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  1. What about bars or loose women, for when my fishing buddies get bored and I am still at it?
  2. It happens about the time when Brown's reach a point where they start eating Rainbows from the stocking truck.
  3. Like OK said, look at the GoPro. It is spendy but if you just buy it now instead of burning through more cheapies you'll be happy. I love mine, They are easy to use and basically idiot proof. There are a ton of accessories and mounts for them too.
  4. Trout Commander

    Ok Boys

    If you look at schedule strength they nailed it. It's not in our favor, but it's as it should be.
  5. I need to pick one up too. For uhhhhh, my son. Yeah, for him.
  6. Have you guys paddled any of the Diablo yaks? This post isn't meant to be confrontational if it comes across that way...
  7. He's not nearly as annoying to fish with. He actually kinda grows on you. They aren't canoes, but Diablo kayaks are arguably the best one man fly fishing oriented vessels out there.
  8. Throw up the vid of the 4 ft drop! For those of us that are too lazy to go find it.
  9. D'oh! Now even more materials are going to be gobbled up by the fashion industry. Be sure and let us know which items seem like they are going to take off so we can stock up and cash out in a few months.
  10. So tell us what it was like when the first ever nymph was tied.
  11. I would throw that (somethingg similar, so as not to infringe) at smalles, Ron! I'd catch some too. Just sayin'. My apologies on the LMB-lake/SMB-river confusion though.
  12. It's ingenious on his part really. But seriously, why would a person patent a topwater fly and then go on about how topwater fly fishing is inferior?
  13. But when you are an all knowing guide, you tell people the opposite of what they should do, in hopes of drumming up business for yourself. I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out. If he makes the learning curve miles longer for the people on OAF trying to learn he will, in theory, get more business. Gotta be the only logical answer.
  14. But he is a guide, dude. Leave him alone.
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