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  1. Rain on the way

    They seem to have really turned up the generation but the lake is just holding steady. If this weekend's weather forecast does not change we will see 1130 feet and a possibility of the flood gates being open. A lot of whites spawn near the dam and I think go over the dam when they open the gates, it did not happen at all for 20 years now it seems to be a yearly accorance. The high water is good for the fish but not so good for fishing and never good for Beaver Town.
  2. Rain on the way

    The Bass and crappie don't mind but IMO the stripers will stay in the cleaner water, the larger stripers and whites don't seem to spawn up stream as much when it is muddy. I have found more whites up near the dam when the river is muddy. Whites don't need moving water to spawn only a sandy bank, that is why they are called sand bass in OK. The Stripers may go down the river but don't seem to hang around as long, they can move 35 miles in one day. Then there is a matter of finding live bait that I don't like muddy water because finding 6in gizzard shad in muddy water is an all day event. Just depends on what type of fishing you are into. I have noticed the size of bags in the bass tournaments go down when the water is cold and muddy from 20 plus pounds to win to 15 lbs to win. Still a lot of 5lbs limits but not as much culling.
  3. 40lb Striper caught ?

    That was a nice one, when did you catch that one?
  4. 40lb Striper caught ?

    Really thin for a 40lb fish, must have been really long. Might have been a 50lb fish in the spring if it had not got caught.
  5. 40lb Striper caught ?

    My neighbor said someone posted "On Facebook" they caught a 40lb striper on Beaver last week. I have no idea what Beaver Lake postings he tracks. Did anyone else see this posting or hear of a 40lber caught last week? How about some details, I could use the good news.
  6. Rain on the way

    The expected Thunderstorms are down below 50% chance and rainfall looks like next to zero until Friday. We might hold steady at 1127 and then maybe drop a little.
  7. Rain on the way

    He meant the drought is stuck west of us, west OK and the panhandle of Texas are seeing drought right now. Wish we could see a dry spell. Sorry about your drive way, it will take a week to dry out if it ever stops.
  8. Rain on the way

    The creeks in Rogers have slowed down and generation has stopped the rise at 1126 but with the cold front and thunderstorms coming tomorrow it does not look good for stripers. It will only take one good 2-3 inch rain next week to put up over the flood gates. There is not one in the forecast, but that could change quickly. I really don't like the floodgates being open because the mudline goes all the way to the dam when that occurs. What happened to the draught?
  9. Indian Creek, March 25

    Looking at Bella Vista golf course from 71 yesterday looks like a good place to put in the boat. Creek is almost up to the green, so same difference in fishing and golfing today. The water on the golf course had a better color than that in the lake.
  10. Rain on the way

    It is showing one day break here then .21 to .5 inches daily for next 7 days. That is enough to keep us on the upward climb. No sun also means slower to clear and the striper season will be really poor fishing for 75% of the lake. Netting bait and fishing brown water is just not good striper fishing and just kills the hope of 35lb plus fish when they should be the easiest time of year to fish. On the other hand less stripers that end up in a freezer are bigger fish for next year.
  11. Rain on the way

    The creeks on the rise..here it comes.
  12. Report 3/23-3/24

    Sounds like a good trip, I tried fishing the mud around Horseshoe Friday and could not mark any fish or find any shad. The Muddy water seems to have them all pushed North. Strange year, again.
  13. Indian Creek, March 21

    I had an uncle that kept and made rings and other jewelry out of the rocks from the drums head. They are very pretty and supposed to be good luck, but he died of cancer so I am not too sure about the good luck part. My Mom had one and a rabbit's foot when she died from a police officer running into the back of her SUV, I discarded both. Maybe catching a drum is not good luck.......
  14. Rain on the way

    You think it is muddy now, if the forecast holds it looks like a week of rain on the way. Looks like a up to the floodgate event coming soon. I really don't care for brown water, hoping this forecast changes. I really hope the Corps are watching and start some heavy generation soon.
  15. Bank fishing Prairie Creek Area?

    I just read this again and something hit me, You work???

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