scruffy face???
  9. NoLuck, Seriously if I can tie them you surely can (and yes I called you Surely). Hardest part is the hook up with the little suckers.
  10. Was down the week prior to close of Catch and Keep, as well as weekend. Park was packed and talked with several others about the park filling up during the week. During a conversation with several locals they told me that the DNR decided to put in a new CG 5. It will be located at the farthest end by the new shower house, other side of CG 4. Before I left on Sunday there was equipment delivered down there. Hopefully that will help the overcrowding. I like Montauk but after experiencing the poor fishing this past visit and the crowded atmosphere I'm inclined to keep my allegiance at Bennett and save me 2 hours of drive time.
  11. Send me a PM and I'll swap info with you. I do well at BSSP fly fishing but recently have switched to Montauk because my Wife likes it better. Need to get my game on there. Pat
  12. My wife and I towed our 5th wheel down to Montauk for a weeks getaway. Just happened to be week before Labor Day weekend. No, we did not have reservations but never have had trouble the first part of the week getting a first come first serve spot. That was almost a mistake!! I was amazed that all the first come were gone. There were a few overnight spots available so we took one. I trolled around on my bike and found a first come that 2 fellows were going to leave the next day on. Stopped and talked, they were happy to let me know when they were going to pull out the next day. As I was trolling I found several first come spots that did not have a tag on the post but they had everything from a car parked, utility trailer, travel trailer and lawn chair etc. saving the spot. I understand the lawn chair or cooler to save it while you go get your tag but no one was around. In fact several sat uninhabited for the entire day. I asked the CG Host about no one being around and the car and trailer were there early in the morning. He confirmed my suspicion, someone either local or an existing camper was saving it. I complained that they were there all day long, no one was around to pay for it hence wasting the spot for someone else that needed it. He just shrugged his shoulders and said that's the way it is. I later confirmed what I thought about the locals. A guy pulled up to the site next to me. The campers were leaving that day so he pulled a little tiny dome tent out of the bed of his truck and put it on their site. They agreed to put it in the drive when they left around noon. Around 5 here comes the guy back with his TT and family. Back in and set up. Seemed to be really nice family had a nice conversation and I found out that he was from a neighboring town around 20 minutes away. He came by a day before during lunch break and saw that the campers were leaving next day. The next day he came by with his baby tent during lunch and dumped it out reserving the site. Ok at this point MSDC I have to pull the bull$%^& card. There needs to be time limit on this kind of crap. If it's first come first serve then do it, not let all the locals hog the spots that other taxpayers can't get!! No complaints if they were paying for the spot and putting a tag on it. Yes they ultimately pay for that day, but lets get fair about it. The MSDC talks about making their State Parks available to everyone, then do it! Here's my question does anyone out there have contact information for the person(s) that set the rules? I would like to draft a letter voicing my concerns. Rant off. Pat
  13. I have heard that cottonmouths are aggressive, watersnakes not so much. The one I encountered didn't want to give an inch. Usually they will duck down into the water and swim away. He raised up in the water an acted like he was going to go Spider Monkey crazy on me!!
  14. Good info. Not a friend or enemy of snakes, just don't like the "all of a sudden" kind. While down at Montauk last month I had what I thought was a water snake try to take me on. He didn't want to move away as I was working my way up stream along the bank. Looked alot like a copperhead. Is there a quick way to tell the differance without looking at their slotted vs round eye pupils?
  15. Well Jerry I hope you do well. NoLuck and I fished thursday PM at Montauk. Karen and I ran down (5 hours) to spend 6 days. Setting here with a stream in my back yard looking out the 5th wheel picture window (earlier). NoLuck said they got a bunch of rain up there (BSSP). We didn't get anything here at Montauk. I'm not getting the hang of Montauk. Rich did ok, but the water is very skinny. The weather has been really nice you should have a good week. Headed north tomorrow.