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  1. Revo Ambasseduer XLT found

    Is the whopper plopper any good?
  2. Boat Ramps Closed ???

    Since the Government shut down will they close the boat ramps also?
  3. Cold weather to fish in

    Is no one fishing? Maybe no one is catching? Sure is quite.....
  4. Cabela's closing the bargain caves

    The idea of all the Cabela's returns and clearance left overs in one place really makes me want to make more trips to Springfield. I never found anything I needed except for line a few times at Cabela's bargain cave in Rogers, but I always find a lot of bargains at the Bass Pro Outlet. I have noticed that Cabela's prices have come more in line with Bass Pro's prices also, Cannot argue with lower prices.
  5. Cold weather to fish in

    Just wondering if anybody fished the tournament today or has been out since the cold front moved in. What is the water temp? Is there any ice forming? Are the shad starting to die?
  6. Monday, Indian Creek Arm

    Big cold front coming in, I would suggest dropping something small right in front of their face. The shallow water will start to cool and freeze first so I think trees in deeper water and fish holding tight to cover. But if the sun comes out and shad are dying they could make a run up shallow. Good luck and dress in many layers. One thing I can tell you, anything you learn in 57 degree weather does not work when it hits 14, also IMO spinning tackle is easier to bust Ice on then baitcasters just because the guides are bigger,
  7. Fish Finders Again....

    You could be right and the Cabela's discretion is wrong, that would explain the $200 difference. Thanks I just thought that triple shot meant GPS, Down and side scan according to the description. After looking at the Lowrance web sit I figured out that Triple shot only refers to the transducer not the unit. I almost pulled the trigger on the wrong target. All these choices are getting confusing......
  8. Fire extinguisher Recall

    Well I had four of these and the last one came in today. That is 60 days from the time I put in the online request. The first one was only about 20 days then 20 days for two more, then this one today. I guess they were checking to see if I sent them back? Anyway I have had reports within my company of success and failures of trading these in at Walmart about 50-50 some Walmarts will exchange some won't. I have had drivers take it to one Walmart and be turned down and then drive two blocks over and the next Walmart took them. If you are still holding on to a bad one, I would suggest to trade it soon or dump it and buy a new one.
  9. Prairie Creek Area Today

    Did you see any shad up shallow ?
  10. Fish Finders Again....

    I guess the point that Cabela's had this at $200 under list price was not any interest to anyone. How people use fish finders are as different and varied as to how many colors and sizes a plastic worm comes in, but how someone scoots across a lake at 50mph at night without a good GPS track to follow is beyond my skill set. Also if you troll on a lake like Beaver in 75-150 of water there are trees that stick up to within 15 feet of the top and watching my fishfinder is the ONLY way I know how to keep from loosing an umbrella rig when I am after deep fish. To each his own, but I started this thread about the how Lowrance had lowered prices on a NEW unit for 2018 instead of raising prices that had been the norm. This was in response to the Helix and now I am wondering which is the better per dollar spent. I am buying a new bigger unit mostly for the color mapping but would also like side scan just to know what is on each side of me without having to run over the area and watch it on my down scan all the time.
  11. Where do we start?

    Find the shad and you will find the stripers, if the shad are thick in 2 feet of water the stripers will follow. If the shad go to 50 feet the stripers will follow. Just remember that 2 degrees difference in water temp is life and death for a threadfin shad. If you can find feeding birds, they will lead you to shad.
  12. Fish Finders Again....

    It depends on what you are fishing for and how much time you spend on one body of water. If you are looking for stripers in open water it sure helps to know what is off to each side for 50 yards. If you are fishing tree tops in 75 feet of water it helps to know what tree tops have fish and shad. If you beat the bank all the time for bass then they are of no use, but how do you find a brush pile at 35 feet without one?
  13. Fish Finders Again....

    In the description it list down scan and side scan that is what makes it a triple shot. Lowrance® Hook2 7x TripleShot™ Sonar/GPS Combo 7” SolarMAX display for better viewing One-touch access to key features TripleShot 3-in-1 sonar with broadband, SideScan and DownScan Imaging Powered by proven Lowrance performance, the Hook2 7x TripleShot Sonar/GPS Combo is the world's easiest fish finder. Easy access to key functions, simple menus and auto-tuning sonar. TripleShot 3-in-1 sonar includes wide-angle, broadband coverage, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™. Simple, accurate GPS plotter shows your location. The 7” SolarMAX™ display allows for superior viewing in bright sunlight. It simplifies finding fish with double the sonar coverage of traditional fish finders. Optimized keypad with one-touch access to key features. Easy front-dash or gimbal bracket mount.
  14. Fish Finders Again....

    I am wondering if this is a mistake ? Bass Pro has the same unit for $599 but Cabela's is showing a reg price of $399? http://www.cabelas.com/product/LOWRANCE-HOOK-X-GPS-TRIPLESHOT/2655252.uts?WT.tsrc=EML&eid=34297990&WT.mc_id=email-mt|EP20171231|EPP9LS1|32|PROD2
  15. Fish Finders Again....

    I am a Hummingbird fan, but I just got the Cabela's sale email for the new year and here is the Lowrance Hooks 2 7X triple shot for $400. That is a 7 inch screen, down image, side image and GPS with 3,000 lakes pre loaded . That just sounds like fish finders are finally getting reasonable. Anyone have any feed back on these new units?

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