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  1. I guess I just don't know any better. Both boats were stationary and vertically gigging. My lines never got near them. I have had countless others troll a lot closer to me than that.
  2. I have been doing quite a bit of trolling around KK island. I have made about 4 trips over the last 2 weeks. I have had the pleasure of meeting up with some very rude fisherman on each trip. On the first trip, a guy in his boat was sitting still and appeared to be packing up to leave. I trolled on past him about 35 feet east of him. I had about 100 feet of line out and was very obviously trolling, one rod was sticking out on each side and I was going 2.75 mph. When I got about 30 feet past him, he hammered down with his outboard crossing both my lines. One line was cut and the other hu
  3. There are several places to stay around the Warsaw area. Sterret Creek and Osage Bluff have motels. Not sure of their pricing but you can check online. There is also a motel in Warsaw that is somewhat reasonable. It is called Lakes Inn (previously Truman Lodge). It is next door to Sonic close to Hwy 7 and 65. Just a little south of Warsaw at the Hwy 83 exit (White Branch area) there are a few reasonable motels. Headwaters is the cheapest around $50 a night. It is older but relatively clean. There is Rivers End at $56 per night but I think they charge $5 person above that price. Hi
  4. It depends on what part of the lake you are wanting to fish.
  5. I am not sure about Nemo, but I just stayed at Osage Bluff Campground on Truman. Walk-ins were not allowed due to the COVID factor. I don't understand why but that was the rule. Weekends required a 2 night reservation. Every site had to be reserved on-line. My experience with Nemo is that even without the COVID factor it is always booked on weekends all summer long. You might be able to get some of the non-electrical sites but I doubt too many of the electrical sites will be available with only a week or two notice.
  6. I prefer the Dam, Sterrett Creek, and the Osage Bluff areas. Too many trees, stumps, and fence rows near Buck Saw and Sparrow Foot. I just came back from a weekend fishing at the Dam area. Caught 30 fish per night, 2 nights in a row. Also caught 15 white bass.
  7. It really didn't matter this year for me. My employer would let me travel anywhere in Missouri (St. Louis, KC, Branson, etc) without even telling HR where I had been but they would NOT allow me to travel 10 nines past the State Line to fish on Spring River even if I was by myself, without having a mandatory 2 week quarantine (without pay because of willful travel). That travel restriction had a lot of forethought. I tried to get them to change it to a 100 mile radius which would have done a lot more to contain the virus but they would't even consider it. Go figure.
  8. I guess I just have a different opinion that most of you. I think I have less a chance of contacting or spreading the virus at a boat ramp than I do at Wal-mart. One of the posters indicated it was just common sense to stay away from boat ramps because of all the people. Seriously? I guess you must be going to a different type of boat ramp than I do. Most of the ramps I go to have one or two, sometimes 3 lanes to back your boat. Each boat is more than 6 foot away from each other and the loading dock only has people on it for loading. If other people are on the dock then the authorities
  9. They have closed Drake Harbor ramp in Warsaw as of 4/4/2020. I guess they don't want anyone fishing below the dam. You know how those viruses like to hang out at boat ramps and dams.
  10. The problem is they are shutting down many of the boat ramps. The ramp below Warsaw Dam (Bledsoe Ferry) has been closed for a couple of weeks. Last night they closed Drake Harbor ramp in Warsaw. I suspect many other boat ramps will soon be closed.
  11. We can still go to Walmart but heaven forbid we go to a boat ramp. You know those viruses hang out at the boat ramps just waiting to jump in your boat.
  12. are you limited to the State Line as well? I am. I think it is ridiculous. I can travel anywhere I want to go inside the State of Missouri. I can drive over 317 miles and go to the hottest Covid-19 places and I am not even required to tell my supervisor or anyone else at work. But if I drive 90 miles west of here and cross the State line, then I am quarantined from work for 14 days. Several co-workers went to Branson over Spring Break along with travelers from all over the state and didn't even say a word. You know those virus' are just waiting at the state line to jump all over you.
  13. Has anyone been fishing for whites on the Spring or Neosho Rivers? I tried the Spring River on March 4 but didn't have any luck. The water temp was 50 degrees but it was very muddy. Graphed a lot of fish but didn't get any bites.
  14. Has any one been fishing for whites on the Spring River? I went on March 4 but didn't have any luck. I was wondering if anyone else had tried. The water temp was 50 degrees on March 4 but the water was very muddy. It was cleaner than the Neosho but still muddy. I graphed a lot of fish but couldn't get any to bite.
  15. I have Used Don Andreasen 4 times. He put a limit in the boat all but one time. Sometimes he can be a little colorful but he does know where the fish are. Take a look at BeaverFeverGuides.com. He keeps a photo log of the daily catches.
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