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  1. It is illegal to sell live shad in Arkansas, it is also illegal to transport shad from one lake to another so you must catch shad in the lake they are being used.
  2. There are usually alot of flyers at Hook, Line and sinker in Rogers.
  3. Thank you for passing this information on to us. As of yesterday, Highway Police officers will be more prevalent in the area to ensure this is not an ongoing issue. In addition, ArDOT Engineers are inspecting the bridge to ensure it did not sustain any damage which would make it unsafe for motorist. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to make sure we were aware, we do care about public safety and protecting our State’s infrastructure. Regards, Chief Jay Thompson Arkansas Highway Police
  4. If you can get the plates of that bus someone needs to inform Highway patrol, that is a DOT violation that needs reported.
  5. It is not really, but it gets attention. Clear water does not always mean good drinking water and muddy water does not always mean bad drinking water. I don't like to drink water with high lead or arsenic content and most filters don't remove those chemicals, but dirt is easy to remove. It just depends on what the dirt contained and if it dissolves into the water. I remember some very clear lakes in upstate NY that the state would not allow swimming or boats on for decades because of mercury levels from 19th century logging. But it does confirm the more wooded areas you cut down and the more
  6. That is where you lower a disk on a rope and measure how clear the water is, they usually hand them out at PC. It is never good news and with the rain it will be worse then last year no doubt. I've only lived here since 2001 and I remember catching bass at 30 feet and watching them hit the worm. But it is a scientific way of saying that the population boom was bad for the water.
  7. I guess everyone has heard of this but I just caught on to all the construction going on. Rogers will be the first (maybe last) Cabela Bass pro combo store. http://www.nwaonline.com/news/2018/jul/17/business-news-in-brief-20150717/
  8. Really nice boat and electronics, but you should have put back a little cash for a shirt. Maybe we can set up a go fund me site😛. Nice bass, it is not easy to find a keeper this time of year.That is why BASS and FLW start south and follow spawn north so they can fish when it is easy.
  9. I found a bass fishing board where someone ordered 3 fish finders using paypal yesterday. Claims he can get his money back from paypal if a scam. I will be watching this one close. Sure does smell of a scam to me and cannot locate a review anywhere, seems they just popped up this week. Most of the chater I hear is you would have to be smoking something out of Colorado to trust this site.
  10. I found this site through Instagram and they have $2,000 fish finders for $119. Seems to be out of China. Anyone know if they a real? http://ekvips.com/
  11. Just one more win and it is over, if the Beavers win tonight we may never see Beaver anything in Arkansas again.LOL
  12. There is no Beaver Lake for at least a week. http://www.kark.com/news/local-news/beaver-lake-renamed-omahog-lake-this-week/1262536871
  13. Don't walk into Cabela's with one of the Shimano Rods that had a "lifetime guarantee" unless you have the receipt and purchased in the last 30 days. Lifetime means until we change our minds not YOUR lifetime. My Brand loyalty is gone, I will stick to cheapest and throw it away. Seems to be all cheap Chinese stuff anymore anyway. As far rod and reels I have to Academy brands.
  14. Congrats on big bass and thank you for such a detailed report.
  15. The lights seem to draw them in the later it gets. I think the live bait works better than cut bait, 3 inch sunfish are hard to beat.
  16. They do spawn and so do stripers, but the river does not flow fast enough for the striper eggs to survive and become baby stripers(unlike parts of the Arkansas River). The natural reproduction on Walleye stopped for some reason unknown to me, since Walleye were native to White river before Beaver Dam was built. They tried to replace the Walleye serval times with no success. Many people think of the Walleye as a Northern fish but the World record was out of Arkansas for years. They raised Walleye in the breading pond until they were 10-12 inches then released them around 2004 I believe (do
  17. They stock Smallmouth very seldom in Beaver, since they reproduce naturally. Smallmouth are also very aggressive and eat most of their own fry if the fry don't get to good hiding places quickly after hatching. The main stocking efforts are on fish that don't reproduce in the lake like Strippers and Walleye. There has been a renewed effort to place Largemouth in the Lake because the Spots have out numbered the LM so bad in recent years. The growth rate for Smallmouth is much slower than other bass so getting a 15 inch SM takes much longer than growing a 15 inch spot or LM. If you want to k
  18. ATTENTION: The Beaver spillway gates are making flood releases at this time. The spillway release is approximately 7,600 cfs (7 gates @ 1.0 ft).
  19. They seem to have really turned up the generation but the lake is just holding steady. If this weekend's weather forecast does not change we will see 1130 feet and a possibility of the flood gates being open. A lot of whites spawn near the dam and I think go over the dam when they open the gates, it did not happen at all for 20 years now it seems to be a yearly accorance. The high water is good for the fish but not so good for fishing and never good for Beaver Town.
  20. The Bass and crappie don't mind but IMO the stripers will stay in the cleaner water, the larger stripers and whites don't seem to spawn up stream as much when it is muddy. I have found more whites up near the dam when the river is muddy. Whites don't need moving water to spawn only a sandy bank, that is why they are called sand bass in OK. The Stripers may go down the river but don't seem to hang around as long, they can move 35 miles in one day. Then there is a matter of finding live bait that I don't like muddy water because finding 6in gizzard shad in muddy water is an all day event. J
  21. That was a nice one, when did you catch that one?
  22. Really thin for a 40lb fish, must have been really long. Might have been a 50lb fish in the spring if it had not got caught.
  23. My neighbor said someone posted "On Facebook" they caught a 40lb striper on Beaver last week. I have no idea what Beaver Lake postings he tracks. Did anyone else see this posting or hear of a 40lber caught last week? How about some details, I could use the good news.
  24. The expected Thunderstorms are down below 50% chance and rainfall looks like next to zero until Friday. We might hold steady at 1127 and then maybe drop a little.
  25. He meant the drought is stuck west of us, west OK and the panhandle of Texas are seeing drought right now. Wish we could see a dry spell. Sorry about your drive way, it will take a week to dry out if it ever stops.
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